Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Big Picture Issues…

If you want a prelude to how the democrat/globalist/left-wing political machine is gearing up to disrupt any U.S. economic success, here it is.   With the opportunity to discuss important and consequential economic initiative with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Yahoo Chief Narrative Engineer, Andy Serwer, runs through a litany of political talking points.


There has been some banter about the possibility of Wilbur Ross being replaced next year, possibly by Mick Mulvaney.  While all such media speculation should be taken with a grain of salt, this interview highlights the foreseeable landscape of confrontation.

Broadly speaking, the trade-reset initiatives (negotiations) were broken down amid the team of Ross, Lighthizer, Navarro, Kudlow and Mnuchin with Ross in charge of the E.U (East), and Lighthizer covering southeast Asia/China (West); with additional support from the internal teams as needed.

Secretary Ross ran into the quagmire between the U.K. and European Union over Brexit which structurally, and strategically, forbid any substantive negotiations with the U.S. until the Brexit issues were resolved.

The only time the EU cracked the door to discuss trade was when their pre-planned investments in Mexico were put at risk during the USMCA negotiations.   Of course Mr. Serwer never even thought to address these important aspects; preferring instead to focus on the ‘resistance‘ engineer narrative.  A very annoying interview.

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39 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Big Picture Issues…

  1. Sundance: TY!
    Trump Team SIX. 👍🏼

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  2. MAGAbear says:

    It sickens me everytime I log onto my yahoo email folder. If only I had known 15 years ago what a leftist outlet Yahoo would become. They make Pravda look like a fair and balanced news source.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Hindsight tells me that Yahoo went leftward almost from the outset. Their news reporting has for a very long time been the clear indication of their Leftwing, Globalist bias.

      Their biased finance reporting was less obvious to me for many years, but that was purely because, although I knew it in my gut, I was intellectually unaware of the specific distinctions between the Wall St vs. Main Street perspectives. Reading Sundance’s essays on those differences resolved that for me.

      So now, understanding the differences, I can look back at those many sources of financial and economic news that I used to read but gradually rejected as being honest purveyors of information, and realize exactly *why* I knew they were increasingly unreliable.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Can’t you cancel it?

      Set up a new email (there are several free ones that respect privacy now) and start using it. Once everyone is use to it, cancel yahoo.

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      • George True says:

        I believe GB’s point was that many millions, perhaps tens of millions of people, get their information from hardcore leftist sources such as Yahoo News. Until and unless a solution to this is developed, we will continue to have an ignorant electorate, due to deliberate and orchestrated disinformation on the part of the hardcore Marxist MSM, including sources such as Yahoo News.

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      • MAGAbear says:

        I just need to consider how to transfer the gazillion emails I have on the Yahoo account to another provider. Maybe over the Thanksgiving day holiday I’ll figure it out.

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        • michaelh says:

          First thing is first, get yourself on another provider. I’d recommend for instance, like the one Sundance uses.

          NOTE >> IF YOU ARE GETTING A FREE EMAIL ACCOUNT, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT AND NOT THE CUSTOMER. Take control of your email and use a paid email service.

          Then start moving your accounts over to it.

          I wouldn’t worry about moving all your email over right away. If you just start using the new service as your primary email, things will start flowing to the new inbox.

          Old mail can be moved at your leisure. Or if you like you can even leave it parked there indefinitely. Or you can just bite the bullet and delete it.

          The main point is that migrating “old emails” shouldn’t be something that stops you from starting a new account and using it. Moving old email is less important that reclaiming your sanity.

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        • Dave S says:

          Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to download Yahoo email. Google it.

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          • cthulhu says:

            Second the recommendation for Thunderbird. If you’re concerned about your email history, the first thing to do is to gain local control. With Thunderbird, you just make a local folder, and copy everything into it. Then you can also back it up locally for offsite storage. Otherwise, you’re subject to the whims of Yahoo.

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      • talker2u says:

        Free e-mail provider is horrendous.

        I believe it is owned by the German Web developer 1&

        They added a news roundup to their free e-mail service that is typical global Leftist in bent.

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        • Successful Loser says:

          I pay for, and forward directly to my outlook. I’ve had it for two years, its been good, transfer was easy and they stay out of the way. Don’t use their news site at all. Plus they give me ten(?) blank emails.

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    • protonmail.
      Get it.
      Use it.
      Its very nice.
      They encrypt it so only you can read it. NO SNOOPING

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  3. Somebody says:

    I hope the rumors about Wilbur Ross are just that, rumors. We as a nation are so fortunate, POTUS wasn’t kidding when he said he’d appoint killers. It may take time, but history will remember all of these men kindly for all they have done to MAGA.

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    • Litlbit2 says:

      Amen. First it was Pence, now Wilbur! Where does this rinky dink blabber come from?

      All the idiots at MSM including dingbat Yahoo all Very Fake News. Only listened to a portion as i was amazed how easily Mr. Wilbur Ross delt with the moron asking questions as to why are these swamp deals are in question. The corrupt are becoming very worried.

