Report: Ford's FBI Friend, Monica McLean, Pressured Witness To Modify Testimony and Statement…

If you thought it was sketchy that Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford’s life-long best friend was a recently retired FBI agent and DOJ official, Monica McLean {Go Deep}; and if you thought it was sketchy that McLean and Ford were together on July 30th when Ford was writing a  letter to Dianne Feinstein, likely making the friend Ms Ford’s “handler” for the operation against Kavanaugh; then it’s even more sketchy today with a report that McLean was pressuring witness Leland Keyser to shape her statements and testimony to the FBI.

According to the Wall Street Journal the FBI has text messages from Ms. McLean to witness Ms. Keyser, directing her to modify statements more favorable to Ms. Ford.

WASHINGTON – A friend of Christine Blasey Ford told FBI investigators that she felt pressured by Dr. Ford’s allies to revisit her initial statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh, which she later updated to say that she believed but couldn’t corroborate Dr. Ford’s account, according to people familiar with the matter.
Leland Keyser, who Dr. Ford has said was present at the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted in the 1980s, told investigators that Monica McLean, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a friend of Dr. Ford’s, had urged her to clarify her statement, the people said.

[…] On Thursday, a day after sending to the White House the report on its investigation into the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, the FBI sent the White House and Senate an additional package of information that included text messages from Ms. McLean to Ms. Keyser, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Oh, and McLean’s attorney is…. wait for it,….. David Laufman.

Ms. McLean’s lawyer, David Laufman, said in a statement: “Any notion or claim that Ms. McLean pressured Leland Keyser to alter Ms. Keyser’s account of what she recalled concerning the alleged incident between Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely false.”  (continue reading)

If there was any doubt the “small group” of connected DOJ and FBI officials were behind the use of Ms. Ford, you can put that doubt away now that Ms. Ford’s handler, Monica McLean, has enlisted David Laufman as her legal defense.
They’re not even trying to hide it any more.
Michael Bromwich is representing Ms. Ford, and David Laufman is representing Ms. McLean.   The concentric Lawfare gang is working overtime, likely pro-bono.
It is beyond obvious now that Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford was not just some random ancillary high school acquaintance of Brett Kavanaugh; Ms. Ford appears to have been selected by a group of politically connected FBI and DOJ officials for the purpose of targeting Judge Kavanaugh.
All of these DOJ and FBI people are part of a tight network.
“Beach Friends”?  Rohoboth Beach friends?

David Laufman was the Department of Justice – National Security Division, Deputy Asst. Attorney General in charge of counterintelligence, cyber security, counterespionage and export controls.  He was inside the DOJ-NSD when the FISA application against Carter Page, and by extension the Trump campaign, was constructed, submitted and approved.
As most people are now aware the epicenter of the DOJ/FBI Clinton-Steele operation against candidate Trump stemmed from a collaborate “small group” effort of Main Justice officials within the National Security Division (John P Carlin – head); and officials within the FBI Counterintelligence Division (Bill Priestap – head).
David Laufman abruptly resigned from his DOJ position on Wednesday February 7th, 2018, without notice – citing “personal reasons.” {Go Deep} Mr. Laufman was one of the “small group” who interviewed Hillary Clinton, July 2nd, 2016, during the FBI email investigation.
Additionally, In his former DOJ-NSD position, Laufman would have held knowledge of the FISA “Title-1” surveillance program initiated on Carter Page and the “incidental” Trump campaign officials. Laufman would also have close contact with former Asst. Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr; husband of Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr.
To see Ms. Fords life-long best friend, FBI agent and influencer, Monica McLean, now represented by Mr. Laufman would indicate even more evidence of the “small group” motive.  Again, as previously presented, each of these DOJ/FBI officials are defending their interests -and controlling their risk exposure- from current congressional probes into the activity of a corrupt DOJ and FBI in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

These internecine relationships is likely why Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a follow-up demand letter to the lawyers for Ms. Blasey-Ford, requesting additional information to include the communications between the legal team and the witnesses surrounding Ms. Ford’s claims:

[…] I urge you once again, now for the third time in writing, to turn over the therapy notes, polygraph materials, and communications with The Washington Post that Dr. Ford has relied upon as evidence.
In addition to the evidence I requested in my October 2 letter, in light of recently uncovered information, please turn over records and descriptions of direct or indirect communications between Dr. Ford or her representatives and any of the following: (1) U.S. Senators or their staffs, particularly the offices of Senators Feinstein and Hirono, other than your communications with me and my staff in preparation for the September 27 hearing; (2) the alleged witnesses identified by Dr. Ford (Leland Keyser, Mark Judge, and Patrick “P.J.” Smyth); and (3) Debbie Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, or their representatives.
(Read Full Grassley Letter)

It would appear that Senator Grassley can see the outline of the group who orchestrated the smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh; and he’s going directly to those who framed the campaign for answers….


MITCHELL: The second is the letter that you wrote to Senator Feinstein, dated the — July 30th of this year.
MITCHELL: Did you write the letter yourself?
FORD: I did.
MITCHELL: And I — since it’s dated July 30th, did you write it on that date?
FORD: I believe so. I — it sounds right. I was in Rehoboth, Delaware, at the time. I could look into my calendar and try to figure that out. It seemed…
MITCHELL: Was it written on or about that date?
FORD: Yes, yes. I traveled, I think, the 26th of July to Rehoboth, Delaware. So that makes sense, because I wrote it from there.
MITCHELL: Is the letter accurate?
FORD: I’ll take a minute to read it.

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1,473 Responses to Report: Ford's FBI Friend, Monica McLean, Pressured Witness To Modify Testimony and Statement…

  1. NOTHING done by these evil scum sucking bottom feeders surprises me. Thank you Sundance.

    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      Hang every Blase’-Fraud defender with this information!!!
      Don’t let them stay on their sanctimonious perch!!!
      (can’t take credit for “Blase’-Fraud” though)

      • Linus- agree with you 100%. Sundance has built a MOUNTAIN of evidence when it comes to evil wrong-doing of the Deep State and these Swamp creatures. Dr. Fraud and her entourage are despicable and deserve whatever punishment they get in this life or the hereafter. Let us never forget- “as you sow, so shall you reap.”

  2. trumpsbamagirl says:

    These people seriously underestimate the American public… They don’t seem to believe that anyone will be able to put the pieces of the scheme together. You would think that after our Sundance REPEATEDLY has done so, they might consider trying a little harder to be less obvious.
    Hubris will always be their downfall.

    • dd_sc says:

      They don’t need to worry about it too much until some people are actually indicted and put on trial.

    • Justah says:

      They seriously underestimated Senator Grassley and his Staff! Not to mention Sundance!!

    • You are o right. The problem is that they have gotten away with their vile behavior for so long and there haven’t been any consequences.

    • betseyross says:

      They seem to go through life thinking the rules do not apply to them. If they get caught, they invent a new rule. Draining the swamp is a monumental task, but we need it to happen yesterday.

    • Martin says:

      It is getting harder and harder to believe that pre-planning could be this inept. Reactionary, is more like it. They are relying on their connections, pulling in people for roles, and are so entrenched in their thinking, and desperate in their intent, that they cannot see how wrong it’s all going. All they have left is denial and obvious obfuscation of what is already known. Text messages, even now? Seriously?
      Q has said many times that these people are stupid, and that’s a mouthful.

  3. Anytime I read a transcript of Blasey-Ford‘s testimony I hear this voice:

    • Kent says:

      ha….good that…if she could add the Californian upward lilt like every statement is a question she would really have it down…I found it incredibly irritating to listen to ford.
      This new set of ‘dots’ connecting the collusion/conspiracy to obstructing/removing PDJT is just incredible…like Sundance said…they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore….they know the lo-fo people don’t have the attention span to imprint this into their minds in a cohesive manner

  4. mdaush says:

    Press on Mr. Grassley, press on.

  5. scott467 says:

    “[…] I urge you once again, now for the third time in writing, to turn over the therapy notes, polygraph materials, and communications with The Washington Post that Dr. Ford has relied upon as evidence.”
    Oh, well, if you ‘urge’ it, then of course they’ll turn it over… why didn’t you just say so before?
    Everybody knows, ‘urge’ is the magic word!
    I wonder if Grassley will get the message when they still don’t voluntarily turn over the therapy notes after TEN MILLIONTH ‘urging’?
    Without COMPULSION there IS NO cooperation.
    It’s sheer lunacy, naivete to absurd extremes, to expect otherwise…
    Unless the whole point and purpose is to make publicly visible ‘requests’ that expose their lack of cooperation, and Grassley doesn’t expect them to ever comply willingly.
    So I’m hoping it’s the latter and not the former.

    • “Unless the whole point and purpose is to make publicly visible ‘requests’ that expose their lack of cooperation, and Grassley doesn’t expect them to ever comply willingly.”
      It is. Document, document, document. This is why attorneys put EVERYTHING in writing.

    • FanGirl says:

      Read the last paragraph of the letter. This was previously not publically know information.

      • jmclever says:

        Grassley seems to be firing a shot across the bow of Feinstein and Hirono as well at the end of the letter.

        • Tl Howard says:

          Clearer and clearer why Feinstein had pressed against the wall her friend Lisa Murkowski and why Murk has been so silent. Murk is not known for courage of any sort.

        • scott467 says:

          “Grassley seems to be firing a shot across the bow of Feinstein and Hirono as well at the end of the letter.”
          Then he needs to adjust his aim.
          It’s just wasting ammo firing across the bow.

      • GB Bari says:

        Do you think that makes a difference to these scumbag lawyers?
        I see them acting with impunity until there is specific and serious legal action taken against them.

    • coltlending says:

      “Without COMPULSION there IS NO cooperation.”
      That is so accurate.
      Too many people don’t realize that even if the law states you are entitled to certain information, if the person you are requesting it from does not turn it over, your only recourse is to sue for it.
      And, the most trivial information can take years and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to successfully have a court order the information given to you.
      Good luck proving those withholding information you were entitled to acted in “bad faith”.
      Laws written by Lawyers:
      Section 19.
      Illinois Condo Act
      Jan 2018
      “(g) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (e) of this Section, unless otherwise directed by court order, an association need not make the following records available for inspection, examination, or copying by its members:
      (1) documents relating to appointment, employment, discipline, or dismissal of association employees;
      (2) documents relating to actions pending against or on behalf of the association or its board of managers in a court or administrative tribunal;
      (3) documents relating to actions threatened against, or likely to be asserted on behalf of, the association or its board of managers in a court or administrative tribunal;
      (4) documents relating to common expenses or other charges owed by a member other than the requesting member; and
      (5) documents provided to an association in connection with the lease, sale, or other transfer of a unit by a member other than the requesting member.
      (h) The provisions of this Section are applicable to all condominium instruments recorded under this Act. Any portion of a condominium instrument that contains provisions contrary to these provisions shall be void as against public policy and ineffective. Any condominium instrument that fails to contain the provisions required by this Section shall be deemed to incorporate the provisions by operation of law.
      (g)(3) Mother of god, that could be anything!
      On the National level, thank god for Juducial Watch.

  6. Enoughisenough says:

    That would explain why DiFi looked so shook up after reading the FBI report. How long before people start flipping? This is going to get very interesting, as each layer of corruption is exposed. Serious consequences must be given.

  7. I certainly hope that something is going to be done – and by something, I mean criminal prosecution and, possibly, a civil suit. This is evil but beyond the evil, look at the cost to us, the taxpayers, for this debacle. This cannot be allowed to pass. Surely, right?

  8. 3%er says:

    Awesome research Sundance thank you this is my first stop for my news and usually my last my other swamp is deep

  9. Akindole says:

    Got the text messages…
    From rabid #nevertrumper Bob Beckel’s ex wife…
    Now, that continues to be the most interesting part of the story today.

  10. Hoot mon! FBI was monitoring the whole gang if they have txt messages from McLean. What she did was witness tamper.

    • Pat Frederick says:

      so makes sense that the Dems were trying to accuse Kavanaugh of witness tampering—always point the finger away from what you’re doing…

    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      “These people are stupid.” Q

    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      VSGPDJT is in charge of surveillance now.

    • Mark L. says:

      Well someone was monitoring the communication, and this whole set up. As has been noted, Ms. Mitchell’s questioning at first seemed tame. But in actuality the questions were carefully constructed to expose and entrap Ms. Ford along with her team.
      Once again, if not for Sundance, I wonder if many of these finer points would come to light. Hopefully this information forces the good guys to pursue these evil tyrants to the full extent of the law.

    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      I think it’s more likely that the witness, Leland Kaiser (?), gave the text messages to the FBI.

  11. Enoughisenough says:

    Isn’t Keyser the same “friend” that Ford threw under the bus at the hearing, saying she had mental problems. Karma!

    • Mark L. says:

      It was an implied reference.

    • fabrabbit says:

      No, not mental problems, “health problems but I’m happy she’s getting the help she needs”. Which sounds as though Leland has gone off the twist. And THAT was certainly what Prof Fraud wanted it to sound like. Apparently Leland is a Pro golfer and has back problems.

  12. Pat Frederick says:

    Holy incestuous bunch of snakes! they are all interconnected!
    thanks Sundance for pointing out the connections (again) but anyone who hears this–not someone reading here though–will not make the connection. it will be like, so she hired an attorney she knew from when she worked with the government…no biggie.
    The whiteboard you have and work off must be room sized and epic!

  13. Non=combative. says:

    My head hurts from trying to wrap my brain around the incestuous relationships in the top levels of the DOJ/FBI…. Maybe why Sessions recused himself. It’s a cowards way of separating himself from the responsibility required to make things right.

  14. For Eyes says:

    1) Pulitzer
    2) Do these people never learn?
    3) Thankfully there is at least ONE FBI agent who is honest and who provides this.

  15. scott467 says:

    “FORD: I’ll take a minute to read it.”
    If YOU wrote it, why would you need to read it NOW in order to determine whether it was accurate?
    Are you suggesting that you might have submitted an INACCURATE letter to this investigative body?
    Did YOU write that letter, Ms. Ford?
    Ms. Ford, would you like an eraser, to make any necessary corrections, while we sit here and wait?

    • Scott, that was exactly my thought, also, as it was happening live. Her little gurl cutesy voice “I’ll take a minute to read it – I can read fast”. She was asked if it was accurate – that’s a simple yes or no. There is no need to review. Unreal.

      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Yes. Gosh, I’ll take a minute and read it. Just after she assured us all that she had written it herself. Even my memory is better than that.

      • fabrabbit says:

        I can read fast, I am a very good reader and I color inside the lines. Brett and my best friend Leland don’t color as good as I do.

    • Mary Morse says:

      Starts to explain the letter’s cut and paste font change.

    • benifranlkin says:

      and she took about 3 minutes to read it…had I written it I would have just taken a quick glance at the beginning, middle and end (about 5 seconds worth) and said yes, that’s mine

  16. Emuuuu says:

    Seriously …OMG!! While I know what pro bono means, this reeks of the Clinton machine and Soros. Pockets are being lined. These guys are the stench of the swamp.

  17. 77bassguitarist says:

    Wow it chills me to see the pure evil that exists, these people are ths epitome of paganistic evil i pray daily for the safety of the president and his family, i will have to add judge kavanaugh and family as well. I have no dought these people are capable of murder/ assassination. Lord i lift our leaders up to you.

  18. Unklemunky says:

    I think republicans who have been living in the DC bubble for too long have been brainwashed into believing the majority of Americans think they way democrats do, hence the tap dancing around every democrat narrative that defies base common sense. I believe Pres. Trumphas shown them the light. It might be just a blip, but is appears as though republicans are finally growing a spine. Only time will tell. The democrats and the media..haha…..are now fully exposed and everyone can see what team they are all on. The Kavanaugh confirmation put that on full display and Trump dropping truth bombs the media cannot ignore has also forced their hand. Is this getting fun or what?

    • betseyross says:

      It is getting fun. It’s been a long time coming. Now that the first layer has been exposed, it looks as if there are more. How far does this cancer go? We have to get it out of there…!

  19. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Quel surprise! Whoda thunk it?
    It will be interesting to observe Kavanaugh, should he be confirmed. He has been swimming in this swamp for years, and one wonders whether all of this came as a shock.

  20. Jane in Florida says:
    Grassley Sends Christine Ford’s Legal Team SCATHING Letter Demanding Therapy Notes, Polygraph Results
    Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is in beast mode!
    First, Grassley released the executive summary FBI report on Kavanaugh very late Thursday.
    Now this…
    Senator Grassley sent Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team a scathing letter Thursday, demanding they turn over disputed evidence.

  21. Bavak says:

    They should have pickerd a smarter shill. Ford is just too dumb to carry this off.

  22. Chris says:

    Our President stated this 7th last minute FIB investigation may even be a blessing.., look what we see falling out of it……

    • anniefannie says:

      I would love to know if this FBI report cited McLean’s attempt at witness tampering. The “more investigation” that the Dims wanted could have included psychiatrist’s notes as well as full disclosure on the polygraph. Neither would have brought ANY comment from Up-Chuck, DiFi, Camel-a, Groper-in-Chief, Blumental, Whitehousewannabe, Dirty Dick, Her-Oh-No. or even note-passer SJL keeper of the doxxer)! Please, please,please, designate a non-DC office to investigate and charge the guilty! Unfortunately, these people represent states which are very low-info voters. Good screamers, whiners, destructors—just not exactly 60 watt bulbs! Right-right. Left=wrong!

    • fabrabbit says:

      And Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL) pushed the charade over the top.

  23. Piggy says:

    Nothing suprises me anymore with these people. The Ford story was bs from the start and predictable. The FBI/DOJ ex’s and currents being involved also not suprising as I now assume they’re involved with everything horrible.
    I think pulling security clearances from all ex-FBI and DoJ people might be a start. Then let’s do the same for anyone that might have one who works for Lawfare or Brookings. These people have literally nothing to do with national security so if any of them have one just pull it. Maybe they need an IRS investigation to go with it. Maybe Congressional Republicans should start naming names instead of the “protected sources” nuttery. Maybe, just maybe, people will stop enabling this garbage and develop some intestinal fortitude.
    Just vote on Judge Kav and let the system work.
    Someone’s got to fight back one of these days.

    • anniefannie says:

      Right you are. If half the country has a security clearance, what good is it? Security clearances should be limited to those currently in positions of sensitivity. Forget the political connections. Why should Carter, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush or Obama have security clearances? No reason at all.
      Access to FBI/DOJ files or info should be only for those currently employed on a need to know basis. Take out politics. Medical personnel and teachers don’t have access to the sensitive information or test results on all patients or students—only for those for which there is a legitimate need to know!
      Remove all political appointees. NOW!

  24. Enoughisenough says:

    The Go Fund Me money laundering operation needs serious scrutiny. There are so many layers of corruption in this sordid, disgusting affair, it is difficult to keep track, but following the money is sure a good place to start.

    • amanda4321 says:

      Yes, this is not the first time gofundme is used in these left wing staged events

    • anniefannie says:

      This allows the Soros’ of the world to dump lots of political money without adhering to campaign funding laws. Is the GoFundMe information on contributions and donations provided to the IRS??

  25. sDee says:

    So “someone” assigned some white hats to the 7th background investigation?

  26. Mary Morse says:

    …”each of these DOJ/FBI officials are defending their interests -and controlling their risk exposure- from current congressional probes into the activity of a corrupt DOJ and FBI “…
    Is that the hum of document shredders and hard drives being smashed? When do they get a raid on their law offices?

  27. Artemis Gordon says:

    In the most sarcastic tone I can type: Ya know, we ought to have a group of people who are…… oh, I don’t know……….. trained to seek out truth. Find ways to uncover information that is illegal and harmful to the republic. We should give them free reign to then communicate this info to the masses and demand answers and consequences. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And then we should give them methods to reach the masses – like print, internet, TV and so on. Yeah, that would do it. And they should be completely impartial as no one is perfect and evil can be anywhere.
    Yep, I think that could work……….

  28. retrofit1485 says:

    You guys are conspiracy theorists. It’s not like this country has thousands of lawyers to choose from. Kaufman was a completely random choice. Oh wait.
    As always, thank you, Sundance.

  29. retrofit1485 says:

    You guys are conspiracy theorists. It’s not like this country has thousands of lawyers to choose from. Kaufman was a completely random choice. Oh wait.
    As always, thank you, Sundance.

  30. jeans2nd says:

    Would wager Ford had a part in orchestrating this. A PhD psycho-logist has deep knowledge on how to manipulate people. Heck, we learned that lesson as senior undergrads when required to participate in Grad students “research” projects. They taught us how to manipulate test subjects.
    Ford is no innocent here.

    • amanda4321 says:

      Totally agree! She’s an active and willing participant in this CONSPIRACY!!! Lock them all up!!

