Interesting and Frustrating: Senator Ron Johnson Questions FBI Director Christopher Wray….

There was a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing today where one of the responding executive branch officials was FBI Director Christopher Wray.  Toward the end of the hearing, long after the rest of the members had left the hearing, Chairman Ron Johnson took the opportunity to ask Director Wray some very specific and pointed questions about the current issues within the FBI as an institutional office.

Few people remember, fewer even know, that it was Ron Johnson’s committee effort that brought out the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages.  Lots of other committees began exploring DOJ and FBI misconduct, but it was Johnson who started the sunlight back in July and August of 2017.  That’s the baseline to begin to appreciate this questioning.

The exchange between Chairman Johnson and Director Wray begins around 02:15:00 of the video (nearly two and a half hours into the hearing).  Likely few will have watched this because, just like actually reading the 600 pages of Page/Strzok text messages, it takes granular exploration to understand what is happening.

Chairman Johnson starts asking specific questions about the lack of response from officials underneath Director Wray.  As CTH outlined in the June 2018 FBI press conference on the IG report, Christopher Wray transparently has no clue (intentionally so) what is going on within his institutional apparatus.

Wray doesn’t know who has responded to oversight requests; what oversight requests have been made; what documents exist; what documents are being hidden; what documents the FBI possesses; and the current status of the FBI to produce documents for oversight.

This level of disconnection is critical to see and watch first-hand.

It is critical to see because this reality speaks directly to the corrupt internal officials who are underneath Wray and manipulating the executive suites of the cabinet.

A combination of willful blindness and abject ineptitude comes to the surface as you watch the shallow and superficial answers from the FBI director.  This is not necessarily Wray being corrupt, this is Wray’s office being corrupted by officials within the FBI as an institution.

Don’t take my word for it.  Watch it yourself [prompted, just hit play]:


Then comes the “rip off the bandaid” [02:18:30] – Two issues of primary focus:

♦ (1) Notice how Director Wray deflects questions about current documentary requests behind the shield of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation.  There’s the frustrating part for Senator Johnson and those of us who completely accept this shield is by design.  THIS is the purpose of Mueller.

Robert Mueller (the entire team) was put into place, carefully selected by James Baker and Andrew McCabe, specifically to cover for the DOJ and FBI activity that preceded the firing of James Comey. Mueller’s role has two essential aspects:

♦(i) Create an investigation – Just by creating the investigation it is then used as a shield by any corrupt FBI/DOJ official who would find himself/herself under downstream congressional investigation.  Former officials being deposed/questioned by IG Horowitz or Congress could then say they are unable to answer those questions due to the ongoing special counsel investigation.  In this way Mueller provides cover.

♦(ii)  Use the investigation to keep any and all inquiry focused away from the corrupt DOJ and FBI activity that took place in 2015, 2016, 2017.  Keep the media narrative looking somewhere, anywhere, other than directly at the epicenter of the issues.

♦ (2) As the conversation between Johnson and Wray continues, [02:20:12] On the Bruce Ohr 302’s etc. Note Director Wray’s response:

….”But I do know there is a very serious, ongoing, criminal investigation, that involves grand jury secrecy and the need to protect the integrity of that investigation.  Whether the particular documents that you are asking for, and the particular requests, run afoul of that I’d have to have someone take a look at it”…

This reference is likely directed toward the previously reported criminal referral of Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe for his actions and activities surrounding his lies to INSD investigators about leaking information to media; and the creation of the “spygate” fiasco.

It was reported in early September, 2018, that a grand jury was impaneled to review the evidence against Andrew McCabe [SEE HERE]

That said, there are ridiculous amounts of people who would take that statement by Director Wray as an “ah-ha” defense to say there is a vast 3-D, stealth Jeff, ongoing sting operation being conducted under the radar to take down mass swaths of the former administration, DOJ and FBI officials.  That claim is nonsense.

By looking at the behavior of those who would directly be targeted within such an investigative approach, if real; and from an acceptance that such a vast sting operation being conducted within the apparatus of the DOJ and FBI would not remain hidden to the corrupt officials it would be targeting; and accepting there are corrupt institutional elements remaining within the DOJ and FBI that would tip-off external elements that would be the target of such an approach; and accepting the factual basis of what decision-making took place within the FBI and DOJ surrounding James Wolfe…. there is not a scintilla of demonstrable evidence such an investigative round-up is taking place.

The Occam’s Razor behind the Wray comments is the narrow criminal focus on the conduct of former FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  Yes, McCabe is a potential criminal target; however, he is the only known (and inferred) criminal target.

Additionally, the outlying evidence -McCabe knowing he is a target- is visible within the latest reports from the Washington Post, specifically Devlin Barrett reporting, highlighting how team McCabe is constructing a narrative in defense of McCabe to the disparagement of Rod Rosenstein.  [SEE HERE]

Team McCabe is trying to set-up Rosenstein to go down if McCabe is taken down.

Team McCabe is: Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Baker, Michael Kortan, Daniel Richman, Benjamin Wittes, Michael Bowditch and to a lesser and self-serving extent, James Comey and David Laufman….  These are the people leaking to, and sources for, Devlin Barrett and the Washington Post, as well as the New York Times, in the effort to pin DAG Rod Rosenstein to the cross and distract from the epicenter of the soft-coup, Andrew McCabe.

Defending McCabe in essence defends the entire soft-coup team.

While this defense is ongoing at a very high level, the institutional brethren of the group, mainly from deep inside Main Justice, are working earnestly to continue marginalizing AG Sessions and fuel the Robert Mueller ‘insurance policy’.  In effect, this keeps congressional oversight at a controllable distance.

TEAM McCABE – Shortly after Robert S. Mueller III was appointed to investigate possible coordination between President Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin, he was drawn into a tense standoff in which Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and then-acting FBI director Andrew McCabe each urged the other to step aside from the case, according to people familiar with the matter.

