The media were going bananas this morning with proclamations of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on the cusp of being fired and headed to the White House.

Firing is not how leverage works.

According to both President Trump (via tweet), and DAG Rod Rosenstein (via statement), the President and Deputy AG had a meeting last week to discuss the declassification directive.  Within that meeting it is almost certain that part of the conversation circled around Rosenstein being unable to fulfill his responsibilities at the DOJ if the substance of the information underneath the declassification directive was released.

Understanding the institutional corruption hidden by the DOJ and FBI classification and redaction, it is predictable that Rosenstein would become the target for Trump media allies and supporters when the circumstances, evidence and details surrounding the soft-coup attempt are exposed.

Whether the Deputy AG  participated/facilitated the soft-coup attempt directly, indirectly, or through willful blindness, there’s no way that Rosenstein could stay on.   So within that conversation last week, it is almost certain the DAG advanced his resignation *IF* the declassification directive went forward and exposed the usurping details.

The decision by President Trump not to declassify the information did two things:  (1) it gave the President leverage over Rosenstein and by extension over Mueller.   After all, the construct of the special counsel was built upon DOJ/FBI intentional lies and FISA fraud. (2) the decision places a heavy burden upon the Inspector General to be brutally honest with his FISA report.  If the IG is not brutally honest, Trump releases the declassified information and the IG is shown as participating in a cover-up.

All of this leverage makes the position of DAG Rod Rosenstein tenuous.

Do you think Rosenstein likes the idea of sitting around waiting for the IG report to show the world how badly he botched the DOJ job, and even facilitated their corrupt activity, during his stewardship?   He made a Special Counsel investigative appointment from a foundation of fraud; and all of this was collateral damage from the political efforts of the prior administration.  Think about it.  Sucks to be the DAG. [He did it to himself]

Add into that sunlight waiting to surface – the reality that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is openly telling his allied media he has evidence (memos) that will implicate Rosenstein in the plot, scheme and soft-coup.  See Rosensteins’ position?

There’s no reason for the White House to fire Rosenstein; his own conduct has put himself into a virtual corner and there’s only one way out.  So it was brutally obvious, to me, with Trump carrying all of this leverage over Rosenstein, the White House meeting today wasn’t about firing him.

The statement from the White House:

WH Statement on inquires about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein:

At the request of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he and President Trump had an extended conversation to discuss the recent news stories. Because the President is at the United Nations General Assembly and has a full schedule with leaders from around the world, they will meet on Thursday when the President returns to Washington, D.C.  ~ Sarah Sanders

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein career in the DOJ is over, he’s a dead-man-walking, but not because of anything President Trump has done; Rosenstein has put himself into this position.   President Trump just smartly took the opportunity to hold the political leverage and narrow the path.

There’s no doubt the DAG will resign, the question is the timing.  What moment provides him the least disgraced exit?  That’s the question.  Everything else is media shiny things; chaff and countermeasures from the narrative engineers.


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  1. honestyoz says:

    Malcom Turnbull was the Prime Minister of Australia during spygate. He has been sacked and replaced by Scott Morrison. Cleanskin can blame Turnbull and be a hero to the world,
    POTUS should tell Scott Morrison to come clean and throw Alexander Downer under the bus for spying on Pappadouplas together with his handler Helper. Thus sunlight from Australia, with clean hands for POTUS, can stop the Mueller SC.

    What we need to do is call on the Australian press to bring on the heat to the Government and Downer. I would love a SD recap focusing on Downer that we can forward to Aussies and their press.
    Downer has the following tie ins
    Clinton foundation $20m
    Chinese Huwai telco
    Russian oil interests via Isreali interest groups
    Russian uranium
    Where is the sunlight Sundance? Please.


  2. If you think about it.. Rosenstein actually wearing a wire meeting Trump?
    It’s absurd and it doesn’t strike me as typical for that kind of guy to pull such a James Bond move.

