All The Right Moves – Fiat Chrysler Opening Jeep SUV Plant in Detroit…

Background first:  There’s a massive shifting of manufacturing in the auto-industry and President Donald Trump is at the center of it.  The USMCA trade agreement is the newly constructed Trump fulcrum underneath the structure of all auto manufacturing.  POTUS Trump has shifted the location of this fulcrum through auto-tariffs; and the final determinations therein are still ongoing.

On Tuesday, POTUS invited the EU auto executives to the White House.  No doubt Trump, the executive businessman, was seeking to understand their position on how the EU crew will comply with a 75% USMCA rule of origin…. and feel-them-out over what leverage he could apply (tariff threshold) to enhance their manufacturing relocation decision.

Example: With tariff at 2.5% they won’t move anything just pay the duty; however at 10% or higher they might move engine building or transmission building to North America etc to get inside the rules of origin threshold.  Trump was likely exploring the Mercedes, VW and BMW perspectives while Angela Merkel was gnashing her teeth… “curse you villian”.

President/Businessman Trump is setting up a future for high-wage U.S. manufacturing workers.  POTUS is in apex predator mode… the combination of USMCA and tariff possibilities are like blood in the water surrounding: Dr. Dieter Zetsche (Mercedes), Dr. Herbert Diess (VW), and Dr. Nicholas Peter (BMW); while Trump asks questions.

Mike Manley the new CEO of Fiat Chrysler wants nothing to do with that scenario.  He ain’t about to get in the water.  Swimming with Trump? Oh, hell to the no:

(CnBC) Fiat Chrysler, riding a wave of strong truck and SUV sales, is planning to build a new final assembly plant in Detroit even as other American automakers scale back operations in the U.S., according to people familiar with the plan.

The assembly plant, an old Mack II Engine Plant that closed in 2012, will build a new three-row, Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV starting in 2020 as the automaker moves to keep up with strong demand for utility vehicles, the people said. A spokesperson for Fiat Chrysler would not comment on the report, nor confirm the automaker’s plans.

The move comes as the industry faces pressure from President Donald Trump to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and stands in stark contrast to the recent decision by General Motors to stop production and idle five plants in North America including four in the United States. (read more)

Fiat Chrysler’s Mike Manley watched legendary CEO Sergio Marchionne dealing with President Trump in 2017 during two sets of meetings with key auto leaders [Marchionne seated at Trump’s immediate left above].  POTUS and titan Marchionne got along great; both old school deal-makers.  Lots of respect between the two leaders.

No doubt Mike Manley took heed of Sergio Marchionne’s approach when he took over as CEO of Fiat Chrysler earlier this year due to Marchionne’s untimely death.

Meanwhile the German crew have Angela Merkel to deal with.  Not so good.  Trump is really close to leveraging massive tariffs on Fraulein Merkel’s primary industry. Oh yeah, this stuff is buckets of fun.

Geopolitical-strategy-Trump doesn’t care about delicate sensibilities, and Merkel is trying to have her cake and eat it too with NATO defense (U.S. pays) and self-serving energy contracts with Russia (Germany saves).  Chancellor Merkel’s economic slip is showing and she is totally exposed to the massive leverage President Trump holds.

I can only imagine Merkel sitting in her office wondering: “how exactly did we get ourselves into this position, and never notice while we were traveling here”?

Methinks we might just see more Audi, VW, BMW and Mercedes auto plants. And I guarantee you we will see more Audi, Volvo, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota (Lexus), Honda (Acura) and Nissan (Infinity) SUV component plants…. [Just like the Fiat Chrysler announcement today.]

Audi (Q7, Q5), Volvo (XC-90) and additional Mercedes (SUV) component production and manufacturing assembly plants will likely be crunching the numbers based on their Tuesday meeting.

Oh, this stuff is buckets of fun.

