Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Fraudulent/Misleading FISA Application…

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte is deeply connected to the investigation on the specifics of the FISA abuse.  The House Judiciary Committee has primary oversight over the FISA Court and the use therein by the DOJ.   Additionally, Bob Goodlatte and FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer have exchanged letters, and inquiries, relating to the FISA application against U.S. Person Carter Page.  We now know Collyer was the original FISC judge who approved the sketchy and misrepresented FISA application.

Earlier today Goodlatte joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the Carter Page FISA Warrant, all it’s redactions, and plans to proceed. Additionally Chairman Goodlatte discusses John Brennan, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch being sought for questioning on their actions during the 2016 Presidential Election; as well as compliance responses from Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein and Lisa Page.

The current DOJ and FBI elements of the intelligence community are only slightly less corrupt internally than they were prior to the Trump inauguration. Institutionally they are still full of corrupt individuals; and administratively they are managed by people concerned about retaining/protecting the institutions – not eliminating the corruption. In our ongoing opinion this institutional emphasis is misplaced and misguided at best, and complicit at worst; likely more the latter.

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291 Responses to Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Fraudulent/Misleading FISA Application…

  1. Truthfilter says:

    Anyone ever notice how the Left never goes after Maria B? Don’t know how she escapes the persecution. Judge Jeanine seemed to also be immune to attacks until she went on “The View” last week. They are safe until they venture outside an invisible box? Is this a NY thing? Love them both.

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  2. bhruska123 says:

    Clapper finally is playing their ultimate get out of jail card. “Obama ordered it”.

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    • De Oppresso Libre says:

      Just like at Nuremburg in 1945-1946, the “I was only following orders” defense is not going to fly….when each of them were faced with the choice of either doing the right thing, or “following orders,” they all chose the latter because they never believed President Trump would win, the vile, repugnant, Bestial Bride of Bubba would be in the Oval Office (God, that’s scary to contemplate even hypothetically), and everything would simply disappear down the deep state dustbin without a bottom, never to be brought up again. As Her Thighness screamed to Donna Brazille, “If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist F^^k will have us swinging from nooses!” How prescient of her (sarc/)…..too bad our society is too pussilanimous to hand down an actual death penalty verdict, much less actually execute her – and her accomplices.

      I wish we would construct a gallows on he Washington Mall, complete with 13 steps and four nooses, to publicly hang the traitors like the common filth and trash they all are. Hillary, Bubba, Barry, Eric, Loretta, Brennan, Comey, Rosestine, McCabe, Yates, Rice and the list goes on and on. But, I guess we’ll be fortunate if any of them actually even get serious federal prison time. Hopefully this is only the beginning, and enough information will be made public, that the Silent Majority will finally take action.

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      • jimsung says:

        Admiral Rogers didn’t just follow orders. In fact, he put everything on the line to do the right thing. I have to say, being retired military, I’m surprised a senior officer would do that. I’m not the man to make heroes out of other mortals. But I look up to Trump and Rogers (and Gen Brad Webb).

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        • 6x47 says:

          When I was in the Basic School at Quantico Commandant General Gray had a list of required reading for all officers. Among the books on the list were Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, and many lesser known but important books about war and what it means to be an officer.

          There was one anecdote from a book written by a WW I German officer that sticks in my mind. A major was being questioned by a general about why he had done something which was manifestly ill-advised and ended badly. His response: He was following orders. The General told him, “Herr major, you are a major precisely because you are supposed to know when not to follow orders …”

          An officer, especially a senior one, is supposed to know when to follow orders explicitly and when to exercise his own judgement and discretion. Admiral Rogers knew that something was rotten in DC and that in failing to alert the President Elect he would be guilty of aiding the seditious plot of Obama, Brennan, and Clapper to undermine the duly elected President. Admiral Rogers used his own discretion to decide that as an officer sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, it was his duty to inform the incoming Commander in Chief of the plot against him. The ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL PLOT against him.

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      • Republicanvet91 says:

        “just following orders”

        Each of them individually swore an oath, and it wasn’t to follow orders.

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        • bluesman125 says:

          Actually, the Oath DOES explicitly require obedience to orders. Not just ANY orders, I agree. But in fact, “…to obey all lawful orders…” is an explicit part of the Oath taken by all members of the military. Rogers was correct to take the actions he took, and any of the coup plotters that attempt to hide behind illegal orders from any superior, even Obama, will find no safety there.

          The point of my post is yeah, we DO follow orders and are legally required to do so, and morally obliged to do so. But every military individual must determine if those orders are lawful, and they will be held accountable for disobedience of the right orders, and obedience of the wrong orders.


      • Bill says:

        We can start a GoFundMe account, Gallows or guillotines!!
        But remember, there are dozens and dozens that supported that go beyond Hillary, Bubba, Barry, Eric, Loretta, Brennan, Comey, Rosestine, McCabe, Yates, Susan Rice!!

