President Trump and DAG Rod Rosenstein – “No Collusion”, No Immediate Worries…

Unless something consequential happens as a result of congressional oversight,… if there’s one official who will be in place through the mid-term elections it’s DAG Rod Rosenstein.  Through the declassification agreement between President Trump and Rosenstein, POTUS carries tremendous leverage and he’s in no hurry to fire him.

As The Worm Squirms

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President Trump and President Trump’s supporters have two slightly different sets of priorities when it comes to the DOJ and FBI. From President Trump’s perspective the thorn in his administration has been Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The agreement between Rosenstein and Trump negates any concern about Mueller.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein created the special counsel under fraudulent pretense.  That origination material (Ohr 302’s, FISA pages, origination EC, and Page/Strzok messages) is now a risk to the Deputy AG.

DAG Rosenstein does not want his involvement in the fraud to be exposed; hence his request to block/stall/delay the declassification directive. However, at any time President Trump can declassify all the documents and outline the fraudulent basis that originated the special counsel. This is essentially President Trump’s leverage.

The Robert Mueller investigation is the priority for removal for President Trump in order to continue the MAGA agenda.  For well over a year Mueller has been the cloud over the administration and has been the primary focus of most media antagonism therein.

For the Office of the President, the Mueller probe is the immediate thorn.  Ergo leverage over the DAG toward the removal of that thorn is a priority.  Exposing the previous and current DOJ and FBI corruption is of less importance to President Trump.

However, from the perspective of President Trump supporters, especially those who have done deep research into the former and ongoing abuse, the aggregate DOJ and FBI corruption is the priority; and exposing the soft-coup is the ultimate goal.

See the difference?

The ongoing efforts of the FBI and DOJ to hide their malfeasance, does not interrupt or impede Trump’s MAGA agenda; the special counsel does.  Having leverage over the special counsel is more valuable than exposing the soft-coup plotters.

If the corrupt current and previous FBI and DOJ officials are laid naked to their enemies, great; but from President Trump’s unique perspective it’s not actually a priority.

Exposing the FBI/DOJ dirty deeds is a major priority for a contingent within congress and a multitude of Trump supporters – but for the office of the President, in the immediate future, not-so-much.  Our Cold Anger is a beneficial weapon in the 2018 mid-terms. ‘We The People’ are the people we’ve been waiting for to restore the nation.

Frustrating to us, President Trump’s declassification agreement with Rosenstein, which created the leverage over Mueller, has the downstream consequence of allowing currently corrupt DOJ and FBI officials to continue trying to cover-up the prior schemes.  However, again, that doesn’t impact President Trump or the MAGA agenda – that is an institutional issue and the President is okay with a slow-drip reveal through congressional review.

If President Trump needs to fire people down the road, likely after the mid-terms, he will; until then – we wait and watch the slow reveals.  Meanwhile, the current corrupt officials within the FBI and DOJ will do everything they can to delay the sunlight on their endeavors.  Currently the institutional leadership is hoping for a change in party in control of the House to aid their avoidance.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and James Baker were part of the corrupt DOJ/FBI inside network conspiring to take-down the President. Hence the: “what do you want me to do Andy, wear a wire?” conversation from Rosenstein.

Because Rosenstein either: (a) participated; or (b) was a useful idiot, he put himself into a massive position of compromise. His stewardship over the DAG position (which is more powerful due to AG recusal), has failed massively.

And now there’s the stuff behind the declassification directive (temporarily on hold) which makes DAG Rosenstein look even worse.

Either: (a) Rosenstein is more corrupt; or (b) Rosenstein is more stupid.

So prior reports all had Rod Rosenstein wanting to get out before it got worse. According to the New York Times (Team McCabe) the Deputy AG tried to politely resign five times recently. Once to Don McGahn, twice to John Kelly, and twice to President Trump.

However, the response from the White House echoed president Trump’s priority perspective.  The White House effectively saying…. ‘not so fast knucklehead, you willfully made this mess – now clean it the hell up’!!

Forget the media spin on Rod Rosenstein. This is his actual position. President Trump has him cornered.  Eighteen months worth of headaches as a result of his: (a) intentional efforts; or (b) ineptitude; because for all things that mattered AG Sessions was recused, and the DAG was in charge.

When you have this much leverage on someone, you don’t want them to quit. You want to use their damaged and tenuous position to your advantage. President Trump is in no hurry to fire Rosenstein (not yet); because the DAG is so weak and President Trump holds all the leverage in the relationship.

Rod Rosenstein knows what he did wrong; and President Trump knows what Rosenstein did wrong.  Though it could change based on new discoveries of how far the DAG went along within the soft-coup process, President Trump isn’t likely to let Rosenstein go until everyone else knows what Rosenstein did wrong.

I can imagine the conversation:

“Okay Rod, *YOU* want to quit right? Well, then *YOU* get rid of the Special Counsel *YOU* started, and then *YOU* can quit. Until then, you can feel the stress and endure your reputation being shredded – death by a thousand congressional paper cuts….

….As long as I’ve got to deal with this nonsense, you ain’t going anywhere. You can deal with it right along with me….  And if congress wants to haul your butt up to Capitol Hill and have you explain why you said you’d “wear a wire”etc., then you need to go explain and deal with it…

Oh, and how’s that IG report on FISA abuses coming along?”

Deputy AG Rosenstein is scheduled to testify to congress on October 11th.

