Rosenstein Backs Out of Classified Questioning – Goodlatte and Gowdy Cancel Hearing…

Oh how the Rosenstein worm turns. In late breaking developments tonight, on the eve of Rosenstein’s agreement to testify in a closed-door, heavily controlled, classified setting… Everything gets cancelled:

“The Committees are unable to ask all questions of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein within the time allotted for tomorrow’s transcribed interview, therefore, the interview will be postponed. Mr. Rosenstein has indicated his willingness to testify before the Judiciary and Oversight Committees in the coming weeks in either a transcribed interview or a public setting. We appreciate his willingness to appear and will announce further details once it has been rescheduled.” (link)

Suspicious cat’s suspicions of Rosenstein seemingly validated. Here’s what an objective review of events seems to show.

There are voices sympathetic to a premise, a theory of sorts, that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller in an effort to remove the corrupt influence of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe in 2017.   According to the theory – Rosenstein’s modus operandi was to facilitate a genuine review of the Russian collusion/conspiracy questions through the appointment of Mueller.

However, in order for that theory to be correct – once Rosenstein discovered the fraudulent basis for the origination of the Mueller probe; meaning once he realized there was an actual FBI and DOJ scheme to construct a soft-coup; he would necessarily have needed to stop defending the false premise which built the foundation for the inquiry.

He didn’t.

He advanced it.

He defends it, even today.

Despite mountains of evidence showcasing the politicized and weaponized use of the FBI and DOJ to attack the office of the President, evidence that came out after the Mueller probe was launched, Rosenstein took no action to highlight the fraud and fold-up the inquiry.

Not only did Rosenstein take no action to confront the fraud; he has gone to extreme lengths to continue validating the Mueller probe a full year after clear evidence surfaced.  Even as late as last Friday, Rosenstein filed a ridiculous indictment against an innocuous Russian person claiming she used Facebook and Twitter in a “conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

An honest review of conduct outlines that all of Rosenstein’s actions are self-serving.  He is attempting to protect his own interests, and if that means protecting a false Mueller investigation – then so be it.  That is exactly what he has been doing.

That behavior, highlighted by several instances – including his request to President Trump to continue hiding the information behind the declassification of documents requested by congress, highlights that DAG Rod Rosenstein is attempting damage control regardless of downstream consequences.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein controlled the James Wolfe indictment (and eventual plea).  DAG Rosenstein controlled the Natalie Mayflower Sours-Edwards Treasury leak indictment.  DAG Rosenstein wrote the recent Op-Ed defending the Mueller investigation.  DAG Rosenstein, together with Mueller, framed the indictment against the Concord group.  DAG Rosenstein controls the indictment against Ms. Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova.  These are all Rosenstein constructs.  These are all Rosenstein behaviors.

These are not the behaviors of a man who is trying to rid the DOJ of internal corruption.

These are the behaviors of a man intent on protecting the swamp, and by extension his own participation in corrupt swamp activity.

Yes, Suspicious Cat remains suspicious; and rightly so.

President Trump and President Trump’s supporters have two slightly different sets of priorities when it comes to the DOJ and FBI. From President Trump’s perspective the thorn in his administration has been Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The declassification agreement between Rosenstein and Trump negates any concern about Mueller.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein created the special counsel under fraudulent pretense.  That origination material (Ohr 302’s, FISA pages, origination EC, and Page/Strzok messages) is now a risk to the Deputy AG.

DAG Rosenstein does not want his involvement in the fraud to be exposed; hence his request to block/stall/delay the declassification directive. However, at any time President Trump can declassify all the documents and outline the fraudulent basis that originated the special counsel. This is essentially President Trump’s leverage.

The Robert Mueller investigation is the priority for removal for President Trump in order to continue the MAGA agenda.  For well over a year Mueller has been the cloud over the administration and has been the primary focus of most media antagonism therein.

For the Office of the President, the Mueller probe is the immediate thorn.  Ergo leverage over the DAG toward the removal of that thorn is a priority.  Exposing the previous and current DOJ and FBI corruption is of less importance to President Trump.

However, from the perspective of President Trump supporters, especially those who have done deep research into the former and ongoing abuse, the aggregate DOJ and FBI corruption is the priority; and exposing the soft-coup is the ultimate goal.

See the difference?  (continue reading)

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430 Responses to Rosenstein Backs Out of Classified Questioning – Goodlatte and Gowdy Cancel Hearing…

  1. DT2020 says:

    Really short announcement that basically says that Goodlatte and Gowdy cancelled the interview not Rod. Cancelled due to time constraints not unwillingness of the witness.

    ““The Committees are unable to ask all questions of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein within the time allotted for tomorrow’s transcribed interview, therefore, the interview will be postponed.”


    • EJ says:

      Swamp is going to swamp.