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    • Charlie says:

      dead man walking


    • Jedi9 says:

      Maybe looking into this ORG might explain a few things! No wonder why Strzok was so smug!

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        • GB Bari says:

          That was pretty useless. Makes a stunning declaration but then immediately ends before offering to back it up with a single piece of evidence.

          Any clown could write that.


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      • MSPS says:

        That may well be part of why Strzok is so smug but the primary reason for his affect is that he is a psychopath with narcissistic tendencies. These people are dangerous and believe they are untouchable and belonging to a secretive select group gives them extra confidence and a sense that they are invincible.
        This type of personality disorder appears to run strong in Comey, Strzok, Obama and the rest of that ilk. They believe they have prepared for every contingency, are invincible, and are charming. By now it should be easy to see this disorder on their faces and by the way they act!


      • snellvillebob says:

        So is it safe to say that this SES = Deepstate?


    • EricStoner says:

      Made me remember Susan Rice and her “dear diary” recollection of a meeting with Obama where, as she recalls, he was above reproach and ordered things be handled by the book. Of course, her diary would be a goldmine of delusions, deceptions, and lies!


  3. C. L Roemke says:

    Who released these FISA docs? Some one claimed Dan Coats did , implying he was angry for getting punked at the Aspen security fest. So he released it the next day.
    I prefer to think it’s a predicate to the next IG report due soon – covering possible FISA violations and Clinton Foundation investigations.
    Why were these docs released now, unexpectedly?


    • MTK says:

      I been wanting to comment of the FISA DOCS…

      Well, truth be told, since every post I have made over the last two days has been in one way or another about the FISA docs.

      First, And I won’t claim to be the first…”But has not Congressional and Sundance been making hay, out the fact if the FISA docs were released OUR narrative of substitution would show the docs would NOT comform with what was presented to the FISC, thus another factiod into the ‘deep state’ collusion.

      But, zilch on that. But I digest.

      Second, Congressional Oversight has been seeking these docs for months, barring an act GOD, they could not get the DOJ to release these docs, but the NYTimes files a FOIR, and the DOJ rolls over and releases them. Yet not’a word to the wise, about how that smacks of duplicity. Even, from the very people seeking these docs by LAWFUL Congessional means.

      But, what heck the loudest Congressional Oversight members ARE NOT UP FOR RE-ELECTION. THEY ARE NOT RUNNING.



      • Dixie T says:

        Judicial Watch was the group who received these docs via a Federal Court Order. I read earlier this morning that Trump gave the OK for these docs to be given to certain news outlets. Although the NYT had a FOIA Request in for these docs, the Judge in the Judicial Watch case “ordered” the DOJ to turn over the docs to Judicial Watch; Judicial Watch received the documents FIRST.

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  4. CopperTop says:

    WHY the release of FISA now…begs the question what else happened just a week prior to the release. Perhaps there’s a related reason.

    Docket No Misc 1308 Filed July 11

    1) The DOJ filed a motion to stop movants to assert a claim to the FISA court for release of certain documents.

    The Proper Way for Movants To Assert Any Claimed Legal Entitlement
    to the Withheld Classified Material Is Through a Suit Against Relevant
    Government Agencies in District Court …

    One of which is :”11. 200 I and . .. June 2, 20 IS”
    “orders authorizing surveillance of
    Carter Page”

    2) Paul Manafort Jury is about to be seated and Tony Podesta is reported on in terms of potentiality for immunity.

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    • CopperTop says:

      Who is moving for orders authorizing surveillance…is it Judicial watch…is it something else? Is there related discovery a manafort defense would be entitled to if certain individuals are given immunity to testify?


    • CopperTop says:

      Many wonder why the FISA release came form the court. While the motion from DOJ is pending on jurisdiction appropriateness of the court to respond to claimants seeking release of info from the court is as GOOD TIME AS any. And possibly vitally important based on what DOJ is trying to do by limiting this Court to what it can release based on the jurisdiction of set out in statute.


  5. Truthfilter says:

    Rosenstein knew bc he is acting AG over anything Sessions can’t cover. Rosenstein redacted or gave the order and approved them. He’s a bad bird in this. A really bad bird.

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  6. MTK says:

    Any reasonable person on the CTH, should and can acknowledge one simple fact.
    NONE, of this would be taking place without HRC illegal email server. It is as almost, the illegality of the server has been met with an overriding concideration, THAT IF HRC IS PROSECUTED, UGLY Not In My Name truths will be revealed about Govt. As a matter of fact, unless the GOVT acts to exonerate, these docs will see the light of day.

    The recent IG Report stated, in it terms quite clearly, ” If the contents where released…, not as in possibility ‘what might be released, as in a what might be released as an unknown’ but as a definite to as might be released. The Govt knows full well who is holding all the cards and is acting accordingly.

    Stop an think about that for moment…
    ‘HRC criminal liability is butress by fact her get out of jail card is banking on causing more damage.”

