Robert Mueller Delays Flynn Sentencing, yet again, Until After The Election – November 28th…

Special counsel Robert Mueller really, really, r.e.a.l.l.y doesn’t want to sentence former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn for lying prior to the release of the of the unredacted text messages and the IG Report on FISA abuse.

Nothing would be more devastating for Mueller’s political objectives than to sentence General Flynn – and then have the nature of an entrapment scheme exposed.  Hence yet another incredulous delay (this is the fifth delay):



It is important to remember – there is a widely held belief that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the FBI agents (Strzok and Pientka) to shape their FBI reports of the interview (FD-302’s) to assist a “Flynn lied” narrative.

There is a great deal of debate surrounding the guilty plea as an outcome of a carefully constructed and coordinated plan by FBI and DOJ officials to target Flynn.  Those who have followed the details closely will note a likelihood that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the FBI agents (Strzok and Pientka) to shape their FBI reports of the interview (FD-302’s) to assist a “Flynn lied” narrative…. Evidence toward that likelihood is within text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

January 23, 2017, the day before the Flynn interview, Lisa Page says: “I can feel my heart beating harder, I’m so stressed about all the ways THIS has the potential to go fully off the rails.” Weird!

Strzok replies: “I know. I just talked with John, we’re getting together as soon as I get in to finish that write up for Andy (MCCABE) this morning.” Strzok agrees with Page about being stressed that “THIS” could go off the rails…(Strzok’s meeting w Flynn the next day)

♦Why would Page & Strzok be stressed about “THIS” potentially going off the rails if everything was by the book?  BECAUSE IT WASN’T!

It was a conspiracy to entrap Gen Mike Flynn. All Strzok needed was an excuse to speak w Flynn. Much of the narrative within the 302 was likely shaped/fabricated.

♦February 14th, 2017, there is another note about the FBI reports filed from the interview.

Peter Strzok asks Lisa Page if FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is OK with his report: “Also, is Andy good with F-302?”

Lisa Page replies: “Launch on F 302”.

And we know from their discussions of manipulating FBI reports a year earlier, inside the Hillary Clinton investigation – that Peter Strzok has withheld information, and manipulated information, through use of the 302 reports:

(Full Back-story HERE)


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371 Responses to Robert Mueller Delays Flynn Sentencing, yet again, Until After The Election – November 28th…

  1. Bulldog84 says:

    “The parties are available on November 28” or any day the week after? Who talks to a federal judge that way? If it was me sitting on that bench I’d shoot out an order saying get your butts here in two weeks or I’ll throw the whole case out the door.

    If you’re ready, you’re ready. So why ask for a specific date over two months away?

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    • cali says:

      @Bulldog84: Remember McCabe declaring in a meeting with countless FBI agents in a hotel conference room: “First we F$$k Flynn – and then we f$$k Trump!”

      Well thing is Flynn served 35 years and many years as DIA and MI officer. He knew they wiretapped him – he knew they would do what they did long before the election ergo he played along.
      They got played – although by our Military Command and NSA – the best spooks there are.

      The military operation together with other white hats is going according to plan and will end this Mueller witch hunt.

      The declassification by the president that includes the 302’s also incl those about Flynn ergo showing his innocence and entrapment.

      As we learned back in April of this year: “Goodbye Rosenstein – Goodbye Mueller”!

      There will be no sentencing ever and Mueller and Rosenstein are both already under indictment. The declassification and everyone named in these documents – all of them – will learn then that they all are under indictment.

      Flynn will be vindicated and compensated financially for the damage done. Woe Mueller – what an embarrassment and pitiful but well deserved end of his career as deep state agents. What a foul ex-Marine.

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  2. So, why doesn’t Flynn withdraw his guilty plea? This is what I can’t understand. Mind you, I’m not a lawyer– but can’t he basically at ANY TIME- like say, November 5th- just withdraw the plea and tell them he’s out of the deal– and perhaps simultaneously file a civil suit against the United States Department of Justice for violating his civil rights? I’m seriously having a hard time understanding the hold up here. Flynn’s broke? Give me a break. He could have $10,000,000 tomorrow- just for the asking if he’d tell us he needs help.

