Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Principles of U.S. / EU Trade Agreement…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears on Fox News with Barf Baier to discuss the outlines of the trade agreement between the U.S. and E.U.

While there is overlap and a great deal of synergy depending on the deal being negotiated, within the central U.S. trade team each member has a specific region of responsibility to focus upon: ♦U.S.T.R Ambassador Robert Lighthizer has NAFTA; ♦National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow and White House Manufacturing Policy Director Peter Navarro have China; ♦Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has the EU.

So it makes sense that Secretary Ross would be the point-person discussing the outlines of the U.S./E.U. trade agreement.

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70 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Principles of U.S. / EU Trade Agreement…

  1. Minnie says:


    Barf Baier 😂😂

    Seriously, back to the article.


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    • Gil says:

      If you watch his face, whenever he has to concede POTUS has been successful or right, he has a mild nauseous look. IMO… 😅

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    • ezpz2 says:

      He was also on Lou Dobbs Tonight.
      I didn’t watch this BB interview, but I suspect the one with Lou Dobbs is better.

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      • noswamp says:

        “He was also on Lou Dobbs Tonight.
        I didn’t watch this BB interview, but I suspect the one with Lou Dobbs is better.”

        I think that BB and Shep and Hamer is the reason I refuse to watch Fox News during the day.
        And to all posters who feel they are moving left: I agree! Just within the last 3 months.

        Maybe Fox and Friends and Fox News evening lineup are exceptions.

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        • Jan says:

          Switch over to Fox Business News, except when Neil Cavuto is on for 2 hours–it’s on 10:00a to Noon, MST. Plus, you can watch what the stock market is doing. It came up $170 in an hour when the EU-USA deal was announced. Stuart Varney & Charlie Payne are very, very good & Charlie was roaring tonight!!

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          • Ospreyzone says:

            I Agree. FBN was laser focused on the Trump/EU announcement yesterday while swamp protector Neil Cavuto on FN was busy rooting for Jeff Flake to sully Secretary Pompeo.

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    • ecmarsh says:

      FAUX news talking about soybeans with some dude in a field pulling carrots. Fields of soybeans rotate with corn.It is price and demand. If the bottom of beans drop out China will starve.

      Side Note: Took the wife to the airport today for another of her trips. There are 2 hog confinement buildings going up 5 and 7 miles from me and they will be open before harvest. I haven’t seen a new building in 5 years. Pigs eat soybeans and I like cheap bacon. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

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      • Gary Thomson says:

        I remember the Obama administration department of federal prisons outlawing the serving of pork, including bacon. I believe the Obummers outlawed pork in deference to Muslims. The hog farmers weren’t too happy about that. I wonder if that rule has been canceled under President Trump.

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Hahahaha!! Yes so true omg!!


    • Patsy says:

      Haven’t watched Baier/SR in a year. Very little to watch on FOX anymore. Love CTH. Thanks for ALL of your efforts!

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  2. The Boss says:

    It would have been sweeter if Cavuto was doing the interview. I actually heard him say “This is a huge win for the President”. And if he got out of line, Wilbur would have bitch-slapped him senseless.

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  3. Give_Me_Conniptions says:

    I see Fox is trying to downplay this as much as possible.

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  4. jahealy says:

    Barf is really coming into his role as Top Male Fox Anti-Trump Newsreader.

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  5. graphiclucidity says:

    LOL @ the new pic of Kudlow.


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  6. Minnie says:

    ❤️ Wilburine – “our new President is engaging”

    And how!

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  7. mikebrezzze says:

    If every so called journalist had to post their 1099’s, they’d be referred to as fiction writers rather than journalists!

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  8. clipe says:

    Economics 101.


  9. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    Hmm. I did not know that Paul Ryan’s brother was a soybean farmer.

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  10. Steve Herman says:

    Wilbur Ross is awesome. I’ve been following him for years. The guy speaks common sense, doesn’t babble out wonkiest economic drivel. He’s 80yo and I truly think he’s loving his Commerce job bez he’s seen the US middle class get screwed for 30-40 years by the globalist. He’s hell-bent on helping the middle class and working poor, not so much Wall Street. Tho Wall Street will benefit also, just not at our expense. Yeah, he’s a billionaire but he’s from the day when capitalist took care of employees who made them wealthy and the shareholders were treated fairly.

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      You cannot help but notice that he is not very often interrupted while he is talking during an interview. He has a disarming, moderate tone to his speech. Almost calming. He generally looks directly at the interviewer and does not make any overly flamboyant gestures with his arms or hands. Hardly ever hesitates with “uhh” or “mmm”. He knows the subject under discussion.
      I think most interviewers are afraid to interrupt him because they probably don’t understand what he is telling them.
      He seems to have a bit of that PAPER CHASE Professor Kingsfield mojo.

