Curious Releases – FBI Provides “Initial” Compulsory Documents To House Oversight Amid Ongoing Impeachment Threats…

Due to the ongoing and unresolved scale of corruption within the administrative offices of the DOJ (Sessions/Rosenstein) and FBI (Wray/Bowdich), it is no longer possible to provide any benefit-of-doubt regarding their obstruction of oversight.   The IG report; the manipulation (red-lining) of the draft content therein; and the subsequent DOJ/FBI willful blindness toward the remaining content; affords no leniency toward motive.

In essence, if we are to honestly call the baby ugly, we are also to admit: there is an ongoing and institutional cover-up taking place. Yes, even by Trump officials.

In the latest development(s); and against the backdrop of previously unknown subpoenas from several House committees (HPSCI, Judiciary and the useless House Oversight/Reform committee), the FBI sends two compliance letters to congressional leadership.

It should be noted, lest we leave any transparent motive unspoken, the FBI responses are not from U.S. Attorney John Lausch, the *supposed* Sessions appointed facilitator of congressional requests and the person *reportedly* in charge of compliance production. I digress.

Backdrop: On June 15th, Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray.  According to later media statements, the House congressional group notified Rosenstein and Wray of their intent to hold Rosenstein and Wray subject to “House Floor Measures”. That is  codespeak for *contempt of congress*, and/or *impeachment*.

What we did not know (they never said publicly) was that Ryan, Nunes, Gowdy and Goodlatte filed a compliance subpoena as an outcome of that June 15 meeting, listing a myriad of document requests previously ignored by the DOJ, specifically the FBI.  We discover this aspect in the response letter(s) from the FBI Acting Asst. Director, Offfice of Congressional Affairs, Jill Tyson.  (both pdf’s below)  [John Lausch, ::crickets::]

The first response letter (cloud pdf here) is from the FBI to House intelligence committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes.  The letter describes the status of document requests from Congress related to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian election meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

(Via The AP) A spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan said Saturday that the department has partially complied with subpoenas from the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees after officials turned over more than a thousand new documents this week. House Republicans had given the Justice Department and FBI a Friday deadline for all documents, most of which are related to the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation and the handling of its probe into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s emails. Ryan spokeswoman Ash Lee Strong said the department asked for more time and they will get it — for now.

“Our efforts have resulted in the committees finally getting access to information that was sought months ago, but some important requests remain to be completed,” Strong said in a statement Saturday. “Additional time has been requested for the outstanding items, and based on our understanding of the process we believe that request is reasonable. We expect the department to meet its full obligations to the two committees.” (link)

The second letter (cloud pdf here) is specifically toward the two joint committee chairmen Bob Goodlatte [Judiciary] and Trey Gowdy [Oversight/Reform], and is more interesting because the dynamic extends beyond intelligence oversight (Nunes expertise) and goes directly to the primary oversight of the DOJ and FBI (Goodlatte expertise).

Because we did not see the actual subpoena, we are at a disadvantage in explaining the scale of the compliance notification within the response letter to Goodlatte.  However, that said, it does appear to go toward an overlooked question from the IG House Hearing.

Watch the embed video:

I think both Katica and myself are in agreement that the second letter is more pertinent in relation to the ongoing FBI corruptive behavior within the Clinton/Trump investigations.

Representative Keith Rothfus was inquiring as to whether the IG investigated to see if the FBI team used the FISA (DOJ/NSA) database in their efforts to retrieve and verify Hillary Clinton emails/documents.   In essence, did the FBI use that investigative tool?  If not, why not? And if so, were they successful?

Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte wants EVERYTHING.  The IG said they held over 1.4 million pages, Goodlatte wants that.  Also, beyond the IG holdings, the FBI has hundreds of thousands more documents, Goodlatte wants them too.

Jill Tyson says the department has already provided more than 800,000 documents for review and “the FBI produced over 1,400 pages of responsive materials” on Friday, among other documents already sent to the panel.

The letter says FBI is also working to address a request about “proposed, recommended or actual” surveillance on the Clinton Foundation. Tyson said the department was responding in a separate, classified letter, and that the request had proven “difficult to address.” She said the department hoped to talk to lawmakers further about it.

Here’s where you put the flashy warning sign:

Here’s the letter:


It appears to us, the current DOJ/FBI leadership is still attempting to protect the institutions by covering up the conduct of Lynch/Yates and Comey/McCabe.   The career administrative officials, under and surrounding the leadership offices, are controlling the actual documents and evidence.


