Excellent Dan Bongino Podcast Today…… But….

Political analyst and commentator Dan Bongino has a great dot-connecting podcast today that outlines the players, motives, moves and intentions surrounding the ongoing Deep Administrative State battle.

It is an excellent presentation in all facets, with one minor gear slightly askew – which CTH will explain.  The content is very well presented. Everyone should listen to the podcast.  (Hit the little orange arrow):


The only divergence CTH holds to the overall outline is below.

This is not a criticism to the well thought-out Bongino presentation. When compared to our research and the myriad of granular issues that can be overwhelmingly complex, the summary and conclusions of Mr. Bongino are accurate, factual and well delivered.  There’s just a part of the process missing from the analysis.

CTH has a worm buried deep in the machine.

Think about the CTH worm like a tiny, seemingly insignificant, gear amid a massive and complex information machine that runs on hundreds of other interconnected gears that work in concert.

Here’s the flaw.

IG Michael Horowitz is *NOT* a decision-maker in the system.

The IG is an evaluator of investigative fact. He holds absolutely no power.  The distinction is important.  Understanding the distinction is critical.

Within the IG process – a draft report is assembled, exhaustively and painstakingly reconciled, and delivered to the principles. In essence, the DOJ Inspector General presents his findings to his boss.

That’s where things get squirrely.

That’s where Dan Bongino’s excellently prepared outline goes askew.

Mike Horowitz schedules an appointment, shows up and gives his DOJ boss the draft report. [This happens prior to the draft report going to the principles outlined within the report.]  The boss says: “Thanks Mike; really, you’ve done an excellent job; please thank your entire team; we’ll take it from here; and we’ll get back to you shortly”.

From that moment, Horowitz no longer has control or input. He has assembled the draft report. The bosses review the draft. Within the bosses review, redactions to the report begin.  These are not the type of redactions you are familiar with.  There are no black boxes covering up the text.

This type of redacting is actually decisions above the IG’s pay grade. The redactions are removals of report content that become part of classified appendices.  The issues the bosses want to see handled with sensitivity are removed.  Text is not covered-up, it is removed.

Remember the IG report on FBI misconduct and bias? If so, you might remember there were two classified appendices.  This is how the bosses remove the damaging stuff which allows the executive summary of the report to be written in a manner that might be entirely different from the report content.

The decision-making over the removed material (classified appendices) is the opportunity for corrupt DOJ/FBI officials to remove any uncomfortable issues for their interests.  This is where the risk is managed.  This is where the administrative state protects itself.

Once the “classified” information is removed (“classified” as determined by the officials in control to represent details that are of national security value – and not necessarily based on anything other than their arbitrary opinion), the report is given back to the IG in modified form to allow: (A) the modified draft to be submitted to the external principles for potential feedback and addition; and (B) the executive summary to be written.

The executive summary is formulated to describe what is left visible within the main report.  It is a summary of the public version.  The executive summary does not draw attention to the classified appendices.

As a result the executive summary may end up being disconnected from the main body of the report because substantive information is now removed and held only in classified appendices.

When the final report is presented, the control over the “national security” appendices is tight and only given to a select set of elected political officials charged with oversight.

As Bongino has eloquently outlined, in this current IG example the oversight team just happens to be the team that is at greatest risk from the content within the draft IG report.

The removed material, the classified and national security appendices, can hold the problematic material that is damaging to the administrative state.

This little known and highly opaque process allows the deep state damage control.  It is not a flaw in the system; it is by design.  The ‘system’ is not technically influencing the IG report; the ‘system’ is controlling the consequences of the report based on national security interests.

See how that works?

That is the process.

Now…. That’s the bad news.  There is, however, a possibility for good news.

Without providing my opinion on the matter; it is a fact the person who Michael Horowitz would normally be calling to schedule the draft report meeting has changed.

Because of the Jeff Sessions recusal issues, the previous two draft reports (¹FBI handling of Clinton email, and ²FBI bias in ’15/’16) were delivered to Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

It was Rod and Bob, with input from Chris who said: “Thanks Mike, we’ll take a look and get back to you”; and then proceeded with the removal of *national security* content for placement in the lock-box of classified appendices.