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654 Responses to President Trump and DAG Rod Rosenstein – “No Collusion”, No Immediate Worries…

  1. Clara says:

    I don’t think Trump has any intention of letting all these scumbags off the hook. But I think Trump knows that Rosenstein knows where all the bodies are buried. Further, the latest attempt by McCabe to throw Rosenstein under the bus, presumably for the purpose of getting Rosenstein fired, means Rosenstein now has a motive to blow the whistle on the whole lot of them. So, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” says Trump.

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  2. We all saw the Kavanaugh attack where MSM and Dems successfully led masses of Americans away from an evidence-based review of the situation toward an emotion-based verdict of Guilty/Unqualified. This proven successful model for rejecting evidence has been deployed on Muh Russia to great effect. Trump has been slowly untying this Gordian knot of lies while preventing himself from being strangled. It’s his battle, and all he asks is that we vote in the midterms.

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    • GenEarly says:

      We need some Declassification to rouse the populace. The people posting here are a minority still. I ask people at work what they know of the current political goings on. Most are uninformed Trump voters from 2016. Many people don’t keep up with the twists and turns in DC.

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      • lydia00 says:

        Most of them think Rosenstein is clean because Trump is keeping him on. I tell them that Rosenstein hired Mueller and needs to wrap it up. Firing him would be a bigger disaster.

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    • Girlyman514 says:

      The rub comes in when you say, “It’s his battle, and all he asks is that we vote in the midterms”. I personally sense this is more of a personal battle for Trump than a battle for the American people. I voted for him with the hope he would stop illegal immigration.
      I voted for him to stop government corruption. In both cases, I’ve had a lot or promises broken along the way ending in more disappointment.
      Sundance posted a great peace, ‘How Deep is This Swamp” on October 6th. Postponing any action until after the midterms seems rather risky. Then again, from experience, this is the number one play in the democratic playbook, “delay, delay, delay, and it will go away”. From that perspective, maybe this is what Trump really wants. Bottom line is, Trump picked most of these people, this is his battle. Using Sundance”s quote, “So where does that leave us?”

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      • Yes it is frustrating.
        POTUS has attempted many gambits for leverage on immigration but without more of an R majority in Congress, substantial action is tough. What he can do via EO’s and administrative action he is doing (when it does not get countermanded by rogue courts like the 9th circuit). There is some wall portions being built and/or improved. I also wish it were more.
        The DS actors are burrowed in deep so expunging them also takes time. BHO gave them free rein, which meant the perfidy grew exponentially from roots in the 90’s and aughts. OTOH, we don’t have new outrages such as Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, running weapons to the Chinese, taking big $$ for favorable deals like U-1…ad infinitum. Meanwhile we have other significant accomplishments in foreign policy, trade and the economy that are stunningly good, all while Pres. Trump has been opposed at every turn by MSM and Dems. And now, 2 Supreme Court justices.

        Pretty good work in less than 2 years.

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        • Oh, and I forgot to add that we are spared HRC and Bill in the White House! Thanks be to God!!!!! 🙂

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        • josco scott says:

          OBVIOUSLY we all want all promises kept immediately. But because we’re adults, we understand that we aren’t going to get everything we want, ever… and NO president has come anywhere near the number of promises kept so far.

          Do you think Trump hasn’t TRIED to get the wall built? Everything he is tells us there is NO way he’s going to fail on this core promise. He’s said 1000x that he needs more support. Your whining is a hindrance. Please. Work toward MAGA–what you’re doing now is the opposite.

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  3. We all saw the Kavanaugh attack where MSM and Dems successfully led masses of Americans away from an evidence-based review of the situation toward an emotion-based verdict of Guilty/Unqualified. This proven successful model for rejecting evidence has been deployed on Muh Russia to great effect. Trump has been slowly untying this Gordian knot of lies while preventing himself from being strangled. It’s his battle, and all he asks is that we vote in the midterms.

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  4. For Eyes says:

    Leverage? Mueller is the leverage Rosenstein has over Trump, and he isn’t going to give that up.

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    • I believe you are correct. Rosenstein’s objective now is to stay out of jail and keep his pension. He may want to play PDJT’s game of “Let’s make a deal! which is I talk and you let me walk.

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      • Titus says:

        President Ronald Reagan stated,”You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.” “There is a point beyond which they [ROD] must not advance.”
        POTUS must make an example of this weasel after extracting all the information. Treason should not be winked at, it should be dealt with like no-name.

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        • Julian says:

          Dealt like No Name?

          You mean gushing praise all over the media and a State Funeral?

          Your attitude sickens me.


          • Titus says:

            Noname was executed, in case you were unaware, for treason. Closed casket? Sorry you are ill.


            • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

              Riiiiigghhhtt…………sure he was, Titus.
              Please put down the bong…………’re saying silly things now……….unless, you’ve got some proof?
              You give this site a black eye with your unfounded accusations……..

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      • Amy2 says:

        We’ve already seen Hillary walk and quite a few others. Please Mr. President, throw us a bone!!

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    • mikeyboo says:

      The Mueller “investigation” has been hugely discredited with more to come by way of declassification- and if there is a “red wave” in November Mueller will be lucky if he can get a job managing a trailer park (no disrespect to trailer parks).

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      • Ronnie says:

        “Red wave” or not, Mueller will drag this out as long as it suits him. Meanwhile, Sessions can’t be fired, Rosenstein remains and less likely, the accomplices will face trials…imo.
        However, Sen. Grassley did give the President the option for Grassley to move ahead
        and “clear the decks” after the election.