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135 Responses to All The Right Moves – Fiat Chrysler Opening Jeep SUV Plant in Detroit…

  1. covfefe999 says:

    And let me tell you that plant site is IN Detroit, not in one of the surrounding ‘burbs. Very close to an existing Chrysler plant that used to make Jeep Grand Cherokees, not sure if it still does (Jefferson plant).

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I used to weld at the Kenosha plant back in the 1970s.
      It was American Motors before they folded and Chrysler bought them.
      Still have my 71 Hemicuda in the garage to remind me.

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      • boogywstew says:

        Now that we know you’re filthy rich, things will change. I know you’ll know, but didn’t 2 different Hemicuda convertibles, at 2 different auctions, sell for over $3 MILLION each in the last year or two? The 426 gets my vote for greatest car engine in history.

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        • GB Bari says:

          I’d vote for the legendary Chrysler 225 slant six. Or the old battle horse Chrysler 318 V8. Neither was a high performance engine but Both of them ran hundreds of thousands of miles relatively reliably in fleet vehicles for decades. Both being cheap and easy to service and repair, I think at one time more U.S. taxicabs had one of these two engines in them than any other engine in America.

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        • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

          426 has been re-introduced.. The Hemiphant, a crate Mopar is offering and it only fits 1976 or older models.

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      • Wow 71 hemi cuda…. One of my customers bought a 70 Hemi Cuda – Orange white interior 19k mile -rally pak, rally wheels, 4 speed, original paint, mint original white interior, 3 body build sheets, original dated plug wires, we bought it from the original owners children… then sold it at the Chicago Muscle Car show in Nov. 2015
        Then bought 2 yenko camaros and a couple of L78’s.

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      • Hebo Sabe says:

        ’68 Baricuda with a blue block 326 here.

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      • Texian says:

        Dang mopar,, The closest I could get to that were my ’71 Challenger 340 factory shaker car and 1970 AAR ‘Cuda..

        (Out of all the cars I have had, from Cobra Jets to Shelbys to 455 H.O.’s, that AAR ‘Cuda was the wildest, most radical driving car I have ever owned.. My favorite as far as what it was, a raw quick turning quick accelerating homologated Trans Am class race car..).

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Best I got was a 72 Plymouth 340 Duster. I could see the ground through the floorboard.

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      • namberak says:

        You have a 71 Hemi ‘cuda?! …. we’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

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      • piper567 says:

        mopar…green w/envy re ‘cuda.
        Good for you for keeping it!!!

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “71 Hemicuda”

        Back in 1985 about 3 miles from here there was a 1971 Roadrunner B5 blue, 426 4 spd w/4.11 Dana ~18,000 miles, front spoiler & rear “Go-wing” , all original for $6500. I wasn’t working at the time, so I did not ask my grandfather for a personal loan to snatch that up.

        The was originally from NJ. Never saw it again. Heard 15-20 years later that the car went overseas, probably sitting in some collection in the Middle East. As far as hi-po MOPARs, In the past I just had a 1969 Super Bee, 383/A727 auto w/3:23 gears.

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      • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

        71 Cuda’, 74 Baracuda.

        Who said Mopars are tow cars?


      • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

        The holy grail would be the 1964 Dodge 330, my dad had one but none of us had the brains to save it, in fact most of the aluminum front end was scrapped for beer money.

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      • Gary Ingle says:

        Mopar, you are one lucky dude for realizing the hem was one special historical engine! 69 charger green w/440 6 pack owner/driver in 1975…!!! 496 /428 CJ, what’s that Chevelle/Mustang in the rear view looking at…

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    • clyde says:

      Still does. This plant is a bit north of the Jefferson complex.

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    • Look up politifact lie of the year on Chrysler fiat leaving US and make jeeps in China

      The Young Cucks 👇 for good laughs.

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      • Majik says:

        FCA manufactures Jeeps in China for sales in China and Europe because the tarrifs against US built Jeeps make the far too expensive to have any significant sales in those markets. (<1% share)

        The GAC-Fiat (Gungzhou Auto Group) only produces Jeeps for sales in China and Europe. In 2017 they sold 203K Jeeps in China.

