Secretary Ross Discusses U.S-Mexico Trade Deal and Canada’s Options…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears on Fox News to discuss the U.S-Mexico trade agreement and the unlikely possibility of Canada to join the agreement.  In order for Canada to join the agreement they would need to remove protectionist tariffs (dairy); remove subsidies to several sectors (lumber, aeronautics); and in large measure open their economy to free, fair and reciprocal trade.

Additionally, The Wall Street corporations who have exploited NAFTA for strategic financial advantage are unhappy with the removal of the NAFTA loopholes.

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158 Responses to Secretary Ross Discusses U.S-Mexico Trade Deal and Canada’s Options…

  1. DanO64 says:

    Bald is becoming attractive to me. I’m a dude. Wolverines.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Winning is very sexy.

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      • Disgusted says:

        You know what isn’t sexy ladies? Talking as if you are smarter or more informed than secretary Ross. The one we want to hear from! Not from someone who thinks she must inform HIM. I don’t have much respect for these talking heads with their hair swung over one shoulder like a kid at a party . I’m missing Greta in her tailored business suits and turtle necks so much! Forget all the bare arms , very short skirts and tricky necklines, ladies. Please try harder to be worth listening to you when you are up against the big guys like Secretary Ross. You sound silly otherwise. He will always beat you to it! Can you get it?

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        • Amy2 says:

          Like a ROSS!

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        • oldschool64 says:

          Dagen McDowell is one of the dumbest women in television. Perhaps one of the dumbest women in the entire world!

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        • Jenny R. says:

          I have said it before, and it probably bears repeating: in order to cope with ingesting any of the media, it is wise if one realizes that Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy is a documentary, not fiction.
          The majority of “news jounalists” are as intelligent and as informed as the closest teleprompter and that is all. Truly, the most bare bones, core definition of the term “reporter”…they make nothing new; they just report.
          They don’t even really do that…they just read what somebody else reported on and wrote on the teleprompter.
          Be happy with the T/A…it’s a marketing ploy to get you to listen to what is in truth very canned, plagiarized, and copypasted stuff, read breathlessly by a moronic piece of eye candy.
          I am a little disappointed though: I think they could find something more pulchritudinous than Wolf Blitzer and Friends. We are being absolutely cheated in this regard.

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    • DiogenesVindicated says:

      I have seldom met a mentally challenged bald person, moonbeam excepted (he is more than compensated for by Victor David Hanson). Note that I am not bald.

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    • Let's Roll says:

      Succinct, kind Wilburine is the fiercest of all Wolverines. Take what Wilbur offers, be thankful.

      Sad no good thinking Justin, you best not mess with the Wilburine.

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  2. Lol! Canada. No offense to anyone who lives there, but, who the hell do they think they are, to think they can charge us whatever they want? Yet, we are jerks for doing the same to them? What is Canada without big brother next door? Nobody. Where is Canada on a world scale without big brother? Nowhere, and arguably are not significant even with us protecting them. Trudeau is a turd!

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  3. parteagirl says:

    Then bye bye Canadian auto industry.

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    • Malatrope says:

      Canada doesn’t have an auto industry, they have a vehicle assembly industry, subcontracting to people like Ford. If they had their own actual auto industry, they would be building their own brand, perhaps a cross-over hybrid SUV named “Le Eyebrow” that came only in paisley, product of a nationalized company called “Canada Automaker, Eh” or somesuch.

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      • Ozzytrumpster says:

        And sparkly tyres

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      • Jenny R. says:

        At this rate they could perhaps produce the Goosemobile, as thanks to their glorious PM and his trusty purple sidekick their economy will be reduced to a lovely, large goose egg!

        I picture this auto as sort of a wind powered Deaux Cheveaux, in honor of Canada’s PM, yet lacking in that automobile’s power and stylistic charm.
        Instead of those goofy VW Bug eyelash headlight ornaments and the Mini Coopers’ quirky paint jobs, this one could come with trendy interior designs based off the PM’s favorite sock collection and with optional eyebrows.