Do the prior IG report consequences, or lack therein, make sense now?

For this third IG report, perhaps the most important IG report, Michael Horowitz should be calling Acting AG Matthew Whitaker to schedule the appointment.

Depending on your confidence in Mr. Whitaker; the very positive potential outcome Dan Bongino describes might be true…. Or, if you are more cynical of the deep state; and your experience has taught you these officials tend to think well ahead of everyone else; that Acting AG appointment might result in the same outcome of the prior two.

To fuel the optimism angle…. Perhaps that’s why Jeff Sessions *needed* to resign.

Perhaps, without knowing the granular details – but on the advice of others, that’s why POTUS Trump agreed to allow the IG to complete his tasks (prior to Sessions removal announcement); with advisors aiding the office in timing etc.

I agree with Bongino that there’s an epic game of political chess afoot within the overarching dynamic.  The stakes could not be higher; and if you are one or two degrees wrong in forecasting the motives; you likely can’t anticipate the moves.

So CTH provides the information, you decide what it means.

The good thing is, regardless of how it all ends-up, President Trump *can* request to see all of the report content –and he can declassify it– if the people around the office of the president desire to aid him in doing so.

Then again, the deep state knows this too….

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242 Responses to Excellent Dan Bongino Podcast Today…… But….

  1. bulwarker says:

    Was Hannity worth watching last night, as Bongino hyped?


    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      Probably not.

      Hannity/Solomon/Carter’s Friday musings that Monday (yesterday) would be THE day have once again proven to not come to pass…


    • JustaVerb says:

      Bongino should clarify today. Looks like segment got pulled?


      • steph_gray says:

        I believe they used the funeral as an excuse to kick the can.

        But the can still exists and is lying there in the road for all to see.


  2. sDee says:

    Although I did not understand the IG process back in 2009, I knew that our corrupto Congress was not interested in its integrity……

    Obama did not bother with deletions or redactions. He just fired the Inspector General. Gerald Walpin was about to exposing graft and corruption involving AmericaCorps and ex NBA star, Mayor Kevin Johnson. It was going to lead back to Obama.

    “Walpin was struck by a car while crossing a street in Manhattan.”

    “There was enormous pressure on Walpin to back off. He didn’t. On June 10, Walpin received a call from a White House lawyer. “He said, ‘Mr. Walpin, the president wants me to tell you that he really appreciates your service, but it’s time to move on,'” Walpin recalled to me later. “[He] said, ‘You can either resign, or I’ll tell you that we’ll have to terminate you.'”

    Walpin declined to resign and was fired on the spot.

    His firing was a violation of rules regarding the dismissal of inspectors general.”


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  3. lydia00 says:

    “IG Michael Horowitz is *NOT* a decision-maker in the system.”

    Bingo! I was thinking the same last night listening to the podcast. And, to add to that, IF it is referred to Whittaker, he has little time. I put little faith in any AG that has to be approved by the Senate. Why? Because Republicans are caught up in this scandal.

    I think the raid on the whistleblower is the most Gestapo like thing I have seen yet. Wray?

    The deck was stacked by elites in DC —-thanks to Sessions— it worked. IMO, Trump has to also worry about indictments once he leaves office for whatever they conjure up with lawfare. These elites are sending a big message to others who want to clean up DC: You will pay for it. We will wear you down with the power of taxpayer resources!

    Frankly, any of us who supported the RNC through work or money carry the blame for where we are from the last 30 years.

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  4. mark says:

    That is why I believe IG Horrowitz is our leaker and definitely a white hat. He wrote the 1st report and knows all of the guilty actors. He also knows those guilty actors altered his work to escape justice. Just look at the outing of the whistleblower Mr. Cain. The only person who knew his identity was Mr. Cains lawyer. IG Horrowitz sent his right hand man to retrieve Mr. Cains flash drive in a church. Mr. Cain was wearing a hoodie and sun glasses facing forward in a pew. He handed the double sealed envelope over his shoulder to To Horrowitz right hand man. Horrowitz then forwarded the info to the SSCI and the Congressional committee. Nobody knows Mr. Cain is involved except his lawyer. All this info from Mr. Cain’s lawyer. Then at 3am the FBI shows up in the raid of Mr. Cains home. Horrowitz now has proof that the law is being broken by outing a protected whistleblower and it’s from either or both the SSCI or Congressional committee.

