President Trump Hosts Meeting of National Council for the American Worker…

Earlier today President Trump hosted a meeting with the key administration officials executing the workforce initiatives programs.  The programs include expanded vocational training, private-public partnerships for education, and expanded investment in skills training for a modern American workforce.

The National Council for the American Worker is the executive agency tasked with execution of the policies and working with various state and local officials to help increase the skills training for U.S. workers.  With a MAGAnomic expanding economy; and with all of the subsequent jobs growth; and with a revitalization of U.S. manufacturing; the workforce initiatives are keys to sustaining successful growth for American workers.

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12 Responses to President Trump Hosts Meeting of National Council for the American Worker…

  1. USTerminator says:

    PDJT the best President, by the people and for the people.

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  2. hdpman says:

    It sure seems to me that he is starting to hit his stride. That was a well run meeting and press conference. I think he is ready to run, hope so. If so, then hold on.

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  3. wondering999 says:

    Love, love this President who is looking out for ALL of the citizens, not just a few

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  4. Trumpstumper says:

    Ever wondered what would happen if Jupiter wandered throught the asteroid belt? 😉

    Buckle up buttercups, the MAGA Train is going plaid!

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  5. railer says:

    I love this initiative, and knowing Trump it’s not some spending boondoggle. He wants to get actual job skills training into the mix, and put genuine private/public partnership in play. Enough of the bogus humanities college degrees, let’s get people actual marketable skills that they can use to put food on the table.

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    • Maquis says:

      Which advances MAGA, economically and in terms of innovation and capability. Reducing the number, and value, of parasite degrees, weakens Anti-MAGA forces also.



  6. Training is essential to ensure that the posted open jobs are filled and productivity can grow. For years companies have spent less on training; with Pres. Trump’s urging, this will change and work FAR better than past gov’t programs.

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  7. Fools Gold says:

    One thing about Trump I’ve figured out. If something don’t work he’s all up in the middle of it until a solution is found and never ever gives up on improvements, even if thing are working! He’s the model Boss/owner for all of businesses and owners. What a blessing we elected for our country!

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  8. mightyconservative says:

    Yet another jobs program….there are already dozens on the books. Why is this one any different?


    • BobC says:

      It will work because PDJT is behind it, and as with any other action he takes he will be looking for tangible results.

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    • CLB says:

      1. The programs we have never measured whether they actually work to get people into the jobs that are actually available. They are requiring that all of them start to meaningfully measure whether they work, and they will eliminate the ones that don’t work and only keep the ones that do work. This is in respect to the government funded jobs programs.
      2. This council are adding a program that is not a government jobs program. They are shifting from government programs to privately funded programs run by the private sector (businesses). They are simply asking businesses to sign onto a commitment to train a certain number of people (a number which the business comes up with). This makes much more sense for 2 reasons. It means the private sector funds it, which means decreasing the size of government. It is also way more effective because, who knows better what skills are needed for a job in their company than the company itself? They can decide and design what skills are needed, and they can literally work with high schools, community colleges, etc. to recruit people that are trained with the skills they need. It is a direct thing, instead of indirect. Each business or company can say, we’re going to need to hire x number of people with Y skills, and they work together with educational programs to fund training and hire the workers they need to hire. It’s removing the middleman.


  9. wodiej says:

    This is badly needed. For many years employers have been unwilling to train anyone because there were too many workers and not enough jobs. With these initiatives in addition to more jobs than employees, employers have no choice but to offer training to qualified applicants.


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