      • anniefannie says:

        Agreeable to being a participant but not nearly smart enough to come up with this plot. Otherwise, why was the letter written in Rehobeth Beach with her “handler”?
        Her advisor, “Michael D. Newcomb was born on December 20, 1952 in Laguna Beach, California. In 1974, he earned a bachelor’s degree in social ecology from University of California, Irvine. He completed joint studies in developmental psychology and mathematics. In 1976, he earned a master’s degree in psychology from University of California, Los Angeles where he later completed a doctorate in clinical psychology in 1979. His doctoral advisor was Peter M. Bentler.[1] He completed a clinical internship at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center where he trained in therapies including family, sex, gestalt, and hypnotherapy.[1]”
        “Ford lives in Palo Alto, California, with her husband Russell Ford, whom she married in 2002, and their two sons.[7][16][8] She is the aunt of actress and singer Bridgit Mendler.[42] Ford is a registered Democrat who has made small contributions to political organizations.[10] In 2017, she participated in a local Women’s March protesting President Trump[12] and attended a March for Science in San Francisco to protest the Trump administration’s cuts to research.[16] Ford has considered moving to places such as New Zealand if Kavanaugh were to become a Supreme Court Justice.[54]”
        Like so many leftists, she claims she will leave the country. Will she or won’t she?

    • fabrabbit says:

      Plus she acted as though she had no idea what went on during her polygraph test. She said they had some equipment and they strapped it on me…For the full effect of the idiocy of that statement you have to read it in her ridiculous child voice. But she actually co-wrote a paper on polygraphs.

  31. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    SD sleuthing in Sherlock airspace. If water was PDJT’s SC nominee these usurpers would argue it’s not wet and back it up with support from fire and ice. I’m truly concerned about everyone’s health, history of fascism is story of death and violence, kept from our shores by our heritage, guided by our Constitution. Those protections have been eroded by the forces that will stop at nothing.
    God, please protect the Senator and his family as he travels from his daughter’s wedding, please protect all seeking to maintain self determination over demonic tyranny.

  32. Cheesehead54016 says:

    They need some questioning under oath. If I remember right I believe the screaming Dems and even some GOPe folks wanted more interviews. Perfect……. lets (FBI) interview McClean, Ford, and even Laufman. Perfect.

  33. Convert says:

    You know who desperately needs to read this column, as well as the WSJ article? 1. Collins, Manchin, Flake. 2. President Trump, who can also tweet it out. The blatantly in-your-face nature of this plot is undeniable. And it’s also obvious to any rational observer that the insane, hysterical opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination is about a lot more than fear of some abortion or gun law case coming before the court.
    It’s about sedition, treason, coups, abuse of the Patriot Act and keeping the evil deeds of the ruling class safely hidden and unpunished. Wow.

  34. The only way this nonsense will stop is for democratic party members and activists to be jailed for perjury and witness tampering.

    • Freeze Ford’s gofundme $$. Let anyone that thinks there’s a payday here know that there isn’t. Otherwise it won’t stop. They promised Ford that they’d protect her and that she’d be paid a lot. She needs to be broke and in jail before others will think 2x.

      • anniefannie says:

        “They promised Ford that they’d protect her and that she’d be paid a lot. She needs to be broke and in jail before others will think 2x.‘
        Bet they promised it would be tax free as well. This money should go into an account to help REAL victims of sexual assault. Soros money likely behind GoFundMe.

      • fabrabbit says:

        No, I say let her keep the money so she can get her hair styled, some better clothes and a pair of glasses that fit. But first she should clean her glasses. One picture I saw (I could not watch on tv) was how filthy her glasses were. She reminded me of those creepy unkempt professors with dandruff and filthy oily eyeglasses. Yuk. Maybe they were just a prop and were passed around so much they got dirty.

  35. Dances with Wolverines says:

    It clearly appears to me that the dems, calling out in unison, didn’t get the team of FBI agents they were expecting. Looks like someone at the FBI (Wray) may have seen the ruse and put together a team of white hat agents to do this follow up investigation. Bromwich, Ford’s lawyer, was expecting to lead the FBI investigators by the nose. That didn’t happen. Maybe changes are being made at the highest levels of the corrupted FBI and DOJ.

    • JasonD says:

      Nah, not possible. Sessions “supposedly” wanted Rosie, so Rosie bad. Rosie wanted Wray, so Wray bad. It’s all Sessions, all the way down, thus impossible for the FBI or DOJ to do anything MAGA. /s

  36. theresanne says:

    Who is currently running the DOJ/FBI? Is Sessions on the job or not? These people are committing fraud and sedition right before our eyes. Is there no recourse? Were these people under suveillance, and when will Judge Kavanaugh be exonerated? This is enraging!

  37. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “a report that McLean was pressuring witness Leland Keyser to shape her statements and testimony to the FBI”
    “If there was any doubt the “small group” of connected DOJ and FBI officials were behind the use of Ms. Ford, you can put that doubt away now that Ms. Ford’s handler, Monica McLean, has enlisted David Laufman as her legal defense.”
    Flyover America wants to see a report that all of these lawyers have been arrested and are needing a legal defense.
    This is post election flouting of our laws and legal system, so I don’t see how AG Sessions can be recused from this.
    The same people.
    Over and over and over again.

  38. Bulldog84 says:

    Back to Bromwich — his firm got a very lucrative gig from DOJ under Obama to act as “independent monitor” of Apple under a settlement (and no, that doesn’t mean Apple hired him for legal services, far from it). Bromwich billed Apple $1,100 per hour for his services, plus a 15% mark-up. Apple screamed bloody murder.
    Now, ask yourself who gets a high-paying gig like that but a serious Dem operative?

    • Mary Morse says:

      What were they hired to monitor?
      Wasn’t manufacturing agreements with chinese subcontactors I hope?

    • Jane in Florida says:
      NEW YORK — Apple must cooperate with a court-appointed monitor after a judge found the technology giant colluded with book publishers in 2010 to raise electronic book prices, a federal appeals court said Thursday.
      The Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected Apple Inc.’s request that it disqualify Washington lawyer Michael Bromwich from evaluating Apple’s antitrust policies over a two-year period.
      U.S. District Judge Denise Cote appointed Bromwich as monitor in October 2013 after a civil trial weeks earlier led her to conclude that Apple had violated antitrust laws when it entered the electronic book market.
      Within weeks of his appointment, Bromwich complained that Apple failed to turn over documents, delayed interviews with officers and directors and used attorneys as shields to block access to its staff.
      In court papers, Apple argued that Bromwich launched a “broad and amorphous inquisition” that was interfering with its business operations and imposing substantial and rapidly escalating costs on it.
      In ruling Thursday, the appeals court revealed that Bromwich originally proposed to bill Apple $1,265 per hour for his own work, consisting of a $1,100 hourly fee plus a 15 percent “administrative fee,” along with lower rates for the rest of his team. The fee was later reduced to $1,000 per hour.
      It said Bromwich had billed Apple $138,432 within two weeks of his appointment, “fueling Apple’s allegation that Bromwich had jumped the gun to maximize a commercial opportunity.”
      The Second Circuit criticized Bromwich for submitting an affidavit to support the government in its opposition to Apple’s request that the judge halt Bromwich’s work.
      “It is certainly remarkable that an arm of the court would litigate on the side of a party in connection with an application to the court he serves,” Circuit Judge Dennis Jacobs wrote on behalf of the three-judge panel that heard oral arguments earlier this year. He called it the “opposite of best practice for a court-appointed monitor” and said the fee arrangements never should have been sealed from the public.
      In a separate concurring opinion, Judge Jesse Furman criticized Apple for failing to take advantage of a “sensible and effective process” the trial judge had set up to swiftly resolve any objections to the monitor’s actions.
      “The company largely sat on its hands, allowing issues with the monitor to fester and the relationship to deteriorate, mostly without the district court’s knowledge,” he wrote.
      Lawyers for Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment

  39. Convert says:

    This whole thing is starting to make the hair on the back of my neck; it’s like a crazy novel coming to life. When the conspiracy theory…is an actual huge, scary, vicious and evil conspiracy by people with enormous power.
    I trust that you have invested a lot of time and money in personal safety, Sundance, and in protecting your identity and location. I’m starting to get concerned. As bad as the plot against Trump is, this elaborate scheme against Kavanaugh is actually way more alarming: these people are all in–it’s now do or die.?

    • Mark L. says:

      Some say this is a sign of desperate people. Things are getting sloppy. Finger prints are being left to be found.

    • JasonD says:

      This entire “Resitance” was pre-planned and is being continually coordinated.
      It has multiple layers, with many thousand of operatives.
      Think Antifa
      Think BLM
      Think Hogg
      Think “Pussy Hat” parades
      Think every demonstration
      Think restaurant “evictions”
      Think Evelyn Farkas spilling some beans early on re “sources and methods”
      Think Farkas’ expressed certainty that DJT would be gone very quickly if elected
      Think Spygate
      Think Kavanaugh
      Think envelopes of cash
      Think ValJar living in (We’re 93% Crooked) DC with O.
      Now think what appears to have been exposed by Grassley and the FBI to realise that the “Resistance” has been laid bare, and think again of DIFi’s “sick” expression – The Dims now know that their little faux “Resistance” is all over.
      All that careful seditious plotting over 3 years come to “naught”, zip, nada, except perhaps a massive “Bigly” drubbing in the mid terms as they lie exposed in their “traitorousnous” for all of America to judge.
      Judge them harshly, will you!!!!!

    • jmclever says:

      The brazenness of the plotters tells me they have done it many times before without consequence.

      • amanda4321 says:

        From my research, there were a lot of staged events under the Kenyan–they are brazen, they know if they screw up, they control the MSM and the MSM will cover for them.
        I am always suspicious of any event that furthers their agenda

  40. beach lover says:

    So… if the Senate has copies of these emails, how can Flake and the rest of them not see that they are being used? This should expose the lengths the dims are going thru for this.. and you have to wonder how they thought they could get away with it?
    Time to throw off the kid gloves with this Ford liar. It was all contrived. To think what they almost have done to a good man. I want to see this all over Twitter and social media.. and maybe Fox will pick it up.. but of course, we can forget the rest of them.

  41. AJ says:

    Whenever I get depressed about it all I just remember that our side only needs a small amount of effort to rout out the conspiracy. It is really easy. It really is a house of cards. Spymasters they are not.

    • fabrabbit says:

      What is needed is the will to fight. Will is what is always lacking. Thankfully Grassley and Graham have it. And Collins will now get my respect, Her behavior is what we expect from all of them but see in only a few.

  42. Tim Holden says:

    Surely they can drill into the FISA investigation from this second shaft? And how can Jeff Sessions recuse himself from this one? Whereas the FISA investigation has been delayed and is deeply complex, this is far simpler and completely current. Beach Friends is likely to become a notorious phrase.

  43. Is the FBI report leaking already? Wafts in the FBI report that is affecting Feinstein! Why is she afraid to release it?

    • fabrabbit says:

      Technically this is raw data and can name people who are peripheral to the investigation. The FBI does not release raw data. I would like to know what is in the report and perhaps we will find out but what will leak will only be those things that benefit the Dems. Republicans usually don’t leak.

  44. dd_sc says:

    So, whose decision was it to leave Ms. McLean’s name un-redacted in the ex-boyfriend’s letter.
    That Grassley’s call? Or some white hat agent let that one slip out?

    • Padric says:

      The letter was sent to him, so I’m pretty sure that was Grassley’s call.Short of maybe a followup call to the ex, I don’t think the FBI was involved with him or the letter at all.
      Grassley has left stuff strategically unredacted on multiple occasions. I get the indication that the guy is genuine “cold anger” and is pretty well done with the Dems nonsense. This may be just wishful thinking on my part but he strikes me as the sort that there’s politics and then there’s the stuff Dems have been pulling the last two years. In his book politics is fine, he accepts that, he has to because he plays the political game too. What they’ve done since 2016 is not and Grassley don’t play that.

    • fabrabbit says:

      What reason would there be to redact her name? The letter was sent to Grassley. It becomes his property. I did not see anywhere the ex-bf said, “Please keep this confidential”.

  45. Bogeyfree says:

    This has to get to Collins, Murkowski, Flake and Manchin as it shows there was a conspiracy to frame Kavanaugh.
    I will say maybe there is hope for the FBI by them turning over these texts to the WH on one of their own (even if retired)
    Shouldn’t we see some sort of further action such as a subpoena from Grassley or the DOJ for witness tampering and possibly looking deeper into if Ford wrote this letter by herself?

    • H.R. says:

      Collins, Murkowski, Flake and Manchin already know that this was a conspiracy to frame Judge Kavanaugh. Everybody in D.C. knows it. It is ALL a game to all of them and the winner gets money and power.
      The ‘Wavering Four’ are just trying to use the politics of the confirmation circus to their best advantage.

      • Tl Howard says:

        I’d think both Grassley and McConnell (and Lindsey Graham, for sure) would not need to give up anything to them to get their votes : all that has to be done is show them that the their little princess Ford and her cronies are going to be exposed and that backing her side of things simply reveals them as idiots.

        • TarsTarkas says:

          They may not mind being shown up as idiots, as long as they are properly remunerated for BEING idiots. That’s the key. Which side is offering the biggest bribe?

      • TwoLaine says:

        As they ALWAYS do.

    • beach lover says:

      After the vote. Anything brought up now could cause a delay.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Seems like Grassley is indicating he’s got all the fixins for a good old fashioned Iowa BBQ including:
      perjury, suborning perjury, and witness tampering
      His invitation to the shindig may end with the words…
      “Accordingly, we are referring the following individuals to the Department of Justice for
      investigation of potential violation(s) of………..”
      We’ll see how Ford’s “lawyer” respond (if at all) to his 3rd request.

    • anniefannie says:

      Murkowski is playing to her base. She feigns being a Republican but it was the Dimmocrat that wrote in her name. She needs THAT crowd. She is the ultimate RINO. Does she have what it takes to face Sarah Palin? I suspect shortly after Sarah announces her candidacy, Lisa will have a debilitating disease that needs rest for recuperation!

    • fabrabbit says:

      I think if they go after anyone they will leave Ford unscathed. Remember she stands for all women who have been “abused”. Julie (Fatal Attraction) Swetnik is a good bet for lying under oath. And her lawyer (CPL) is also at risk because he has a duty to step forward as soon as he sees his client is not being truthful and he is still standing by her. Witness his idiotic tweets today directed at Collins.

  46. CNN_sucks says:

    Better be. Small potatoes. Should be easy to prosecute.

    • amwick says:

      It is a sad reality that often many decisions are based on optics. If CBF is not prosecuted it is because VSGPotus doesn’t want that to happen. Maybe I don’t understand a lot of things, but I have to believe in him… or something like that.

      • anniefannie says:

        Maybe because CBF does have mental issues and was so vulnerable as to be easily used. McLean and Laufman on the other hand are the first needing to be prosecuted. They programmed a woman with issues intentionally to destroy the one man who could make a difference in THEIR illegalities. This crowd will stop at nothing. First to commit crimes and then at covering up the crimes. Honest people need only listen to what the Dems claim. Against others to know that of which the Dems are guilty.
        The next group of pawns are the #MeToo movement. They have been used BIG TIME and have no clue. Sorry Soros has been smart here. He can rev up this crowd and save his money. Must be sad to wake up one morning to realize you’ve been used, laughed at and then discarded!
        Once Kavanaugh is seated, PDJT needs to walk into Main Justice and FBI, line all employees up, walk down the ranks, point his finger and say “you’re fired, you’re fired, you’re fired”! Clean house. Sadly, it appears the entire place needs to go. There may be a few who were not guilty of participating in this dirty plan but their silence makes it complicit. Move them all into the ranks of the unemployed.
        Seriously investigate Lawfare. More like Lawfoul. There are cliques of scheister lawyers (liars) and this is simply another DC bunch!!

    • jmclever says:

      McLean has hired former DoJ coup group attorney. Ford’s attorney is also McCabe’s attorney I’m thinking these potatoes are not as small as they seem.

  47. StanH says:

    It’s getting real close to pitchforks & torches time. These are nothing but criminals daring the American people to do something about it. This includes the MSM without exception they still ballyhoo how convincing Ford was…yuk! The Senators both sides of the aisle gave this idiot a platform, with the usual suspects dragging this country down, Flake, Sasse, Murkowski, Collins et al, and not “one” democrat (unless for political expediency). The criminality is overt and in our face, and the scary part we came a frogs breath from total destruction of our great country…just wow! In every way we must support President Trump against this cabal, he was sent by God.
    MAGA! …by locking up thousands of these corruptocrats!!!

  48. Genie says:

    Who paid off Swetnik’s longstanding tax liens?

    • fleporeblog says:

      As soon as Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed tomorrow, all those inquiries will be looked into. The smartest thing that Senator Grassley did was hire Ms. Mitchell. At the time of the actual hearing, I was disappointed in her. However in retrospect, she knew exactly which line of questioning to use. She knew everything that has been revealed by Sundance and others. Senator Grassley’s team of investigators were able to unearth all of it.
      The other exciting piece for me is that based on Ms. Mitchell’s line of questioning, this POS is caught on multiple occasions perjuring herself. I don’t see Senator Grassley just walking away. Justice is absolutely necessary for Judge Kavanaugh, his family and our country. I hope and pray that Mark Judge decides to sue this POS for every single penny she has.
      Look at the last line of questioning again. Ms. Mitchell asks a straightforward question. “Is this letter accurate.” The same damn letter that this POS wrote and caused all of this to occur. Her immediate answer should have been yes. However, she states, “I’ll take a second to read it.”
      Sweetheart you will have many seconds to read it when your ass is behind bars!

      • Howie says:

        If Justice Kav is not confirmed President Trump will renominate him and start over. With all the information we have now it will all come out in the wash and many will be arrested. The democrats will make sure he is confirmed to avoid this.

      • fleporeblog says:

        Thank You ? Democrats for uniting and unleashing the Republican Party!

      • beach lover says:

        That should have been the first clue, that she didn’t write the letter!
        And I agree with you… Grassley has to wait for the final vote to bring these facts to the public. To do otherwise would require a halt to everything, which would also serve to the liars advantage.
        But, boy oh boy, afterward, once Kavanaugh is securely seated, this has to be thoroughly investigated or they will slink back under their rock until the next time.

      • Larry Melman says:

        Kavanaugh would have to recuse.

      • Doppler says:

        Yes, she was the wily prosecutor getting Ford’s perjury statements on the record under oath, without tipping her hand, but she also did it in a polite and non-aggressive way that completely neutralized the opposition’s “toxic masculinity” meme. I don’t pretend to understand female relationships, but a successful fifty year marriage and the blessings of grown daughters and their (mostly Democratic families), with whom I got to discuss the Kavanaugh situation over the weekend tells, tells me these women are astutely judging Ford, seeing more in the relationship with McLean, and reacting differently to Ford’s effort to play the “abused female victim” role to gain power to destroy over the male Kavanaugh. They see it is a fascinating variation on an important and recurring theme, and they’re concluding that, while she acted out all the signs of credibility with skill, they’re not buying it, and they’re very interested in how us guys viewed it, and each piece of dating evidence that has trickled out since Thursday. I think Kellyanne Conway may deserve some of the credit for how this has turned out, perhaps in identifying the right person to handle the questioning.

      • anniefannie says:

        Flip, I was with you on Ms. Mitchell. I doubted Grassley’s wisdom. That was as dumb as doubting VSGPDJT. Grassley was way ahead of the curve and was a master at the line of questioning Ms. Mitchell pursued. CBF slipped the noose around her own neck when she agreed to be a party to this witch hunt. She kicked the floor board out during her testimony!
        Together, the Dynamic Duo prevailed!!

  49. RobInPA says:

    Hmmmm. . .
    So on or about 7/11 the libs start attacking Kavenaugh because of his ‘frat-boy’ sounding name –
    Then, about three months later, two-door Ford’s letter is leaked by DieFie at the 1th hour of his confirmation hearings.
    No mention of Ford’s LIE-letter in this early ‘frat-boy’ smear, but it sure seems that it was already being used for ideas to mount the smear campaign.

    • speaking truth to groupthink says:

      Please use Chi-Fi. The Chinese govt paid good money for her.

    • gsonFIT says:

      You know I think the political class started attacking Kavanaugh soon after PDJT released the list of 20 + prospective SCOTUS candidates during the campaign. Kavanaugh and all the others on the list. Of course it all heated up last summer, but libs and never trump rinos have been creating a plan of attack since November 2016. I thought Trumps campaign move identifying his SCOTUS candidates was smart, and that something like this should become Republican tradition. in the future, however, we need to figure out how to out smart the opposition form sabotaging the advance notice SCOTUS list. That shouldn’t be too tough.
      On another note, a lot of folks think Amy Coney Barrett is next in line. Especially if it is RBG who is to be replaced. Wouldn’t it be interesting to nominate Mike Lee. I would love to see Booker, Harris or Hirono try to rough him up. If we can be assured of a decent MAGA Senatorial replacement Lee would be a great choice

  50. Briana says:

    This information re. the “beach friends” needs to to spread far and wide, and fast!
    This should be a Drudge Report headline.
    Rush Limbaugh needs to know about this!
    This was a set up from day one.

