Rosenstein -vs- McCabe…

There are two warring camps: Team Rosenstein and Team McCabe.  Team Rosenstein consists of current officials: Jeff Sessions, Dana Boente et al; and Team McCabe has former officials: Lisa Page, James Baker, Mike Kortan et al.

Each camp has a media outlet to push their narrative.  Team Rosenstein has The Washington Post; Team McCabe is using The New York Times.  Sources for NYT reporting are from team McCabe; Sources for WaPo reporting are from Team Rosenstein.  Understand this, and the reporting narrative context makes more sense.

Both Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein took corrupt and illegal action to try and take down the President of the United States.  However, generally speaking, McCabe’s actions were specifically intended to facilitate a soft-coup; whereas Rosenstein was more of a willingly facilitating useful idiot in the grand scheme.

Example 1:  Former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker and Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe worked together to assemble the post-election “small group”, which eventually gained legitimate legal authority when Baker and McCabe convinced Rosenstein to hire Robert Mueller.

Baker and McCabe were intentionally manipulating the events; DAG Rosenstein was the patsy going along because he wasn’t inside the team in 2016 when it all began.

Example 2: Andrew McCabe and the “small group” assembled the third FISA-Title1 surveillance renewal on Carter Page on June 29th, 2017.  This renewal extended the use of surveillance for Robert Mueller to exploit – for intelligence against the President. Rod Rosenstein signed the third renewal, based on their word, because the corrupt small group presented it to him.  Again, likely Rosenstein was the useful idiot, the patsy.

The June 29th, FISA renewal was then used by the “small group” to dig into all of the communication within the Trump administration and anyone who was in contact with the subject of the surveillance warrant, Carter Page. This surveillance included congress. In protecting their interests, it was the surveillance that was most useful.  The surveillance didn’t end until late October ’17 when the FISA expired.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein created a mess by going along with the corrupt officials inside the FBI and DOJ. By facilitating their endeavors – he was aiding the soft-coup attempt.

It’s ok to argue whether this was intentional (Team McCabe position) or unintentional (Team Rosenstein position); however, regardless of intent, the outcome was the same.

So today the Washington Post (Team Rosenstein) posts an article noting the Deputy AG will not be fired, and will likely remain in his position until after the mid-terms.  If you understand the White House position, this begins to make sense.

From the White House position the knucklehead Rod Rosenstein needs to clean up the mess he has created.  From knucklehead’s position, he wants out before congress starts asking him questions.

WaPo – Rod J. Rosenstein’s departure seemed so certain this week that his boss’s chief of staff told colleagues that he had been tapped by the White House to take over as second-in-command of the Justice Department, while another official would supervise the special counsel probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, people familiar with the matter said.

But by Monday afternoon, the succession plan had been scrapped. Rosenstein, who told the White House he was willing to quit if President Trump wouldn’t disparage him, would remain the deputy attorney general in advance of a high-stakes meeting on Thursday to discuss the future of his employment. The other officials, too, would go back to work, facing the prospect that in just days they could be leading the department through a historic crisis.

Inside the Justice Department on Tuesday, officials still struggled to understand the events that nearly produced a seismic upheaval in their leadership ranks — until it didn’t — and they braced for a potential repeat of that chaos later in the week.  (keep reading)

Note: “if President Trump wouldn’t disparage him”; that’s codespeak for if the White House doesn’t call him out as standing at the epicenter of the corrupt eighteen months of Special Counsel horse-pucky he facilitated.   The evidence of the horse-pucky origination is underneath the FISA and Bruce Ohr declassification material currently on hold.

So how did we get here?

Start with how Rod Rosenstein was hired:

03:15 “[Rosenstein] was hired by Jeff Sessions. I was not involved in that process because, you know, they go out and they get their own deputies, and the people that work in that department and Jeff Sessions hired him.”

~ President Donald Trump

I post this recent interview with President Trump because so many people keep claiming some complex strategy surrounding President Trump hiring/nominating Rosenstein etc.

President Trump brought the CEO perspective to the White House. Part of that perspective is to let Department Executive Officers (ie. cabinet members) select their own deputies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG. That’s why President Trump nominated Rosenstein. Nothing more. Not strategic Machiavellian deep state chess nonsense. Sessions wanted him, so Trump nominated him.

This is not difficult to ascertain. It is not complex. It is quite simple.

So the question becomes why did President Trump select Jeff Sessions as Attorney General?

Again, not a difficult question to answer. President Trump has repeatedly said why he selected Jeff Sessions. (His biggest mistake).


Senator Jeff Sessions told President-elect Trump he wanted to be the Attorney General. Senator Sessions lobbied P-E Trump for the job. Trump gave Sessions the position out of appreciation for his campaign support.

There wasn’t a political strategy behind selecting Senator Jeff Sessions, other than thinking he would likely do a good job. President-elect Trump did not know Sessions was going to recuse himself from the biggest drain on his term in office, and create two-years of DOJ chaos.

Senator Jeff Sessions wanted to be the U.S. Attorney General, President-elect Trump gave the position to him. AG Jeff Sessions wanted Rod Rosenstein as his Deputy AG; President Trump gave Rosenstein to him.

These are not complex multidimensional strategic decisions. These are straightforward reasons for what transpired. Not complex. That’s why we are here, where it all stands today.

DAG Rosenstein then hired former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel. In part due to the recommendation of FBI Legal Counsel Jim Baker and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Likely unbeknownst (at least in initial operational totality) to Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe and James Baker were part of the corrupt DOJ/FBI inside network conspiring to take-down the President. Hence the: “what do you want me to do Andy, wear a wire?”… conversation.

Because Rosenstein either: (a) participated; or (b) was a useful idiot, he has now put himself into a massive position of compromise. His stewardship over the DAG position (which is more powerful due to JS recusal), has failed massively.