At the time of the confrontation in mid-May 2017, tensions were running high at the FBI and Justice Department, and between Rosenstein and McCabe. Trump had just fired James B. Comey as the bureau’s director, and almost immediately afterward, FBI officials had opened a case into whether the president had obstructed justice. (read more)

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is a man without any team.  He is simultaneously trying to keep the narrative engineers from constructing his framing – and with his fingertips, hold on to the possible defensive skirt of the President.

From a political perspective Rosenstein is in ‘no-man’s-land’.  Perhaps wasn’t a direct and active participant in the soft-coup; however, at the same time he did nothing to impede their efforts; and the “small group” manipulated his position to initiate the Special Counsel.

Rosenstein is FUBAR.

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414 Responses to Interesting and Frustrating: Senator Ron Johnson Questions FBI Director Christopher Wray….

  1. Mark Barney says:

    Why? Why is the president waiting for the midterms for anything, as it looks as though we will lose Congress. Is it because he thinks the losses will be greater for exposing fbi corruption? That doesn’t make any sense. What does everyone think Rosenstein tried to resign, but was told no. That makes no sense either. If you want to quit, you quit. He doesn’t need any authorization to leave his job. Just curious what the thinking is here.

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    • bulwarker says:

      Agreed. The “Rosenstien tried to resign several times and was told no” is nonsense attributed to “unnamed” sources. If he wanted out he would’ve left like every other corrupt official before him, and the media/Democrats would praise him as brave and provide cover. Look at Comey. He leaked documents and has his fingerprints all over this with zero repercussions since being fired.

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      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        If he quits he loses his benefits.


        • bulwarker says:

          Then he signs a million dollar book deal and gets a regular spot on MSNBC…

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        • Beau Geste says:

          If he is fired, he loses less benefits?
          This “protect the integrity of the grand jury” concept is absurd. Congress is a separate oversight branch. How could release of the FISA warrant possibly affect the grand jury? The perps of the coup and other DOJ/FBI crooks have already had, made and seen these records. i call BS.
          Rosenstein refuses to go to congress? Wray claims not to know anything? Ask him why he doesn’t direct the immediate processing and release of the records. Congress should request that he do so. Congress should again request President Trump to tell Wray, Sessions and the IG to do so, immediately.
          Its “almost as if” Trump pretended to release the records, with the plan that they would be withheld, but “not his fault” as the boss. I call BS on this phony attempt to appear to release the records of corruption.


    • bayoukiki says:

      I’m thinking the President likes Rosenstein right where he has him -by the shorthairs. This could insure no “October Surprise” by Mueller (RR is his boss) and he probably has lots to tell while Andy (“I’m not going down alone”) is trying to throw him under the bus

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      • Beau Geste says:

        BS. President Trump would not need to do a corrupt bribery deal with Rosenstein, if he just released the records of FBI corruption. Rosenstein signed the fraudulent and misleading FISA warrant. There were other “mystery” spies against the Trump campaign. The Ohr-Steele-DNC/hillary/perkins-coie conspiracy needs to be documented before the midterms.
        If Trump is making a deal to hide the records of DOJ/FBI corruption and british spying for hillary before the midterms, he has joined the swamp.


        • moe grimm says:

          In the arena of the surreal it certainly, at least, looks that way. I agree. But then again I never believed Trump was coming to save vs buy time to SHTF. He’s making some very stupid moves unless he’s holding cards only he can fully know. But I doubt this given his sudden reversal on releasing what he promised. Now he shimmies up to Sessionzzz dominatrix Rosenstein unless Rosenstein crossed over at 35K ft. telling Trump he’ll give it all up if Trump swears to cover him. I doubt this too. Trump HAS to know that if the marxists take the HoR it’s over. All he’ll be doing is fighting subpoenas through 2020. Even if they don’t this endless dead beat of subpoena this subpoena that which is never delivered is also past old. Not one (1) single indictment let alone a grand jury yet. I still can’t believe he appointed this Mega Cuck Wray. Sessionzzz did fool me, but McMaster no way and more he was Diana Powell’s rabbi. Powell’s background shouts D.S. How stupid can Trump be even mentioning her for Haley’s replacement. And then this Gary Cohen, also from Golden Slacks. Another serpent. Tillerson yet another. And that little Long Island grease ball Scaramucci who lasted a week as comm dir.

          Most can’t get their heads wrapped around it, but more and more it’s apparent this filthy mess will have to be rectified by force by those who fully realize what that means. In every sense. It may well be the only way. ANd there’s not much time to prepare. The good news is we control the urban blue hives. Think trucking, power plants, who grows the food, raises the meat, who controls interstate access in/out, optical infrastructure. BIG question is LE. All tyrants make sure they and their families are fed and paid well. But I know many who won’t bite. For these have a Code. The military… some of them will, but most will not. How many will turn on Kith and Kin. They don’t come from the holliewood hills, the acela corridor, or the upper west and east sides of Manhattan. We’re in pretty good shape if we stop bickering. For the interim keep it local and be damn sure YOU KNOW who you’re talking too. It does work though the numbers will be small in initial formation. Better start seeking some hard hearted men you can trust. They’re out here.

          I don’t know which way Trump is going and I at this point almost don’t care. Many of you need to lose your illusions. Quick.

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    • spinoneone says:

      Personal supposition: The Party has told President Trump not to rock the boat before November 7, 2018, but then feel free to take off the gloves, get out the cattle prods, and have at it. When he sees it as necessary, the President can be patient.

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      • spinoneone says:

        And, BTW, the polls are moving in our direction in both the Senate and the House.

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        • steph_gray says:

          Yes. Not to mention that, as anyone who was alive in 2016 should know, the polls are always always purposely wrong up until the last minute.

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        • formercrookcountyresident says:

          All the more reason for us to work our ____ at the grass roots to help get out the vote for the GOP House and Senate candidates on the ballots!!!! Phone banking, precinct walking, offering rides to the polling place for those in your precinct who might need one (you know….. the good old fashioned way).

