President Trump Speech Celebrating Six Month Anniversary of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…

Earlier today President Trump delivered remarks celebrating the six month anniversary of the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.   Today is also the last business day of the second quarter.


Long time CTH readers might note in 2015 when we first saw candidate Trump’s economic policy initiatives, we began outlining the sequential economic possibilities if President Trump won. So far, all is going according to plan – STUNNINGLY According To Plan.  Seriously, go back and look –FEBRUARY 2016– two-and-a-half years ago.

The possibilities were obvious.  As a result we predicted repeatedly that Q2 of 2018 would be the beginning of the largest period of U.S. GDP and wage growth in the past 30 years.  Q2 2018 ends tomorrow and the results of Q2 will be announced in the next few weeks.  Everything is happening in a logical sequence as a result of Trump’s MAGAnomic plans.

We are now in the third MAGAnomic phase where all international trade agreements are being structured around ‘reciprocity’.  Eventually, if President Trump can continue the pressure, all global trade barriers and tariffs will be removed.

This is history.

We are living in most consequential economic period in modern history.


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72 Responses to President Trump Speech Celebrating Six Month Anniversary of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…

  1. magatrump says:

    God bless President Trump. God bless you SD. God bless America. Thank God. Praise God.

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  2. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump has already achieved the status of the GREATEST American President in the history of the USA. By the end of his second term, he will have achieved the status of the GREATEST leader on planet Earth!

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    • jeff hansen says:

      And to think that 2 years ago the nation was blessed with waning months of an administration where that ended it’s 8-year term with a coup, FISAgate, the email cover-up and transgender bathrooms. Obama’s final accomplishments were so truly awe inspiring.

      Now we have a wonderfully authentic, engaged and talented President who is going to war for the American people without any fear of the cost and consequences to himself. We have a President who has taken us from selfish to self-less. America is coming back to life and we should care little for those who choose to sleep through the party.

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      • zorrorides says:

        Jeff and Florida Guy
        You are not far off on your assessments of President Trump. George Washington IS one of the greatest leaders thruout all history. When George and his patriots did his America stuff it was the first time it had ever been done.

        I believe that OVSGPDJT is going to do everything he said he’s going to do, plus he will do everything against the One World Order that Sundance and Q say on his behalf.

        The magnitude of this ranks Donald Trump in the top tier of the all-time greats of History.

        When I consider this my heart melts in love/ gratitude/ awe to our Triune God !

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        • Serena says:


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        • Kate says:

          Isn’t it wonderful that millions if us believed in Donald Trump’s words and voted for him as our 454th President, I for one did not know much about him and nothing about his ideas fior America until his first main speech, I remember thinking to myself, ok, I will listen and at least give him a chance, I listened and was hooked. Thank God we did so.

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:


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        • lokiscout says:

          Well….. he is almost 6.5 times wealthier than the second most wealthy President…George Washington. Washington in land holdings and Trump in Real Estate.

          Tell ya, Folks, more similarities between these two gentlemen than meets the eye.

          Remember President Washington’s admonition to, “Avoid Foreign entanglements.” And President Trump’s backing out of the Paris Accords, TPP, Iran Deal, NAFTA (it’s gone), insisting on clean one-on-one bilateral agreements and international relations that respect the customs/culture of the other Nation.

          I think Mr Washington and our other Founders are resting comfortably today unlike what has been going on for the past 100+ years (beginnings of the Progressive era).

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      • Cheeshead54016 says:

        Wow……your words are so true and alsi inspiring. Obama’s Presidency truly shows what can happen when a person with no business or real world management experiences assumes such a position.

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    • Richard Wicks says:

      George Washington could have become king if he wanted, but he walked away from it.

      Ike Eisenhower reduced the national debt, and warned about the threat of a military industrial complex that if left unchecked, would start unnecessary wars, and slowly bankrupt the nation, but his warnings were ignored.

      Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War, a creation of the MIC, ending 40 years of the threat of world wide nuclear annihilation.

      It’s actually frightening how little people actually know in the day and age of where, right at this moment, you can literally research anything, find out anything.

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    • intercesser says:

      Yes , Pres. Trump is great , but unless George Washington is great at the first , we may not get a chance at more greatness later on .


  3. JG 3 says:

    Quickest way to put money in everybody’s pocket: cut payroll tax!

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    • snarkybeach says:

      payroll tax funds social security


      • lokiscout says:

        Wish I would have had all the FICA (Social Security) tax the Government collected from me and my Employers on my behalf over my 50 year working life and been able to invest it on my own. Be worth a lot more today than the monthly US Treasury check I receive. I maxed out my FICA every year except for the 4 years I spent in the NAVY. Oh, and paid enough in taxes (Jan through May) to pay for everything the Navy paid me the rest of the first year I was in.

