Sunday Talks: John Bolton -vs- Margaret Brennan (N.Korea, Russia, Iran)…

White House national security adviser John Bolton appears on Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan to discuss North Korea and Russia.  Within the interview Bolton says the U.S. could dismantle North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs within a year if the North Koreans committed to scrapping their arsenal in accordance with the agreement reached in Singapore last month.

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  1. Orygun says:

    Love me some Bolton. A guy who speaks straight with a twinkle in his eye. That “We’ll see” comment was devastating. Way to go, John!

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      I really see that twinkle too hahaha!!

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    • huecowacko says:

      Orygun: That parting “glad to be here” with the confident smile, partially obscured by the ‘stache, wasn’t too bad either, a smile of victory.

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    • Dav says:

      “I think that’s nonsense. That’s nonsense.”

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Your so right! Bolton was fantastic with this WHORE today. He didn’t give her a damn inch and defended our President wonderfully. If the European Union 🇪🇺 is so damned worried about Russia 🇷🇺, why is Germany 🇩🇪 only spending a little over 1% of their GDP for NATO’s defense.

      I loved his statements about North Korea 🇰🇵. The WHORE was shocked when Bolton said we could have the majority of WMD and ballistic missiles destroyed in one calendar year. These people don’t understand Trump Time. The fact we aren’t taking our foot off the pedal with sanctions, tells me the BS article from WAPO was exactly that, BS!

      Russia 🇷🇺 is completely aligned with our President when it comes to Iran 🇮🇷! Just yesterday our President called the King of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 to increase daily production by an additional 2 million barrels of oil a day. That is to make up the difference for Venezuela 🇻🇪 and Iran 🇮🇷. Guess what our President will be speaking with Putin about. Help us get Iran 🇮🇷 out of Syria 🇸🇾 and I will encourage the King to assure you are part of that additional two million barrels a day.

      I still believe that the Mullahs will be either killed or run out of Iran 🇮🇷 before the last missile is dismantled in North Korea 🇰🇵 which will ABSOLUTELY happen!

      We are witnessing history right in front of our eyes!

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        And if they are run out that will be Putin’s chance to gain the dream of every Russian ruler since Pyotr I; a warm-water port with direct access to the ocean.

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    • Edward says:

      Is it me, or is this woman insufferable?


  2. Peoria Jones says:

    That disdainful utterance she makes at 7:40. What a snide, unprofessional little bitch.

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    • Hangtown Bob says:

      Appropriate for a show called “Deface The Nation”.

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    • MAJA says:

      Love the “That’s ridicules” statement Bolton made to her a couple of times, combined with his incredulous expression was wonderful.

      She’s a slightly nicer version of the BBC gal who was frothing at the mouth with insinuation, attacks, and insults.

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  3. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan ”

    Thank you for posting the clip because otherwise I would not watch this program.

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  4. DanO64 says:

    So glad Bolon was brought on the team.

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  5. inquisitorLost says:

    “spending aside, let’s look at worst case misconstrued words”.

    Come on Bolton, you know the routine. Let’s focus on ONLY what we have been paid to focus on.

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  6. Hangtown Bob says:

    Appropriate for a show called “Deface The Nation”.

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  7. simicharmed says:

    Globalist-Propagandist Margaret Brennan clearly has no structural understanding of the questions (script), she has memorized.

    Another Quasi-Hollywood-Actor who can memorize a script and play a make-believe character – in this case it’s a Journalist.

    These people could never truly “Face The Nation”…

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    • Karmaisabitch says:

      We’re getting wiser, they can no longer hustle us who apply transparency to our perception; which doesn’t require anything but seeing the truth, and letting our senses be our guide. So easy, yet so many years it took to develop that perception. Transparency with common sense is an unbeatable combination.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “Another Quasi-Hollywood-Actor who can memorize a script …”

      “I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear”
      – Don Henly, Dirly Laundry


  8. SPANGLER says:

    The US has very few allies in Europe…
    …..Germany and France are not allies.

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  9. rmramerica says:

    …”That’s just nonsense”, ….as Bolton said to Brennan’s dismay. That summed up the entire conversation on Fake the Nation.

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    • GB Bari says:

      He was being very polite.
      “That’s deliberately fabricated BS.” would have been more accurate.

      Brennan exudes so much hubris and arrogance, it’s impossible to not want to smack that smug look off her face. I’d bet even our Treepettes would agree. They’d probably be more vicious. 🙂

      Bolton did well, but I really don’t know why the White House agrees to have anyone appear on any network beyond certain Fox programs, and maybe OANN.