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  4. calbear84 says:

    I love Secty Ross’ candor and clarity. He and POTUS make a dynamic trade duo!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      This WHORE got bitched slapped from one side of her face to the other! Her job was to advocate for the Multinationals. Our Wilburine said that what our President is doing is for Americans. He doesn’t give a rats ass about Multinationals. She than tried to crap on the steel and aluminium tariffs. Once again our Wilburine had to kill her narrative by saying they are actually working and Americans are working if you take a look at the unemployment rate.

      She tried to finish by saying those that do business with China are scared of what the upcoming tariffs will do. Once again our Wilburine had to slap her, China and the Multinationals with some common sense. Wilburs’ bottom line is that factories and jobs are and will continue to come back to the USA. That is all he, the other Killers and our President are worried about!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        This came out later in the day but what our President and his killers are doing is absolutely blowing up our Economic Engine. The Economic Train is loving every minute of everyday under PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

        From the article linked above:

        * Consumer confidence rose in August despite expectations it would slip.

        * The August reading is the highest since October 2000.

        * The survey measures American’s sentiment on current economic conditions and prospects for the next six months, including business and labor market conditions.

        The Conference Board’s index climbed to 133.4 in August, despite expectations from a survey of Reuters’ economists that it would fall to 126.7. The measure rose slightly last month to 127.4, up from 127.1 in June as consumers reported better feelings toward the economy in the near term but less optimism about long-term growth.

        “Expectations, which had declined in June and July, bounced back in August and continue to suggest solid economic growth for the remainder of 2018,” Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at The Conference Board, said in a statement.

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      • Ditch Mitch says:

        “…cant do the math”
        “…lotta hooey”

        Dagen just reads the “almighty WSJ” and runs with it and after Wilburine explains (which probably goes over her head) she comes back with one example that may fit while ignoring millions.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Flep, I love you, but “whore” is unnecessarily harsh, don’t you think? I really don’t like that word. Just sayin’…..

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  5. Justice Warrior says:

    So make the goods in America and then you won’t have any concerns. That’s the point!

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    • GB Bari says:

      Yeah, there’s nothing as simple as a supply chain that goes 1/2 way around the world across the ocean to some slave labor factory in the heart of a 1.3billion man country with a semi capitalist semi communist centrally controlled bank economy. Nothing as simple as trying to implement design changes, manufacturing process improvements for quality, etc. especially when “lost in translation ” takes on a serious meaning.

      Yeah it’s soooo much harder to place an order to a plant in Ohio, Michigan, etc. where they speak American, think American, are at work nearly the same hours as you, have a telephone number that is free to dial, and take payment in American $dollars with no exchange rate.



  6. MSO says:

    Is it time to examine statehood for disgruntled Canadian provinces?

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  7. UncleGrumpy says:

    Canada can make cars for Canadians, most of the Canadian Auto industry is and has always been American anyway.
    The president isn’t attacking Canada, Mexico or China, He is simply saying we can still be friends, but you can’t keep stealing our chickens.
    That is hardly a trade war.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      They are stealing from us. Be fair or you are on your own.

      It’s like telling your child when they turn 18: “Get a job or get out”

      Canada is not a problem…….VSG has got this one……

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      • booger71 says:

        Now a days its more like telling your 40 year old child either get a job or get out

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        • Mike says:

          …and no more purple haze drifting upstairs will be tolerated.


        • jrapdx says:

          Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of those situations. Hard for parents to do, but in the long run harder on the “kids” when they don’t. Hardest part is convincing parents that they do the “kids” no favor by avoiding the issues. Eventually living in the basement will fail, parents can’t provide their needs forever.