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    • 6x47 says:

      Bingo. The corruption and criminality of the Clintons has always been my objection to them. More than policy, the corrosive effect of their corruption on the system has been their legacy.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Damage to her aiders and abettors, that is. I doubt Trump has lost a nanosecond of sleep over THAT. Unlike them . . . .

      It all comes back to the Benghazi hearings. For all their faults without them we never would have known about the bathroom server And if Her Odiousness & her helpers and enablers are prosecuted and convicted Ambassador Stephens and the other three brave men who died while their superiors hid and slept will be avenged at last.


  7. Cathy M. says:

    Naaah, Google ain’t political/biased.

    Google the word “Idiot” & view the images. The most images are of one person. Guess who.


  8. Marica says:

    Cathy– and I tried for 10 minutes today on google to find the pic of HRC in her “Pot holder” dress–However– “oven mitt ” did find it…LOL!!

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  9. Dixie T says:

    Trey Gowdy and one other member of the House Intelligence Committee were able to see these documents “unredacted” in a DOJ scif (vaulted room), months ago. So, they KNOW what some of the redactions are about!!!


  10. Paul Killinger says:

    Obviously, NO ONE has anything that could be construed as “Oversight” over the DOJ or the FBI, much less the FISA Court. That’s what caused this giant mess in the first place!


    • farrier105 says:

      The hard part about fighting spy agencies is figuring out what they will do next. If you can, you are in with a chance.


  11. AussieTrev says:

    I really do not understand the tack Director Wray is taking on all of this. Instead of protecting the wrong dooers within the FBI and the DOJ the Director should have been reaping a whirlwind to suck up all those that have committed offences or have severely breached guidelines and should be publicly flaying them because not to do that is to retain the stench of corruption hanging over these two organisations at the moment. The only way he is going to salvage the reputation of the FBI is to publicly prosecute all those who have done wrong and publicly disown them, banish them from the FBI family for good. The agent who swore out this warrant has obviously, having read the warrants committed perjury, and assuming that it is Strzok, then his arrest should really be imminent.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      He can’t see the forest for the trees. All he can see is how many get out of jail cards will have to be handed out to true criminals because of compromised FBI investigations, forgetting that those who betrayed their oaths of office and their country to overturn the 2016 Presidential election have done far more damage to the US than any number of crooks could have. And besides, many of those criminals might be retried using non-contaminated evidence. Hopefully on the dime of those convicted of sedition (although I doubt that will happen. The mass of citizenry will have to pony up for that. Oh well . . .)


  12. navysquid says:

    One thing that may have been missed by some in this interview, Rep Goodlatte stated that the documents have been A LOT more forthcoming since Atty Lausch (sp) came on board to help with their release. I know I have at times and others have bashed on AG Sessions and his people but that was good to hear by Rep Goodlatte. Let’s have faith in Lausch, Huber, and Sessions…because I trust Pres Trump.

    Let’s hope that these docs and others information continues to be revealed. I picture this whole situation, if any of you have been fishing before, as one big messed up ball of line that needs to be untangled and you know it’s going to take forever but as you continue to pull and unwind, and untangle it begins to open up and at the center of all of this will be HRC, Obama, Lynch, Kerry, Brennan, Rice, et al, the entire Head Shed of our Gov’t the last 8 years and more of nothing but corruption and possibly things we do not even want to believe people were involved in.


    • fractionalexponent says:

      Good point, squid (ex-squid coastie here). If Judicial Watch got a FOIA to reveal who is doing the redactions, it would likely also be redacted. Redactions done in secret to hide their own crimes done in secret. Maybe an executive order to have redactions signed, sworn and dated by the redactor could speed things up.

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  13. Doppler says:

    Sundance, can you please clarify two things about this FISA warrant? First, I believe I read long ago that such a warrant allows the government not only to surveil the target but those with whom the target communicates, and maybe beyond that another degree. So if Page receives an email from some central coordinator to all persons on advisory panels to the Trump campaign, then they all could be targeted? This would involve surveillance of the entire Trump campaign? An important point that doesn’t seem to get mentioned much.

    Second, does “surveillance” entail access to everything collected by NSA’s PRISM program, I,e, all digital communication sent over the internet? Texts, emails, voip, Dropbox, even spy bot malware hidden on our devices to capture our keystrokes and report them to nefarious hackers of all stripes?



    • OpenMind says:

      Used to be three hops. Changed to two hops post-Snowden, but the numbers I’ve seen indicate two hops allows literally thousands of targets. Tablet magazine has a good article called License to Hop .


      • TarsTarkas says:

        Wait? Are you saying that they wouldn’t have kept ‘hopping’ to the nth degree because of a stupid rule that shouldn’t apply to the True Rulers when they already shown that following rules are optional? That only the forms have to be obeyed, retroactively, if necessary? C’mon, man!
        (Comment made in jest, not in anger, at you. But I do believe it is nonetheless true).


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