    Did they check him today? If he offered to wear a wire back then he might have worn one today?
    What about Thursday? Will he be checked for a wire? HAHAHA

    So what did RR tell Team Trump about that meeting where he offered to wear a wire(sarcastically)?
    Did he tell them about the comments of the other people present? Andy? What made him make that comment?
    Just think logical and none of the reporting out there makes sense. It’s all MILDEC, Fog of War. Team Trump encroaching on the unsuspecting enemy. They never saw where Team Trump was coming from…

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  3. CHRIS B. says:

    Rosenstein signed off on the final FISA document- which implicates him as part of the swamp.
    Is he a slam-dunk weasel (dark hat)? Sure looks like it. Or instead is it deep cover for some masterplan where Sessions and Trump’s new army owns the sunset? I guess that’s (remotely) possible.

    Enough of this already! I refuse to live like a 2-party lemming. Most of these DC people are in bed together regardless of party. I abhor the Mark Warners & John McCain’s we’ve endured. I can see why Trump is trying to work with some of them but I don’t have to like it. The ordinary Americans simply need a victory or the hell with it. If it can’t be fixed then don’t keep trying to play me. Washington DC needs a giant enema. If Trump can’t do it- the people need to know.

    Bring a damned indictment. Let the chips roll. Let’s get this on. The sheep need their eyes opened. The Commies mask came off quite awhile ago and the sickness needs to be addressed.


    • cozette says:

      Trump tweeted this month that the Swamp IS being drained. Its fighting back but we ARE winning. He has told you already. At the MO rally he told you that the bad actors at the FBI and DOJ have been removed. Now its time to deal with the lingering stench. The people do know that when Trump makes a promise he keeps that promise. Open your eyes and ears rather than complaining about not seeing or hearing whats been accomplished. Do YOUR part rather than expecting POTUS to do everything for you. Pray, campaign, vote.


  4. Risin'Tide says:

    Call a WH press briefing on short notice and no information given about the reason. Make RR come out and read a statement about all that happened, naming names (all names) with the specific laws that were broken by them. No questions at the end.

    At the very least get a signed, thorough statement that can be read to the public.

    Then declassify.

    As far as Sessions goes, order declassification regardless of who has to go it. Then order Sessions to un-recuse himself and start investigations or he’s fired. Trump spent a long time conditioning the public to expect firings and even like them. The public will tolerate lots of perp-walks too.

    Let the good times roll!


  5. DanO64 says:

    Better get some rest. Going to be a busy night crew.


  6. bflyjesusgrl says:

    Lol, Ed Henry on Tucker just said Rosenstein thought McCabe, Page, and others were so rabidly anti-Trump, that he hired Mueller to handle investigation because he thought he’d be more fair.
    Someone’s trying super hard to paint RR as a good guy.


  7. CMintheBone says:

    First time poster. Great analysis on this website, with good commentary. Just something I thought, and was wondering if it had been mentioned. Supposedly McCabe’s memos state that Rosenstein said he would wear a wire, and supposedly said they could task potential fbi director candidates to wear a wire as wellin their interview.

    This meeting supposedly took place right before the Mueller SC appointment. Now think back what happened right in this same time period. Rosenstein and Mueller met with Trump about the FBI Director role. Except Mueller was disqualified. Then the next day Mueller was appointed a to head the SC. Could a wire have been worn? Probably just another coincidence in the 1,000s of “coincidences” in this case, but intriguing none the less.


  8. dawg says:

    Ok, it all just hit me. Sorry for very long rambling post. This is sort of an elaboration on what Sundance posited in previous post

    Schumer: “This New York Times report must not be used as a pretext for the corrupt purpose of firing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order to install an official who will allow the president to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

    McCabe statement today: “If the rumors of Deputy AG’s Rosenstein’s departure are true, I am deeply concerned that it puts that investigation at risk”


    They WANT POTUS to fire Rosey AND/OR end the SC!

    Simple reverse psychology.

    They know the Mueller probe will produce nothing, but dont want to have to admit it with Mueller ending it with nothing of any substance.

    They also know the declassification of the docs ends everything and starts investigations into THEM.

