How Deep is This Swamp?…

This outline is reliant upon: (1) intellectual honesty; (2) accepting what is, and not what we wish/hope to be; and (3) the welcomed challenge to prove it all wrong.  Please, prove this analysis wrong – and if we can’t prove it wrong; not by hopes and dreams, rather by actual quantifiable evidence; then please provide possible solutions – quickly.

There are two facets, two recent researched stories, that paint a very disturbing scenario.

The first facet is a reality that Senate Security Officer James Wolfe was given, and leaked, a copy of the Carter Page FISA application on March 17th, 2017.  This is important because it leads to context within the larger issue.

It is virtually guaranteed that James Wolfe received and leaked the FISA Application [SEE HERE]; however, not only was he not charged with the leak, not a single media outlet has taken the overwhelming evidence, reported on the leak – or questioned the DOJ or FBI about why Wolfe was only charged with lying to investigators in December last year.

Why?  Why is that massive DC corruption story completely overlooked?   What does that say about the fourth estate?

It would be entirely impossible for that story to be hidden if the DOJ, FBI, political system (within the Senate Intelligence Committee), and fourth estate were functioning correctly.   Something is severely broken, and there’s no-one doing a darned thing about it.

♦ Accepting that dysfunction leads us into the more recent issue:

The details and circumstances surrounding the plot to smear Judge Brett Kavanaugh, through the use of Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford, by a group of politicians, political operatives and former DOJ/FBI officials.


However, don’t get caught up in the weeds.  For now just look at the bigger picture.

Think about the known names and positions for a moment.

•Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford (academic psychologist and life-long best friend of a former career FBI agent); •Ms. Monica Lee McLean (former 24-year career DOJ/FBI insider); •Mr. Michael Bromwich (former DOJ inspector general and career DOJ/FBI official); •Mr. David Laufman (former CIA, and DOJ-NSD Asst. U.S. Attorney General); •Ms. Debra Katz (political operative and legal counsel with deep DNC attachments); •Senator Dianne Feinstein (ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee); and the myriad of media allies (Mayer, Farrow) and political operatives who each played a role in the scheme.

Again, skip the weeds.  Just look at the big picture.

The smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh didn’t just involve a small team of connected insiders; their enterprise carried across multiple institutions, the legislative branch, political operations and the media.  This SCOTUS smear campaign was a major effort consisting of multiple organizations (inside and outside of government) and multiple people, and it took considerable planning and coordination to execute.

Now, apply your own intellectual honesty here….

Do you really think that all of those elements described above would even consider going after a supreme court nominee with a baseless lie if they thought they would get caught?

Think about it.

What level of risk would have to exist in order to begin constructing such a fraudulent scheme?  Who/What would be the “risk elements” under consideration?

To begin constructing this effort the architects would need confidence that all elements normally functioning within oversight, which under normal circumstances could catch them in the system process, were under control.

That level of confidence is beyond normal hubris.

The people working this scheme would need very strong confidence in pre-existing institutional control within the system of the DOJ, the FBI, the Senate Judiciary and the media apparatus – writ large.

If they thought the current Department of Justice or current Federal Bureau of Investigation was not under their control, or not able to be influenced by their control, they would never begin.

If they thought the current DOJ or current FBI were functioning, they would never even begin to construct such a scheme.  It just wouldn’t happen; because they wouldn’t think they could: (A) pull it off; and (B) avoid accountability if caught.

In addition, they would have to believe the politicians within the Judiciary Committee and their political allies in total could operate to assist without scrutiny or questioning.  Also, they would need to have confidence the Fourth Estate (media) was entirely on their side and no opposition would exist to present a risk from investigative exposure.

All of those elements would be needed in forethought in order to begin constructing the extensive plot against Judge Kavanaugh.  If they didn’t have confidence in the status of those institutions they would never begin.

If we accept the premise: if they thought they would/could get caught they would never begin, then we must accept a more disconcerting reality.

They began because they had no risk of getting caught. The current institutions are corrupt.

Adding what we know about the James Wolfe outcome to the current Kavanaugh plot, and what stands in front of us is an entirely corrupt set of institutions providing no law, no order, and absolutely no oversight.  Abject FUBAR.

Again, big picture.  This means the current DOJ, current FBI, current Senate-side of the legislative branch, and current media apparatus are entirely dysfunctional.

All of these corrupt people, including all those connected to the DOJ/FBI plot against the Trump administration, must have some confidence there is no operational function larger than the corrupt elements they control within it.

The Kavanaugh plan was not hatched in 2016, or even in 2017.  This plot was executed in the past few weeks.

This means all of those corrupt elements are *CURRENTLY* in place. Without those elements currently in place, Ford, McLean, Bromwich, Laufman, Katz, Feinstein, the media, Lawfare and all those involved, would never have attempted their ploy.

Now, as stated in the introduction – prove me wrong.  Please…  Because the mid-term election is only one month away.

If those former DOJ and FBI insiders thought Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray, David Bowditch, or any official inside the current DOJ and FBI, was a risk to them – they would never have begun such a transparent scheme.

So where does that leave us?

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  1. Curt says:

    Additionally, one fo the reasons that there is a Socialist out of control swamp is the lack of enforcement where these people are breaking the laws. You see it everywhere. WE know myriad laws were broken by DOJ and FBI officials. They will NEVER be prosecuted. They are immune and they know it. Those who wold do the prosecuting are part of this whole deep state cabal and know they are immune. They therefore bend and break the rule of law with impunity. Wolfe will never receive the severe sentence he deserves because he is one of theirs. This also applies to the recently arrested doxxing violator, Cosko. There are no consequences. Why should they worry. Of course, if you’re a navy petty officer and take some photos of the inside of your submarine you will go straight to prison. Don’t pass go, and don’t get to walk away freely. American has lost its way and I’m not convinced it can be turned around……


    • cozette says:

      Curt If you followed the news you would know that the doxxer faces 50 years in prison. My God there are alot of Battered Conservative Sufferes commenting today. Why? We had an historic victory. Whats with the doom and gloom?


  2. amanda4321 says:

    Grassley is telling this group of feckless jackasses he has has them dead-to-rights. He has their texts/IM’s and knows this was all coordinated through Feinstein’s office. That’s why DiFi looked like she was crying while Chuck Schumer handled the press.

    Feinstein’s done. The woman should have been arrested for treason after the scandal about her driver working for the Chinese broke earlier this year. But, we should be able to connect a dot or two here and see that that was used as leverage against her to hold Blasey-Ford’s accusation until the most politically-damaging moment.

    One of the two major parties has to fail for the Swamp to truly be Drained. Old power structures within the Senate and House need to crumble. Diane Feinstein is staring (with tears in her eyes) at censure, being stripped of her seniority and possible forced retirement.

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  3. Fools Gold says:

    So where does that leave us?

    That’s a hell of a question Sundance!

    1) We’ve added another 2a supporter to the Supreme Court who isn’t going to uphold lower court unconstitutional law inflicted by liberal judges.

    2) The republican base is fired up for Nov 6 elections because of what was just witnessed by the corrupt democrat senators in the judicial committee. Voters with a brain are pissed.

    3) If Nov. pans out right Trump gains more power in the house and senate and now has a lot more tools/options in his surgical bag including replacing big heads in DOJ, FBI etc..

    I’m praying Nov. provides us another BIG League Winimin!

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    • Jan says:

      Excellent Points: If we get more Republicans in the Senate, Pres. Trump can fire Sessions, et al., unless the Dimms take the House and start impeachment proceedings on Trump and/or Kavanaugh


      • JasonD says:

        Sorry Jan, you are misreading the situation. POTUS this morning signalled that he has an FBI and DOJ. Listen to his interview at AF1. POTUS played Flake and DiFi. They clamoured for the FBI, he gave them what they asked for – POTUS never signalled any concern in what the FBI would find and he is now crediting the extra week for being great – he praised the FBI and DOJ. Wray has being playing possum. There is another possum who will also be making his presence known, soon enough. Timing is everything in war. Do not reveal your strengths to the enemy as they blunder forward – simples.

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        • I really wish you were right. This was my hope in the beginning when they were appointed.

          But everything I can see points to the other direction, which is Sessions is incompetent, or a coward, or in love with the deep state to the extent he cannot see good or evil, or all of the above.

          Wray’s bias training statement told me all I need to know about him. If that is what you think will cure the corruption in the organization you head, then you are part of the problem.

          Neither will reform the two corrupt organizations (DOJ and FBI).

          I know a lot of the leadership is gone, but a lot are still there, and after 8 years of Comey and Obama, the rot goes deeper than the very top.

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          • JasonD says:

            MCP, what you are citing as proof of Sessions/Wray corruption/incompetence fits entirely within the narrative of the sting. To restate again, a sting is standard DOJ procedure. It is routine for them, when taking down criminal enterprises. You see “undercover” cops all the time on cop shows. Why can you not comprehend that we can deploy this straight forward strategy against the deep state traitors? If you give me this as a possibility, then you HAVE to keep an open mind about Sessions and Wray (and Rosenstein) until the game is played out. You could be right, sure. BUT ……………….

