The Bloom is Off the Ruse: Angela Merkel Again Rejects Attempts to Enforce Paris Climate Treaty…

In June, 2017, while trying to keep President Trump committed to the Paris Climate Treaty, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron delivered a joint statement proclaiming: “the Paris Climate Treaty is irreversible and cannot be renegotiated.”

U.S. President Trump knew the economic ramifications would handcuff the U.S. and that was the primary motive behind their demands. Rightly POTUS Trump brushed off the demands and withdrew the U.S. from the treaty, in July 2017:

Then came a predictable series of events…

A month after U.S. President Trump called out the ridiculous globalist economic agenda and withdrew the U.S. from participating, German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded on August 20th, 2017, by removing her own country from the primary treaty demands.  Five months later, January 2018, the anointed leader of far-left international political policy then withdrew entirely from the 2020 carbon emission reduction goal.

All of these moves only further evidenced that ‘climate change’, vis-a-vis the Paris Treaty, was/is an insufferable economic control policy; a ruse; a scheme manufactured by global financial elites who seek power and leverage upon the sheeple proles.  Merkel well understands that global emission control mechanisms, specifically carbon reduction schemes, are nothing more than policy tools to exfiltrate national wealth.

Today, much to the chagrin of the barking moonbats and pontificating international elites, Chancellor Merkel refuses to change her position:

(Via Reuters) […] Merkel said such calls, most recently from the European Commission’s climate chief Miguel Arias Canete, for swifter cuts to harmful carbon dioxide emissions would be counterproductive, adding that setting new goals made little sense when European countries were already struggling to meet their cuts targets.

“I’m not particularly happy about these new proposals,” she said of Canete’s call to increase from 40 to 45 percent the scale of cuts to target by 2030.

“I think we should first stick to the goals we have already set ourselves. I don’t think permanently setting ourselves new goals makes any sense.”

Merkel’s government has already faced criticism for abandoning emissions targets it had set itself for 2020 after concluding they were unachievable, while sticking to a target it had set itself for a decade later.  (read more)

In related news…. Approximately two weeks ago the mainstream media was apoplectic when Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke explained the root cause of the California wildfires.

When Secretary Zinke said the primary problem was a failure of State and Federal officials to control the fuel load and manage the forest(s), the climate nuts went bananas WATCH:



….Fast forward two weeks later, and here’s the latest plan from California Governor Moonbeam:

Go figure!

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350 Responses to The Bloom is Off the Ruse: Angela Merkel Again Rejects Attempts to Enforce Paris Climate Treaty…

  1. Daniel says:

    See, they are branding loggers wrong, that’s why the climate people are so triggered. If they identify them as “climate activists trying to save the wild animals from human fires” they’d absolutely get a complete pass on logging.

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    • lftpm says:

      As Bambi said, in his sage years, “Humans must thin the forest to keep us forest creatures from being burned alive.”

      And as Smokey the Bear once opined, “Only sane people can prevent eco-enviro lunatics from causing forest fires.”

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      • lftpm says:

        Some conspiracy theorists posit that Merkel is Hitler’s daughter, which has been “debunked” by arguments it would have required “super-advanced sperm-preserving science”.

        But, it has never been proven Hitler was spermless. He reached procreation age ca. 1903, and was in his prime adult reproductive years from 1910-1930 (or later for males).
        At one end, suppose he had a child in 1908-11 who fostered a grandchild in 1926-37, who fostered a great-grandchild at age 22-31 in 1954. Or to reduce a generation, he fostered a child in 1920-28 at age 31-39, who in turn fostered his granddaughter at age 26-34, in 1954


        • Carrie2 says:

          Well, since my spouse lived under Hitler, no Merkel came along later and no relative in any way to Hitler. She also is not that old to have been his child. That she is vicious, yes! That her goal was to take over Germany and ruin it? Also yes.


      • Carrie2 says:

        Oftpm, precisely but moonbeam and his environment friends thought they were sooo smart to stop allowing lumbering companies to remove good wood trees needed for construction, furniture, etc. and then decided no dead wood or deed trees should be removed again showing their lack of common sense and the fact that deadwood and dead trees can create all on their own fires, and when you have fires the fires create wind and then more fires and moving quickly. Now backsliding? We can only hope but won’t believe until we see that things go back to the days when they were lovely and healthy forests Of course, he will want to increase taxes again but again the money disappears and nothing gets done. Now, do we still have lumber companies around to cut down and thin the forests? I sure hope so.


        • JohnTyler says:

          You don’t get it, do you?
          The goal of the enviro wackos is to encourage massive forest wild fires.
          To discourage and/or prevent people from living in or near wooded areas and to encourage those that do, to move into urban areas.
          It has long been a goal of the left to move most folks into urban areas where cars are not needed and the destructive (to the enviro wackos) human race can be confined and better controlled.
          These fires also allow insurance companies to dramatically raise homeowners insurance rates or perhaps cease offering this sort of coverage which further encourages folks to move away from “natural” areas.