And now there’s the stuff behind the declassification directive (temporarily on hold) which makes DAG Rosenstein look even worse.

Either: (a) Rosenstein is more corrupt; or (b) Rosenstein is more stupid.

So Rosenstein wants OUT before it gets worse. According to the New York Times (Team McCabe) the Deputy AG tried to politely resign five times recently. Once to Don McGahn, twice to John Kelly, and twice to President Trump.

But the White House is saying…. ‘not so fast knucklehead, you willfully made this mess – now clean it the hell up’!!

Forget the media spin on Rod Rosenstein. This is his actual position. President Trump has him by the proverbial balls.  Eighteen months worth of headaches as a result of his: (a) intentional efforts; or (b) ineptitude. Because for all things that mattered the AG was recused, and the DAG was in charge.

When you have this much leverage on someone, you don’t want them to quit. You want to use their damaged and tenuous position to your advantage. President Trump is in no hurry to fire Rosenstein (not yet); because the DAG is so weak and President Trump holds all the leverage in the relationship.

Rod Rosenstein knows what he did wrong; and President Trump knows what Rosenstein did wrong.  Though it could change based on new discoveries, President Trump isn’t likely to let Rosenstein go until everyone else knows what Rosenstein did wrong.

I can imagine the conversation:

“Okay Rod, *YOU* want to quit right? Well, then *YOU* get rid of the Special Counsel *YOU* started, and then *YOU* can quit. Until then, you can feel the stress and endure the reputational death by a thousand paper cuts….

….As long as I’ve got to deal with this nonsense, you ain’t going anywhere. You can deal with it right along with me….  And if congress wants to haul your butt up to Capitol Hill and have you explain why you said you’d “wear a wire”etc., then you need to go explain and deal with it.”


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  1. Iamcat says:

    I wonder now, why Mueller went to interview for FBI Director when he knew he was not eligible. Did he wear a wire?


  2. More Covfefe Please says:

    I have been under the impression for some time based on reports I have read in the past that RR was recommended by republican advisers to the president and that Sessions did not pick him. The president has clearly stated this was not the case so I stand corrected.

    What this means for me is that I have even less respect for AG Sessions.

    I still can’t believe the man is totally corrupt but the only other option for me is that he is totally incompetent. Even I, your humble writer, would have known better than select someone who was friends with Comey, Mueller, and others at Obama DOJ and FBI. I am sure most of you who are reading this would have done the same. You would have hired people you KNEW were on board with the president and who were competent.

    I am certainly not privy to all that is/was going on in DC but I sensed even before the election that parts of the federal government had been weaponized and I would have been very hesitant to hire RR with his past connections. I just don’t understand how someone like Sessions could be so blind.

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    • frankie says:

      Team Rosenstein vs Team McCabe is like a soccer match between China and the Caliphate taking place in Iran. You root for the meteorites to hit the stadiam and kill everyone.

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      I was disappointed that RR was retained and made DAG, because anyone who served at a high level under Obama was tainted. Sessions likely perceives others as being “honorable” until shown otherwise, and RR’s resume looks like a long-term, professional bureaucrat. We know an enormous amount about the coup attempt NOW that we, including Sessions, had no reason to know about THEN. An incoming AG would need a deputy that knew how to operate the mechanics of a huge enterprise like the DoJ.

      I am not the Rosenstein Excuse Group, but doesn’t “What do you want me to do Andy, wear a wire?” sound like sarcasm, meaning RR thought that was preposterous?

      If Pres Trump’s plan is to ditch RR after the election, so as to deny the Dems a campaign issue, that seems the best of bad options at this juncture. The man is too compromised at this point.

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    • ArmyJacket says:

      Lately my default position has been “totally corrupt” but in the case of AG Sessions I still believe “totally incompetent” is more likely.

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    • flyboy46 says:

      There was an Excellent article yesterday at about the #3 at DOJ, a guy named Noel Francisco who is a real conservative and would be an excellent DAG, or even AG. Check it out.

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    • COS says:

      You’re wrong. Sessions explicitly requested Rosenstein. They were connected through a longtime Alabama buddy of Sessions. Can’t find the article at the moment but it’s out there.

      It’s time to let the 4D chess hoax go. Call your Senators and Congressman and tell them to start defending our President against this coup attempt.

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  3. yy4u says:

    We have to take into consideration that until Trump ACTUALLY WON, NOBODY thought he would/could. The polls had Hillary in a landslide. EVERYONE in DC understands that the Clintons (esp. Hillary) play hardball. That if you in any way are perceived not to be “loyal” (here’s that word again) TO THE CLINTONS, you are destroyed. Ask Billy Dale about that one. If you ARE loyal to the Clintons, you can go to jail and make a lot of money (ask Webb Hubbell about that one). So I think Comey understood that very well. Hillary was going to be president and he’d better clear her before he found himself Billy Daled or Linda Tripped or Paula Jonesed or the guy who made the video on which they blamed Benghazi or maybe even have a sudden desire to jump off a roof the night before you’re supposed to testify about shenanigans in Arkansas (a RLT officer back in the 90’s). The Clintons do not take prisoners. Most especially, Hillary DOES NOT TAKE PRISONERS.

    So that explains Comey.

    McCabe et al are easier to explain. They are true believers. In the game because they believed in the game (Clinton). They expected huge rewards for their “loyalty” (that word again). And Clinton would have delivered. She always does, whether it’s a posh job or destroying a reputation…she delivers.

    Rosenstein was between a rock and a hard place. Sessions had recused. The Russia Hoax/soft coup had a 50/50 chance of succeeding. If he thwarted it, he’d suffer a Billy Dale fate (at best); if he went along and rewards were passed out, he’d be rewarded. So he signed the FISA warrant, appointed the most corrupt or incompetent — don’t know which — FBI head we’ve ever had (Anthrax, Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, etc., etc., etc) as “special counsel”, gave him carte blanche to take down a sitting president and hoped for the best. None of the players expected McCabe to be fired and to make the threat that if he went down, so would they all.

