Breaking Overnight – Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet (SU-24) Near Turkish/Syrian Border…

Details sketchy – However, as previously anticipated this action could easily be seen as Turkish President Recep Erdogan working diligently to keep the ISIS supply lines open.

Remember, Turkey is a NATO member – if they engage in hostile actions with Russia, it could draw in other NATO allies….. Not Good.  The insufferable Erdogan escaping Putin’s wrath by hiding behind the skirt of U.S., France, Germany and U.K

russian fighter planeAccording to media reports (and video here) a Turkish F16 fighter has shot down a Russian made SU24 (also used by Syrian air force). Here’s the media outline from Reuters:

Turkish F-16 fighter jets shot down a war plane of unknown origin on Tuesday after it violated Turkish air space close to the Syrian border and ignored warnings, a Turkish military official told Reuters.

Separately, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s office said he had spoken with the chief of military staff and the foreign minister about developments on the border. The statement did not mention the downed jet. (link)

UPDATE: Turkish fighter jets shot down a warplane near the Syrian border after it violated Turkey’s airspace on Tuesday, a Turkish military official said, but the nationality of the downed aircraft was not immediately clear.

Both Russia and its ally, Syria’s government, have carried out strikes in the area. A Syrian military source said the reported downing was being investigated and Russia’s defense ministry was not immediately available for comment.

Turkish F16s warned the jet over the airspace violations before shooting it down, the military official told Reuters.  (read more)

Obama Erdogan - Turkeyputin2


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450 Responses to Breaking Overnight – Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet (SU-24) Near Turkish/Syrian Border…

  1. Jill says:

    Market chatter of hostage situation in Roubaix, northern France, several have gunshot wounds – waiting on details

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  2. Ziiggii says:

    Three steps as announced by top brass:

    1) Each and every strike groups’ operation is to be carried out under the guise of fighter jets.
    2) Air defense to be boosted with the deployment of Moskva guided missile cruiser off Latakia coast with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger.
    3) Military contacts with Turkey to be suspended.

    Russian General Staff representatives said on Tuesday.


    • Jason says:

      from article: *Rudskoy said the Russian warplane did not violate Turkish airspace. Additionally, according to the Hmeymim airfield radar, it was the Turkish fighter jet that actually entered Syrian airspace as it attacked the Russian bomber.

      The Turkish fighter jet made no attempts to contact Russian pilots before attacking the bomber, Rudskoy added.

      “We assume the strike was carried out with a close range missile with an infra-red seeker,” Rudskoy said. “The Turkish jet made no attempts to communicate or establish visual contact with our crew that our equipment would have registered. The Su-24 was hit by a missile over Syria’s territory.”*

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      • Ziiggii says:

        yes, it’s a “he said, he said” battle until someone produces the evidence. Who knows which will be the factual evidence?

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        • rodney says:

          Obama’s fingerprints are all over this. The U.S. has been boiling mad since the Russians upped the air strikes and bombing runs and took out the ISIS controlled oil refineries and slaughtering our Al Qeada fighters.

          I have no doubt Obama told Turkey to go ahead and send the Russians a message.

          But it’s the wrong way to send a message. Because Putin will get even with both groups. Those idiot Turkmen who took out the Russian S&R chopper will pay dearly for it.

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          • Rainer says:

            Obama’s fingerprints, or rather the stench of failure that is the hallmark of his presidency. It’s disgraceful to see the power and prestige of the United States in the hands of such an affirmative action incompetent. It’s Detroit level government with global reach and military power.

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        • Betty says:

          No matter what “he said or he said” it was just plain evil to shoot men out of the sky and then shoot down their rescue helicopter. As Hillary would say, and as she should say today loud and clear – that is not the kind of people we are.


          • Clc says:

            exactly. since Russia is not at war with turkey, and therefore turkey is not in any danger from Russia, why shoot their plane down? I understand protecting your airspace if the intruder is a threat to you. not the case here.


            • auscitizenmom says:

              A more civilized way of handling the situation would be to send representatives to a meeting and let them yell at each other. Hm, but they may have already done that.


    • warmac9999 says:

      Well, after all, there are lots of folks saying WWIII is in process. They are looking smarter every day.

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  3. feralcatsblog says:

    Well the foreign/military policy nitwit Rubio should be happy as he wanted to start shooting down Russian planes for his shariah loving and Christian killing “rebel” friends in Syria.

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    • Sentient says:

      AMEN! Also, Cruz will probably make some indecipherable statement intended to placate the neocons while lamenting the shoot-down.


      • moogey says:

        Cruz’s people are sending emails –

        “Nationally renowned radio host Rush Limbaugh just made a huge move of support for my campaign…even going as far as to defend me on national television!

        I can’t thank Rush enough for his supportive comments.

        And while Rush reaches millions every day — it is your support I’m writing to ask for today.

        Here is what Rush just said:
        “(Ted’s) conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend.”

        Paid for by “Cruz for President”……

        Every day, for at least two weeks, at least two emails indicating they are from Ted or Heidi Cruz. Money, money, money……..Cruz’s campaign is just like Obama’s. Throw out a few key words or well known patrons and ask the American people to believe that a smooth talking lawyer is the “be all to end all”.


    • moogey says:

      Some bloviating Big money Republican Elite was on Fox Business this morning, touting the fact that he has now put all his money on Rubio. The gentleman stated that while Jeb Bush would make a good President, Marco Rubio would be a great President. When asked about Rubio’s lack of foreign policy knowledge, big money stated, “Rubio sits on the Select Committee for Intelligence”.

