Preliminary Details of U.S./Mexico Trade Deal…

In direct relationship to the checkbook policy that impacts middle-class Americans the U.S./Mexico trade deal is the biggest win so far in Trump’s presidency.   There are such massive ramifications it could take days for anyone to comprehend how the granular details have such massive downstream consequences. The deal is incredibly complex.

At the 30,000 ft level, the deal positions Mexico to retain their current multinational investments, and through a series of sector-by-sector standards on origination the deal simultaneously closes the fatal NAFTA loophole.  The agreement makes an economic manufacturing partnership between the U.S. and Mexico; and for assembly products third parties will have to produce parts and origination material within the U.S. and Mexico.

U.S.T.R. Lighthizer has put some details forward:

♦The NAFTA Loophole closure is explained in Summary Form HERE; with emphasis on the Auto-Sector.  The key is a 75% part origination level for auto-assembly; and a 40-45% level for parts with a minimum $16/hr wage rate.  The source-origination rate (75%) is even higher than all previously forecast negotiation results.

Example of downstream consequences/benefits:  German auto-maker BMW recently built a $2 billion assembly plant in Mexico (almost complete).  Most of their core parts were coming from the EU (steel/aluminum casting components) and/or Asia (electronics).  Now the assembly plant will have to source 75% of the auto-parts from the U.S. and Mexico, with 45% of those parts from facilities paying $16/hr.  Result: BMW will need to modify their supply chain and build auto parts in the U.S. and Mexico.

♦Agriculture is another important sector, explained in Summary Form HERE.  CTH needs to dig into the details on this sector.  Overall it appears Mexico has agreed to a common set of food manufacturing safety standards. Additionally the removal of any/all subsidies in agricultural trade between the U.S. and Mexico.  There’s more, a lot more, but it will require some analysis akin to separating grains of sand with a toothpick.

♦U.S.T.R. Lighthizer also provides a Summary Fact Sheet HERE with a broad high-level review of the agreement principles.

  1. New “rules of origin” requirements to incentivize billions a year in vehicle and automobile parts production in the United States, supporting high-wage jobs.
  2. The strongest, fully enforceable labor standards of any trade agreement.
  3. New commitments to reduce trade-distorting policies for agricultural goods.
  4. Improvements enabling food and agriculture to trade more fairly.
  5. Strong and effective intellectual property protections.
  6. The strongest disciplines on digital trade of any international agreement.
  7. The most robust transparency obligations of any United States trade agreement.

NOTE: #7 is a critical point, with a great deal of emphasis, given the complexity of the rules of origin now constructed to close the NAFTA loophole.

White House Fact Sheet Available HERE.

CTH will have a lot more on the specific details, but we wanted to get the links to the fact sheets out quickly.   Because of the fundamentally flawed prior agreement, this new trade agreement has massive consequences far beyond what would normally be considered.

Not only is Asia, specifically China, impacted; but so too are the EU and other international trade partnerships.  The critical point is that the U.S. and Mexico have agreed to partner in our approach toward the rest of the world.  Outgoing globalist Mexican President Pena Nieto is not happy; incoming nationalist Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador is ultimately the winner.

Through the efforts of Robert Lighthizer (U.S.) and Jesus Seade (AMLO) the Trump administration has now closed one of the access routes into coveted U.S. market, exploited by multinational corporations and countries (using NAFTA). The Mexico route is secure, agreements are made, and now attention turns toward Canada.

Think about the BMW example above, the downstream ramifications within this agreement are massive.  It is not coincidental that Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is in Germany coordinating the response.  Now that a deal with Mexico has been reached, Canada has lost all prior leverage.

Remember, the U.S. and Mexico have agreed to “no protectionist tariffs/subsidies” in the agricultural sector.  Canada protects its dairy sector with massive protectionist tariffs and subsidies.  It is doubtful Trudeau and Chrystia can retreat from their construct.


“I think with Canada, frankly, the easiest we can do is to tariff their cars coming in. It’s a tremendous amount of money and it’s a very simple negotiation. It could end in one day and we take in a lot of money the following day,” Trump said.

Canada responded:

Canada responded with a statement Friday night, saying: “Our focus is unchanged. We’ll keep standing up for Canadian interests as we work toward a modernized trilateral NAFTA agreement.” (link)

This will likely be the outcome.  Like it or not, Canada gets to continue protecting dairy sector and gives up its auto-manufacturing sector as a consequence.