      It is really going to be interesting when these lazy fat cats will be required to rely on themselves to make money the old fashion way. Earn it! Taxpayer pockets off limits.

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      • bessie2003 says:

        And for a brief moment yesterday it was Sarah Huckabee Sanders was going to leave in December! It helped that her dad was the host for the show and he got her on as a guest within 20 minutes of his guest saying she (Sanders) was going to step down, and quickly Sanders put that rumor to rest.

        It’s the speed of these rumors and their consistency, it’s almost as if they keep on trying and hoping to be right one of these times in their quest to get a WH official to quit.

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      • TeaForAll says:

        it is like s news cycle. when NYT needs to forefront they will post anything for click bate.
        All news needs to be accountable for fake news

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    • GB Bari says:

      Allegations against any high quality performers in PDJTs administration are almost always false and are obvious attempts at character assassination.

      Best way to deal with all of them is to completely ignore the MSM on these. Worry not about the fake news until you read in a reliable conservative news site or blog about legal action regarding the same person. Only then is it worth your attention. And only read about it in reliably unbiased or conservative sources. The MSM will take the facts and weave them into a work of fiction.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Ross has been excellent. I like Mnuchin and Mulvaney as well but Ross is perfect in his present position. Normally my eyes glaze over when the talking heads get on to economic matters. But Ross keeps my interest. ((and his language is such that a lay person can understand the material.)

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  4. JonS says:

    I think you misspelled Andy Sewer

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  5. rustybritches says:

    I think, they said yesterday that Mr Ross had told the President over the last few months that he really wants to retire, He is 80 and tired . I believe they said there had been discussion with Linda McManen about taking over for Mr Ross, I hate to think of him leaving because he has done such a great job. He will be missed if this comes about

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  6. Stillwater says:

    At 19:41, Wilbur discusses his upcoming trip to Cheniere’s LNG processing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. Here are a few news reports on the event.

    Remarks by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross at the Cheniere Energy, Inc. Liquefaction — First Cargo Celebration in Corpus Christi, Texas – 11/15/18

    Cheniere’s Corpus Christi Liquefaction opens, puts Texas in play for LNG – 11/15/18 – Caller Times

    Cheniere starts LNG production at Corpus Christi export terminal – 11/15/18 – USA News

    KRIS 6 News

    “With Cheniere’s Corpus Christi Liquefaction plant up and running, Texas and the Coastal Bend are ready to enter the worldwide natural gas market.”

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  7. railer says:

    Trump is one to put pressure on his staff, and I have no doubt he’s put pressure on Ross. Ross is a big boy and he obviously isn’t much fazed by it. But pressuring staff is what brings success to an executive. They have to know WHAT to do and have the requisite URGENCY about it. That’s the boss’s job, to make sure both those things are true. Then we can all have success.

    Serwer is still a shill though. Ross handled him easily, as he does with everybody they throw at him.

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  8. Tiffthis says:

    I LOVE Wilburine 🥰 he’s the best at answering all questions, never gets flustered and is such a gentleman.

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    • Kalbo says:

      Wilbur Ross is fascinating to listen to. Ability to calmly answer every question with clarity while factually stating we are absolutely tracking in the right direction. He is an absolute treasure in president Trump’s Administration. We are so fortunate.

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    • seabrznsun says:

      Me too Tiff. I always get a good laugh when he shows those in any discussion with him just how much they don’t know. I’ve admired him for quite some time. I wonder how many journalists who interview him want to ask him investment questions after the interview.

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  9. hdpman says:

    Wow, no bias from the as*hat moderator. Ross owned it. How can anyone in their right mind (maybe I answered my own thought) not see the clear quality and intellectual difference between Ross and serwer, here, and PDJT and moonbeam and Newsom above. Unbelievable how PDJT has managed to shine a light on this.

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  10. Jane Smith says:

    Not CNN.
    President Trump is branching out.


  11. Stillwater says:

    Saying that Trump may be replacing Ross is obviously fake news to anyone who knows the depth and breadth of Ross’s business experience in a multitude of industries.

    Just to give an example, I recently watched an interview with Michael Pillsbury and where he said that Ross has visited China 85 times. So I’d say Ross has a fairly good understanding of the Chinese business mindset.

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  12. Such a wake up call to every American who knew nothing about trade, like myself, before Trump was elected. And the wholesale demise of our country by special interests, foreign and domestic because of past one-sided deals. Thanks to this website and reading and watching Trump’s trade team for an important education.

    Very disappointed to read this morning that Trudeau’s LGBT Canadian domestic agenda was put into the new U.S./Canada trade deal USMCA. I read this morning how about 40 republicans are refusing to sign off on the deal unless it is removed, stating the obvious that Canada has no legal right to tell Americans what to do with our social domestic policies. I thought that was one of the sticking points that Lighthizer wouldn’t allow it and that’s one of the reasons there was such trouble with Canada in trade talks. Can’t believe Trump signed off on a foreign country’s domestic social agenda being put into a trade deal.


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