      There you have it. Big Money Elite betting the country on a Freshman Senator who is bought and paid for by a billionaire “sugar daddy” is going to be touted as “Great” because he sits on a committee in Washington DC and he will abide by the wishes of those who have bought into Rubio as the savior of the RNC & GOPe.

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  4. Mr.Right says:

    Turkey should be EJECTED from NATO from acting the way its acting.

    Turkey is being radicalized and instating Sharia law, this goes against ALL western values our ancestors died for. LIBERTIES not oppression. Women rights, not subjugation…

    They have pushed hundreds of thousand of refugee north into europe.

    They have attacking Kurds on the northen borders (anyone remember kobani ?)

    They are supporting/supplying ISIS & islamic rebels

    And now this act of aggression on Russia for being passing a few seconds over a tip of its airspace ?

    From what I get : Turkey claimed this area from Syria, but this land grab was never recognized by Syria. So in Syria, the map show this tip be be part of Syria, not Turkey.

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  5. Honest Abbey says:

    I wish we had a separate thread for Obama’s sham earlier today, which the media calls a News Conference.

    Obama steps up and gets tough, calling out the Muslim Terrorists! He now calls “ISIL” a “GROUP”. How Terrorifying!!

    The other day a Group of Boy Scouts were setting up their annual Christmas Tree lot in the little town where I live and I was scared to death – there were FIVE of them and I was by myself. I didn’t know what to do, so I stepped on the gas and sped to the grocery store. On my way home, I took the back road because I like to avoid conflict.

    Here’s the gist of what Obama said today:

    We’ve faced greater threats to our way of life before … Blah, Blah, Blah.
    Make no mistake … We will win and GROUPS like ISIL will lose.

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  6. jackntx says:

    Hopefully Putin brings the pain to Turkey.

    Let’s revive Constantinople as a Christian city again.

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  7. Scott Spencer says:

    Just heard a sound byte from commander obozo.. Says ISIS ( yes he did indeed say Isis rather than ISIL) & he now states that Isis must be DESTROYED..

    I always knew this guy would throw his friends under the bus..

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  8. Coast says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I was totally shocked and disgusted with what Rubio said.

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    • Sentient says:

      I’ve never not been shocked and disgusted by anything Rubio has said.

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    • Enfant Terrible says:

      It’s shocking to hear someone running for president of the US advocating such a crazy position. Who is advising him to say such a thing????


    • keebler AC says:

      Marco Narco Rubio is nothing but a Junior Senator. Being a Junior disqualifies him from being President. Americans already learned that Barack Obama was a Junior Nothing Burger and was in no position to be president of this great country. He got there on special interest – his skin color, affirmative action. The exact same thing can be said about both Rubio and Cruz – they are Junior Senators with minimal significant experience running a hot dog stand nevermind a country! The country has gone insane desiring another barely formed moth pupae to be president!


    • jello333 says:

      Scumbag Rubio, like Fiorina and others, want to start WWIII… over NOTHING. I’m lucky to be here now, seeing how close I (and hundreds of millions of others) came to getting wiped out when I was a little kid in 1962. Back then I had no say over what the scum on both sides of the equation were threatening to do to the world. But now I have a say, and people like Rubio are NOT gonna have the last word.

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      • Totally. People do not understand how much easier things are now, compared to the cold war years. And yet the knee-jerk neocons and clueless neoprogs are both just itching to screw up the world.

        It’s very easy for the left to see Bush’s mistakes, and for us to see Obama’s and Clinton’s mistakes, but only people like Trump see both.


  9. Concerned says:

    I imagine the BLM idiots are upset because yet another story from another part of the world is stealing attention away from their rants. I haven’t checked yet … how many idiots died at the Minneapolis “protest”? (checking…..)

    On Monday night, five people suffered non-life-threatening gunshot injuries when at least one person opened fire on a crowd outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct building, authorities said.


  10. warmac9999 says:

    This is just great. Turkey is an Islamic state that is going more fundamentalist everyday. Russia, after Stalin, has become a Christian state and Putin sees himself as a defender of the faith. What could possibly go wrong.


  11. mcfyre2012 says:

    Let’s see the data records from the ground radars and AWACs aircraft to see.if the Russians were actually violating Turkish airspace.

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    • jello333 says:

      Looks like even if they did, it was only a few miles, for maybe a minute or two. ZERO threat to Turkey… they were just LOOKING for an excuse, any excuse. Sorry, but right now if it comes down to Obama/Turkey vs Russia, I’m absolutely on the side of Putin.


  12. hardiharhar says:

    The Russians have been good at assassination. Do the Turks and the world a favor. Eliminate Erdogan, Obama’s sweetheart.


  13. JAS says:

    I saw the radar tracks, they were provided by both sides. At best (Turkey), the SU-24 violated their airspace for less than a minute, and it was shot down 4km inside Syrian airspace,

    At worst (Russians), the aircraft never entered Turkish airspace.

    Turkish plot:

    Russian plot:


  14. bob e says:

    putin has got to have the goods on treasonous barry o’fraud. .. why not let them go to every news
    outlet ..


  15. It was going to happen sooner or later.
    Russia has been flying their jets over other territories, near ships and on and on.
    This time, they got shot down.
    Hopefully, this will be a warning to them.

    George Vreeland Hill


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