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        • Bruce Fauth says:

          True on the contributions, in and of themselves. Not saying it’s fair but the other aspects that are similar to insurance had some value for all those working years (disability, survivor benefits and such) that one would need to deduct from those contributions made to figure how much would REALLY have been left for saving for your own retirement.

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  4. PgtSndThinker says:

    What a blessing for the new college graduates and their kids to come. They may not appreciate it until they hit middle age.

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  5. Fleporeblog says:

    You are absolutely right SD! To your credit you nailed it to the exact year and quarter. I had to laugh my a$$ of yesterday after reading MarketWatch’s article.

    In the paragraph before the final one, they are absolutely right that we will hit an annual real GDP of 3% this year. It will be the first time since 2004.

    However, these MORONS think we are heading backwards in 2019 and 2020. I guess they have no damn clue that our President is holding a Royal Flush and we will WIN like it is nobody’s business in 2019 and 2020 once he gets done with destroying the world on trade.

    From the article linked above:

    A pattern of stop-and-go growth has been one of the hallmarks of the current nine-year-old expansion. One result is that the economy has failed to top 3% annual growth for 12 straight years, the longest streak in modern U.S. history.

    The U.S. might be on track to end that streak this year, but economists doubt the strong growth can last. Most predict GDP will slow in 2019 and 2020 as the effects of the recent tax cuts and an increase in government spending fade.

    Sorry MarketWatch! The Economic Train 🚂 is only going to take off next year and every year thereafter under President Donald J. Trump.

    Our President is truly sitting on a Royal Flush while the rest of the World and the RINOs, CoC, Globalist, MSM etc. are stuck with an Ace High. They can bluff, scream, cry, yell and curse all they want but in the end PDJT is going to win!

    How can you fight or argue with the concept of reciprocal trade. The hypocrisy is actually very amusing. Our President has been talking about reciprocal trade for over a year. Americans absolutely understand the concept and a vast majority agree with it. If you are going to have tremendous tariffs on our goods, we are going to place the same on yours. What is fair is fair. You reduce your tariffs to zero and we will reduce ours to zero. The ultimate choice is on each and every country.

    That is the beauty of it. We are doing to them what they are doing to us. I absolutely love it! The longer you wait, the less access you will have and it won’t matter if you don’t take our goods because we will be swimming in all the winning!

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    Science Driver in place: in T minus 10 seconds…SPACE FORCE…MISSION TO MARS…

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  7. free2313 says:

    I just love the way POTUS subtlety turns the key on the non-believers…
    Meanwhile 95% of America is cheering POTUS on ward to the end of 2024!

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  8. rsmith1776 says:

    Sundance, your EARLY vision in 2015 of what Trumponomics could be…. was and is absolutely amazing.

    You educated the skeptics and the less informed among us, including me.

    Thank you!

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  9. I understand and appreciate MAGAnomics. My chief concern is the notion that the US will be better off with actual free trade (no tariffs, no non-tariff barriers to trade).

    It seems to me that the US consumer is the ‘pick of the litter’ when it comes to disposable income across the planet. While our ‘trading partners’ get access to the best consumer market in the world, US businesses will be trying to make sales to the ‘runts of the litter’.

    Not really an ideal situation.

    The best option for the US is to engage in serious protectionism until both employers and employees are in such good shape that everyone accepts that bilateral trade agreements that might entail outsourcing are acceptable.

    At that point, my recommendation would be for the US to set up bilateral trade with pro-US nations that would welcome US businesses and support US geopolitical initiatives.

    For example, the US government could work with Nigeria to develop their petroleum and mineral assets as well as offshored businesses to create employment opportunities.

    We need to think in terms political economy, not just economics.

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    • rsmith1776 says:

      A particularly cogent, thought-provoking comment.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      and in other news today, Justin from Canada is unleashing his tariffs this weekend. wonder how long it will take him to cave?


      • Based upon the video Sundance posted (D’oh Canada), I don’t think their going to ‘cave’. NAFTA is going to be terminated, there will be much suffering in Canada and the current Canadian leadership is not going to return to office in the next elections in October of this year. At that point, I expect a bilateral trade agreement will be reached. No one really wants trade affairs between Canada and the US to be as bad as they are about to get, especially Canada.

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      • Kate says:

        Snarkey, it won’t be too long.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “The best option for the US is to engage in serious protectionism….”