            POTUS is winning everywhere, so bet on him here, it is the smart money play. 🙂

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            • As I said, I hope you are right. We will see. I believe POTUS is winning but he will need more help than he is getting. I think early next year will give us an indication of what will happen and who is helping Trump and who is not. If RR, Sessions, and perhaps others are gone, then we have an indicator I was right. But like I said, I hope you are right.


            • girlyman514 says:

              POTUS is not winning everywhere. We have a borderless country run by a president who advocates for DACA, surrounds himself with open border globalists which presently allows for more illegals than we’ve ever had, with no policies in place to curtail the magnet drawing these migrants. Not only is the president weak on border security, but his recent pullback on the FISA documents which he requested suggests nothing more than stall tactics which we all are so familiar with.
              The assessments made by Sundance in this article are spot on in every respect. The analysis and conclusions cannot be denied. The signs are there for everyone to read.
              As insightful as the article may have been, it also shows that the truth can also be tremendously demoralizing.


        • Instructor says:

          Jason you sir are right, Sessions along with Wray know what they are doing. Sessions is staying out of the limelight in DC while Huber is running his 470 man team in Utah out of sight and out of mind. Huber answers to Sessions only. The IG. Gathers his info. Gives it to Hubers prosecutors , they give it to the grand jury , the grand jury indicts and all of this is done out of the sight of the swamp and MSM creatures in DC. Rosenstein has none of the info. Because he is out of the loop. I think the arrest will start within the next 10 days. Could be sooner. Order in the court ,cause here comes the judge.


          • inspectorudy says:

            Oh, you mean like Horowitz and his “Wait until I’m finished with my report”? We all saw his report and it said nothing. Anyone who thinks that Sessions and Wray are playing cat and mouse with the Deep State is kidding themselves. Huber hasn’t accomplished one single thing since he has been appointed. Rosenstein should have had to recuse himself since he is part of the Trump-Russin collusion mess but he didn’t. Did Sessions ask him to? I think the swamp is spreading into the WH1


            • Chip Doctor says:

              Good grief, this WH just scored a major win tonight while beating the crap out of the deep state. Five minutes later you are saying that the deep state is spreading into the WH? That, my friend, defies every single thing I have seen since PDJT was elected. They might have been there in the beginning, but they are not “spreading” in the WH. He is draining the swamp. I think you might want to extend a smidgeon of patience.

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              • Doreen Scott says:

                You are so right Chip Doctor. I don’t think some people here understand how the goverment works. President Trump is not a dictator. He has been blocked by the lower courts constantly. He needed to have judge K seated first before he could fight at the supreme court. With an even court any case would be passed back to the lower courts and then their decision would be final. I’m glad he waited. Now we should see more action.


          • marko says:

            Oh dear…I thought everyone had awoken now from this sort of nonsense. Even Sundance postings are negative towards any accountability with Sessions and Wray and Rosenstein in charge. How long are you going to entertain this with a lack of any evidence of anything actually happeing? Huber has 470 people actively working yet we haven’t seen one indictment. In the meantime Mueller has destroyed the lives of everyone around Trump.


        • girlyman514 says:

          Seriously? I really don’t know what to believe when POTUS says something. He also said DACA was great. He also said he has confidence in his Attorney General and Director Wray at the FBI. One thing I do know, the FBI is not your friend. Considering all the chicanery surrounding these intelligence agencies, the last thing I wanted the Senate Judiciary Committee to do was allow an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh. Knowing what we know now about Ford, her accomplises, Feinstein and most of the democrats, none of which, I was even aware of until late Wednesday evening when Sundance posted the article bringing all this to light, Question is, by not investigating Ford’s allegations, was the FBI again, suppressing this information to protect themselves and the democratic plot or doing a limited investigation as requested?


        • Patsy says:

          POTUS had Military Intelligence do investigations into ALL accusers and players. Their results were given to FBI and forced their hands to come up with the same results.

          Racheal Mitchell had ALL deleted Ford info. before one question was asked. She knew the answers and caught lying Ford in the act.


      • cozette says:

        If you have studied Trumps guidebook, the Art of War, you would appreciate why its been imperative to his victory over the Swamp for them to think that they are safe until its too late for them to escape. The Demons are utterly smug and totally stupid. That works to Trumps advantage. I encourage people who are concerned to remember Jesus commandment “Let NOT your heart be troubled.” Pray and focus on winning the Battle of the Midterms. Anxiety and fear is Satans way to sap our energy.

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        • Please says:

          “The Demons are utterly smug and totally stupid.”

          This is wrong to think this way. Underestimating your enemy only gets you killed.

          These people commandeered the United States of America. These people performed lawlessly for decades and haven’t been caught. They rigged the system.

          Do you think that was by accident? Do you think it was through stupidity?

          These people will put up a very strong fight and many on both sides will be destroyed. They may make mistakes or forced into errors, but they are far, far from stupid. I’ll give you smug, but that comes from winning decisively over many decades.

          Let’s not make their same mistakes.


    • cwf60 says:

      Where are the declassified documents that will blow this whole thing open? I hope that I am wrong, but I
      think there may have been a trade for something, and the reports are going to be destroyed.


      • Chip Doctor says:

        Cwf60, I doubt that, but if a trade was made by our VSGPOTUS, I can promise that you will be thrilled when you learn how bigly he won the trade. The man has plenty of skins on the wall. He don’t get snookered.


      • Doreen Scott says:

        President Trump said he wanted to let the hearing for Judge K finish first. You people are so impatient. If it wasn’t for President Trump getting us out of the TPP treaty we would be living under International law right now so stop complaining about President Trump not doing enough.


        • cwf60 says:

          Just asking questions. Is that O.K.? I know the importance of President Trump being president. I was on board when he came down the escalator, because I knew about the deep state before it was fashionable.


    • pjcammann says:

      The Dem base is fired up too for Nov 6th, and they also get the illegal and dead voters. This will be too close to call.

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    • Nope2GOPe says:

      Just heard of the Clinton tour… give me a break!

      Imagine what happens if Hillary throws in for 2020.

      What would be the optics be surrounding removal of a political opponent? I would think she’d use her candidacy toward the greatest cheat ever, and as protection against any future indictments.

      Lord have mercy.


  4. JJ...the first one says:

    ”’Feinstein’s done. The woman should have been arrested for treason”’

    One can only hope and pray–but the comment from Collins about her integrity grated my nerves.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      J.J. . . . also grating was her description of Christine Ford. From the moment Feinstein mentioned there was an accuser it was obvious that it was exactly what Sundance has described. Thank you Sundance for this . . . . your have given us proof that we are not wrong or jaded or Conservatives ‘nut jobs’ . . . . we used our common sense and hope POTUS puts in motion investigations that will show the country that what was done him was done to Justice Kavanaugh. For the sake of our Constitution and country, the guilty have to be exposed and punished. If they are not, what good is our legal system, our Constitution and our government.

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    • oncefired says:

      Should Have Been – curious words! Feinstein knows she isn’t facing anything but rabid progressive voters in CA. To the larger point Sundance is trying to mug into our heads…….The Rule of Law is dead! Basically all our Federal Law Enforcement Agencies are Corrupt – Top to Bottom! He is right there is no other way of looking at this, there is no chance of disproving this fact. I am actually not sure how to fix such a large bureaucracy, You can put whoever you want at the top and they won’t be able to find all the corruption under them. If you were lucky to expose a bunch of it – think of the shock the Judiciary would face with all the past charges being challenged. It’s a Whopper of a Problem!

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    • Ips Prez says:

      You have to consider the source, Collins is a RINO at best and DFL light. Maine should oust her ass tout suite.


    • CountryDoc says:

      yes, I wondered about Collins’ comments on Feinstein. First thing to my mind was that Feinstein has some dirt on Collins or had some deal with her, which Collins was betraying by voting for Kavanaugh, and that Collins has dirt on Feinstein. I think Collin’s was conveying the message to Feinstein, “I’m going against the agreement by voting for Kavanaugh, but I’m going on record praising your integrity so you can know that spilling dirt on you won’t come from me”

      That’s a far stretch, but that was what my gut said. Collins knows she’s been a weasel/snowflake and I think those with brains and conscious left have been embarassed by the spectacle against Kavanaugh.

      Those who #WalkAway back to the Red fold from the Blue may be our strongest Patriots yet. Not that Collins is there, but I think we will see more and more of this.

      Trumps process is harder, takes more effort, and is built on greater faith in how God works, than just anihilating enemies.

      We don’t win as thoroughly by wiping out the bad apples as soon as we identify them. This is a republic, and therefore, to save the country as a REPUBLIC, we have to act in such a way that a large majority of the voter base has the message in their hearts.