    • Eberhard says:

      Drudge won’t print it. He has selectively chosen only anti Kav articles. He never reported the story about Fords Ex…but ran a British op ed against Kav. He’s linking to the article from former SCOTUS justice saying Kav hasn’t the temperament. He linked to the article from the roommate trashing Kav as well.

    • Sylvia Avery says:

      If I tweeted, I’d tweet this to Gregg Jarrett at FOX because he has been all over the coup like a bad rash from the beginning, and I’d send it to Joe Digenova, too, if he’s on twitter.
      Sidney Powell reads here. I hope she sees this.

      • Bongino, Solomon and Carter.

      • Sidney Powell says:

        Got it! Thanks! Great work. PRICELESS! Sidney

      • Lester Smith says:

        Who else in the senate was involved. Paid off, black mailed and so forth flake? Was money or information being relayed in the envelop exchanged at hearing? This has more legs their are more senate connections evel Sobs. How about dirt bag porn lawyer. Looks like he got more than air time? How high up the food chain start at the head Clown boy chuck and his pimp soros. Deep state fbi and DoJ how about mueller and his team if low life’s. Rod Rosenstein knows the walls are closing in. Trump has the leverage he knows. Has someone been doing a live job interview for AG position (L.G.) during hearings and many TV appearances?

      • fromkentucky says:

        If you tweeted? There’s a grueling 3 minute or less ordeal to sign up and tweet, Sylvia. Go for it, Godspeed!

    • sat0422 says:

      Last night I watched some idiot who was camping overnight at the Capitol in protest of Judge K. What a laugh! It is evident she is either corrupt to the core or she is not aware of the evidence that is mounting day by day. Democrats always say it was a set-up or fraud by the Republicans.
      I have relatives who believe that the stain on Monica’s dress was not real too……LOL except these socialists weasels are not funny. They are evil and you can watch them all if you can stomach your TV being turned on long enough. The silly reporters asking them very pointed questions make me sick too.
      RE: Drudge….isn’t he the “friend” of Ann Coulter???

      • amanda4321 says:

        These left-wingers are seriously BRAINWASHED! The left-wing media hides information from them (like the letter from Dr. Fraud’s ex-bf and the fact that the WSJ talked with dozens of people and found NO corroborating evidence in support of Swetnick the liar), so they end up believing all the lies. People need to wake these people up. The left-wing media is weaponized and it’s radicalizing these people and making them dangerous

        • snarkybeach says:

          I don’t remember if it was Lou, Tucker or Laura pointed out that none of the MSM (national or cable) mentioned Blakey-Fraud’s boyfriend letter.

    • Blue bongo says:

      Dan Bongino, he even wrote a book about the soft coup, and he covers for Levin.

      • steph_gray says:

        Dan B was all over the angle about the doxxer and witness tampering yesterday. Great podcast.
        My guess is that the doxxer broke in to the separate office just to get Leland Keyser’s address. He is a security expert, so may have realized his action was caught – and maybe only then doxxed the 2 Senators on wikipedia to try to head fake from his real objective.
        I’ll bet Sheila J Lee didn’t enjoy the FBI report either!

        • Mandy says:

          So Jackson Lee was passing info her doxxer guy obtained when he broke into the Senate office! That’s what was in the ENVELOPE she handed to the demon Bromwich! oh my goodness!

    • maga2004 says:

      Trust me Briana; Rush reads CTH every day!

      • H.R. says:

        No doubt in my mind, maga2004.
        And I have suspected that Rush has a staffer assigned to check through the comments. There are jewels of insight and additional information strewn about in our conversations that expand on Sundance’s articles.

      • judyw says:

        maga2004, thanks for your post. I heard Rush mention the Ford/McLean connection being pivotal to the Kavanaugh smear construct earlier this week. He did not divulge McLean’s name because he said revealing specifics of what he knew would not be in the best interest at the time, just wanted people to know there is a bigger story not yet being told. It was the same day I had read CTH article earlier….

    • Rex70 says:

      Briana–I stopped reading Drudge during the 2016 primary because he clearly had an agenda in his headline selections and article links–which was totally transparent and unlike his hard-hitting reporting of the past. is what I have been reading since that time to fill the Drudge gap; I continue to and continuously check the Treehouse and five other reliable websites/blogs for my news and a few others when I am digging for info. Even though I ditched Drudge almost three years ago, am not and have never been on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and stopped watching broadcast news (Fox included), I am very well-informed on day-to-day and in-depth news. Drudge jumped the shark for me, stopped clicking on him three years ago, and I don’t miss him at all.

    • fragemall says:

      Rush will know. CTH is major show prep for his show but he seldom gives credit. Doesn’t really matter, just shout MAGA from the rooftops.

  51. Bogeyfree says:

    Also since the FBI has texts from McLean to Leland, does that not give them probable cause to go to the NSA and get Ford’s, DiFi and her attorney texts to see how deep this “influence” goes?

    • amanda4321 says:

      Would the NSA have a way of unscrubbing Dr. Fraud’s internet presence and getting all of her old facebook posts?

    • AdamSelene says:

      As much as I would like to see what they’ve said to each other, the NSA database and the FISA warrants are supposed to be for spying on foreigners. This is why they had to accuse Carter Page of being a Russian spy to get the warrant. None of the people involved in Ford’s lies are foreigners.

      • TarsTarkas says:

        They had to accuse Carter Page of being a spy to LEGALLY use the information they had already gotten.

    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      I hope so!!!

  52. Arrest Soros says:

    As these Clinton operative names are being exposed, I’d like to remind everybody that Brett Kavanaugh was one of three people working with Kenneth Starr who wanted Starr to re-open the Vince Foster case.
    Kav also strongly urged Starr NOT to go easy on Bill Clinton because Clinton had lied and disgraced the Office of President.
    Basically, the Clintons hate Kavanaugh with a passion and I’m sure they called in many favours to try to derail his appointment.

    • Arrest Soros says:

      OK so here is a link to the Vince Foster probe I mentioned above
      and here is a link to the Kavanaugh memo re: Bill Clinton deposition.

        • mikgen says:

          Very good articles, and good to remind us about the Vince Foster case, and the fact that Judge Kavanaugh was involved with the Starr investigation. I agree, I think Kavanaugh was thinking about this when he mentioned the Clintons in his last (latest?) Senate hearing, and I do not doubt that they hate him with a vengeance. (The left is vindictive, and they never forget….for instance remember Nixon and Alger Hiss, and Judge Bork and the Saturday night massacre and how it ended for Nixon and Bork.)
          However, let us not forget the piece by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard yesterday or the day before yesterday (“My sinister battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the truth”). AEP was one of the journalists who really tried to uncover what had happened to Vince Foster. He is really upset about what he perceived Kavanaugh’s treatment of Patrick Knowlton to be, as a witness in front of the grand jury, where Kavanaugh did not appear at all interested in the fact that Knowlton contradicted the major part of the prior investigations re Foster’s “suicide”:
          Since the GJ proceedings are secret we only know what Knowlton told AEP, though there are some e-mails from/to people within the DOJ where this issue is discussed.
          If AEP is correct, what does it mean? Maybe no more than a young lawyer trying to protect the institutions he is working for. Unfortunate, but if that was the case, hopefully Kavanaugh has learned his lesson by now.

        • elize says:

          I pray to God that these henchmen of satan are soon returned to their master. We normal folks deserve some non-Clinton and Co time.

    • Milton says:

      Is this fake?
      My sinister battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the truth – by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
      “Twenty-three years ago I crossed swords with a younger Brett Kavanaugh in one of the weirdest and most disturbing episodes of my career as a journalist.
      What happened leaves me in no doubt that he lacks judicial character and is unfit to serve on the US Supreme Court for the next thirty years or more, whatever his political ideology.”

      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        I can hardly figure out what the story is. Do I have this right?
        AEP is saying that: Guided by, and on behalf of Clinton/Clinton close allies/operatives, FBI was constructing a distorted investigation of VF death in order to change the story from truth, from an political hit job kill, to one of suicide; and
        Kavanaugh by his job at the time ended up on the VF death investigation;
        BK then lucked into a lead position on this investigation as the lead resigned;
        BK then took up the ongoing job of intimidating witnesses, etc., to create a Clinton-favorable fiction of the VF death despite facts and witnesses;
        BK knew of witness intimidation and other tactics, and played along in order to advance his career with this plum of a job having been dropped in his lap?
        In short, BK decided to play along with Clinton Crime Syndicate rather than get to the truth? But at the same time, he supposedly is the target of great ire from the Clintons?
        This doesn’t add up for me, yet.

      • Dabigragu says:

        The author/journalist is clearly confused as to who is to blame here. He admits “it is impossible to know whether Brett Kavanaugh was linked to any intimidation or obstruction of justice”.
        His article lends more evidence to the fact the Clinton’s may have been involved in Vince Foster’s death investigation cover-up. The author, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is unable to see the obvious, due to his undying affection for Clintons and the Democrat party.

  53. JasonD says:

    One can again have some fun with these names.
    Dr Ford is a total Frod
    McLean is anything but, should have been named McFat.

  54. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    Remember in version 1.0 of Blasey Fraud’s story as told to her therapist Ms Keyser was nowhere to be found( it was 4 boys ). At some point when this started to get real Fraud & McLean needed someone to ‘corroborate’ their lies and must have thought Keyser was a soft touch.

    • beach lover says:

      Egggsactly! Because, lets face it.. if she is only 15 and is drinking beer and going to a party with only 4 other older boys, what does that tell you about her?
      I think if anything really did happen to her when she was younger, it was because she knows she was trying too hard to get a boy she had a crush on, and was used. All the rest of this story was contrived by her lib friends after the fact. She probably mentioned she knew him in HS.. and thats all it took. He doesn’t even remember her! Notice that little fact got buried.

      • Linus in W.PA. says:

        “…… if she is only 15 and is drinking beer and going to a party with only 4 other older boys, what does that tell you about her?”
        Respectfully, it does not tell us anything about her.
        Now, we know that Blasey-Ford is full of it, but girls and boys hanging out together partying is 100% natural!!

        • Donzo says:

          Exactly! Maybe it tells you she was a confident 15 year old. I don’t know. This kind of Victorian overlay is just ridiculous. There’s lot of baser instincts on display this morning. Yuck!
          99% MAGA is good enough for me.

        • dutzie60 says:

          Yes, boyS and girlS hanging out is natural, however, one girl hanging out with four boys drinking beer Isn’t natural at 15. Usually a 15 year old girl, I would say ‘Demand’, that one of her friends be with her in that type of setting. Fifteen is not a natural age for that particular type of ‘partying’.
          And it has nothing to do with a Victorian overlay. It’s called morality or if you prefer, common sense.
          Question: Who among us would allow or consider this OK for their 15 year old daughter?

          • Linus in W.PA. says:

            My daughter is 14, and I damn sure don’t want her doing that when she’s 15.
            But I must be honest. We were doing that when we were 14 and 15, and all the time after that.
            Again, Ford is hack, and is lying.

  55. jmclever says:

    How and when did FBI get those texts? DId Ms. Keyser hand them over, or was their surveillance involved? who has the surveillance on, and who got scooped up by the two hops rule? Given that the coup group is involved in the smear Kavanaugh campaign, were they already under surveillance for something else?
    How long did team Trump know about the plot against Judge Kavanaugh?

    • Blind no longer says:

      This is Operation Crossfire part 2!!!!! Unbelievable…talk about connecting the dots! Here we are with the scheme team once again!!! These people need to go to jail! On a side note, I found it very interesting that Britt Hume said he knew both Kavanaugh’s father and Ford’s father very well, suggesting that both are vet well politically connected!

    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      How long did they know?
      But the Lord is working things out in His way.
      Consider that the nefarious deep state stuff beings, well, way back, but consider it starts when Patriot Act opens a window of opportunity: to politically weaponize the power of the Surveillance State.
      Next: The Clantons are jealous of how conservatives are able to have great power through manipulating the war machine and CIA. [Bushes/CIA/ intl banking stuff]. War machine = legit cover for lots of money moving around, and CIA = fingers all over the globe, and ability to raise money outside of US budget. Equals outside-of-normal political intelligence, power (by giving money-making opportunities to other politicians and also maybe developing blackmail material), and money.
      Clantons develop a parallel extra-governmental force: State Department / Clanton Foundation. Activities and money are largely beyond purview or audit of any part of government. Power and money from international deal: Uranium 1, etc. Anything goes. U1 is probably only one of many such scams.
      They get caught, to some degree, trying to bring down Trump – because they thought Hiraly would win, and no one would know about FISA abuse, etc. So, they have to jerry-rig a plan including covering tracks with FISA warrant. <–FISA abuse is just a cover-up to keep U-1, etc., from being revealed. So huge no one would believe it all.
      So, the Lord gives a bit of unravel of the cloth with FISA Abuse.
      Next: one-two punch combination of 1 Project Veritas showing actual Operatives' Mind-Set, so the rest of us believe there could be vast conspiracy; and 2 doxxing pencil-neck geek gets caught red-handed.
      Now, a huge portion of us know that America-hating political activists are on the job 24/7. It no longer takes imagination to see this.
      Now, the Lord gives us a discreet, specific FBI/supposed-innocent victim collusion story that is relatively easy to unwrap, cannot be easily covered up, and is easy to understand and follow. The Two-Door Ford Parade. Super-high national profile. Everyone is listening.
      When this finally busts open, and people get arrested, it won't be "Trump is politicizing his power as we told you all he would." It is: "we have seen on video how these govt employees at all levels are working against our common good, and common decency, AND there is at least ONE FBI-engineered conspiracy to thwart Trump: the anti-Kavanaugh campaign.
      This is/will get fully exposed one step before FISA abuse gets exposed! People will think: "they did it once (BK), why not twice (FISA abuse)?" Popular opinion will be that FISA abuse did happen, and people will want to get to the bottom of this. I remember Watergate Hearings. This was a Big Deal.
      Then, knowing about weaponization of government, esp by Clantons, and with the saboteurs finally moved out of government, Trump and Friends can progress to examine the next round of Conspiracies. The next most easy, almost set up like t-ball, will be Finicum. Then Bundy. Then U-1. We are aware of these. What might follow? Hopefully, God please help us unravel this mess: Haiti/international child trafficking.

  56. Jan says:

    McLean’s bro, President of ACP & an associate professor at Yale Medical School…these people are everywhere

  57. K.N. McBride says:

    I would like to point out that almost exactly a week ago I pointed out that Trump’s decision to order the FBI investigation was tactically brilliant. We are now reaping the fruit of his genius.
    Consider all that we learned in that week-long pause. Consider how public opinion shifted as the fake stories were exposed.
    Trump knew what was out there. It wasn’t his original plan, but when he saw the Dems overplay their hand, he took full advantage of it.
    I have the utmost respect for Sundance and visit here often – and it’s only because of that respect that I felt compelled to leave “lurker mode” and start commenting. There are two things that we need to consider in addition to all the excellent analysis:
    1. While this charade had dragged on into extra innings, key Democrats have been pinned down in DC rather than on the campaign trail. This is killing them. The GOP challengers have free rein to rampage in their home state. This was not what the Dems wanted or expected. They expected Trump to refuse to their request so they could campaign on it. Now yet ANOTHER weekend is passing where they can’t do events or rallies.
    Meanwhile Trump is criss-crossing the map, hammering them in their home states. It looked like a trap, but Trump flipped it.
    2. Maybe more importantly, this demonstrates that Trump has taken effective control of the FBI. This is YUGE. DiFi may be upset about what the report showed, but I think her big shock was that the FBI was no longer under Dem control. The way the report was presented – one copy, one room – was meant to convey another message that the ‘small circle’ was under control.
    The reason we are seeing real FEAR from the Dems right now is because Trump’s message is coming through loud and clear and it was conveyed in a way that ONLY DEM SENATORS COULD GET IT. No tweet, no broad statement, nothing overt, but message sent, message received.
    One final point: The body language of Meadows and Jordan indicated that they were actually *giddy* with what they learned. They could not stop smiling. It was completely unaffected and they were both trying to hold in what they learned. I’ve never seem a reaction like that from them. Combine that with the statement that they’ve never gotten better testimony and it tells me the dam is already breaking.
    Baker flipped.
    FBI is now firmly under control. Good things coming.

    • I hope you are correct.

    • Kristen says:

      Aside from the original article, this is the best thing I’ve read all morning. Thanks for sending me off into my day with renewed hope!

    • Great thoughts except baker flipped. That is pure speculation.

      • Suzebeez says:

        If he DID flip, he’s now a mole in “lawfare”.
        He was high enough in obambi’s administration to be in big trouble. Maybe he saw the writing on the wall.

    • Trent Telenko says:

      Wray and Rosenstein are performing like circus animals regards the Kavanaugh nomination to keep Pres Trump from dumping the four FISA Type-1 warrants sources and methods — AKA the domestic human sources.
      The FBI & DoJ’s political power rests on their controlled network of controlled FISA judges, reporters, media figures, and political “Confidential informants” inside the Swamp…and they were all used to spy on Trump.

    • AustinPrisoner says:

      I enjoy reading your insights. You have an interesting website.

    • fisman45459 says:

      I got chills reading this. Let us pray.

    • JasonD says:

      Hi K.N. McBride – I concur. I will repost here what I posted on pg 1.
      This entire “Resitance” was pre-planned and is being continually coordinated.
      It has multiple layers, with many thousand of operatives.
      Think Antifa
      Think BLM
      Think Hogg
      Think “Pussy Hat” parades
      Think every demonstration
      Think restaurant “evictions”
      Think Evelyn Farkas spilling some beans early on re “sources and methods”
      Think Farkas’ expressed certainty that DJT would be gone very quickly if elected
      Think Spygate
      Think Kavanaugh
      Think envelopes of cash
      Think ValJar living in (We’re 93% Crooked) DC with O.
      Now think what appears to have been exposed by Grassley and the FBI to realise that the “Resistance” has been laid bare, and think again of DIFi’s “sick” expression – The Dims now know that their little faux “Resistance” is all over.
      All that careful seditious plotting over 3 years come to “naught”, zip, nada, except perhaps a massive “Bigly” drubbing in the mid terms as they lie exposed in their “traitorousnous” for all of America to judge.
      Judge them harshly, will you!!!!!

      • pyromancer76 says:

        K.N. McBride and JasonD you are identifying the seditious planning and dosed activation of treason against our government. The marxist-DemParty structure is one organizing front. The Clinton Criminal Cabal is another. Who pulls all these strings? It is more than the signifier Soros.
        From my readings, McBride and JasonD are adding to Sundance’s red-hot-on-the-trail sleuthing. As does BlackKnightRides and a number of others. Wow! Great detective work. I think we need Political Sleuth awards with a number of branches growing off the main trunk – CTH. Wish I had the time to imagine this.
        Remember Sundance’s deep (state) concern re Michael Bromwich: We all got that name and connections. Did we ever, with deep feelings and greater knowledge of the depths of the treason.
        Now Sundance adds David Laufman. These are some of the major cleaners with connections every which direction.. Who are the hit men or women, I wonder, that every citizen must be worried about when they attempt to bring some integrity to politics? I am looking forward to this branch of the sleuthing tree.

    • guidvce4 says:

      I saw that interview of Meadows and Jordan. Couldn’t miss the smiling during it. Especially, when they would glance at each other during the interview. Almost like they wanted to laugh, but restrained themselves. Now I know what was behind their apparent almost jovial behavior. I think the other shoe is about to drop on the dims and their cohorts.
      Should be very interesting to watch the cockroaches scurry for cover. They will eat their own to stay out of prison or from occupying the gallows. Gitmo, anyone?
      Note to self: buy more popcorn…and ammo.

    • snellvillebob says:

      Still, no one fired from the FBI or DOJ, except McCabe for lying to the AG, is under indictment so do not believe the corruption has been removed. They are at least guilty of lying and fraud with their FISA warrants, Sedition, and destruction of evidence.

