Sacrebleu! France Will Retaliate on Auto Tariffs if U.S. Levies Import Car Tariff…

This has to be one of the single funniest French retorts in the history of commerce.  If President Trump follows through on auto tariffs, France will strike back.  Let that sink in.

Oh noes,… your next Peugeot, Citroen or Renault purchase might cost more.  D’oh.

PARIS (Reuters) – Europe will hit back if U.S. President Donald Trump follows through with a threat to slap import tariffs on European-made cars, France’s finance minister said on Monday. Trump escalated already burning trade tensions on Friday by threatening to hit all imports of cars assembled in the European Union (EU) with a 20 percent tariff.   (more)

The EU is the most protectionist trade bloc in the world.  The German auto-sector is the most protected trade sector inside the EU.  The hypocrisy is silly.

The EU, Germany specifically, needs access to the U.S. market to survive.  Angela Merkel has already conceded this point in the EU concessionary position to abandon all auto tariffs; in exchange for removal of Steel and Aluminum tariffs.

The only reason Merkel was so quick to the trigger is because without access to the U.S. market, the German economy begins the contraction cycle currently being experienced by Canada.   It’s the same reason why Germany abandoned the Paris Climate Treaty within weeks of the official U.S. withdrawal.

President Trump doesn’t want to necessarily tax German auto imports, but he is more than willing to use the tariff hammer to crack the protectionism within the EU market.

[Harley Davidson] said on Monday it would move production of motorcycles shipped to the EU from the United States to its international facilities and forecast the retaliatory tariffs would cost the company $90-100 million a year.

Reacting to the news, Le Maire said: “Whatever allows jobs to be created in Europe goes in the right direction. We don’t want a trade war, but we will defend ourselves.” (link)

Note the hypocrisy.  EU trade positions to protect their jobs is “going in the right direction“, but Trump trade positions to protect U.S. jobs is, well, not ok?

Harley Davidson is doing what companies and manufacturers should do, build within the market they are selling to.   If the EU applied the same standard they cheer Harley Davidson for, Germany would immediately begin expanding auto production facilities inside the U.S.   See how that works.

Drop all restrictive trade barriers and no country can compete on an even playing field with the U.S.  We lead the world in innovation; we have lower energy costs, abundant raw materials; highest returns on investment; and with organic upward pressure on wages, we will once again achieve the worlds fastest growing skilled labor force.

CNBC – […] Fifty-four percent of Americans say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey. Just 43 percent say the economy is fair or poor, the lowest in the history of the survey. Positive views on the economy have surged 20 points since the election. And for the first time, the percentage of Americans saying the economy is excellent outstrips the percent saying it is poor. Americans look for a strong 4 percent gain in their home values in the next year, equaling the highest percentage previously recorded in 2007.

The president’s economic approval numbers come with some support from Democrats, said Jay Campbell with Hart Research Associates, the Democratic pollster for the survey. “There is component of Democratic base that’s willing to acknowledge the improving economy and willing to give Trump a certain amount of credit for it,’’ Campbell said. “A large number still disapprove of Trump on the economy but 30 percent of Democrats is not nothing.”  (read more)

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406 Responses to Sacrebleu! France Will Retaliate on Auto Tariffs if U.S. Levies Import Car Tariff…

  1. High Atop Trail Creek says:

    A quote from long ago : “The next time the Germans take France, we should make them keep it”.

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  2. Liz says:

    I get so angry reading the trade wars. We should have always had the upper hand. It’s not “just” Clinton that sold us off. This has to go back at least 50 years. How can they not be embarrassed and humbled. Same with the illegal situation Mexico should be kissing our butts instead they want more and more. It’s enough!

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    • Peter says:

      The unfair trade situation the U.S. faces has its origin in the aftermath of WWII. That’s when the U.S. gave its ‘allies’ open access to the American markets while not expecting reciprocation. This was a strategic bargain to contain and defect the USSR. but the Cold War ended 30 years ago and what made sense in the past does not now.

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      • Yes, that is the bottom line; it is so obvious, even I, a lifelong disinterested scientist, saw the same thing myself, when my own revolutionary discoveries focused my attention on the effects of too-long nurtured dogmas, all coming to a climax together in our time now. Nations and groups the world over have been engaged in the easy indulgence of many false dogmas. They in consequence are now showing themselves incompetent at true, honest reason, in every field of human inquiry and interaction.