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      • MAJA says:

        I love how he schooled Bret on who has accountability for ethanol subsidies. Very fun to watch the Cabinet taking control of the talking heads over the last couple of weeks. Then the CNN reporter gets banned. Winning on the media front too.

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    • piper567 says:

      Steve, I am a closet Wilburine groupie…
      He is just one of Trump’s Killers who work for nothing.
      Patriots of the first order.
      we are SO blessed.

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  11. Baier: “Are you going to be able to alleviate the pain to farmers within the next four months?”

    Geez, Ross is trying to win them market access, something they haven’t enjoyed for 70 years. Why the sudden impatience over the pain to farmers, Brett?

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  12. Kyle Clifton says:

    I have to say the addition of Kudlow as one of Trump’s little friends make me laugh. Every. Single Time.

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  13. Sparty says:

    Wow. Baire is such a manipulative shill. Notice how he somehow speaks for all farmers that they are oh so concerned, then produces a statement by a no name “farmer” that for all we know works for DOW AgroScience or was promised 150k worth of seed for calling Trump’s brilliant 12B program a political ploy. Please. It’s just pathetic. Just like his panel “All Stars” like AB Stoddard, Jonah Goldberg, Byron York, and up until recently Bill Kristol.

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    • Bullseye says:

      Parade of never Trumper idiots


    • KBR says:

      Mr. no name, a farmer from “somewhere in the midwest.”

      Is that the same as “sources say?”

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      • KBR says:

        Wish it could be discovered who that man was, and if he is indeed a farmer, perhaps a letter saying
        Dear Mr. Noname,

        It has come to our attention that you prefer not to take part in the benefits of the new no tarriff no subsidies trade deals.

        We will honor your wishes by ceasing all trade sales from your farm.

        Please let us know how else we may be of service.

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      • Carl says:

        Ha. And a very grumpy and skeptical farmer at tha.


      • Marguerite says:

        Maribel Wisconsin farmer Michael Slattery, 2016 Democrat primary candidate for U.S. House of Representatives district 6. Slattery was an international financial executive, setting up and running businesses for the United States’ largest finance company in Japan for six years. He’s also been involved with a couple of progressive Catholic groups (Call to Action, Pax Christi), which (from cursory website reviews) don’t seem to place their main emphasis on Jesus.

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      • Cheri Lawrence says:

        Another crisis actor!


    • Summer says:

      Up until recently? What happened to Bill Kristol? I hope it was painful, whatever it was.

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    • MAJA says:

      There was a farm bill that somehow got resurrected during the 0bama years that handed out $50k or $75k to minority farmers who had been discriminated against. You didn’t even need to be a farmer to qualify. Maybe some the working farmers are cynical because of where the money used to go.

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  14. dufrst says:

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  15. Alap says:

    When will they stop underestimating this President? Trump is a force for the USA.

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    • Bill Dunn says:

      Alap our President is like a Tropical Storm in the Atlantic, by the end of his first term he will be a category 5 Hurricane.
      He is mastering the powers of the President,
      let those Anti America fools try to resist him.
      The POTUS is rolling back those catastrophic Obama years,a little at a time.


  16. 335blues says:

    “So you are calling today a win?”
    Good Lord, baier is a freaking halfwit.
    How can someone with so little intelligence
    be allowed to ask questions of the Secretary of Commerce after a deal is reached to right 70 years of wrong.
    You are a worldclass idiot Baier.

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  17. MfM says:

    I think the 12 Billion was part of getting the EU to really come to the table. The US has deeper pockets and by saying that the government was going to soften the blow the EU knew it couldn’t out wait Trump and have political pressure brought to bear.

    Then EU graciously gave up the fight.

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  18. LBB says:

    I don’t think trade is BB’s wheel house. I like the part Wilburine says PDJT told everyone @ the G20 what his trade goals were. But no one listening. PDJT is often crystal clear of his expectations.

    Zero x4.
    0 Tariffs
    0 Non-trade barrier
    0 subsidsies
    0 barriers to access to others markets

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  19. qualifiedobserver says:

    WOW that guy is smart. A pleasure to listen to; so pragmatic and clear.

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  20. wheatietoo says:

    Our Wilburine was also on Lou Dobbs tonight.

    Sec Ross also said:

    “If you’re going to get into a tit-for-tat with your trading partners, the time to do it is when your economy is booming…like ours is right now.”

    This is why Pres Trump is hitting them All, all at once.
    Timing is everything.

    Our President worked first on getting our economy going, with the Tax Cuts and Slashing Excessive Regulations.