      YES!!! Why should WE always be the patsy? We spent the last 70 to 100 years trying to haul everyone else out of the muck (third world shiffholeism) and have been view by ALL with contempt. Heck the EU even tried to take down President Trump(Spygate )

      So it is time to tell them to stand on their own two feet instead of ripping us off.

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      • You make an important point regarding the role of British intelligence in the ‘Spygate’. Steele is referred to a ‘former’ MI but, as you well know, there are no ‘former’ spies only unactivated spies.


    • intercesser says:

      You’re right , and the smart money in Asia and Europe and the Americas will be doing just that .


      • The US has spent trillions of dollars in ‘foreign aid’ trying to raise up various nations in the world and failing to do so while many nations receiving aid do not support US geopolitical efforts. It’s time to try a different approach.


    • piper567 says:

      Hamburger, Mnuchin touched on this when he was talking to Marie the other day.
      His remarks are likely still up on the man offerings.


  10. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Yes and this economic team is so incredibly synergistic and full of energy just like POTUS! Amazing to see good people again in the forefront as innovative leaders. My gosh what a huge breath of fresh air from the stench that had become DC!

    So glad our Koala Bear is back and in excellent repair!

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  11. LafnH20 says:

    August 31, 2016

    Donald Trump “The Party of Lincoln – The Forgotten America” Speech (w/ transcript)…
    Posted by sundance
    Last night candidate Donald Trump gave a speech in Washington State to an audience exceeding the capacity of the venue. 15,000+ filled the XFinity arena in Everett Washington:

    [Transcript] Thank you. I am so thrilled to be back in Washington.

    Together, we are going to work hard over the next 70 days and we are going to win this state – and we are going to win the White House.

    It’s going to be a victory for the people. A victory for the everyday citizen whose voice hasn’t been heard.

    It will be a win for the voters – not the pundits, not the journalists, not the lobbyists, not the global special interests funding my opponent’s campaign.

    This is going to be YOUR victory.

    We are going to create the New American Future our children deserve.

    In this new future, millions of workers on the sidelines will be returned to the workforce.

    Crumbling roads, bridges and airports will be replaced with the infrastructure our country needs and deserves.

    Families trapped in welfare will be provided with jobs and opportunity.

    Government will become lean, effective, responsible – and honest.

    Our border will be protected, and our children will be safe.

    We will rebuild our inner cities, and provide safety and peace to all of our citizens.

    American values and culture will be cherished and celebrated once again.

    But to achieve this future, we must break free from the bitter failures of the past – and reject the same insiders telling us the same old lies.

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    I hope one of our Medicaid WHORES was listening to that speech today! Remember that not only Lucifer said NO to the Repeal and Replace but Susan Collins of Maine and LISA MURKOWSKI of Alaska also voted NO causing us to come 1 vote short of the required 50 that were needed.

    Our President said he didn’t want to do ANWR because of a particular person from that state. The only reason he did it was because no one including Ronald Reagan was able to get it done. That 1 person is LISA MURKOWSKI!

    She has been publicly put on notice!

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  13. woohoowee says:

    LOL! Ivanka got a bigger round of applause than all the politicians! The child tax credit she championed is a much needed benefit for families 🙂

    Employment for ex-inmates is picking up and working out very well. I bet many of them are thanking their lucky stars Jared decided to tackle this issue! We wish them all well and much success in a crime-free life.

    Who knew that employment for handicapped people is also at an all time low? Our President would never forget the least among us 🙂

    America is back, Baby! Thank you PT45!

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  14. fred5678 says:

    Steel and aluminum tariffs now on C-SPAN. Lawyer says illegal. Former Pres of WTO says stupid. Pres of American Manufacturers explains why it is just and needed.

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  15. Ospreyzone says:

    I appreciate everything Trump has accomplished and hope for much more, but we cannot forget that even now he is being hunted by an apex predator.

    Mueller, Rosenstein, will not rest until they have him impeached. If we do not hold the House in November, this will be a very short-lived celebration. The fight is going to be a long one and every one of us needs to spend at least a few minutes each day to support PDJT in any way we can. It might be a call to Congress, sending a contribution, volunteering at the local RNC, tweeting your support, displaying a bumper sticker or just wearing your MAGA hat. The battle for the house will be won at the grassroots level, and every inch of ground counts. And it goes without saying, …keep our president in your prayers.

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    • fred5678 says:

      Agree — fighting Democrats. liberals, progressives, socialists, and commies in disguise .. but I repeat myself — is like fighting terrorists — a 24/7/52 job. We have to get it right every time — every election — they only have to get it right one election.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “….Mueller, Rosenstein, will not rest until they have him impeached….”