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        • exactly, I remember Walsh dragged out the Iran contract investigation for almost 4 years after Reagan left office. with no results. he did however. end the investigation one week prior to Bush’s re-election loss. Walsh stated that while he had no evidence indicating Bush knew about the illegal, Iran contract affair. Walsh remained convinced that he knew and called him and unindicted co-conspirator. Bush dropped a point or two immediately. WALSH effectively stole the election and made Bill Clinton our new Pres.

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  5. Howie says:

    So, where be de Possum?

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    • Zorro says:

      He’s planning the DOJ Halloween party. At his height his only choice is to go as F Chuck Todd.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Waiting for the next eclipse. : ))

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      • Jeff says:

        Your comment recalls a quick story.
        Following a year of planning, last year I traveled several hundred miles by road to Carbondale IL for the specific purpose of witnessing the total solar eclipse. Great scene; the city put on a big street festival, with live music, food, shopping, entertainment, thousands in attendance, the whole schmear.
        As for the eclipse itself, it turned out to be a total bust, as one big cloud covered up the Sun mere minutes before totality and we all saw…nothing.
        With brave little smiles on downcast faces, we all consoled each other with the quavering call of “Only seven more years until the next one!”

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        • Aubergine says:

          But I, trusting in my higher power to help me with the plan, traveled at literally the last minute several hundred miles down to Idaho to view the eclipse.

          I took my kids and others, made my own party, and when the moment occurred, we all gasped in awe, knowing we had seen something that occurs once in a lifetime, because we had trusted that all would be well, and it was.

          We will soon see which attitude prevails in our current circumstances.

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  6. Christopher says:

    What’s the difference between leverage and black mail? Could RR refuse to do something for DT that would make Trump be like “Oh, by the way, this guy is a multiple felon guilty of sedition.”?
    None of this makes sense. He wants leverage over people he could have jailed and replaced with his own people?
    Now I’m wondering what muller has on trump. Now I’m wondering what’s in that FISA app trump doesn’t want us to see.


    • LafnH20 says:

      Why is it….🤔

      The People…👪

      NEVER… EVER…



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      • DJ says:

        The TRUTH!!! You can’t handle the TRUTH!!!

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        • LafnH20 says:

          I can!

          And from my vantage point on the “alluded to” wall…
          It’s difficult to continue “Standing down”!!

          I get the quote, DJ.
          I Do.

          When… oh, when…

          Do we INSIST on the TRUTH.

          NOT Bait & Switch.
          NOT Word games.
          NOT Patience.
          NOT “Class”ification.
          NOT Redaction.
          NOT Inquiries.
          NOT reputations.
          NOT Allies.
          NOT Pensions.
          NOT Next time.

          THE TRUTH!!!

          IF “WE THE PEOPLE” cannot “Handle” the Truth…
          “WE” are Our own worst enemy!!

          Truth from Government..
          Is It Even Possible?

          Rant off.

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          • Jan says:

            Go to and send him an email. I do all the time. I wrote one yesterday sending him the John Solomon article link about footnote 43 in the Nunes memo and telling him we need to start looking at unredacted documents, that he could start with releasing Judge Collyer’s decision re FISA abuse unredacted. Also that I didn’t figure the IG Report would get out in time for the election and did he really want RR and Wray to edit & redact it like the last IG Report. And we need answers.

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    • Plow boy says:

      You may have brought up a good point. Who has the answer.

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    • Newhere says:

      Thank you. It really doesn’t make sense. Why do you need leverage over people (RR/Mueller) and situations (Russia probe) that you can dispense with instantly by revealing the truth. It suggests BOTH sides have something to gain in drawing this out — then the leverage is needed, it’s like mutually assured destruction. But we are to believe Trump wants the public to have the truth as soon as possible.

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      • Julian says:

        Trump does want the truth it in public as soon as possible.

        Trump has only been in office for around 2 years and look at all the Swamp Draining!!!

        James Chimney! Fired!!

        Rex Toleration! Fired!!!

        Rachel Brand! Fired!!!

        John McCain!! No longer in the Senate.
        Etc. Etc.


        • josco scott says:

          Thank you.
          I haven’t been a “treeper” for all that long but it seems that there’s a rather alarming change in what used to be a strong, thoughtful group.

          Now there’s endless whinging, the expectation that everything we want must be done, NOW.

          Taking out the whole last administration when Democrats are poised for civil war and the media is entirely on the side of the seditionists is tricky. It might take delicacy. It might be like warring against the mob: you don’t get them all and it takes a LONG time.

          They’re the mob x 100000.

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    • rbrtsmth says:

      I guess it is because Trump has constraints on what he can do politically. He has all the power to do what he needs to do invested in his office but will his actions affect the rest of his presidency to an unacceptable degree?


      • Christopher says:

        What is the source of these constraints?


          • Christopher says:

            Who, specifically, would stand up for FBI agents trying to influence the election?
            Trump either has proof these people are criminals or he doesn’t.


            • Jan says:

              Every Republican and every Democrat Senator or Representative who sees no problem with the conduct of the DOJ or FBI w/respect to the Hillary exoneration or the Trump-Russia project, which describes just about everyone except a few on the Freedom Caucus and maybe Rand Paul. We may be able to add the Kavanaugh Smear if we get more info that supports Sundance & other treepers’ theories.


    • 11bravo says:

      The prez can redact anything embarrassing, and take 2 years to lift it.