      In the early 1700’s, the colonists were complacent. There was much debate about loyalty to England, and the craziness of going up against the King. It was not until they were convinced that what the King and England was doing to them was unconscionable, that a critical mass became willing to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor,” and many of them and their fellow patriots did in fact sacrifice their lives and fortunes in service to our country.

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  5. Another Scott says:

    At least “they” are now 0 for 2. Kavanaugh was confirmed and Donald Trump is our president. Hopefully the plug will be pulled on Mueller soon so they can be 0 for 3.

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  6. Echo4Sierra says:

    I’m sure that you’re right Sundance. The swamp is very much still in place, piling up more evidence for Huber and Horowitz to present to the grand jury. The power shift can’t happen until after the election. Remember that the D’s have been holding up appointments.

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  7. Wait a minute. Why would the FBI let Kavanaugh proceed to confirmation? Is something bigger looming up ahead in the next couple of weeks?

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    • Alima says:

      Bromwich was desperately trying to find out who is the managing special agent in charge of the supplemental FBI investigation, but Grassely ignored his inquiries. Bromwich was probably going to manipulate the special agent had he found out his identity.


      • Doreen Scott says:

        That’s why they wanted to talk to the FBI so badly. We have already heard some have taken bribes. Maybe that’s what all that go fund me money was for.


  8. Concerned says:

    Sometimes, in order to stop a fire, you must start a large back-fire.

    This brings us back to a Huge document release by the President of declassified documents. They will of course seek to impeach him. Get Judge Brett Kavanaugh sworn in!

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    • Concerned says:

      Two branches of government against 1.


      • No. Three branches, plus a lot of extra-constitutional “agents” against the President, and still with only a few seemingly allied with him at this point.

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        • oncefired says:

          Roberts is a Lib at heart Chief Justice. I think he will guard the Court for the next couple years and try not to let many political cases come before it because he doesn’t want the Court to be seen as partisan. Make no mistake it was him behind Obamacare and Gay rights – both should be State Rights

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          • Doreen Scott says:

            Just kidding but if it wasn’t’ for Roberts, President Bush would have gotten three Supreme court picks. He’s the one who grabbed justice Stevens when he was falling down the steps in front of the court house. Thanks to him we got Kagen.


  9. Believer says:

    It wasn’t about the risk of getting caught. This was their last gambit before losing control for a generation. The stakes couldn’t be higher; they were literally fighting for survival and lost. It’s over. Let the arrests begin.

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    • Jan says:

      Except, if 90% or more of government workers in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas voted for Hillary, there a lot more firings needed before we get a chance to drain the swamp.

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    • NewsToMe says:

      I agree- this was a last-ditch effort to maintain control.
      I also think they ARE facing consequences which implies the FBI/DOJ has been at least moderately uncorrupted. Look at the video of Feinstein immediately after she views the FBI report on Kavanaugh- the one where they were only allowed to go in singly. Were there DOJ lawyers in there explaining certain facts to key participants in the scheme? There’s a solid minute clip where she is barely holding herself together and it is not logical that an FBI report on Kavanaugh would affect her that way.

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      • Let's Roll says:

        I say start with the corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee. Virginia Senator Warner and NC Senator Richard Burr.

        Those two were in cahoots from the start, giving legitimacy to the fraudulent Steele Dossier dressed up with help from British and Australian spooks. Their indicted staffer Wolfe is the key to unlocking the “chain of corrupt command.”

        A Democrat and a Republican, sweep the high ranking scum up from both sides!

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  10. After the crying and hand wring stops and reality sets in – why do you think is the most SCARED right now: Fienstein, Rosenstein, Wray, Sessions, Mueller, Ford, or the RINOs? My bet is the Rinos. They might have missed the last train leaving the station. MAGA

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    • Concerned says:

      I am going to choose a different path. Obama and Lynch because Lynch signed the emergency warrant to spy on President Trump’s campaign and Obama had to order it. More specifically, they are afraid of this FISA sign-off being released.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I think it was about time the RINO’s got a taste of their own tactics for a change. Too bad that it had to be yet another good man that had to take their knocks for them. At least this time they stood on the right side of history.

      HOWEVER, if they do nothing to go after the perpetrators of these fraudulent claims and crimes they will NEVER recover. This show ain’t over yet, and the jury is not yet in.

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      • A another of the rare breaths of common sense among the fury of comments… yes, fury. Because many are from a sense of emotional “thought”. Let’s not be victims of the fury.

        Let’s be of common sense.

        Think about this comment from James Bolton pertaining the new National Counter-Terrorism Stragey…

        “The United States faces terrorist threats from Iran, which remains the most prominent state sponsor of terrorism that, really, the world’s central banker of international terrorism since 1979,” Bolton said. “And from other terrorist groups. Iran-sponsored terrorist groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic jihad, continue to pose a threat to the United States and our interests.”

        If only that was where the focus was, in reality… on the central banksters. Relative to my first comment on this thread, I believe.

        We are just striking at the branches rather than focusing on cutting the roots of this tree of evil from the ground. The roots of course are themselves the central banksters. We ALL know that no name was the deep state point man for organizing al queda and isis. Or should… for the central banksters who are dependent upon chaos and the MIC, as in WARS or “military conflicts” as are the new norm.

        Kill The not at all Feral Reserve and see how we would really prosper again.


        • amanda4321 says:

          Bill Still’s Money Masters documentary explains the connection between the central bankers and the wars. This should be required viewing for all citizens–it connects all the dots (same with Mike Rivero’s All Wars are Bankers Wars)


  11. jameswlee2014 says:

    I am in awe of Sundance and appreciate his relentless and fruitful investigation and reporting. I would like to offer a less likely but perhaps also plausible explanation. It was concocted by deep staters but not necessarily the Trump framer insiders. It think it fell apart because it was a hail mary thrown in panic at the last second. It seemed a little amateurish. Their brief was to support the abortion lobby.

    Why people were surprised at the viciousness of the attacks on Kavanaugh and their ruthless cruelty need to understand. These same people endorse the medical practice of inserting a syringe into the skull of an infant being born and vacuuming its brains out, killing it for the crime of being inconvenient. Don’t forget who we’re dealing with. These people don’t need to be defeated, they need to be annihilated.

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    • Concerned says:

      You don’t mean annihilation, your just mad. These are crazy sick people, that need to be locked away.


    • Chip Doctor says:

      James, I will throw in another one. I don’t think that creepy porn liar was a part of their plan. He was a rogue attention seeking punk that totally screwed up their scheme. Had he not brought up the ridiculous rape train garbage, they might have pulled this off. That turned public opinion away from little girl Ford and to Justice Kavanaugh. My guess is that CPL won’t be invited to anymore cocktail parties. If I were him, I would take Stormy and go on a three month vacation somewhere in the Amazon jungle.


      • Doreen Scott says:

        You may hear about him committing suicide soon.


      • TwoLaine says:

        No, no, no, no, no. He was definitely a part of their plan. They had to have multiple cases in order to paint him a SERIAL SEXUAL PREDATOR, which is exactly how they painted him AND President TRUMP when this came to light on “The Circus”.


      • CountryDoc says:

        I’ve wondered a few times if the CPL was paid for by the white hats to do just what it did. But, I believe white hats shouldn’t do sleazy stuff like that. I think Chip Doctor is correct.


    • renzi2018 says:



  12. YvonneMarie says:

    They did it because they have no other option left.
    They are used to getting a way with it.
    The military has Mr President’s back.
    VP Pense has Mr President’s back.
    The Freedom Caucus is watching the Speaker.


  13. daughnworks247 says:

    Well, the best way to tackle a problem in the FBI/DOJ is to restore law and order.
    A SCOTUS appointment, and a fully conservative court, helps a great deal.


  14. The Red Pill says:

    It leaves us in deep crapola as a nation collectively.

    In layman’s terms, this is a textbook definition of a conspiracy, secret combination or whatever you choose to label it.

    Decades in the making, but obviously it has reached critical mass by evidence of the arrogance of those involved.

    The majority of Americans are moral and so sunlight and education on this issue could turn the tide on this corruption, but it may involve a civil war to remedy it.


    • Snowleopard says:

      I an hoping you are wrong about a “civil” war.
      But the below cycle suggests you could be right:

      1776 Revolutionary War
      +84 = 1860 “Civil” War
      +81 = 1941 WWII
      +80(?) = 2021-? ???

      A rough 80+ year cycle.
      One can feel the intolerance that leads to war already.
      I hope we can avoid actual war this time.


  15. freepetta says:

    The Deep State must be stopped. We need to start publicly showing their pictures with in-depth descriptions of their evil plans.

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  16. treehugger says:

    Sundance has great points – the past weeks have been on display in real time and when Lindsey graham went off – I for one was shocked but I think he opened a lot of eyes .