Freeland is expected to arrive in the U.S. tomorrow….

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354 Responses to Preliminary Details of U.S./Mexico Trade Deal…

  1. I get a kick from VSGPDJT. He makes deals that amount to this: “I’m making you and offer you can’t refuse”. Play by Trump’s (and by extension, AMERICAS rules) and we both win, and win BIG. Play cute with me and you loose both knees.

    God bless Donald Trump and God bless the USA!

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    • StrikerDad says:

      What I love about this deal is that it calls for North-American made parts. A huge portion of Those parts are going to be made where steel and aluminum is made. . . the good old U.S. of A. Mexico can assemble all they want, but American metals will rule the day.

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    • I’m sorry guys, but it’s “lose” not “loose.” I see that so often in the comments section here. Autocorrect F-up or just bad spelling?

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    • I’m sorry guys, but it’s “lose” not “loose.” I see that so often in the comments section here. Autocorrect F-up or just bad spelling?


    • PS says:

      That’s old school negotiation for you.

      A bad negotiator creates an I Win You Lose agreement, and you burn a bridge for the next one. NAFTA was a good arrangement for 2/3 of the parties involved, and we’re on the losing side. Ergo, it’s gotta go.

      A good negotiator looks for We Win arrangements, because you are more willing to work with the other party again. And we need to work with Mexico in the long term, not only to keep immigration in check, but it creates markets. We can feed them, and they can make things for us, yes. But there’s so much more business we can do.

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    • mnwild1961 says:

      Speaking of knees, Freeland should not be wearing a skirt. I want to gouge my eyes out!


  2. History Teaches says:

    This is what the President does best. It’s his wheelhouse! His lifetime of specialized deep experience in business and negotiations.

    Hopefully, one of the byproducts of his massive successes is that it will be a roadmap for future candidates. Showing that savvy, smart people from outside the swamp breeding ground of lawyers and lifelong activists and beaureacrats can cut through the crap and get winning results.

    The President may be a pioneer for the future if he continues to work wonders. No wonder the swamp is insane! Opening the door for outsiders (with different skill sets and backgrounds) is what they fear most.

    And speaking of Canada, it’s worth following how Ford does in Ontario. The Canadian swamp has already shown their solidarity against Bernier, as much from the so called Conservative swampsters and media as elsewhere. Longer term, Ford may have more national potential if he transforms Ontario.

    And keep your eye on Quebec. The epicenter of the dairy wars. There is a huge backlash against Trudeau using $147 million of their tax dollars to ‘settle’ immigrants. The provincial Liberal Party (Trudeau’s allies) are in danger of being booted out after 15 years in power.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      has top negotiators at the table

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    • Madi says:

      Yes, the CAQ, “coalition avenir Québec” has better chance to win against liberal. Parti Quebecoi is dying. the libtards are dead in the water in Quebec , provincial elections have no conservators in “provincial elections”.

      La Meute , group standing for the constitution Canadienne is offering a 40 000 votes for
      Borders, languages and cultures. There are the Trumpsters Canadians. Trudeau is the equivalent of our disgrace Barry Soetoro.


  3. Stillwater says:

    I wonder with Trump raising the wage of the Mexican autoworker and helping to improve Mexico’s main street economy (by breaking the stranglehold of the multinationals on the Mexican people), maybe a large chunk of illegals will start to self-deport back to Mexico and stop the drain on our economy. It would be much more efficient and cost effective than the ICE trying to find them and deport them themselves. All things being equal, most people with want to live near their family and in their own homeland.

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  4. NYGuy54 says:

    Ben Sasse seems to be thrilled

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  5. TreeperInTraining says:

    The details of the deal that I have read this far as provided by Sundance are quite good for the US…and Mexico, particularly the workers. 16 bucks per hour to make the car parts. THAT changes things in a big way for the blue collar Mexican citizen. Maybe this will put Mexicans, on a whole, in a different perspective…especially to those on the left. They are not you fruit pickers, babysitters and housecleaners that you get to use and abuse for 5 bucks an hour. 16 bucks per hour in Mexico will also create that thing…the thing that has reared its beautiful head in this country as of late. Hope. And it changes the Mass Mexican Exodus.

    Obviously, the deal looks just as good for U.S. citizens….and I expected nothing less from this crazy businessman we elected. Trump took the oldest, most sacred trade deal…showed it for what it was…and changed something nobody thought could ever be changed.