      • Tseg says:

        Not quite true…
        FBI Departures:
        James Comey, director (fired)
        Andrew McCabe, deputy director (fired)
        Peter Strzok, counterintelligence expert (fired)
        Lisa Page, attorney (demoted; resigned)
        James Rybicki, chief of staff (resigned)
        James Baker, general counsel (resigned)
        Mike Kortan, assistant director for public affairs (resigned)
        Josh Campbell, special assistant to James Comey (resigned)
        James Turgal, executive assistant director (resigned)
        Greg Bower, assistant director for office of congressional affairs (resigned)
        Michael Steinbach, executive assistant director (resigned)
        John Giacalone, executive assistant director (resigned)
        DOJ Departures:
        Sally Yates, deputy attorney general (fired)
        Bruce Ohr, associate deputy attorney general (twice demoted)
        David Laufman, counterintelligence chief (resigned)
        Rachel Brand, deputy attorney general (resigned)
        Trisha Beth Anderson, office of legal counsel for FBI (demoted or reassigned*)
        John P. Carlin, assistant attorney general (resigned)
        Peter Kadzik, assistant attorney general, congressional liaison (resigned)
        Mary McCord, acting assistant attorney general (resigned)
        Matthew Axelrod, principal assistant to deputy attorney general (resigned)
        Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney, SDNY (fired along with 45 other U.S. Attorneys)
        Sharon McGowan, civil rights division (resigned)
        Diana Flynn, litigation director for LGBTQ civil rights (resigned)
        Vanita Gupta, civil rights division (resigned)
        Joel McElvain, assistant branch director of the civil division (resigned)

        • Flashman says:

          That is a long list. There might be a lot more that we do not know, not everyone who is in trouble are at the high levels, since the DOJ or any agency does say who as fired.

    • quintrillion says:

      One Ping Only – Red November !
      BTW, I look forward to, at the least, many crooked lawyers losing their license to steal ~ losing their license FOREVAH.

    • powderdayrules says:

      Thank you for your excellent posts, K. N., I’m hoping for more. Watching the MAGA rally in Mississippi the other day and seeing how calm our President appeared while brutally hammering the left, my wife and I both felt in our guts that he must have them right where he wants them.

    • Jay Wizz says:

      The declassification threat is what made this all possible.
      RR’s repeated attempts to resign marked the turning point.

    • coltlending says:

      Good post.
      I too noticed that happy face on Mr. Jordan.
      I hope you’re right too.
      Far be it for me to quibble with Sundance’s characterizations, but I’ll take the leap and do so.
      The Treason & Sedition “club” ought it be referred to as a “small” club any longer.
      Too many players to be small (given the infuence and damage done by the bad actors) even in an organization/s of many.

    • Nice post K.N. Sadly I have a different take on the FBI. I do not think they are under Trump’s control at all. I think they are political animals who have been publicly humiliated and are “regrouping” to transform their image. They know that if they keep their heads down and their excrement out of the headlines Hollywood will rehab their image for them with a few dozen shows/movies showing them as the “saviors of America”.
      These people are Statists, trained by corrupt traditions, committed to themselves first, and have a sneering contempt for We The People. They are arrogant, elitist, and dangerous.
      Ever since the 56 year reign of J Edgar Pedo (1924-1972) this organization has been the enemy of American Citizens sovereignty.
      The FBI is no longer as founded, has forsaken it’s original directive, is deeply corrupt and needs to be wholly dismantled and policing given back to the States. We can clearly see that centralized authority in law enforcement is dangerous to the health of America.

    • Bth says:

      Agreed. And watching yesterday’s video of Feinstein’s facial expressions at their press event is priceless evidence of how they have once again been out maneuvered by Trump.

    • Excellent comment. I hope you continue to comment…

    • TarsTarkas says:

      I said on another thread Trump doesn’t do 64D chess, he’s a master improvisationalist. The Leftists aren’t used to nimbleness in a political opponent, they simply try to overwhelm the other side with BS accusation after BS accusation with the help of their media allies. It’s always worked before because they would immediately get their enemies on the defensive and they never needed to have to paper the gaping holes in their stories because they won before it was ever needed. They still haven’t got used to fight-back, plus now that other people realize that they will get upper level support now (which was never the case) they join in.

    • patternpuzzler says:

      K.N., are you referencing this interview Hannity did with Jordan and Meadows?
      If not, could you leave a link, please and thank you? Great post, appreciating your input!

  58. dbobway says:

    Let us add thousands of paid protestors are making a living, conspiring against our Constitutional Republic.
    Thank You once again Sundance, Let us share the light you have brought once again to tell the women who believe a lie.

  59. jmclever says:

    The guy who doxxed the senators was also charged with witness tampering. This article mentions a threat to an unnamed witness. Was Keyser being threatened by Jackson Cosko on behalf of Sheila Jackson Lee ?

    • steph_gray says:

      Now Bongino’s podcast yesterday makes sense! The doxxer was probably getting Keyser’s address too. Probably on his way to kill her cat when arrested.

    • webgirlpdx says:

      Remember…..Sheila Jackson Lee passed some envelope/note to Bromwich during Ford’s testimony….

      • MILupper says:

        SJL tried a second time to pass something to Bromwich. It is in the Alyssia Milano video when the security guard takes something from Milano. SJL makes a beeline to Bromwich with folded papers in her hand, but does does a 180 when she sees the camera is recording.
        Sorry can’t find the video. Help please.

    • This fellow is going to sing like a bird. This had to have been authorized by someone higher up.

  60. stephen parrish says:

    Didn’t the Dems issue a letter without two of the Judiciary Cmt signing on?

    • wheatietoo says:

      It’s really kind of sloppy, isn’t it.
      These operatives of the Democrat Crime Family who were doing this ‘Get Kavanaugh’ operation…didn’t bother to check with Leland Keyser before they used her name as a “corroborating witness”?
      And then they ‘pressure’ her to change her story.
      That ‘pressure’ must have involved some threatening language…because it scared Keyser enough to make her tell the FBI agents about it.
      I wonder if McLean, or someone, tried to ‘pressure’ the other two witnesses…Mark Judge and P.J. Smyth.

      • Blind no longer says:

        This is the best news I’ve heard since the Strzok/Page text messages came out. If Chi Fi Spy goes down, I hope she goes down first!

      • JasonD says:

        I think they are down to the dregs of the “Resistance”, although many have been sloppy all along. Think Evelyn Farkas blurting out on live TV. Think Strzok/Page text messaging on FBI phones. We all kept saying it was because Crooked wasn’t supposed to lose, but they are STILL being sloppy.
        It would appear that many of them are just not very bright. Or it may just be sheer self righteous arrogance. As Cynthia Nixon said, they are going to call us communists, so let us just come out and own what we are. They believe their “goodness” to the shallows of their (non) beings and don’t really want to hide it from the world. This may explain their poor attempts at hiding their perfidy – they are PROUD of it.

        • Shar says:

          It’s human nature. When people successfully conceal bad or illegal behavior for years undetected, they will get sloppy. Whether its concealing an affair from family, a substance abuse problem from an employer, or committing treason. Subconsciously the perception of risk drops and the time and effort of maintaining the disciplined concealment tecniques doesn’t seem neccessary. They cut a few corners and don’t get caught and their perception of the risk and managing it becomes distorted.

        • JonMaxwell says:

          They have always been sloppy, we just never knew it, we never needed to really look, take some time and go back and watch stuff on waco, it’s right there if you watch the footage and ignore the made for tv stuff.

          • amanda4321 says:

            Yes, it’s worth going back and looking at old events. They’ve always been sloppy, but they knew the MSM would cover for them. Lots of sloppy events under the Kenyan

      • coltlending says:

        I think this part from the Daily Mail piece Sundance posted might be part of what really upset Me. Keyser.
        Daily Mail:
        ”The letter, written by Sara Corcoran, publisher of National Courts Monitor who knew Keyser in her youth, recalled the day in July 1988 when Keyser’s boyfriend dived into the shallow end of the swimming pool at Columbia Country Club. He broke his neck and died.
        Corcoran wrote: ‘I remember how you suffered…. sometimes it seems like it is easier to remain silent, but I also feel you know where the house was and who was there.’
        She stated: ‘There was nothing you could have done to save Bill from the fate that awaited him, but you can save Christine.”
        Chaulk up another victim of the Democrats, Ford, the Club and the Gaslight media.

      • TarsTarkas says:

        They’ve never needed to be ‘not sloppy’ before. They always won or had someone cover for them.

        • TMonroe says:

          Bingo, Whether it was teddy, Billy, Hilly, or Barry, I observed they were not super-geniuses politically as much as having the field tilted they way by enablers in media and bureaucracy.

    • cali says:

      @Sundance: Thank you not only for adding the Daily Mail’s link about Ms. Keyser but your MOAB you dropped on the conspirators!
      I can’t stop smiling as I read you compilation and facts about the Ford/McLean tag team saga and their attempt to revenge the loss of NRC’s election together with the rest of these plotters.
      I wouldn’t be surprised to find that ‘they’ check at 4AM your site to see what you report for the day with the urge to find out who much of their conspiracy is being taken apart every day – new and raw facts, their strategy and more.
      @Sundance you a formidable source to be reckoned with!
      Here is what I was also able to find: When you go to check on who can see that the ‘stop Kavanaugh’ went into action on around 28 July 2018 at the moment president Trump validated the Kennedy retirement and his candidate for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.
      Feinstein thought to be so clever and submitted Ford’s letter to the FBI for investigation around 12/13 September while hiding it from the republicans on the committee.
      By way of clarity let me state and I mentioned this a few days ago on these pages that the letter to Feinstein was NOT written by Ford by rather by her handler and longtime friend – retired FBI agent McLean who also acts as counsel to Ford. Not only that but the handwritten note that was supposedly part of the polygraph was also written by McLean and signed by Ford. You can see the clearly that two hand writers were involved.
      Next – we were shown a pic of a person supposedly to be Ford as she was hooked up to a polygraph. Here is the kicker and surely a crime: It Was not Ford but McLean who sat in taking the polygraph in place of Ford. In other words McLean and not Ford took the polygraph that was passed off as being Ford.
      The FBI investigation began back on 12/13 September based on Feinstein’s action passing on this supposed letter. President Trump knows this whole spiel they have been playing on TV and the behind the scene activities by the left and those dem committee members. Feinstein underestimated that the FBI indeed investigated and guess what -it also included her – the Chinese purchased senator from California.
      FISA works both ways – the old and treasonous guard of the FBI is no more and led by Wray it is cleaner ergo a real investigation into the activities of everyone involved in the Ford saga.
      Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed by a 53-47 vote!! 🙂
      The jig is up and there will be consequences for Ford and the rest of these democrats operatives who tried once again to destroy an innocent man who posed a danger to the upcoming unsealed indictments, military tribunals handling the most treasonous out of the bunch – after the election. There is a timeline involved and so far all goes according to plan.
      The UK Daily Mail had a long artircle about the despicable behavior by Ford et al and Keyser who indeed struggles with health problems. Her family and friends are disgusted about Ford et al. It’s in the link above.
      James Baker has indeed turned states evidence and most of his testimony behind closed doors will remain secret per agreement with his attorneys. He has been since his departure/demotion being testifying to OIG Horowitz and was also subpoenaed by the Huber grand jury. There is a sealed indictment pending against him. Whatever mercy there will be for his co-operation will be learned in due time. We do know that there will be NO DEALS made or available for anyone involved in the treasonous activities during 2016.
      What we did learn about Baker is this: He is ratting out others. We learned that he exposed the Comey-Rosenstein-Mueller engineered conspiracy and coup attempt currently still underway. They together engineered the firing of Comey and the selected appointment of Mueller – all of them black hats.
      Rosenstein was in the process of signed a 5th FISA app to assist his buddy Mueller in his coup attempt but was relieved of duty doing so. Ergo his verbal resignation.
      President Trump is in no urge to fire Rosenstein – the jig is up – the declassification of the 20 pages has begun yesterday.
      Rosenstein was the author of the unanimous NYT article admitting to be the ‘inside resister’ etc.. Yes – he did indeed tried to wear a wire for the deep state in hope to remove the president via 25th Amendment while also thinking about eliciting the help of Jeff Sessions and John Kelly to be part of this.
      Red October – a months full of surprises where everything comes to a head. The left and usual suspects and deep state have engineered violent riots and destruction for this months leading up to the election. It all will get a lot worse before it gets better. Having failed to stop Kavanaugh they have nothing to lose.
      We have been informed that military actions will be required this months to control the riots and stop the evil activities they have planned in hope to win in November.
      We have been assured that we are gonna be safe. Woe for those who think they can continue to threaten, assault, riot, destroy and injure American citizens because they don’t agree with them and because they can’t get their way at the ballot box.
      Hillary, Hussein, Brennan, Kerry, Jarrett, Clapper, Strzok, McLean, Comey, Feinstein, Booker, Harris, Hollywood and the rest – we are looking at you! Soros – there is already a special place selected for you!
      After the elections we will finally see mass arrest out of necessity to restore our country. That is why the Awakening is continue to spread here and abroad. It all hangs of the successful draining of the swamp here and abroad by president Trump, white hats here and abroad together with our military men and women.
      While the media was distracted in their propaganda attempts Federal owned Blackhawks practiced throughout Chicago ‘extracting’ indicted politicians and those due to face justice. The video is available online.
      Please go and vote this November – it is a must!

      • lotbusyexec says:

        Thanks for all your detailed analysis and insight! Great post! And praying it’s all true ?

      • Flashman says:

        Not sure about the Polygraph. It may of not ever happen, but it is easy to fool if the especially if the operator wants you to, if they were good we have hundreds of people who kidnapped Lindbergh’s baby;
        I do believe that picture is Ford, but the picture means nothing as it is provided without any verification of who what where when. Polygraphs are 70% garbage anyways, as are some of their administrators. I trust my own interview skills, not some pseudo science.
        The reasons a lot of people believed is we are naturally look after the injured, and most of us react to acting as we watch to many moves tv etc.

      • Donzo says:

        If all or part of this is true which looks more and more likely to be the case with each passing day, it is simply mindboggling that Ford would have taken these risks. It seems likely to me she was chosen and then groomed.

        • cali says:

          @Donzo : Yep – she was a convenient tool but played along using malice is still no excuse: Mk Ultra will fracture and destroy a mind especially when one’s career involved trying to study vulnerable youngsters to see what fracturing their mind via such psychotherapy would do. It’s evil and she herself got caught up in it destroying partially her own mind.
          She knew what she was doing but having such an influential dubious lifelong friend who does not mind weaponizing her disturbed friend is callous. McLean is such a person.

  61. RJ says:

    I know someone else who got a degree in Psychology, then went to law school but dropped out. If my memory is correct that fellow’s name was..Ted Bundy!
    I also think of cruise missiles when contemplating Dr. Ford’s role in trying to “abort” Judge Kavanaugh: Is she not a “pessary” in so many ways?
    Judge Kavanaugh’s “out of womb live abortion,” as seen in the operating room of Congress, was quite a spectacle where he “cried out” about having his family “destroyed” many, many times.

  62. dd_sc says:

    Maybe Senators Collins and Murkowski will now realize they are being played.

    • Bert Darrell says:

      Played? Or outright bought? These two dems have infiltrated the republican team and are cheap plants.

    • Fish and hunt says:

      A week ago I said 53 votes. Now, until the cloture vote later this morning, I’m not sure of 50. Flake is a weasel. Murkowski a Dem in sheep’s clothing. Collins, sadly seems the most stable of these 3.
      The good news is, the same players behind all this are being revealed daily, and they are almost all small group connected. Win or fail, this needs to be exposed and if able, prosecuted. Honestly I’ve never seen so many Rino Senators ticked off and seemingly untitled. Big test, win or lose, is do they have the stones to finally close the deal?
      They obviously had inside info about all this seen in the questioning Mitchell did. Have they finally learned how to win is the question? Still a lot of drama to play out unfortunately I believe. But if the Republicans have finally developed a killer instinct, it will be worth it in the end, even for Kavanaugh. This stuff revealed and he wins, best possible outcome. This stuff revealed and he loses, re-nominate after adding seats in the Senate in November and dare Republican to vote against him.

  63. daughnworks247 says:

    Laufman, wow.
    Going above and beyond his duty to the cabal. This is why they have to go to prison. Even when they retire, they are still working to subvert our government and institutions.

    • JasonD says:

      Satan’s fiends belong in hell. Let us make it happen and give them their wish by ensuring that their remaining time on this Earth is a living hell.

    • Suzebeez says:

      I know that when I want to hire a lawyer, I just go down the street to my local DAAG and he’ll represent me.

  64. jmclever says:

    Senator Grassley letter to Ford’s legal team suggests that he suspects Feinstein and Hirono in the plot. The letter is embedded as two jpg images in this article. Easier to post link to article.

  65. Mark says:

    PRAYING that Kavenaugh gets SCOTUS. Then I pray VSG announces something like this ” In a bipartisan effort I reach across the aisle to all the Democrats that said the 7nth FBI investigation was a sham. I am directing the FBI to continue the investigation to include revisiting Dr. Ford’s testimony as the Democrats have asked this time under oath “.

    • Now that would be brilliant!

    • AsksTooManyQuestions says:

      I agree that there should be charges filed against anyone who has lied here and, as much as I try to be charitable in my assessment of someone’s motives, I can’t square away in my mind how Dr Ford could, for example, be simply mistaken in statements like being to afraid to fly out for testimony (when she clearly flew during that time period) or even not be aware that the Senate had offered to come to her. If she was really only hearing that offer for the first time during the hearings, I think she would have looked at her lawyers with a WTF expression.
      I also agree we need to keep praying. Remember the Judge’s wife asked us to pray Psalm 40 over them.
      Praise for Deliverance
      Psalm 40
      I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him. Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods. Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.
      Sacrifice and offering you did not desire- but my ears you have opened – burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require. Then I said, “Here I am, I have come- it is written about me in the scroll. I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.” I proclaim your saving acts in the great assembly; I do not seal my lips, Lord, as you know. I do not hide your righteousness in my heart; I speak of your faithfulness and your saving help. I do not conceal your love and your faithfulness from the great assembly.
      Do not withhold your mercy from me, Lord; may your love and faithfulness always protect me. For troubles without number surround me; my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see. They are more than the hairs of my head, and my heart fails within me. Be pleased to save me, Lord; come quickly, Lord, to help me. May all who want to take my life be put to shame and confusion; may all who desire my ruin be turned back in disgrace. May those who say to me, “Aha! Aha!” be appalled at their own shame. But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who long for your saving help always say, “The Lord is great!” But as for me, I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; you are my God, do not delay.

      • Cow wow says:

        Amen and amen.

      • redtreesquirrel says:


      • bessie2003 says:

        This was, and is, the perfect Psalm of prayer and thanksgiving that the Judge’s wife asked we offer in prayer, as it comes clearer as the days pass that the left had chosen him to be their martyr, their sacrificial innocent, to burn on their alter of ‘me too’, that they didn’t, and don’t, care who is their chosen sacrifice as long as they get one; kind of how the evil one works.
        So very delighted to see that the Judge is a fighter; obviously our VSG-PDJT knows how to pick winners!
        Continuing in prayer and Light of Clarity so that the Senators when they move onto the final vote of confirmation understand the choice they make, so that clearly they know what they do, and choose to honor their oaths to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

  66. Sylvia Avery says:

    Worlds are colliding. This hasn’t just been a summer idyll as we have taken a break from the never ending coup to check out the Kavanaugh destruction. Nope! Two threads of the same story.
    Meanwhile, these traitors have gotten all of the crazies and paid operatives of the lunatic left stirred up and boiling over. We’ll be lucky if someone doesn’t get killed. And by that I mean one of ours. At this point, I could give a rip what happens to the crazies with their signs and their shrieking.

    • guidvce4 says:

      There is surely a few “arkancides” in the left’s future. That is how the “cabal” handles the folks who knows too much. Look for it.
      Popcorn, more popcorn.

      • diogenes says:

        I said something similar when the blazey fraud testimony first got aired. At some point the info security people will conclude the only way to insulate their primaries (Clinton, Obama, et al.) will be to simply kill everyone who knows anything incriminating and destroy all the digital and physical evidence.
        I look forward to seeing such cleaup plans thwarted so that the whole corrupt backstabbing traitorous lot of them get their blindfolds and cigarettes after swift and speedy public trials.

    • MaineCoon says:

      I agree Sylvia. It’s just a matter of time before someone is killed. An arrest was made in florida of a man that posted on FB that he would kill an representative and their families if he deems they are responsible for Kav not being confirmed. Cold anger is now hot. I know longre care if the loonies play in traffic and get run over at the same time.
      FTA: WINTER HAVEN, FL (WFTS/CNN) – Florida deputies arrested a man on Thursday for threatening to kill lawmakers and their families.
      James Patrick, 53, made the threats on Facebook.
      He wrote if Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is not confirmed, he will kill whoever he thinks is to blame.

    • JAS says:

      Spot on Sylvia!

  67. steph_gray says:

    Another yuuuuuugggggeee dot connected!
    Sundance does it twice in one week.
    We are so lucky to have this site.