    What also I notice is just like Charlottesville there are so many of us getting to the real “ what’s going on” – then to have d senators go “ pfff he said this is some conspiracy – and joke it off . Speaking of lawfare – I wonder where terry Mc auliffe is .

    While this is still fresh – get to the bottom of
    Who gave her letter to wapo –
    I personally think she was hypnotized to install a memory –
    Grassley is not going to pursue anything because he wants to keep peace with Feinstein – just a guess

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    • cozette says:

      Why are you guessing? Rely on FACTS. Read the 3 letters Grassley has sent around Ford and the referral to the DOJ thats already been made by him. He is pursuing this relentlessly.

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  17. GlennDC says:

    Sundance is precisely correct.
    Consider that the miscreants identified by Sundance know with certainty that the vast overwhelming majority of GS-10 to GS-16 that carry out or decide to “slooow-walk” implementations are:
    1. East Coast born
    2. Ivy or Ivy wannabes
    3. Committed democrats/Progressives/socialists/Marxist (these last two predominantly those hired in the last decade or two)
    4. Unfireable (see project Veritas videos)

    Now, a thought experiment. Have you ever tried to push a rope? What happens? The rope doesn’t move forward, it just crumples up… That is exactly what each one of the appointed director level and above department managers are finding out… The swamp has monsters we can see, all those senators, agency heads, etc. But they are not the engine of their power. Their power is the selective hiring and pruning of the those that now occupy those GS level jobs and are the shock troops of obstruction, misunderstanding and malexcution of the laws.

    And don’t forget our congresscritters, even the ones we like, submit voluminous laws that are murky in their details, self-contradictory, and give the agencies full discretion of interpretation and implementation. So it doesn’t matter what the intention of the right-thinkers is in submitting laws. They wholely and in part cede all authority for their application to the unfireable bureaucrats.
    The sure knowledge that this is the case is what gives Feinstein, and Hillary, and Baker, and Comey, et alia, the secure confidence that all we can do is rant, rave, and issue orders that will never be executed in our lifetime, or theirs.

    The real question is, how do we dismantle civil service? How do we eliminate lifetime sinecures whose sole purpose is self-preservation of the current lifetime employment gig?

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  18. Extended metaphors work until they don’t.

    A swamp is an anomalous patch of geography easily drained, absorbed and dwarfed in scale by a predominant topology of dry, productive land. In terms of SCALE, we are the Last Resort. We’re the Tiny Remnant. We’re the Swamp. So in a way, the metaphor’s upside-down.

    By the end of Rosemary’s Baby, Mia Farrow realizes everyone’s in the coven. Can I paraphrase the Book and say history’s supposed to go this way? The bad guys overwhelm a dwindling number of good guys until climactically near the very end, the tables flip and they don’t. Somewhere in Matthew, it says that if God were to send Jesus back one hour later than He does, there would be no one left to save. Scary thought.

    Keep the faith. We won a big one today.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      I agree, but I can’t bring to recollection a scripture in Matthew that says what you say it does.


      • Oh but for an edit key, Doc! When I said we are the swamp, I meant of course in the sense that we are the anomalous piece of geography trying to turn the remainder of the earth into something resembling us. I’m going to hunt down the verse I’m thinking of…thx


  19. eric says:

    and President Trump wins…yet again.
    the ONLY solution I can think of is give OUR President another win in the mid-terms so he can begin to clean house and hire outsiders who are M.A.G.A.
    then…in each republican primary…remove those who are not M.A.G.A.,and replace them with those who are.
    but hiring folks to run justice and FBI must be “outsiders”.
    thats all I got.

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    • Issy says:

      I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. Anyone from Washington presently or formally with the government is part of the swamp or connected in some way.


  20. Buckeyeman says:

    Where does that leave us?

    This corruption will not fix itself. The blame now lies with Trump. We elected a man who PROMISED us that he would fix it. Two and a half years later he has done NOTHING! He publicly berates his own AG but will not remove him. His Deputy AG is deeply conflicted at a minimum and probably criminally culpable yet Trump tolerates it. His FBI Director defies Congress’s Constitutional oversight and Trump is silent.

    Trump has created an army of delusional chirpers, feverishly pecking out blog posts about Nth dimensional chess, tens of thousands of secret indictments, “stealth Jeff”, the soon-to-be-released scathing IG report (oops!), and a double secret “plan” that will be revealed… someday.. soon.

    Leading the pack of these lunatics is this mystery chap, “Sundance”. Anyone remember all the solemn articles assuring us that Strok had “flipped” and was spending his lonely days sitting in his barely furnished office waiting for the next phone call from “Stealth Jeff”. Or maybe John Huber?
    Only after Strzok strutted up to Capitol Hill and delivered a gigantic F. U. to Congress did Sundance stop pestering us with these silly fairy tales.

    Now we have another emerging conspiracy to deal with – former FBI agents, lawyers, senators and their staffs deeply entangled in a web of perjury, subornation, leaking if classified information, and lying to the FBI and Congress. But I doubt that a single poster on this site actually believes that Ford, Bromwich, Katz, MacClean, or any of the rest of this brand new cast of criminals will ever be investigated, let alone prosecuted.

    This cause is now DONALD J TRUMP’s to win or lose. Personally, I would not trade a good economy for a moral and lawful government. We elected Trump to stop this corruption and he isn’t doing it. He’s not even trying. There isn’t much you or I can do, but believing in inane fantasies about how everything is actually going great despite all evidence isn’t helping. Only Trump can fix this now. We need to let him know it’s long past time to act.

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    • TDU_Weight says:

      Myopic myapathy.

      No, I didn’t misspell myopathy.


    • JasonD says:

      Jeez dude, go crawl back into your dungeon. This is slightly more complicated than the one dimensional world you appear to be living in. You do not change generations of corruption overnight. This war is being primarily fought in the arena of politics, this is where troops are mustered. To win the war on corruption you first have to have the support in place. POTUS is winning that war as we speak. Justice will come, and we have just seen the first signal flare being fired that the trap is set. POTUS this morning credited the FBI and DOJ for their part in the Kavanaugh saga, and the Dims have signalled their shock at the turnaround. Have you missed all this? Open your eyes man, the ground is littered with “sign” as to the real state of play.

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    • I disagree. He is doing everything possible at the moment. Give him some time after the elections next month.

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    • Julian says:


      You’re wrong. So wrong.

      Trump is Draining the Swamp!

      Trump has controlled the DOJ & FBI for nearly two years now and you think they aren’t Draining the Swamp!

      Look at who has been fired! Chimney, McCabe, Strain and the rest.

      The Swamp is being Drained!!

      Trump’s got this.

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    • cozette says:

      Hush Satan, Prince of Lies. BTW, Civics 101, its up to WE the People to make the changes. It is NOT up to Trump. He is one citizen among millions.

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      • Maquis says:

        Bien dit!


      • yucki says:

        Can I buy a 1000 more “likes”?

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      • CountryDoc says:

        Agree Cozett. The citizens of this nation represent the largest fighting force in the world, and, should it come to that, would be joined quickly by most of the members of the Military. To win the war, We the people must win. The enemy use to be the communists/marxists/socialists and Federal Reserve Bankers. Since we are a republic, we must convince the nearly half of our populace that the nation is being subverted. Soros and bankers are using crazy sociopaths to do their work, while our tax dollars continue to be siphoned off to their profits. As long as the sociopath/antifa/dems/ are fighting the common sense people who are too busy working in a dysfunctional economy, their money continues to flow.

        We must stop and shine light on not only Obama/Clintons on down, but also the Bankers behind the curtain of Oz.

        I am still not totally convinced that Trump isn’t an Ozite Banker. That would seem to be an easier path to more wealth and more secure wealth. But he is risking too much, unless it is all just a sham. A fake fight to distract us with something hopeful while the money still flows to the bankers.

        Or, miracle of miracles, Trump and team (there must be others, and a contingency if Trump is taken out) are planning to take down Soros, Federal Reserve, Uniparty. He may not be taking down the obvious traitors, because he is looking for moving puppet strings in order to expose the puppeteers.


    • Republicanvet91 says:

      As JasonD said, this is war.

      To accept that Trump has done nothing since being elected is like saying the US Military did nothing because Japan was not defeated a week after Pearl Harbor.

      The battlefield must be determined and shaped. Winning skirmishes helps up until a final push must be made.

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      What **** ****** *** ******, ***** ** ******! **** *********, “*********” ** ***!!!!


    • cali says:

      @Buckeyman: Why are you here?

      Who are you trying to convince? Sundance, the treepers or yourself?