    When is the last time a President went to work on behalf of Mainstreet instead of Wall Street? A bit rhetorical on my part, I know….lol.

    THIS is exactly why I elected this naracisstic madman who always seems to need to have the last word.

    Promises made. Promises kept. And all of this was done while they are STILL trying the soft coup.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to tell every politician who was part of every sell out trade deal to take a gander at what Trump did here. They can all go to hell. That’s the nicest way I can say it.



    Sorry this is so wordy. Time to crack open that Riunite on ice….

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    • Publius2016 says:

      remember avg wage…half higher!


    • Kate says:

      Treeper, a great slogan SHAFTA THE NAFTA, love it.

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    • Searkreb says:

      Just a point of accuracy Hispanics in my part of the world are making way more than $5 per hour. Many make $1200 per week driving skidder etc working in the woods. Many “Americans” can’t pass a drug test or will not show up to work consistently. Much work to be done in the area Of work ethic.

      Don’t pound me because I am very happy about this deal and about our president. Check my post history I’ve been here awhile and I’m pro American but I’m also realistic.

      I know many business owners and the #1 concern right now by a wide margin is labor. I don’t know about you but if someone can turn their nose up to making $1200 per week with little or no education that’s not the crumps everyone always talk about. There is no such thing as space labor in this area. Starting rates at the basement in manufacturing is $10 per hour and that’s a floor sweeper. Anyone who will show up to work everyday and try can make more than that quickly.

      How do we get people back to work. Personal experience it take culling through 20 employees to find 5 who can pass a drug test and show up consistently. It seems to me many Americans don’t have to work to eat and I can’t understand how so many people still haven’t made their way to the workforce.
      Anyway things are definitely headed in the right direction

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      • Searkreb says:

        Sorry spell check. Meant to say there is no such thing as slave labor


        • PS says:

          In capitalist countries, there should be no slave labor. You voluntarily work for what the market will bear, or you move on. Competition drives up wages when it is allowed; protective cronyism suppresses wages to the benefit of large corporations. A level playing field should allow the invisible hand to do good work.

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      • AceODale says:

        You are spot on, Searkreb. My wife’s family is Hispanic and most of them voted for Trump. Her family on both sides of the border want the wall. They blame loose American policies for much of the troubles in Mexico. This will be welcome news south of the border.

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      • GL Martin says:

        I worked for thirty years, taking codeine for a pain issue, though not now.
        It never affected my performance, it made it better.
        Yet with your drug test I would not get a job.

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        • ann says:

          GL, your physicians, especially specialists who are familiar with managing debilitating chronic and degenerative conditions, can be your best advocate . They write personal letters and will affirm by phone, if needed. That has been my experience for over 25 years. Skill set aside, honesty, reliability and motivation are key character traits employees seek. Being forthright about one’s challenges beforehand allows them to see the person, rather than the barricade .It’s uncomfortable to feel vulnerable by having to to share what should be private; but it is what it is.
          Glad you are better, but I wanted to share. You raised a legitimate issue which needs to be addressed. Too many people have felt ashamed, and been marginalized, due to irresponsible behaviour by a subset who have chosen to abuse! Those bad apples shouldn’t have power over the rest of us. 🌸

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    • Convert says:

      Yes–great post!


    • MB224 says:

      And Mexico will be able to thank US yet again, for saving their dysfunctional state. Can’t wait to see liberals here cringing at Mexicans saying how much they love “senor Trump”. LOLOLOLOL


    • TreeClimber says:

      Sending your post to Sanford. Bloody disgrace, the man is.


  6. Super Elite says:

    Tom Donohue said that if the Republicans didn’t change their immigration policies then they “shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016”. Brahahahahahah

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  7. Thomas Berwick says:

    An interesting side effect of the wage agreement may mean less illegal immigration issues. Mexicans will stay in Mexico where the pay will be better.

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  8. Rev Al Sharpton says:

    Never doubt Trump. While Democrats and the left wing media were hyperventilating over a shady lawyer confessing and getting immunity to a non crime, PDT was hammering this thing out. Things like this will win the upcoming election, rendering Mueller’s witch hunt irrelevant anyway. Trump will dispose of the pitiful deep state parasites soon enough in his spare time. Still not tired of winning and ready for Trumpslide 2020.