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        • Mama Pajama says:

          Hope the red hats come out to vote. If we lose the house – we will lose all our gains.
          Voter ID needs to be in the crosshairs soon.

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        • Mama Pajama says:

          Hope the red hats come out to vote. If we lose the house – we will lose all our gains.
          Voter ID needs to be in the crosshairs soon.


      • moe grimm says:

        What the hell good is their “advice” if the House is lost. Hell, maybe the senate too. An who would be giving that advice? Michelle McConnell? Worse still, that WI. numale Squeaker Ryan who’s done nothing but apologize for the party he claims to rep. Did you read what he wrote in the NYT recently? I’d pay my own way to WI. or Mordor to hang that cuck hand over hand and then go to confession and explain why. Trump showed these Morons how to win. DO you even see one of them out on the campaign trail? They’re exhausted just watching him. It almost killed that shrike clinton.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Pres Trump has leverage over Rosenstein. Should Rosenstein quit, Pres Trump will declassify Rosenstein’s participation in and conspiracy with the Scheme Team. Rosenstein will be a D.C. pariah and possibly never work again.
      Meanwhile, the Scheme Team will continue on with their soft coup conspiracy.

      It is in Rosenstein’s best interests to continue working at DOJ for now, and hope for a life after gubmint “service” with the recommendation of Pres Trump.
      Remember, while still on the inside, Rosenstein is a threat to the Scheme Team, not Pres Trump.

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      • nightmare on k st says:


        “Rosenstein is a threat to the Scheme Team” by still working and having access


      • YeahYouRight says:

        Pariah, or hero of the resistance?

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Rosenstein has not organized and authorized a criminal investigation into foreign British-Russian interference in our election, DNC-hillary collusion to defraud the FISA Court, illegal FBI/DOJ leaking as a criminal offense, conspiracy to protect hillary, etc. Rosenstein is still particiating in the obstruction of congressional oversight into DOJ/FBI wrongdoing.


    • flyboy46 says:

      Go back and read Sundance’s article about “leverage” over Rosenstine. PDJT has seen ALL this classified stuff, and has the big picture in mind. If he let it out now some Rino’s might defect, and the commotion before the election might hurt the GOP. With all the Kavanaugh flack helping the GOP, when they pick up Senate seats, and maybe not even lose any House seats, then the boom will fall. Rosenstine will fire Mueller, to help his plea deal, and Trump will clean house at DOJ and FBI. The fun will begin, and will last a long time.

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      • Somewhere in Dixie says:

        Music to my ears. But I think we will have to wait until January when the new congress comes and Jim Jordan is the new speaker. I hope so.

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        • Farmkid says:

          Be sure to send the Whitehouse a message in support of Jordan. The swamp is whispering in Trumps ear in support for Kevin McCarthy ( a Paul Ryan understudy).
          No we want Jordan who has put himself out on the line.
          We can’t keep enabling politicians who support the trillion dollar spending spree. The budget just passed while we fixated on Kavinaugh is more popular with Democrats than Republucans, it gives them everything.
          WTH? All the jobs and taxes mean nothing if we keep digging the debt hole.

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          • Jan Phillips says:

            Farmkid, I’m going to right now and send a message that we support Jim Jordan!!!!

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          • Carrie2 says:

            By now you all should already have the email address to our President,but on the off chance you don’t: and let him know that we are in favor of the new speaker being Jim Jordan. We need to get this done asap because no way McCarthy or anyone else.


            • Jan says:

              McCarthy says he’s bringing a bill to fully fund the Wall. Ryan says it will never pass the House. Is McCarthy trying to get Pres. Trump’s support for his speakership? I’m with you guys, McCarthy is a Ryan RINO. I trust Jim Jordan. I don’t trust McCarthy.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Just like a Roller Coaster or Slingshot ride, most people, that paid to get on, and stood waiting in a long line, want Off at some point in the Ride.
        I Trust Trump, and have my hands in the air, Enjoying the Ride, while admittedly praying for a Safe end, and that noone pukes at the front of the cars.
        Wolfmoon’s post, on Riding the Trump Train, should be reposted at times like this (high anxiety going up the Incline).
        People need Reminding, before they get Slung Off into an Outer Orbit.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        i don’t think PJDT, White House counsel or PJDT personal counsel have seen the withheld records. They have also been withheld from PJDT as part of the secrecy and obstruction allegations. What makes you think PJDT has all the withheld records?

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Add to the oddities is Trump first declassifying and then retracting the declassification of the FISA documents and emails on the basis of Rosenstein and unnamed “allies” (UK and Australia?) demands.


      • Guy Jackson says:

        I’ve wondered how UK and Australia know what is in our FISA Applications. If they don’t then this is a false request credited to them. If they do, there is no reason to withhold them. Embarrassment? Since when do prosecutor’s make decisions based on embarrassment?


        • Jan says:

          We’ll eventually find out that OVomit asked for 5 Eyes help in setting up candidate Trump and/or getting blackmail info on candidate Trump, not to mention McCain’s efforts with our allies and, of course, Brennan & Clapper. The UK and Australia are protecting OVomit and the Clintons. Pres. Trump knows this. He’ll use it to his advantage when the time is right.


    • The Other Sean says:

      In the most recent polls I’ve seen for several Senate races, the Republican candidates who’d been trailing a few months ago have either nearly caught up, or outright jumped ahead of, their Democratic opponents. Yesterday’s Rasmussen “generic ballot” poll showed Republicans and Democrats in a dead heat. Sure, there’s a chance the Democrats take the House. Senate looks to be staying Republican, likely with a at least a small pickup of seats.

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    • Well, I do not have a crystal ball and I cannot look into the President’s mind as to what he will do after the midterms. But I do know that there were some good reasons to wait…..

      First, we have the election coming up, and if anyone is fired in the top echelon of DOJ right now, there will always be some voters who think they were fired to cover something up. President Trump understands this.

