Sanders, Bolton, Kudlow: White House Press Briefing…

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, National Security adviser John Bolton and National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow hold a very important press briefing from the White House.

Chairman Kudlow discusses current economic issues, and the upcoming possible trade discussions with China at the G20 meeting in Buenos Aries, Argentina. At 19:00 minutes NSA John Bolton takes over to discuss the scheduling details of the G20.  [Interesting trilateral mentioned: Trump, Modi and Abe] At 30:00 minutes Sarah Sanders takes over.

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70 Responses to Sanders, Bolton, Kudlow: White House Press Briefing…

  1. andyocoregon says:

    Amazing that Abilio Acosta more or less behaved himself today. He asked too many questions, but other than that he didn’t try to make the press conference all about himself.

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  2. I watched this live and discovered something…….I still want to punch Acosta I the mouth!!

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  3. Deplore Able says:

    GDP of USA: $19,490,600,000,000
    GDP of Russia: $1,527,469,000,000
    USA Defense Budget: $700,000,000,000.

    Vlad is a bad guy and Russia has sophisticated nukes, but I don’t think Russia could keep up with USA in an arms race. The total economy of Russia is roughly equivalent to the economy of Texas.

    China on the other hand….

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    • Marian says:

      How is Vlad bad? Just curious. I know it’s what are betters want us to think. Reason enough for me to sceptical.

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      • Travel to Ukraine ans see hi assassinate people … he is a maniacal midget, a thug and one of the biggest terrorists int he world. He also is a thief ….. other than that he is a nice guy


      • Jenny R. says:

        Considering how much Vlad has worked quite congenially (and with great profit for himself, politically at least) with the Democrats, I fail to understand the affection given to him by many on the rightwing side of the political aisle.

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      • Deplore Able says:

        There is an axis if evil in this world and it runs from Moscow to Damascus to Tehran. Trumps foreign policy is to get rid of troublemakers. Kim in North Korea was a trouble maker. The Iranian mullahs are troublemakers. Assad is a troublemaker. But the biggest troublemaker of all is Putin.

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    • You don’t seem to understand how corrupt the US DoD procurement system is.

      While we spend out the nose our R&D is rubbish, and we have no counter to the latest missile and drone systems the russo-sino alliance produce.

      It was a mess before Obama, then he destroyed what little actual productivity was left in the R&D process, and by 2014 Russia was demonstrating missile tech only mentioned by our “futurists”.

      Their hypersonic ASM’s give carrier battlegroups a realistic interception window of under 9 seconds.

      2-generation-old power projection apparatus is the emperor with no clothes.. and an EXPENSIVE one at that.


      • tyshab says:

        The DoD acquisition process is shattered by the huge burden of regulation, processes and policies. Corruption is the only thing keeping it alive.
        R&D suffers because no sane, thinking person remains in a broken, dysfunctional environment for long so the only ones left are the pretenders–contractors, government grant gobblers and a few who did not escape soon enough and are too close to retirement to walk away now.

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        • TigerBear says:

          Spot on! 👍🏽👍🏽
          Wish more people understood what you just stated. Sadly, those who need that understanding, are not Treepers and aren’t reading this site. 🙂


        • svenwg says:

          It seems that R&D for the military has been outsourced to Israel, which is not a bad thing in the long run due to the Demoncraps, whenever in power, sell the US’s military secrets to the highest bidder.

          Whatever new technology Russia is using for their missiles, you can bet your life that the Israelis have it already and sharing the technology with US arms manufacturers. One of the reasons that President Trump is pushing to have the US missiles replaced.


          • looking for info says:

            Are you all suggesting that you know what the US Armed Forces have had developed for them?
            Did you know about Stealth Aircraft when they were first developed?
            Did you know about the Blackbird back when it first started flying?
            Most of the only stuff we get to hear about is apparent “failures” and cost overruns.


  4. Garrison Hall says:

    Talk about the “A” team! Sarah, the absolute best ever. has gone from strength to strength in a job that usually chews up lesser beings. And John Bolton in action is always something to watch. He so easily gives the impression that he’s figuring out just who to shoot first that you can easily convince yourself that he just might be actually thinking about doing it! These are two people who can daily handle the hideous cesspool that is DC politics and always come out completely unscathed. President Trump is lucky to have them. And how interesting that both were opposed by DC “insiders” still working in the White House.

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  5. thedoc00 says:

    Based on the GDP chart, it still needs to be an objective of the President and his team to get China’s designation as an emerging economy changed. This gives them a grossly unfair advantage within the world body politic and goes grossly unreported in the media with exception of the smarter FBN personalities.

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  6. Mncpo(ret) says:

    I love his team! They are succinct, knowledgeable, committed and can handle any whiney question. They believe in our President’s trade plan. It’s refreshing to see people that understand what he wants to do and, actually, get it. The MSM have nothing on these folks, they’ll eat them alive when it comes to trade.

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  7. railer says:

    Xi better have some significant concessions for Trump in Argentina. This GM news isn’t exactly putting Trump in the mood for compromise with China. I have to believe GM timed this announcement for reasons related to Trump’s meeting with Xi, although it’s hard to see which angle they’re playing. Maybe GM is shaking China down over their China operations, and are looking for Trump leverage?

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  8. trapper says:

    Two thoughts:

    First, the G20 is it, folks. This will be the beginning of PDJT’s China end game. The board has been set, the pieces all maneuvered into position. The G20 is when the first moves are made to take down China if Xi refuses to go along. Watch the G20, and the first week after, very closely.

    Second, does anyone think that the timing of Barra’s GM plant closing announcement the week before the G20 was accidental? It was not. It was an attempt to weaken the US as we go into the G20. In this sense Barra’s action is even worse than Trudeau’s stab in the back. Trudeau is a foreign leader, albeit one which is supposedly a friend. Barra is an American. So taking this action, one that benefits China over the US and American workers, on the eve of an important and time critical G20 meeting, is a stomach-turning act of treachery singular in its offensiveness.

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  9. ganesh says:

    I think this data is relevant a well:

    Here is a question: Where is Xhina in the per capita stats?

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  10. stablesort says:

    The question of the day seems to be “Why hasn’t the US abandoned Saudi Arabia, weakened Israel and strengthened Iran after the murder of Khashoggi?” You’d think the press is worried that Trump might solve the Palestine/Israel conflict.

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  11. Bob at Wendys says:

    I think Kudlow blew o good chance.
    He was asked if the president knew that a tariff is a tax paid by the consumer. He went on the defensive.
    He should have said: “independent analysis has said that, so far, China ate 80 percent of the tariffs; to maintain market share. We love taxes that China pays four-fifths of “

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  12. woodstuff says:

    Why is Sarah Sanders still providing chairs for the Peanut Gallery?

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  13. I liked that Bolton reached to the back of the room for questions. Sarah just seems to take questions from the same group of people from the front of the room…wish she would expand her reach.

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  14. Pyrthroes says:

    To staffers of ability, even glancing association with a “fast company” Chief Executive like Trump is worth megabucks. If that’s no object –think Gen. Mattis, reticent Gentleman Adventurers like Kuchner, with his AMLO award– there’s an absolute fascination to acting “the singer, not the song.”

    A generation hence, say 2050 when Millenials born 1990 are just past their prime, this era will likely seem the most critical since WW II– and many who strut-and-fret Trump’s stage will have a generation yet to run. “Grasping the larger hope”, we wish ’em well.


  15. Mike diamond says:

    The press is just a bunch of spoiled liberal brats,who only care for their own selfish liberal agenda,they are full time cheerleaders for the democrates! What a shame!


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