    So here we are. President Trump has always swum with sharks, so he’s not surprised by any of these people. He’s unpredictable. Bushes et al can be expected to go into a defensive crouch and put “the country” (meaning what the Clintons want) ahead of themselves. So even when Dems (Clintons) lose, they win.

    NOT THIS TIME. Trump knows how to play hard ball, too. He might lose and he might win but when the game ends, everyone will know they’ve been in a hard-hitting, hard-throwing contest. THAT is what they DID NOT expect.

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    • jmclever says:

      interesting thoughts about Comey motivation.


      • mutantbeast says:

        Comey has been a scumbag his entire career, from his failures at prosecuting maybe the dumbest mafia godfather in memory, John Gotti, to his needless prosecution of Martha Stewart, his covering up for the Clintons during both Whitewater and the Marc Rich pardon, even to his appointment as general counsel for General Dynamics, the nations largest defense contractor, courtesy of his ultra corrupt former boss Robber Mule turd.

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    • FLADiver says:

      PDJT – Cy Young, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove all in one. Throw the MVP in for good measure. GB our President, the Revealer.

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  4. SR says:

    Was Mueller or RR wearing wire when they met with PTrump and it’s was lie that Mueller is meeting for FBI director position which he can not qualify.


    • jmclever says:

      Remember when Trump tweeted that Comey had better hope that the meeting between the two of them had not been taped. (That was in response to Comey taking memos about the meeting.)

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      • DD More says:

        JMC – “(That was in response to Comey taking memos about the meeting.)”

        No, that was for a different reason. From the Time article –
        Tonight, at dusk on May 8, he invites three TIME correspondents for a tour of his home and office,
        In less than 24 hours, Trump will roil the nation again by announcing the firing of his FBI Director, James Comey, who is leading an investigation of his campaign’s ties to Russia. It will set off yet another firestorm. But for now, it’s showtime once again.
        But few rooms have changed so much so fast as his dining room, where he often eats his lunch amid stacks of newspapers and briefing sheets. A few weeks back, the President ordered a gutting of the room. “We found gold behind the walls, which I always knew. Renovations are grand,” he says, boasting that contractors from the General Services Administration resurfaced the walls and redid the moldings in two days. “Remember how hard they worked? They wanted to make me happy.

        Remember the leaks in the early days. How about the ‘Gold’, was a video/sound system put in by Obo? Wasn’t this the room Comey had one of his chat’s over lunch with DJT?
        Could finding the wires, trace back to the recorder and location of the tapes?

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  5. talker2u says:

    Thank you very much, Sundance.

    Very, very much.

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  6. AccountabilityPlease says:

    So how exactly is President Trump preventing Rosenstein from quitting?


    • bayoukiki says:

      “Rosenstein, who told the White House he was willing to quit if President Trump wouldn’t disparage him, would remain the deputy attorney general in advance of a high-stakes meeting on Thursday to discuss the future of his employment. ” Trump is keeping Rosenstein from quitting by refused to NOT disparage him

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Tricky. Don’t trust the trapped RAT not to bite.

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      • AccountabilityPlease says:

        Ok, but he has already disparaged Rosenstein on multiple occasions. If I recall correctly, Trump tweeted something like “I’m being investigated for firing the FBI Director by a man who told me to fire the FBI Director.” He also called out Rosenstein for signing off on the last renewal of the Page FISA application.


        • Electra says:

          We still don’t know what’s in those documents that were going to be declassified. There may be incriminating emails involving Rosenstein. Or maybe the FISA warrant contains material so egregious and criminal that Rosenstein could never explain it away. Only Rosenstein and, hopefully, President Trump know for sure.


    • Ackman420 says:

      If RR quits, PDJT will drag him through the streets. If he stays and tries to clean up, RR may get a reprieve. That’s the RR leverage which PDJT holds

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Yeah, Rosey’s not tied up in the West Wing basement broom closet, so why can’t he walk away?


    • mutantbeast says:

      Rosen STINK wants Trump to fire him, so he can then go out an claim “victim” status that Trump fired him because of the Mule turd scam. I actually think Rosen stink is far dirtier than even SD does, him and Commie Comey have a rather long and dirty history of protecting the Clintons, in Roseys case all the way back to the late 90s.

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  7. Fools Gold says:

    If the “groups” are so small, why would Australia and U.K. phone Trump begging him not to declassify?

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    • Running Fast says:

      Bingo. My favorite Anon, Sundance, is working to minimize/ explain away something that is much deeper. I am not a conspiracy nut but I did stay at Holiday Express last night… if it looks like a massive conspiracy, acts like a massive conspiracy then yep it is just sheer silliness.

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    • Fringe Dweller says:

      Agreed. Where was the first use of the term “small group” in the context of this scandal? It seems, to me, to be a deliberate attempt by the media to downplay the scope of this in the minds of the people.


      • Randall Finley says:

        Only a small group would be aware of the explicit goal. A larger group would be implicitly aware and on board or too dim-witted to oppose the small, controlling group


    • mutantbeast says:

      Because of sheer EM BARE ASS MENT. You had an AMBASSADFOR to the US from Australia actively using his position to undermine OUR government. Its failry likely you had senior govt officials in the UK(Blair May and maybe sone senior officials at both MI5/6 or even GCHQ) .


    • WSB says:

      Maybe because the Ozzies and the Brits were laundering money with the Clinton Foundation? Read the one list from Australia. The initiatives go on and on and on.

      This is why I keep saying that Soros is using OUR taxpayer money…as well as the Ozzies’ and everybody else’s…so his wealth is really just stolen.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        If you want to assess the Ozzies and the Brits (and the NZers) and any of our other allies, all you have to do is see how complicit they have been in the demon-CO2-AGW-Global-Warming-biggest -scientific-fraud-ever takeover of government, non-profits, media, academia (for both propaganda purposes and stopping any real scientific research and firing or demoting their real scientists), and all professional scientific organizations.