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      • L. Gee says:

        They appear on these shows to reach the people who watch these shows, of course. Preaching to the choir, while energizing, doesn’t quite get the same results as going into enemy territory and speaking the truth!


      • G. Combs says:

        Slap? I would leave nail tracks on her face AND then get nasty.

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      • Mongoose says:

        It’s like walking into their hood and leaving bodies strewn all over the pavement. They are made to look like the fools they are and they take it in the ‘ol schnaz.


  10. Tall Texan says:

    I just want to thank Sundance for doing what he does for us, particularly with the Sunday shows. I stopped watching them years ago, and it was a wise move, I believe. Now, thanks to Sundance, I am able to watch the snippets that matter.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      I used to listen to the Sunday talks while catching up on housework. Deface the Nation is on our local radio, and I stopped listening altogether after Margaret Brennan took over. Now, I only catch up on podcasts of Chris Plante, Rush, and other friendlies. I’m better informed, and happier. 🙂

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  11. L. E. Joiner says:

    Much as I admire John Bolton, he was artfully dodging her question about Crimea. The reason of course is that it’s a fait accompli and the Russians aren’t leaving. The real question is how to insure a more-or-less independent Ukraine (as the Russians agreed to some years ago) without obligating NATO to defend it. /LEJ

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    • Joiner, correct. Crimea is beautiful. Always had been a seaside jewel of Russian culture, language and geography. A thousand years or so. I believe it was Kruschev that ‘gave it to Ukraine’ during the 50’s or 60’s. It has been Ukrainian for about one lifetime. ‘Indian Giving’, “We’ll see”. I am without a degree in Russian/Ukrainian History so someone should correct me if this is completely mistaken.

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      • cthulhu says:

        It should be noted that Tennyson’s famous poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade” commemorates part of the Battle of Balaclava on Crimea in 1854. British, Russians, and Turks were fighting over the area.

        Half a league half a league
        Half a league onward
        All in the valley of Death
        Rode the six hundred:
        `Forward the Light Brigade
        Charge for the guns’ he said
        Into the valley of Death
        Rode the six hundred


        • TarsTarkas says:

          A celebrated but tragic blunder caused by miscommunication, an all-too common theme of the Crimean War.


          • munchenfez says:

            We should never have got involved in the Crimean War. It was only fought because Disraeli wanted something from the Ottomans. We should have let Russia rescue the rest of Eastern Europe and then return Constantinople to the real world instead of remaining in Lucifers.


      • Mongoose says:

        Yes, unfortunately, a fait accompli. But what no one mentions is under whose watch this happened. Obozo!! That’s who.

        So, are we to go to war with Russia to kick them out like we did Hussein in Kuwait? I don’t think so.

        But we can put him on notice about his desires to reassemble the old Soviet empire with the eastern peoples of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc. Make no mistake, he is moving like China is in Asia and the South China sea. Consolidating territories and using “history” as the excuse to change current borders.


    • A2 says:

      Joiner, I noticed that also, except the US official position, that he reiterated on Ukraine and Crimea is this:
      “U.S. policy towards Crimea remains unchanged, a senior U.S. State Department official has said while commenting on reports in the media that U.S. President Donald Trump considers the peninsula to be Russian.

      “We’ve reiterated that our Crimea policy remains. We support Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, and our Crimea policy remains unchanged,” the official said during a special briefing via teleconference.

      According to him, U.S. sanctions against Russia on Crimea “will remain in place until Russia ends its occupation and returns Crimea to Ukraine.”

      Mr Bolton was making that point by insisting Ukraine includes Crimea.

      I should also note that the so-called comment attributed to the President at the G7 was reported by Buzzfeed. Thus the interviewer was separating the two to make a political point and to knock the President.


  12. Hillyard says:

    Who does this snotty little bitch think she is? Her pretentious attitude makes me wants to slap her myself. Bolton is outstanding at handling her attempts to sway the dialog and make “points” that just are not there.

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    • Margaret Brennan–Check out her Wikipedia entry. Middle East studies with a minor in Arabic language. She studied in Arab countries. IOW she went native a while ago. She married a Muslim guy who did serve in our military and is fairly apostate but…..She’s still a flake in my book.
      John Bolton looks very healthy and fit. He will be with Trump all eight years. This is the new Trumpian John Bolton. People change. He knows that he sinned a bit during his Bush years.

