Sketchy Erdogan Whines: “U.S. Waging Economic War Against Turkey”….

In what can only be described as the nonsensical rantings of an ideologue who refuses to even fathom the geopolitical Trump changes around him, Turkish President Recep Erdogan writes an op-ed in the New York Times to tell Americans POTUS Trump, and like-minded allies, are bullying/destroying the Turkish economy because his authoritarian regime has imprisoned an American pastor.


This is not difficult to figure out.  Release American pastor Andrew Brunson, and President Trump will consider stopping. Keep the U.S. citizen detained and President Trump will continue destroying the Turkish economy.  This is not hard to figure out once you accept the United States is unapologetically going to target any nation that targets American citizens.

President Erdogan is finding out that Brunson is the most expensive hostage in the history of hostage taking; however, with POTUS Trump in command it’s the kidnappers paying the price…. funny how that happens.

Further into Erdogan’s diatribe he warns: “a failure to reverse this trend of unilateralism and disrespect will require us to start looking for new friends and allies.” Again hilarious.

DO IT.  Please, DO IT.  Leave NATO and the U.S./Europe is no longer constrained to confront the extremist duplicity of Turkey.   Remember, when Turkey shot down the Russian fighter jet in November 2015?… then ran behind the skirt of NATO for protection against Russian retaliation.  Remember that?

Recep Erdogan now threatens to form closer relationships with Russia as retaliation for the way the U.S. and NATO allies are confronting his duplicity.  Hollow threats.  Remember when the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was killed by a Turkish jihadist shouting allahu akbar?

Between extremist Turkey shooting down the SU-24 (’15 )and then extremist Turkey killing the Russian ambassador (’16), it’s not like Russia would not welcome the opportunity for greater, shall we say, “influence”, with an intended goal of retribution.

From the Op-Ed:

…[…] “In recent weeks, the United States has taken a series of steps to escalate tensions with Turkey, citing the arrest by the Turkish police of an American citizen, Andrew Brunson, on charges of aiding a terrorist organization. Instead of respecting the judicial process, as I urged President Trump to do in our many meetings and conversations, the United States issued blatant threats against a friendly nation and proceeded to impose sanctions on several members of my cabinet. This decision was unacceptable, irrational and ultimately detrimental to our longstanding friendship.” …

Embrace the pain Erdogan; it is not going to stop.

…”He’s horrid, just horrid; there’s no telling what that, that man, will do next…. and the mean tweets are, well, just too much…. Too much.  But still… yet… it, his people seem to like him more than our own people seem to like us… how can this be? America this, America that, always with this America-First nonsense.. He’s horrible”…  “Junker even got smashed this morning because he couldn’t calm his nerves again. Poor man”… “The beast just terrifies all of us” …  “Shhhh, I think he’s coming”…


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251 Responses to Sketchy Erdogan Whines: “U.S. Waging Economic War Against Turkey”….

  1. NOTevenAtadPC4U says:

    Seems like a foreign country is trying to influence the American People against Our President…hmmm must have gotten his play book from the scumbag Democrats.

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    • joeknuckles says:

      And the seditious NYT is helping him.

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    • WSB says:

      From a newspaper owned by a foreigner.

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      • rsmith1776 says:

        A foreigner representing gangs of murderers and rapists.

        As NYT does, now.

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        • Chuck says:

          Watching the EU capitulate on trade, seeing Mexico grovel, reading that whining editorial by a slimy Jihadist wearing a suit like Erdogan – and seeing Iran collapse – this is SO satisfying. Now, let’s focus on what’s happening in South Africa – supported by an evil Marxist former President – and start bigtime sanctions against that Communist State until they cease and desist with their genocide of White SA farmers.

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          • Sugarhillhardrock says:

            I’m with you Chuck. In due time, that Marxist murdering bastard in SA is going to get his, just like Ceacescu.


          • Charles-Martel says:

            Agreed. But I concerned that nothing may be done. Hopefully Trump will ignore the lunatics and act. SA is I suspect not only the globalists’ little plan for us all, but it’s destruction is incredibly important to them.

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    • jakee308 says:

      With “friends” like Ergodan, who needs enemies? He seems to think (along with the left) that the US and Trump somehow have some need to maintain good relations with Ergodan/Turkey.

      Here’s news for you chump: WE DON’T. Never did. So you pray in one hand and diss us in another and see which one results in your country’s economy coming back.


  2. Arthur says:

    Seeing how DT make squirm the Dimms, China, the never-Trumpers, the international feckless Merkels-like or the Ergodan-type “strongmen” is a constant joy.
    Go Donald ! Put the screws on these maggots. Seeing the putrid reality behind their mask is something to behold.