    • MelH says:

      Death packages were delivered, that day, to people we hate, for gosh sakes! There wasn’t going to be any air time for the Rosenstein debacle to have impact. And thank God for that, because Cummings would have obfuscated every ounce of truth spoken, in a mountain of trash talk against Republicans, beginning and ending with who they are; racist conspirator theorists, trying to cover-up the President’s vast Russia holdings and the truth that he influenced them to meddle in the election and steal the Presidency from Hillary!


  2. Zorro says:

    ““The Committees are unable to ask all questions of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein within the time allotted for tomorrow’s transcribed interview, therefore, the interview will be postponed.”

    Then ask SOME of the questions in the time allotted.


    • Cheeshead54016 says:

      I agree. The worst excuse ever.


    • BobR says:

      Ain’t nothing going on here but trying to soft land this plane wreck with no one being held accountable. After mid terms only one talking about this will be Tom Fitton. Rosie, Comey, Hillary and Mueller ride off with U1 winnings and thats the end of it.


  3. 6x47 says:

    When Sessions recused I’m sure he thought of it as a symbolic act that would have no consequences. Little did he know he was playing right into the hands of the corrupt elements within the DOJ.

    The Black Hats (including Rosenstein – a pusillanimous bureaucrat controlled by the McCabe cabal – used the recusal to establish a beachhead inside the Trump Administration in the form of the Special Counsel’s office. A desperate move necessitated by the firing of James Comey.

    It is no easy thing to remove corrupt bureaucrats, especially when they’re operating under the aegis of a Special Counsel. Slowly, painfully, the Trump Administration has been able to chip away at the Black Hat fortress, until today little remains: But winding down the Special Counsel is a bit like putting toothpaste back into the tube. It can be done, but it’s a long, messy process.

    We’re ALMOST there.


    • curtmilr says:

      Sessions had to recuse as he was inside the campaign, thus a witness or target. Trump KNEW this all along. The rest is just optical control and subterfuge to counter the opposition.


  4. BobR says:

    GOP mid term win=no more investigations lets move on.
    Dem win= never was anything there lets move on.
    If either party was serious about justice U1 would be visibly under way which implicates all major Dems.


  5. curtmilr says:

    Goodlatte and Gowdy delayed the hearing due to time constraints not allowing a full interrogation. It will be rescheduled accordingly.

    Rosenstein may have limited the time for this exact purpose, but we don’t KNOW that. He has agreed to the reschedule.

    The GOP may not want to muddy the water and distract from their current momentum. The Caravan is enough of a distraction, though I trust POTUS and team have an excellent plan in operation.


  6. BobR says:

    If this was your spouse, business partner, kids, someone bidding for your business your BS meter would be full on blaring. These people are criminals or at least unethical any lawyers should be disbarred or worse.Plenty of evidence to indict numerous players. How is Hillary still out there blabbing?

    Liked by 5 people

  7. FishtheDish says:

    It seems like the current IG investigation and report is what will be used to get this mess off the hook. Yeah some problems, poor decisions, didn’t follow normal policy…but no proof of intent and therefore some wrist slaps. Will need to drop this before Sessions sent into retirement.


  8. Elwood says:

    Sundance, in exactly what way has Mueller damaged or thwarted the Trump presidency? What part of MAGA has Mueller stopped? What, then, is Mueller’s purpose?

    Mueller and RR both are working for the good guys. There is one simple sure-fire way to tell. The ONLY way Mueller can damage Trump now is to release his report before the midterm elections. Even if there isn’t a smoking gun the press will run with it to salvage what they can.

    If his report is released after the midterm elections you’ll know it will excoriate the dems.

    RR’s job is not to clean out the DOJ. That job is for Sessions, Horowitz and Huber.


    • snellvillebob says:

      It is doubtful that either Mueller or Huber will release their reports until after Trump is out of office.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      He didn’t say thwarted he said thorn.

      A Special Counsel has immense power and once appointed is a train that’s hard to stop and one that new cars can be continually tacked on. (See Ken Starr).
      We don’t even know the full extent of Mueller’s mandate as RR’s clarification memo is highly redacted. We’re not even sure that it’s the only one.

      As long as Mueller is up and running–especially this one which wasn’t investigating a CRIME but was appointed to FIND ONE–he is more than just a thorn, he’s a threat

      He is NOT a good guy……unless you believe that all the Hillary-loving, Trump-hating prosecutors and staff THAT WORK FOR HIM are complete IDIOTS that haven’t realized after 1+ years that their boss is actually working against them.
      Not a chance.

      Liked by 1 person

      • G. Alistar says:

        Hmm, as Elwood noted above, Mueller’s investigation to date: a big fat nothing burger when it comes to POTUS Trump and Russian collusion. Arguably, the drip, drip, dip of FISA gate and the soft coup attempt by democrat sympathizers in the FBI/DOJ has galvanized the Republicans and overall, hurt the dems. Other than dems shooting themselves in the foot at the Kavenaugh hearings, FISA abuse has hurt their cause more than anything. MAGA


    • I’m really not sure how you can seriously ask this question: “in exactly what way has Mueller damaged or thwarted the Trump presidency?”