        In 2017, Chrysler sold 828K Jeeps manufactured in NA.

        In 2017, Fiat sold 108K Jeeps manufactured in SA or China.


        Winsor ONT
        Pacifica, Grand Caravan

        Toronto ONT
        Aluminum Castings

        Brampton ONT
        Charger, Challenger, Chrysler 3000

        Coahuila, MX
        5.7-6.4L V8 and Pentastar 3.6L engines

        Toluca, MX
        Fiat 500, Ram Trucks, Ram Vans, Journey, Compass

        Sterling Heights MI
        Ram 1500, 2019 Grand Wagoneer

        Detroit MI
        Grand Cherokee, Durango, axles, differentials, Pentastar V6 engines

        Belvidere IL
        Jeep Cherokee

        Toledo OH
        Wrangler, Liberty + torque converts, and steering columnshybrid electronics modules

        Dundee MI
        1.4 to 2.4L 4cy engines

        Trenton MI
        3.6L Pentastar V6 and Tigershark I-4 engines

        Kokomo IN
        Big transmission engine casting and assembly (Cherokees, Durango, Challenger, Charger)

        Warren MI
        Sheet panels for trucks, SUVs and minivans; 2020 Ram pickups and Wagoneer

        Valencia Venezuela
        Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Siena, Forza


        See also:

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      • lemmus1 says:

        …no laughs …had to close it before I puked

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    • Steven says:

      I have mixed feelings if this will translate into reliable votes for 2020. 2018 midterms was the return to the unions because they offer higher wages, benefits, pensions, etc. That is the real problem- Democrats can cause the loss loss of jobs but once the jobs are back because of the hard work from the Trump administration, a lot of workers will greedily return to their unions for raises- forgetting that all of this was because of Trump. I just have a disgusting taste in my mouth after Wisconsin’s and Michigan’s elections. But perhaps they will remain loyal. I hope I am wrong and that 2018 doesn’t repeat itself.

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    • sgtpete23 says:

      Jefferson North Assembly Plant makes the 2 row Grand Cherokee

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  2. Bogeyfree says:

    The greatest business and trade sense of any President!

    Now if he could figure out how to manage and run his DOJ and FBI to uphold the law of the land with equal justice for all I’d be thrilled.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Well Bogey, to tell you the truth, I think that the DOJ and FBI are filled with DSA and CPUSA members.


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    • cozette says:

      I under 2 years the DOJ and FBI have been purged of the people involved in the Clinton cover ups and Spy Gate. Since January of last year the OIG has quietly and methodically been investigating wrong doing and more importantly, Sessions secretly appointed last year an outside of DC prosecutor with vastly more powers than any SC to work with the OIG and prosecute discovered criminality. This work is to be done in secret. Legally we should not know who is targetted or has a sealed indictment until the prosecutor thinks he’s got everyone and has a strong enough case to win convictions. Then indictments are unsealed and made public. With that being said, DC was shocked to learn of one grand jury thats been empanelled and working in secret without any leaks for over 6 months and that McCabe is one on the people that is being targetted. We also know that last year Sessions opened up investigations into U1 and the Clinton Foundation as well as Hezbollahs infiltration/Project Cassandra. In an average year there are 1,000 sealed court records. Typically 90% of these are indictments than can include multiple names. Since Hubers appointment theres been an average of over 5,000 sealed records per month with the total exceeding 60,000. Something unusual is going on. Based on the above I am thrilled with what Trump has accomplished and since you want a return to following the law you must be delighted that Trumps team are playing by the rules and not entertaining you with updates about what they’re doing as previous politicized DOJs did.