  68. tossed salad says:

    if I could write like you I’d quit lurking and start writing… Thanks

  69. kh says:

    Wow. Nice job on ID’ing just who the Laufman character happens to be.
    JHC. Unreal, even for the incestuous swamp that’s too big a coincidence.

  70. Jerry says:

    Follow the money. It can’t be just ideology.

    • redtreesquirrel says:

      It’s always the money. The ideology is secondarily formed from a mob of criminals sticking together. What is it President Trump always says at his rallies? The one thing the Democrats do very well is stick together like glue.

      • pyromancer76 says:

        Put money and religious ideology (even if atheist – an anti-God religion, more negative than positive) together and the outcome is explosive. Best current example – radical islamists. Get these ideologists out of our government.

    • Blind no longer says:

      It’s about power and control. If you have both, the money will follow!

  71. When they first choose to deceive?
    Voters rolls from grave ysrds!

  72. UncleGrumpy says:

    The reason that Feinstein (D-china) didn’t bring this mess up during the original Kavanaugh hearings, is that they hadn’t made it up yet.
    This is BIG trouble for her.

  73. Betty says:

    This mode of operation is not new to democrats. How many other times have they done this and won?
    This is Uni-Party stuff, how else could a woman make a completely baseless accusation and without a single witness or collaboration wind up doing the damage she did? How did she get to sit in Delaware and pretend she was in California and was afraid to fly so she had to drive from CA and so the hearing, she never deserved in the first place, had to be postponed another week? Causing yet more pain and anguish to Brett Kavanaugh, his family, friends and honest Americans.
    Chairman Grassley seems to have stepped up now, but why did he allow those screamers in his hearing, and tell us that he was allowing them to exercise their right to protest? Was it Diane Feinstein who got them into the hearing room? They did their best to make the whole exercise ugly and then, was it Amy Klobuchar who looked into the face of millions of Americans watching and say this is what Democracy looks like, it is messy and … – she used another adjective but I can’t recall it.

    • Betty says:

      Gosh, if it was Amy Klobuchar and someone who knows how could make a short clip of her saying that while sitting there knowing what she knew that could be put into some great ads.

    • Cow wow says:

      For the world to see, and we did, farand wide, and we’re horrified by their actions.
      Dig a little deeper. Think about the chaos. It is NOT positive.
      Thank you Sen. Grassley.

    • Fish and hunt says:

      Why? To reveal the lunacy to those just tuning in for election season after Labor Day. That strategy has POTUS all over it

    • StanH says:

      Uni-party stage craft. This will give President Trump another victory, this terrifies the cabal.

  74. snellvillebob says:

    Is it not strange that she can so clearly remember an incident that she proposes happened 4 decades ago but cannot be sure what state, city, house or room she was in two months ago when she wrote a letter which she knew at the time would change the rest of her life? Or maybe she now needs her lawyers approval on all questions not prepared for.

    • AsksTooManyQuestions says:

      She also can’t even remember if she gave WaPo her therapist’s notes or just told them a summary.
      Or if she took a polygraph on the day of her grandmother’s funeral or the day before.
      Or what questions they asked her. Hint: there were only two. However, here’s Dr Ford’s testimony about it:
      Based on the advice of the counsel, I was happy to undergo the polygraph test, although I found it extremely stressful, much longer than I anticipated. I told my whole life story, I felt like, but I endured it. It was fine.
      She doesn’t know even know if she was being recorded:
      MITCHELL: Were you audio- and video-recorded when you were taking that test?
      FORD: OK, so I remember being hooked up to a machine, like, be… being placed onto my body, and being asked a lot of questions, and crying a lot. That’s my primary memory of that test. I don’t know. I know he took laborious detail into explaining what he was going to be doing, but I was just focused on kind of what I was going to say and my fear about that. I wasn’t listening to every detail about the… what… whether it was audio- or video-recorded.

      Again, as we know, they only asked her two questions: Is any part of your statement false and did you make up any part of your statement. To listen to her testimony it sounds like some terrible ordeal that left her “crying a lot.”
      And why, if she was “just focused on kind of what I was going to say” would she have “fear about that”? Assuming she was going to tell the truth, what was she afraid of?

  75. Another interesting day of observing from a branch in TCTH.

  76. nhgardengram says:

    We can’t say it enough: Thank You Sundance! You have kept our hopes up and our energy going through the past 3 years. God Bless You and keep you, our First Family, and Judge Kavanaugh’s family safe. You are all heros.

  77. webgirlpdx says:

    What would be really fun is if millions of California Republicans and Democrats vote for the other Democrat DeLeon (CA Socialist) and upend Finestein next month.

    • Yep ,the Republicans should do that ,knock off Dianne , Deleon will be like Flake ,all mouth and no real power. Then next election ,knock him off the same way..

      • dutzie60 says:

        Problem — knock him off with whom? Someone more radical like maybe Maduro himself? Unfortunately, us Californians are between a rock and hard a place.
        Someone needs to get smart out here and start registering people for write in votes when the choice is only dem vs dem. I think lots of people are looking for an option. I don’t know how that process works, but it may be the best option to try to beat them at their sick game.

  78. NJF says:

    Hooo-lee sh$t!!!!!
    No wonder Di-Fie looked so stricken yesterday.

    • webgirlpdx says:

      So this Ford letter that she sat on for months and her staff did/didn’t leak was actually written by someone else? Who knew 🙂
      I’d look like a cadaver too if I were her!

  79. Thank SD, I don’t know where we’d be without your commentary!

  80. Richard says:

    The “small group” at FBI/DoJ seems to get bigger all the time. I think the solution is fire them all and let God sort it out.

  81. If we don’t see some legal justice soon, I’m of the opinion all will have been for naught. We cannot survive another Clinton or Obama era. There must be justice.
    I am being patient…

    • kh says:

      He had no problems with BS investigations when it came to the FBI and Hillary. 😉

    • MM says:

      Senator Bob Menedez might want to sit down and Zip it due to his penchant for 14 year old little girls………

    • StanH says:

      This will endear him to the leftist wackoloons.

    • Milton says:

      Could he be a little more articulate as to why he thinks it’s bs? What does he think the investigation should be?
      The Democrats had plenty of time to find people who have a negative opinion based on their interaction with Kavanaugh. Blame the Democratic members on the Senate Judiciary Committee for failing to investigate not the FBI.

  82. Artemis Gordon says:

    I can’t help but wonder. Lo those many years ago when Algore was in his garage inventing the internet, was the Lord watching over him, guiding him to be successful. As without the internet, none of this Evil would be exposed, none of it. Our Lion would not have been elected. One has to wonder in awe of the wisdom of the Lord and the blessings he laid upon Algore. And, in the end, us all.

    • JasonD says:

      Remember that Judas had to play his role. All things are according to the Divine Plan.
      Evil exemplifies how NOT to be – and thus it serves the Lord, despite itself
      Good exemplifies HOW to be.
      Each one of us has a free choice.

    • Cow wow says:

      The Lord uses who he pleases. He causes the rain to fall upon us all, good and evil.

  83. TwoLaine says:

    I have felt in my gut and in my heart for awhile now that this whole thing was set up some time ago, well before July. This confirms it is yet another insurance policy.
    I felt it was a purely political #MeToo “movement” “case” designed by the DIMs to continue their total hatred of men and masculinity, particularly white men, and to piss off their female base enough to come to the mid-term polls. They want and keep advertising a year of the women. They think they deserve it because they stupidly think ILLary got cheated and it is their time. It all began with the take-down of Weinstein. It has all been carefully orchestrated since then, and they are coming to their crescendo.
    Their real target is TRUMP. They think this gives them cover to call him a serial sexual predator over and over and over again, although their isn’t a smidgen of truth to it. It doesn’t matter to them. And they get to continue their we hate the old white man, privilege and power meme.
    Ask yourself, why would any woman or man who was sexually assaulted 36 years go and it haunts them, always has, blah, blah, blah, need to READ A STATEMENT and RESEARCH THEIR NOTES to tell someone about their assault? That’s ridiculous. It is a script, pure and simple.
    I don’t need notes to share any crimes against me, and there have been quite a few, including sexual assault 36+ years ago. I could look the Senators straight in the face and tell them straight up all the facts and details. I don’t need no stinkin’ papers.
    Ford the Fake victim said, in her latest version of the “story”, there was a 4th male at that party she couldn’t remember. Soon they will play the 4th male stooge who finally just decided to do his civic duty and step forward.
    It is time for the FBI/DOJ to earn their reputation back and launch a full scale social media and digital communications investigation into these people. These are federal crimes perpetrated against Congress and the American people.
    I wish someone would remind these people that they should take their “cases” to the local police station if they think they have one, not the U.S. Senate and the FBI. That is how we do things in the USA.
    SHAME on them and ALL of Congress for participating in this political farcical sham without a police report and/or police investigation investigation. That should be criteria #1. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    • pyromancer76 says:

      TwoLaine, I believe you are relying too much on emotion and not on those using emotion for their insidious purposes. Your idea: “I felt it was a purely political #MeToo “movement” “case” designed by the DIMs to continue their total hatred of men and masculinity, particularly white men.”
      My suggestion is that the point is not hatred of men/white men, but targeting white men methodically because that is where the power of the U.S. resides. They believe that if they can metaphorically “kill” white men, they will destroy the family (the fundamental strength of the American Republic – men, women, and children together for a prosperous and patriotic future), the individual (the family is needed for strong individualism and entrepreneurialism), the economy (must destroy white men’s jobs/prosperity first and foremost – they almost made it), and finally the military (only pansies left to serve).
      The educational establishment, from kindergarten to post-grad) has been complicit in this methodical plan as well. See how the scientific method, necessary for truth, transparency, and accountability in any prosperous society, was destroyed for “AGW-Global Warming scam. See how many “white men” lost their scientific credentials, their tenure, their jobs, their research over the years — all trashed for the purpose of destruction.
      Note all the DemParty-Globalist Elite policies that have the targets listed above. This is all a methodical plan.

  84. Howie says:

    End this social justice lynching and torture.

  85. “beach friends” not a lie, but then not the truth…………………her testimony was crafted to hide information that was damaging and disclose information that could not be independently confirmed.

    • Your Tour Guide says:

      There’s another Beach Friend that might have been involved.
      At the very least, they could have used him as a consultant.
      And, conveniently he’s close by. In his home district of DE.
      Uncle Joe Biden. The thought hit me when Hannity was talking
      about what Biden had pulled during the Clarence Thomas confirmation/
      crucifixian. I’m sure he’d be more then willing to offer input on how
      to repeat some of his past glory. Still think that the plot was launched
      around late March, when the gun grabber’s march was in Rehobeth

  86. Melinda McLean left the FBI in 2016 .
    Wonder what was her involvement in Crossfire Hurricane .
    Has that been discussed??

  87. redline says:

    Anybody else expecting that Mueller’s lawthugs, currently employed or recently retired, are burning midnight oil trying to find any criminal implication, however old or remote, that can be discovered, reanimated, and connected to someone, ANYONE, from Judge Kavanaughs’s past?
    Mueller & Co. have just a day and a half to throw that hat in the ring, so it probably won’t happen. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, either.

    • kh says:

      You know they’re looking. If they have something they’ll wait till he’s confirmed then pop it as part of the we must impeach him x11ty-x-insanity drive, if nothing else than to drive the base heading into final election weeks (I’m sure they’re about to dump more stuff unrelated to BK as well) to make the loons actually think impeaching BK is a viable strategy.

  88. Whole thing is lying woman and corruption FBI’s again with Democrats porpaganda’s

  89. pnj01 says:

    McLean is pictured with a group of women and a Republican (curious) state representative named Lopez in Rehobeth. Among the women is another local politician (not named as such) named Catherine Hester. here is some background on her and her location of Dewey Beach suggests “Beach Week” andd Balasey’s reprobate past, right?:
    Catherine Hester
    Lewes, DelawareJudiciary
    Town of Dewey Beach
    CCH Consulting, Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism, APABA-MD
    Southwestern University School of Law

  90. Bogeyfree says:

    I wonder if these new texts of McLean and Leland are step 1 of a possible PT backup plan.
    For example:
    1) If Kavanaugh does not get 50 + 1 come Sat/Sun then
    2) Does PT ask the FBI/DOJ/Judiciary Committee to expose more texts that unequivocally shows a true conspiracy hit job by the Dems to the American people?
    3) Does PT also show to the American people who leaked Ford’s letter?
    4) Will PT uses these next 30 days to expose that this was a scheme all along?
    5) Will PT also uses these next 30 days to get the R vote out to rally and win house/senate?
    6) Does PT on Nov 7 renominates K?
    7) Does PT and DOJ use the new evidence post Nov 6 to bring potential charges against Ford, DiFi, McLean and others?
    8) With firm control of Senate and the American people clearly seeing this was another setup, does K easily win nomination and many who orchestrated this fraud go to jail?

    • stephen parrish says:

      It is leverage.

      • Fish and hunt says:

        Tied in to the bigger picture and the coup. All connected. When POTUS does finally release the hounds, it must be a strike that leaves no questions whatsoever. The evidence must be undeniable to the most uninformed and Independents. It’s obvious to those who follow, but not yet still to most people

  91. TwoLaine says:

    This also tells me that I am 100% right about Creepy Porn Lawyer. He’s a shill for the small group, the dirty, corrupt, current and former FBI/DOJ. He is part of their circular story laundering operation, a tool used to open and push SMUT cases against innocent people while they keep their hands clean.

    • Your A Funny GUy says:

      It’s not a small Group.. more than likely it is Organized Crime and Mafia… with two separate factions… one being the inside Govt’ faction HRC’s, etc…. and the others who are real Mafia…. There is a reason DEMS typically run the mafia big City’s… it’s not just something that is random.

      • TwoLaine says:

        It is a small group compared to all of US.

      • TwoLaine says:

        BTW, “small group” is a known term around here. See this post from Sundance and others for the past two years. It is the group that is attempting the coup and impeachment against President TRUMP, his team and anyone associated with him, ever.


    • Invite friends & neighbors over for TRUMP RALLY WATCH PARTIES!
      • Ask what they think of what they hear.
      • Share the Sundance scoops on Kavanaugh.
      Our most potent weapon in the Mid-Terms is President Trump’s RALLIES.
      • We’ve got 25+ Rallies to go: You KNOW President Trump will be adding more!
      • Why not multiply their power … beyond the city-state that might be watching?
      • Why not EVERY State and EVERY City and EVERY Neighborhood?
      • Contact your State & Local Republicans running for office: Set up local viewing venues!
      • Treepers can get the ball rolling: Become a MULTIPLIER for Trump (and Kavanaugh).

      • quintrillion says:

        Hook – up a big screen to stream rsbn and put the big screen outside with volume high that way people will be drawn to watch. Advertise an evening garage sale and watch them come for the sale & then stay to watch the rally. . maybe have some refreshments ready.

  93. spinoneone says:

    This is precisely the same sort of witness tampering that Mueller accused Manafort of doing. 18USC1512.

  94. Howie says:

    The democrats are terrified. They know they are going down. One way or the other. Trump has ‘got em’.

  95. mazziflol says:

    All fine and dandy.. But really what difference at this point, does it make anyways (to borrow a phrase) if no one is held accountable? Where are the handcuffs?

  96. quintrillion says:

    Thank you President Trump for exposing more of the vile corruption living in DC – they call themselves lawyers and have taken an oath to uphold the US Constitution ~ How vile and wrong is that which they then do !!!
    One suggestion, if you please, for future nominations ~ forget the list ~ unknow hell has been planned for anyone publicized to be on your supreme court nominee list. Sometimes the best of intentions … you now know the vile and wicked dnc plans and plots the nominee’s destruction for public display by their evil cohorts the malicious corporate media liars ~ may they all burn in hell for eternity.

  97. Leon Brozyna says:

    After all these nearly daily exposures, all I can say is to look at the Democrats … theirs is the face of evil. I never thought I’d ever go there, but Democrats are evil.

  98. oldschool says:

    AND? Now what? We (“our side”) gave this entire thing legitimacy by engaging in their false narrative, knowingly defending ourselves against their falsehoods, sacrificing Kavanauugh and his family, stoking discourse in our country, all the while pretending Ford and her story were real. Is that what we are to believe just happened? Why?
    Unless I hear this from Trump, I am skeptical of any theory, no matter how close the dots are. I do not believe that Trump continues to willingly play these games that destroy peoples lives. If he is, than he is not the man I thought he was. Something just doesn’t fit. jmo

        • In addition, the FBI/DOJ need to be purged. If necessary, purged to extinction. They’re rotten and not trusted by the citizens. They have become a private DS enforcer/fixer. Their hands are dirty.

          • Oscar Oddpicker says:

            What a den of vipers the FBI must be. My Bro In Law left the FBI after two years of service in San Francisco in 1999. At the time he said the Agency was filled with incompetent, politically correct sychophants, all seeking recognition and approval from their politically connected bosses. And that was 13 years before Obama. What a mess.

            • SwampRatTerrier says:

              I can believe it.
              That’s true in all the government agencies from town, county, city, state, etc…….

        • trapper says:

          The democrat party is already dead, a zombie host killed by its parasite. I posted on Lucianne this morning:
          The long term plan of the Democrat Socialists of America has been to run DSA members in Democrat primaries, eventually reaching critical mass where they could secretly take over the Democrat party and force through a totalitarian Marxist system on America. DSA has succeeded in taking over the Democrat party, and even elected their first president in Obama (google his New Party membership).
          They will fool you and their wide-eyed useful idiots like Ocasio-Cortez with their feel good talk of justice and soft socialism. But beware.. DSA are not warm puppies and cake for everyone. The DSA is a rabidly totalitarian Marxist group and they hate both America and Americans.
          The democrat party host is dead. The DSA parasite has killed it.

        • Convert says:

          BOOM! For real. If Repubs and many Dems didn’t live in such a bubble, such a cloister of monotonous groupthink, if they had any interaction with real people from all across middle America, they would be running over each other trying to get to s microphone to condemn the Kavanaugh debacle and proclaim their support.
          Instead, they will probably go down with their evil ship and blame it on Russians.

        • oldschool says:

          Exposing what we believe as “the truth”, would accomplish all this and more, without the casualties, shreading of justice, and anarchy. It makes absolutely no sense in my mind why we would engage in such risky tactics when all that is necessary to achieve our goals of destroying our enemies is revealing factual evidence (if it really exists) of the coup, the clintons, vegas, charlottesville, this circus . . . ., bring them to justice and restore our instituions. The truth will set us free. We have no idea what the truth is. At least I don’t.

          • MR52 says:

            I don’t think you can do it any other way. They have to be flushed out to be exposed.
            It goes really deep, all the way to SDNY FBI. How to you get to this?
            Kavanaugh will be fine. He engaged a defamation attorney several weeks ago.
            Media has been ignoring facts. How do you get it out there?

    • Fish and hunt says:

      Your sense of timing is beyond repair

    • ?Gunny says:

      The whole thing stinks.
      “They are not even hiding it anymore”
      Well, who will prosecute them?
      Ah, excuse me, they are getting those nasty letters. That should show them.

      • They aren’t hiding anymore because it’s no longer necessary. The legal system is corrupted. Nothing will happen if it involves “politics.” They are not afraid because there is no downside for them. If called out/caught so what they will skate to cause more problems later.
        Hello, Jeff… anyone seen the AG? Is he awake? Is he still the AG? Useless.

        • ?Gunny66 says:

          Shhhh…..he’s sleeping…

        • Blaze says:

          Sessions is exactly the issue and the left is taking complete advantage of a corrupt DOJ that seems to favor them. Lois Lerner was a good example and they are just following it or her. Really sucks to be without a working attorney general in times like this.

    • tomf says:

      Games you say?
      How would you have handled the despicable attacks on Judge Kavanaugh?
      Way out of line.

    • Divine Friend says:

      Trump has no control of what transpires in Congress and you should know this.

      • Ken Lawson says:

        You’re right, Divine Friend, but in addition to Trump not having any control of the Legislative Branch of government, if he tried to influence it the UniParty would use it against him and weaken his presidency. He has to stay on the sidelines and work in areas where he has control. Unfortunately, even though your point should be obvious, most Americans think the president has unlimited power. I’m most amazed how often some people here at CTH express ideas that would have him act like a dictator instead of an American president. But, I’m afraid too many don’t understand how our government was set up to work and why that system is the best system man has ever devised.

        • Remington..... says:

          Ken, I think they understand full well how the system works. At this point it is so far out of control the pain far exceeds the pleasure. They just want this insanity to stop. Whatever it takes.

        • louche9 says:

          American conservatives also have the recent memory of eight years of Obama ruling by EO fiat, enabled by quisling RINOs, exacerbated by the current sight of unchecked and unchallenged leftist “resist” intimidation tactics everywhere, and can be forgiven for saying, “Screw it; what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Let’s deport illegals en masse, build the wall, blow up the Department of Education, etc., and let the chips fall where they may.” The Left is constantly hysterical, anyway. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see the value of playing by the rules, when we’re the only ones doing so.