    If POTUS fires Rosey or ends the SC, then BOOM! Narrative is “he is trying to interfere with Mueller” or “Guilty Trump obstructing justice blah blah blah”

    “If the rumors of Deputy AG’s Rosenstein’s departure are true, I am deeply concerned that it puts that investigation at risk”-McCabe

    ^^^100% BS! His worst fear is that the Mueller probe is allowed to end on its own accord with no good charges on anything or anyone related to Trump, Russia, etc…. and thats exactly what will happen if its allowed to go on! His other worst fear is that the DECLASS would show that and all the other crimes they committed and end the SC.

    McCabe was worried that Rosey was gonna go along with declass, so thats why he threw the Hail Mary. Throw Rosey under bus and provoke Trump to fire him.

    THE ONLY THING THEY CAN HOPE FOR is a narrative of “Guilty Trump obstructing justice blah blah blah”

    Rosey may have been joking or maybe not, I dont know. He may not have even said it. But it doesn’t matter right now.

    Lisa Page saying she thought he was serious is just her stoking the fire. I dont trust or believe her. I think her allegiance lies with McCabe. She wants Trump to fire Rosey too.

    I think Rosey was a black hat, but maybe gray now, and McCabe thought he was turning white hat.

    When the Rosey NYT story broke, the whole world thought the the Pres was declassifying everything, including McCabe. For McCabe and everyone involved, this meant their demise. Their ONLY play was to get Trump to fire Sessions or Rosey.

    This is what they came up with.

    Who “they” is other than McCabe, I dont know. Whether this was a coordinated “set-up” with Mueller and others involved or just McCabe lashing out on his own, I dont know. McCabe DID say “First we F Flynn and then we F Trump” AND “If I go down Im taking everyone with me” so……

    Jay Sekulow saying we need to “take a step back and review, investigate, question, etc, etc…..”



    1. Confirm Kav
    2. Win the Midterms
    3. Declass and FIRE AT WILL

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    • Alicia Chavetz says:

      They are holding their breath that Trump will fire Rosenstein. That is what they are waiting for. The real question is how can Sessions not speak up on this? His 2nd in command is accused of serious allegations. And crickets from Sessions. He had an obligation to speak to the American people the very next day this came out.

      I still am at a loss to understand how bad an AG Sessions is. At this point, it will not surprise me find out Sessions was ok with the wire. Would not shock me one bit.

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    • renzi2018 says:

      I think Mark Levin had a similar take on this.

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    • DD More says:

      Dawg – “think Rosey was a black hat, but maybe gray now, and McCabe thought he was turning white hat.”

      Rosey was a Black Hat, but got a chance when he and Muller met with DJT, the day before the SC was named, to get the Grey Hat. I believe during that meeting, DJT laid-out the information Rogers and Flynn had with the O’Admin spying and interference. They were given the chance to come clean and take Crooked and Gang down. For that, DJT would take a pass on their past crimes and shenanigans. But the Swamp is trying to save themselves and pulling them back. DJT is just holding them to the Original Deal.

      McCabe is involved up to eye level and trying anything to save himself.
      As to the rumors, are we really to believe anything leaked to NYSlime and Axios?

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    • cali says:

      @dawg: Rosenstein – always the black hat – was the bait the deep state put up believing that president Trump would fire him. The president had a number of reasons to tire this weasel going back to the 1st OIG report.
      We did not get to see the ‘un-redacted’ report but the one we did get to read was what Rosenstein wanted us to know. He not only redacted large portions but also removed complete paragraphs changing the understanding as though there was no bias and all went by the book. We knew it was bullchit.

      There was also the political disadvantage if the president fired Rosenstein ergo while he will be forced out it is labeled ‘resigned’.

      The pending 2nd IG report is due to be released in its pure form without any redactions. Rosenstein won’t be able to interfere any longer.