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  3. clive hoskin says:

    I hope he buries Merkel and the EU.Couldn’t happen to a nicer(?)person.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      You are going to get your wish times a 1,000! Our President isn’t just going to bully Angela, he is going to send her straight to Hell. Germany 🇩🇪 is literally on the cusp of going into a MAJOR RECESSION. It may happen as early as January. They are currently sitting on a -0.2% GDP for the 3rd Quarter. They are predicting 0.5% for the 4th Quarter. If they come up short, goodbye Angela.

      This POS only pays 1% of her GDP to NATO. Our President will get the other 1% through destroying her automobile 🚗 sector. This POS wants to have a pipeline with Russia 🇷🇺. She better hope that Putin takes IOUs. Otherwise Russia 🇷🇺 will own Germany 🇩🇪.

      France 🇫🇷 is truly on the cusp of a revolution. He has called up 89,000 cops and troops in preparation for Saturday’s protests. All museums in Paris will be closed. I think there will be bloodshed. If that happens, there is no turning back. These car companies SD referenced will want to get the hell out of Germany 🇩🇪 and Europe as quickly as possible.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    “We’re hiring all the time”
    Just in time to help the new car factories.

    “U.S. Steel CEO David Burritt discusses how President Trump’s tariffs have affected his company and the president’s fight for free trade.” 7:53

    Our steel guys luv luv luv Pres Trump
    Economic Security is National Security

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    • spren says:

      After 13 years of working an a USX railroad, I was “X-ed” by them in 1986 largely due to the effects of Japanese steel being dumped into our markets. This was compounded by the terrible judgement by US Steel to acquire Marathon Oil in 1982 which then precipitated their name change to USX. As soon as they acquired the oil company, the price of oil dropped from $34 a barrel to $11. This rippled throughout the entire corporation and led to catastrophic job losses. Ultimately, they dis-invested from oil and returned to their core purpose of being a steel company, returning their name to US Steel. Amazingly, the stock price is little different from what it was 40 years ago.

      While Reagan was a tremendous president, I wish we had had a business giant like Trump back then. But at the same time, this tumult led me to a different career choice in a different industry which worked out very well for me. Just shows you never know.

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  5. fedback says:

    Merkel’s party CDU is picking her successor tomorrow

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  6. Bullseye says:

    Decisive that’s what Mr. Mike Manley Chrysler/Fiat is. He’s not standing around to see what way the wind will blow political and otherwise. He made a fast strong decision and put a feather in the cap of Chrysler/Fiat in the minds of the American people while GM / Barra drivels

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    • WES says:

      Bullseye: Yes Mary Barra is stuck in the past! In those days lazy CEOs could easily turn their company stock options into cash by merely shifting more US production overseas! CEOs didn’t need to be smart nor work very hard.

      Now that game no longer works thanks to President Trump! Today CEOs need to be very smart and work much harder to turn their company stock options into cash!

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    • Nailed, it: Dead center!

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    • piper567 says:

      I do so hope they are rewarded with sales.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Hope GM is rewarded with lack of sales.

        There is a,shaking out, seperating wheat from chaff, multinational globalist, fighting VSG, like Nike and GM, and then there are those that ‘get it’, and are placing their bets on MAGA and VSG. Or, are mainstreet companies to begin with.

        GM doesn’t deserve to be thought of as an ‘American’ company. Sad, at one time they had innovative designs, that became classics.

        Corvette, mid to late 50’s sedans (impala, etc.) Mid 60’s, once again same models became classics.

        Teen agers would buy them cheap, at 15-20 years old, and ‘soup them up’ into hot rods, and eventually they would become classics.

        Now, pay off your pension liabilities, and GO! GM just go.

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        • piper567 says:

          Dutchman, agree. I learned how to drive in a ’55 Chevy, just a Tank…drove it right into the hills, no road. Fantastic car.
          My Dad had a ’61 Coupe, a one yr design, and drove it for a looong time, sold it to a collector. Great car.
          SO sad, this latest betrayal.
          In complete agreement ab the sorting going on. It’s pretty exciting, actually.