  7. It seems to me if RR wanted to resign he would just resign; he doesn’t have to ask permission. I smell a rat here. He is trying to get POTUS to accept his resignation so then he can be charged with obstruction. POTUS is smart enough to see that and keeps turning away his fake resignation. If he wants to quit he quits…he doesn’t really want to quit he wants to trap POTUS.

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  8. Howie says:

    Trump wants Rosey and Sessions to resign. Not fire them. Resignation allows him to appoint whomever he wants for 210 days even w/o the Senate.

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  9. James Street says:

    Add Rod Rosenstein to President Trump’s list of close good friends, right next to President Xi.

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  10. terry says:

    So NYT is reporting Trump campaign aide Rick Gates
    sought out an israeli intelligence firm in helping the
    Trump campaign online. This is a nothingburger but…

    CNN is reporting Mueller team is interested in this.

    Doesn’t seem like the “leverage angle” theory that PDJT has is working.

    When are people going to wake up and realize this BS
    investigation will not stop until declassification followed
    by a new AG and DAG to stop Mueller?

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  11. MALTHUS says:

    Nominally, Rosenstein is Mueller’s boss; in actuality, Mueller works for the Clinton cabal. The DAG’s problem is how to defang Mueller without getting a visit from the Dixie Mafia.

    This self-inflicted wound allows Trump to the enviable position of withholding triage and watching Roof bleed out if full cooperation is not forthcoming.

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  12. MALTHUS says:

    Sheesh…”watching ROD bleed out.”

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  13. George1 says:

    The longer the traitors like Rosenstein and Sessions are left in place at the DOJ the less likely Hillary, Comey or any of the big players will see justice.

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  14. Doc Moore says:

    Sundance has an interesting take on it, the “leverage” angle. Could be. However, it occurs to me that in a short while we will face an election that, if the Democrats take EITHER house, the country will be thrown back into very deep peril. This is an election, I think, where absolutely EVERY possible legal thing must be done to win. The Democrats will DO ILLEGAL things. Just as they brought a fraudulent case against Kav, several crimes committed there, they will do MUCH more to derail every Republican. It is absolutely assured that between 30 and 40% of the voters are Democrat supporters. Another 40% or so are solid Republicans. That leaves 20 to 30% that MUST be convinced to #WalkAway from the Democrats this time. If putting a dozen of their top criminals in jail helps move the needle, it MUST happen.

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    • Newhere says:

      If that’s true — Democrat control spells our doom — wouldn’t that mean that those Republicans in a position to expose the truth should do so IMMEDIATELY? And not hold back, on the theory it will help midterm turnout? How is that any different than other forms of obstruction of justice?

      If there’s political calculus involved here, we’re back to more of the same.

      And if dems win the house, it’s on TRUMP for not doing what he could, when he could.


      • Cow wow says:

        The new House/Senate elects will not be sworn in until January. There is a lot of time between Election Day and Jan for all kinds of things to happen very quickly if the Republicans lose either House or Senate.

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      • Julian says:

        Trump is doing – with his AG Sessions of course – everything he can to Drain the Swamp.

        The Democrats have been destroyed with the indictments coming their way.

        They are discredited and unelected in the eyes of the American public thanks to Trump.


      • Chip Doctor says:

        DJT is not going to sit and watch Nancy or Chuck take over. He knows the consequences. Why do so many doubt our VSGPOTUS? Either he has internal poll numbers that tell him a different story, or he is pouring powder into the cannons. But I guarantee you that he is not sitting there either doing nothing or running around rubbing his head in angst wondering what he should do. He always wins the big ones. MAGA

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        • Beau Geste says:

          Losing the midterms because of refusal to release the unredacted records of sedition, fraud and wrongdoing isn’t “leverage” (which is silly concept presented sort of like “extortion”). The repubs could have long ago obtained and released these records by subpoena, statute passage, court action, or just finding that they were not properly classified.
          The repubs will lose the House unless the promised FISA, Ohr, FBI, british,etc records of swamp corruption and foreign (british) conspiracy are released. Then Adam “the weasel” Schiff and Pelosi will stop the DOJ/clinton/FBI sedition investigation, and start Trump impeachment investigations. The dem majority won’t be scared or shy about subpoenas and contempt findings, like the crooked republican Keystone Kops, three-stooges inability to get records for months and years while they had the majority. What a bunch of maroons, continuing their feckless behavior until they lose their majority, which they could retain if the records were released.

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          • Amy2 says:

            Beau, you’re saying you won’t vote Republican in the midterms if the records aren’t released? You that easily swayed?


          • weirdcan88 says:

            Beau, The effective response of the president to the pending invasion of Central Americans et al. will be of far greater import to the average American who is becoming rapidly aware that our way of life (and values) is under a monumental threat that demoncrats don’t understand, recognize, or give a hoot about. After all, evaluation of the impact of the FISA document redactions requires patient scrutiny and reasoned analysis, which many “normies”, (non-treepers) will find excessively complex.

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    • Julian says:

      That’s exactly what Trump is doing.

      Draining the Swamp!!

      Look at that Democrat staffer Coskos!!
      He’s in big trouble and likely jail thanks to Trump.

      It’s actions like that that prove Trump & Sessions are Draining the Swamp and acting swiftly to do so.

      How long did it take Cosko to leak the Uni Party Senators details and bam. He’s arrested and charged.

      Just like that.

      Go Trump & Sessions.