        And there you have it.

        How much money (taxpayers funds) have they given away to their globalist cronies for solar, windmills or bird/bat killers, electric vehicles and all that goes with these “moral” purposes – all for a sustainable Earth?

        Have they stopped nuclear energy? Coal? Oil? Gas? How much have their countries’ electricity and energy prices skyrocketed, impoverishing the less affluent of their societies? (While they laugh gleefully.) How much funding have the Chinese given to all these political scams and country’s politicians? The Chinese and Soros in cahoots.

        Think about these issues and answer these questions and you will see who spied on Candidate Trump and who worked day and night 24/7 to defeat him, in company with our traitorous candidates and (former) politicians.


        The bigger, more important question is who did not? Secondarily, I hope for significant punishment for all.

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        • sedge2z says:

          From what we read, Christopher Steele said his main goal was to destroy a Trump presidency. He did not personally hate him (Did he even know him?), but the mission assigned to Steele was to stop the threat of Trump.
          Enemies being exposed go beyond Clintons’ Epstein Island, Uranium One, Haiti, Bengazi, etc. Now investigations are exposing some of our Five Eyes allies Australia and British Christopher Steele. Are we slowly reaching the Head of the Snake?
          I’m praying for continued sunlight and strength to our White Hats.
          You asked who did not conspire against Trump?
          Mike Rogers, General Flynn, some of our Military, POTUS’ stellar Cabinet are the only Patriots that come to mind right now.
          When we are praying for one patriot, we are praying for all Patriots.

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        • WSB says:

          I tried to explain this to two left wingers last week.

          When I reminded them that the US was the only country that would have to pay in to the Paris Climate Accord, they became really pissy. But it was obvious they had not read the agreement like Treepers have.


    • mugzey302 says:

      Because they participated, illegally, and probably without proper authorization. Maybe some heads will roll there, as well.


  8. golf7200 says:

    SD you’re much smarter than I am but I will strongly disagree with you about our RR. I believe he is as corrupt as any of them.

    I agree he may have been duped initially. but he hasn’t come clean in 18 months. If he were just playing the role of “useful idiot” he would have dug deeper more than one year ago. Instead he has OBSTRUCTED the entire time.

    Also consider all of his shady activity ( CRIMINAL?) along with Mueller and gang during the Obama regime.

    I’ve lost all confidence in Jeff sessions. He aggressively sought the AG position, immediately recused himself, and hired RR (who had questionable integrity at that point).

    Also Session’s relationship with the Deep State establishment and the lack of support for Trump by the DS tells me he’s been part of the soft coup of Trump the entire time.

    Any doubt of the above please review the YouTube of Trump”s Inauguration speech. With the DS sitting behind him Trump drew a Big Bold Red Line… The war was enjoined at that point.

    Unfortunately Trump didn’t differentiate between the Good guys he would need for support and the Bad guys.

    I expect (hope and pray) the first real Battle of the War begins within weeks.

    May God Be Near (and We LISTEN) During Perilous Times

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    • mutantbeast says:

      Trump came to DC as an outsider. The problem is he needed “insiders” to work with Congress, so he ended up with swamp scum like Preibus,Mr Magoo and the 7th floor of the FBI when he came in. What we are seeing now is just how bad Pigbama weaponized our own government agencies against us. I thought it was bad, but franklty its worse than even I imagined.

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      • sedge2z says:

        Where is Jonbrennan in this pit of vipers?
        We have to watch him with diligence (and
        of courseoblami.


      • Philscbx says:

        Absolute M’beast – That 7th floor is still so active – elevator light is not needed.
        #Muzhood Agent Obama’s Regime needed 1/10 of term for #Lynch,
        to #Jerrett, headed by #Clinton to finish ripping America to Shreds.
        This miracle we all witnessed with @Trump, came in so nick of time,,
        there was worry of not enough duct tape to prevent the ship from going down
        before he even took office.
        One thing for sure,, All those just mentioned, and so many more,
        let alone those who already bailed, or fired,,, some huge criminal
        cases are more than likely being compiled & filed while we sleep.
        #Sessions,, this guy is such a sleeper. He reminds me of all summer
        hunting terrorist woodchuck, destroying every structures foundation on the farm.
        While sipping coffee looking out the window at day break,
        this terrorist had full team backing him up. They were sniped as well.
        They lurked out just like #Commie Comey, #Brennan, Strzok & Page and Clapper did.
        They knew Hillary was transmitting classified information on her private email server.
        And as stated earlier,, it’s so true, these agents depended on Hillary winning,
        to further their empire.
        #RR,, you know stuff,, you slimed @Trump all this time.
        So in that back spare bedroom,, better start organizing those twin carry on’s.


    • More Covfefe Please says:

      “If he were just playing the role of “useful idiot” he would have dug deeper more than one year ago.”

      That is true for you and me. But we are talking about people in government who believe they are little gods and love the prestige of power and praise of men.

      For a person who is blind with his own self importance, RR became upset when PT revealed his role in the firing of Comey and then experienced the blow back from his friends in the press and among democrats.

      So, it is not about righting a wrong but protecting his image of himself.

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      • Dixie says:

        Image of himself: Which he, himself, failed to do during his testimony when he acted so damn stupid with his bouncing butt and sneering expressions in front of congress and the whole country. He is one disgusting man among many in government. I have no respect for any of those working against our President Trump and even less respect for the former administration and congress.


    • mutantbeast says:

      I personally think after Trump helps win 5-6 Senate seats this fall and keeps the House(which is looking incresingly likely) He might want to consider bringing back real patriots like Bannon and Gorka to positions within the white house. No one questions either of these 2 mens patriotism, especially Dr Gorkas.