      Meanwhile in the British press it was reported that Dearlove (former MI6), May and one other MI6 agent called our president begging him not to declassify these 20 pages. Then there is Christopher Steele who is fighting extradition to the US. The president sarcastically called them ‘allies’ even though they are anything but. Who needs enemies with allies like that?
      They will learn that conspiring with Brennan, Strzok, Page, Hussein and others to overthrow a duly elected president in the US has a price. It is for that reason that they are no longer able to use our satellites and the 7 quantum super computers aka ‘The Hammer”. They were disconnected indefinitely.

      The signers of the 4 FISAS and all those named in these 20 pages will learn that all of them have sealed indictments ready to be unsealed as soon as these 20 pages are de-classified. That includes one Rod Rosenstein.

      “They thought she would not lose” = Rosenstein is the person recommending Comey to be fired and the president did just that. The next step was to appoint his long time buddy Robert Mueller to be appointed as SC. Mueller’s role was/is to use the president’s firing of Comey and find ‘the’ or ‘a’ crime committed by president Trump. Mueller’s goal never was to target C. Page or Papadopulous – they were just collateral damage.

      Mueller’s target ALWAYS was president Trump and his removal from office.

      With that the only firewall left crumbled. They weren’t as smart as they thought they were although they came close.

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    • TXPatriot says:

      I see it as a forgone conclusion…Rosenstein is gone. Now the question becomes how? and when? If POTUS fires R, this triggers succession and places Solicitor General, Noel Francisco as the DAG and, for all intents and purposes, AG duties as Mueller’s boss. This is why Hannity, Levin, S. Carter, et al are backing off of firing R because if he resigns (que EO) this will give POTUS some wiggle room to select a senate-confirmed someone to put in the job. This is the broader leverage POTUS now has.

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  9. Gadsden says:

    What if McCabe didn’t leak the memos? What if POTUS has had them for months? What if POTUS wants Rosenstein gone before the election and doesn’t want to have to fire him for PR reasons? What better leverage over Rosenstein than to force him to resign in disgrace? Allow him to resign and make clear that he will cooperate with investigators. It’s all much much cleaner.

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    • dawg says:

      Any resignation by Rosenstein will be seen as a forced resignation and be spun as Trump forcing it and obstructing justice of Mueller probe.

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    • Chilidog says:

      It seems like Trump benefits most from these revelations. Rosenstein has been isolated. Not sure how McCabe benefits. The White House definitely wants us to believe it came from the McCabe camp. Maybe, but I’m suspicious.

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      • noswamp says:

        “Maybe, but I’m suspicious.”
        I was suspicious too until I realized that it was the NYT that broke the Rosey article.

        Yeah. They want him to fire Rosenstein. You would have to be a fool not to see that. The NYT is as bad as the WA Post. I would say they are equal. Just progaganda rags for the Dems.

        If they want him to fire Rosey. I say no. Put Kav in, win the midterms, declassify everything and fire everyone involved. (As a fellow poster just said). But I would add, “and start prosecuting”. Clean up the agencies involved put those perps in jail and have a nice day!

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    • Donald says:

      I very much agree!
      I look at it much like being able to negotiate the terms of your surrender. Rosenstein may have found a way to make a deal with Trump, i.e. if Rosenstein resigns voluntarily, Trump may then (and only then!) appoint Noel Francisco (Trump’s current Sollicitor General–also a constitutionalist, and very Trump-friendly) in his place. If Rosenstein is fired, this appointment would be barred by law, and the line of succession would remain within the DOJ if new DAG results from a firing.In exchange, Rosenstein would come clean about what he KNOWS about goings- on when he arrived on the job, which only occurred when President Trump took office(important to remember that these plots were hatched before he arrived!). He may be able to gain Trump’s approval for excluding him from any future prosecution, since he was only following laws, and was forced to react to circumstances etc, etc. that he only had trusted so-and-so etc., etc. that he had no intention to defraud etc.
      This is conjecture, but I personally believe the odds of being true are greater than 50/50.