          Enviro wackos hate people – this is what motivates and informs their policies. Their “environmental” policies are purposeful and intentional; they know full well what they are doing.
          ALL their policies are aimed at removing the hated human race from rural areas and “encouraging” them to relocate into confined urban areas – where they can be better controlled.

          Why is this so hard to understand?

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  2. anniefannie says:

    Do as I say, not as I lead my country to do. We can’t stand the heat in our European kitchens (and keep our jobs and economies) so we’re getting out of our kitchens! What is good for your goose, we don’t want for us ganders.

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    The rest of the country, and the many firefighters and their families are sick and tired of the constant fires and the YUGE costs that go along with them, including human and livestock and pets. They are also reducing an already scarce resource, water, liquid gold, and making a homeless problem even worse in the west.

    I would take the power away from the Governor, any Governor, when they have clearly shown they cannot and ARE NOT CAPABLE of managing the lands properly. They don’t get a say if there are more than 2 years of catastrophic fires. Year #3, we start doing it our way, PERIOD. Zinke is right on!

    The same should apply to border security. You can’t/won’t handle it, We Got This, move over and get outta’ the way.

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  4. I abosolutely cannot fathom how so many stupid people managed to be holders of college degrees and jobs in the press. Seriously.

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    • charliedan says:

      Well, if you majored in and got a Masters Degree in Underwater Basket Weaving and a minor in the Sex Habits of African Desert Slugs…………………well, you get the picture!!
      Giggle, snort, giggle!!!!!!!!!

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    • dginga says:

      A young woman of my acquaintance is an avowed SJW, a rabid leftist and a journalist. She says she was taught that journalists are obligated to not just report the who, what, when, where and how, but also to inject their own “life experience and worldview” into the stories they report so that the reader/viewer/listener understands the “correct” perspective on the story.

      In discussions with this girl it has been brought to my attention (because I asked) that, in securing a Master’s degree in Journalism she has never taken an economics class, a history class, a business class of any kind, a math class, a science class beyond freshman level “Introduction to…”, well, you get the idea. She did, however, take a lot of Feminist Theory, English, Film, Media, Art, Philosophy, Sociology and other Humanities courses. This child has a high IQ, but absolutely no common sense. She believes she is smarter than pretty much everybody, and thinks that she is the best person to tell the rest of us what to think.

      I’d say she is very typical of the people who work as “journalists” today. And they are completely baffled about why so many of us turn to alternative media.

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      • Katie says:

        She says she was taught that journalists are obligated to not just report the who, what, when, where and how, but also to inject their own “life experience and worldview” into the stories they report so that the reader/viewer/listener understands the “correct” perspective on the story.

        That’s very interesting of the young woman. I went to college and majored in Journalism and basically, all of my professors told us to “Report the story and keep your feelings the hell out of it”. This was 12 years ago. I wonder when/where she went to school?

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      • Curt says:

        dginga: Your post is spot on and couldn’t be more accurate. Well said. I have two young female friends who are doctors at UCSF. They are smart and probably very good in their respective fields. During a conversation, last week, the topic turned to history. Both admitted they had absolutely no history background… none! One of them, Jane is from England originally, and told me the most history she EVER got was something about the Battle of Hastings in 1066. They were both devoid of any real history knowledge. They get their news and information from leftist news outlets. They were totally surprised and skeptical at some of the historical facts I appraised them of. When I mentioned to Jane that I thought Winston Churchill was probably one of the greatest statesmen of the twentieth century, she looked slightly confused! Her friend, American educated, was equally devoid of any real historical knowledge. The complete lack of training and biased teachings that have been occurring in the educational system is the fault of the last generation; who allowed this to happen. As another friend recently said to me, “This is our responsibility because it happened on our watch”. So true……

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        • Louis Genevie says:

          The Globalists are attempting to irradicate any understanding of history, as this leads to a sense of pride in one’s nation. It starts in the schools and it starts early. It is happening on our watch. Any sense of how to stop this progress of national decay?

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      • spaceranger says:

        There are a lot of people out there with Master’s degrees who have never really read a book.

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    • Nope says:

      All the people who refused to parrot the Marxist dogma got failed out of journalism schools.

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    • Stephen W Wilkins says:

      Consider if smart people can stupid things. Obviously, the answer is yes.

      Smart people (who may be immoral or unethical) have figured out that they have subsides to say stupid things rather than smart things. The system rewards lies and untruths that support globalist agendas.
      – Smart people have figured out saying the truth was less profitable than telling lies.

      The individuals in this Country are responsible for having watched this come to pass. Many of us have been too idle, partially due to being unaware of how strong the corruption in the State has grown to be.

      It will be fixed, and I’m more hopeful every day that it will be fixed rather quickly. At that time the challenge will be to uphold a fair and equitable system rather than let it fall to corruption again.

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  5. Jane Smith says:

    Of course the climate changes…just ask the dinosaurs.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Yes – and not necessarily in ways that support life on the planet, long-term.