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  9. Chuck Arnold says:

    Rosenstein started this whole mess so yeah, make him fix it, then allow him to go. Excellent plan.

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  10. Ackman420 says:

    SD and Bongino are both right.
    RR is originally an unwitting accomplice to the cabal. He became enmeshed when JS recused and McCabe/Baker/Comey convinced him to appoint Mueller to conduct the bogus Muh Russia witch hunt, which was simply cover for the preceding crime.

    The preceding crime was government spying on the Trump campaign and who knows what else. This goes all the way to the top. It’s bigger than the Hillary.It goes all the way to Zero, Val Jar, Holder, Biden, etc.

    It’s to be decided which crimes carry more weight. The spying or the sedition. Together, the crimes should warrant capital punishment.


    • mutantbeast says:

      not to mention related crimes-Uranium One, the Awan Bros, the Seth Rich murder. All of them are related to one another, especially considering its known the Awans were the last folks seen with Seth Rich before he ended up dead.

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      • Fringe Dweller says:

        And at the deepest levels it exposes the corrupt practices of the Five Eyes collecting information on their allies’ citizens and then sharing that information with said allies, to avoid collection laws. This really does bring down the entire house of cards.

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  11. T man says:

    Omarosa “wore a wire” by secretly videotaping White House conversations on her cell phone. Apparently, it is not a crime to do so.


  12. Hopper Creek says:

    Wow Sundance, How do U manage 2 come up with this stuff ? i 2nd Talker 2 u, Thanks 4 the thoughtful insights !


  13. mutantbeast says:

    It appears you never have had much of a brain, either Rosen STINK. Maybe someone should bring up the FACT your WIFE is an attorney for the CLINTON foundation, you know the one the RUSSIANS were sending over $100m to for 20% of the US Uranium reserve RosensSTINK? Maybe you can tell us about how your entire history as a prosecutor, you abd Comey the Commie have been shills for the Clintons, excusing them for everything from Whitewater to Uranium One? And why appoint highlly conflcited Robber Mule turd as a special prosecutor, given his own rather questionable backgroun of rather corrupt behavior?

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  14. George Papadopoulos is the only one on the list who can’t wait to testify. His Twitter account has been a must follow of late. Same goes for Carter Page who needs added to that list as well.


  15. craybox2882 says:

    Rosenstein is not a dupe. He wrote the scope memo.

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  16. Laramie Evan says:

    The notion that Rosenstein is an unwitting patsy or knucklehead makes sense until you consider all of the efforts that he’s made to conceal what occurred on Comey’s watch. When you add that to the mix, it doesn’t make sense.

    Rosenstein is in on it. He may have been naive initially, but he’s not a complete idiot. If he’s not a complete idiot, and if he was played by McCabe, Baker, et al, then there’s a point when he realizes it. At that point . . . at the instant he realizes he’s been played, then everything changes. Then he’s no longer uncertain, ‘is it possible Trump was conspiring with Russia? We need to get to the bottom of this.’ At the point he realizes he’s been played, he turns 180 degrees on those who played him because he knows that everything they’ve set in motion is a sham.

    There is absolutely no reason that text messages sought by the intel committee could be designated as classified. This has been well known for some time. It was even referenced in the IG’s report. Yet, texts continue to be withheld and redacted on this basis. This is happening on Rosenstein’s watch. He’s clearly aware of it. He was forced to testify in the Senate on this very topic, where his lame excuse was that he was not personally reviewing/redacting/withholding the documents.

    If he had been played, he would realize it by now. We would see a shift. The redactions would stop; we would see some guardrails being placed on Mueller but instead Mueller’s authority was expanded via Rosenstein’s second memo; we would see some contrition when he testifies. We don’t. He’s part of the swamp and always has been.

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  17. TJ says:

    An excellent analysis. thanks again. For your consideration…

    Grounded Ambition: How Jeff Sessions’ Dream Job Became A Nightmare
    To find an elementary footing on the subject, let’s play a word association game. You say Attorney General Sessions, I say Chuck Cooper. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein? Chuck Cooper. Former Assistant AG Rachel Brand? Chuck Cooper. Acting Assistant AG Jesse Panuccio? Chuck Cooper. Solicitor General Noel Francisco? Chuck Cooper. Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz? Chuck Cooper. I think you get the point.

    There’s no separating the native Alabaman and longtime DC super lawyer from our current situation. If you need further validation of Cooper’s influence, know that he seamlessly transformed from ardent Ted Cruz supporter and advisor, to the chief architect of Trump’s Justice Department. If that makes you a little squeamish, you’re not alone. The more one peels back the layers of this particular onion, the more one sees a complex and hardly subtle establishment matrix built to box in President Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WSB says:

      Mr. Deep State! From the article:

      “Cooper smoothed over every rough edge in the process for Sessions. He maneuvered White House Chief Counsel Don McGahn every which but loose. Every time someone asks me why Trump didn’t step in and get assurances from Sessions prior to swearing him in, I tell them to ask McGahn and Cooper. They just ensured that the top floors of Justice were all Cooper & Kirk alums, and all other counsel positions in the administration were pipelined in from McGahn’s prior firm, Jones Day. Protecting the interests of President Trump was evidently not on the priority list. Once Chris Christie was summarily dismissed from his role as Trump’s transition boss, Cooper filled the void at Justice with nothing short of brilliance. How does Ted Cruz’s mentor and advisor end up filling every key position in a Trump Justice Department? If the results were not so disastrous, I would commend his political swashbuckling.

      Now Cooper has come full circle, serving as Sessions’ personal attorney during the Mueller investigation. Doing what he has been since the nomination of Jeff Sessions: protecting his old friends and employees from President Trump’s ire. Cooper even had himself in the running for Solicitor General before some in the White House pushed back, presumably Kellyanne Conway making waves for her husband to get the gig. Sure enough, it emerged through tweets that Mr Conway was no fan of the president, either. No worries though, Cooper ushered Noel Francisco into the position. Someone who happened to be the second person he ever hired at Cooper & Kirk.