    Those who don’t follow politics don’t know what they’re missing.
    It’s a historical time friends. This is for the books.
    We’ve never seen nor will we ever see again such a show.

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  3. BBeau Geste says:

    Remember that Turkey refused to let US troops open a northern front in 2003 to shorten the removal of saddam hussein? The Kurds are better allies than the Turks who suppress them.

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    • Never EVER forget.
      Never EVER let up.

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      • Maquis says:

        We need to be prepared to address the “migrant” onslaught that Erdowhine will create, if he finds his balls. I’ve no doubt President Trump has that covered. Perhaps twisting NATO’s arm well past submission pain levels to get serious on funding, their own security, and ending the Hijaz. Or, we can roast marshmallows while Europe burns. 😈


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        • Mike says:

          Some barbed wired fencing in Greece and some new patrol boats with 50 cal and crews that will use them on ancient, genocidal foes, the Invaders….


    • Dick_Turpin says:

      Kurds just want their old homeland back so they can be free and have some dignity again. Turks mass murder Kurds as it means a portion of Turkey would have to given up.
      Turks also aided ISIS in murdering Kurds inside Syria.
      Turks have been caught transporting heavy weapons and trucks into Syria to assist ISIS.
      Female reporter covering the crime killed 2 days later in a “car crash”.
      Another reporter who was leaving Turkey double quick, never made it, got as far as the airport and then decided to hang herself in the terminal bathroom!
      Turkish authorities told by eye witnesses that 4 men seen exiting the ladies bathroom just before her body was found.
      Turkish response: “Nothing to see here”!!


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      The Kurds would create a nice problem for the Turks and the Iranians. Would be our ally and Israel’s.


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        The Kurds create a problem for Iraq, too. An old (now deceased) friend who had a great deal of Middle East experience once said to me of the Kurds: “No people deserve a country of their own more than the Kurds–or are less likely to get one.”


  4. starfcker says:

    “Shhhh, I think he’s coming”…” that’s what they call living in your head. Rent free

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    From 3 days ago:

    Turkey to continue buying natural gas from Iran despite U.S. sanctions

    Turkey told U.S. it opposes sanctions on Iran: foreign minister | Reuters…iran-turkey/turkey-told-us-it-opposes-sanctions-on-iran-for…
    Jul 24, 2018 – Turkey has told American officials it opposes U.S. sanctions on Iran and is not obliged to implement them

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  6. Sepp says:

    “Remembering the Orthodox Holocaust”

    From the “Facing Islam” blog in 2018.

    “The combined total of Orthodox and Eastern Christians massacred by the Muslim Turks from 1894 to 1923 reached 3.6 million.”

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    • Esperanza says:

      Ever wondered why the word “genocide” is Greek? It comes from the Greek genocide. Ever wondered why there are no Greeks in what was called Great Greece? Ie the now Turkish coast. The Ottoman empire génocided them. The towns of Smyrna and Cos we’re totally massacred.


  7. A2 says:

    Just for laughs, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has censured US President Donald Trump’s move on Friday to double metals tariffs on Turkey,
    ““Trump’s jubilation in inflicting economic hardship on its NATO ally Turkey is shameful,” Zarif tweeted on Saturday.

    “The US has to rehabilitate its addiction to sanctions & bullying or entire world will unite—beyond verbal condemnations—to force it to,” he wrote.

    “We’ve stood with neighbours before, and will [do so] again now,” Zarif said.

    Zarif had earlier offered support for Turkey following the imposition of the US sanctions.”

    You can’t make this stuff up. Oh the irony.

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  8. fleporeblog says:

    This is the USA 🇺🇸 I remember as a young teenager growing up and watching President Reagan. He was fearless and he made me feel fearless. Our President is everything you could have possibly asked for in a President. He loves our country with all his heart and soul. He will destroy Turkey 🇹🇷 and there is nothing they can do about it.

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    • Francine wendelboe says:

      Turkey is a lovely country and its people are very friendly. When are they going to learn that who they elect matters. These comments do not encourage Americans to travel there. I’ve been to Istanbul several times and there is a rich history there. The people need to learn that threats by their current leader against us, will just harden our President’s resolve.

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        I have no doubt your characterization of the Turkish people is correct, Francine. They need to pick between us and the caliphate.
        Lepanto decided the fate of the last Turk caliphate, as did relief of the siege of Vienna.
        As an aside, I sense we are neighbors, might have a common “Young” friend?


        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          There are 2 Turkiis. One is the forward thinking Western Turkey of Attaturk. And the other is the backward moving Turkey, worshipping Islam.
          Erdogan’s power comes from the backward looking Turks.


    • Following Sundance’s economic and financial lead, we’re seeing little commentary on how Turkey’s debacle unfolds.