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        • Jeff P. says:

          That’s what we call, The chickens coming home to Roost! The EU. Canada, Mexico, France, Germany etc etc can Collectively go suck Rotten Eggs! President Trump is fixing what the Failures f the Past 50 Years have Not Been Willing or Able to do.
          God bless President Donald J Trump, and God Bless the USA!!!
          MAGA KAG America First!!!

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      • TimeIsNow says:

        FDR placed academics ahead of the USA Trade policies in the 1930’s, and that was the strong beginning of this garbage for the USA.

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      • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        Coinciding, but not coincidentally, with the birth and metastasization of the wholly corrupt Deep State, which sucks the lifeblood out of the American people.

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        • Alligator Gar says:

          Let’s call the DS what it really is–International Communism.

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        • John Denney says:

          Alligator Gar is correct, and it started way before FDR.

          In Whittaker Chambers’ autobiographical book, “Witness”, published in the early 1950s, he states that in the 1920s the Soviets targeted three American institutions for infiltration: media, education, and unelected government positions.

          They were wildly successful. FDR’s right hand man, Alger Hiss, was spying for the Soviets, passing documents to Mr. Chambers to pass on to his Soviet handlers. Mr. Chambers, raised atheist, one day realized that there is a God in heaven, and that Communism was evil, and so began backing out of the spy business, keeping a few documents for “insurance”.

          He eventually wound up as a witness against Alger Hiss (hence the title of the book), and produced what came to be known as The Pumpkin Papers, microfilmed government documents secreted in a pumpkin on his farm, as evidence.

          Alger Hiss was convicted only of perjury.

          Senator Joe McCarthy was on to the government infiltration and tried to fight it, but the media, corrupted by the same infiltration, destroyed him.

          They have never been routed out. They are the Deep State and media opposing the President, and academia slanting the entire education system to destroy us through our children.


  3. MaineCoon says:

    First time I’m hearing about this merger. Article is dated March 29, 2019.

    FTA: A merger between Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. would streamline a nearly 20-year-old alliance between the two automakers just as they grapple with the shift to electric vehicles in the industry’s biggest-ever technological change.

    The companies are in talks to merge and create a new automaker that trades as a single stock, Bloomberg News reported Thursday, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      More from the above article.

      FTA: Renault, market value $35.4 billion. France’s biggest carmaker, based in Paris, employs about 125,000 people and had sales last year of $72.4 billion.

      Nissan, market value $43.3 billion. The Yokohama, Japan-based company has more than 137,000 workers and posted revenue of $108.4 billion in 2017.

      Mitsubishi Motors Corp., based in Tokyo, has a market value of $10.5 billion, almost 30,000 workers and annual sales of $17.6 billion.

      Tangled Holdings

      Renault is the biggest shareholder in Nissan, with a 43.4 percent stake. The French state is the biggest owner of Renault at 15.01 percent, just ahead of Nissan’s 15 percent. Nissan holds 34 percent of Mitsubishi.


      • Scott says:

        It’s TERRIBLE that those three might be priced out of our market; there are absolutely no other brands with similar vehicles we can buy:-)! The only ones who are going to hurt significantly are the French, not us.


    • Daniel says:

      I’m just amazed you got this information from the future.

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      • nanny210 says:

        Thank You! I was trying so hard to figure what the joke was, just to find it was a typo! But still LMAO at the typo! I think we should ‘typo’ like that with everything coming from the IG reports! :o}

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      • Scott says:

        Well, his name really is “John Titor” so he should know.


  4. LOL!!!! Mueller getting his a$$ kicked:

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  5. Amy2 says:

    This is going to be messy but it’s got to be done. France will fold. They always do! I’m in the “this isn’t a trade war” camp. It’s more like one side revolting, and it’s about time!

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  6. mr.piddles says:

    Now I know my next 3-wheeled car will cost a little more. I love both President Donald J. Trump and 3-wheeled cars. I’ll take the hit.

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  7. mr.piddles says:

    “New home sales jump 6.7% in May vs. expectations for 1% gain”

    Does this mean that small-/mid-sized banks are doing well now? That would be good.

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  8. Kaco says:

    My oldest brother was killed in a Renault Le Car. My mother had chills when she first saw that thing, knew if he ever rolled, it would be the end. Probably was another premonition, that is what happened.

    These cars were never popular here.

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  9. ATheoK says:

    France? What! Why!?