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  9. bessie2003 says:

    There’s a section on Textiles!!!

    from the summary linked above “The new provisions on textiles incentivize greater United States and Mexico production in textiles . . . “

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  10. tonyE says:

    Canada will “continue protecting dairy sector and gives up its auto-manufacturing sector as a consequence.”

    Hmm… is this because of politics or simple economics? I can’t believe that those dairy farmers contribute that much to their GDP.

    What would the impact be on Canada then? Do they have a Vote of No Confidence up there?

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    • railer says:

      Quebec might start with the separatist talk again, if they’re treated roughly. It’s a sensitive issue for Canada, and something a child like Trudeau would clearly be unable to fathom and deal with, even if he’s French-Canadian. His daddy was a fairly tough hombre, but Trudeau the younger is a muppet. And that’s the case no matter if his daddy is Pierre or Fidel.

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    • Will Warburg says:

      Canada had almost 120,000 dairy farms but thanks to “supply management” we are down to about 17,000 – mostly in Quebec. Time to end this disgusting crooked system .


      • Madi says:

        I remembered the farmers throwing out the milk to keep the price up. In Quebec taxes are outrageous: coffe, eggs toast for breakfast are $15:00, wine $8.00 value (USA) $25.00 in Quebec so you can have “Free care”…you get the idea….taxe the middle class , take their money re distribute it to the poor so the poors don’t revolt against the rich=Communists=progressives=liberalism =people without borders


  11. mikebrezzze says:

    That smurph needs a lap band !


  12. ringoagogo says:

    Canada is screwed. They will have to fall in line. And Ford will come back down to this side of the border. God Bless VSGDJTPOTUS

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  13. parteagirl says:

    Some spin, there, Mark. Idiot.

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  14. qzy says:

    Canada really thought they could send those 5 people to negotiate with Trump?

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  15. cripto says:

    It will be interesting to see how Obrador’s project to cut IVF at the northern border creating a ‘free zone’ or essentially a ‘free enterprise zone’ will be assisted by the new deal with the US. The zone according to the incoming finance minister will boost the economy, and slow down migration to the US.

    Read more here:

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  16. Bill O Writes says:

    Are we going to need a special prosecutor to investigate who collided with the Canadians?

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  17. My thoughts are that this agreement is probably a win-win for both Mexico and the USA. Well if both win, then who is the loser? My guess is that China just got massively HOSED today.

    If you think about the China, USA, Mexico dynamic, who would you rather get cheap imported goods from? I would rather it be Mexico, and save the shipping costs.

    Despite his public comments, President Trump can’t stand Xi, and that fact that they have been ripping off the United States for 30 years. My thinking is that China just lost about 200 billion (per year) in manufacturing to be divided up between the USA and Mexico.

    The benefits for us would be tremendous:

    1) We would not be giving away are intellectual property to the greatest thief of the last 100 years, putting our economic and military security at risk. China makes it clear that they want to replace us as the world’s superpower by 2025.

    2) Shipping to/from Mexico is better for the environment than from China, and costs less.

    3) The Mexican economy would improve, meaning less incentive for illegal immigration into this country.

    4) Possibly less narcotic crime and drug cartel violence in Mexico.

    5) Trump’s approval ratings will shoot up with hispanics.

    6) Trump’s approval ratings shoot up with Blacks as well, as they are not going to have to compete as hard over cheap wages from the illegal immigration.

    7) This sends a message to any other country conducting trade with us that if you won’t come to the table in good faith, your goods will be made elsewhere.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      The Trump/AMLO mutual friendship society bodes well for a cooperative joint police effort to take out the Cartels and stop the flow of drugs that originate and transit via Mexico.

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      • Electra says:

        Don’t bet on it. During his campaign, AMLO was VERY careful not to say anything too provocative about the cartels. It looked like he was signaling a live-and-let-live approach to the drug trade. And it’s hard to blame him. Wasn’t there something like a hundred murders of political candidates in Mexico this year, alone? I guess he figured he could fight for the economic changes he wanted, or he could fight the drug war–but he couldn’t do both.


        • PS says:

          Baby steps. We didn’t get into this mess in a year, so it’ll take some time to get out. Only problem is, the cartels have been going since before I was born. But I can hope they’ll crack someday.

          Slow the drug trade by enforcing the border. Give hope back to the cities. Embrace entrepreneurialism again. Strengthen the middle class. Stop hiding the problems with drugs.

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        • piper567 says:

          AMLO may have actually wanted to be the Mexican President…he has run before…and maybe he figured that was easier to do if he was not a marked man?