    • mj_inOC says:

      The ´why’ is because the brilliant team of investigators in our Senate Judiciary Committee uncovered all this evil, and then accepted Rachel Wilson’s offer to ´question’ Ms. Ford who now has been caught in numerous blantant lies.
      Yes, pray they do prosecute Ford et al.

    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      That’s PRESIDENT Trump to you.
      So who’s side are you really on???

    • lumoc1 says:

      I am sure that after reading your comment, President Trump will call you personally and apologize for not asking for and following your wise advice. 😉

    • SalixVeridi says:

      And I just saw on Fox all those women who still think Christine Ford is a victim! She is not a victim, now or ever. As SD says, this was a carefully constructed fraud upon the Congress and the American people.
      yet….. are you reading about this on liberal sites? Do you see it headlines across newspapers across America? No. The Left remains dull and stupid because their own info pathways are not reporting the truth.
      We need to get ALL this info out there in the public sphere. I still like to think there are some Dems who haven’t yet sacrificed their souls for this evil national party. Spread the word!

      • amanda4321 says:

        yes, people need to print out that letter from Fraud’s ex-bf and give it to those brainwashed left-wingers who only get their fake news from CNN and MSNBC

    • Have you ever thought that Kavanuagh may be in on the whole thing? ? ?

      • MfM says:

        I do believe that Pres. Trump warned BK that is was going to get messy, very messy. That he wanted to be sure BK was whistle clean and there was nothing that he could get hung on, and that he wouldn’t back down. BK is sticking because Trump has his back and because he was clean to begin with and the Republicans know that. The Republicans know it’s a witch hunt.
        I don’t think even Trump knew how bad, but he knew it was going to be bad. He just looked at what to Judge Roy and Dr. Ronnie Jackson.
        I don’t think either Trump or BK planned this, but they were aware something was likely coming. Once they got some names the digging could begin… and I bet it began as soon as they had names.

        • TarsTarkas says:

          Of course he’s not whistle clean. Nobody is. He’s:
          Has Children
          Believes in facts and evidence, not emotions
          And worst of all gets angry when repeated and baselessly accused of heinous crimes.
          The horror!

    • booger71 says:

      I think you have it a little mixed up Oldschool. I am certain it was not President Trump who attempted to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s life and family, and by the way, Judge Kavanaugh is fighting back. He is tough, and so is his family.

      • oldschool says:

        not sure why you think that I think Trump set out to destroy anyone’s life. If you got that so wrong, you understandably miss my points.

    • Annie Ok says:

      Trump is President of the United States. He is a busy man, just how much time does he have, between flying to rallies, dealing with Mueller & comrades, working out trade deals, making speeches to the UN, etc… He has to let this play out. He trusts Grassley. He trusts Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes. He cannot orchestrate everything, or he loses everything. The Deep State is deep, and it’s going to take more than one person to dive into it and save the nation. Trump is not “willingly” playing along with the games. He is delegating, like all powerful men do. Give it a rest.

    • Amy2 says:

      I think the poles are changing in our favor because the Republicans handled this a little more gingerly than most of us would have. You are a more informed voter than most. The people that are being converted are the uninformed ones, and those are hard to get if you come in too strong.
      Perhaps the Republicans are learning to connect the dots as soon as these snakes come out now instead of fumbling along. Grassley at least knew some of it if the prosecutor’s questions (now so enlightening) were an indication.

    • not2worryluv says:

      I don’t know how you would have stopped the smear when at the 11th hour the DEMS pullout Dirty Trick #…..

  99. Darrell W says:

    Sundance, You are America’s warrior. I Salute You!

  100. I’m curious if there’s any information about the use of the word he in Ford’s polygraph letter.
    The “he” is scratched out and the name Kavanaugh is added in over it. I’m wondering if this is a “tool” that was used- she says he for the polygraph to pass the test and uses Kavanaugh for the Committee. It would explain why the Judiciary committee can’t get the polygrapher’s notes.
    It would also show the degree to which she was manipulated. If she was, is it a crime?

  101. Lulu says:

    As long as the FBI and DOJ exist our country is at risk. We must re-establish the rule of law or it only gets worse from here.

    • Suzanne says:

      One of the lawyers over at Judicial Watch suggested the other day that the entire FBI be shuttered and their duties handed over to the US Marshalls and the the alleged “good guys from the rank and file” that Hannity and others tell us actually exist could apply for jobs with the Marshalls. I think it’s a great idea but it fell short by not including the DOJ

      • litlbit2 says:

        Agree Rem, however, Ken, “the best….” imo, leaves out the process of removal of personnel and the ability to actually get requested information and the FISA investigations have become unbelievable. It is a round robin process drawn out over months not days.
        Such as Benghazi, F & F, IRS etc.
        Latest example, the requests of Senator Grassely from Ford’s attorneys are once again followed by more requests.
        This whole mess has exposed the inability of out elected representatives and appointees capable of finding a solution or stopping the intimidation of MSM funded by evil people for power and greed.
        Making November as important as the second coming.

      • mimbler says:

        And I am not sure that the US Marshalls are still the good guys we think them to be.
        We had an old college friend who turned very liberal, as are her kids, and one of them joined the US Marshalls straight out of college.
        He wouldn’t be the kind of person that we would think of as “the good guys”. Liberals don’t think that way.

    • BobInFL says:

      Could not agree more. Small group my [email protected]@. DOJ and FBI need to be taken down to the studs and rebuilt from there. And everyone, no matter how small a part they played iin all of this garbage, should do hard time – no “I was just following orders”. That is the only way we can make sure they remember that there will be consequences in the future.

  102. evergreen says:

    Is it accurate?
    “Yeah, I wrote a letter that kicked off a national sh*t-storm, but you know, let me revisit it to see just what it says before I answer that question.”

    • VickiTw says:

      Yeah, exactly, why in the world would any normal person have to reread a letter you wrote that accuses the SC nominee of sexual harrassment?

      • Melanie says:

        Because the Clock was ticking…………..another delay, until Sen Grassley caught on and stopped the charade. But in the beginning precious minutes were lost.

      • Truthfilter says:

        I think Mitchell wanted her to go on record as having examined and agreed that she wrote that letter. Later, when it becomes known that McClean or Fienstien or some other operative wrote it, Ford can be charged with perjury.
        Mitchell knew ahead of time that Ford had coached people in the past on how to pass polygraphs. That’s why she asked, “Have you ever helped or coached anyone on how to take a polygraph?” Mitchell already knew things. Isn’t it an attorney’s rule to never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to? I think Mitchell’s questions are going to be used to nail Ford in the near future.

    • NJF says:

      IKR? That was an eyebrow raising moment.

  103. Bruce Hanson says:

    Out of control dirtbag lawyers are making a mockery of our legal system. They are accountable to no one.

  104. JAS says:

    WSJ Reporter: “Ms McLean, How does it feel to be SUNDANCED?”
    McLean: “???, please talk to my attorney!”

  105. LULU says:

    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Christine Ford threw her under the bus.’ Strained ‘sex assault’ witness Leland Keyser is seen for the first time as close family member confirms she did NOT corroborate school friend Ford’s story to FBI

    • LULU says:

      Be forewarned, Leland has had numerous spinal surgeries since an accident some years back. An x-ray showed 14 pins in her cervical spine from the base of her skull downward. She said in 2005 (when she had already had three surgeries) that even her brain stem had to be realigned. The nerve damage shows on her face. Mindlessly involving her in this matter was cruel on Ford’s behalf. Or maybe it was McLean’s idea?

      • MaineCoon says:

        Ford/McLean made a 4th victim in this false allegations: LeLand, Ashley Kav & their 2 children.
        4 Victims — while she lies about being a victim.
        They truly need to prosecute her.

      • MfM says:

        Funny how Ford worded her description of Leland’s medical problems so that it seemed they were mental. Ford likes to throw in details but doesn’t mention ‘accident’, ‘surgery’ and ‘pins’ ?

        • MR52 says:

          There is a comment out there by Sara Corcoran Warner saying that Leland lost a friend to a diving accident at the CC and she should use that a experience to finger Kavanaugh. Talk about cruel. These people are sick and evil.

  106. joshua says:

    Leland Keyser was married to BOB BECKLE !!!!!

  107. burnett044 says:

    We the people are up against Organized crime…call it what you will…deep state, democrooks ,the left, globalist…
    they are organized..they plan ..they communicate ..they like an onion have many layers…and they are evil and will never stop..
    Sundance like no other has exposed this organized plot ..connecting dot after dot..
    I hope the evil is held accountable…all of them.

    • Your A Funny GUy says:

      They are all looking at Rico Charges if we have a fair justice department…. Time will tell.

    • Jim in TN says:

      Where is the line between organized crime and organized government?
      We are lucky to live in an exceptional country. Most governments are just a way of cementing the control of the last group of thugs to take over the people. Even organized crime makes itself a defacto government in the areas it controls.
      On the other hand, the exceptional nature of our government was best expressed by Lincoln. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”
      Are we being governed for our benefit, or for someone else’s benefit?
      Are we being governed by ourselves or by a group of thugs that has installed themselves in control, given themselves privileges and called themselves elite?
      That is where I draw the line. Without government of, by and for the people, there is no freedom, and no legitimacy in government, just organized crime.

      • Ken Lawson says:

        Jim – Your point is a good one, but sadly we’ve not been governed by the people for many decades. Control of our government was lost some time ago and most Americans still haven’t been awakened to that fact. Those that did or are starting to are the ones who elected President Trump. But that’s still only 1/4 of the eligible voters in the country (1/2 of the eligible voters did not vote and only half of the remaining eligible voters voted for Trump). We’ve got a long way to go just to get control back.

  108. REAPER says:

    Do not be afraid or discouraged…the battle is not yours, but God’s…Stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you….The Lord will be with you
    II CHRONICLES 20:15,17

    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      This is a wonderful passage, for GOD is always in control.
      For Veggie Tales fans, it was a repeated theme sung by “Esther”:

      The battle is not ours
      We look to God above
      For He will guide us safely through
      and guard us with His love
      I will not be afraid
      I will not run and hide
      For there is nothing I can’t face
      when God is at my side
      No, there is nothing I can’t face
      when God is at my side

      • Lindy says:

        Big take away from Esther, straight from the Big Book, is “For such a time as this…”
        God uses imperfect people to accomplish his purposes.

  109. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    Maybe this explains the look on Feinstein during her presser yesterday?
    She knows she is headed to GITMO, along with 10 of her best friends for a very long holiday.

  110. tinydemons says:

    I was in Rehoboth Beach DE on July 26th, and John Brennan was also there that very same day. I saw him enter the restaurant where I was dining.

  111. MIKE says:

    I feel so stupid, I must have missed the outlined points submitted by the leftists that back up their simple claim that Dr. Fraud is so “credible”.
    Help me out, folks. I am slow. So far I have;
    1) she is woman
    2) she is called “doctor”
    3) ?
    this is as far as I have gotten. Unless there is a new standard of “credibility” awarded to liberal leftist elite trust-fund-babies, with a political agenda, that I am unaware of.

    • 3) She cried. Apparently crying makes you credible.

      • distracted2 says:

        She only fake cried. There were no tears.

      • Risa says:

        She “cried” but couldn’t generate any tears.

        • Flova says:

          Isn’t that in the Obama playbook? I seem to remember him trying to cry by rubbing his eyes with vaseline or something.
          What’s really horrific is that real victims of rape will soon not be believed. I’m talking about women with no Soros backed group behind them–yes, it will come to that. The public has grown tired of this. Soon, any accusation will be greeted with a yawn.

      • booger71 says:

        Crying makes you credible unless you are a white male

    • Dr.Jay says:

      She is member of the 3-letter club.
      That and a democrat of course.
      Oh yee of little faith!

    • Marian says:

      It wasn’t just the Democrats who said she was credible . Good many of the new right independent journalists initially said so as well. Then they realized their followers disagreed.
      I fell so sorry for real victims of sexual assault. They are getting re victimized with all the high profile liars.

      • Jeff P. says:

        the ONLY reason these conservative Public Figures are saying she “seemed credible” is so they do not get ATTACKED by Libtard Idiots when they walk outside. Only Traitors Mean it when they say she was credible in ANY way. Unless of course you are saying she is a Credible Fraud!!
        MAGA! Lock Them Up!!

      • Cumbaya says:

        ‘new right’ – because they are afraid to properly question this woman fearing that they would receive the same ‘schiff’ PDJT got when he ‘mocked’ her at the rally the other day. The difference is that our President says what he means and means what he say…and because when PDJT points out the obvious, he really doesn’t give a ‘schiff’ what anybody else thinks….that’s one of the many reasons I voted for him. Fortunately it does seem that many on the right are starting to adopt PDJT’s approach.

    • Jason says:

      That she can’t actually remember details, this proves her experience was authentic and caused severe trauma
      not sure how it plays for the ‘she credible folks’ but the tidbit that he might have *accidentally* killed her struck me as extremely odd (fake). Maybe it was included to help paint her as a bona fide ‘survivor’?

    • AdamSelene says:

      Sort of “credible” as in the opposite of “incredible.” For instance, if she had claimed Brett Kavanaugh and Bigfoot raped her in a Chuck E. Cheese in Des Moines in 1942, that would be incredible.
      Her story was “credible” in that it wasn’t completely outlandish, like Swetnicks. That said, I still did not find it credible because I do not believe she wouldn’t remember how she got home. If the assault actually occurred, that would be just the start of the ordeal that would be the delis in her hippo camps. You don’t remember walking home 6-8 miles, in the dark, terrified the rapists are coming after you? You don’t remember fleeing to the neighbors, and the kindly strangers letting you use their phone and giving you cocoa and a blankie while you waited for mom and dad to drive over? Naw. Incredible.

      • mimbler says:

        I think a better word would be plausible. As “her story was plausible, but her testimony was not credible”

        • TarsTarkas says:

          I call it ‘Busted!’ as in Mythbusters (who will probably be incensed at me appropriating one of their slogans, as I believe Hyneman and Savage are hard-left.

    • MaineCoon says:

      Reseach and read all Sundance’s articles. That should clear up the fog.

    • formerdem says:

      3) she wears glasses with black frames so clearly is all business 4) she has nice blond hair so she has her life together and can dispense advice to the Senate

  112. Jive Pawnbroker says:

    Book ’em, Danno.

  113. LULU says:

    Chris Wallace’s calling Ford “credible” was too much for most of us. Has he ever had a working brain?

  114. Dr.Jay says:

    “But you have repeatedly refused to produce this evidence to the Senate. In doing so, you are preventing the Senate from considering the evidence most crucial to Dr. Ford’s allegations. I don’t know what other inference we should draw from your refusal but that the withheld evidence does not support Dr. Ford’s allegations in quite the way you have claimed.

  115. Davenh says:

    Can or will any of these scumbags be prosecuted?

  116. Davenh says:

    Can or will any of these scumbags be prosecuted?

  117. agentcommonsense says:

    Gitmo remodel done yet ?

  118. Davenh says:

    I guess no one ever told this cabal to stop digging!

  119. Symsense says:

    Lock her up!

  120. Molly says:

    Just because Grassley has figured it out now, or Trump and Grassley et al. have figured it out now, doesn’t mean they knew it was going on while it was going on. Monica McLean is a late arrival to the feast in terms of public exposure.
    That’s why Grassley says “in light of recently uncovered information.”

    • steph_gray says:

      Uncovered by sundance.

    • bflyjesusgrl says:

      So between Oct 2-4, they’ve uncovered evidence that Ford’s team were pressuring witnesses, AND conspiring with the Feinstein, Hirono, Ramirez, and Swetnick teams!
      Sounds like the FBI actually did a good job this time. No wonder they don’t want to release the new report to the public!

    • Justin Green says:

      Based on the questions by Mrs. Mitchell, it appears they knew at least much of this prior to Dr. Fraud’s testimony. No doubt there were staff analyzing the people around Dr. Fraud as well during the hearing. They probably had smoked this before the hearing.

      • treewig says:

        Yeah, I recall reading some other boards complaining that Mitchell wasn’t going after Ford hard enough or lefties saying there was no gotcha moment. Mitchell was never going to question her on statements that can’t possibly be confirmed or refuted by any evidence. She instead went after what can be and in hindsight, she must have known at least some of the things that hadn’t come to light prior to that day. IF only she had had a couple of hours of uninterrupted questioning, I think she would have removed all doubt that Ford was fabricating most of this, but in the end, we’re still gonna reach the goal of having Kavanaugh confirmed and hopefully Grassley/Graham follow through with an after confirmation investigation.

        • snarkybeach says:

          I always thought she was there to do some surgical probing in a warm fuzzy sweater. Dr. Fraud was lulled into trap that is only just now closing….

    • Fish and hunt says:

      Yet they knew about the coaching on polygraph tests ?

    • Child of Morning says:

      PT did an abrupt about-face at the first rally this week. That same day I listened to a conservative radio commentor praise PT for his discipline WRT Ford. The next day the MSM was on fire criticizing his mocking comments. Makes me wonder if PT knew all along what the FBI would “find”.

    • MR52 says:

      Come on they know, otherwise why would Mitchell ask those questions.

  121. FanGirl says:

    COONS assured FLAKE the FIB would find evidence and he wouldn’t have to keep his promise to vote YES. That’s why Flake keeps trying to backtrack, he never wanted to vote yes.

    • steph_gray says:

      Oh they found evidence all right!
      It’s such a Flounder moment – this is so great…

      • WSB says:

        I have left messages andnemailed all four clueless senators this morning with a synopsis and link to this article entitled with, “What if Brett Kavanaugh has been framed?”
        I encourage everyone else to do the same.

        • steph_gray says:

          Great idea!
          But I just realized no one posted how Flake voted this morning on cloture – or at least I didn’t see it.
          He no longer matters. His 15 minutes of fame are over.
          He’s already Clarence Beeks on the way to Africa. ?

    • Marian says:

      FIB! I like it.

    • Blind no longer says:

      This is going to be a hard vote for many of these corrupt bastards, when all is revealed to the public soon… a NO vote will make them look like they were in on the operation to stop Kavanaugh, as they were! Murkowski Collins Flake and Manchin…you better think very carefully about this!

      • FanGirl says:

        along with the red state Dimms up for re-election

      • DanO64 says:

        yep. A NO vote also means guilt by innuendo is the “standard” for all charges of sexual assault against any man. Remember Mattress Girl?

      • WSB says:

        That is wxactly what I emailed and left messages about to each of these Senators. They will be considered co-conspirators if they vote no.
        Everyone should send this link with that message.

    • Jason says:

      Just needed sufficient gaslighting to feign that vote should be held a little longer to dig into details. If they succeed, great. If not, it was a hail mary either way.
      Meanwhile other agenda items are dumped while all eyes are on this circus. Remember Trump saying he was willing to shut down the gov’t unless they fund the wall? Yeah, only people hearing about the wall now are those checking out his rallies. Complete radio silence from Dems and GOP. Every freakin time there’s some excuse for why it can’t be addressed *right now* but they’ll be sure to get to it, in the future.

  122. DanO64 says:

    So what? I guess we will need a video of the senior leadership of the democrat caucus plotting an assassination against ( fill in the blank) before we get any arrests.
    A sign. Any kind of sign will do.

  123. Bogeyfree says:

    I wonder if the actual text between McLean and Leland will be leaked publicly at the 11th hour to add pressure to the 4 undecided.

  124. wodiej says:

    The thing about liars is no one is good enough to get away with it for long. No one is smart enough to remember all the lies they’ve told.

  125. Flashman says:

    It is interesting that the Ford legal team sent a letter wanting to know the case manager of the FBI supplemental background check. That would be to try to put undue influence on that person or punish them, even by just publishing their address and kids names. I also remember from the letter that the FBI did contact the Ford legal team initially, so this bit about the White House refusing to allow the interview is pure bull. I am pleasantly surprised that the supplemental was good; if there was any witness tampering it big, it kills some investigations that rely on eyewitness reports. If anyone has a copy look at what tense it is in, and the date. Maybe things are looking up.

  126. Flova says:

    On my local Richmond WRVA talk radio show yesterday morning FBI veteran Jimmy Galliani, who comments on CNN and is a friend of the radio host, said McLean is a friend of his and she called him for support. He praised her as a top notch FBI agent and it is unfair what is happening to her. He explained that people are nervous about taking a polygraph and often ask for advice from LEOs. There is a audio at
    So my take is she is reaching out to those she worked with in FBI as backup when the proverbial s*** hits the fan.

    • CeeCee23 says:

      But didn’t McLean say she has never asked anyone for help or advice to pass a polygraph test that she has taken? So I don’t think he really helped her much by saying it’s common to ask for help.