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        • JoAnn Leichliter says:

          You are so right, Dutchman. Back then my dad was a small town Chevy dealer. My one true automotive love was a yellow, black striped Camaro that I called Sting. Accelerated like a bat out of you know where and held the road like a dream.

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        • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

          You mean like the 67-69 Camaro’s we’d pick up for 250 bucks, build , beat , repeat. Today they start the bidding at 50k for the same cars.

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    • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

      Manley isn’t exactly new at Jeep, he’s been around a few years. He owns the only factory built 5.7 liter Hemi Wrangler built. It’s for “executive evaluation” as he puts it. Killer ride!


  7. We’ll see Hyundai and Kia expanding USA manufacturing, as well. Initial build quality, performance, and reliability of our 2019 Kia Sorento are superb. An AMERICAN CAR! Manufactured in Georgia, USA.

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  8. billygoat65 says:

    I heard white will not be a color option so as not to offend Elizabeth Warren.

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  9. There’s just something magical when Sundance writes about President Trump and his legendary negotiation skills. The article is filled with hope, excitement and faith in a deeply needed middle class American WIN! I just love reading the articles because Sundance lifts my spirit with factual evidence that what we are witnessing is nothing short of a miracle.

    President Trump is building America up from the bottom, a foundation that will last the test if time and change. He didn’t nibble around the edges, he went for the entire enchilada, the auto industry and all that comes with it. It such an honor to have Donald J. Trump as our President!

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  10. RH says:

    In the 2 years that Trump has been president if he put 25% tariff on all Chinese products we would have manufacturing in USA, the like no one has ever seen but instead Trump keep playing games and keeps wasting time like he was and is doing with the DOJ.

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  11. GB Bari says:

    Beware the Swamp / Globalist news outlets, like CNBC who can find a speck of dust in every bowl of soup:

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  12. Suite D says:

    VSGPDJT fuels dreams I thought were dead. Detroit,Motor City, Arsenal of Democracy, Paris of the West! In 1950s Detroit average income was 150% higher than national income. 1.8 million population. Now, no income, fewer than 700,000 pop. Downtown side walks were so crowded stepping off to the curb was often required. Now, no one with half a brain stops their car for a red light because of the danger. If life can be breathed back into Detroit absolutely anything is possible. In God we trust. God gave us Trump. MAGA/KAG!!!

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I want so badly for Detroit to make a comeback. I spent the early days of my career there and I still have a fondness for that city. It’s a shame it was so mismanaged, there’s so much great history there. They need a good Mayor. They need a Trump as a Mayor.

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  13. mr.piddles says:

    Fantastic news today, and excellent breakdown, as always. I couldn’t keep up with the complexity of the global/domestic trade and economic news and analysis on my own. Not smart enough and… I admit… a bit lazy outside of work work. So having everything condensed into one-, two-, three-page dense(!) articles is incredibly valuable. Preaching to the choir, I guess.

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  14. TwoLaine says:

    “Swimming with Trump? Oh, hell to the no”

    Love it!

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  15. sunnydaze says:

    I love this. Detroit was such a great/beautiful city and it’s been depressing as heck to watch it go down all these decades.

    The bones are still there, and I really hope it can be revived to even half it’s former glory.

    Thank God for everyone who made this possible.

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  16. intercesser says:

    Heart and soul matters . Pres. Trump really cares for the American people and he will fight for us . He is setting the bar for all future leaders . Fight he good fight and never , ever , ever give up .

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  17. highdezertgator says:

    The 2019 Ford Ranger will start production at the end of this year. The truck will be built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, alongside a new version of the Bronco SUV. Ford dealers are currently taking orders for the Ranger, with pricing starting at $25,395.

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  18. andyocoregon says:

    Meanwhile, G.M. is stupidly planning on moving their pickup and SUV manufacturing to Mexico, despite the threat of huge tariffs and the U.S. Government having baled them out of bankruptcy ten years ago. And they’re posting record profits this year! Go figure. What a slap in our collective faces.