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    • Mongoose says:

      Bolton learned to deal with this type during his stint at the UN and the State Dept. Little weenies who sit behind a desk and are dindu nuffins.


  13. MVW says:

    The real story was Putin’s new qualification, Russian ‘State’ did not interfere. Bolton also implied Russia is interfering in 2018 mid terms.

    I keep wondering if the interference by Russia is via the US media and its hysterical Trump-Hate (among other America hating owners of the media)?

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    • Karmaisabitch says:

      He’s got to throw them a bone. It”s an easy exposure where he can get his points across, he can’t be too disagreeable. At the moment they only attack Russia as a salve for their bewilderment and hurt feelings, everything else including common sense, is out of reach. Don’t forget when the DNC started crying Russia, they would not let the FBI investigate their hard drive. What does that tell you, eh?


  14. RJ says:

    I enjoy watching Ambassador Bolton explaining to our CBS infobabe wanna be interrogator this Administration’s international goals and positions along with the reasons supporting them.

    However. at the end of this clip I noticed the screen changed with a multitude of other clips presented, many with the picture of Obama-Mao.

    My stomach turned immediately, so I killed that window! Ruined the good feelings I had with Bolton. Liar Barry is going to come forward right after Michelle (loved her earlier James Brown hairdo!) locks up the suckups’ signatures for movie deals and sending big bucks into her family’s accounts Bet me B. Hussein learned a lot from the Clinton’s enrichment behaviors over the years.

    Maybe Val will take a vacation to Iran just as the revolution hits the bullets flying phase…prayers sometimes do get answered…just sayin.

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  15. starfcker says:

    Bolton crushed her at the end. She wanted to fuss about an offhand comment President Trump made and totally dismiss the failure of the commitments other countries have made to fund their own defense. The mind of a liberal is a terrible thing, and it’s a waste.

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  16. frank field says:

    Wow. I’m starting to like Bolton. Maybe he’s not so “Bushy”.

    He did well here. I’m sure he wonders why Europa stood by with arms folded as they and Obama allowed the Crimea and the Ukraine escalations.

    Trump is AWESOME and Bolton is doing his job. Me happy

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    • Dutchman says:

      During the Reagan admin., there were 2 ‘camps’; the Reaganites, and the Bushies.

      The Bushies advised Ronny DO NOT SAY “Mr Gorbachav, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”

      The Reaganites were saying “let Reagan be,Reagan, and “say it, say it!”.

      I don’t actually know if Bolton was in Reagan admin, then, or how he wade in.
      But given that when he was ambassador to UN, and the threatened to move the UN out of the US, and he replied, “I’ll be standing on the dock, waving good bye!”, I think Bolton was a Reaganite, NOT a ‘Bushie’.

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  17. palafox says:

    This is another episode of “Libs gonna Lib.”

    Funny they are so deeply concerned about the desecration of the international border between Russia and Ukraine — a region of the world with a history most liberals haven’t spent 10 seconds of their lives learning about — but when it comes to the US southern border, they are all for the blurring and erasure of it.

    Anything to be outraged.

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  18. Paul B. says:

    I’m convinced the job requirements for these interviewers is impromptu acting ability. The task is to keep the pressure on, no matter how ridiculous the thematic content. As long as the dynamic is against the interviewee, the interviewer has done her job.

    Of course, that pertains only to Republican interviewees. The job of the interviewer when interviewing a Democrat is to ask mildly challenging questions that give the appearance of seeking truth but which never interfere with the Democrat’s intended narrative.

    Bolton was superb. I particularly liked when he answered an interruption as an aside and then returned to his answer in progress, all without missing a step.

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  19. The EU and the American commentariat are still walking about in a Cold War/neconservative fog.

    The US is not going to spend a dime of blood and treasure on Ukraine or Crimea.

    NATO would be *nothing* without the US and every EU nation knows that. They harp and the carp but all they have is their outmoded idealism.

    If the US and Russia can reach some kind of agreement, there is no reason for NATO to continue to exist.

    Neither Ukraine nor Crimea are members of NATO so why would NATO do anything about it?

    What you need to see here that the EU nations are hoping to get the US (via NATO) to screw around with Russia so that the Cold War can be restarted.

    The Cold War was a big benefit to the EU nations at the expense of the US and they would like to see that situation restored.

    Why is a US interviewer so concerned about what EU nations think? Shouldn’t they be concerned about what US citizens and leadership think?

    The interviewer’s questions were purely driven by a globalist perspective without taking into account US interests.

    Bolton was associated with the neocons. When DJT brought him on board I and concerns.