      Mueller has cast a pall over the entire Presidency by implying that PDJT has committed Russian “Collusion” and/or obstruction via firing Mueller’s bosom buddy, James Comey.

      Mueller has investigated and tried hard to financially break the friends and associates of our President in order to turn them against the President. He has succeeded with a few.

      Mueller has kept a grand jury empaneled for over a year now. This allows Rosenstein, Wray and the other members of the criminal deep state to cover-up and hide evidence from congressional investigations due to a grand jury “investigation” in progress

      Mueller packed his staff with radical liberal nutcases and has refused to go after ANY person that has even OBVIOUSLY committed crimes unless they happen to be a conservative.

      So you think he is a white hat? How did you feel about Jeffery Dahmer?


      • MelH says:

        Jerrydonten, BRAVO!!!!!!! I am sooo damned tired of hearing the whole of the Mueller investigation minimized. How the heck our President has run a country with this mess hanging over his head, insulting his family, harming his friends and allies….ENUFF apologizing for Mueller and Rosenstein and all the other Demorats who have dogged our President for EVERY breath he has drawn. There was NO crime to investigate and therefore the entire Investigation was a CRIME itself! Every person who received one of those yellow packages deserved a bomb in spades! But they didn’t send one to Mueller or Rosenstein or Comey. DAMN! Maybe they haven’t finished yet! NO president before this one has had to defend the rabid onslaught of indefensible slings and arrows that even makes dining out a rancorous debacle from which his allies and employees have to flee. AND still the MSM is blaming that on the President.


  9. RAC says:

    I cannot understand how Wriggling Rosy thinks it’s going to end. Does he seriously believe that if he just can hang on till after November he will be fired and then be able to fade away into obscurity.


  10. Zippy says:

    “For the Office of the President, the Mueller probe is the immediate thorn. Ergo leverage over the DAG toward the removal of that thorn is a priority. Exposing the previous and current DOJ and FBI corruption is of less importance to President Trump.”

    How is the latter not the PERFECT way to BOTH remove the thorn AND “drain the swamp.”


  11. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    After the mid-terms, GEOTUS Trump will open a can of whup-ass on Rosenweasel and the entire band of seditious miscreants all the way up to Obamohammed.

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  12. cali says:

    @Sundance: Your analysis is spot on!

    Rosenstein is the plug that keeps the Mueller et al spiel going. He is the cause of slow walking the declassification.

    Rosenstein is knee-deep in this coup attempt. He was forced out when he attempted to sign another FISA app to give Mueller more time to see if he could find something on president Trump – anything.

    As you stated Mueller was appointed as a result of the collusion between Comey, Mueller and himself and the insurance policy by Strzok/Page et al. If he were a good guy or white hat he would have blown the whistle on the Mueller appointment as soon as he found out about and ended Mueller’s witch hunt.

    He really stepped in it after the overzealous Weissman raided Manafort home at 4AM, guns drawn and picking the lock on the front door to gain entry.
    Mueller/Weissman did not have the permission for that raid at the time. Of course Rosenstein extended it 2 weeks later and after the fact retroactively justifying Weissman’s unlawful raid.
    Considering the collusion of Weissman with the AP reporters who broke into Manafort’s locker only to present evidence they found to Weissman while in Manafort’s locker. Who’s to say that Edwards – the treasury leaker and prior associate of Edwards – didn’t place the SAR’s Weissman and Mueller used in that locker.

    Rosenstein is the gatekeeper of Mueller and his continuation of fishing for anything to nail president Trump. Then there is the ‘order’ issued by the UK’s MI6 et al to silence all persons who were spied on illegally. The UK’s meddling has not ended as of yet.

    President Trump wisely did not fire Rosenstein because this problem will solve itself when the UNREDACTED FISA report by OIG Horowitz is released. Rosenstein will be hit hard and it will be his end.

    President Trump doesn’t give a flick about the UK and AU begging not to expose them to have meddled in our election. They conspired to keep the president from winning the election. They most likely hope that the midterm election goes in favor of the left and everything squashed and the president impeached.

    The UK and AU will be exposed after the midterm election as the FISA declassification remains on the table while the NSA and our military intelligence continue to refuse them access to our satellites and other intelligence sharing.

    They are not allies after what they did during and after the election!

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  13. George1 says:

    Sick-To- Death-of- All of It. The Deep State continues on. No one is investigating them seriously otherwise we would have leaks. We have full time fake news trying to take Trump down with nearly every story they run. It is past time that President Trump park an Iowa class off their coast and commence bombardment , that is declassify EVERYTHING. Then start the process of taking the FBI, DOJ and CIA apart and starting over. Things can never be the same if those agencies are allowed to go on after all of this. As an example the FBI no doubt has a large part in the current Dem bombing False flags, err I mean bombing investigations. Does anyone here have any confidence that the FBI can be trusted to do that?


  14. weareallandrew says:

    I’ll just drop this Atkisson article in here- mebbe we can discuss when Larry the Cable Guy hoax bomber and the drive- by- media finish with their 15 minutes of SMH.


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