      Second, we needed Justice Kavanaugh in place just in case the courts come into play. Before Kavanaugh, there was a good chance that any court decisions made by SCOTUS might be a 4-4 tie and a lower court ruling might stand–there is no need to take that chance.

      Finally, just look at all the obstruction of justice charges that were leveled at PDJT over the firing of Comey. If the demonic party takes over the House, and RosenRat get’s fired, here will come all those oversight committees (now completely corrupted by the demonic party) after President Trump again for attempting to stop the Mueller investigation–obstruction.

      I can see why it is wise to wait.

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      • More Covfefe Please says:

        I agree. Good analysis.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Releasing the records does not require PJDT to “fire” anyone. He can just let them percolate after corruption, bias, phony “sources an d methods” claims (top secret $70,000 table) and FISA Court fraud are revealed. Why would a RINO be concerned about revealing FBI/DOJ corruption? Independent voters are key to the midterms. Why not let them see if the corrupt FBI/DOJ criminally supports the DNC/hillary?


    • JMC says:

      We are NOT going to lose Congress!

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    • “told to” could mean threatened with a military tribunal if he doesn’t sing for them. In acts of betrayal against the country you can be tried as an enemy combatant.


  2. mark says:

    Gotta wait until Melania gets back from Africa to drop the Fisa Docs. Don’t want anything to happen to our Beautiful 1st Lady. GOD speed and get home safe.

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  3. Pyrthroes says:

    As the cliche has it, “lawyers make poor executives, executives make poor lawyers.” If Wray can’t be bothered to so much as monitor his parchment fief, “Director” becomes equivalent to “Commissar for Coverup.” As for Rosenstein: “You have sat here too long for all the good you have done. In the name of God, go!”

    Both Sessions and Wray are Trump appointees, almost the sole instance where The Master’s instincts went seriously astray. Just maybe, following a Rat Armageddon in midterms, a Chainsaw Al demarche will sweep a goodly portion of these squamous DOJ and FBI insiders off the table.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Wray was forced on Trump. McCain and a couple of his RINO pals said he was the only one on the short list they would approve.

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        I just don’t understand this confirmation of the Presidents cabinet. Look at Justine Trudope he picked whoever he desired when asked why so many women in his cabinet his answer was it is 2015 and because I can! That was that, no one had any say in Trudope’s appointments, so I find it so confusing why PDJT has to go through this BS, after all he is the President. God Bless PDJT and I can’t wait for our election October 2019 so we the people can say OUT Justine because WE can!

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      • aarmad says:

        Wray needs to go along with many others in the doj and fbi. When will it happen? If ever!


      • PoCoNoMo says:

        Yeah, that makes sense. And he just seems like some slick PR guy, real smooth facade, giving whole mouth full of nothing. A phony, is all I can think of when I see him speak.


  4. doctorfixit says:

    Christopher Wray is a Deep State operative assisting in the stonewalling campaign to protect the Obama KGB-Gestapo from being investigated.

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  5. Nunya Bidness says:

    Wray has a position – not a job – in the FBI.

    In the immortal lyric of WS Gilbert: “Stick close to your desk and never go to sea, and you all may be the ruler of the Queen’s Nav-ee”

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Johnson is PO’d and I don’t blame him! Wray as much as admitted he does not see the letters from him, doesn’t care to see them, and doesn’t care one whit about getting this whole CONGRESS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FBI OVERSIGHT matter resolved so the taxpayers of America can see the sunlight they deserve from their government..

    This is why firing Comey never mattered to ANY investigation, therefore ZERO OBSTRUCTION. Directors don’t do nuthin’, except CYA.

    Dear Mr. President, please tell Wray and Rod, “YOU’RE FIRED!” Worthless pieces of FILL IN THE BLANK!

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  7. bullnuke says:

    Wray is useless. How about you, as head of the FBI, investigate those under you. I can’t for the life of me understand what he draws a paycheck for other than to fill a billet. I had faith in Sessions doing something about the corruption until the James Wolfe fiasco. That is what made me want Sessions and RR removed. I still trust President Trump to prevail.

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  8. Blondie says:

    Why can’t the investigations take place simultaneously if Congress is sworn to withhold evidence that may impact the criminal investigation? When will the Mueller investigation follow the evidence and begin investigating DNC and HRC?


  9. AH_C, Boofer says:

    Well, looks like we’ll continue to wonder and second-guess movements and motives for a while longer. The twists and turns are certainly interesting.

    Bottomline, I know Trump is in a death match with Hillary, plus he has certain nukes at his disposal to end it all. If he hasn’t declassed the documents yet, it means he sees greater leverage in holding it back. As he stated at the Iowa rally the other night, “I’ve seen things as President that you just would not believe”. I’ll take him at his word and believe he will do what he can and die trying if he fails.

    As far as I know, Trump could have the perfect failsafe plan and still fail due to the supernatural forces arrayed against him and us. All bets are off when the enemy is ever so ready to shed blood to get their way.

    At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter to me who the white, gray and black hats are, as long as Trump wins and we KAG. Or it’s the end of the world as we know it.

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    • dawg says:

      Agree with your first two paragraphs, but the third one is backwards.

      The LEFT could have the perfect failsafe plan and it could still fail, because God. I think God blessed this country at its founding, has protected it for 240 years, and it was his intervention that elected Donald Trump against all the evil forces against him.

      And if Trump has the perfect failsafe plan, the left doesnt have a chance in hell.

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      • AH_C, Boofer says:

        You’re absolutely right.

        But I’m allowing for the possibility that defeat was already preordained by the 4 horsemen, ushering in Christ’s triumphant return.

        In which case, we really need to gird up the loins because the Beast been released.

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  10. RM says:

    “A combination of willful blindness and abject ineptitude comes to the surface as you watch the shallow and superficial answers from the FBI director. This is not necessarily Wray being corrupt, this is Wray’s office being corrupted by officials within the FBI as an institution.”
    I disagree. Wray and the FBI as an institution are both corrupt. They are deliberately destroying the rule of law in order to achieve an illegal political goal: The overthrow of the lawfully elected President of The United States, Donald J. Trump.