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      • MB224 says:

        Gimme the wall and let Mexico figure out the rest. Couldn’t care less. They have multi-generational problems just like we do.


    • railer says:

      5) Trump’s approval ratings will shoot up with hispanics.

      This. The Mexicans in the US often have family across the border. If the Mexico residents perceive Trump as dealing fairly and fruitfully with Mexico, that word will get back here to their family on this side of the border. Something like 20% of living Mexican-born people are currently residing in the US, legally and illegally, so the word will definitely get out. As I’m sure most of us do, I humbly pray that Mexico and its people prosper, under a fair and reciprocal system of trade. If that happens quickly enough, it’s an electoral winner for MAGA. It cuts on both sides of the border.

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      • For Eyes says:

        Yes. No one should underestimate this point. Word will filter through the hispanic community. It takes away a lot of the schtick about Trump discriminating against Mexicans.

        Dems will be left with the transgender and snowflake vote.

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      • Bogeyfree says:

        What percent of the people in California are Hispanic and African American?

        With this new US/Mexico trade deal coupled with the surge in support for Trump by African Americans, is there any chance PT can win California in 2020?

        I’d like to see the data as PT just may have inserted his own Trojan horse in this Dem stronghold.

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        • MB224 says:

          He absolutely did and you can bet he factored that into his multi-dimensional chess computer. I wonder if the GOP has done the same. More immediately, this deal could be a major blow to Dems in CA THIS year.


    • Excellent comment!

      On your point #4, I wonder if the Trump administration and incoming Mexican administration reached an “off the books” side deal . . . Once the Mexican economy starts to climb upward and border pressures lessen, they also partner to crush the cartels, militarily and economically. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of PDJT’s domestic enemies have some indirect connections to cartel businesses, so maybe the crushing of the cartels and the Big Ugly will be mutually reinforcing.

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      • railer says:

        If Trump can attack Erdogan’s money-laundering operation with Iran, he can attack the cartels’ money-laundering operation with Mexico. This has always been the problem, that the greedy bankster crowd in NY and London find ways to launder criminal cash.

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      • Bogeyfree says:

        Like the idea, we can send Session down there on a 2 year assignment.

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  18. frank field says:

    Lighthizer openly acknowledged this is Trump and Trump only directing these affairs. He stands far above his very accomplished advisers.

    I am astounded and thankful and massively impressed with our beloved Trump.

    This. Is. HUGE

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  19. frank field says:

    Dear Canada:

    You will succumb to the intentions of an apparently well thought out VSG.

    Just yield and get on board. Pride, like blood from a bloody nose just needs to be swallowed.

    And oh? Do it now.

    Dear Trump! I love and admire you and your team of killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. My thoughts are that this agreement is probably a win-win for both Mexico and the USA. Well if both win, then who is the loser? My guess is that China just got massively HOSED today.

    If you think about the China, USA, Mexico dynamic, who would you rather get cheap imported goods from? I would rather it be from Mexico, and save the shipping costs.

    Despite his public comments, President Trump can’t stand Xi, and that China has been ripping us off for 30 years. My thinking is that China just lost about 200 billion (per year) in manufacturing to be divided between the USA and Mexico.

    The benefits for us would be tremendous:

    1) We would not be giving away are intellectual property and manufacturing secrets to the greatest thief of the last 100 years, putting our economic and military security at rick. China makes it clear that they want to replace us as the world’s superpower by 2025.

    2) Shipping to/from Mexico costs less and is better for the environment.

    3) The Mexican economy would improve, meaning less incentive for illegal immigration into the US.

    4) There possibly could be less narcotic crime and drug cartel violence in Mexico.

    5) President Trump’s approval ratings will go up further with Hispanics.

    6) President Trump’s approval ratings will go up further with Blacks as well, as there will be less competition for cheap labor due to as many illegal immigrants.

    7) This sends a message to any other country conducting trade with us that if you don’t come to the table in good faith, your goods will be made elsewhere.

    8) If China wants any trade deals in the future, they need to come clean with the evidence of the bribes they have paid to US politicians over the years.