          Same with dependent countries, sooner or later “free stuff” becomes unsustainable. then what do they do? We’d hope once the people of Canada become aware of how precarious it is skating on economic thin ice (and Canadians do know about skating…) they will feel urgency to remedy the error of depending on parasitic “one-way trade” arrangements.

          If they don’t catch on, well, they have quite a nasty surprise awaiting them.

          PT has been an excellent father to his children and here it is he’s acting in loco parentis re: Canada. And unlike many parents reluctant to confront their 40 year old offspring and themselves, PT is willing and ready to confront Canadian leaders, demand they start paying rent for their basement digs, or get out and take their stuff with them when they go.

          Used to be called “tough love”, the idea still has great merit whatever we’d call it. Let’s empathize with the plight of parents caught in a bind, and applaud when they finally summon the courage to act in the best interests of all involved, that’s a momentous decision for freedom, responsibility, and true spirit of generosity.

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          • Bendix says:

            President Trump has always placed fairly heavy demands on his children. Very clear, heavy demands.

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            • jrapdx says:

              I suppose we’d call them “expectations” which could mean “demands”. But it could be something different.

              By recognizing the talents and abilities of his children PT could reasonably anticipate they’d achieve their potential. His role was guiding them to make the effort to succeed and God willing they certainly have done so.

              PT is doing essentially the same in his relations with foreign leaders, by pointing out improvements within their grasp he inspires their efforts to reach them. Not all leaders are amenable, some are determined to fail. PT knows we can’t save people or countries from themselves.


  8. Budman says:

    Wilburs heart rate must be 35 beats per minute. She ( whoever she is) keeps interrupting. Very bad manners.

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  9. Chiggerbug says:

    I have not yet become tired of WINNING!!!!

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  10. FofBW says:

    Businesses that were taking advantage of NAFTA and now crying the blues because they “cannot figure out how the new process impacts them”.

    Their cheese has been moved and they do not like it. Typical response to change.

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    • thinkthinkthink says:

      Any competent business administration always has analysts running the numbers on all possible scenarios. There is no doubt that this is why the stock market responds so quickly when our Lion of a President succeeds in getting his policies moved forward.

      He has not kept it a secret where he is taking us. Due diligence demands that businesses have already positioned themselves for these changes. Therefore I doubt this is the reason for the outcry. A more likely reason would be they are part of the coalition attempting to harm the MAGA brand. They will not succeed.

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    • billrla says:

      FoBW: Exactly. Suddenly, these businesses will have to figure out how to compete. Imagine that!

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      • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

        My favorite was “Of course those businesses know where their goods are coming from. It’s called a purchase order!”
        Great one-liner.
        Professor Kingsfield’s smarter brother.

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        • grlangworth says:

          Regarding Degan’s concern for the ‘entrepreneurs’ sourcing in China…I do not believe that buying cheap overseas and selling dear over here is a credible business plan. I wouldn’t call that effort entrepreneurial so much as convenience surfing.

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          • GB Bari says:

            In fairness, up until now many products simply have not been available domestically. And the barriers to setting up a domestic manufacturing facility from scratch are huge.
            PDJT has eliminated many barriers but not all.

            Degan’s argument was likely from business owners who had already setup their businesses before PDJT’s team began working last year, and were assuming the globalist “free trade” practices of the prior couple of decades would continue unabated.

            They’ll learn or disappear. A good business manager is agile and adaptive.


      • Dutchman says:

        Not for the ones that are complaining; it’s NOT that they will have to figure out how to compete, it’s that they don’t WANT to.
        They will have to figure out a new way to CHEAT. A NEW way to ‘game the system’, after setting this gaining of the system up, over many years.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Many of these clueless “Clueless Businesses” have been successful..inspite of their ineptness.

      “But Cheap crap from China and mark it up”… BIGLY!!
      $CHA CHING$

      Now.. They have to think.