    • Issy says:

      You sound frustrated and I understand why. I agree with much of what you said, the fantasy plots about sessions, huber, flipped fbi, thousands of indictments etc. However, you must not lose faith in President Trump. He’s had the press, the bureaucracy, the doj and fbi and most of the congress fighting him at every turn. There would have been tremendous repercussions against him had he fired some of these rats before the exposure of what they had done became clear to the public. The rinos would have been happy to go along with the democrats and impeach him. Some in the senate are coming around about the doj, and the public is seeing despite the press what was done. Besides, there were a few little items he had to contend with along the way, isis, averting war with NK and the trade policies killing our economic growth to mention a few. If he gets reaffirmation in the midterms, I feel sure there will be changes at the doj. I am not telling you to be patient and wait for the next thing that will expose everything and *drop the hammer* (hate that expression) as we have been told so many times. I am asking you not to lose faith in Trump. He’s the best thing we have ever had and is doing the best he can.


  21. It was a bit disconcerting that this confirmation vote was allowed to be so close. The white hats either were overconfident or the placement of Kavanaugh so critical to be a prerequisite to next moves that they were willing to let him fail and try again later. The next week is critical. We can’t afford to play the midterms straight. The black hats will overwhelm the polls with illegals, dead people, cross state voters, and people who vote more than once. They succeeded in stealing a NH senate seat in a razor thin senate. It’s time to pull the trigger. Let’s roll.

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  22. So 1,489 responses as I write this one.
    I went back and read most of them. In doing so, I seem to see the following points being made in one form or another.
    1. Mrs. Ford was not a “victim”. She was a “soldier” assigned a mission. And like a kamikaze pilot or a suicide bomber, she carried out her mission and was able to inflict damage. Fortunately, it was a glancing blow.

    2. Those that assigned this mission continue to have resources and “cover” provided for the continuation of the Coup against President Trump. Although several members of this coup have been identified and their actions documented, they still remain “free” to continue. And apparently without fear of consequence.

    3. There is not a logical argument or counter point to the situation that Sundance describes in this posting.

    4. Should those that have been identified to date as leaders in this Coup not be held to account through the Courts, We The People must be willing use our remaining Constitutional Rights to hold them accountable without further hesitation and with extreme prejudice.

    Several postings mentioned the rampant violent protests being allowed to take place within the Senate and being encouraged by sitting members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. This must be addressed first to show that the Rule of Law remains in place and remains capable of functioning. Without the fear of consequence, the “protests” will only grow increasingly violent. A lesson from 1913 and 1917 “we” seem to not want to remember nor study.

    We may have no choice but to wait for the upcoming election to be concluded, but as soon as the last polling place closes, the arrest warrants must be issued. Otherwise, the next election may well be decided by the Cartridge Box rather than the Ballot Box.


  23. Bull Durham says:

    I risk a disagreement with SD. Kavanaugh was purely a political ideology gambit, ru by Schumer and the old hands of the Democrat Party. It was for the election. It was to galvanize their base. They have the real poll numbers and know there is no Blue Wave coming. They are thinking 2020. And stopping any and all DJT nominees is imperative. Kavanugh gambit had no CIA component just assets attached to CIA (easy to find hundreds of thousands of such people in DC and both parties). Everything was amateur + Dem org and Soros sponsored. It was a mid-summer operation that had high hopes for the base (to be evaluated in November) and slight hopes the NeverTrumpers would join in. (they did for awhile).

    It is totally disconnected from the plots of 2016 and the nature of the Deep State.

    The FBI, CIA, NSC, NSA, DNI and DOJ have tens of thousands of Obama-Bush-Clinton era employees who are antithetical to MAGA and DJT. A few dozen have been exposed as fervent workers against the Rule of Law. The depth of corruption took two decades, and the National Security State brought to present status (Patriot Act on advances steroids) allows a freedom from scrutiny for the malevolent.

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  24. NewsToMe says:

    I would beg to differ with Sundance on one key point:

    “The Kavanaugh plan was not hatched in 2016, or even in 2017. This plot was executed in the past few weeks.”

    This plan was hatched against Kavanaugh (and every other potential Supreme Court pick Trump listed while campaigning) as soon as he won the election.


    • JasonD says:

      Correct. The intention has been there all along. The execution was more recent, and necessarily bungled, cause the truth was not sympathetic to their cause. Same-same with spygate – truth was not on their side, so down it goes if you stand up to the first volleys.

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  25. mugzey302 says:

    Waiting for the 50k sealed indictments to start heads rolling. Mr. Huber has been very busy. You can’t run investigations with dirty cops running the agencies, and the lower-level dirty cops are still being ferretted out. In my opinion, the swamp extends to the state, local, judiciary levels. The msm joined the swamp so there was no investigative journalist to cry out a warning. The swamp rats at CNN, MSNBC, NYT ~ they are covering their “sources”. Not to mention the inbreeding between Congress, the bureaucracy, and the media ~ not good (for us).


  26. Beverly says:

    Folks, support the FREEDOM CAUCUS: they’re the only true-blue Americans left within the gates and they’re fighting hard for our nation and our citizens!

    Situation: just read history. Whatever evil humans are capable of, That They Will Do, in the name of power and wealth. Free America has been a glorious Interregnum between thousands of years of despotism of all kinds, and the lower side of human nature always longs to return to the ways of the fang and the knife. We live in a fallen world, since Adam and Eve, and we’ll be battling this evil until Christ comes again in glory to judge both the living and the dead.

    But Satan hates truth, and freedom, and Our Lord above all: he is a liar and the Father of Lies. He goads our enemies on, tempting them like he tempted Jesus: laying out before them all the riches and kingdoms of this world. So they fall to that temptation: the Davos/Bilderburg/International world rulers. And we are left to fight them.

    ‘Twas ever thus.

    Our glorious institutions of freedom have been under assault by evil from the beginning of our Republic. That’s why our Founding Fathers knew that the strong bulwark of Christianity and godliness was our only true security. That’s also why the Enemy drives his minions to savagely attack “values voters” the most viciously.

    The forms have been hollowed out: the shells of our institutions are now crawling with totalitarian maggots. A few good men remain, but they are under siege.

    It will take a blowtorch to clean this out.


  27. jeans2nd says:

    Solutions. You want possible solutions. Quick. Ok.

    Doggone it Sundance, go look in the mirror. Then check you followers on your twitter feed, and the number of unique eyes reading you every day. How many commenters had you when you first started? 10? 15? Now look at how many commenters.

    You, and others just like you, are the solution, Sundance. We are the solution. The truth cannot be stopped. The truth will always eventually out itself. There are more good people than bad ones.
    Those good people will carry on after we are long gone.

    And we have The Big Guy backing us. We cannot lose.
    “What is the word that the Lord has said to you?” 1 Sam 3:17

    btw, thank you


  28. 00Gonzo says:

    I think there’s a few things at play. I think that the Dims are desperate and really have nothing to lose at this point. However, their plot was never meant to bare this kind of scrutiny. Kavanaugh was supposed to withdraw under the pressure of the media and the #metoo resistance.

    The Dims surely counted on the media to play their role too. But one thing they didn’t count on was a scummy lawyer blowing up their plans. His ham fisted attempt at playing hero turned the whole thing into a National Enquirer headline. It just made the whole thing ridiculous! I guess his hopes of a 2020 run out in the can now.


  29. Republicanvet91 says:

    If we accept that the institutions as mentioned are thoroughly corrupt to the point of almost taking out a Supreme Court nominee, and we accept that these people are still in place, then it makes me wonder what stunt will be pulled before the elections.

    I cannot see such a corrupt bunch just chalk up a loss and walk away. They have to know they will be sought out with a vengeance if POTUS gains more power by winning bigger majorities in the House/Senate.

    What will these people do to try stop that?


  30. jus wundrin says:

    You are correct Sundance, and you summarized it well. Its something I have pondered for a long time with things that I have seen and heard, but never connected the dots across the wider spectrum. Three examples that come to mind are the lack of coverage/investigation of jihadi attacks, the lack of coverage/investigation of the attack on the FRC, and the lack of coverage/investigation on the assassination attempt of house repubs by James Hodgkinson. When Sheila Jackson Lee was passing out envelopes (payoff?) she did it with impunity. Why? Like you said: they have no risk of getting caught no matter how many cameras had recorded the event. Im afraid that this will just get worse before it gets better….if it ever gets better.


  31. WES says:

    Just my humble opinion. Trump needed a 5/4 majority in the SC before he can begin to prosecute anybody. Up until now the swamp could always count on judge shopping to stop Trump. Now they can not use this tactic. This step was critical to Trump’s desire to re-establish the rule of law.

    The next critical step is to solidify political control of the Senate.

    I think once Trump has solid control of the legal system and political system then he is free to implement respect for the rule of law.

    That the swamp tried to prevent Trump from gaining control of the legal system via the SC is an indication of how desperate they were, not a simple risk/reward calculation. The swamp had no choice but ruthlessly smear BK nomination since they knew they were losing the war.

    Now the swamp must win in November or the war is truly over.

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    • Lindenlee says:

      That is how I see it. That SC justice was critical.. To put investigate those injunctions by federal judges, and so much more. Critical infrastructure, so to speak.