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  21. MAGAbear says:

    I’m trying to think of what kind of job Freeland would have in a normal world, but I just can’t think of one. I need some suggestions!! 🙂

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  22. nimrodman says:

    Article ends with “Freeland is expected to arrive in the U.S. tomorrow….”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

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  23. Elle says:

    I don’t think the countries of Canada or China are permanently hosed – just the current globalist puppets whose only useful skills are their willingness to steal the wealth of their countrymen and hand it over to the globalists in exchange for six figure salaries, a toke from the peace pipe and some pretty beads. I suspect that China will look for ways to save face and rapidly change course as they are pragmatic enough to see there are plenty of Benjamins to go around and they don’t care about all the liberal BS.

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    • MB224 says:

      China is permanent. The people do not have a vote to force change. More importantly, they still have a delusional idea about “the middle kingdom” and its importance. It’s not just Xi who wants their 2025 plan. China will have to have their knees broken for a while. Canada OTOH, will be easily broken. Their national “We’re Not American” identity and ideology isn’t very deep and certainly isn’t worth losing their most important industry over. Justine’s plan is to play the victim and rally the “anti-Trump” sentiment to win in ’19. We’ll see how committed he is to that in the next month or so. Should be fun. lol

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  24. Bogeyfree says:

    One other point that needs to be highlighted in PT’s brilliance is timing.

    He first cut the deal with the EU on soy beans which put pressure on China as there are only so many tons of soy beans produced in the world each year and the EU has first dibs now and all countries need food or food for livestock to survive.

    So now the US/Mexico deal comes out which threatens $100-200B in loss revenue to China if PT can move much of that to Mexico.

    All PT wants is a FAIR deal from China, IP protection and NK to de-nuke and China can regain it largest customer again.

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  25. Kenji says:

    You know … I have been SO THRILLED by MY President’s massive success today, that it left me scratching my head, wondering WHAT? did our prior Democrap and GOPe Presidents DO all day? Kiss babies and eat heat-lamp chicken at $10k/plate Party fundraiser Dinners? MY President is moving at the speed of light compared to every other POTUS in my lifetime (yep, even Reagan).

    And while Obama was fond of demonstrably and publicly remote-firing Drone-missiles at random Muslim weddings (*snicker*) … MY President has kept a low-military profile, and just acts when necessary. MY President is not a War Monger, or even a half-assed War Monger like Obama. No, he’s dropped ONE MOAB, and strafe-bombed a Syrian airport after a chemical weapon attack. Other than that … MY President hasn’t made WAR his central mission. MY President has been focused on BUTTER … not GUNS.

    Everything MY President has done … is in the INTEREST of the American people. My God! What a RELIEF. After years of American-apologists-in-Chief, we finally have a President who’s PROUD to be an American. And not just ‘recently’ proud like that lunchlady in the last administration. No, MY President makes NO APOLOGY for America, hence her people … US! MY President has our backs like no … other … President … ever! I have been walking on air today. My SEP IRA was floating on air today! Thank you, President Trump … Thank you, and bless you and your family.

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  26. Rob says:

    Very impressive.
    A massive change that looks good for both US and Mexico.
    Who but Trump could even conceive of this.
    The diplomats of State and fellow swamp dwellers look so lame.
    And all by looking out for American workers.
    We must strain our intellect and imaginations to follow his thinking,
    Orange Hair and all into a MAGA future.

    Because I am optimistic by nature, I think this is important and positive
    for the whole world.
    I saw a hat in Karachi that said ” Make Pakistan Great Again ”
    Think about that.

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  27. scott467 says:


    You did it again.

    No warning, and then BOOM, there’s the photo of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man wrapped in a purple Burrito tortilla, strutting down the sidewalk like Godzilla in Tokyo!


  28. TigerBear says:

    Our President is a man of his word, and of action, a true leader and American hero!
    NAFTA Dead
    Promises made Promises kept
    Winning 👍🏽👍🏽😄

    Here is what a zero that’s all talk and no action looks and sounds like. In office 8 years and he has no positive accomplishments, none, zip, nada. 🙄😄

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    • scott467 says:

      “In office 8 years and he has no positive accomplishments, none, zip, nada. ”


      In fairness to Zero (never thought I’d be in a position to say that), ‘positive accomplishments’, defined as being positive for America, were the opposite of literally every objective of his treasonous administration.

      Many people still think Zero Hussein was monumentally incompetent because he achieved absolutely nothing positive for America in 8 years.

      What they don’t realize is that’s not even possible, i.e., even Chauncy Gardiner would have gotten SOMETHING right in 8 years, purely by accident.

      The fact that every single thing he did was a serious and damaging negative for America eliminates incompetence or chance from the equation, and reveals that his entire objective as leader of the United States was to destroy America, as much as humanly possible, from the highest office in the land.