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    • cali says:

      @mark: ^^^^^^^^^^This!

      @Sundance: I have long maintained that you are one of the best sticklers I have ever seen because you miss nothing – nothing down to the smallest of details ergo you flawless analysis and synopsis.

      Having said that I’ll go with your ‘good news theory’ as Rosenstein has no longer any input but more importantly has been removed from anything Mueller. Mueller now stands naked no matter what he does and as we have seen recently hiding evidence from the court in the Cohen case that would exonerate our president. That Mueller though and with him there is a pattern that never fails to materialize.

      Yes – this report will not be censored as the last one was. It is not only that Whitaker aka ‘The Hammer” and the bridge between Nunes, Sessions and Whitaker is none other than protégé Ezra Watnick who has been the leaker to Nunes and us – this pending report by OIG Horowitz will be raw, open without any redactions. Dan is correct and so is your thought about may being good news that Whitaker now has taken the place of Rosenstein vs Mueller.
      I will live the Jeff Sessions episode and its reason aside for now because it is misinterpreted as it is misunderstood. Clarity will follow after this report is released. It also includes the pain-staking deep dive of OIG Horowitz – a first for him but a necessity – to get to bottom and laying it all out in this pending report.

      The redaction based on national security is a farce to begin with as Mueller’s appointment came via fraud and criminal behavior. The guy is a fraud and an embarrassment to our Marines.

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    • ” A leak”???? Alan schiff….no doubt about it.


  5. cny3 says:

    Right about 18:10 of Bongino’s podcast he mentions CTH and how “they” (sundance) wrote about the “coincidence” of the Michael Cohen guilty plea happening at the same time the raid on the whistleblower’s home.

    Kudos to CTH!!! Rock on!! 🎸

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  6. Hurrican hunter says:

    I think the die was cast immediately after the election– Remembering when Devin Nunes, rather pale faced, held a presser after leaving the White House SCIF, I believed something bad happened and the White House knows. So how it plays out and especially the timing is what fascinates me.

    Given Bongino’s optimism and the possibility that this is much larger than just “Spygate” and could involve massive money laundering, sedition, and wide spread government corruption I would postulate the following:

    The scandal involves numerous members of the government both Democrats and Republicans including elected representatives.
    Certain Republican congressmen where given a heads up opportunity to retire before charges are filed and the scandal becomes publicized. Anyone still in government after the mid-terms is fair game– but Reps like Ryan, “purple tie” Gowdy, and Issa, for example, were given an opportunity to save face and disappear before things get ugly.
    Sessions had to go because the DOJ simply cut him entirely out of the loop. Everything important was either campaign related or Russia related and Sessions was never informed. Sessions probably learned more about “Spygate” from the media than he did from his own DOJ cause he was recused– a potential witness or even a target so the DOJ had to keep him in the dark (wink and nod).

    Like many, I could not understand why there were not arrests made regarding “Spygate” before the mid-terms. But if this really is bad– and the dirty parties include 20 or 30 or 40 dirty congressmen or Senators– the optics could get really ugly. “A constitutional crisis Executive vs Legislative branch”
    Timing makes some sense to me know– let some of the dirty congressmen “retire”, managing the optics. We still get the big Ugly and we get some action addressing government corruption; all the while Trump trolls and taunts Mueller via Twitter knowing, in the end, he has the best hand.

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  7. Mike says:

    Just for information,

    where I worked, if you executed a federal search warrant you would leave at the SW location a copy of the search warrant (this did not include the “facts” or the affidavit containing the probable cause.) and you would also leave at the scene a list OF ALL THE EVIDENCE YOU SEIZED.

    Thus the target of the SW would have a list of all evidence taken in the SW.