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    • B Woodward says:

      WES, you have a good point. I think another part of the equation is that POTUS needs more than 51 Republican senators, especially since at least 3 of the R’s cannot be counted on to vote with him. That partially explains why Trump currently has about 200 appointees waiting for Senate confirmation.

      After the election, assuming that there are several more Republicans added to the Senate, then Trump can really start draining the swamp. Should he so choose, he can fire Sessions and replace him with a new Attorney General– an Attorney General who will be confirmed by the Senate. Then the new AG will fire Rosenstein and Mueller, and then start prosecuting the Spygate criminals. The Democrats are probably already hatching new sex crimes allegations to prevent a new AG from being confirmed. Of course, Trump could appoint another person previously confirmed by the Senate to be the new AG. Let the crying begin.


  32. Mark says:

    I know the gov’t agencies are corrupt throughout. They have been for a long time. One need only look at the history of the BATF to see deep corruption going way back. Obama’s eight years only emboldened the Democrats to start using gov’t agencies as political weapons more in the open and not hiding it as much. Hubris. Pride. It was the beginning of their downfall.

    Back on topic — the one thing I have seen beyond a doubt … is that if the top says something, the rest below follow it. To even start to fix the corruption, you *must* replace all the top people in each agency. Every single one of them. Get the top straightened out and the ones below will follow. Then, start going through all the ones below looking for those truly rotten apples.

    Although, I think getting rid of each agency and starting over is the only sure way to fix the corruption. Everyone in gov’t service at each agency is done. Good bye. No more gov’t service allowed, including contracting to gov’t agencies. Get new people in there. But you’ll never see that happen.

    So, the only other way is to replace the top. All of them down to at least GS15. Not an easy task, but required. Pick people who aren’t even remotely connected to any Democrat or top Republican. Not holding my breath, though…


  33. gmac says:

    What an incredible site. Informative, thought provoking and civil.
    My simple thoughts this evening after reading most all the comments. I read the Art of the Deal more than once. We have watched him in action and have seen the results. Timing is everything and POTUS, in retrospect, has demonstrated efficient timing. His performance and timing especially when you consider what he is up against is incredible. Virtually every time we have we have wondered or questioned to ourselves his direction, timing or whatever he has been validated.

    Maybe I am being to simplistic but it seems to me that before we go to war on a large scale we need to have the necessary armament, people and a rock solid plan with contingencies if required. Any reasonable timetable would project more than two years would be required. Go to early and the result is chaos and mistakes that could sink us. Before Kavanaugh was to early, before the mid-terms is to early. Maybe the plan was and is to win smaller battles initially.
    It took decades for us to reach the state of affairs we have today. To me it is astonishing to see what President Trump has accomplished in two years. It is a good thing to analyze and talk about alternative approaches if only because sometimes somebody comes up with something that is pivotal. I am not so sure it is beneficial to come out with comments that he should have done more and should be doing more. The current pace is incredible. Sometimes you can go to fast and lose control and the ballgame. In this situation sometimes you have to let what has been done sink into the fiber of the people before you continue so that you maintain their support. I can recall several of my friends questioning the wisdom of what POTUS was doing. I would always ask if they read the Art of the Deal. Invariably they had not. These kinds of people require time to absorb and contemplate before they join us.

    Is it my belief that this country has been blessed above all others. Not for the power and not to control other countries but to be an example to the rest of the world as to the merits of personal freedom, etc. Our constitution I have read, has been copied in some form all over the world. It was inspired.
    I was thinking about the Revolutionary War. There was no earthly reason why anyone in those times would have thought we would have been able to overcome the most powerful military in the world. Against all odds we did. It was not a given that the United States could be the main force in the World War II victory. We were certainly not prepared for it.
    I believe that we will overcome what we are facing now but not without a fight of a different kind. George Washington I believe is the one who said that if this nation were to fall it would only be from internal causes. If we remain a free and moral people we will prevail. There will be heartbreak and worse but we will prevail. I do not believe that we were put on this earth to sail through it. We will and are being challenged but we will prevail provided that we remain a moral people and are willing to defend our country and our principles.

    Another quote that I have long remembered, “The American people generally get what they deserve”. … Abraham Lincoln. To me this means that if we do not pay attention to the affairs of government and if we do not vote then we will get what we deserve. If we allow ourselves to become morally corrupt we will get what we deserve. The takeaway here for me is positive because it leaves the result of what happens to us in our hands. We have within our power to control what happens to our country. Of course we need to keep ourselves informed but we also need to help inform our neighbors. It is a slow and tedious process. We need to pay attention to our schools where our children are now being indoctrinated instead of being taught. Thomas Sowell said many years ago that the greatest sin being perpetrated on our students is the fact our students are no longer being taught inductive or deduction reasoning. This makes it difficult to understand what the government has actually been doing to us.

    I am not familiar enough with the rules and policies of this site so if this was to long I apologize and will adjust accordingly if I ever post again. I appreciate this site, Sundance and all the contributors. A blessing in itself.

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    • churchmouse says:

      What an excellent debut comment.

      I hope you do post again, gmac.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      Gmac, I appreciate your eloquent comment. Sundance and TCH is amazing for attracting and enabling individuals with the American Republic DNA. And it takes the intuitive, thoughtful discipline of those who run this site.

      Your memory of those who risked all for our original Revolution is apt. They were something else, something the world had not seen before. What amazing courage and intelligence, and we see the same in our President. We are his soldiers.


    • Issy says:

      I thought your essay was pretty good.


    • Lindenlee says:

      Outstanding comment. Right on…


    • CountryDoc says:

      Gmac, thanks for your thoughtful post. Yes we try to keep posts on topic and succinct, but I find that thoughtful pointed short dissertations are tolerated well and well thought out. Most of us here a bibliophiles and historians, students, and eager for additional perspective. This is the spirit of collaboration that formed our country. Each bringing their best to the table, each respecting the opinion of others and the welcoming counterpoints so that we all expand our perspective. Whether you lurk or speak, you are certainly needed.


  34. Dadgumit says:

    There is no way the fib was going to conclude anything negative against Kavanaugh. Imagine how they would have further damaged themselves politically by creating a kavanaugh version of the trump dosier. They had already investigated him 6 times with all in positive conclusions. Were they really going to make something up, and then spin it as if they missed it before? How would they look? Trump and the fib knew this and am sure there didnt need to be much said between them.

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  35. renzi2018 says:

    Wow. 1602 comments, and zero trolls or lefties.
    Thats a lot of deplorable scum of the earth speaking up, despite Hillary, Biden, Hirono, Harris saying ShutUp. Given CTH is a bit of a backwater, compared to say, Breitbart, or TheHill, or…
    I’d say the Silent Generation is speaking up…must be a trend?

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  36. churchmouse says:

    This is the best comments thread I’ve ever read: thought provoking and well worth rereading.

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  37. cali says:

    @Sundance: Your synopsis is not only spot on but irrefutable because observing what we do day in and day out led us to your correct evaluation.

    The ‘swamp’ aka shadow government has controlled our body of politics since the British attempted to overtake America. Since then it only grew and is embedded into every office, institution, entity, churches and even into our military command structure although our military commanders remained loyal to their oaths and so did the majority of our men and women wearing the uniform.
    The many wars have opened the eyes of soldiers on the frontlines. Many became shaded simply because they witnessed the absurdity of their orders but also caused them to question ‘why’ are we sending them to places that had nothing to do with our national security.
    What the Hussein administration successfully accomplished was the eye opening of those leading men and women into battle questioning the constitutional oath they took vs the unconstitutional orders Hussein et al actually gave them to carry out. Many commanding balked ergo the purge of good military leaders not going along with the unconstitutional orders that took on a life on its own.
    Whether it was Benghazi, the numerous coups in countries in- and outside of the middle east but many openly revolted when ordered to confiscate every citizens gun(s).
    Two such men are well known to us: Marine commander Mattis, Military intelligence chief Mike Flynn and attempted firing of Admiral Mike Rogers.

    What we also need to take into consideration that not only our constitution was a hindering document to that shadow government who’s goal all along was to destroy this republic before they could be in total control as the necessity to their long planned world order or one world government -the end for any free peoples on the planet.

    With time most of our politicians were co-opted by these moneyed interests and bought for a price. Being superrich is a strong motivator for our election politicians. They sold us out in lieu of being rich. Hussein the Manchurian candidate was placed into the white house to speed up the process destroying this constitutional republic. With him came a selected number of individuals who all were of likeminded intent as he was despite never being able to pass any tests and background checks ergo they operated throughout Hussein’s 8 years without any security clearance while being places in the most sensitive positions throughout government that is responsible for our national security, justice, courts and government.
    These anti-American and noncitizens achieved co-opting even more politicians and their respective duties.
    Hussein et followed and carried out his given plan titled “The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America” and we don’t add up his successes. The results speak for themselves.