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  11. Golfbro11 says:

    Canada is now stuck with having to choose a less bad option from a list of bad options. President Trump graciously extended offers and meetings to the Canucks. They went hard left and asked for Transgender rights in their Trade deals. My guess is next time President Trump talks to Justin from Canada it’s going to go something like this : “You has your chance Justin from Canada, now you are going to sign this trade agreement because you have no other options, and after you finish signing, make me a sandwich, bitch.

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  12. Tiffthis says:

    I love ❤️ Wilbur Ross 😇🙌🏼

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  13. bosscook says:

    “Canada’s options”….well, the best first option would be get rid of Justin. I feel badly for Canadians that have that imbecile as their leader. Hey Canada…we did it…you can too! Make Canada Great Again.

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  14. mike devault says:

    Dagan is a negative neverTrumper. I hate it when she sits in for Maria.

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  15. History Teaches says:

    Anything that accelerates the demise of Trudeau Jr. from the world stage is a good thing. The term ‘useful idiot’ only scratches the surface. A willing tool of every globalist initiative and too self absorbed and proud of his virtue signalling to understand reality as it really is.

    I went to college in Canada when his father was in charge and remember his smugness and arrogance. But at least he was smart and had a backbone when forced to use it.

    Believe me, the Canadian media is far more swamp protective than here. Bit if Ontario suffers all bets are off.

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      You just reminded me of Pierre’s Canada Council grants. My husband, a musician, and a bunch of other indie musicians got a grant to play in prisons. But one guy got a grant to go across Canada making big red foot prints. We used to say that putting Pierre Trudeau in charge of the economy was like putting Orson Welles in charge of the Twinkies.

      You’re so right about Canada’s leftist elite-owned media. Go to a Christmas party at the CBC, you wouldn’t believe it.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Trudeau Sr. certainly did show his mettle when he stood shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Canadians at Dieppe…oh…wait…


  16. Bruce Gee says:

    This Fox interviewer is suffering from shortsightedness, plain and simple. TARIFFS! Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

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  17. Margaret Berger says:

    Don’t watch tv much so I don’t know who the interviewer is. She is very bad. She would fail in a debate class, she keeps citing annodotal evidence to bolester her position. Also we all know that when you begin a sentence “with all due respect” it means I don’t respect you, your opinion or the horse you rode in on. But she thinks we are all dumb and will fall for it. She is just towing the main stream media globalist (I repeat myself) line.

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  18. MAGAnaut says:

    Canada, who cares? They can keep their maple syrup that is subject to price fixing anyway.

    I’m not sure it would be a big loss (or any loss at all) if we don’t make a deal with them. Tariff the cars they are importing into the US.

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  19. redline says:

    “Additionally, The Wall Street corporations who have exploited NAFTA for strategic financial advantage are unhappy with the removal of the NAFTA loopholes.”

    First the persecution of the peaceful Hamas freedom fighters, and now THIS! President Trump’s barbaric cruelty is beyond the tolerance of civilized nations! He must be impeached, and a humanitarian relief effort organized for the exploited, repressed Wall Street patriots!!

    As we speak, I’m setting up a GoFYourself account for EVERYONE who would like to support these innocent victims.

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  20. jmclever says:

    Was waiting for Wilburine signature “that’s ridiculous.” Will happily settle for ” rather silly” and “a lot of hooey.”


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  21. Relieved Deplorable says:

    The Canadian economy is 10% the size of the US. The automobile sector in Canada is its largest industry/export. If Canadian negotiators want to protect their dairy farms at the expense of their largest source of revenue…well to quote Ron White…you can’t fix stupid. I’d be curious as to how much of their government coffers are filled from the automobile and ancillary industries. I know it’s not as big of a percentage as oil in Venezuela or Iran, but wouldn’t that put a crimp in their socialized medicine budget? I’m in no way saying Canada is going down that path if they don’t climb on board (but maybe?).

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  22. Sammy Hains says:

    Wow. I never realized Dagen McDowell was so fluent in Chinese.