      Charles J. Cooper doesn’t miss a trick. Know why? Because he invented most of them. Even with all the success in protecting Sessions up until now, I think even Cooper knows that at the conclusion of the Mueller debacle, his old trusted pal from Alabama might need one of those cozy corner offices at Cooper & Kirk.”

      Liked by 3 people

  18. RR is still resisting Congress in remeasing the Documents. Goodlatte said that he is still waiting on the othet subpiened documents from over 9 months ago. I find it hard to believe RR is going to assist in cleaning up his mess because it would implicate him. My guess is he will flat out quit if POTUS won’t accept his resignation.


  19. 6x47 says:

    So refreshing, a simple tale with a simple plot. No Machiavellian twists; no Sun Tzu gamesmanship.

    For some time now my position has been the elaborate explanations about “Stealth Jeff”, the Mueller Probe is a rope-a-dope, President Trump has a ridiculously complicated plan to give the Deep State Black Hats all the rope they need to hang themselves … is a desperate attempt to make sense of something that is just so sad, so unjust, so unfitting, there just has to be a better explanation.

    King Barbarossa didn’t accidentally drown on his way to the Crusades; he’s been enchanted and is sleeping on a mountaintop, one day he’ll awaken and return!

    JFK wasn’t murdered by a whack job loser with a cheap mail order rifle; it was a plot by the Cubans/Russians/CIA/mafia to stop him and thwart his agenda! Oswald was a patsy!

    AG Jeff Sessions really isn’t feckless and supine; he’s got a grand plan he and Trump devised to flush out the Deep State and roll it all up! Yeah, that’s it! Any day now, he’ll spring the trap! Just keep waiting, you’ll see! Have some faith! It’s coming … soon …

    Nope. Sorry. There wasn’t a single reason for Jeff Sessions to recuse, he did the battered conservative cringe when the Black Hats told him they’re hunting Russians in the Trump campaign. He took their word for it, apologized, and recused. The fool. Left President Trump wide open to an assault.

    This is why the President complains so bitterly: Where is my Roy Cohn? Where is my Eric Holder? Missing in action. Chasing MS13 like an idiot.

    Liked by 2 people

    • trapper says:

      And the simple explanation for why PDJT hasn’t done anything about it is that he has had bigger fish to fry, like ending Nork nuke and missile tests, cutting taxes, killing TPP, killing NAFTA, finally engaging in the decades-long Chinese trade war against America, doing a Mexico deal, doing new trade deals with – everyone. Sheesh! What have I forgotten? Taken all together, fixing DOJ and FBI falls in the realm of straightening out the mess in the mailroom. Jeff was supposed to have that one like Mulvaney had the CFPB. Oh well. T will get to it.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Greg says:

      I am reminded of a story I heard a couple of years ago about two TV shows-House of Cards and Veep. One (House of Cards) paints DC as this vicious pit of snakes who are all uber intelligent and are all weaving these complex plots and stabbing each other in the back. The other (Veep) paints a picture that DC is actually a bastion of mediocrity and that many are just plain stupid but too vain and narcissistic to even realize it. The reporter was saying that the going joke/sentiment among all of the politicos in DC was that no one could watch Veep because it was too close to the truth.

      Another way to look at it is Occam’s Razor- the simplest explanation is almost always the real explanation.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. trapper says:

    Great job on Rosey. Now it’s time for a deep dive on Wray. My guess is he is not what people accuse him of. He was tapped from the outside to head FBI, and was not around during all these shenanigans that his old friends and colleagues had descended into when they ran the FBI off the rails during his absence from DOJ. I have no doubt he wants to preserve the FBI, as do I, but everything there is broken so it is a daunting job. I still want FBI chasing down jihadists at home, since there is no one else nationwide to do it. They have very little business even getting on any overseas flights, however. Leave that to the clandestine services. It’s up to DNI to keep his people fully informed and cross-briefed, but operating in their respective wheelhouses.

    Take another look at the joint Wray/Rosey testimony. Watch Wray while Rosey makes stupid statements and pukes all over himself. Poker face. Stoic. At the time my thought was that he must have been thinking “I can’t believe I have to sit next to this little dweeb bureaucrat and listen to this shit.”


  21. Ackman420 says:

    I was having a convo with my intelligent, but TDS afflicted, FIL 9 months ago. I told him it’s all a big cover up and frame job, and that PDJT and our Republic is the victim here. He shook his head and swore that he’d seen this before, with Watergate. He attested that the FBI and DOJ aren’t filled with evil people looking to overthrow the President. PDJT colluded with the Russians, proven by “the meeting at Trump Tower”.

    We agreed to disagree and haven’t talked politics since, in the interests of our relationship. But Iet me tell ya, when this all comes out for everyone to understand, I will be making sure that he acknowledges the devious plot and the disastrous effects it’s had on our great Republic.

    I’m looking forward to this apocalypse. Not just for his understanding, but for everyone who thinks that our PDJT is less of a man, and a patriot,than he really is.

    Liked by 4 people

    • KnowSERENoFear says:

      “PDJT colluded with the Russians, proven by “the meeting at Trump Tower”

      I hear the same thing. The power of confirmation bias be strong in them!


    • RobInPA says:

      Trust me, I know the type (my dad), and they are incapable of acknowledging and accepting the truth if it does not comport with their political ideology.

      It’ll be less painful to pound your fingers with a 20 oz. hammer than trying to convince any true-believing Progressive to acknowledge the truth.

      That is why, as many say. . .

      Progressivism is a Mental Disorder.


  22. Doug Amos says:

    Epic! Some people in life are doing exactly what they have been called to do.