    With the economic boom underway…the time was right to take on the unfair Trade Deals.
    Our VSG President knows what he is doing.

    Well done, Mr. President!

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  21. Patriot1783 says:

    Barf Baier 😂😂😂

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  22. dobbsfan says:

    Loved that Ross also hammered BB regarding the “ethanol relief” question for corn farmers.

    Point Blank…….Ross says “that’s not a trade issue”…….”that’s a policy issue.”

    My guess, most journalists wouldn’t even realize this important point when they were prepping their questions……Ross discredited it “in an instant.”


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  23. Ospreyzone says:

    I cannot even imagine the overwhelming size, …the enormity,…the absolute massiveness…
    …of Claude Juncker’s hangover this morning.

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  24. Sparty says:

    Someone called it below! The “farmer” Baire featured just happened to be a former finance executive that ran as Democrat For a House seat few years back. Failed. That’s our “farmer”. Baire is such a shill. Shameful.


  25. G. Combs says:

    WHERE was the concern for all the farmers AND CONSUMERS when the WTO Agreement on Ag was completely revamping the US regulatory system adding $$$$ and TIME spent by farmers trying to stay in compliance WHILE hands on inspection of CORPORATIONS was done away with?

    WHERE was the concern when food borne illnesses DOUBLED for three years in a row after the International HACCP regs (inspect paperwork) replaced hands on inspection by animal vets and biologists? SEE: HACCP’S Disconnect From Public Health Concerns by John Munsell

    Farmers got ear tags, Premise ID (You become a stakeholder instead of the owner of your farm LINK) and inspections by prissy USDA and FDA inspectors. Premises ID removes privacy rights from land and become a permanent part of the deed. It places information about the residence into a data base (IN CANADA) and allows search without a warrant.

    …..Not to mention importing of food products WITHOUT quarantine or inspection.

    In the late 1990s the USA exported 700,000 tons of quality beef while importing 1,500,000 tons from countries with: Naegleria fowler, Encephalitis, vesicular stomatitis viruses, Leptospirosis, Trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease), and foot and mouth disease. The US imported 2.5 million live cattle from Canada with BSE (now found in USA) and from Mexico with tuberculosis (now found in USA), brucellosis (now found in USA) cattle tick fever, (now found in USA) Trypanosoma cruz,, (now found in USA), Bluetongue (now found in USA), and Vesicular stomatitis.

    “ disease challenges are emerging. Some are domestic diseases that are increasing in significance. Others are foreign diseases that may be imported as result of the exponential increases in international importations of animals and animal products. Our industries and our economy are threatened by diseases and pests that heretofore we only read about in disease text books…”

    Consumer illness will become the primary “disease prevention tool”
    The public will become the major “testing ground” for disease as lab testing is minimized in favor of “Traceability” “Risk Assessment” and a management system from ISO/OIE called “Good Farming Practices”. Instead of catching food safety problems BEFORE they get to the consumer, the new focus is to track back the problem AFTER it has sickened and killed consumers. Transnational corporations will try to transfer liability to the farmer so they do not lose their reputations or have to pay for lawsuits. There was even a conference scheduled in 2009 addressing how to pass the blame to farmers.

    Conference to address food-borne illness litigation

    “The conference will cover topics such as aligning damage assessments/expectations with the outcomes from recent resolved litigation; managing an outbreak effectively to minimize shareholder and reputational risk afterwards as quickly as possible; and how to measure and prove actual control of various players in the movement of contaminated food to accurately assess apportionment of liability.
    h t t p://

    Risk Assessment

    “There is a small chance that mad cow disease.. (BSE), is already in this country, according to a risk assessment released today by Harvard University. The risk assessment concluded that even if BSE had entered this country, it wouldn’t become a major public health problem, although human illnesses could occur”.
    Harvard Risk Assessment 12/3/2001

    This is the “scientific basis” behind the USDA ban on 100% BSE testing at Creekstone Farms and mandating “less than 1 percent [40000 per year] of slaughtered cattle to be tested for BSE. The agency contends that more comprehensive testing doesn’t guarantee food safety and may produce a false positive that alarms consumers.” (You save the brain by freezing and RETEST–DUHHHhhhh!)
    h t t p://
    Of course if you do not test you will not find the disease.

    With tainted food in foreign imports, why is the USDA and FDA spending so much time and resources fixing a problem that does not exist while ignoring the flood of imports coming across our borders?

    From International Organization OIE (Office International des Épizooties) we have:

    “It is urgent that scientists come forward with alternative methods of disease control that will not only avoid wastage of valuable animal proteins but that will also promote the international trade of animals and animal products by removing technically unjustified trade barriers caused by animal diseases”, h t t p://


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