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  19. California Joe says:

    When I got engaged my future wife did not have a car and was living at home with her parents working for American Airlines. I chipped in half the cost and bought her a brand new 1972 Plymouth Gold Duster for $2,700. She loved the car and we drove it for years. It was a beauty!:

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  20. Timothy Tarr says:

    Something of interest in all this. Affordable energy!! Marcellus and Utica shale Natural gas pipelines are going into service (Rover and Nexus pipelines). Over 5Bcf/day (~900,000 Barrels of oil equalivent or 5.15 Trillion Btus a day) into Dawn Hub area.

    There are two pipelines (Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast) due in service by ’19 or early ’20 to move 4Bcf/day to SE US (VA,NC,SC and FL,GA)

    Than you have West TX where there’s so much Natural gas they actually paid people to take it a few days ago. Lack of pipelines issue.

    Natural gas is what oil was 100 years ago.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Natural gas is what oil was 100 years ago.”

      Governor Cuomo in NY wants nothing to do with it.

      “Marcellus and Utica shale” development in upstate NY would cause the population to explode, thus nixing Herr Cuomo’s plan for the 2020 census. He plans to shift some of the state’s representation downstate after the census, thus creating a solidly “Dimm” future for NYS. We lost the state Senate in the election, so are bracing for more anti-second amendment legislation here next year.

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  21. TreeClimber says:

    That’s wonderful, and I’m genuinely happy for everyone who will now have jobs and who have so desperately needed them. But please, please, President Trump, make our technology industry next! Our computer techs and tech geniuses are suffering and their families with them. No more farming our IT out to India, MFN status be damned! We need our computers made and repaired here!

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    • woodstuff says:

      I can’t document this, but the chemical solvent used to wash circuit boards was effectively outlawed (except for highly regulated test purposes) in the USA.

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      • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

        I manufacture cleaning compounds for a living, circuit boards, hard drives and such are using a completely biodegradable solution these days.

        Downstream effect of the solvent ban, Ever wonder how and why tile, granite, and marble counter tops became so popular. Once the solvents were removed from adhesives the formica laminates began to lift and contractors just didn’t feel like losing money constantly repairing them.

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        • woodstuff says:

          That’s good to know about the solvents being removed from Formica-like glue. I had numerous problems of peeling on the edges, and some bubbles. I never understood why.

          Today, most laminated countertops are made only for jobs that need to be cheap, especially in commercial, institutional, house trailers, track houses, and apartments. This can be profitable for only larger cabinet shops. That’s not me.

          I no longer offer laminate counter tops, but refer them to a granite contractor. That’s a good thing, since I cannot lift tops anymore (too old and high-mileage body). It also frees up space in my shop.


    • TwoLaine says:

      Back in the day there was RadioShack…

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      • TreeClimber says:

        My husband isn’t a desk clerk. He’s a mechanical genius, can probably fix anything that has anythign to do with computers but no people skills at all. He’s happiest at a data center doing repairs and maintenance.

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  22. POTUS has been right (and politically astute) to focus on steel, auto, coal, and energy. These are all “marquis” industries, and capital intensive, which means that as these factories are built or expand there a lots of benefits to suppliers and other downstream businesses. And the jobs require high skills and thus generate decent incomes.
    Main street bankers (in former days at least) are enamored of asset-heavy businesses because they offer collateral, which holds some value even in a downturn (machines can be repurposed).

    I heard today about the reopening of the refinery in U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix), scheduled reopening in August after being closed in 2012. This refinery will produce 600,000 barrels/day (bigger than most if not all domestic refineries). Two Texas companies bought it; the collapse of Venezuela and its ability to export any oil offered an opportunity.

    This is another big deal, y’all, and until I heard this tonight knew nothing about it.

    The sleeping giant is reawakening!