    Here we need to be mindful that this plan was not one created by Hussein – it was created by the head of the snake: UK and Saudi Arabia’s prince Talwaleed in collusion with EU/Germany, Canada under diva Trudeau and other allies as well as the 5EYES members.
    About Canada: This country helped Hussein and Hillary to smuggle uranium from Canada to Pakistan, from Pakistan to Iran and North Korea and into Syria. Russia had nothing to do with the uranium sale.
    To make a long story short: The 2016 election was the last phase in that 16 year plan and all the players were in place ergo HRC needed to win at all cost to finish off this republic according to plan.

    Based on that we now know what all was involved, who, what, where including the names of many as well as the three letter agencies. The mockingbird media was instrumental in hiding the truth while writing and televising their propaganda across America and the world.

    The co-ordinated strategy to destroy, frame, accuse, slander and smear candidate, president elect and now president Trump was a collective effort here in the US but across Europe. Orders were repeatedly added and changed as necessity originating in the UK, Australia and adopted by Germany, Ukraine and Italy.

    Sundance in the meantime kept us in the loop and was the main source of shine the light on the GOPe strategy to takeout the president. From there the NeverTrumpers did their part as well.

    Meanwhile – Cold Anger – grew within citizens including many forgotten men and women giving this shadow government a black eye punching them out while voting in a landslide for president Trump.

    Here we are: The president walked into a shit show of government that was not only 75-80% corrupt – both sides – but also employed and retained traitors who during the Hussein years successfully subverted our government within.

    The only branch of government our president had and has is our military branch: It is they who assisted and assured that the rigging of the election failed. They also devised a plan to stop this plan titled “The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America” but also to drain this republic of all these creatures belong, operating and governing for this shadow government as well as all others involved here and abroad.

    How do you approach such a dangerous and entrenched and ferocious animal and kill it?

    For this reason the small group – less than 10 members – in our military together with president Trump are operating under a plan and timeline to do just that: rid this country and for the benefit of peoples across the world and drain this ‘swamp’ aka shadow government.

    Within the small group is also the 5-member team known as Q. This team is made up with top secret security clearance military officers and two non-military members with top secret clearance.

    Together with president Trump selected members who’s background is free from corruption in every way are part of this such as Jeff Sessions, Christopher Wray, Mike Pompeo and others. Also included are white hats from here and abroad. Then there a members in the administration that are selected for a ‘role’ out of necessity such as Rosenstein despite knowing that he is a swamp creature together with those whom he feverishly works to keep up with the orders given from the UK and deep state in this country while keeping in place his other partner Mueller.

    If president Trump were to drain our government we would have no functioning government because it would collapse. It would cause damage to America as enemies within and abroad would act like hyenas feating on a corpse.

    President Trump operates with the designed plan that’ll take about 3 years to successfully drain this swamp here and abroad. President Trump needed to start cleansing the courts, justice, FBI to at least set in motion the plan to drain.
    It is also a must that the citizens need to wake up and become aware of the corruption everywhere. To successfully drain the swamp a informed peoples are required ergo the awakening of peoples everywhere.
    @Sundance having penned his analysis of Cold Anger here plays a big role as it shows that Americans eyes and ears are open.

    This shadow government still believes arrogantly that they can reverse the damage so far done to them. They are wrong and they are very desperate to either reverse the damage, start WWIII (ergo the recent shift by the swampish UK crying muh Russia is coming again) or if anything fails: assassinate president Trump!

    If may does appear that nothing isn’t happening or the swamp still functions as it did before but I beg to differ. Many NeverTrumpers will not run fore-election, many FBI and DOJ have been fired, many new judges are confirmed and seated, there are no new regime change wars, the Bushes are now exposed for what they are followed by many others who are swamp creatures.

    The Kavanaugh destruction was an attempt to stop him because he scared the daylights out of these swampers when he answered Lindsey Graham that any civilian that joins and actively trying to subvert our government, a coup against a duly elected president etc can be referred to a military tribunal and they also can receive the death penalty. Then there is Kavanaugh’s dissent while being part of the Starr investigation about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. He had no mercy on BC as he honestly assessed how sleazy this guy was, the women he violated, the seduction and despicable behavior in the oval office with Lewinsky. You have to read his dissent to believe it.

    No wonder HRC dispatched Katz to take out Kavanaugh – Vince Foster ring a bell?

    Finally – Feinstein, Schumer, Wasserman-Schultz, Rahm Emmanuel and host of others have dual loyalties as they retain dual citizenship? Why? Why so many member in DC? All of them appear to by against anything good in this country so who do they really represent?

    As Q told us in detail what plans they all had for us, keeping us informed, giving us info which after research always is truthful, gives us info weeks in advance and long before it happens (such as no name aka McCain knowing 30 days in advance that he would die down to the hour and minute and only to learn that McCain did NOT die on his terms…). The anons on 8chan were selected for that reason and to help us learning so much since Q came onto the scene since Oct 2017. President Trump relies on military intelligence since it is free of deep state/swamp. Everything we see and will see is based on the military operation that is. This past week DC noticed military ops moving into place there via transport of military equipment.

    We also know that the last operation to finally end the reign of the snake/head of the snake. As the plan we learned of so many months ago – Israel will be dealt with last – a last necessity.

    Israel intelligence was called out by Q this past Friday – a direct order to the Israeli intelligence was “Stand Down” attached by a military code unkown to us. There’s a lot afoot.

    The midterm election will us give the necessary results the president needs – as Q said they will do their part but we must do ours too!

    Always remember: God Always wins! 🙂

    AS Q and the anons always say: “God always wins – we will win”! Be patient arrests are pending as Q told us this past Friday.

    You want to see pain to these swamp critter – hang in there because its almost time and the midterm is near!

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    • Richard Whitney says:

      When he was asked the difference between criminal law and martial law, I stood up out of my seat. It was a great moment.


  38. SSI01 says:

    If this is correct the scenario includes a number of well-known personalities from the so-called “Right,” including Lindsey Graham and a flock of others who are either apathetic or have been threatened with dire consequences if they speak out honestly about what’s been happening in those smoke-filled rooms. It may also include a number of so-called “leaders” within the Senate, some recently deceased or soon-to-be-retired folks. If it’s going to work you’ve got to either enlist them willingly into this deception or threaten them in such a way they don’t DARE speak out about what they know.

    My point is to be doubly wary of GOP members involved in this because, if it’s accurate, they failed to have the gumption to speak out about what you’re supposing – if it’s true – and put country before self.

    This is why term limits are so vitally important. Minimize a person’s exposure to this rotten, sordid mess. Keep it to one term, and return the legislative branch to live and work among its constituents, where they can be watched on a daily basis, and communicate when necessary via network or wire. AND have to look their supporters – and their enemies – in the eye every day.

    Only the most dedicated and selfless need apply. Just like military service.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Joe OByrnes says:

    You’re reacting to second tier theatrics. These bit actors are following orders as evidenced by the ease at which Fords past was dug up before it was scrubbed. A real ops would have eliminated any trail in advance. Top tier theatrics is the uni-party handlers putting us at each other’s throats again, making the robot Dems look like the bad guys. Everybody has a handler, and who knows, maybe “they” are going to start swinging the country back to the right. I keep Teddy Roosevelt’s quote on my wall at work about the shadow government. It’s always been there. Only the actors change. To clip their wings requires states to withhold tax revenue and to resist federal intrusion. And states can’t afford to do that unless they eliminate tax burdens and encourage economic boons for business and industry. Each state has to elect a third party to power and that requires an actual spiritual revival based on the Bible, not the pantywaste Modern American Christianity we have today.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. labdoctor says:

    I know Suzy Collins and she has never pulled-off this level of performance in her life. This was an orchestrated event with multiple players working together to develop and execute this moment for public consumption. Suzy was chosen because 1.) she’s a women and a long time Senator. 2.) she “does her homework/studies the issues”” 3.) portrayed as “homespun, done to earth”
    4.) she’s a moderate/sometimes liberal Republican. McConnell and Co. put this act together, wrote the speech, bought her some new clothes, and provided her with a cameo appearance to deliver the death blow to the Democrats. The timeline of the events was obvious – she’s undecided, mad at Trump for his MS remarks, she votes for cloture to be “cooperative”, then announces she’ll announce her decision to the world at 3:00 pm. This was a brilliant set-up beginning to end.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Issy says:

      I am not too fond of Miss Moderate Republican. It is obvious to me she in Never Trump and just because the rinos wanted Kavanaugh doesn’t change that. However, I do disagree with one thing you said. The senator is always well dressed and very expensively so. You just don’t notice because she is so irritating.


    • Lindenlee says:

      I have had those thoughts myself… Who do you think did the setup? Lindsey played his part, she did hers, Grassley did his. Others??