      • Donald says:

        As an addendum:
        Current solicitor general, Noel Francisco, a true conservative, achieved an extremely high score in his Senate confirmation hearing (Sept. 2017), as evidenced in the final vote count 50-47. The Dems had done their homework. Each and every one of them voted against!
        I call that a ‘high score!’


  10. JasonD says:

    Who does the “Lingering stench” refer to?

    Option A – “17 Angry Democrats”……………………….. or

    Option B – POTUS’s friend “Rod”, whom POTUS trusted enough to appoint his pick to FBI Director

    Vote below

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  11. Sammy Hains says:

    President Trump has 2 options:

    1. Declassify and fire Rosenstein and have his replacement end the corrupt Mueller witch hunt. The truth of what they did would get out. We already know the truth and would believe it. Democrats/the media would refuse to believe it, spin elaborate stories to discredit it, and say it’s all proof that President Trump is guilty and has something to hide. There would be open scorched earth warfare from all sides—particularly Democrats—and the DOJ and IC would lose all legitimacy.

    2. Having all the evidence he needs to personally destroy Mueller, Rosenstein, and their beloved DOJ, President Trump can completely control them from here out. Mueller wraps up his investigation in the coming weeks and unambiguously clears President Trump of all accusations. The Democrats are FULLY invested in Mueller. Like everyone, they understand his adversarial role to President Trump. When Mueller clears President Trump completely, they have nowhere to turn. They have no excuses or claims of whitewashing to make. The “Resistance” may not end, but it will lose all momentum and any guise of moral purpose.

    As satisfying as the first option may be, the second option is a total victory for President Trump with little risk or blowback.

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  12. California Joe says:

    Rosenstein’s number one job in Washington DC, as is all bureaucrats, is to keep his job or get a better one! That’s all he cares about. He doesn’t care about you, me, President Trump or the United States. He certainly doesn’t care about justice or righteousness! Get rid of him at the first “safe” opportunity!

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  13. Curt says:

    Rosenstein CAN’T resign! That would leave that feckless little twit Jeff Sessions all alone in the DOJ building. How will he ever find his way to work in the morning?

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  14. noswamp says:

    What a total disappointment Jeff Sessions is!!!!! To allow this all to go on under the guise of “I am recused”, relegates him to the DUSTBIN of American History. As was General McClellan, who never understood the concept of unlimited war during the days of Lincoln until Grant showed up. Unfortunately, Sessions is much much worse because he did NOTHING for President Trump but fiddled as traitors IN HIS OWN JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, disrupted and tried to take over the Republic from a duly elected President. This type of personal betrayal has rarely been seen before in American politics. Let the history books state that Sessions, irrespective of his personal reasons, will be forever known as a Judas Iscariot to President Trump, and to America. What a corrupt, vile man.

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    • Alicia Chavetz says:

      Sessions reminds me of Sir Alec Guinness in “Bridge over the River Kwai” A perfect analogy. Unless of course, he is part of the coup.


    • Charlie says:

      Advancing premiss (don’t agree but…), how could POTUS drain the swamp? Coup was made to order “don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. Bad hats are dropping at lightening speed and it’s not pretty. We knew this was going to be ugly.

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  15. pmdea says:

    Tom Fitton on CNN with Chris Cuomo: Rosenstein/NY Times Story Further Confirms Anti-Trump Animus for Mueller Special Counsel

    Good on Tom for doing this interview – CNN viewers get to hear Tom calmly presenting facts and truth. All the comments below the clip were positive towards Tom. Example – ‘I love that Tom Fitton is setting them straight on CNN! Go Tom!’

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    • renzi2018 says:

      Thanks for posting this. I’ll watch Fitton anywhere, even CNN. Remember that without Judicial Watch’s FOIA work we would not be here. Hit their tip jar, again.

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  16. Unklemunky says:

    Again, does this look like a party who thinks they have mid terms in the bag? Nope. This looks like a party firing every bit of ammunition they have to keep the truth at bay to live another day. The American people are on to them and their media cohorts. Bigly. The democrat party is a dead hollow vessel. Propaganda Pollsters might be screaming from the mountain tops that a blue wave is coming, but based on their actions even the Democrat party doesn’t believe it.