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      Yup. He can’t be allowed to slime his way out of this. I just hope people all vote Nov. 6, for I believe that if GOP picks enough seats, that’s the only hope we have that Heads Will Roll.


  11. Howard Richman says:

    Coming events:

    1. Rosenstein shuts down Mueller after the midterms, giving him until December 31 to issue a report.

    2. As soon as the report is issued, Rosenstein resigns.

    3. On January 1, Sessions and Huber can no longer be accused of interfering with the Mueller probe. That’s when they begin their prosecutions of the conspirators.

    There are tides in the affairs of men. The tide of the Muh Russia probe is going out. A new tide is coming. Be patient.

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    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      I hope you are correct.

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      • Howard Richman says:

        This timeline explains:

        1. The grand jury probe to which Wray referred in the above video clip.

        2. Why the conspirators have turned on Rosenstein.

        3. The secret Trump-Rosenstein agreement which was good enough to get Rosenstein a flight on Air Force 1.

        4. Sundance’s statements that Trump is focusing on ending the Mueller shadow on his presidency at the moment.

        5. Why Sessions and Huber have not yet filed their indictments. Sessions once told us that he has been taking unfair hits in the news just because he can’t reveal what is going on behind the scenes.

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  12. dawg says:

    I think Wray, Rosey, probably Sessions, etc, etc….are all just placeholders right now. After the midterms, they will be fired or at least demoted.

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  13. Ray says:

    POTUS was shaky and made hiring mistakes when he first started. Unfortunately Wray and Sessions were two of them and stick like bugs on poop.

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  14. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Wray has the purple tie.

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    • Uncompliant says:

      For those that may not understand this comment, see my post on the first page. I repeat part of that comment here:

      “Purple — that shade — is supposedly the color of the “color revolution” that is being attempted here in the USA.

      The phrasing never took hold. The phrasing we use is “soft coup.” The gist of a “color revolution” is the use of non-violent disruptive techniques like protests and labor strikes to undermine the perceived legitimacy and effectiveness of a given government. Then, when “everyone” believes the government is “not working,” “everyone” will support a new government. The first color revolution was done in Serbia in the 1990s called the “Bulldozer Revolution” under Bill Clinton (with Hillary watching closely) and many more have been accomplished since then.

      There is also a Wikipedia page for those who want a quick study of what color revolutions are. It might be listed under the English spelling of “colour.”

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    • thinkthinkthink says:

      See our Lion’s tie choice for Justice Kavanaugh’s swearing in ceremony (remove space after “h”). He is the master of re-branding!

      … h ttps://

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Don’t you wish
      JUST ONCE that someone in these hearings
      would point that out?

      “Nice tie. Purple the only color you have available?
      Trying to make a statement for someone there??”

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      Oh, poop, you’re right. It’s creepy, that.


  15. To have such men as these in positions of authority and power is quickly abhorrent and long-term suicidal. To have to take them seriously because of their positions is insufferable. And in their institutional smugness and incompetent complacency, working only to keep their offices going and in power, they OF COURSE mirror the great impostor himself, Obama/Soetoro.

    They all deserve only to have sand kicked in their faces, and be driven forever from the beach.

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  16. Bigdog35 says:

    The most stunning element for me is when Senator Johnson was asking about “who watches the FBI”. Wray was completely oblivious to the concept of congressional oversight.

    After the mid-terms, someone needs to knock the FUBAR out of these #!@##*&##!’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Let's Roll says:

      Wray throws himself under the bus of incompetence. But, guess what, he doesn’t care!

      He’s a bystander, bureaucrat piece of ”!?”t. Cares for me, myself bureaucrat Wray!

      Oh, by the way, he has a grandiose federal pension.

      Same benefits as your “stuffed with PAC/big$donor” Congress representatives!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. ATheoK says:

    “Wray doesn’t know who has responded to oversight requests; what oversight requests have been made; what documents exist; what documents are being hidden; what documents the FBI possesses; and the current status of the FBI to produce documents for oversight.

    This level of disconnection is critical to see and watch first-hand.

    It is critical to see because this reality speaks directly to the corrupt internal officials who are underneath Wray and manipulating the executive suites of the cabinet.

    A combination of willful blindness and abject ineptitude comes to the surface as you watch the shallow and superficial answers from the FBI director.”

    Obviously, Wray’s position is ineffective and superfluous position. Eliminate Wray’s position immediately!
    That frees up Wray to take another assignment, where presumably, Wray will be effective; or dumps Wray out into the cold hard world, unable to protect Mueller, Rosenstein or the FBI. So sad.

    Eliminating Wray’s position frees up access to those direct reports who have the knowledge Johnson wants.
    Employees who need their jobs and are willing to comply with government and FBI needs. Also, because they know failure to comply means they are obviously complicit, superfluous and in line to be investigated with position termination or possible indictment.


  18. Coast says:

    Wray’s job is the run the agency. He’s not an agent, and he’s not out in the field doing investigative work. If he can’t manage his management team to respond to congressional letters, then either he is unable or unwilling to do the job. Pathetic to say the least.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Rock Knutne says:

    One thing you can count on…

    If sh!t doesn’t start to hit the fan after the red tsunami hits, the erosion is gonna hit President Trump’s voting bloc.

    People are soooo tired of the ‘Breaking News!’ This Week FOR SURE! nonsense they’re gonna tune out.

    I’m not talking about voters at the ‘Treeper’ level, we’ll be here forever but I know many of the converts I work with are almost done with it right now.

    I think President Trump definitely has a game plan. He’s been right so far. I trust him.

    As far as the Sundance Team, Stealth Jeff/Q/Thomas Wictor pissing contest is concerned. I’m gonna continue to keep a wide base of information and stay patient.