      You might want to listen to this.

      At this point the battle has shifted. I think originally the idea was to impeach President Trump, now it has devolved to covering their butts against legal retaliation.

      With Watergate, President Nixon was popular but he was not ADORED. No one was going to go to the wall for him. Not so with President Trump. Just search ‘Trump cult’ and you can see how, we, his supporters really worry the elite. We have made it VERY CLEAR it is HANDS OFF OUR president. People like Sundance and Dan Bongino and Rudy and Joe, have made it clear we KNOW Russian Collusion is crap made out of whole cloth and it is OBAMA and HILLARY and the EU and the UK who were the criminals.

      On top of that you now have liberals joining the #walkaway grass roots movement. Mad Max Waters call for a liberal fatwā against President Trump’s cabinets just blew-up in their faces. Worse battered conservatives have found some backbone and telling liberals where they can shove their ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Political Correctness’

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    • jeans2nd says:

      You, Osprey, may just be in the wrong zone.

      How are you so certain that the apex predator doing the hunting is not actually our very own Pres Trump?
      Perhaps Mr Mueller might care to watch behind him. Remember who owns the good guys of the FBI now. Who is not Mr Mueller. 😉

      Some of us Trump supporters truly work behind the scenes…


      • piper567 says:

        jean, right you are.
        Meuller is apex nothing.
        he’s a liar and a slimeball.
        imo he’s Trump-prey.


      • Ospreyzone says:

        The trail of innocent people ruined by Mueller is long. I’ll say it again – If we lose the House on November 6th, 2018, impeachment proceedings will be in place by November 7th. That’s just a fact. No amount of wishful thinking or blind faith will change it.


        • You’re right. But impeachment proceedings need not lead to impeachment and, in fact, have not done so for some considerable time. There is simply no way — even if there were a Blue Wave — there would be a 2/3rds vote in the Senate.


  16. gamecock123 says:

    At the rallies Trump says our economy will recover quickly. I’m thinking quickly meaning in 3 to 4 years, not super sonic speed. I feel ao confident in Trump’s economy, our jobs, that my whole family, siblings, in- laws, neices, nephews, are taking a five day vacation this 4th among ourselves. Our first, hopefully of many.

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  17. Paul B. says:

    Gotta say, these events are actually inspirational. It’s so wonderful to see the country begin to do things the right way again. As Trump might say, after losing for so long, we finally are winning again. And as he said here, we are the smart country now, no longer the stupid country. It’s about time, and thank God for answered prayer.

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  18. Remarkable SD. Are you sure you don’t insider info or are you just THAT SMART! I love that I can now feel secure in changing jobs if needed. Been here 16 years and am in a rut. At 53 I want to start my next career but have been afraid to let go of a good job with benefits while most were unemployed.

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    • lokiscout says:

      It’s morning in America again, an 8 year fog has dissipated, the clouds are lifting with increasingly sunny skies predicted for the foreseeable future.

      Great time to be alive and an American!


  19. DMWT says:

    Barrack Hussein must just cringe every time he sees videos like this. We built this by voting for Donald J. Trump and brick by brick we are dismantling Hussein’s legacy. Thank you, Jesus!

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    • piper567 says:

      DMWT…my newsfeed yest. said ozero was bemoaning the fact that Trump’s actions were dismantling the NWO.
      said it like this is not the intention.
      no pity y’all.


  20. rumpole2 says:

    Libtards shouting “No more ICE”

    What’s next?

    School kids demanding no more teachers?

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    • rumpole2 says:

      School’s out…..

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    • Dutchman says:

      Its the demand of the occupy ice mvmt, and been echoed by karmela harris, cuomo, and others.
      So, lets put it to a vote, in the senate; “All those in favor of disbanding ICE; Immigrations and Custom Enforcement, which screens all materials coming into U.S., from counterfeit drugs to purses, all produce, and people. Enforces such tarriffs as we DO have, oh, and checks foe weapons of mass destruction and terrorists, too.

      Yeah, lets see heitcamp and manchin vote on that! GREAT vote to have, just before midterms,..but

      THEN, vote on motion to, on emergency, immediate basis, withold all funds from DOJ, until such time as the completely and verifiably comply with all document requests.
      Or, maybe just withold payroll?
      Wonder how many votes THAT would get?

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  21. American Male says:

    Breaking News:

    Mentally Ill Florida Teen Jaron Bloshinsky aka “Jazz Jennings” Has Disfigured Himself Permanently


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