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  23. repsort says:


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  24. Elle says:

    Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

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  25. Wee2low says:

    Gosh dang it who is this bimbo? It’s like watching someone so dumb they don’t know they’re dumb. “I’ve talked to small businesses…” Let me guess they prefer to stay anonymous right?

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  26. Monticello says:


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  27. Budman says:

    In case you are wondering who and WHY she is sitting in for the esteemed Maria Bartiromo:

    Dagen McDowell: Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Bio. … Dagen was born on January 7 during the year 1969. She is married to Jonas Max Ferris since 2005. Her husband is the economic analyst for Fox News. Currently, she is an anchor on the Fox Business Network.


  28. Zippy says:

    Penalties for not complying with the new rules is effectively a 2.5% tariff which doesn’t even BEGIN to offset the tremendous labor and parts cost advantage.

    US-Mexico trade deal
    28 Jan 2018

    The agreement says at least 40% to 45% of the car must be made by workers earning at least $16 an hour to avoid tariffs when the vehicles are moved across the US-Mexico border.

    It also requires that 75% of a car’s parts must come from North America to avoid tariffs. That’s about 12 percentage points higher than the current threshold.

    If changing things up would cost more than the tariff on foreign autos, which is around 2.5%, companies may decide to just take the hit and import their cars as foreign vehicles. A joke.


  29. Zippy says:

    Two things make the “new” NAFTA deal ineffective. First the labor cots “protection contracts” which don’t seem to have been addressed:

    $2.25/hr to Build a $40,000 Vehicle
    by Wolf Richter • Sep 29, 2017

    Mexico’s wage repression scheme creates Nirvana for global automakers.


    So here is how this $2.25-an-hour wage came about. Government records cited by the AP show that in January 2014, when the factory was being discussed, and nearly three years before it would be inaugurated, Volkswagen signed a union contract that specified that wages would range from $1.40 per hour to $4 per hour.

    The key, in Mexico’s auto industry, may be the so-called “protection” contracts signed long before plants open. Very few of the current Audi workers ever voted for their union leader, and they won’t get any chance to vote for years.

    These “protection” contracts that lock in low wages in advance are part of the condition for investing large amounts of money and building a new plant, and throwing money in various directions except to the future workers at the plant.

    The auto industry has managed to create a low-wage Nirvana for itself in Mexico. The AP describes the workforce this way:

    “[A] class of workers who are barely getting by, crammed into tiny 500-square-foot apartments in government-subsidized projects that they pay for over decades. Many can’t afford even a used car, taking home as little as $50 per week after deductions for mortgages and cafeteria meals.”

    These persistently low wages, and the shenanigans used to keep them low, have attracted global automakers, especially since wages have surged in another “cheap-labor” country, China, whose current labor costs in the auto sector far exceed those of 2015 in the chart above.

    This type of wage repression by automakers in connivance with local political and union entities is ultimately a drag on the Mexican economy.


    • Zippy says:

      Second, the fact that the penalty for not complying with any of the claimed wage increase incentives is effectively a mere 2.5% tariff because they can simply claim the car as “foreign made”, a cost FAR less than the costs of complying:

      Let’s use some basic numbers:

      GM employs “over” 15,000 workers in Mexico, times an hourly wage-difference of $26.62/hr, times 40 hours per week (assuming no overtime), times 52 weeks per year (assuming paid vacation) = $830 million in just wage savings a year in Mexico, at just its assembly plants, not counting benefits, the cost of contractors, etc. Once you throw cost savings in benefits, contractors, and other items into it, GM’s savings in costs of labor by operating in Mexico are well over $1 billion per year.

      This cost savings of well over $1 billion a year does not include the cost savings from assembling components in Mexico; it’s just for assembling these components into cars at the GM plants.

      The discrepancy in wages is much worse when benefits are included. When GM restructured, the fully burdened cost of labor was about $75 an hour, and they were paying more in retirement benefits than they were to people building cars.