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  17. RJones says:

    My only question would be why anyone gives a crap about finding a time that would be nice he least disgraceful?


    • SnazzyD says:

      Classic Sun Tzu Art of War: “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard”, which does not suggest they be allowed to escape but suggests that fleeing soldiers are more easily killed or captured than those who have no other options and are forced to fight to the death.

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  18. wolfrom1 says:

    Tom has that calm confidence and brings out truth with facts to back it up.
    The rare man that I would trust to have my back in any situation.
    He and his group have done as much or more to get information from DOJ-FBI
    than anyone.

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  19. G. Combs says:

    Anyone notice how Schumer statement is:
    “This New York Times report must not be used as a pretext for the corrupt purpose of firing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order to install an official who will allow the president to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation.”</i.

    And yet Schumer and his Fascist Elite buddies have ZERO problem using a 30+ hazy RECONSTRUCTED memory by a drunken slut to smear a good man and keep him from being appointed Supreme Court Justice.

    Double standard much Schumer?

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    • DD More says:

      Gail, Double standard much Schumer?

      I’m sure You remember the quote “If it weren’t for Double Standards, Demorats wouldn’t have any Standards at All”

      Hope you and the goats are safe and dry.

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  20. wolfrom1 says:

    Sorry I should have said Tom Fitton to be clear.


  21. renzi2018 says:

    Thanks again SD for patiently re-explaining the leverage concept and Rosenstein’s untenable position. From that perspective, its clear that Trump only had to be patient and give them enough rope, and wait for the Fake News media to hang themselves…
    Its looking like the long knives are out for one another on the Left; HRC/Comey/McCabe’s Corrupted by Cash 7Th Floor FBI vs Obama/Holders/Lynch racially-radicalized DOJ.

    More Left Autophagia, Faster, Please!
    Pass the popcorn!

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  22. Concerned says:

    Achilles’ Heel

    Why not expose Rosenstein and many others with just two documents?

    The release of Obama’s PDB, showing that he was tracking the warrant for Carter Page/President Trump’s campaign. Coupled with Lynch’s sign-off on the request for the Carter Page emergency warrant, should make it clear, to the world that all the stories concerning the FBI/DOD/DNI/CIA must be true.

    The Resignation of Rosenstein and others would come quickly.

    PS – assuming these two documents do exists.


  23. SharkFL says:

    There’s no reason for the White House to fire Rosenstein; his own conduct has put himself into a virtual corner and there’s only one way out.
    >>>>> GITMO (or this national nightmare happens again in 50 years.)

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    • Concerned says:

      You would not have to ask Rosenstein to resign, because people would know who signed the last FISA warrant extension. They need to only tie Obama and Lynch to the first warrant on Carter Page.

      President Barack Obama did not need a FISA warrant to authorize spying/electronic surveillance on Trump because Obama all along had legal authorization to by-pass the normal court vetting process. According to 50 U.S. Code 1802, the “Electronic Surveillance Authorization” () “Foreign intelligence in relation to a US person (Trump or his associates) is information that’s necessary for the US to protect against attack, hostile acts, sabotage, . . . as well as other clandestine activities by a foreign power . . . OR . . . information relevant to national defense/security of the US, or the conduct of foreign affairs of the U.S.” Such an authorization by Obama required certification by Attorney General Loretta Lynch that must be logged with the FISC court. (“The [AG]+ shall immediately transmit under seal to the court [FISC] a copy of his certification.”)

      In short, the DOJ has this. If we are correct, a copy of that certification is currently under seal at least with the DOJ and the FISC.

      This is what they are hiding.

      However, the Act requires the AG to keep the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Committee on Intelligence informed of these authorizations and unmaskings therein. See 1803 (a) (1) (C) If indeed this is what happened, did Lynch report—or only selectively report—to the committees in a way that excluded non-friendlies? Can you see why Adam Schiff, Mark Warner, and their ilk are terrified?