      This is one of the biggest reasons I’m deeply opposed to knee-jerk “climate change” fraud. We absolutely do not understand climate change.

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  6. scrap1ron says:

    Why is every “concerned” response to the settled science some variation on tyranny, Goebbels-style propaganda (“97 percent of scientists agree”), or violent accusations of “idiocy” (polite version) against everyone who does not swallow the propaganda whole, and follow you into your tyranny?

    “I need to take over your life, but it’s for your own good,” is not a line of argument men who still imagine themselves to be human are likely to accept, regardless of how many computer models you can provide to show them why you are demanding it.

    They don’t want to enlighten us with science. Their aim is to enslave us with lawless government tyranny.

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    • Annie Ok says:

      I love that line: “I need to take over your life, but it’s for your own good.” This is the religion of every urban planner. They are all, at heart, totalitarians. And yes, their plans are a form of enslavement since they can ruin you if you don’t follow them.

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  7. Doug Amos says:

    You can save a lot of time, learn all you need to know by asking a person 2 easy questions. Do you like Barack Obama? Do you believe in climate change? 100% fool proof!

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    • MVW says:

      Those are two good excellent questions to start with. There are many that just jump on ‘social pressured’ thinking and those seem to end up answering ‘yes’ to both.

      Broken thinker is a malady. I find it is a waste of time to reason with those that have a broken thinker. There are those few like Candice Owens that is able to think her way Free. There are many also ‘Walking Away.’ She is doing a stellar job at reaching them, so there must a third category, slow learners. Honesty to ones self is the key to escaping to judgement and sense of proportion.

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  8. annieoakley says:

    Part of Germany’s “renewable energy” is coming from wood imported from North Carolina. They converted from coal to wood and they don’t have enough trees. I searched for the link to this every where and I am unable to find the conversation so far. When I do, I will post.


    • Greg61 says:

      You may be referring to the Drax company. They converted the largest coal fired plant in the UK to wood pellets. They now also have wood pellet manufacturing plants in USA and Canada.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      We haven’t converted from coal to wood; in fact there’s talk of bringing more coal on line.
      Merkel is getting enormous pressure from businesses and the populace in generall, as even with the massive cuts to CO²-producing facilities, we’re still at the level we were 10 years ago, and looking to head higher. The wood conversions are in the UK. I hope they don’t find out the hard way about methane buildup with stored pellets…

      And folks don’t want the economy to get any worse. Furthermore, the AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland, our Deplorables) is looking better and better each day. Seems Merkel is on EXTREMELY thin ice.

      I just wish these idiot SJW snowflakes hadn’t convinced the PTB that we might possibly have a tsumami sometime here in Germany… WERE that to happen, nuclear power stations would be the LEAST of our troubles…

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  9. necromancer1943 says:

    It’s 75 degrees here this morning and rising. Tomorrow it will be in the 90’s. Climate change my rear. It’s called summer weather.

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  10. rioosodog says:

    Sorry but the “Paris Accord” was not a “treaty”. Making sure that there is some clarity on the issue it was not passed by 2/3 of the members of the Senate as outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

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  11. Gary Thomson says:

    Here in Arizona, home to the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, the Apache Indian tribe has managed the forests on their reservation with controlled logging and keeping the forests thinned out. They haven’t suffered catastrophic forest fires whereas on federally managed forest lands, where thinning has been prohibited, the state has suffered several massively catastrophic forest fires over the years. However, it seems like things are changing a bit. Last fall, at least in the White Mountains, there were many controlled burns thoughout the forests whereby brush and smaller trees were burned out thus reducing the forest floor fuel that makes forest fires burn so hot. A Ponderosa pine forest with tall trees can survive a fire if there isn’t significant forest floor fuel to keep the heat high for long periods of time. Moreover, very dense forests have trees competing for water in a semi-arid climate & they end up with none of the trees getting sufficient water. This makes them susceptible to bark beetles and other pests.

    Either we manage forests with controlled logging, thinning & controlled burns or Mother Nature will manage them with massive fires and bark beetles. One way or the other, the forests will get thinned out. Massive fires are massive clear cutting without humans doing the work.

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    • cdquarles says:

      Tree farming has been a thing locally for some 60 years. Lots of these tree farms today were cotton plantations in the past.


    • Orygun says:

      If you can log the burned trees before they dry out you can still make lumber out of a lot of them. I used to set up the boundary for the timber sales while they were still pulling the fire fighting gear out.

      Most of us could see that they were just setting the woods up for massive fires with their hands off approach to forestry. It was just a matter of time.
      Huge amounts of fuel on the ground and then limiting the access is quite a recipe for disaster.


  12. Old School says:

    Cry me a river Merkel – America will do just what it wants and just when it wants – lose some weight fatty…

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  13. Elle says:

    “policy tools to exfiltrate national wealth”

    yep. They key to understanding everything they do.


  14. Sharon says:

    I really didn’t think Frau Merkel was teachable. Interesting….

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  15. wolfmoon1776 says:


  16. Curt says:

    Yes, but the Spotted Owl is doing well……………


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