    They’re upset that the twenty Fiats and ten Renaults they sell in the USA will be stopped because of tariffs?
    Then those tariffs are doing American an even bigger favor.

    And internationally, Harley Davidson motorcycles are bought for image and ride regardless of the price.


    • Kaco says:

      I’m more troubled by the Kansas City factory losing jobs and/or closing and moving overseas. I hope they hold off. We are the world’s largest consumer and I don’t want President Trump losing any points over these growing pains if we can eventually get to the goal.

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      • Tuk Tuk says:

        Harley has been in the process of building small bikes(less than 250 CC I believe) here in Thailand for several years. Import Tariffs here are sky high and they will have a good market here. I don’t believe it will have much effect on jobs in the U. S. A. but should have a positive effect on their bottom line.


      • MILupper says:

        Harley announced that they were closing the KC factory in January 2018. The jobs are moving to the York Penn. assembly plant where the unions agreed to major labor concessions last fall. Harley played the unions against each other and they got the best deal in Penn. Fake news that those jobs are going to EU.

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        • rudy1876 says:

          Harleys have a lot of foreign components. Their sales have been in trouble for years. It’s discussed often on many motorcycle forums. I had a harley once and loved it, but it had a oorsche designed engine in it. It may even have been built by Porsche. I can’t remember now.

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          • Mike says:

            Yep, Harley Forks have been made in Taiwan since the 1960s but 100% Merican! Whatever. Those Chrome bits are from somewhere else. Personally they aren’t my thing but I would not buy on if it was. Saw them on ultimate factories and the worker was having trouble putting in a Phillips screw. It was getting boogered up due to lack of skill, caring or poor equipment. They actually filmed it, and who uses Phillips screws on something that expensive. Make it a hex already.


      • TwoLaine says:

        It’s been going on for quite awhile. They were moving some of the jobs to PA previously, Jan 2018.


    • noswamp says:

      “And internationally, Harley Davidson motorcycles are bought for image and ride regardless of the price.”

      I am VERY upset that Harley Davidson turned Benedict Arnold on the very country that made them what they are, and helped them during tough times! BASTARDS.

      I dreamed of owning a Harley, but no more. The Indian Chief by Polaris and Valkyrie motorcycles are beating Harleys any day of the week, of course in my opinion.

      This company is Un-American and has betrayed all of us to go to EUROPE where they sell 14% of Harleys. I hope they reverse course. I hope someone gets Trumps ear and has Trump give Harley a call.

      Of course I would not be caught dead riding a Yamaha or a Honda or Suzuki motorcycle due to the manliness factor of the thing though I must admit, in some circles they are all ranked ahead of Harley! (Ok, maybe Suzuki maybe not, but these are minor details). Before you all jump on me, if I were younger maybe I might consider those bikes. 😉

      What can Trump do to make them regret their decision?
      Probably illegal as hell but what about imposing tariffs on Harley Davidsons made in Europe sold to the USA? I am sure they have that covered with some production here as well no? But if not, we definitely hike the price of Harleys in the USA to make them understand that they have just turned their backs on their fathers and mothers. There is a price to be paid, and with the quality of Harleys going down, as I have seen, good riddance!

      Trump was right, they used this as an excuse to move to Europe.
      These folks are traitors. I am fuming at this because I was just going to buy a Harley. But no more.

      Again I would love to hear what Trump can do to make them regret their decision.
      TREEPERS, you have any ideas?

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    • Nope says:

      Pretty sure Fiat is Italian, not French, owned by Fiat Chrysler.

      So it’s the ten Renaults, the zero Citroen, and the zero Peugeot they sell in the USA every year.

      Seriously though, who buys French cars in America?

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  10. wodiej says:

    Who are the 49% dum dums who think the economy is poor? I know they are not all on public assistance. As for Europe, the US will do quite nicely without BMW’s and Harleys. Maybe the EU will start making people work instead of living off the public dole.

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    • Cooper45 says:

      “Who are the 49% dum dums who think the economy is poor?”
      It’s mostly the entrenched political divide talking. It has nothing to with economics. It would mean a Yes vote for Trump and the Dems, progressives, anarchists etc could never do that even if they received a raise and a bonus.

      A small number might still be unemployed or in a company facing tariff taxes in the trade war etc.