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      • Jan says:

        You raise something I’ve been thinking about: this doxxing of Congressional personal information, including their personal cell phone numbers. Two wives of Senators are reporting personal threats to them, their husbands and their families. The Kavanaughs, including their children, are getting threats. Susan Collins got death threats as well as protestors at her home in DC. Ted Cruz and his wife were harassed out of a DC restaurant. Senators were harassed in their office bldgs, their offices. & the Capital Bldg, including Sens. Grassley. & Flake This is pushing these Senators towards Pres. Trump, as did the smear campaign on Justice Kavanaugh. The House Republicans who are not “retiring” are likely suffering the same as the Senators. What a thought: Republicans being driven to support their President instead of siding with their fellow Dimms. Can this last thru the election? Can we get some more judges confirmed before the election?

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  15. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “As The Worm Squirms”

    Could someone please do a meme with DAG Rosenstein on the end of a big fishhook?


  16. For Eyes says:

    What the hell has the nation come to? Is it STILL this bad?

    We yammer about “leverage” and proper timing to do things for two years. More than ample evidence of criminal acts is in the public record but not the court record.

    We complain about The Swamp. We say we will clean up the Swamp. Well, the Swamp is alive and well, and we chit chat about OUR version of it.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

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  17. Newhere says:

    If this is true, how is it not corrupt? Manipulating the public’s VALID and JUSTIFIED call for justice, and shirking a Constitutional duty to protect the public’s liberties and freedom from government abuse — for political ends? A president’s first duty is to protect the Constitution and the public. Not back-burner it in pursuit of political goals.

    Why should we go along with this? Especially those of us who are here for the TRUTH above all else. I would consider it a disappointing betrayal if this is true. Cleaning out and holding accountable the rampant criminal elements in the IC is not just a campaign promise, it’s a Constitutional duty. It transcends politics and it’s what a Constitutional republic expects and requires its elected leaders to do, period. Not “I’ll get around to it once I’ve maximized my leverage and if I keep my majorities in the midterms so I can do the policies I want.” If that’s the calculation, his coalition’s enthusiasm will shrink and some may peel off. I really hope this isn’t true.


    • LafnH20 says:

      I share your hope, Nowhere.

      It is difficult (Excrutiating so, given the venue) to be a “Contrarian”…

      But, I’ve seen this movie…

      And I don’t like it.

      Just my opinion.


    • SteveT says:

      The call for justice requires a conviction, this may not happen if the timing is out. The President knows where he is going and he knows more than me, I’m not going to argue against him, however much I would like to see something happening.



    • girlyman514 says:

      I really love Sundance’s take on a lot of this. Much of it makes sense. He has a bright mind, well organized and highly intelligent. However, I do believe he’s giving Trump way too much credit on playing with the leverage thing. One would think, in two weeks, should the Dems control the House, this leverage thing goes away.
      For anyone whose really listened to Trump, he is definitely not the sharpest pencil in the box. The people he’s picked to advise him, most all being open border globalists, his family included, have ill advised him through much of his term. His inability to select players to his team that really want to MAGA really escapes me. The people that he’s fighting are the people he supposedly hired. Also, why would he have kept a man like John Koskinen, still head of the IRS? I mean, if anyone had access to Trump’s tax records it would be him. Bottom line, in my opinion, I do not believe Trump is in this fight to restore law and order, under which he campaigned. The evidence is just not there.


  18. Mark says:

    Of course, it was right there in front of us. General and Chief of Staff Kelly was right there in the meeting with RR and President Trump heck they exited the plane together. And President Trump made his BEST SPEECH yet for Bret Kavenaugh, his family and America! WOW! He knows about RR and so does General Kelly. Sundance is right again!

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  19. Dutchman says:

    The police knock on your door, at 2:00 in the a.m., and ask you if you know this 20 y.o. And you say “No, what’s going on?”
    They explain they found him hiding in your bushes, he SAID he knows you, and when they searched him, they found he had a prybar, and a chain with about 200 keys on it.
    They walk around your house, with you and find no EVIDENCE of jimmies Windows or doors. They take him to jail, and charge him with “going equipped for burglary”, yes it IS a real charge.

    Point is, how were YOU harmed? YOU weren’t.

    The soft coup ATTEMPTED to subvert the Constitution, abrogate your vote, etc. BUT it was UNSUCCESSFUL! So, while it’s infuriating, and yes laas were broken, and the miscreants should and will be punished, this righteous anger and call for IMMEDIATE and extream justice, just seems a little over the top, to me.

    As well, this confidence that “all the evidence necessary for conviction is in the public domain, so “let’s start the keep walks!”, seems a little bit of wishful thinking, emotions over logic, and a lack of experience with our criminal justice system.

    We just had a recent reminder of the importance of “innocent until proven guilty”, but that’s just ONE of several basic tenants put into our criminal justice system, which DELIBERATELY scew the system IN FAVOR OF THE DEFENDANT.
    I defer to rumpole, as a lawyer in legal matters, although I don’t know if he was a CRIMINAL lawyer. My knowledge comes from being a CRIMINAL, not a lawyer.