  23. Bull Durham says:

    AG Sessions wanted RR as his #2.
    AG Sessions wanted Comey fired on Day 1.
    No Comey, no Mueller.
    All the grief comes from Comey being hired (kept) as plotter-in-chief.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Bigdog35 says:

    So you have a pest in the garden that needs dealt with in an expedient manner? There are 3 methods that are most generally applied on an industrial scale. All 3 methods will accomplish the task, but there are certain benefits and risks associated with each. Choose wisely!

    Mechanical eradication
    Biological remediation
    Chemical control

    My choice is for #3. My method would be the continued application of 24D Chess.
    What is it you ask?

    24D Chess (usually called 2,4-D) is an organic compound with the chemical formula 2terms4vsgDjt. It is a systemic corrupticide which selectively controls most or all seditious miscreants in government by causing uncontrolled panic and legal jeopardy for them, but leaves most “useful idiots” such as congressmen, bureaucrats, and otherwise ineffectual & obnoxious agency personnel relatively unaffected.


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  25. 6x47 says:

    President Trump has withstood the withering attacks from the Deep State for the simple reason that truth is on his side. He isn’t lying, or spinning, or bowing and scraping to curry favor: He speaks the truth, he means what he says, and he says what he means.

    It’s hard to cheat an honest man; and it’s just as hard to frame one for a crime he didn’t commit. I guarantee you, the transparency Trump offers in response to the Russia investigation stymies their tricks. Remember when the NYT was prepared to break the big story on the Trump Tower meeting … and Don Jr. tweeted out the entire email chain before they could drop the hammer?

    The reporter was distraught. “He just … tweeted it out. I worked on this for a year. And he just … tweeted the whole thing out.”

    Liked by 7 people

  26. JMC says:

    To repeat once again the Obama EO: Classification may not be used to: 1) Conceal a crime 2) Merely to prevent embarrassment to public officials.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. railer says:

    Very good comments by all here. Much to think about. I’d just add a global observation that all of our thinking should be wrapped around, because it’s immutable: We’re talking about the Swamp. 99.99% of the Swamp wants to feed Donald Trump into a woodchipper. If the “Trump into a woodchipper button” was in front of them, they’d all press it. This would give them Pence, and Pence is a Swamp creature same as Sessions.

    Almost every Senate-approved Trump appointee is a Swamp creature. All of them will do what McConnell and Ryan do, protect the Swamp in all cases, especially when the Swamp is threatened by Trump, which is every day he’s not being fed into a woodchipper. You can’t judge Trump based upon his nominees and their ineptitude and even corruption, because the Swamp will only give him what they want him to have, and the Swamp wanted Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray et al. Trump would get no other, unless he went into open warfare against McConnell and the Senate. He wisely declined such warfare, and here we are. But now, he’s about to flip Rosenstein to do his bidding. He sidestepped the conspiracy, stepped over every landmine they’re throw in front of him, and now he’s poised to begin the takedown. Hail Trump, baby.

    Trump is in hostile territory. The hostiles conspired to destroy his candidacy, and to destroy his presidency. Not every conspirator is all-in in all ways, but they’d all do what the Project Veritas culprits do, which is to blunt anything Trump wants to do, and set him up for failure and removal if possible.

    I can count only 2 people who can be counted on absolutely to support Trump, me and Jim Jordan (ok, maybe 2 or 3 of you in here). It reminds me of that ol’ blues song: “Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jiving too!” I’m impressed that Trump keeps such a delightful attitude, given the fact he’s surrounded by long knives. But he knew this was coming, and said so. I didn’t, but he did truly understand the depth of the resistance there’d be, and his words back then said so.

    I want Trump to be certain to do his day job, immigration, trade, the economy, proper foreign relations, etc. A slow takedown of the conspiracy is fine, and it’ll take two full terms to do that, as it should also include changes in the bureaucracy and law, which requires Congress. So no sense rushing into it. Flipping Rosenstein, letting Jordan et al do their work, those are good steps in the progression.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. agentcommonsense says:

    Could be a reverse sting as Rosenstein said in this 2013 article.

    U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said his office is confident in the legality of such operations, which he said catch “people who are driving the murder rate in the city.”
    “Colloquially, people will use the word entrapment when all they mean is sting,” Rosenstein said. “Just providing the opportunity is not entrapment.”


  29. fractionalexponent says:

    A duck duck go search of “rot rosenstink” brings up up “rod rosenstein” … AI is not as stupid as I thought it was…

    Liked by 1 person

  30. teeheeman says:

    This analysis by SD makes sense to me. Rosey = Useful Idiot at this point. I still don’t know how you get out of this mess but I’m confident PDJT has a plan. He wouldn’t just sit back and put up with this crap from Rosey and Sessions.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Donna in Oregon says:

    IMO Jeff Sessions is exactly what the French President is. A Globalist plant that made nice with POTUS.

    If Jeff Sessions was a true Patriot he would have fired Rosenstein and resigned.

    No true POTUS supporter would let President Trump suffer through this.

    Even Sessions supporters know this is true. A true friend would have removed Rosenstein and removed himself.

    This is Sessions mess. All of it.

    AG Sessions supporters may say he didn’t know.

    Okay. I don’t believe that, but say he didn’t know.

    Now he does.

    I always end my letters to AG Sessions, “If you love your country please resign and take Rosenstein and Wray with you”.

    Because IF AG Sessions loved his country, loved the American people. He knows he is destroying MAGA every single day, and frustrating the will of the American people by interfering in the Trump presidency…..a truly honorable Patriot would remove himself. An honorable man would do that. Fall on his sword for his people, for his country.

    I’ve read here so many times that AG Sessions is an honorable man.

    I just don’t see it.

    Rosenstein is just an ass. Everyone has met a ‘Rosenstein’. A jerk, egotist. On the hunt for power. He is not hard to figure out at all. It isn’t that he’s stupid or in on it. Rosenstein is always going to protect Rosenstein. He thought he was going to be the AG.