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  23. spren says:

    I’m so sick of closet never-Trumpers like Mark Levin who get on their soap boxes and rail against the tariffs or threats thereof proclaimed by Trump. Levin has been on a tirade since GM announced the prospective closing of many facilities. Levin blames that this is due the increased costs for steel and GM is responding in kind. This is ridiculous and completely disregards the actual reasons for GM’s decision. They are closing those plants that made smaller sedans and electric cars that consumers have no demand for. GM’s SUVs are doing just fine and are not subject to the actions the company is taking.

    I’m a free-market guy and on principle I oppose tariffs. But we haven’t been in an actual free-market for decades. Trump has repeatedly implied that his ultimate goal is no tariffs on products manufactured here or from any of our foreign trading partners. But he has to put reciprocity in place to leverage those of have exploited our relatively open markets to our own demise.

    The changing attitudes of companies like Fiat-Çhrysler and countries like China demonstrate that his threats and actions are having very positive effects. If we restore an equal playing field for our own manufacturers with those from other nations, the tariffs will be rescinded or significantly reduced. Finally, we have a business man who understand how to wield political power.

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  24. MensaMike says:

    1967 Sunfire Yellow 427 air coupe w turbine wheels. Never should have sold it. But, so many cars, so little time. MAGA/KAG 😉

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  25. LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

    The first 22 Landrovers ever made were built on Jeep frames purchased and shipped to England.

    I haven’t the slightest idea how to post pics or links but there is a video of a a jeep being completely disassembled and then reassembled by hand at a red light. It’s an older vid but truly amazing.
    Bantam Motor Car Co. designed and built the very first Jeep. Bantam’s are museum pieces today. The U.S. military didn’t believe that Bantam could produce the quantity needed so the licensed the build to Willy’s and Ford. The rest is History.

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  26. roadrunnered says:

    Ok MOPAR fans, here is a clip of the original Hemi Under Glass…Piloted by “Wild Bill” Shresberry..
    I saw him at Irwindale face off against The Lil’ Red Wagon in 1967…. What a day, as we had never seen wheelstanders that were built for that purpose…. Enjoy!!!

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  27. MILupper says:

    A really smart move by Chrysler. Union contracts are expiring next year and new negotiations will begin after the first of the year. With the GM layoffs, Chrysler will be able to get a deal to hire some of the GM workers being laid off. Big supply of skilled auto labor- 1 employer hiring.

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  28. TwoLaine says:

    One of the happiest commercials on TV is the lady who makes cereal. She’s so proud that she creates something that people like and she gets paid for it.

    He said on Day 1 when he announced that he would be the best jobs President ever and he’s well on his way. He knows how to lead, and definitely not from behind. This is the only way to get people off welfare and back to work.

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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  29. iSapiens says:


    Volvo is owned by the Chinese. I wonder how that would play in this, considering their propensity to steal IP. The car industry is part of their China 2025 Plan if I’m not mistaken.

    Bringing a hornet’s nest into the country may not be the wisest of ideas.

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  30. railer says:

    I think there are some other shoes that are going to fall re GM. Completely closing 4 plants, eschewing fresh model lines into those plants, while simultaneously opening new production in Mexico? Trump is going to get his pound of flesh here. His opening statements established the direction, and I fully expect him to pursue that direction.

    Barr was an Obama diversity hire, and while GM stepping back on electric vehicle foolishness is probably a smart decision, her lack of strategic vision here is glaring. She’s had almost 2 years to establish a capital investment plan in-line with obvious MAGA precepts (as Ford commenced straightaway), but instead she’s got the entire Michigan and Ohio Congressional delegations calling her onto the mat. It is an incredible blunder to have alienated the entire political establishment as she has. But worst is that she’s alienated Trump, and he has the hammer.

    Dropping this bomb without proper cultivation demonstrates the worst kind of incompetence, even on top of the structural deficiencies of the bomb itself. Senior executives have to be savvy above all else, and she’s not.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Gary Ingle says:

    Just a little reminder of MAGA for those who think we’re not winning inspite of the corruptocrats!

    Liked by 1 person

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