    Eventually the truth will come out.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sneaky Pete says:

      Trump is a weapon the voters chose, to use in order to blow up the Deep State. He’s a bomb. It may be impolite and impolitic to say, but the bomb doesn’t usually survive the explosion.


      • PoCoNoMo says:

        I would agree with you, only I believe the men who asked Trump to run, are top notch, loyal, and know where the bodies are buried. I think they will protect him at all costs. I mean heck, they’ve been doing a good job so far…

        Liked by 1 person

    • mnwild1961 says:

      I just saw that Wictor’s twitter account is suspended. Too bad, I liked reading his tweets.


  20. “Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil.” – Ecclesiastes 8:11

    Liked by 2 people

  21. 6x47 says:

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for Sessions to be operating in “Stealth” mode: There is more than ample evidence to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate and prosecute the “small group”: Only the existence of the Mueller Investigation impedes this from happening.

    I’ve said before that Sessions’ recusal – from a fraudulent investigation of nothing, on the recommendation of the very people he would have quickly fired had he bothered to do his job for a few days before benching himself before the game even started – was a grave error.

    The far graver error: President Trump giving Hillary Clinton a pass. Had Trump directed a Special Counsel appointment to investigate HRC crimes, it would have checkmated the ability of the Small Group to manipulate the appointment of a SECOND special counsel. And, it goes without saying the SC who never was would have immediately discovered the Russia hoax and begun rolling up the small group. Comey would have been fired for corruption and perjury, as would have McCabe; and Strzok. And the offices of Perkins-Coie would have been raided by the FBI, not Michael Cohen.

    Missed opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 6x47 says:

      Imagine, if you will, that Trump had directed Jeff Sessions to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton.

      IG Horowitz would have an aggressive, out-for-blood Special Counsel backing him up instead of the pusillanimous Rosenstein and his cadre of Deep State apparatchiks covering their own asses.

      It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine the Special Counsel who never was indicting people for engaging in a seditious plot to overthrow the government of the United States, a capital offense. Watch how quickly Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Brennan turn on each other when they’re facing the ultimate penalty.

      The ability of the conspirators to pull strings and manipulate the narrative would have been severely degraded in that environment.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. lydia00 says:

    Is that last picture real or photoshopped?

    So what are the options when our justice department is corrupt. and it’s not just at the top levels it’s so many prosecutors across this country. Even rank-and-file FBI which I could go through item after item year after year they have fallen down on. I could go back to Mueller’s change in Personnel policy that really started rotting the fish from its head. I only knew about that at the time because an old friend of our family best friend was an FBI Office director who despised the new policy because he never in his life wanted to move to DC.


  23. Zorro says:

    So Director Wray you know nothing, do you agree there there is a need for a director that does?

    Liked by 1 person

  24. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Wray is a symptom.

    The problem is the FBI. The FBI is unconstitutional and must be dissolved. For the FBI to remain, ALL of it’s power must be removed (as our constitution does enumerate this power to the executive branch). The FBI could be transformed into a huge forensic data base with no arrest or warrant authority and possibly remain constitutional. Investigative powers should be at the local/state level. If arrests/investigations flow across state lines then US Marshall can come into play.

    The FBI is corrupt top down. Perhaps it’s inception was on honorable grounds, but it’s purpose has been nefarious for a long time. The FBI is the ground level warfighter/clean-up arm of our government. They insure “things” go away and investigations go nowhere. They collect leveraging information on everyone. Every once in a while they do a good thing for America and milk the results to maintain their cover.

    We are fools to suffer and fund this corrupt organization. We pay for them to trample our rights under 1 and 4 A. We can’t sue them unless we have more money than the federal government. We can’t get rid of them as none of them are elected. They murder our citizenry in plain sight (Ruby Ridge/Waco). They arm our adversaries (Fast & Furious). They intentional allow drugs to flow into our country to dim our perceptions. They are a self-licking ice cream cone drunk on their own power. They are the deep state.

    There is only one cure for this tumor that feeds on our rights: exorcism.

    Do we have the courage to demand this.

    Liked by 7 people

  25. Doc Moore says:

    Wow! I wonder what Wray does all day. Does he come to work? Does he listen to his people or read memos or do ANYTHING? From listening to him he is simply keeping a chair warm while burying his head in has butt. Now that is a tough contortion, but…maybe that’s the one act he’s good at.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Alex50 says:

    The idea of a national police force a.k.a. the FBI is an abhorrent idea which should be anathema to freedom loving Americans. This is not the FBI as portrayed by the phony tv shows but rather a large corrupt bureaucracy which operates “above the law”.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. AngelOne says:

    3 separate thoughts,
    #1 Sundance is right on this

    #2 the “Stealth Jeff”” narrative bought a lot of time for obstruction/relief of pressure from the people while everyone waited expectantly

    #3 that tall agent behind Wray, curious to know who that is as he seems to have been Strozks handler as well during testimony which was is odd given Strozk is no longer an employee not even when he testified, why is Wray’s guy handling Stroxk….


  28. Margaret Berger says:

    Great analysis. A man without a team and holding on to the President’s coat tail. He is definitely the fall guy for mccabe and company.


  29. We know where the OK Corral is. When is the showdown?


  30. 4sure says:

    So, when will the nonsense by commenters here stop? SD has addressed this nonsense at least half a dozen times in the past month. And I will continue to remind you of it. This nonsense by commenters cheapens this great site.

    SD says: “That said, there are ridiculous amounts of people who would take that statement by Director Wray as an “ah-ha” defense to say there is a vast 3-D, stealth Jeff, ongoing sting operation being conducted under the radar to take down mass swaths of the former administration, DOJ and FBI officials. That claim is nonsense. ”

    Further SD says : “there is not a scintilla of demonstrable evidence such an investigative round-up is taking place.”

    You hear that Margaret?” NOT a scintilla of demonstrable evidence. It’s NONSENSE” Those commenters who keep this silly meme going, have no credibility. Why do they keep it going? They should be completely ignored. SD is not as blunt as I.

