Report: Canada Comfortable Resisting Trump By Intentionally Missing Trade Negotiation Timeline…

According to a CBC article citing a “Senior Canadian Official”, the Trudeau government is completely “comfortable” missing an October 1st deadline to join the U.S-Mexico trade alliance:

…”The source who spoke to CBC News on background, due to the sensitivity of the talks, said the external political pressure “is not a good enough reason,” for Canada to be forced into a fast finish.”… (more)

This statement follows a series of actions by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau which highlights their intent to resist any trade agreement while counting on domestic politics to deliver electoral forgiveness.  Indeed for all intents and purposes it would appear Justin and Chrystia are willing to damage their economy for political benefit.

Meanwhile the Mexican government is affirming their intent to go forward with a bilateral trade deal if needed because the U.S-Mexico joint agreement is in their best interests.  According to Mexico’s Chief Negotiator, Kenneth Smith-Ramos:

“We hope the U.S. and Canada will conclude their bilateral negotiation shortly. If that is not possible we are ready to advance bilaterally with the U.S … the agreement in principle that we closed with the U.S. is positive for Mexico because it preserves free trade and modernizes our trade agreement …”

A year ago it seemed almost impossible to see an agreement with Mexico that would facilitate the interests of both countries.  However, with the successful election of Mexican President Lopez-Obrador, a remarkable populist shift dramatically changed the landscape within the Mexican economic outlook and policy.


Outgoing Mexican President Peña Nieto, structured his economic policy around accepting multinational corporate investment and the parasitic outcomes at follow.  Exfiltration of wealth and exploitation of resources/labor are an outcropping of predatory multinational trade exploitation and globalism.

Retention of the multinational schemes generally leads to massive corruption.  In the U.S. this corruption is known as “lobbying”, in Mexico the process is called ‘bribery’; however, the activity is the same.

The incoming Mexican President, Lopez-Obrador (AMLO), is more of an economic nationalist; and quite remarkably his economic outlook, at least as his team has described the objectives so far, is quite Trumpian.  You might even say: “Make Mexico Great Again”.

Both U.S. President Trump and Mexican President-elect AMLO have similar outlooks toward predatory multinational corporations and economic exploitation.  If you think about how Mexico was used by the multinationals in the past twenty years; and then think about a very real possibility of a U.S President and Mexican President having an economic friendship; well,… holy cats, those multinationals could be remarkably nervous right now.

AMLO supports labor and has an agenda to create a strong middle-class.  President Trump supports labor, and his economic agenda is laser focused on a strong middle-class.  AMLO views Wall Street multinationals as predatory by disposition.  President Trump views those same multinationals as tending toward predatory behavior and in need of correction for their participation in the erosion of the American middle-class.   AMLO is a strong Mexican Nationalist.  President Trump is a strong American Nationalist.

As long as AMLO stays away from the authoritarian tendencies of power, ie. government ownership of private industry; surprisingly he and President Trump are likely to have a great deal more in common than most would think.   Both populists; both nationalists.

This explains why the framework of the U.S-Mexico trade agreement was possible to construct.  Right now both teams are filling in the details.

With AMLO and President Trump, Mexico and the U.S. have joint-interests in an economic trade bloc. President Trump and President Lopez-Obrador have common objectives; and with the economic approach outlined by AMLO toward using Mexico’s energy resources as leverage for expanded investment, the U.S. is well positioned to help.

President Trump is well positioned to assist the united trade bloc with expanded cross-border investment for economic development.  AMLO wants a higher standard of living for Mexican workers; President Trump wants greater parity between Mexican workers and their U.S. counterparts.  Heck, it was U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and USTR Robert Lighthizer who first proposed raising the Mexican minimum wage. Now both countries have agreed to an incremental Mexican minimum wage aspect of $16/hr within the auto sector.

Combining the wage aspect with the content and origination agreement, this has become a win/win for both AMLO and President Trump.  The multinationals within the auto-sector might not like it, but they’ve already put a massive amount of money into plant and manufacturing investment in their existing Mexican footprint. They have no choice.