    The entire SW, including the PC affidavit and a list of evidence seized is returned to the magistrate who signed the SW. This information is public information, unless the investigator/US attorney have the SW sealed. To seal the warrant they have to do a legal proceeding to explain to the magistrate that the information in the SW needs to be kept confidential to prevent destruction of evidence not yet seized, or to protect the identity of informants, or to protect other aspects of the on going investigation. The magistrate will seal it for a reasonable time period, after which it is unsealed, or the USA has to make another case why it still needs to be sealed.

    Once a target of a SW is charged, through discovery their defense gets a complete copy of the SW including the affidavit.

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  8. YvonneMarie says:

    Trump has dirt on Deep State.
    He has it hidden I bet… Cause he doesn’t want to end like JFK.

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    Thank you. The IG lacking power is the prob I heard in Bongino’s podcast.
    Bongino has done a fine job, imo, and is a fantastic storyteller.

    Having followed AAG Whitaker’s actions and speeches, there does not appear to be much reason for Whitaker’s being any different from AG Jeff.
    Now all here need keep praying the error is mine,

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    • mark says:

      Jeans2nd, any idea why President Trump went around the normal pecking order to get to Whitaker for AAG?


      • jeans2nd says:

        No one can be certain, but, imo, Pres Trump just did not trust Rosenstein (for good reason imo), and felt that Whitaker would be more trustworthy. But that is just an opinion, and we all know about opinions…


  10. Non=combative. says:

    Funny that several times yesterday Bongino recommended that everyone watch Sean Hannity last night as Jon Solomon would drop the hammer in regard to a whistleblower. Yet Sean did not have Solomon on nor was their any big news drop on the Whistleblower. Somebody got to somebody yesterday.

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    • JustaVerb says:

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    • Ned Zeppelin says:

      Right, I was waiting for something big on Hannity, checked at Eagles halftime and again a bit later and decided Dan either got bad information or more likely the story was sidelined.


    • More Covfefe Please says:

      Hannity did not have anything in the first place or he would have reported something instead of all the BLAH BLAH I heard. It was mostly hype. They could have worked the whistleblower interview in. They had time apart from funeral coverage.


  11. hanuman_prodigious_leaper says:

    Why can’t IG resubmit the previous 2 reports also to Whittaker now?

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  12. TomA says:

    Sessions was actively trying to implement a plea bargain agreement in which most of the criminal conduct would be excused in exchange for a charade of token DOJ rule changes and censor. He has been a mole from the beginning, but was largely a passive player until pushing the plea bargain gambit. That is why he had to go. Rosenstein has been playing both sides of the street for a year now in hopes of saving his skin, but that backfired and now he is back in the soup with all the other co-conspirators. As Bongino has stated, the stupidity of this cabal has been breathtaking. None of the incriminating EC has “disappeared” as the media would have your believe. That’s not how the system works; all raw transmissions are archived, only the search function is selective. There are so many smoking guns in the EC that it is impossible hide these criminal acts. Comey’s testimony on Friday is a set-up. Either he comes clean or he will be made the fall guy. Massaging the IG report won’t change anything at this point; it will only further incriminate the small group. They have all been under massive surveillance for a very long time now.


    • Beau Geste says:

      I hope you are right. I also think that the Iran money laundering is also a main reason for the treasonous cabal to try to impede President Trump and emasculate the DOJ/FBI from proper investigation of wrongdoing. 4 Billilon$ of unmarked cash delivered by secret planes in the dead of night, and possible sale of uranium from russia to iran related to Uranium one cry out for investigation.

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    • More Covfefe Please says:

      I don’t see him as a mole. I believe he was just incompetent and snookered by the dems and the Obama DOJ. RR is a deep state snake and may be working as a mole.


    • Hurrican hunter says:

      Disagree about Sessions.

      He was recused. He was a member of the Trump campaign making him a potential subject and witness of the investigation. Mueller can literally interview Sessions as part of the investigation into the Trump campaign.

      Given that Sessions was a potential witness– he was told absolutely nothing about the investigation and everything that the DOJ deemed to be related to the investigation. You can not just give information to a potential witness.