  127. Dixie says:

    Am I the only one who sees a similarity between the Trayvon Martin lawyers/prosecutors and these two sleazy lawyers, Bromwich and Laufman?

  128. thedoc00 says:

    If the collusion and witness tampering information was in the FBI main report and supplemental data, maybe that explains the long Democrat faces when they came out of the “room”.

  129. Brant says:

    Very fascinating. McLean retired? Like several others have “retired” recently? So, communications several months ago with digital text evidence is false, but accusations without evidence or corroboration of things decades ago is true?
    My thougts on this latest. I doubt our side leaked the initial “desire to remain anonymous” Dr Ford letter, but I don’t doubt they had all this juicy info at the ready should it somehow leak (including the texts already). You don’t show the other side your cards just to be nice. And also shows our side does not use info in a purely upfront political way. Just has stuff if needed. That should be comforting to know. If McLean recently “retired” I also doubt the FBI just stopped watching her when she walked out the front door.
    This would be a huge sting operation. And I think shows a very tight, very high placed loyal group to POTUS. Would be super nice if strategically led by a certain former Senator from Alabama. He would probably be the type/have morals to have info and not use it for political nastiness.

    • Flashman says:

      I do not think there are any real secrets in the US Capital. Young Staff members talk to each other constantly. Why do you think the 28 year old “Droker” was there unpaid for so many years; it is a club of self glorification and sensual pleasures.

  130. Dan G says:

    I’d like to see the vote deferred a couple of days and let the Republicans get out what appears to have occurred on the Sunday talk shows. And give the citizens of this country a reason to think twice about raging against the nominee, as well as to give his supporters additional reason to come out and back him.
    This is the watershed moment the Republicans can lock down both the House and Senate in November.

  131. All Too Much says:

    Senate live feed. Vote is not for another hour.

    • 6x47 says:

      Can the Senate please expel Dianne Feinstein? Or at least kick her off the Judicial Committee?

    • DanO64 says:

      DiFi will not be reelected. The FBI won’t announced that it as opened up a case against her because of the 60 day rule. Gitmo has a very nice climate this time of year, I heard.

    • DanO64 says:

      The public “lynching” of BK by the democrats is a disgrace. This is like a jury sentencing an innocent man to death knowing members of the jury were involved in the crime. If the democrats get away with this without any consequences a dozen President Trumps can come and go and it will still be business as usual. Dirty politics is just the way we do things here in America. The democrats can justify anything they do and get away with it.

  132. 6x47 says:

    <iThey’re not even trying to hide it any more.
    Or, perhaps the reason is “they’re running out of guys.” So many are under investigation, fired, or resigned in disgrace there just aren’t enough people left and the same ones keep coming up in the rotation over and over again.

  133. Justin Green says:

    Okay, and the witness tampering charges are coming when?

  134. blognificentbee says:

    Just Lou Dobbs, tweeting out another CTH Sundance post. Second one this week!

    • Cumbaya says:

      CTH must be one of Lou’s go to sites while eating bfast and his covfefee !

      • steph_gray says:

        OK I hope he stops giving sympathy to Ford tonight! He has been trying to be nice.
        No need, Lou, she’s just another coupster. A Ford 2-door coupster.

  135. RAC says:

    Did Laufman issue his statement before or after this news about Mcclean came out. It would be delicious if it was before.( Couldn’t read the full article b/c wsj is behind a wall.)

  136. f.fernandez says:

    I heard on talk radio this a.m. that Schumer was coordinating efforts on all 3 accusers. I can’t find a link though. I think it was WSJ reporting that.

  137. Koot Katmando says:

    Hmm so the Rank and File of the FBI are still good. Monica sounds like a rank and file type to me. The whole FBI and DOJ need to be torn down.

  138. RAC says:

    ” ……….included text messages from Ms. McLean to Ms. Keyser,……………”
    Wonder if Keyser volunteered those txt’s to the FBI. It would be reassuring to think that all the accomplices in this attempt to pervert the course of justice were being monitored.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      My bet is when the FBI went back to follow up with the named witnesses, that Leland may have mentioned this pressure and the FBI asked do you have anything to support that claim and thus she turned over the texts.
      The shame is the NSA has it all and unlike the Dems who were able to use contractors to get to these files the R’s can’t seem to find a way to get to the same database and run a query on Ford, McLean, DiFi, her attorney etc.

      • Your A Funny GUy says:

        They might have asked the Polygrapher guy for the results…. and maybe he had none??? That would be reason For Grassley wanting that info still. Polygrapher is connected to Clinton’s via his wife working for CCAH. CCAH was the Hillary for America main marketing firm. In the Year of 2016 election HFA supposedly paid them and maybe another firm $38 million in campaign cash. That does not guarantee services were rendered for that money. Think in Organized Crime terms… you have a $1 Billion+ in cash…. you have to find places to put it…. which is what HRC and her team do…. Maybe the Polygraphers wife owed the Clinton team for the Lucrative Job she was awarded during the Election season. Maybe the Campaign cash was just sloshed around and services were to be served later? There are all kinds twists and turns.

    • PocaMAGAjunta says:

      Yes. The 302 s likely include Keyser testimony and her own supporting evidence (texts from McLean ) indicating she was pressured to alter her testimony.
      If Democrats stop calling for release of the FBI report then we’ll know why. If they continue to call for release of the report and authorization is given to declassify the 302s, then the Democrats are burnt toast.

    • mimbler says:

      I read that they came from Keyser.
      Which is good. I prefer it when our gov isn’t illegally monitoring US citizens.

  139. joeknuckles says:

    It’s clear that these people are not going to stop pulling their crap until they are all locked up.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Agree, it never ends until indictments and convictions occur.

    • DanO64 says:

      The dirty democrats are trying to trigger some nut case to “take the shot.” That’s all they have left. Democrats love violence.

    • Your A Funny GUy says:

      They have to be locked up with no contact outside, or really inside… or they will just run the show from inside like Mob bosses do.

  140. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Dr. Ford wouldn’t lie about a sexual assault, would she?
    Ask a man with an adulterous wife.
    “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.” KJV Pr_vbs 30:20
    “For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and smoother than oil is her speech; but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.” NASB Pr_vbs 5:3-4
    “Smoother than oil is her speech” with her lies, but confront her with the truth and see how “bitter” she and her fellow adulteresses become, i.e., those promiscuous whores who want unfettered access to abort the fruit of their sin and kill their babies.
    This is the reason for the vehement opposition to this nomination to sit on the Supreme Court.

  141. ATheoK says:

    Blasey-fordy wilfully committed perjury under sworn testimony.
    Blasey-fordy’s entire claim is carefully constructed, adjusted by her lawless legal counsel, practised extensively and at this point appears to be another FBI falsehood.
    Monica mcleany is part and parcel of this charade, quite possibly part of the team devising the character assassination before a Supreme Court Justice needed to be nominated.
    At this point, Grassley and the DOJ should be obtaining warrants and issuing subpoenas for all communications and interviews.
    There is enough evidence to pursue blasey-fordy for perjury. And enough evidence that blasey-fordy was a tool for deep state goons. Start uncovering the connections and prosecute!
    David laughfman, katzbrain and bromwichy should all be prosecuted to disbar them!
    Including disbar proceedings in any state they visited while supporting or building this charade.
    Ms. mcleany and laughfman should be stripped of Security Clearances! Neither of them are trustworthy based on their direct actions.
    Investigate this rats nest and follow the leadership trail to those higher officials pulling the strings.
    I would not be surprised if there is evidence of rosenstein, comey, mccabe and brennan involvement. Especially, comey and brennan; which explains their early public support for this charade.
    Thank you Sundance! For such excellent ears, sight, research and analysis! And especially for sharing them with us!

  142. JoD says:

    President Trump…Right again!!
    A “Big Fat Con Job.”

    • Bogeyfree says:

      It is now time to e pose it all.
      You have the FISA, the 302’s, the texts and emails from Bruce Ohr and Weissman, thentexts from McLean and Leland and hopefully others.
      Declassify and unredact all of this using a clear talking official, maybe Lindsey to walk the American people through the facts and these written words of proof that BOTH were Dem conspiracy and frauds on all Americans.
      PT – You Control all the marbles and it is you that MUST expose everything to end this cabal and reign of terror by the Dems.
      If you don’t show the American people the hard evidence then this shit never stops Mr. President!

    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      A Big Fat Bleached Blonde Fright Wig CON JOB!

  143. burnett044 says:

    as i watch Di-Fi..spew her crap with Kung-Poa chicken stained lips..I realize she will enter the seventh realm of hell with those lies still pouring from her mouth…..
    the evil will never stop…unless we stop them.

  144. fanbeav says:

    So has this revelation been given to the 3 stooges??

  145. Dan G says:

    I am curious to learn if McLean applied any leverage on Ms. Keyser obtained through FBI networking.

  146. This whole debacle smacks just like the fake Russia Trump dossier. These lying duplicitous seditious scumbags just never give up.

  147. HJR27 says:

    The bottom line is that this charade is just another example of what happens when socialism hijacks what began as a democratic republic. Not a single Democrat on this committee had any intention of ever confirming , they made their intention to obstruct public from day one. The extended Kavanaugh hearing was nothing but a media show with every single democrat beginning by singing the praises of an unproven accuser before they even questioned her or the candidate she was defaming.

  148. waicool says:

    We are in a civil war. It is not conventional. Our fallen and casualties are now among us, on our homeland and within our institutions, not in some distant land. We are all called to battle for our liberties and freedoms, not to be delegated or drafted. Losing a job or reputation because of the left’s treasonous lawfare is not as bad as stepping on a mine or suffering incoming artillery. Pray for courage, suck it up and fight back. Our president is doing God’s work, support and stand with him. MAGA!

    • Blind no longer says:

      Aaaaaamen! This is War! But this is a war with NewRules… We win, they lose!!!

      • singingsoul says:

        Never count the chicken fore the egg.
        I am old enough never ti give into Schadenfreude.
        We are in a fight but the enemy is in stealth mode we never will know when he strikes.

    • Turranos says:

      #WAR – Remember Andrew Breitbart – Let’s make him proud of this basket of Deplorables.

      • Turranos says:

        The Kavanaugh vote test this morning is complete and Brett is soon going to be our next Supreme Court Justice! WAR#

    • Rick says:

      This is a new kind of war, actually mentioned in the Bible – it says “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” (Ephesians 6:10-18)… Kavanaugh is not the real target – it would be anybody in Kavanaugh’s position. He just happened to be the one who was nominated by Trump. The target is the systematic dismantling of our country. Starting with destroying our borders, then let all immigrants in untested, then revise (eliminate) the constitution….and it goes on and on.

  149. Great investigative work on this whole Ford/McClean evil saga Sundance. As you say, there is more to the story and I am sure you will find it. You are leading the charge.

    • Ted Koehl says:

      These corrupt attorneys and former officials all represent one another in interlocking lawyer/client representation and attorney/client privilege.
      It is tough work to get the goods on massive corruption such as this as these people turn professional ethics and morality on its head!

      • Kristin says:

        Ted: Like

      • Carrie2 says:

        Ted, time for their arrests and in prison for attempting to take over our Republic. All these are criminals and need to be removed so as not to continue their filthy/nasty plans. The democrats are killing off their party bit by bit every day now when they have tried almost every way to ruin our Constitution, freedom and rights, and we are to blame for allowing them to do so, and especially allowing Obama/Clintons and so many others to think they could ruin our Republic. How sick are those who are working against the one country that allows them to be traitors to all that is good. Now, we must think rope necklaces and immediately vote in Kavanaugh, a victim they chose at this moment in time, but it won’t stop the traitors to try and try again unless they are permanently dead and not in a prison to be supported which is very expensive, and not even in today’s world a stop to their treason. We must MAGA with our President and force Congress to do the job they were hired to do, or completely close down this Congress and start fresh with real patriots. We have had it! and we won’t take any more. They hate us and they won’t stop until we stop them!

      • Louis Genevie says:

        The lawyer-client privilege is out the window if the lawyer is engaging in crime with the client.

    • Orwell's Reflection says:

      Yes, this is exceedingly brilliant work, Sundance. It’s a deep blessing to follow your work and calling.

    • Milo says:

      More to the story is that Lesbo love conquers all.

      • swampratterrier says:

        You mean Ford and her whole coven KKKLAN are like Obama and Hillary?????
        I could believe it.
        They are proven ugly lying thespians!!!!!!!!!

    • Kenji says:

      And they’re not even trying to hide their evil deeds! I was flabbergasted to review the Hearing video and see McLean parading around as a key member of the Hazy-Ford team! I can’t help but see all these professional, semi-professional, and amateur LIARS … as Demons. As soulless humans on an errand for Satan. Let’s see … LIES vs TRUTH – check! Evil deeds vs a good man of impeccable credentials – check!

  150. John_in_IN says:

    With all the sunlight now falling on the participants in the Ford Affair, I keep picturing the Wicked Witch of the West and her encounter with a bucket of water.
    Wicked Witch GIF from Melting GIFs
    Oh, and this, too…

  151. Bill says:

    Shameful that Democrats would pressure people to lie in order to frame an innocent man. That tells you everything you need to know about them.

  152. Deplore Able says:

    These people are stupid!

  153. LDave says:

    I remember reading, also, that McLean formerly resided in Bethesda, Maryland, for quite a while. That’s where Julie Swetnick lives. How special.

  154. Dixie Sugarbaker says:

    During debate today, do you think one of the Senators would read the text messages into the record? The public should know what happened.

    • Darren says:

      “Arms up, Dont shoot”
      Truth doesn’t matter. Truth is relative. Feelings rule.

    • Blind no longer says:

      Psycho freaks… revealing themselves for all of America and the World to see! Keep it up Satan’s spawn. It’s an eye opener for people who don’t normally pay attention!

      • singingsoul says:

        They are demented . Just look what the Ivy leg graduates and mom and dad pay $60,000 a year for..?
        These are the future our lawyers , doctors, CEOs accountants . I am going to run when I am coming across someone from an Ivy league school..

    • singingsoul says:

      My dogs howl at the sky. I am glad these immature women learned something
      from dogs.(S

    • Convert says:

      All these psycho women give women a bad name– that’s what the Left doesn’t understand. It’s why women are so incensed about the Kavanaugh thing.

      • Somebody says:

        ^^THIS^^ time a million! The whole thing is an insult to actual survivors too and has evoked memories for many they’re rather have forgotten.

      • The Dems have destroyed any credibility that the #MeToo movement had. In fact they’ve set women in the workforce back 30 years. You now have business owners that have stated that they won’t hire women because it’s too dangerous. You have men that won’t mentor women, ride in the elevator with a woman, have a business meeting with a woman, go to a business lunch with a woman; all because it’s too dangerous. This is horrible. You own this Democrats. Vote straight Republican to vote them all out.

        • elizabethross1776 says:

          That’s exactly what I’ve been saying to friends. I’ve been assaulted/harassed numerous times in my life and the #MeToo movement was extremely healing and meaningful for me until it was dispicably hijacked and co-opted by the hypocrites in the Senate and their minions. It broke my heart to see what they’ve done to survivors like me. It’s disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

        • Carrie2 says:

          another, and time for our President to start firing his employees in the FBI/CIA/and DOJ. They are owned by Obama and Clintons and until fired or better yet in jail awaiting hanging will be free to be real humans once more. They MUST NOT SUCCEED in doing more of the dirty. We knew that the Ford matter was a democrat setup with the blessing of DiFi and she also needs to walk to the gallows for treason. The democrats are working overtime n every sneaky way to overthrow our country. Time now to show them what that means to their not living a long life! We are facing a 2nd Revolution as a civil war will not settle the matter completely if you think battle to the civil war and its aftermath. No, a clear, clean revolution will take care of keeping our Republic and we free!

    • booger71 says:

      I hope Chuck and Nancy are proud and excited about their new base. All the normal democrats have left for MAGA

    • teeheeman says:

      PLEASE keep it up protesters!! Trump just hit 51% approval on Rasmussen and I’m starting to think there is very small but increasing chance for 60 R Senate seats. The latest Senate poll here in WI shows a tightening race between Baldwin(D) and Vukmir(R) and that seat isn’t even on most pundit’s radar screen.

      • Don’t forget to add 10 pts to the 51%…I feel that after the next three rally’s, PDJT, OUR VSG, will own the demoncrats Lock, Stock and Barrel…Is it time to go: “Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock” yet?

      • steph_gray says:

        Vukmir is now on my big list for small donations. Thanks!
        As a thank-you to McConnell I am starting by donating to all the Rs on a list of 9 swing states he listed recently in a Fox interview. Directly of course and not through the DNC. Also donated to Geoff Diehl in my blue state (MA).
        AZ – McSally
        NV – Heller
        TN – Blackburn
        MT – Rosendale
        ND – Cramer
        MO – Hawley
        IN – Braun
        WV – Morrisey
        FL – Scott
        After done with the Senate I will do the House including Nunes, Jordan, etc.
        Tight retirement money but it’s worth it! Feels like getting to vote everywhere.

    • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! ? says:

      Lord, I pray for them. I cry for their blindness to Goodness.

    • Kristin says:

      Youme: They look like wolves who just gorged on another animal. But here they are true canibals.

    • Saveedra says:

      These same detestable women will readily go & abort their baby/babies. No their behavior is not normal. They are depraved. There are a lot more mentally disturbed people as well as sinister people in our midst than we realize.

    • Guyver1 says:

      Youme, no matter how much they scream at the sky, God will not listen to them.
      God does not listen to Satanists, people who hate God.
      ‘Progressives’ are so crazy and stoopid- demanding the help of a being they hate and demean every chance they get.

      • H.R. says:

        They are screaming to “The Sky god”… or something.
        The God of Abraham is nowhere to be found in their hearts.

    • nikkichico7 says:

      Bwahahahahahah bwahahahahahah .. ? .. bwahahahahahah bwahahahahahah

    • LKAinLA says:

      Take note men. There is a type here. Stay away and teach your children and grandchildren the type. Beware of the cool nasty stringy hair types all decked out in black. I have had to work for Ford types in nsg before. Please never vote for a woman president. I am a woman but know there is a type to be avoided.

      • Bendix says:

        So, Sarah Palin would not have been a better president than the Bushes, Clinton, McCain, Gore, Obama, Romney, Kerry, Carter, because she’s female?

    • American Herdsman says:

      REEEEE! The left is a living meme at this point.

    • cjzak says:

      They definitely are off the rails. I just don’t get how people cannot see this kind of loony activity and then end up siding with the fruitcakes, thinking they are oh so correct about issues like Kavanaugh and others. A normal thinking person can see right through this activity in a heartbeat. Please, please get as many people out to vote republican in the midterms as you can. I can’t see our country being run by these kinds of kooks and surviving very long.

      • Bendix says:

        I’m not hearing any normal person in my area supporting this.
        Even those who aren’t watching closely, who think maybe Kavanaugh could have done something, don’t think it’s right to punish a grown man decades later for something a boy did.

    • LarryInMt says:

      That is what you get for $15 hourly off a Craigslist ad

    • Kenji says:

      For the love of God … please tell me this isn’t their menstrual blood (like other “performance artists” use).

    • paper doll says:

      The age of robotics has arrived. I doubt they even read the signs they are handed.

    • Kenji says:

      How much you wanna bet that 60% of these whack jobs are on permanent Social Security “disability” … granted during the tidal wave of such claims and benefits under the Obama Admin.?

  155. youme says:

    The left’s new plan is too view SCOTUS as illegitimate:
    But what happens when Democrats take back the legislative and executive branches? What if Democrats pass Medicare for All, and the Supreme Court strikes it down, with Kavanaugh casting the decisive fifth vote? It’s not hard to envision Democrats marching in the streets, demanding that the president and Congress ignore the ruling. And what if they do? What happens if the Department of Health and Human Services just … implements the law anyway? It’s easy to envision the presidential statement: As the chief executive, it is my duty to enact this legislation, passed through the democratic process, and to reject the illegitimate ruling of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court. The federal government, acting on orders of the president, opens enrollment, and Congress appropriates the funds as planned. What can the Supreme Court do? Send its tiny police force to storm the White House?
    Or imagine if the court abolishes affirmative action, and some state—say, New Jersey—refuses to comply. Or what if the court strikes down California’s independent redistricting commission, granting state legislators untrammeled ability to gerrymander congressional districts, and the governor insists on preserving it? The same goes for all manner of progressive reforms that could be on Kavanaugh’s chopping block, such as minimum wage laws and public financing of elections. Blue states may be pressured to disregard his decisions. And the president could decline to compel them to follow the high court’s rulings.

    • Somebody says:

      Don’t worry by then there will be an even stronger conservative majority on the court.