In an generally overlooked outcome the nationalist interests of Mexico, specific to AMLO, are very close to alignment with the nationalist MAGA agenda of President Trump. Canada is the globalist oddball in this tri-fecta; which makes a trilateral deal almost impossible, and explains why Mexico is so willing to sign a bilateral agreement.

The U.S. economy is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and Mexico prepares to surf the MAGAnomic tsunami known as Donald Trump.


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263 Responses to Report: Canada Comfortable Resisting Trump By Intentionally Missing Trade Negotiation Timeline…

  1. CNN_sucks says:

    Trudeau was given an ill advised with our loser failed leaders in the past. You don’t trust Kerry and Obama. They will sell you to the wolves to saves themselves.

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  2. Dan G says:

    I want to believe we strike a bilateral deal with Mexico, but until it is done, I will remain hopeful but not optimistic. I expect Canada to throw every wrench and sink they have to prevent a deal until after our election cycle. Likewise, Trump and his delegation will be similarly motivated to get the Mexico deal done.

    Trudeau won’t pay a price for another year, assuming that Trump is not impeached by the Democrats in the meantime. If Trump can thread the needle, big changes are in store for our northern neighbor.

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    • 4EDouglas says:

      If the Dems and their policy of:”the beatings will continue until morale improves .”has any traction. I do not think so..
      I am a 65 year old commercial rated pilot-people are begging me to come to work for the as an Instructor. My local county has the lowest unemployment rate ever
      (NE Oregon) No I do not think the Dems are going to win…

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    • This deal is all about POTUS shutting out China from the US market.

      Mexico’s economy is not as invested in the Chinese transshipment trade as Canada.

      Canada is making the mistake of believing that, somehow, they can continue ‘trade’ with China if Canada no longer can provide tariff-free access to the US market.

      China doesn’t care about trade with Canada. They will drop Canada like a hot potato the instant that China-based ‘Canadian’ goods stop selling as well due to their being priced higher than US/Mexico goods.

      The political posturing is, ultimately, about Socks and Sparkles avoiding scrutiny and accountability when the inevitable economic dislocations start as a result of tariffs and non-tariff barriers become active between the US and Canada.

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  3. notunderwhelmed says:

    Speaking of trade- or any negotiations with foreign powers– what the hell is Obummer, Kerry Dingleberry, and the rest of his Logan Act violators doing interfering with this administration?
    Treasonous bastards– they are Out of Office. They had enough time to pay for play and spit on the constitution and the electorate. Go the hell away!

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  4. says:

    “Indeed for all intents and purposes it would appear Justin and Chrystia are willing to damage their economy for political benefit.” Seems to be a Lefty thing. Obama did it to us for 8 yrs.

    I assume Canada will be (unofficially) active in the mid-terms. Otherwise know as “meddling.” I mean, where’s the downside? They know the ethical heroes in the “press” will accuse PTrump of colluding, or something, again. The FBI/DoJ will fall in on the narrative, congress will bicker and posture… .


  5. Rose says:

    Turdeou wants to provoke Trump into making nasty remarks on Twitter, then he’ll go to the liberal media crying “I won’t be bullied”. The financial papers are already reporting we’re sliding into a recession because of Justine’s anti-Capitalism policies. He’d rather protect the big three telecoms, because they’re so far up his party’s arse it’s not funny, then open Canada to competition. If you think your media is anti-Trump should she our provincial rags, article after article via the AP-spit-full of Trump hating venom.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      So right.

      The Looney was just about on parity with the U.S. Dollar about a year or so ago.

      Now the Looney has dropped down to exchange rates of about 30 years ago.


    • Peppurr says:

      Rose: Yes, I’ve seen the media. Even Rona Ambrose and Brian Mulroney (conservative party).getting their devalued dollar’s worth of anti Trump snark in there. Unfortunately, it looks like the people of Canada aren’t going to wake up until they don’t have a paycheck.


