Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Bones: ADP September Payrolls Grew by 230,000 in September….

Hold on to your MAGA caps there’s a winner wonderland ahead.  According to the latest ADP private payroll release today, private sector payrolls grew by a stunning 230,000 jobs in September. [They were anticipating 185k]  Massive jobs gains amid small, medium and large sized companies (report here).

This comes on the heels of the latest stats on paychecks which show *average* wage gains around 2.6% over last year.  Key word “average“.  There are multiple job sectors with wage increases of four to seven percent; well above the rate of consumer price inflation.

(Via CNBC) Job growth surged in September to its highest level in seven months as the economy put up another show of strength, according to a report Wednesday from ADP and Moody’s Analytics.

Private companies added 230,000 more positions for the month, the best level since the 241,000 jobs added in February and well ahead of the 168,000 jobs added in August.

The total was well ahead of the 185,000 jobs expected by economists surveyed by Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters). Construction grew by 34,000 as goods-producing industries overall contributed 46,000 to the final count.  (read more)

In my ongoing opinion, it becomes very important here to dismiss most of the current financial punditry when they discuss the sustainability of economic growth and expansion of wages and capital investment.

Several years ago CTH pointed out there was a complete disconnect in the economic analysis from Wall Street and Main Street. Indeed, there is a disconnect in economic theory which has been driven by 30 years of ‘globalism’, and trade economics based around a forecast of the diminished U.S. manufacturing sector.

President Trump has smashed the “service-driven-economy” approach; and through well constructed policy he has begun a process to broaden the base of the economy overall.  The direction of current ‘America-First’ domestic investment is toward manufacturing, processing, construction, right here in the U.S.   America is currently in a process of  building baselines, the factories and plants, for long-term independent internal growth.

CTH noted that during the transition from a Wall Street (global) economy to a Main Street (nationalistic) economy; we would enter a new dimension within the U.S. economy that would defy traditional quantification – thus it is not predictable.  {Go Deep}

Under the America-First MAGAnomic approach the only limit to GDP growth is the speed at which new investment can be turned into production.  As this production comes on line the productivity within the production will drive higher.

This new dimension is happening within our borders and not connected to “global markets”.   The policy is designed NOT TO BE impacted by global markets.  The U.S. is becoming more self-sufficient and industrial again.

Therefore the traditional financial class, all economic models based around global supply chains, multinational corporate activity and the inherent matrix of exploited international labor and material, is becoming increasingly DISCONNECTED from having any impact on the U.S. economy.

We are in the space between two economic engines: Wall Street and Main Street.

The MAGAnomic emphasis is fueling Main Street growth.  Simultaneously this is having massive positive impact on jobs and wages.  The growth of Main Street jobs and wages are having a psychological effect on the U.S. Stock Market; and contributing to the profits of the corporations within the market.  However, over time the multinational corporations will see less financial benefit, and the biggest returns will be in domestic corporations who are going to gain more business from activity within U.S. borders.


It’s happening.

The pundits are trying to figure out how this growth rate can continue.  It can continue because, in essence, we are rebuilding the inside of the U.S. after decades of neglect.

Here’s Kudlow… Even he has a tough time explaining it:


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152 Responses to Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Bones: ADP September Payrolls Grew by 230,000 in September….

  1. MVW says:

    Finance, Macro Econ guys never made a thing. Strategic improvements where breakthroughs are massively nonlinear is beyond their comprehension, completely. Unless you have done it, lived it, you can’t understand it.

    Want an example? SpaceX, reusable rockets and effect on payload delivery to space -> opens up space… How huge is that? Heavens!

    Fusion electric power. Not that larded over bureaucratic ITER, I mean General Fusion, TriAlpha, Helion, and other dark horses. And I am not talking Fission. Fusion, the ultimate power source.

    Fracking. Remember ‘Peak Oil’. What a load of Dismal Science waffle.

    So, the key is deregulate down to the smart bare bones. Get those Socialists knuckleheads teaching a dead idiot’s failed ideology, out of our universities and educational system.

    The future is like riding a wave or paddling on the back side. Capital & Freedom is what gets you on the front side.

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  2. I remember in the early 70s I was told we are running out of oil. Then an oil man explained we are running out of oil at $15 a barrel. He said there is plenty of oil at $40. I will never forget that. People scare you with misleading facts.

    The point: There is more oil in the ground than we will ever need until we don’t need oil. When oil becomes real expensive we will still have plenty but we will start transitioning to something else that is cheaper. Markets always work.

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  3. Arrest Soros says:

    Meanwhile, over at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez utopia -, otherwise known as Venezuela -…..
    Even fireworks are free in Socialism 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. Kate says:

    Oh how I remember June of 2016, that was a turning point for me when I listened to Donald Trump’s speech and thought to myself if what this man says will happen if elected.
    It was the jobs, economy and the wall that influence me to vote for him, and I remember thinking if he can accomplish half of what he says he can do I would be happy.
    Dear God, I am more than happy and thank you for this wonderful man.

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