    • kroesus61 says:

      either you did not READ the poll or did not understand its results……it said 51% said the economy is improving and you get from that that the remaining 49% think it is poor?…..,maybe taking a stats class is in your future


    • Rex70 says:

      I highly suspect that 49% is the correct number and is much more likely the usual one-third of Leftist morons who would rather stock breathing than agree with any non-Left circumstance. Polls schmolls—always be suspicious of those, good or bad—and always count on that same Leftist one-third who have been anti-American since the Revolutionary War. You can’t fix the genetically- and generationally-stupid Left.


  11. 21leelee says:

    There is some basic Andy Kaufman element to Macron as he boldly bumbles along.

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  12. Cooper45 says:

    Trump is a leader and a fighter that won’t roll over in a tough fight or multiple fights as his campaign and his Presidency have indicated. The leaders of the other countries must know this. But I’ve been wondering if he’s opened too many trade battles in the world at once. I’m not doubting his resolve but he has to rely on others to stick with the fight and commit to the end. Is Harley just a start of those that blink on the American side? The lists of companies mentioned by the GOP and Dem senators during Wilbur’s Senate Finance Committee hearing seeking steel exemptions or concerned about added taxes are also of concern but I don’t know how many. This is the trade enemies strategy.

    The possibility of hefty tariff taxes hitting targeted U.S. companies comes on the heels of the incredible optimism and economic growth activated by the Huge Trump Tax Cut. It must be a shock to some CEO’s and especially small business owners to suddenly face the real possibility of costly tariff taxes and making many more edgy and uncertain about their companies’ future.

    However, on the bright side for the American negotiators, all of the other countries and their targeted companies must be also feeling intense pressure and uncertainty as well. Probably more than in the USA as Sundance’s commentaries have indicated. (ie German car manufacturer’s)


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      You and noswamp need to get together and write a book,melding of the minds,wouldn’t you say.


      • Cooper45 says:

        Very interesting observation Dennis. I’m not sure how to take it but I suspect it is not a compliment. But it is a reasonable comment either way.


  13. Brenda says:

    I realize the sarcasm, but Trump’s tariff is what will make the Peugot more xpensive. Frances ‘s response will make Ford and Chevy pay more to get their cars into France or do I have that backwards? I don’t think so. I didn’t think the EU let many American cars come in anyway.


    • svenwg says:

      The EU, which France is a member, already has a 12,5% tariff on US manufactured cars as well as a 20% VAT. If President Trump slaps a 20% tariff on EU manufactured cars, it would mean that they were still 10% less than what the EU slaps on US cars.

      Europe already has Ford and Chrysler manufacturing in the EU so the only people that will be affected is those EU manufacturing companies that export cars to the USA 🇺🇸.

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        Most Europeans don’t want US cars/trucks anyway–poor quality and bad gas economy.


        • Alligator Gar says:

          Erm, don’t flame me. I love my GMC truck and have for nearly 20 years. I am just repeating what I have read from Euro-based blogs/newzines.


  14. Ospreyzone says:

    The EU and global trade protagonists have a ready audience that they play to right here in the US. The cable news business channels, including FOX Business, cheerfully facilitate their “trade war death scenario” by endlessly parading out a conga line of Henny Penny’s and Chicken Littles to warn of the cataclysmic disaster awaiting us if President Trump continues down this road. The latest fool was some ex-WTO judge on FBN’s “Count Down to the Closing Bell,” who couldn’t wait to counsel PDJT on how he must only work within the rules of the WTO.

    Not mentioned by this “sage” was the failure of China to follow most the IMF or WTO rules, including their manipulation of currency to effect unfair trade advantage. Nor did the pencil-necked geek mention the massive extortion of intellectual property by the nice little panda. These idiots never extrapolate and display the clear, straight line to ruin should our trade deficit be left to Wall Street’s accord and our manufacturing sector fully disappear into the third-world forest.

    PDJT is wise to get his team of wolverines on these shows to teach and to counter the Wall Street water carriers whose strategic vision never goes farther than Friday’s closing bell. We can all help a little too, by explaining the economic truth about trade to the folks we care about, many of whom are struggling to understand why the American dream of their parents has become so much harder to attain.

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  15. Jedi9 says:

    Threaten? Didn’t they just hit Harley Davidson with a 30% tax increase? Stocks dropped today by as much as 6%, so any more threats is just spinning nonsense from the lines of prescripted virtue signalers like Macron! We can win this, so what if our belts need tightening every now and then, no pain, no gain. The rest is just empty hallow rhetoric designed to turn against Trump! Trump is not going to wave any white flag, he is dug in deeper for the long haul, and I am betting he won’t be blinking first!