  6. namberak says:

    “Indeed for all intents and purposes it would appear Justin and Chrystia are willing to damage their economy for political benefit.” That describes nearly every politician of my lifetime I’m sorry to say. (Notice I said, ‘politician’. PDJT is a businessman. 🙂 )

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  7. Elle says:

    I think many are missing the key point being pushed here. Canada is rolling for a lucky #7 that the following from the article will come up in their favor:

    “Despite the threats of leaving Canada behind, there are significant questions about whether NAFTA can even be changed into a bilateral agreement. U.S. members of congress granted the Trump administration the authority to re-negotiate a trilateral agreement, and it is unclear whether the White House has the power to turn NAFTA into a two-way pact. Members of congress from both parties have also said they would not support a new NAFTA without Canada’s inclusion.”

    They think they can go around Trump in the US congress. It’s a VERY big gamble. Taking out a mortgage on the house for a big roll in Las Vegas. Stupid.

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    • I’m not so sure it is that big of a gamble, really. The Craven Congress of 2016 is all about avoiding giving POTUS any ‘wins’ on his signature domestic issues (trade, immigration).

      On the other hand, POTUS does have an ace-in-the-hole. If Congress tries to thwart the US/Mexico bilateral agreement, he’ll simply collapse NAFTA entirely and the US will return to the prior — tariff-laden — trade agreements with both nations.

      However, so far POTUS has been unwilling to really play ‘hard-ball’ with the Craven Congress of 2016.

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      • Elle says:

        It’s like going for broke when playing cards. It’s a bold move and I used to love doing it, especially since I didn’t bet money when I played.. However, Justine is gambling his the entire Canadian economy on a deal that he has significant chance of losing. It is an unnecessary gamble, which is what makes it even more stupid. He can work out a deal now, or he can primp and preen and possibly walk away with nothing.

        Pride cometh before a fall.

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        • Elle says:

          Another thought, I rarely lost when I went for broke. That said, I never went for broke if there was someone else at the table smart enough to catch what I was doing AND there were cards remaining that could trump me.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        The President also has a bit of a trump card besides collapsing NAFT entirely that he can use as leverage on Congress…and against Canada 😉


    • Peppurr says:

      Yes, Elle, Brian Mulroney brought that up.


  8. john edward lorenz says:

    that is where the lobbyists (Chamber of Commerce and K Street plus China supported one) will make their final stand. The US Congress is the best legislature money can buy.

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  9. Jimmy Jack says:

    I find it hard to take Canada seriously about anything. They act like children.

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  10. railer says:

    When Trump was elected, I made a prediction that none of May, Macron, Merkel and Trudeau would survive his first term. I stand by that prediction today, even though none has been exited yet. It won’t be strictly because of Trump, although he’s a contributing factor. Times are changing, and they are the old guard.

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  11. 6x47 says:

    Limbaugh has said for years that if only the United States could export destructive liberalism to our enemies, it would finally do some good for America.

    I do enjoy how Trump and AMLO agree, the foreign competitors to American workers should be paid much more than they have been getting. Good for the Mexican workers, but also good for the US by decreasing the wage gap.


  12. Ron Myles says:

    I suggest that Canada build a wall on their southern border to keep American citizens and products out of their country. Then, we will see how long they can survive.

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    ICYMI: This is FABULOUS!


  14. TwoLaine says:

    President TRUMP, Please do an interview with Ezra!

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  15. Stan says:

    Trudeau was elected due to the lies of the Canadian media, particularly the lies of the state funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
    Trudeau’s talk about protecting Canadian culture is really about protecting the pro Trudeau media.


  16. JonS says:

    Justin from Oh Canada’s reelection video


  17. Tata says:

    I wish I had the optimism that others on this site do, but here in upstate NY (above Rockland County) I have seen many of the barbarians at the gate. Namely, if the Republicans don’t get off their butts and start doing some door to door campaining(retail politics, not just ads on radio and tv) then I believe they are toast. I live in a rural mostly sane conservative area and I have been deluged with phone calls,visits, personal post cards and candidates willing to have town meetings. Yet mt Repub. rep does none of these things, just runs blah,blah,blah ads. Oh and by the way I a registered Dem. who works the polls in my area and the turn out is low except for the nut cases in the Progressive wing of the Dem. party.


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