      Because of the recusal– Sessions was completely helpless– he was told nothing and had no access to anything Russia, the campaign, or HRC. Sessions was not a bad guy– just made a fatal error in the recusal– which allowed the DOJ to completely keep him out of the loop

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Rosenstein was the actual signer of ehe crooked FISA Warrant, with official legal responsibility for its accuracy, and reporting any weaknesses or uncorroborated aspects. Rosenstein is a witness, and more of a witness than sessions ever was. Yet sessions never forced or demanded Rosenstein’s recusal. Praising rosenstein, rather than recusing him as a witness was inexcusable behavior by sessions.

        If the hillary/DNC clear collusion with the russians (an dbritish foreign government) in the fusion-steele-perkinscoie cabal to gain her election, and the email destruction after subpoena, and the uranium one 150 million$ bribery, and the clinton foundation activities can be “investigated” by the FBI/DoJ itself as special protector, there was no need to appoint a special persecutor against PDJT.


  13. Doppler says:

    Okay, I listened to Dan’s hour long talk radio show. It’s not a good format for me, I tend to do better with written material that I can read quickly, and reread, at my own speed. I’d listen to it while driving, about the extent for me.

    So Sundance has the right question, the right skepticism about what might come out of the cornered bureaucracy – namely, anything but the truth, with a thousand sheets of new disclosure containment layers to announce with fanfare, and thus recover from whatever might come out, without giving up any more than necessary.

    One thing I do not understand is that there is still no white knight identified as the public champion for our side, other than President Trump, who lacks legal credentials, and is, of course, too interested. Dan Bangino says it’s the fight of the century, but who the hell is the fighter on our side? Horowitz? He’s the IG, not a champion, his report can be edited by his boss, as SD points out, and as happened a year ago when the first report came out. No evidence of bias in the Clinton exoneration. Sessions? Shoulda been, but recused himself from the fight. Number 17’s “stealth bomber?” Who would that be? RR? SD has destroyed the possibility in my mind that he is a white hat. Whitaker? Maybe, but why isn’t he at the mike sounding the charge like Joe diGenova? John Huber? Why isn’t a new AG appointed who does take on direct combat?

    It was frustrating enough realizing that nothing would come out before the election, but what is the excuse now? Something else is in the news! Nothing can proceed until all other news dries up?

    This speculation about the raid on the whistleblower suggests that bad people remain in power in the DOJ, abusing their power behind the national security/grand jury secrecy rules, two years after President Trump was elected. Two years is more than enough time to give them rope to hang themselves with.

    At what point does it fall on the Trump Administration for allowing this corruption of unaccountable power to continue? If, as Dan suggests, global money-launderers, financing nuclear bomb construction by Iran, using Uranium from Uranium One, delivered from the US to Iran by Russia, while Senators, staffers, and a swamp full of facilitators-on-the-take get rich, and have their stories told sympathetically by our news media of record, and we don’t even know for a fact that there is a capable task force led by credible, loyal and stellar DOJ, FBI, CIA agents ready to rip open the sealed indictments, and cannot say who that is, then we, the people, have been bamboozled while the deep state has run out the clock.

    One risk here is that those fighting the good fight, assuming they exist, have had to learn to deceive the public, to allow unlawful activity to go on behind the veils of government secrecy, and to modulate how and when any of it comes out. There is already a lot of talk about keeping much of it hidden, to “protect the public” from knowing how corrupt our government is. This is pure rationalization, and will seduce everyone involved to avoid accountability – like physicians taught to manipulate their patients for their own good.


    • Beau Geste says:

      Well said ! The idea that criminal government behavior is just too bad for the public to know, is beyond bizarre. The existing records of wrongdoing should be released. The “sources and methods” of wrongdoing must be released, rather than protected. Release will encourage whistleblowers, and followup evidence.

      Every litigating attorney knows that the most relevant and damaging evidence is that which the perpetrators try to hide and prevent being disclosed. The harder the secrecy effort, the more damaging the withheld evidence. DOJ/FBI are fighting very hard to prevent disclosure, even in classified form, to Congress, much less released unredacted to the voters.


  14. The path to victory (( FULL DISCLOSURE))
    continues to look like a 10 foot stroll on the red carpet , but always morphs into a mountain climb over the HIMALAYAS !!