    • Zippy says:

      Much better news IF “potentially expose” becomes “actually expose.” Watch carefully because that is essential. That could pressure an end to the “protection contracts” made before a plant is built… OR it could just lead to the obvious loophole building of no new plants in Mexico, just expanding the CURRENT ones.:

      US, Mexico Reach Trade Deal

      Talks between the U.S. and Mexico had focused largely on cars. The U.S. wanted to bring back auto manufacturing jobs that had gone to Mexico. The countries are said to have agreed that automakers who don’t comply with the new Nafta rules will pay a 2.5% tariff, the same as they would if they skirted the existing Nafta, while any new Mexican plants wouldn’t have a guarantee. That could potentially expose them to U.S. auto tariffs of between 20% and 25%, which Trump is considering under national security grounds. The new rules would also likely require key components to have more domestic content.

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      • quintrillion says:

        Interesting information on this Mexico auto deal. Wow, seems like the multinational that are in Mexico already got a good deal, for now. Perhaps re-negotiations in 6 years could change this special treatment or if other terms are found breached ?


  30. Pyrthroes says:

    In esoteric realms of quantum-physical correlation/correspondence, the question is “How does one arrive at A from B in zero time without velocity?”

    The answer is, “Specify coordinates to make it 100% probable that you’re there already”– and because there is one, and only one, universal/cosmic Present, ye ole Holographic Principle kicks in.

    Trump knows this intuitively. AMLO is experiencing it, but Turdeau [sic] fails the test.


  31. Man, I really wanted to hear Wiburine’s response to her last BS point.


  32. Sentient says:

    Glad I don’t have cable. That gal was insufferable (whoever she is).

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  33. “Additionally, The Wall Street corporations who have exploited NAFTA for strategic financial advantage are unhappy with the removal of the NAFTA loopholes.”

    Funny, I’m unhappy that they contributed to several decades of the hollowing out of America’s economic base. And their current snit makes us nowhere near even.

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  34. Maquis says:

    Wow. The Globalusts are really disingenuous in their flailing distraction bombs. What a joy to laugh at the transparency of their failing Anti-Americanism.
    Thanks Sundance.


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  35. kea says:

    Canada’s Options… throw out the missing eyebrow and purple person

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  36. grlangworth says:

    Yep, these are good times alright.

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  37. bkrg2 says:

    Love Wilburine
    Lots of great quotes in here. My fave “yes WSJ is correct, this will bring factories and jobs to USA”

    Yet the bimbo still keeps shrieking like thats a bad thing… idiot globalists


  38. Wayne Robinson says:

    Dumb bitch did you not hear President Trump ? He said America will nolonger be surrendered to siren song of globalism no more !


  39. Interesting that that this woman journalist lacks any understanding of what is going on, contrary to the Canadian in the above video (Manny somebody) who clearly understands the Trump strategy. I just feel ilke IQ’s in this country have really gone down.


  40. Donna in Oregon says:

    I watched the entire interview this morning live.

    Wilbur Ross is such a gentleman. I have been waiting so long for someone to give this idiot a reality check. Globalist hack, Stock Market shill, such a worthless business interviewer. Thrilled I got to watch this loser get her comeuppances I despise her reporting….she’s so small minded and prissy. Never fails to miss the big picture, every time. Hack!

    Dagen McDowell gives women a suck profile in the business world. When Mr. Ross said,”they look at their Purchase Order” I almost choked to death on my coffee.

    🙂 I wish Maria would give her walking papers.


  41. Doug Amos says:

    In Canada on Wednesday morning it’s a done deal. Justine has not wavered and all he has to do is drop the dairy tariffs and Canada can get back to Strength in Diversity. The media is so proud of his perseverance and Freeland has acquitted herself remarkably well. The people love it but still lingering is the unpredictability of the American President, that bully Trump.


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