    Basically, if you start off recognising that we humans are flawed, less than perfect, and that any criminal justice system we establish is going to be flawed, and imperfect as well, than you have one of 2 ways you can go;

    You can build a system that is, 100% of the time, gonna get the guilty party, but SOMETIMES is gonna convict the wrongly accused, and many nations HAVE gone this route.
    OR, set up a system that is, inevitably gonna let some guilty people off, to err on the side of doing everything possible to avoid convicting the innocent.
    The latter is the way out founders decided to go; the system is DELIBERATELY ‘weighted’ in favor of the defendent.
    Presumption of innocence, Burden of Proof, and Reasonable doubt, as well as rules of evidence, Miranda etc. all give the Defendent an inherent advantage.

    I KNOW, cause I been there, done that.
    With these miscreants ADMISSABLE evidence is going to be key. We KNOW what they did, but PROVE it, in a court of law, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.
    So, just saying be hesitant to express great confidence that ‘re have all the evidence to convict these asshats,and let’s see perpwalks, now.

    Such expressions while understandable, show a lack of understanding of our criminal justice system, IMHO.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Julian says:

      NSA has plenty of evidence doesn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

    • LafnH20 says:

      TY, Dutchman.

      Always good to hear the voice of experience.

      In your post you mentioned no harm…
      Yet, still “Charged”, based on verifiable evidence (prybar, etc.) with “Being equipped” to DO harm (Premeditation). Ergo, detainment and a search for Truth begins.
      Without the Truth… any number of “Explanations” can be given for not “Charging and thus Detaining” those “allegedly” responsible, for any “Crime”.
      Convenient is an understatement.
      If I were wrongfully “Charged/Suspected” of some violation of Established Law, I would welcome The Examination of “The “Exculpatory Evidence”…The UNVARNISHED Truth… (If you will)…
      Yet, crickets.. umm, I mean, Redactions, etc.
      Why, in the case if FISA, Coup, etc., is this so?
      The fox guarding the hen house…
      The Truth, if one has nothing to hide and wishes to dispell “Rumor and Innuendo”, should not be an issue.
      Imho, it should be welcomed.
      Demanded even!!!!!!
      Yet… it is Not.

      Liked by 2 people

    • alligatriot says:

      Dutchman, thank you for a very well thought-out post. We’re all beyond ready to see perp-walks and patience is not a virtue most of us possess (especially me!). But as you point out, that pesky thing about having “sufficient” evidence might be getting in the way.

      If President Trump tosses all the evidence currently available on the table, is it “sufficient”? Would doing so jeopardize criminal prosecution? Are We The People qualified to judge if such evidence is adequate to convict someone of sedition/treason? (I hear a loud chorus of “Hell, Yeah!”)

      I’ll bide my time. Things are happening. Life is good. Hillary ain’t president.

      A note for Julian re: NSA. They collect a lot of data, but not “everything”. Having all that data and wading through it to locate specific intelligence are two VERY different things.

      Liked by 1 person

      • spoogels says:

        BIG SHOW TONIGHT #SteelTruth on
        Did Obama use students & professors to SPY on Americans?
        What did the President and Rod Rosenstein discuss on AF1 today?
        How did Thy Consigliori counsel @GenFlynn and help @POTUS win?
        IEDs can be eliminated


  20. Raven_AU says:

    Perhaps think about “leverage” more broadly.

    POTUS has already stated that “allies” have expressed concerns if all this FISA stuff is declassified, right?
    Suppose for a minute that POTUS has talked to the UK and Australia about FVEY’s involvement.
    Does anyone think those conversations haven’t taken place? . . . of course not.

    What if POTUS suggested to those allies that their interests are best served by announcing they had found “rogue elements” operating within their own IC communities played a significant part in establishing the Russia probe?

    Recall that GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan has already resigned right after the 2016 election and Christopher Steele left MI6 years ago.
    Given these actors are in the past, there’s virtually no blowback for the UK if a press release implicating them was carefully worded.

    Also, Theresa May will be looking for a trade agreement as Brexit approaches and this might be an opportune time to restore normal relations?
    That is . . Theresa may as well prefer a CYA instead of looking like the UK conspired to bring down a duly elected President.

    For Australia, Alexander Downer has already been replaced as UK Ambassador and Oz could similarly spin this in any number of ways. For example, it could be said that Downer was also set up by Stefan Halper, just like George Papadopalous . . easy.

    Everyone is a hero.
    The whole Russia fiasco falls apart with the real collusion exposed from top to bottom.
    Naturally, President Trump emerges with clean hands and issues a press release saying something like . . “looking forward to meeting PM Theresa May and negotiating a great trade deal.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Julian says:

      All my Australian friends want Australian criminals involved in tampering in a US Election taken down and destroyed.

      No deals.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Julian says:

      Having said that – there’s no doubt Theresa May is implicated in this plot – along with Malcolm Turnbull & Julie Bishop in Australia.

      The Australians already got rid of Turnbull & Bishop, the UK hasn’t been so quick to dispose of trash like May because of Brexit coming up.

      May will be dispatched in April 2019 at the latest.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Bradley says:

      I would put a slightly different spin on it. I agree that the conversations have been and are being held with Australia and the UK.
      I think that Trump is be asking them for cooperation in determining who the culprits were in the Obama administration. In return Trump would promise to leave our allies out of it and that the blame would land on the US persons who asked for the cooperation.
      Trump’s concern is with catching the US traitors.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Raven_AU says:

        Yep, that’s the point.

        If, say, the UK flips, then the whole Russia thing collapses . . including Obama being implicated.
        If only Rosenstein flips, there’s scope for the Deep State to say the criminality is limited and doesn’t necessarily go to Obama.

        If the UK comes out with the truth, McCain’s contact and involvement also is exposed.