    • jmclever says:

      By the time the dems take the house, POTUS Trump will have seated someone to replace Ginsburg making lawfare via SCOUTS almost impossible

      • Carrie2 says:

        jmclever, and probably someone to replace the seriously ill Sotomayor as her diabetes is taking her life away.

    • Sneaky Pete says:

      It’s about 1860 now. If the Left irrevocably loses the Court–its prime vehicle for social change over the past half century– it will move to secession. Probably start in California. The question then will be, is it in fact a good idea? The only alternative I see is greatly reduced role/power of the Federal gov’t and a commensurate increase in “states’ rights.” I’d prefer that greatly but that doesn’t matter for much.

      • mr.piddles says:

        “Probably start in California.”
        Crossing fingers. Sick of listening to the nonsense.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        I like how you’re thinking Pete.
        California secedes.
        Businesses flee while freeloaders flood the state.
        And with the weight of the additional inhabitants adding insurmountable stress to the San Andreas fault…..
        California breaks off and floats away.
        Thankfully it’s girth will keep it from tipping over.
        ….at least that’s how Hank Johnson explains it.

    • Kaiser Derden says:

      they would have made that argument for anyone Trump named for this slot … anyone … has nothing to do with Brett 🙁

  156. DesertRain says:

    Ah…. according to linked UK Dailymail article in Sundance recent tweet, Leland Keyser was married to Fox News/CNN Bob Beckel for 10 yrs. Angry, broken guy based oh his twitter activity.
    Reference to Beckel near end of the linked article.

  157. Me says:

    Imagine how deep and wide this goes. It involves the doj, fbi, democratic senators, the Clinton campaign, it’s almost endless. The stench of corruption is disgusting

  158. Paqul Killinger says:

    …Or as the Dem’s fellow criminal Snidely Whiplash liked to put it, “Curses, foiled again!”

  159. Aunt Clara says:

    I love you, Sundance. I love that you love our country and are doing your damndest to save it. God Bless You.

  160. railer says:

    As soon as I heard repeated utterances of “beach friends”, in an obviously contrived and forced way, I suspected it was a veneer covering something other than “friends”. These poor slobs are too clever by half. A skilled investigator will always pull on strings left hanging. They obviously don’t care that they’re caught though, and are depending on the Senate to bail them out. Kavanaugh must seriously be viewed as a threat to them, if they’re coming out of their holes so brazenly. Bromwich seems like he’s normally the guy behind the guy behind the GUY, never going hands-on, always 2 steps removed from the capos executing the work. He’s afraid, and he’s sending a signal. Let’s see which senators respond to that signal.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      if they’re coming out of their holes so brazenly
      IMO they’re not any more brazen than they’ve always been.
      They refuse to recognize or simply haven’t caught up with what’s been happening for 30+ years culminating in the 2016 election.
      C-SPAN started it in the 80’s. Until then, if we wanted to know how the sausage was made we had to wait for Dan or Pete or Tom or the NYT or WaPo to tell us. It’s no accident that Rush Limbaugh took off shortly after.
      The 90s brought FNC and the internet. FNC capitalized on Rush’s coattails and a market space underserved: “the other side of the story” The internet meant we could READ for ourselves that report or assessment or indictment and the words and deeds of politicians and MSM news “personalities” formerly broadcast ONCE (if at all) now lived forever.-deniability, dead.
      Their power came from their iron grip on information–what morsels they decided to give us and (maybe more importantly) the manner they dispensed it.
      They began to sense their power was being challenged but their narcissism made them unable to comprehend their loss of it.
      Which is why 2016 was devastating for them.
      They dusted off their same old playbook and even resorted to some unprecedented new ones, believing they had it “in the bag”.
      They had the champagne ready and as they drank it–it turned to piss in their mouths.
      Their tight-fisted grip had been reduced to an arthritic, mangled claw and power slipped right through their fingers because ALL ALONG WE’VE BEEN STEALING IT FROM THEM.
      Their inability to deal with this is a direct result of the laziness and arrogance of being in control for so long. These people are really not that smart so they don’t know how to deal with what happened. So they simply keep doing what they’ve always done and just do it AMPLIFIED. Shouting at someone who doesn’t speak your language and hoping that repeating at VOLUME somehow will make them magically understand…..well……that just doesn’t work.
      Neither do shameless “News” stories about roving bands of high school train rapers that don’t pass the “dude… if that were true I would have heard about it by lunchtime on Monday” test.
      Or does calling us “FOX NEWS conspiracy theorists”, “racists”, “fascists” or
      They haven’t figured that out and it looks as if they won’t.
      Expect them to be even more loud and obvious and sloppy and brazen
      In fact let them… makes it even easier to see.

  161. JoD says:

    It was all a lie…
    “They” knew it was all a lie.
    “They” deliberately brought the lies forward.
    “They” destroyed a man and his family.
    And “They” LOVED every minute of it.
    Never Forget.

    • vikingmom says:

      And where does poor Brett Kavanaugh go to get his reputation back? There will always be foolish people who will be convinced that he must have done SOMETHING, because they saw it on CNN! Lord, we know that vengeance is Yours but we do pray for justice for this man and his family, SOON!

      • Kaiser Derden says:

        he gets it back by being a great Supreme court justice …

      • quintrillion says:

        Judge Brett Kavanaugh Never lost his reputation.
        The grossly, nasty left lost their ever evil, hateful minds full on for the world to witness and they lied and they schemed and knived and they are the ones who LOST bigly,,,,,never forget their treachery.
        Payoffs or Blackmail….nothing is beneath the criminal left.

      • Sharon says:

        “…where does poor Brett Kavanaugh go to get his reputation back?”
        As far as I’m concerned, his reputation is intact.
        The only group with whom he “lost his reputation” were those who hated Trump to begin with and thought that attacking this man and his family was a good way to implement. That is, precisely, a commentary on THEM. It is specifically NOT a commentary on him.
        Anyone who thinks he has “lost his reputation” didn’t believe who he was to begin with, as far as I can see. The only way he could “lose his reputation” in this mess is if a person believed the claptrap, and the people in that group also smear blood on their faces and scream at the sky. They are the enemies of our Republic and I see no hope (and no need) to worry about what they think about Judge Kavanaugh.
        Brett Kavanaugh is a courageous and innocent man whose reputation has withstood the withering attacks of the last many weeks. The pained grief on his wife’s face has etched into my heart forever the reality of his sterling reputation anchored in the record of his own life and in the love of his family.
        Who he is has been further revealed and clarified.
        Who they are has also been further revealed and clarified.
        The people who hate Judge Kavanaugh hate President Trump and us far more – THAT’S what this is about.

        • vikingmom says:

          “Who he is has been further revealed and clarified….Who they are has also been further revealed and clarified.”
          Thank you for a very succinct and beautiful truth!!

    • Screaming eagle says:

      I said this yesterday. First they smear, then they bring allegations, then they call for more investigations. Once they are locked out procedurally, then they drop their masks and begin a contest of absurdity amongst themselves to see who can get the most face time. They live for these moments as they worship destruction of anything good.

  162. fanbeav says:

    Collins is yes to move forward. Will announce later today how she will vote!

  163. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Updated Weather Forecast:
    A Category 5 Hurricane is forecast to hit Washington DC. The timing of when it hits landfall is not clear. But it is expected to make landfall soon after the final Kavanaugh confirmation vote is taken, whether up or down.
    The Hurricane is a very dangerous storm, especially to DC Swamp Critters.
    The hurricane’s name ‘Unredacted FISA’.

  164. lurker99 says:

    Watching OAN with the cloture (sp) voting, many (dems) not present (I know they will be there tomorrow) — wish I had a job where I did not have to show up on such prominent issues if I did not agree……….what an eyeopener (and thank you OAN)

    • Carrie2 says:

      lurker99, we hired them so it is up TO US to fire them. Don’t be conned any more about who is owning whom. They think they have us by the you know what, but they don’t and we need to exercise our powers and rein them in, remove them, and start fresh. No more benefits or salary increases, no more ripping we their employers off. Time to stand up ourselves and take back our country and if they refuse, then they will have to face an ending that won’t be nice. I am not into fighting, killing or treason, but it is time to wake up and realize that we will have to use critical ways to get rid of the detritus and take back our America. We can’t leave it all to our President when our Constitution needs to be reread and fully understood as to OUR POWERS!

  165. JoD says:

    Murkowskli votes NO to move the nomination forward!
    Remember those stills of Chi Fi pinning Murkowski up against the wall in the corner……hmmm?

    • Tl Howard says:

      She must be taken to the woodshed. Where’s McConnell?

    • Proud American from Texas says:

      Good point. But to be fair, AK governor and voters want her to vote no. This gives her cover. Just like Manchin’s voters overwhelmingly want him to vote yes.

      • Carrie2 says:

        Proud, nevertheless, they are OUR EMPLOYEES and we want them to do what they were hired to and that is to represent us and not a governor/party or anyone else, PERIOD!

      • Dauntless says:

        Alaska is a red state. Murkowski is a child of nepotism from her old man who Alaskans tossed out of the governorship for Palin, but he appointed her after he left the Senate. Alaskans thought they got rid of her after the Republican Primary which she LOST! Then she did a BIG write in campaign and won with outside money and some guessing there was voting fraud. She will lose the primary again if she runs as an “R” but I bet she goes independent. The current AK governor is an independent leaning Democrat but he is going to lose in November to be replaced by a Republican.

    • JX says:

      Destroy her. No committee assignments, no funding, no nothing. Find another candidate and back them.

    • Carrie2 says:

      JoD, and since when did WE the People allowed our hired Congress members to threaten us or other Congress members. If we do not step up and make them leave Congress and wind up in either a solitary imprisonment or a hanging, then we are at fault. DiFi must go along with Waters, Lee, Johnson, Schumer, Pelosi and those in the RNC RINOS and GOPe because we own them and not they owning us. Time to pull up our pants and get to work cleaning up the messes WE have allowed. Are you up to it? I pray to God that all real Americans be up to it.

  166. James Street says:

    Think how effectively our country would run if we got rid of an entire government that spends all of its time not working ineffectively, but actively working against us.

  167. Flashman says:

    Does the vice president get to break a tie on closure?

  168. Jack Dempsey says:

    Wondering if the back&forth of Republican group of 3 is to stop Manchin and other wavering Dems from seeing ultimate plan.
    More likely for Dems to vote “no” and be exposed to voter backlash in red states.
    Of course, this would be a positive spin on things (always problematic with Flake, McCain, etc.).

  169. Liz Caldwell says:

    The encouraging thing is that this is starting to unravel fairly fast. They were not very good at covering their moves. I trust our internet sleuths. They were the guys who nailed Dan Rather and the phoney fonts. Go for it guys!

    • Bendix says:

      I think they tried to play 3D chess, and they aren’t smart enough. I think they were trying to use this not only to stop Kavanaugh, but to allow Hollywood to regain the high moral ground when it comes to women and sexual assault (as if), and to cover for stories coming out inevitably about FISA warrants, etc.
      Only the Democrats would try to distract from a story about FBI corruption, with FBI corruption.

  170. booger71 says:

    Big wig Dims waited after names were called to walk across floor to give thumbs down. They are truly maroons

    • covfefe999 says:

      Reminds me of McCain’s prima donna moment for the Obamacare repeal.

      • Bendix says:

        Speaking of which, this sordid episode should tell us the importance of getting rid of the part of Obamacare that requires physicians to put your medical records on a computer.
        A nice, searchable database the government has access to.

  171. booger71 says:

    Murkowski voted no Manchin yes

  172. Howie says:

    Moosecowski joins the leftists. This leaves Flakey, Collins, and Manchin. Otherwise Trump will have to renominate him. Need two of these politicrooks. No more freebies for the Eskimos!

  173. booger71 says:

    Motion limit debate passes 51-49

  174. covfefe999 says:

    WSJ has a wide open path to start blowing these stories up since no other media are taking them on except certain people on FOX, but probably not with the full backing of FOX. I wish WSJ would take full advantage of it.

  175. Ugh it’s going to be a long 30 hours!

  176. Nigella says:

    51-49… Wish I could say what I thought of Murkowski

  177. covfefe999 says:

    Just looking at headlings via google search, CNN says not enough votes for Kavanaugh but NYT says Kavanaugh “clears key procedural vote”. Sheesh.

  178. Michelle Palmateer says:

    The Republicans cannot let this attempted setup go uninvestigated and punished. If they do, they will be undermining the rule of law, which we base EVERYTHING on.
    They need to see some people off to prison to deter others from trying the same BS! Enough is enough, or it is a time for real war.

    • nimrodman says:


    • Carrie2 says:

      Michelle, so it is up to us, their employers, to contact them in as many ways as possible to notify them what we want and not what they want or we will remove them. They are there to represent us and not some outsider monies nor others in Congress as so many are rotten to the core and need to be removed NOW!

  179. nimrodman says:

    Tight enough that Sen Wedding-in-Montana will have to stay for the vote.
    McConnell will have to collar him and say
    “Son – you’ll have to stay and do your damn job.”

    • Lady in Red says:

      Daines (MT) has time to do both.

      • nimrodman says:

        thanks for the reassurance, Red and Vespucci
        I’m just waking up late with strong coffee and half an apple fritter
        but don’t tell my doctor about that fritter, ‘kay?

        • Kate says:

          Nimrodman, you mentioned apple fritter and my mouth watered for one as my coffee was brewing, my local grocery store makes the best. (sorry but had to write this I must be hungery.)

          • nimrodman says:

            In the Carolinas they got one they call an “apple ugly”
            My sis says this Wawa apple fritter is the closest thing to it she can get up here in Yankee territory

      • Carrie2 says:

        Lady, precisely, so he can be in both places and no excuses accepted.

    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Apparently he will attend his daughter’s wedding and then fly back to DC for the vote on Saturday evening.. The only democrat to vote yeah today was Manchin; while the others up for re-election in Trump states showed their true colors and their loyalty to the new Socialist Party voting no.

    • sedge2z says:

      The senator from Montana biggest problem is trying NOT to upstage his daughter’s expensive wedding.

  180. Truthfilter says:

    It’s like the Ford fiasco was the best and only card left for the DEMS to play. For the Deep State attorneys like Laufman and McCabe’s lawyer Bromwich to even be involved, it just screams desperation. This was a stupid move. Has to be something born of desperation. They want so badly for DEMS to win the midterms because even if PDT declassifies, they know it will all disappear if the DEMS gain control of Congress. They’re doing anything and everything to help the DEMS—no matter how baseless it is.

    • glk26 says:

      They want the Dems and GOPe to know they are being watched. It’s a threat and they don’t care about showing it. Just like the fib guy standing behind the Las Vegas sheriff.

  181. More Confused Was My Name says:

    WOW! Gobsmacked! How are they this bold? What is being done to all of these corrupt officials? Is Sessions and Wray investigating the culprits for this political smear hit job on Brett?

  182. Jim in KC says:

    They just can’t help themselves, can they? Do they not know that all actual conspiracies eventually get uncovered because at least one participant is going to do something stupid that exposes the rest of them? Or do they keep on doing it because there are never any consequences?
    It is well past time for some people to be headed to trial.

  183. AMK says:

    From Breitbart per
    Daines told Kavanaugh that “he has made arrangements to be there to get him across the finish line as needed.”
    The Senate is currently on track to take a key procedural vote to advance the nomination on Friday morning, with a final confirmation vote possible at about 5 p.m Saturday.
    “It will probably be early morning,” Daines said, suggesting he wouldn’t get back until sometime early Sunday. “We’re taking it a day at a time to see what happens.”
    Daines told CNN on Thursday that GOP leaders may be forced to hold open the confirmation vote for Kavanaugh overnight as the senator returns to Washington from his home state, where his daughter is being married.
    “I’d come back after the wedding,” he told CNN.

  184. webgirlpdx says:

    I actually feel a lot of peace right now and that the Lord has this one for us.
    At the very least, he loves that little lamb daughter of Judge K and will not forsake her.

  185. Hrmfc says:

    Is it possible that their fear about Kavanaugh is also based on their fear that Obama’s phony certificate and adoption by Soetero will be revealed? Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first we practice do deceive.

    • Kaiser Derden says:

      ahhh no …

    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      It is their fear of losing control. The democrats have been using the courts and activist judges to “change” America for decades. For instance more recently, in every state where a referendum was held on “gay marriage” the people vote against it. Still, they kept pushing and pushing until they got a Supreme Court ruling in their favor. Power to the people … is being restored and the Socialist Left hates that.
      M A G A ~~ VOTE ~~ GOP

      • DanO64 says:

        ^^this sums it up well^^

      • mr.piddles says:

        And, ironically, Clinton and Obama were against gay marriage until they were for gay marriage. Do they even know what it is that they want, these Leftists? I think they don’t. Too many factions. This will not be civil war between us and them. One punch to the face… you watch… they will take EACH OTHER out first. Problem solved.

    • TwoLaine says:

      Yup! Discussed this yesterday.

  186. feralcatsblog says:

    Is there anything the filthy FBI doesn’t corrupt ???

    • Sneaky Pete says:

      My take has long been that if the Left successfully completed “the long march” through the systemically important institutions to capture control of the Establishment and the culture, why should it surprise anyone when those same institutions are left-biased. By definition they should be. If we want to change the bias to our view of social justice, we’ll have to reverse the long march. We started but short of civil war, it will take a generation at a minimum.

  187. JoD says:

    A word to the wise…
    DO NOT trust Flake.
    Jeffy was groomed by a man who told everyone that he was a Yes on repealing Ocare.
    At the last minute, in very dramatic fashion, he stuck it up everybody’s A$$ and cast the deciding vote, NO.
    I fully expect to see something similar from the Flake.
    Jeff is just another version of John…..IMO.

  188. Fish and hunt says:

    Notice how Daines didn’t vote until late. Planning his daughters wedding no doubt, he’ll be there to vote now that Murkowski is a no. I’m betting Don Jr. Pucks up the tab for a delay or change of venue. Once at 50 Manchin voted a late yes. He’ll be 51 tomorrow, he’s a no if Flake or Collins defect.
    Flake and Collins should be sequestered until the vote tomorrow to keep away from Dem Senators and Soros goons. Collins supposed to announce at 3 PM today. I actually think she’s a yes. That means it comes down to Flake. I really don’t like that.
    Depending on how the final vote goes, and, how the mid terms go, I think we also could see some folks switching parties, or going Independent. Murkowski and Manchin specifically are outcasts in their Party if they vote against their Party.
    Regardless of how this vote turns out, the mid terms are the key to our future. Must have a workable majority in the Senate. The red state Dems are helping us towards that, especially if the whole scheme is revealed, witness tampering and such, by the Senate itself. That would require referrals for prosecution or investigation. We’ll see

  189. Blaze says:

    Yes we are in a civil war and currently without an Attorney General. Dr Fraud and her side kick McLean will get a free pass. Just like Lois Lerner. They KNOW they can get away with this nonsense with a corrupt DOJ.

  190. Pete says:

    Got to be the White hats in the intelligence agencies feeding info to Grassley and others….The fact that the deep state has finally pissed off the sleeping republicans gives me hope. The info is getting out faster and faster

  191. scorpion99man says:

    The Republicans already knew the answers to the questions that the prosecutor posed. That is why LG went ballistic and called out the Democrats. He knew she was lying.

  192. Neo says:

    WSJ reporting:
    A person close to the former classmates said it was her understanding that mutual friends of Dr. Ford and Ms. Keyser, including Ms. McLean, had contacted Ms. Keyser after her initial statement to warn her that her statement was being used by Republicans to rebut the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. The friends told Ms. Keyser that if she had intended to say she didn’t remember the party — not that it had never happened — that she should clarify her statement, the person said, adding that the friends hadn’t “pressured” Ms. Keyser.

  193. Convert says:

    I am amazed, not at the fake Repubs like Flake, Collins, and Murkowski, but at the Dem Senators like Donnelly, Heitkamp, Manchin and a few others who represent states that overwhelmingly support Kavanaugh. I can’t believe they would arrogantly decide that it was their duty to represent the media, their party, the residents of other states and be willing to lose their seats! to earn the approval of THOSE people and not their constituents.
    That’s astonishing.

  194. feralcatsblog says:

    Being a Morrmon one would think Flake would be extra against lynchings, not extra in favor of them.

    • DanO64 says:

      I recall a documentary about a group of Mormons dressing up like Indians and slaughtering men, women, and children to keep Utah safe from non-believers. I’m sure that was just some crazy conspiracy crap. Say what???? Really!!!!!!!

    • glk26 says:

      I work with a guy who is former navy,drinks like a pirate(sailor) curses with the best and I just found out he is a Mormon. Titles mean nothing.

  195. beachbum31 says:

    so essentially Mclean was recruited because of her past proximity to Kav, .. and Ford was recruited by Mclean. Bet she has some interesting texts. Wonder if her early retirement was planned? Probably has the McClean IRA GO FUND ME page ready to go!