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  16. GREENMIRROR says:

    Maybe we will see American steel(or some form of compacted graphite cast iron) in Nascar engines again!

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  17. dd_sc says:

    “There is component of Democratic base that’s willing to acknowledge the improving economy and willing to give Trump a certain amount of credit for it,” …..
    “A large number still disapprove of Trump on the economy but 30 percent of Democrats is not nothing.”

    So 30% of the Democrats surveyed approve of the Trump economy. I wonder what demographic that happens to be; minorities maybe?

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    • TwoLaine says:

      REAL people, not the fake tolerant crowd.


    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      There are a bunch of great, black YouTubers who congregated at the Turning Point USA event over the weekend and they’re flooding YT with the resulting videos. This is DEADLY to the Dims, mark my words, and it’s still growing exponentially! Jobs and Trumponomics are two of their favorite issues.


  18. Nightstand says:

    I have never in all my 66 years bought or owned a German made car or truck. How did I ever make it this far? I have had a German beer though.


  19. Lactantius says:

    Meanwhile, the French computer industry is still working on how to get them to leak oil.


  20. Stringy theory says:

    Bring it, Frenchy, bot watch out for the wolverine and other trade junk yard dogs.


  21. TwoLaine says:

    30% Is Not Nothing
    Just Waving My Magic Wand Again
    ~President TRUMP


  22. EJ says:

    The long game is good here. The short game is problematic. Wisconsinites don’t want to hear that Harley could lose money and needs to move production over seas.

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  23. noswamp says:

    Europe has been robbing us for years via tariffs. And each President has done nothing; except Trump. Stay the course. Their tariffs will hurt them more than us, These bullies have been at this for a while. It will take a few months for them to realize that all we want is fair trade.


  24. molonlabe28 says:

    France manufactures automobiles?

    News to me.


  25. James W Crawford says:

    Everyone should read THE ACCIDENTAL SUPERPOWER

    Also might read THE ABSENT SUPERPOWER

    President Trump is the first President to understand that the Cold War is over. Russia is no longer the USSR. The US no longer has a need to enable abusive trade imbalances to purchase alliances. Trump is also uncouth enough to actually confront European arrogance. Trump is tearing down the unnatural edifice of globalism and benign hegemony that has prevailed for half a century. This is scaring the crap out of the Europeans who are confronted by demographic implosions that will soon consign them to economic, cultural, military and Darwinian oblivion.

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  26. thedoc00 says:

    Was looking over the magazine rack in Hudson’s News, at the airport, and saw splashed across the cover of some business spew magazine that Macron is the leader of the “Free Market”. Comedy takes all sorts of form.


  27. Bendix says:

    Mention of Renault brought back memories. I wasn’t really into cars at the time, but I remember a co-worker telling me about how the “Car of The Year” never made it out of the repair shop.
    I went looking for a link to bolster this, and I found this quite clever and also timely little article:
    I barely remembered that little tidbit from the dawn of globalism. You can bet your sweet bippy a certain brash showoff from Queens, New York was paying very close attention.


  28. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    I don’t think we have any worries.

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    • Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

      These were made in England. I had a Rover Metro, also made in England. It ran well, but very cheap rubbish little car. France’s cars are about the same.


  29. rudy1876 says:

    This whole article and thread has me looking at buying a Citroen SM again. Citroens were wonderful gadgets but had horrible dealer support in USA. Their new cars are a bore though. Sad.


  30. Mike says:

    Harley loved tariffs under Reagan. They pushed for them on any bike 700cc and over. The Japanese bike were at the time to a Harley as an F150 is to a Miata. Not the same consumer and America didn’t offer anything like them. The few people that made the switch to the Japanese did it cause H-D is junk. Not due to price. Later Harley admitted this and said their problem was poor management and nothing else. Well thanks for the tariffs Harley! As far as fixing their quality? More like they created an image that it was fixed.

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  31. G. Combs says:

    Oh NOES!

    How am I going to make it through life without FRENCH CHEESE????

    I know… I will head down to Celebrity Dairy and buy CHEVRE! (GOAT Cheese)

    (Do you really want something that was engineered by the French that isn’t cheese or wine???)

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  32. 6x47 says:

    As inspector Cluseau said after falling flat on his face:

    “ Ah deed that on purpose.”


    (exasperated Cluseau) “Because ah had a vereee good REASON!”


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