      • Turkey is playing with fire to DISHONOR the Sanctions on Iran.
      • POTUS will ESCALATE Sanctions on Turkey … likely Dishonorable Banks.
      • Sanctioned Banks will then be unable to transact with the EU in Dollars or more.
      • Banking Contagion will spread to the EU and beyond.
      • Dollar Liquidity could become a BIG DEAL.
      • The Fed’s unwinding of Quantitative Easing EXACERBATES the BIG DEAL.

      Will this become a full-blown CRISIS if foreign capital floods into SAFE-HAVEN America?
      • ACCELERATED REPATRIATION of U.S. Corporate 3.5+ TRILLION of Foreign Profits?
      • EXFILTRATION of Foreign Capital to U.S. Treasuries … and non-Globalist Stocks?

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  9. Enoughisenough says:

    If Erdogan wanted his Op-ed to be read, he should have picked a different paper.

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    • WSB says:

      True. Erdogan’s ‘intelligence’ community has just exposed its vulnerabilities!

      Besides, he could have tweeted his little tirade. At least someone would have picked it up.

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    • Menotrite says:

      A real paper would not print such drivel. Turkey has not been our friend for quite some time. Can’t wait until they cry uncle.
      Screw ‘em

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      People don’t read “Pravda on the Hudson”?!!
      My level of disdain for all things NYT reached full bloom more than 30 years ago. I haven’t read it since.
      TCTH is journalism that the Sulzbergers’s can’t comprehend, much less read. If your schooling comes from the Frankfurt or Fabian spectrum, your not going to be intellectually equipped to understand the truths we Treepers easily digest each day.
      Moron’s goin’ ta’ moron. Make sure you keep hugging your icons Obumbles and Deblowmeo, New Yorkers.


  10. Ghost says:

    VSGPDJT moves in the middle east and differentiating responses by leaders of supposed allies.

    I was somewhat surprised that the first foreign place visited by VSGPDJT was Saudi Arabia. In retrospect it seems like a very good move that is paying dividends. I remember an article which published the price of oil needed by various countries to maintain their gov’t spending levels due to the fact that oil was their main source of revenues. The statistics were based in a study by the international oil institute that was done when Obozo was in office or PDJT first year in office.

    The price of $70.00 a barrel was break even for Saudi Arabia and most oil producing nations, including the Russia. The oil industry in the U.S. Has been released and projections are that by 2019 the U.S. will once again have the potential to export quantities of oil and gas.

    I listed potential Saudi concerns as the following.

    Nuclear Iran. Safety of shipping in the straits. The rise of Turkey with dreams of re-establishing the Ottoman empire. The Iran, Turkey axis influence in the middle east. Russian involvement in Syria and cooperation with Iran there. Oil pricing with the re-emergence of the U.S. on the international stage of oil production, oil independence reducing markets for exporters and possible U.S. exports.

    Addressing Saudi concerns as I see them.

    Removal of Iran deal. Imposition of tariffs coming into play recently. Dispatching U.S. warship to the straights last week after reports of damaged shipping. Sanctions imposed on Turkey with continued and upgraded sanctions on Russia. Previous use of U.S. military force in Syria costing Russian lives. Rebuilding U.S. economy requiring higher oil use. Rise of the U.S. dollar mitigating oil pricing for exporters therefore reducing the $70.00 barrel pricing needs. Current price U.S. oil $67.00 but should continue down.

    Actions speak loudly:
    Saudi Arabia moved quickly to fill in to replace oil to China for potential losses of Iranian oil. Anybody notice China removed tariffs on oil? When a disagreement between them was in place Saudi moved quickly against Canada with as stiffest possible actions that they could take. Wonder where they will go to replace those items needed that were going to come from Canada? I’m thinking the Saudi’s are sending a clear message to PDJT while cheering his move in Turkey.

    Since I’m still a relative newbie at this site ( 2nd second week and how did I survive without it!) I apologize if this has been covered in greater detail already by others.

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  11. Mike diamond says:

    President Trump is right on, all Obama did was mess stuff up !,

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  12. 335blues says:

    First, socialist canada, then communist china, now islamofascist turkey,
    their leaders are suggesting the American people will, at their urging, turn
    our backs on President Trump’s success in bringing to America what the majority of citizens have begged for for decades.
    Seriously? I’m going to do the bidding of Justin Trudeau, Emporer Xi and Recep Erdogan???
    Gee, three MORONS masquerading as leaders acting like, well, morons.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah, right.

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  13. Paul B. says:

    Erdogan, the Hitler wannabe, and obama’s best bud in the Middle East, is getting his clock cleaned. Delightful.