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    • ArmyJacket says:

      I’m speculating but I would guess that withdrawing the plea actually lets Mueller off the hook. Yeah, it would be embarassing but much better to keep this going so that you can but the other pieces in place – especially if Flynn and his team know they have a “get out of jail free” card once the documents are declassified.

      Any potential civil suit will be much stronger once the evidence is clear that Flynn was set up and exculpatory evidence was withheld.

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    • Daniel says:

      I think it’s part of the plan to entrap the entrapper. Mueller keeps flynching in his continuous game of chicken.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Ashton Gray at Chalet Books lists Flynn as a CIA plant.

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      • sweepyjeff says:

        either he’s a plant or his lawyer has been promised that Mueller will just dismiss, if they keep quiet. he may have been one of the lures.


  3. ArtfulZombie says:

    President Trump gives no indication he is worried. He seems like the most relaxed person in D.C.
    THAT is what gives me hope that we are winning.

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    • Daniel says:

      I know a small number of people with this personality trait. They all have the following in common:
      1) They are older (65+)
      2) Male
      3) Highly independent
      4) Self-made in their lives and did not start life “on top” and/or suffered periods of time where everything was lost
      5) Bounced back on top again
      6) Rich enough to be comfortable and unafraid

      In short, these are people with “nothing to lose” and therefore ‘uncommon courage’ comes far more easily to them. They do what they want. They say what they want. And nobody has anything on them. These are people who do not worry. They remain active in various projects and ways while that have absolutely no need to do so.

      People with “drive” and nothing to lose can accomplish anything and those who oppose them should be a little afraid of them unless they also have nothing to lose.

      And with these Trillions of Dollars (enormous power and influence) at stake, pretty much all participants in their schemes have a great deal to lose especially if they are breaking the law and/or public trust while doing so.

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  4. Mark L. says:

    Flynn was on the other side of the curtain during Barry’s reign. He knows quite a bit. The Dems are afraid of what he could say if he wasn’t under this legal trap. He’ll have a block buster book some day soon.

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    Their should be a statute of limitation regarding sentencing! If they don’t sentence within a certain time frame all charges are dropped!!! This is a facet of, imo:

    “Cruel and unusual punishment is a phrase describing punishment that is considered unacceptable due to the suffering, pain, or humiliation it inflicts on the person subjected to it.”

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  6. pristach says:

    Joe Di Genova was insistent that the meeting in the White House memorialized by Loretta Lynch’s email to herself was in essence a formal plot to get General Flynn.

    Can someone more erudite how this ties into the sentencing delay. Thank you.

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  7. 6x47 says:

    Mueller should just punt the sentencing to July 1, 2525. Then he could avoid all these reschedules.

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  8. Hoop says:

    I think Mueller and his team of 15 Dem prosecutors just sit in the office all day playing XBox.

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  9. 6x47 says:

    I’m sure we all recall the parade led by Squeaky Yates over to the White House to tattle on Flynn as soon as the trap was sprung.

    I have a feeling that not only will Flynn end up getting pardoned, so will everyone prosecuted as the result of investigations launched under the auspices of the Mueller probe.

    Mueller might be in legal jeopardy himself; I’m sure Andrew Weissman is going to be indicted.

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  10. George Hicks says:

    Local news (ABC in NY) was reporting on this this morning. The spun it as if Flynn was the one requesting these delays.

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  11. molonlabe28 says:

    Flynn has a big set on him.

    He’s a good man who has been badly wronged.

    He won’t spend a day behind bars.

    Someday soon, he will be a plaintiff and an author.

    And wealthy, which is as it should be.

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    • Leucothea says:

      Mueller is afraid, very afraid that the sentence is the size of a nothing burger. 14 Days for George. Anything Flynn says before sentencing can be twisted by The Muellah to use against him.
      If Flynn gets a few days or less, that brings shame to the Big Hunter trying to big down big game.


  12. spinoneone says:

    If anyone thinks they won’t fight with all they have just look at what is happening with Judge Kavanaugh.

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  13. SharkFL says:

    Inflammation achieved


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