    Liked by 3 people

    • rsmith1776 says:

      Some are optimists to the points of naivete. Some love a good mystery and confuse reality with a convoluted Agatha Christie plot.

      Then some, a few, may really be deliberate agents of the Deep State in and from the agencies they implicitly or explicitly defend and attempt to confuse people about.

      Liked by 1 person

      • oldschool says:

        imo, the definitions of “optimism” and “pessimism” can be quite subjective and are often distorted here when measured by one’s own perspective.

        Liked by 1 person

    • TJ says:

      “Error is to be pitied and pardoned: it is the weakness of human nature. But vice is a foul blemish, not pardonable in any character.” –Thomas Jefferson: Refutation of Argument, 1776. Papers, 1:283

      This is my biggest pet peeve. SD works hard in his unmatched “granular” analysis and I should just refrain from reading comments that don’t serve any purpose but distraction and division. I agree, SD wastes time responding to their overt condescension, patronizing, and group-speak meanness.

      “I have received many letters stating to me in the spirit of prophecy, caricatures which the writers, it seems, know are to be the principles of my administration. To these no answer has been given, because the prejudiced spirit in which they have been written proved the writers not in a state of mind to yield to truth or reason.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Jackson, 1801. ME 10:205


  31. Child of Morning says:

    I hope that after the midterms, key congress people put lots of pressure on PT to fix this disaster of a justice department. If all I cared about was the economy I would look longingly to China. Watching this video made embarrassed for my country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oldschool says:

      agree child. We have few warriors in congress and they have repeatedly asked for POTUS to help them. I pray they stay strong, remain in the majority and that POTUS will give them what they are dutifully asking for.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. 4sure says:

    Two worst appointments by Trump: Sessions and Wray. They will be remembered for ever as a yellow stain on the Trump Admin. When Trump fires Wray, he should also fire the swamp critter who recommended the POS.


  33. gsonFIT says:

    Chris Wray is the poster child for the Peter principle.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Wndrnabtit says:

    With so much power in the hands of sinister forces and feckless congress (RINO’s), will the truth ever be told?


  35. TheGreatKazoo says:

    Maybe Wray is just a figurehead, and is being kept out of the loop on this?
    He acts like he doesn’t even want to know.
    Who is this “we” he keeps talking about?

    At this point, nothing would surprise me.


  36. Thinker says:

    The real “Trump” card is the possession of Huma’s laptop. All her emails and Blackberry transcripts from her days as Sec of State. Just imagine what you might find about Benghazi, pay for play with foreign countries making donations to Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, etc. This could be what Trump is referring to in his talk. Let’s just hope someone holding it in the FBI doesn’t erase it of beat it up with a hammer.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Rock Knutne says:

    This is gonna be an interesting 3-4 weeks to see how this plays out.

    _ImperatorRex_ :
    IMPORTANT: Rosenstein was one of 46 USAs AG Sessions ordered resign, on March 10, 2017.

    TRUMP had nominated RR as DAG on 1 Feb. Trump refused RR’s resignation.

    RR was confirmed by the Senate as DAG on April 25, 2017. Within weeks, he helped fire Comey.

    Connect dots.
    Rosenstein has been shrouded in ambiguity and suspicion ever since Mueller was appointed, in May 2017.

    The Hannity Posse on FOX, as well as Tea Party GOP Congress, have been absolutely hammering his bona fides since Day 1.

    IMO they either know it’s BS, or have been fed misinfo.
    Trump is a master of deception.

    In fact, he is so good at it, many people seriously believe that Jeff Sessions, RR and Wray – ALL Trump picks – have hoodwinked the wily construction magnate.

    So, Trump has been FOOLED not just once, but THREE times. Do you believe that? I don’t.
    Far more likely?

    It’s on Trump’s strategic interests to portray RR as an enemy and Sessions as an incompetent buffoon.

    It throws out baits to Trump’s ARROGANT enemies and makes them complacent.

    They fall for it every time. Proof?
    His Clinton-linked arch enemies in the FBI allowed RR into their plan, to attempt an insane 25th amendment coup on an inaugurated POTUS.

    McCabe, Baker etc etc.

    They KNOW RR has screwed them, hence the recent McCabe inspired (failed) attempt to get rid of him.
    RR probably recorded everything. Every interaction, private email, all comms, meetings, conversations.


    Trump & RR have now guessed that the crooks KNOW. It’s likely that’s why Trump & RR has a chat on AF1.

    Time to wrap things up.
    Let’s see what happens.

    RR has certainly paid his dues. Trump seems impressed.

    I assume RR will stay on as DAG. Job done, he may slink away. Or he may stay on as DAG, under Sessions.

    There’s some VERY tough prosecutions coming up, after all.


    The end.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. G. Combs says:

    Uncompliant says on October 11, 2018 at 11:28 am

    “Purple — that shade — is supposedly the color of the “color revolution” that is being attempted here in the USA.” (Speaking of Wray’s tie)

    The original method of revolution was formulated by the Federal Reserve Funded Bolsheviks. It is a way of making the general public think the masses SUPPORT the regime change when it is all paid ASTROTURF by power hungry dictators.

    “The word Bolshevik derives from the Russian word bol’she, “bigger, more,” the comparative form of bol’shoĭ, “big.” In Russian, the plural Bol’sheviki was the name given to the majority faction at the Second Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party in 1903.” Actually the Bolsheviks gave themselves the name although the Bolsheviks were actually just a very vocal disruptive minority. We are seeing a replay of the technique here in the USA with all the protests, the pulling down of statues, the bullying of dissentors refusal to allow a calm smooth transfer of power…..