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  14. scott467 says:

    “…Turkish President Recep Erdogan writes an op-ed in the New York Times…”


    Well isn’t that conveeenient.

    Which one is the other’s useful idiot?

    Who’s using who?

    Reminds me of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”:

    I used her, she used me
    But neither one cared
    We were gettin’ our share…
    Workin’ on our night moves

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  15. scott467 says:

    Further into Erdogan’s diatribe he warns: “a failure to reverse this trend of unilateralism and disrespect will require us to start looking for new friends and allies.” Again hilarious.


    Hey Recey,

    Friends don’t let friends take hostages.

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  16. scott467 says:

    “But still… yet… it, his people seem to like him more than our own people seem to like us…”


    Oh, the hour is far later than that, lol!

    YOUR people like DJT more than your people like you!

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  17. YvonneMarie says:

    Fethullah Gulen is dangerous to the Republic of the USA. Not sure what his relation is to the attempted coup in Turkey, but he funds lots of Muslim schools in the USA.

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    • Maquis says:

      All Islam is a danger to the US. Any nice “moderate” Muslims here that might be sincere in their openness to not killing the rest of us are high on Islam’s Next-to-Kill List.

      Anti-Freedom, Anti-American, Anti-Human. It has no business in America. Other than Jihad, of course, stealth or otherwise. Stunning how ignorant and historically illiterate most Americans seem to be.
      I pray that changes.

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  18. bkrg2 says:

    “embrace the pain”
    love it!
    Time to put this Turkey on the endangered species list. Erdogan is ruining a beautiful country.
    Went there twice before the “coup”. Some of the coolest architecture and history. Now its no longer safe.

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  19. noswamp says:

    All because the Erdogan does not want to release an American Pastor. Really? Is he that dense?

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  20. Pyrthroes says:

    As Turks descend to despotism, trivially resembling stygian regimes from Iran to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, what has Stamboul’s Grande Porte to offer anyone? May Jamshyd’s lions gnaw Erdogan’s skull.


  21. Ospreyzone says:

    Erdogan is looking for a friend and shoulder to cry on. Maybe he should try the Armenians.


  22. iRock says:

    Hilariously the New York Times knows the truth… yet printed Erdogan OpEd without referencing the truth previous New York Times hard news.

    “Americans Jailed After Failed Coup in Turkey Are Hostages to Politics” – NYTimes 10/7/2017


  23. Rick says:

    Please give these two articles a few moments. For me all the names and characters started falling in place.


  24. cattastrophe says:

    Erdogan. There is a solution to your woes. Don’t arrest an American Christian just because he’s a Christian but after you have, release him when our President asks you to. Problem solved.


  25. Charles-Martel says:

    Turkey frankly is worse than useless. I’m in favor of letting that toady Erdogan preside front and center over its collapse.

    As a frequent world traveler I can tell you that up until Trump, you were on your own even if you were being killed and eaten inside a US embassy by foreign thugs. The State Department staff wouldn’t lift a finger. Not only that but most of that staff hates America and Americans at most embassies.

    Therefore to watch Trump collapse a muslim “ally’s” economy for jailing a Christian pastor is awe inspiring. I’m not sure many people understand what a powerful message this sends to the world.

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    • Nan says:

      It’s not surprising that Embassy staff dislike Americans; the State Department largely draws from a few elite East Coast schools where political science is not so much taught as evangelized. I’ve got my undergrad in IR, and you would not believe my anger when I finally figured out that we what all our textbooks presented as fact was actually Liberalism.
      One theory among many. They never tell you what the other schools of thought are, except to either condemn them (Realism) or introduce elements from them without telling you what those theories are (Marxism and anti-colonialism are most prominent). Basically, the curriculum ferments this death-to-the-nation-state attitude we see with so many of our politicians.

      What are we supposed to do with our State Department when the only “acceptable” degree programs reside almost solely in DC universities? The whole system is incestuous, and deeply in denial about how badly its compromised its intellectual health.


    • Bendix says:

      A rare exception was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s swift intervention on behalf of child smuggler Laura Silsby.
      The MSM accidentally covered this story, in the wake of the Haitian earthquake, until the word went out not to.

      I know there will be prayers said for our president when I go to church this evening.


  26. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    I don’t recall exactly but didn’t Recep Tayyip Erdogan try to snob or made some snide comments about our President at the NATO summit? Erdogan like the left here and the rest of the EU continues to underestimate POTUS. They still do not get that he is always miles ahead of them, he is way smarter than they are and when he says America First he means it. He is not your usual typical lying, betraying US “leader”.


  27. Concerned says:

    Charlottesville, Suggest that the President come out and tell them how proud he is of all of them for demonstrating peacefully. This is the way it should be done!


  28. Yep but America should be first then let see other nations


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