    Rosenstein types are always a nice warm environment for the Globalists of the world.

    Liked by 4 people

  32. DanO64 says:

    I made a very big mistake. A couple months ago I posted that Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and Christopher Wray would come out of this mess in great standing. My timing was off, however I still FIRMLY believe that candidate Trump found out about the Dossier long before the election.

    If Our VSG was smart enough to have moles within the democrat’s caucus then he had moles somewhere in the seven or eight major news organization that the dossier had been pitched to?

    I often wonder if Admiral Rogers went to the mountain or did the mountain go to him. Was he asked to meet at Trump Towers or did he, through perhaps Mike Flynn, asked to meet with President Elect Trump?

    Liked by 1 person

    • fractionalexponent says:

      Flynn, Rogers, heros both…

      Liked by 1 person

    • oldschool says:

      Good questons dan, imo. Especially on rogers. We all believed Rogers bravely went to trump tower, but how do we know he wasn’t summoned by an already suspicious president elect? We don’t. There are many unknowns surrounding the roles of Flynn and Rogers, then and now.


  33. Dixie says:

    Impressive comments on this last page of this thread. Almost all of them.


  34. HyacinthLouse says:

    The IG has uprooted these spider webs and will be doing so for a long time yet. This does not happen without coordination with the AG. Having a Rosenstein feed himself his own rope so publicly alongside of a Mueller is advantageous. Nothing will come of the Steele file; all of its machinations in the conspiracies to unseat an incoming Executive and spy with foreign powers to do it is public knowledge in all the most crucial details. Sessions’ recusal isn’t disadvantageous, or relevant until the IG material is unleashed. If no momentous October surprise is forthcoming with the declassification (reminder this is National Preparedness month, and the emergency contact system trial run for the President/FEMA) — then dumpster on Sessions like this.


  35. Electra says:

    Here’s a wild theory: On September 20, Pres. Trump first publically revealed that he had revoked his earlier order to declassify the FBI/DOJ documents. He cited the concerns of close ally nations as one of his reasons for doing this. It’s not hard to imagine why the Theresa May government would be terrified by the release. May is already teetering on the edge of ruin, with her own party up in arms against her, and the socialist Laborites poised to take power. An international spying scandal that goes all the way to the top (including Boris Johnson) would be a disaster for her.

    So when the very next day after Trump revoked his order, May indignantly blasted the EU Brexit negotiators for bad faith and threatened a hard Brexit, was this perhaps the result of a little leverage being applied by PDJT? After all, he’s not one to let perfectly good leverage go to waste. Perhaps he delicately suggested that the Trump Administration was still eager to do a trade deal with Britain, and perhaps he could see his way to shelving that nasty old FISA application.

    Just a thought.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Apfelcobbler says:

    PT press conference sure dispensed with any 25A argument of RR and pals!

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Amy2 says:

    All of Rosenstein’s actions have been to cover Rosenstein. If he had come clean at the beginning, he could have left with some dignity, but he took the job knowing the others had been plotting. He CONTINUES to deny THE AMERICAN PEOPLE what they have requested. When you keep an incompetent/treacherous employee, no good can come of it. De-classify, mainly because RR recommended against it and then let RR be shamed. He earned it. Mueller can sink himself as soon as the new DAG defangs him by rewriting the scope.


  38. billrla says:

    Not feeling it today. We’re back in the soup without any clarity.


  39. Deborah says:

    I’ve never commented here before but, I read everything that is posted here. After reading this post and all comments, I decided to share the following…..Don’t know if anyone has seen this yet or not but, I found it to be interesting………
    Trump Will Flip Rosenstein

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  40. Republicanvet91 says:

    Something I have been thinking about…

    The excuse that Trump pulled back the order to declassify in order to save embarrassment of allies like the UK or the Aussies doesn’t hold water in any way. Getting leverage over Rosey is a better reason, or any other of a number of reasons would be better than not wanting to embarrass allies.

    Embarrassed? Embarrassment should be the least of their worries since certain of their citizens participated with their intel agencies to not only eliminate Trump from the campaign, but to sabotage his transition as well as force his removal from office.

    Embarrassed? Over doing something that I think many Americans would consider an act of war?


  41. CHRIS B. says:

    I’m sorry if I can’t fall for this baloney. Rosenstein is nowhere near stupid enough to be duped as suggested. We’re talking about a career DC man that knows the game inside and out- not some amateur. Let’s not forget what makes him a dark hat:

    1) Rod revised the IG report’s “executive summary” to state there was no bias by Strok.
    2) Rod signed the final FISA extension.
    3) Rod obstructed most of the Congressional requests for records for over a year- impeachable.
    4) Rod offered to wear a wire and stated bias against the president.
    5) Rod has enabled Mueller at every turn.
    6) Rod looks like a weasel.

    There’s no way Rod will agree to pretend to be Trump’s new boy. The Dems will crucify him worse and he doesn’t swing that way. That’s why he’s offering to leave. He was just hoping to do it on his own terms and Trump still wants a crack at him.

    Let’s be real here. 95% of both sides of the Senate is completely corrupt. That is why we have Sessions and Rosenstein at the controls. The only way I’m wrong is if there is a secret grand jury that still needs more time. But the jig is up. Congress can’t play us anymore.

    Not only does everyone know the stakes. But the Beltway and every blogger inside it misunderstands just how badly the people hate the other side. We are at a civil strife that could break at any moment. One little catalyst and we have a civil war because the truth is being denied to the public.


  42. shipley130 says:

    I am amazed. Obama was going to fire General McCrystal because his staff made a few jokes about Obama in front of an embedded media type, which was release, and there was no problem with the firing. Rosenstein “jokes” about secretly recording Trump so some kind of Amendment 25 excuse could be found to get Trump out of the white house but Rosenstein can’t be fired?


  43. Pingback: Rosenstein Threatens “Obstruction” Over Declassification Directive – IOTW Report

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