        Further to that, a discussion about FVEY’s would expose the curious trips made to New Zealand by John Kerry (on election day in 2016, no less), Hillary Clinton and James Comey as well.

        Lots of rats automatically caught in that trap.


  21. ann says:

    Additional factors:
    Given the JD prior history of chronic “lack of candour”, as quoted in Judge Collyers DoJ FIS Compliance Review, the congressional surveillance during obama’s trophy Iran deal, etc,, the JD is unwilling/unable to accept, let alone act effectively to curb known ongoing illegal and/or unethical conduct within its ranks.
    No one really knows the extent of data, and leverage, this subterranean network of lawfare/outside contractor, former and current officials has accrued . Their leverage, even if based on perceived fear is immense.
    Mr. Mueller and Rosenstein’s boot stomping, gun drawn crack o dawn wife terrorisers act wo scruples. They WANT to cowe any persons deemed inconvenient.

    the libyan civil war operation destroyed my trust.
    The international and domestic confluences converge in authority at JD,
    They contaminate anything within six degrees.

    Small ex
    Muh Russia They twist Raw data.
    The so called “hack” , tracking the evidentiary spoor one circles back to find our own, past Nat sec, intell & IT operatives.
    How can we trust even our primary source documents, the logs and analysis?
    I don’t.

    I do not believe the DoJ is capable or competent to hold authority.

    Expecting the DOJ to deliver is like waiting for the gooses golden egg. Ain’t gonna happen.

    The judges, prosecutors and support staff are potentially quite compromised. And every one of them, including the jurors, are vulnerable .


  22. LibertyONE says:

    This is one time that I don’t agree with the president making an agreement with RATenstein. Never do a deal with the Devil. These mid term elections ARE as important as the 2016 election. IF the Republicans lose both Houses the DemonicRATS will unleash holy hell on our president & this country. I say the president show drop his MOAB’s BEFORE the election. Whatever MULEeer has( I doubt much, if nothing at all) WILL pale in comparison to what the corrupt, criminal cabal did IF they are TOTALLY exposed!


  23. buckeyeman says:

    Sundance is becoming more delusional by the day.


  24. dauntlessguy says:

    Wonder how Rosenstein is going to explain away saying he would wear a a wire to spy on the President when he testifies to congress on October 11th? He is going to look like a fool at best and a traitor to the president at worst.

    Leverage over Rosenstein would be having him publicly announce the end the Mueller Probe the week before the Mid Terms. As Sundance wrote this is Trump’s Priority.
    The left already took one body blow from the Kavanaugh confirmation. Imagine the Lefts reaction if Muller ended his investigation and all findings concluded with no Trump Campaign Russian Collusion. That would be a knock out punch to the left and demoralizing for them right before voting. After midterms Rosey resigns, no possible calls of obstruction because no more Mueller investigation.


  25. John C Kenney says:

    I want the declassification shown as much as anybody but why not wait and use it for a hammer in the 2020 election. The same drip drip drip that hurt the Pres for 18 months can drip drip drip back at them. A nice slow investigation.


  26. spoogels says:

    BREAKING: Former Top FBI Lawyer Testified that Rosenstein “Seriously” Considered Secretly Recording Trump – Sara A. Carter


  27. cali says:

    @Sundance: Again – superbly stated!

    I agree with your imaginary conversation between our deal maker and the swamp creature who is more concerned about his ‘reputation’ while he conspired with the swamp to destroy the president’s reputation and then some including setting him up for removal via a coup by his tag team partner Mueller!

    As Q said also from the beginning: “The best conceived plan may require an adjustment – that everything will be clean because it may require to play dirty”.

    The end result will the same: The ultimate destruction of the swamp aka Shadow Government!

    There are only 2 sides: good and evil!

    Remember: There are 22 acts involved to successfully arrive at that goal – 22 different investigations! -Q

    The pieces within the shadow government always react to whatever acts are declared on them although some of their behavior and actions are predictable the difference as it stands of today?

    They lost 75% of the communication possibilities on the day they assembled in the cathedral waving one of their own goodbye: McCain.

    That night they learned that ‘snow white and the seven dwarfs (the hammer and it 7 supporting dwarfs) were taken out and now are in-operable.

    They also learned that their spy and communication satellites are taken down preventing them any access. There is more!

    Meanwhile Hussein, Jarrett and Rice et al were pictured in their SCIF at the commune mansion owned now by Hussein et al trying to listening in although now they may hear the theme song to ‘good times at Ridgemont High”. lol
    I’m sure that were s$itting themselves seing themselves photographed while hiding in their SCIF and the layout described down to the colors of the wall papers and blacked out windows.

    How would anyone know what their SCIF inside Hussein’s mansion unless oh someone/somebody was physically in there? 🙂
    After all – they keep the secret service detail at parameter far away to prevent surveillance. Paranoia is driving them nuts obviously! 🙂


  28. letty bromenschenkel says:

    Maybe: Rosenstein and Mueller should not trust TRUMP
    sounds as if TRUMP is up to something.
    TRUMP knows what is in those documents and is playing them along
    ya think ?


  29. letty bromenschenkel says:

    one thing to back down on is:
    by now: they have a track to feed hannity and Sara Carter
    a load of BS every single day
    their inside track is tainted and compromised


  30. letty bromenschenkel says:

    everyone calm down: : : do not pretend you are suddenly
    smarter than Self made billionaire and elected POTUS TRUMP.
    suddenly everyone has some ‘extreme’ advice for TRUMP
    without a sliver of validity.