      1) Obama authorized spying/electronic surveillance on Team Trump, by-passing normal judicial oversight.
      3) Lynch certified Obama’s authorization which is now held under seal by DOJ (and FISC).

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      • Concerned says:

        GOP invites Comey, Lynch and Yates to testify on FBI bias claims
        By KYLE CHENEY
        09/25/2018 10:21 PM EDT

        I wonder, if former Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be asked about the emergence FISA?

        House Republicans are preparing to call their highest-profile witnesses yet in a yearlong investigation into the FBI and the Justice Department’s actions in 2016 and 2017 — including former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

        House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy issued requests for interviews with the three high-profile former officials in letters sent Friday and Monday, committee sources confirmed. The letters ask each prospective witness to arrange a time to testify as quickly as possible.

        Other witnesses who received requests include Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS; former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos; former Justice Department deputy counterintelligence chief Richard Scott; and former FBI official Bill Sweeney.


  24. Concerned says:

    Push The First Domino!


  25. noswamp says:

    Those were a lot of dominoes!


  26. Ricky says:

    If Sundance’s assessment proves out, seems to me the special counsel may likely be tied up with the same ribbon as the DAG.


  27. Concerned says:

    DOUBLE STANDARD: Rod Rosenstein Submitted False Forms About His Work For Ken Starr

    Rosenstein testified to the Senate that he worked on Starr’s team beginning in 1995 and ending in 1997. Rosenstein said that he began working at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Maryland for the Clinton administration in the year 1997. However, records show that Rosenstein interviewed Hillary Clinton for Ken Starr in the Whitewater case on January 14, 1998.

    Rosenstein’s official interview with Hillary Clinton lasted fifteen minutes and cleared her of charges stemming from the seizing of FBI documents on the former Clinton White House travel director.

    Big problem: That official interview took place outside of the time period in which Rosenstein told the Senate he worked for Kenneth Starr’s team.

    An Associated Press wire report on January 14, 1998 lists Rod Rosenstein as one of two “Whitewater prosecutors” present at Hillary Clinton’s interview on the FBI Travel Office scandal. Rosenstein was in charge of the “FBI Travel Office case,” in which it was alleged that the Bill Clinton White House seized FBI file documents on “former White House employees.” Rosenstein swept the matter under the rug, according to insiders, and then obscured any record of it on his Senate questionnaire to be Deputy Attorney General.

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  28. renzi2018 says:

    In the meantime, Gaetz and Meadows are pushing for information…
    Rosenstein is in a double nelson, wriggling

    And Trump wont let him go, either.
    NYT is furious, natch.

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  29. Concerned says:

    VIDEO: What You Need To Know About Rod Rosenstein’s Face-Off With President Trump Thursday

    Deputy attorney general and Operation Crossfire Hurricane participant Rod Rosenstein reportedly verbally resigned his position to White House chief of staff John Kelly, and the resignation was accepted. Rosenstein verbally plotted to wear a wire to spy on the President of the United States, according to the New York Times.


    • Concerned says:

      House Republicans to Meet Privately With Rod Rosenstein

      House Republicans plan to privately question the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, about discussions last year where he suggested secretly taping President Trump to expose a chaotic White House and removing him from office under the 25th Amendment.

      Mr. Rosenstein and Representative Robert W. Goodlatte, Republican of Virginia and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, spoke Thursday night and agreed to schedule a meeting in the coming weeks, Mr. Goodlatte said in a statement.

      “There are many questions we have for Mr. Rosenstein, including questions about allegations made against him in a recent news article,” Mr. Goodlatte said, referring to the New York Times article last week that revealed Mr. Rosenstein’s discussions with other law enforcement officials. “We need to get to the bottom of these very serious claims.”

      House Democrats complained that they were left out of the planning and pledged to push to attend the meeting. Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said his Republican colleagues “cannot be left alone in a room” with Mr. Rosenstein.


  30. Concerned says:

    We Found Out Mueller’s Strategy. Here Is His Last-Ditch Play


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