      With premeditation and malice aforethought.

      High Treason.

      The Highest.

      For 8 years, without relent.

      He did more harm to America than all of the spies and traitors before him — combined.

      That was his true objective. That is his legacy. That will be the charge against him when he goes on trial for his life, and that will be the epitaph on his tombstone.

      Followed by He failed. We saved the Republic by electing Trump.

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      • scott467 says:

        edit / correction:

        Followed by: “He failed his mission. We saved the Republic by electing Trump”.


      • Madi says:

        CIA Brennan helped Barry Soetoro become pResident of USA.
        When did he change his name? Never legally ; Why his law licence not renew?
        If you asked questions you are racist.
        It is to bad there were no investigation about him and his past. Mueller, Comey, Clinton, DNC 🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊🙉🙉🙉🤫


      • TigerBear says:

        Yes, his “Fundemental transformation “ of America. “Hope and Change” was sucked up by the gallons by foolish tools who have no thoughts except those given to them.

        THANK GOD he failed, although the damage done is significant and will be decades to turn around.


  29. scott467 says:

    “This will likely be the outcome. Like it or not, Canada gets to continue protecting dairy sector and gives up its auto-manufacturing sector as a consequence.”


    So Canada is really going to sacrifice their entire car manufacturing industry to satisfy the dairy industry?

    I guess either the dairy sector is orders of magnitude larger than the the car sector… or Trudope is demonstrating his new math skills again?


  30. Convert says:

    The President made reference to this being a great deal for American farmers? Can anybody link an article explaining that part of the deal?? Thanks in advance.


  31. BillRiser says:

    In the 80’s early nineties US made parts manufactures were thriving supplying US Manufactured Parts to Mexico and the rest of the World. Mexico loved buying US Products and did not trust Mexican made products. Then in 1992 NAFTA was signed and that signing put Mexico in a Recession! Try collecting from a Mexican during a Recession! Than in 1994 NAFTA become law. Where they was hundreds of Parts Manufactures prior to 1994 there is now only six US Companies today. But today they are Global Companies with parts made in China/Mexico and assembled here. Such a shame on our leaders then! It only made since to those few American Companies that were more concerned with greed than the American Worker!
    Then I read about the new Trade Deal with Mexico now and it brings me to joyous tears. This plan is going to bring back so many more great manufacturing jobs to the US and they will have US made Steel and Aluminum to make those parts with! Damn! Get those Trade Schools pumping out all the new jobs that will be needed in the Casting, Stamping and Sub Assemble businesses. Get the local Colleges pumping out all the new Accountants, Sales Mangers and Sales people needed to make and count all that new American $$ being earned! America First is what is making MAGA!!

    God Bless You President Trump!


  32. GL Martin says:

    Trump’s deal is better for all three. It will kill Trudeau though. If he sacrifices dairy, he loses seats in Quebec and the next election. If he sacrifices the auto sector his party will be wiped in Ontario and lose the next election.
    Trudeau wants Chapter 11, which Trump weakened and the other two chapters that put multinationals over nations.
    Basically Trudeau is the negotiator for Quebec Dairy and Globalist Corporations. He is not a negotiator for Canadians.
    Former prime ministers have told him he has to sacrifice the sacred cow, will he listen?


  33. ATheoK says:

    “Freeland is expected to arrive in the U.S. tomorrow….”

    Meaning, all empathetic, sensitive Americans will endure migraines.
    Fortunately, they will also be the first to benefit when princess barney freeland flies back to Canada.


  34. Madi says:

    God Bless our President Trump,
    We need him . The debt is unbelievable and there are rumors of wars


  35. dawg says:

    It all sounds great but is it going to actually come to fruition or will it be blocked by Congress? Can someone explain what has to happen for this deal, put together by the Trump admin, to go into effect?


  36. lcpusa says:

    So typical. Canadian leftists believe their own BS until its too late.
    This is the outcome of listening to Barack Obama. He is quite a jackass.


  37. lcpusa says:

    So typical. Canadian leftists believe their own BS until its too late.
    This is the outcome of listening to Barack Obama. He is quite a jackass.


  38. tsmifjones says:

    Trump is great, Trump is good, let us thank him for Making America Great Again!


  39. RedHatty says:

    9/28/16 NONE of the Summary report links work anymore “You are not authorized to view”


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