  31. This reminds me of a Dick Nixon quote: “When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds are yours.” At least I think that’s what he said . . . it sounds like something he’d say.


  32. lawton says:

    I agree with sundance and have to laugh when I read this white hat nonsense about these deep state players on twitter. Rosenstein would have shut this fraud down like he says if he wasn’t a deep stater.


  33. If you’ve ever had a little problem with mice, it negates all sympathy when the cat has its unconcerned ruthless way with them.


  34. zooamerica says:

    Think about this for a moment…

    President Trump now knows it is best to let Mueller die on the vine.


  35. Dances with Wolverines says:

    “Leverage” be damned. The more The American People see that there are two levels of justice, one for the average joe and another set of rules and no accountability for corrupt government employees and elected officials, the less faith We The People have in our government. I don’t care who is in charge. The average American demands that justice be served equally in this country and that all of us must adhere to the same set of rules and be equally held accountable when laws are broken. Nothing less is acceptable.


  36. sweepyjeff says:

    Rosenstein may be very useful to Trump. He certainly is not generally considered his lapdog. He may be very useful in prosecutorial moves against corrupt politicians, in Florida as well as other places, maybe even very soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Bogeyfree says:

    I still don’t see the benefit of this so called leverage.

    If PT’s priority is to halt Mueller all he had to do 40 days ago was disclose the FISA, the 302’s and the Bruce Ohr communications with Weismann (Mueller’s #2) which would show to all Americans that the Dossier, the FISA and the entire Russian Collusion was a fraud and Mueller’s team knew it was from day one.

    He could have killed two birds with one stone meaning both Mueller and Rosenstein could have been placed on the chopping block weeks ago. He had them both dead in their tracks 40 days ago and IMO he could have forced them both out by declassifying and unredacting it all as the majority of the public would have demanded it AND the truth would be out!

    Not to mention by exposing 40 days ago it would have helped stoked the fire for R voter turnout even more to help ensure we win both houses.

    So no I don’t get the whole leverage BS and how that has helped anything at this point.

    Where it will get real interesting with his base is how long after the mid terms do people give PT to expose it all? 30 more days? 60 more days? 3 months? 6 months?

    If no one goes down for this coup then IMO PT does not win re-election in 2020. The people expect him to uphold the rule of law and if Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray won’t then IMO action MUST be taken within 45 days after the mid-terms or he begins to lose some of his luster with voters.


  38. RJones says:

    Couple of points:
    – the idea a guy as smart as Rosenstein is inept doesn’t fly with me. I don’t give him an out for being inept. None of these people deserve sympathy or leniency. They are f’ing corrupt, they’ve betrayed the country and every person in it, and should only be lucky if they’re not executed.

    – what’s obvious to us, ought to also be obvious to Sessions, so why hasn’t he withdrawn that fake recusal and done his job? If Rosenstein is corrupt then it looks increasingly like Sessions is also. By failing to act uprightly, Sessions is permitting the corruption throughout govt to continue, which is criminal negligence.

    – I thought the idea of all the delays and slow rolling was that no-leak Huber was working away in the background taking GJ testimony and lining up the crooks for prosecution. If that is not what has been going on, then why the sloooooow roll-out of information over a two year period? Why not just rip the bandaid by declass and let the chips fall? At this point, today, I get there might be a calc that it’s better not to stir up the crazies until after the vote but iF Sessions/mueller/Rosenstein are impeding the swamp drain, they could’ve been outed a year ago.

    – At the end of the day, Trump surely knows that if he doesn’t drain the swamp, he’s a total failure. His work will have no permanence and the cancer just grows back, probably much nastier than before Trump. After elections. He can fire people like Rosenstein, Mueller, and Sessions, but if they don’t ultimately hang next to Hillary and Brennan, et al, then what has he accomplished?

    These criminals must suffer mightily or everything is lost.


  39. “In the coming weeks” we may have a Pelosi House waiting in the wings in which case The Rose wait hang out til January. Goodlatte and Gowdy will be daydreaming about their new gigs. Come on, am I the only one impressed at the Deep State’s two-year virtuoso strategy of delay? I’m not saying you have to applaud it. Just acknowledge a certain skill level as you might the way the Green River Serial Killer managed to remain prolific and on the loose for decades?


  40. Richard Hines says:

    It dawned on me of another possibility in the finalization of the Mueller probe. Perhaps Mueller has two different scenarios pre-crafted in wrapping up his investigation. One would be if the Rs win both the House and Senate, Mueller quietly wraps up his investigation showing no connection between POTUS and Russia. The other possibility is if the Rs lose either the House or Senate (God forbid!), he delivers something that supports an obstruction charge to facilitate the potential impeachment process. Just a thought?!


  41. Richard Burley says:

    “Our Cold Anger is a beneficial weapon in the 2018 mid-terms. ‘We The People’ are the people we’ve been waiting for to restore the nation.” Sundance©


  42. LOUBUCKS says:

    You all know that Mr Huber in Utah has been working on indictments which are under lock and key. The time to release the indictments will be in sync with POTUS’s confirmation in conjunction with AG Sessions.


  43. Curt says:

    Rosenstein, the ultimate cross between and worm and a weasel, is slithering around, playing for time. He is counting on the mid terms for the Democrats to take over the House and stop this investigation……. thereby getting this worm off the hook and allowing him to continue like the weasel he really is.


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