    However my doubts about Bolton and the role he can play in the US geopolitical strategy diminish each time I hear him speak.

    He’s Trump’s guy now, not Bush’s.


    • Newhere says:

      This comment makes a lot of sense. One question: How specifically was the cold war a big benefit to the EU at the expense of the US? just interested in the factual/logical steps for that one.

      I have long been baffled at everyone’s eagerness to flip out over the idea that Russia is engaged in some nefarious plot or manipulation specifically against American democracy. The consensus is so blinded by cold war hysteria that it actually think it’s dangerous to even try to have a constructive relationship with Putin/Russia — or that doing so is actually treasonous!! That notion is just delusional and frankly deranged.

      Might we have certain tension lines, or economic/power rivalries with Russia? Of course. But what do we expect. And all the more reason to maximize common cause, strategic overlaps, where possible. We lose nothing by having a relationship with Russia. And Trump makes clear in *every* relationship — America First. And that’s what has the Margaret Brennans and her swampy friends so freaked out.


      • The Cold War resulted in a massive transfer of US wealth to EU nations. The US taxpayer paid the military costs while adding consumption from US service people to their economies.

        Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia has not even attempted a military incursion into a NATO nation.

        POTUS DJT is a pretty clear thinker on international affairs. On the campaign trail, he made it clear that he understood why Putin did what he did.

        One doesn’t have to agree or even like Vladimir Putin to recognize that he is a very important figure in Russian history. He took a nation in chaos and brought order and stability.

        People in the US may not like how Putin achieved these objectives, but then most US people have no idea what Russia was like for the ordinary citizen prior to the emergence of Vladimir Putin.

        POTUS is smart enough to know that you do not insult people with real power, especially if you want to work with them.

        POTUS DJT wants to create the conditions for durable peace in the world.

        POTUS knows that the attempt to encircle Russia with NATO nations is a provocation to Russia.

        What could possibly be the purpose for doing so when EU nations rely on Russian energy?

        There has been a collusion between the military-intellectual-industrial complex through NATO to create tension between the US and Russia.

        The idea is to weaken the US by draining it of treasure. Unlike Japan, the EU leadership is almost entirely anti-American.


    • Newhere says:

      Re: Bolton. I had same apprehension. But I’m beginning to think Bolton’s reputation as 1-part angry isolationist, 1-part war-mongering neocon, might be (at least to some degree) undeserved Bush-era stigma.

      He seems genuinely confident and at-home with a President who will take action, and who actually wants and intends for it work. Maybe that’s the difference.

      We’ve lived with decades of alternating neocon excesses and globalist interventions all to the same effect — worsening, prolonged, expensive de-stabilization. If that’s not the point, there certainly hasn’t been any urgency (before Trump) to do it differently. Neocons push military action but are unwillingly to apply the economic leverage to make the initiatives work (using economic leverage = less profit for globalist banks and contractors).

      On the other hand, globalists finger-wag at the neocons and lecture about “multilateralism,” then jet off for years of fancy meetings and lucrative deal-making, then try to sell a complicated, nonsensical “agreement” with labels like “measured success” and “incremental progress” and scold detractors as unschooled, blood-thirsty neanderthals.

      The neocons and globalists are both purveyors of permanent, lucrative unrest. They don’t want to end armed conflict, they want to control it, or more to the point, control the profits. The result is prolonged de-stabilization, degraded security and drained resources.

      So, Bolton. Maybe his sin all along was expecting U.S. policy to be executed for success rather than stasis. Maybe he was really, really pissed off, so they had to make him seem crazy.

      I don’t want to get carried away — he’s got a lot of brow-raising history. But, maybe we’re seeing a different version of Bolton emerge because he’s glad finally to be working for a president who wants his own policies to succeed and will pull the levers to make them succeed — instead of cowering to the elite who prefer that they don’t.


      • I think your assessment is right. Right now, I see Bolton has both the intellectual chops and practical experience to be an asset to POTUS DJT.

        What’s apparent is that he was not an ideologue or ‘armchair statesman’ like the rest of the neocon paper tigers.

        On a slight aside, every single neocon intervention was based on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

        At this point, whenever I hear ‘humanitarian’ I look very closely at exactly what action is being proposed on the basis of ‘humanitarian’ aims.

        I honestly don’t think you can be sufficiently cynical about any kind of military intervention on the basis of ‘humanitarian’ concerns.

        The purpose of the military is to kill people and blow things up.