    • Beau Geste says:

      We can’t be “informed” if the incriminating evidence is withheld. When the republicans ask for money [“Tonights deadline is critical!!! Quadruple your donation if you act by midnight !!!] write/reply email that there will be no money until all the withheld DOJ/FBI records requested by congress are released unredacted.


  15. When Michael Horowitz was appointed and shortly afterward he was administratively castrated and made powerless by Eric Holder, Sally Yeats and others in the DOJ/FBI cabal. He labored in obscurity and was ignored and basically humiliated over and over.,

    Now it just might be time for serious payback by the man who knows where all the bodies are buried. Horowitz just might be doing a very complete job on destroying the Obama/Clinton legacy with a very honest and detailed report. Its’ contents could find their way directly to POTUS and or the media if a serious cover-up ensues. In any event the production of ANY report is impossible to suppress in their age of copy machines and instant internet access for worldwide distribution. Unless he is being overseen by minders from DOJ he will have an original report in his briefcase and facts in his head. Many others will have this story so cover-up might be impossible.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      IIRC, the DOJ’s National Security Division was off limits to the OIG. Of course, the shenigans occured and were facilitated by actors within the NSD.

      Question: When do we get to see Sally Yates take a perp walk?


  16. Our Father in heaven,
    Our nation is buffeted by wave after wave of corruption, the scale of which appears to be so overwhelming as to threaten the very foundations of our government. Have mercy. Like Noah’s family and the animals in the ark during the flood, may we seek that which is righteous and true for shelter from the storm. Preserve us, Lord! Guard those portions of our government and society that are pleasing to You from destruction.
    You are our hope and salvation. In You we place our trust. Amen.

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  17. SundaysChild says:

    The holiday season is upon us, usually a great time to release bad stuff because people are focused on family, friends and celebrations. However my fear is the bad news intended for this holiday will be that we are not getting funding for a wall – but hey, more tax cuts or criminal reform!
    All of these reports/revelations will fall right when the Dems take over the House so lots of talking D heads can divert from any IG revelations.

    If we get a redacted report, yet another allowance of criminal behavior swept under the rug, and no Wall as the topping on the ice cream – we’re looking at a one term President and eventually losing the Senate with swathes of border crossers already turning Texas & Florida purple – it’s only a matter of time.

    I think we’re at a crossroads here for our Country – do we tolerate lawlessness and weaponizing our government, persecution of right leaning people for process crimes while leftists skate on pay-for-play and a long list of real near-treasonous crimes, and the anarchy of people crashing our borders & overburdening our entitlements – or are we America?

    If everything that SD & Dan Bongino have compiled is allowed to be swept under the rug, what next?


    • G. Combs says:

      “…If everything that SD & Dan Bongino have compiled is allowed to be swept under the rug, what next?”

      Ten Thousand years or more of slavery for most of the Human Race….. IF ‘wild’ Humans are even allowed to exist any more.

      Think the Human Genome Project
      They were even looking for the genes responsible for personality traits by using DNA from immates and also DNA from petty offenders. In California you had a project of — give us DNA sample and get a ‘Get out of jail free card’

      Genotype-phenotype correlations with personality traits….
      “The Human Genome Project, which has already revolutionised our approach to human disease, has now given us the potential to modify human personality. At present, it is only possible to become a member of the medical profession if one is lucky enough to be born with the correct genetic mixture of personality genes…..”

      Think Cloning.
      They have successfully cloned sheep, mules ….
      Animal cloning from adult cell

      list of animals cloned – wiki

      Think GMO animals/
      Genetically modified pigs for medicine and agriculture.


      The ability to genetically modify pigs has enabled scientists to create pigs that are beneficial to humans in ways that were previously unimaginable. Improvements in the methods to make genetic modifications have opened up the possibilities of introducing transgenes, knock-outs and knock-ins with precision. The benefits to medicine include the production of pharmaceuticals, the provision of organs for xenotransplantation into humans, and the development of models of human diseases. The benefits to agriculture include resistance to disease, altering the carcass composition such that it is healthier to consume, improving the pig’s resistance to heat stress, and protecting the environment. Additional types of genetic modifications will likely provide animals with characteristics that will benefit humans in currently unimagined ways.


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