  41. @Sundance…I have read the Wolfe indictment about a dozen times, to myself for the satisfaction and out loud to friends. It is terrific.
    Yes, at the moment Wolfe is ‘only’ charged with lying to the FBI (read the indictment to understand how certain a conviction is). Does that mean that he cannot be charged with the leaking of classified information later?
    Does anyone think that Wolfe leaked this entirely on his own? Wolfe has asked Senators Warner and Burr, co-chairs of the SSCI to testify at his trial. My guess is that this request is part of his possible plea deal. Warner and Burr certainly directed the leak. Testifying at Wolfe’s trial would be a perjury trap. They have to wonder if the FBI already has evidence – at least from Wolfe – of the SSCI plot.
    In addition, four reporters were named in the indictment. They were under surveillance from the time when the sting was run on Wolfe (the FISA app that he texted to one reporter was watermarked so that the FBI could determine where it came from when the leak was revealed – that is why there have been those nagging redactions). Brian Ross was one of those reporters,a nd he was fired. Ali Watkins, Wolfe’s presstitute paramour, was another. She later was hired by the NYT but did not alert them to the fact she could be under surveillance. Do you think that might result in more evidence of criminality?
    The burner phones and anonymizing apps won’t help the MSM any more. They are losing.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. barefootjourney says:


    As you said this plot was created and operated in the last few weeks. I believe they had absolutely nothing to lose and this ploy was small marbles compared to FISA abuse and all the other corruption they have been maintaining for years. Compared to the trillions of dollars at stake and treasons already committed this was a laughable ploy. The swamp is deep and very real but I see this swamp failure as a sign that things are moving forward little by little.

    It is absolutely impossible to prove nothing happened between Ford and Kavanaugh at a gathering/party. That’s why they put the onus of proving innocence on Kavanaugh. There are false accusations every day in the news and propaganda stories created that this attempt falls into such a long list of similar accusations that it blend into a collective memory and specifics forgotten. They are safe because of allies in the deep swamp but beyond that their hubris is safe because without a video recording of them creating this plot there is no way to prove their motives and behaviors of creating this entire thing.

    As far as I see the network of deep state/swamp is already known that they didn’t have anything to hide this go around and what was there downside? Their failure and Kavanaugh getting confirmed gives them a new battle cry, as Tucker Carlson spoke of in the video you posted, and they now can march into mid terms crying about “the corrupt system” and try to motivate the left base into action (unlikely through voting) of open revolt and a decent chance of putting PDJT and the administration in a place of solving how to handle riots, violence, and open dissension without becoming the tyrant they have been calling him all along.

    The problem I see is weeding out all the normal agents, data analysis, and low level employees like the ones Veritas Project started to out as well. Mid-terms are massively important but how do we move into DC and field offices and start filling or terminating all of the low level, insider, daily corruption? PDJT can bring a massive wrecking ball to the system but we need to work from the ground up and begin building a better system as the administration works from the top down.

    Liked by 2 people

  43. laurie5106 says:

    When deep corruption and evil are exposed it can quite literally shake us up. Corruption and evil can only thrive in darkness. Citizens beginning to comprehend is a good thing. The corruption was there all along. Seeing it being exposed is the beginning of its demise. It can be upsetting because honest people are shocked by it.


  44. laurie5106 says:

    This exposure and rooting out of corruption is way beyond our capability. This is the time to stop relying on and trusting in earthly institutions and look to God for deliverance. This is already happening because God’s hand has clearly been demonstrated in Trump being elected and everything that’s occurred since. Believers understand that the war is not won by might or power but by the Spirit of God. Our place is to acknowledge, believe, repent and pray as the scripture says.lets never forget the scripture that tells us the meek shall inherit the earth.


  45. Doppler says:

    This site, along with that certain 4/8 chan thread associated with the number 17, have been invaluable to this news junkie in trying to make sense of the chaotically polarized recent times.

    Sundance’s challenge to reconcile these two events coming to me at the airport Saturday after finally listening to Susan Collins’s superb speech explaining her vote for Kavanaugh, and reminding us of how noble the Senate and our constitutional processes can be, lead me to add in the arrest of DiFi’s Chinese spy into media silence to SD’s two events, and to make these speculations:

    1. Both SD and # 17 are anonymous, but both have such insights that they appear to have privileged access to our VSG, and to other members of his team (17 to MI). With our president’s frequent press conferences, his rallies, and his twitter feed, TCH and 8chan’s great awakening provide complimentary, if sometimes conflicting, channels for communications to the public. This unique, inventive multi-channel communications system is necessitated by the corruption of our establishment media.
    2. Media corruption is just one consequence and tool of deeper political and economic corruption, whose nature and methods are very complex and ingrained in many different institutions of government, corporate, academic and policy organizations.
    3. To drain the swamp of that corruption requires understanding its sources and methods:
    a. The CIA, now 70 years old, was authorized from its inception to engage in unlawful behavior outside the US to permit “plausible deniability” for the President should operations blow up in our faces, but not against US citizens except foreign spies. This created great and unconstitutional power that was not accountable to anyone, abusable by those inside it for political or economic gain. When JFK (who had vowed to destroy the CIA and scatter it to the winds) was assassinated, Truman said he regretted ever signing the law that created the CIA. The CIA got away with killing our president, LBJ got the power he wanted and saw to a cover up, and Schumer recently joked that John Brennan was pissed at Trump and, wise swamp dweller to newcomer, “you never piss off the CIA because they have seven ways from Sunday to get even.” Their assets extend out into many other agencies and foreign governments, media, etc., etc., secret power accountable to no one.
    b. The power of the secret and often rogue CIA operations grew exponentially with NSA’s PRISM program, which routinely captures and stores every digital communication almost everywhere, and relies only on FISA law to prevent unauthorized access and use of US citizen data, absent a FISA warrant. This law only effectively restricts use of the data in courts, not secret use for other means, such as spying on political opponents (or stalking girlfriends or digging out insider information for hedge funds). Because the data and who accesses it is secret, no one knows about secret abuses, except possibly others with access to it. Brennan lied to Congress that it existed. Snowden disclosed it.
    c. Before the Carter Page FISA escapade, Obama era government contractors were illegally accessing this data for political purposes. Secret steps by NSA’s Rodgers were taken to cut this off, and the FISA escapade began, but is still not fully exposed to the public.
    d. Apparently anti-Clinton/proTrump forces within the IC (Rodgers, Flynn), aware of this illegal political surveillance, alerted Trump, and made available to him the same sort of surveillance of those seeking to destroy him. It is possible that this was done legally through secret FISA processes since early in the Trump Administration. Or just illegally as had become customary in the Obama era and possibly earlier.
    e. If you believe 17, massive investigations are secretly underway seeking to develop admissible evidence of crimes committed by the Deep State and #Resistance. James Wolfe and his paramour girlfriend at the NYT were clearly caught in a sting exemplifying that, the lowly plea of lying to FBI in exchange for cooperation supporting ongoing grand jury processes to nail Senators and other bigger fish. The swift series of events of late 2017 following Flynn’s plea, when the Strzok-Page texts were first leaked, Judge Contreras recused, and his replacement judge ordered Brady Rule disclosure to Flynn’s team of all exculpatory evidence, are consistent with a similar sting. The leak of Waldman-Sen Warner-Bruce Ohr texts also suggests ongoing surveillance of Deep Stater crimes. The arrest of DiFi’s spy aide, as well, with clear implication that she was in touch with a known foreign spy, allowing/suggesting FISA surveillance of her and at least one maybe two hops beyond to her contacts.
    f. The failure of Huber and Horowitz to publicly produce could mean 1) per Sundance, the Deep State remains in control, or 2) per 17, the wheels of justice are slowly grinding amid grand jury secrecy for many Huber investigations requiring delay as unsuspecting targets continue to incriminate themselves by involvement in illegal activities as they strive mightily to regain power.
    g. The President’s dealings with Mueller, RR, Sessions, and the on again off again release of unredacted FISA application suggests he is trolling his opponents, playing with timing for dramatic and tactical effect.

    4. We’ll know soon if SD or 17 is right, or if they represent two extremes bounding broad terrain of potential action by which the President can manipulate the public message to suit his purposes. This close to the election, any political indictment would violate DOJ custom, and may backfire in the sense that many independents could see it as timed to influence the election, and resent DOJ involvement in electioneering.

    5. Unless the ability of any administration to use the PRISM system for political purposes is halted by replacing PRISM with Bill Binney’s ThinThread system, and dismantling the CIA-style secrecy, power, and non-accountability, “the blessings of Liberty” (freedom to do what we please without arbitrary, unnecessary, non-accountable authority) will be lost forever. America will not “win” if that power is just secretly wielded by today’s version of the good guys to get back at the prior administration’s abuses.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Snowleopard says:

      I’d say you are getting there.
      My two cents:
      The CIA (and most other intel agencies foreign and domestic), the big banks worldwide, (& their owned/controlled major corps and war contractors), national committees of most major political parties worldwide, the major media worldwide, the drug dealers (intel black ops) and their protection agencies (DEA etc) should be viewed as one interlocking organization focused on increasing its power and control.


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