  20. Echo says:

    Russian meddling ….give me a break.
    The US “meddles” in Russian politics, China meddles in US politics, India meddles in Pakistan politics, Serbia meddles in Croatian politics….grow up.
    When the trivial Russian meddling (involving 6 person demonstrations and Facebook posts) gets to be equal to a tiny percentage of the far more dangerous domestic Alinskyist, cultural marxist meddling in US society, be sure to let me know


    • trialbytruth says:

      Echo I know we meddle, radio free Europe existed to medal. That said consider this.

      What if we found out the 5am memos came from Kremlin comtroled sources as opposed to Soros comtroled sources.

      What if we found out journolist or it’s new replacement was actually a Russian disinformation campaign.

      What if we found out Russians were responsible for some of the algorithms being used by Google and Facebook to stivel free thought and speech.

      I personally would not go looking for Russian blood it’s all part of the game after all. My focus would be on the Americans knowingly passing on foreign propaganda, followed by the useful idiots that make up our media.

      Do people go to jail? Maybe a few but mostly it would destroy the credibility and careers of those involved.

      That’s why it matters and that’s why it’s important.


      • trialbytruth says:

        I believe what we are witnessing is the long game. Trump is owning the downside ( that the Russian somehow effected our elections ). He is slowly turning the entire story line to a Russian US media collusion narrative.

        If the neomarxists lose their media enablers … match set.


      • Echo says:

        I long to be that innocent. Don’t fret, anything the Russians do will be duplicated by the US in Russia to influence their system. It’s simple normal operations.


        • trialbytruth says:

          Innocent kinda snarky isn’t it … The fact is you missed my point the concern is no t the Russians it is a dishonest American hating media that perhaps has gone to bed with foreign governments to impact our elections.

          That big news. It would be the end of any media that could be proven to have engaged in such fraud and the end of any legitimacy of the follow along YSM.


          • Echo says:

            Snarky? I’ve been away too long, US social sensitivities are not mine any more.
            You are going to have to try and get used to the fact that covert inter country political manipulations are an immense effort. That includes the US media who are products of a post modernist culturally marxist university system at working “journalist” level. That will never change. Media owners are globalists by definition as are their leftist employees but for different reasons.
            You seem to think the things you mention would be earth shattering if revealed. No, it’s happening now, foreign govts don’t control the media, ideological belief does. Foreign govts and the US CoC do however control Senators and Congressmen via reward paying lobbyists. Don’t understand how this is even slightly surprising to you.


            • trialbytruth says:

              Yes you have been away to long, and obviously have no idea the level or depth of doscourse that takes place at the Treehouse.

              We here are well aware of the machination of the globalists. We know who owns the media. We also understand why simple market forces do not change the narative.

              My point was the masses here, and I would suspect on what ever island of intellectual glee you have newly arrived from, do not know.

              So sit down on a branch and watch and learn a bit before assuming all here are intellectually stunted. You might learn a thing or two from your hillbilly cousins.


              • Echo says:

                Your overreaction to standard, garden variety Russian-US-Chinese-EU political manipulations of each other indicates you need to obtain a more sophisticated view of the world….I suggest some travel outside the US to perhaps broaden your experience.


                • trialbytruth says:

                  You sir are a pompous popinjay who can not read apparently. I never suggested I was upset or surprised by other nations attempting to influence the masses here as we do else where. I simple stated voters would be shocked to learn that our “journolist stalwarts of truth” were knowingly accepting foreign propaganda to sow discontent.

                  It would be a genius flip of the russian narrative on Trump’s part.

                  I simple can not break it down any simpler for you


                • Echo says:

                  And you, as they say elsewhere, are “a bit thick”.


      • Newhere says:

        Disseminating disinformation and manipulating algorithms are two separate things. The first is propaganda, the second is censorship.

        Propaganda is as old as time and is for the most part legal — and should be, whomever the source. I don’t care if it’s George Soros, the Koch brothers or the Kremlin. It’s infantilizing to suggest the government needs to protect us from “fake news.” The solution is a citizenry that considers it important to be well-informed and knows how to vet sources and how to read critically. If we don’t have that citizenry, that’s on us. (This is not to be confused fraud — a whole different sort of “misinformation” that’s now what we’re talking about here).

        Manipulating algorithms for the search engines that have monopolies on news distribution is effectively censorship. This requires government regulation — perhaps just to ensure that 1 or 2 search engines AREN’T monopolizing the dissemination of news. But again, doesn’t matter who’s doing it. This isn’t a Russia problem.