    Hillary Clinton REJECTED calls for a return to civility:

    “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

    William R. Russell “was in Russia soon after the Bolsheviks seized power and spent considerable time there, working on Creel propaganda against the Germans, for the Bolsheviks, and later against the Bolsheviks. Russell described how he saw the communist tradecraft:”

    The way they worked their way to the seizure of power was as follows: Talk about peace, talk about social equality, especially among those most oppressed. Talk about organization of labor, and penetrate into every labor union. Talk on soapboxes. Publish pamphlets and papers. Orate and harangue. Play on envy. Arouse jealousy. Separate class from class. Try to break down the democratic processes from within. Accustom the people to picketing, strikes, mass meetings. Constantly attack the leaders in every way possible so that the people will lose confidence. Then in time of national peril, during a war, on the occasion of a great disaster, or of a general strike, walk into the capital and seize the power. A well-organized minority can work wonders.

    Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

    💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣
    THIS is the minefield President Trump is tippy toeing through and if he flubs it we are looking at a civil War with CHINA SALIVATING in the background!
    💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣

    Liked by 2 people

  39. TexasDude says:

    Wray also would not clearly deny that the President was being investigated.


  40. Jimmney says:

    So what we do know. Lisa page said before the fisa was issued they had nothing on Trump showing collusion.

    Mean while RR is intentionally keeping important documents from the senate and congress.

    MCabe lied,Comey lied, Bruce ohr and his wife are both caught up.
    The list goes on and on.

    Yet with all the things we know. For as long as we have known. The Miller special council countinues to go on. If RR wasn’t stonewalling senate and congress, If senate and congress had a spine and held contempt charges,subpoena’s seriously.The Muller investigation (Fraudulentl)would be over by now now.

    So at this point we know the snakes.They are still crawling around untouched. We’re dispose to believe RR is going to stop Muller investigation. Yet he has not shown one thing to back this theory.
    Everything is still where it was 6 months ago with him. No new documents refused to show up for congress questions.. Nothing has changed with RR…

    I will vote Republican straight down the list. I will also vote for Trump in both elections. With that said tho….. If Trump let’s this go by the way side,If heads don’t roll. Even tho Trump will and is a great President. I will feel we were tricked politically with the whole Drain the Swamp slogan. Heads better roll!


  41. HickTick says:

    We don’t need any special council , there is no investigation , If a team would gather the Texts and E-Mails along with WH logs , presidential daily briefs from all these players , all the 302’s and the 702’s and all internal memo’s from FBI / CIA / State , Then the documents from the Fusion / Lawfare , Crowdstrike , all you would have to do is read . Its all right there . They thought she couldn’t lose so they left a documented trail .

    We had a couple of thousand government employees from , FBI/ CIA , NSA , / State , all took two years off their work to campaign for Hillary and destroy President Trump , they worked on nothing else . We can never let this happen again . We paid these people to commit Sedition / Treason ,

    Just look at Strzok and Page , their Text messages never mention them working on nothing else . For 2 years , No mention of any other case .


  42. Pedro Morales says:

    Would you rather have

    1 McCabe running a rogue and secret investigation of POTUS.
    2 RR hire an sc and control the investigation walling it off from McCabe.

    These were RR s 2 choices. In this light he did the only thing he could. McCabe would have continued the investigation Comey started with or without RR s permission.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Fools Gold says:

    In my mind the reason Trump hasn’t released the bomb is because it implicates a few corrupt Republicians in both Senate and house. Happening right before the election means we loose these R’s to demoncraps. No one wants that to happen or speaking for myself, I don’t. No need to take that risk when you have all of the leverage on all of the. As guys involved.


  44. Pedro Morales says:

    What if RR recorded all his conversations with McCabe Page and Baker????


  45. Doug Amos says:

    Donald Trump has a military school education. 1 of their mottos: ‘The only easy day was yesterday’.


  46. TomA says:

    Team McCabe has been losing skirmishes to Trump since the middle of last year, and the Kavannagh appointment was a critical blow to their ongoing coup activities. Now they are largely pinning their hopes on the upcoming election and some sort of miracle counterattack. Nevertheless, their attorneys are quieting talking to Session’s office and trying to negotiate a plea bargain deal. They are pitching the doom & gloom scenario that full exposure and prosecution of the guilty would fatally wound the DOJ/FBI as law enforcement institutions, and they are using this canard to blackmail Sessions into accepting a crap sandwich proposal. They have offered to cop to a few lesser offenses and token censure in place of prison time, and then promote some fake DOJ rule changes as an publicly acceptable compromise. Sessions is listening and perhaps playing possum with his encouragement, but the proof will be evident soon after the election. If he is a man of honor, he should not sell out the country to protect these corrupt high ranking federal officials.


  47. 6x47 says:

    Note to self, in re photos of Christopher Wray, Peter Strzok, etc:

    Maintain a poker face at all times while testifying on TV. Mugging for the camera is not only unprofessional, it provides endless embarrassing screen captures to accompany unflattering stories.


  48. 6x47 says:

    Er … meant to do this. I think I forgot the return after the link.


  49. mikeyboo says:

    “While this defense is ongoing at a very high level, the institutional brethren of the group, mainly from deep inside Main Justice, are working earnestly to continue marginalizing AG Sessions and fuel the Robert Mueller ‘insurance policy’.”
    It seems to me that Sessions has been quite happy marginalizing himself. He hasn’t needed help.


  50. G says:

    Missing from all of the named corrupt players within the DOJ is Henry Kerner, head of the Special Counsel oversight, The ultimate saboteur was sadly appointed by Trump, likely at McStain’s behest,recommended by Burr,Graham,Ryan and the likes. Henry Kerner formerly served as McStain’s Senate Advisor. So incredibly corrupt, McStain and Kerner were major players in the IRS Scandal.McStain, forever motivated by anger, narcissism,vengeance and shifting blame attributed his loss to Sarah Palin.Kerner went to Lois Lerner,leaning into her to” audit the Conservative outsider groups( Tea Party) until financially ruinous”.
    Kerner attempted charging Kellyanne w/ violating the Hatch Act. Kerner is still in place.


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