        The whole idea that we need to be having investigations and testimony and congressional reports over Russia’s possible interjection into the 2016 election via media participation is silly. What the panic over it really says is that we’ve accepted that we’re a dupable citizenry that can’t sort out fact from fiction and that we’ve allowed our news outlets to become monopolistic dispensers of talking points.

        How about we start expecting journalists to do good old-fashioned research, document facts, and vet and reveal their sources. That more than anything would combat the panic over “fake news.”


        • trialbytruth says:

          I have been expecting journalistic integrity since watching Chronkite. Hell I even believed Conkrite when he said the war in Vietnam was lost ( I was 15 ). Well I didn’t get it then and for the most part I am not getting it now. I am not sure reading old newspaper clips in history that journism has ever been capable of separating the story from personnel dogma.

          You are correct assuming a well educated population can make decerning choices in what to believe. The state of education and biases of educated R’s are added to that equation things get a little iffy.

          You.believe changing logarithms is fraud. Leftists would believe it or s simply a method of cleaning up the web to more correctly give the truth ( the one they learned in college ) a more true representation against the noise of disinformation.

          We are at war with ideas that have been indoctrinated into the culture. They have become the background noise of live. The prism through which all things must be seen.


  21. TDU_Weight says:

    Bolton just outlined how Trump is going to dismantle the European Union.


  22. Father Thyme says:

    Saying that the Russian “state” didn’t interfere in 2016 elections leaves a wide range of alternative options available. Notice that statement doesn’t preclude non-state Russian actors interfering on behalf of the Obama/Clinton crime families either. I’d laugh pretty hard if the Russians end up providing our President with empirical proof of the Democrats corruption.

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  23. Newhere says:

    One other advantage of having Bolton fully aboard Trump’s ship. Who better to swat away the NK “build up” rumor than a man everyone knows would be losing his you-know-what if it were true? Few others could deliver the required non-answer answer (since it involves classified information) and still manage to reassure. (Except for those who do not want the reassurance . . .).

    When he says we’re not “starry-eyed” people believe it.

    BTW: It’s enraging that it’s considered acceptable for Susan Rice to tweet out NK fear-mongering sourced to the “intel community.” The last administration is operating as if it’s still in power, and the swamp eats it up. I know, I know . . .I get it and not surprised. Still stunning, though.

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  24. todayistheday99 says:

    Her constant state of incredulity is obnoxious considering the she seemed woefully ignorant of the subject matter. Her goal is to make the Trump administration look incompetent, and it is obvious that she is the one that is incompetent.


  25. There’s a very important distinction between now and back then. Time is not on NK side. They’re buying time on what exactly? They already have nuclear weapons. The longer buy time to dismantle their nuclear weapons the longer the sanction remain on the country. Time is on the US side, US could wait them out while sanction damage takes effect


  26. SW Richmond says:

    There’s a lot going on here Re: Ukraine.

    Long ago, the United States promised Russia it would not encroach on its borders or interfere in its buffer states. A Russia-friendly government existed in Ukraine. The US instigated the overthrow of that government and the installation of a western-friendly government. Russia’s only warm-weather port is in Crimea, and her only warm -weather naval base is in Sevastopol (Crimea).

    Russia’s historical lack of a warm-water port is seen by them as a reason for Russia’s delayed entry into modern international trade-based economic sphere. The naval base at Sevastopol is seen as absolutely essential to Russia’s ability to participate in naval activities globally.

    In other words, there is no way in hell that Putin (or any other Russian leader) is ever going to give up Sevastopol and Black Sea access to the Med. Casus Belli. Leave it alone. Damned neocons aren’t happy unless the world is either completely under their control, or at war.

    Margaret: eat a bag of d**ks.


  27. Pete de Leon says:

    I enjoyed watching NS Adviser John Bolton mop the floor with European lover Margaret Brennan. Mr Bolton did not allow non-sense to prevail in that interview. I agree with Mr Bolton NATO countries should not accuse the Trump administration of weakening the alliance when NATO countries like France and Germany continue to under fund the 2% contribution commitment they made many months ago. Of course, #FakeNewsCBS pretends not to see this problem.

    On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 2:17 AM, The Last Refuge wrote:

    > sundance posted: “White House national security adviser John Bolton > appears on Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan to discuss North Korea and > Russia. Within the interview Bolton says the U.S. could dismantle North > Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs within a ” >


  28. 6x47 says:

    Funny, I do not recall the press being concerned about cozying up to our enemies when it was Obama cozying up to Iran.


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