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532 Responses to Curious Releases – FBI Provides “Initial” Compulsory Documents To House Oversight Amid Ongoing Impeachment Threats…

  1. mr.piddles says:

    “Finally, regarding the Committee’s request for transcripts or summaries of conversations
    between confidential human source(s) and Trump campaign officials, the FBI understands that
    this request has been referred to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) for a response.”

    Hey now. Referred by whom?

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    • WonkoTheSane says:

      The cleaners.

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      • Raven says:

        The cleaners isn’t a bad idea, actually.

        Hillary’s maid was pretty efficient. She would print out Hillary’s stuff from her home SCIF quick smart.

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      • Farmkid says:

        Yes the FBI technology department has developed filtering software to reduce document production: worse than scary.
        Since inception I’ve figured the “Mueller probe ” was the perfect cover and stall while evidence was/is destroyed. I am against waiting until the midterms. It’s time to power down and lockout
        All staff at these agencies. I don’t know the crack team I would send in to search the data bases maybe an oldie but a goodie like McAffee could recruit a team. I would not trust anyone on the inside.

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        • Perot Conservative says:

          Sure. The supposedly most advanced professionals in the world can’t search a database.

          How about trying option 2 as an experiment – bring in 10 speed readers.


        • farrier105 says:

          As to waiting on midterms, George Will is calling on his readers to vote DEMOCRAT in his column today in the Greensburg (Pennsylvania) Tribune Review. Will doesn’t like the “family shredding” immigration policy that has been the law since Bill Clinton signed the bill in 1996.

          Will didn’t mention the fact that the majority of children are UNACCOMPANIED MINOR ALIENS, with no adults “supervising”: them.

          Will apparently knows nothing about the upswing in child abductions in Guatemala.

          Will is under-informed about child sex trafficking, and apparently wants any child abductee to remain in the care of a child sex trafficker as the Border Patrol will not be able to determine if the adult(s) with the child are legitimate parents/guardians from the child’s native country.

          Of course, Will probably voted for Hillary, who was identified by her own CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN, John Podesta, as a “psychotic.” Trump is too crass for Will’s tastes, but that is only because he knows nothing about the temperament of JOHN MCCAIN.

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    • At this point, knowing how corrupt the Deep State has become, it seems like time to dispense with niceties and send in Federal Marshals, backed up by the 101st Airborne, to take whatever documents the United States House of Representatives wants from the FBI, NSA and whatever else blah blah bureaucracy.

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  2. dallasdan says:

    SD: “Due to the ongoing and unresolved scale of corruption within the administrative offices of the DOJ (Sessions/Rosenstein) and FBI (Wray/Bowdich), it is no longer possible to provide any benefit-of-doubt regarding their obstruction of oversight.”

    I have been anticipating for several weeks SD dropping a figurative bomb on the FBI and DOJ, to include naming names of the principal offenders (as he did above) who have willfully obstructed justice in multiple investigations. The tenor of his recent articles, while remaining objective, analytical, and professional, has been increasingly demonstrative of his declining trust of the justice system in general and the FBI and DOJ in particular.

    Respecting SD’s brilliance, I believe he has known for quite some time that the high-level politicians and appointees guilty of the most sensational and egregious political crimes in modern history would do their utmost through working collectively to create a pathway, by whatever means necessary, to avoid both accountability and prosecution.

    I believe the last and best option for both communicating the truths surrounding the crimes committed and preserving the integrity of our justice system is in the President’s hands, and that is to massively declassify the documents and information that have been so carefully hidden and obfuscated by the co-conspirators. Unfortunately, the President can not depend upon enough people in positions of related and appropriate authority to correct the systemic corruption that pervades the government without his personal and extraordinary intervention.

    I believe the President will go “nuclear” to fight the deep state criminals, regardless of how many heretofore respected political and administration leaders are found to be culpable in either initiating or facilitating the illegal acts that have and will continue to be exposed. I don’t know when it will happen, but I do know the President is no one’s fool, and the majority of Americans enthusiastically support his pledge to “drain the swamp.”

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    • Uncle Max says:

      Yep. And to your concluding sentiment, here is where I’m putting my trust in the President and his mindset. I found this on youtube a few months ago and it gave me a huge smile. Worth the time to listen if you can.. 30min, a audio chapter from one of his books…. on revenge. It’s excellent.


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      • MVW says:

        Fair and Reciprocal. Loyalty. Trump stands up for America and Americans. A fighter.

        On the other hand, Trump can smell duplicitous, underhanded, natures and hates bullies.

        Obama’s regime took advantage of the trust of Americans and the power that was in trust to them. Trump knows this. I doubt he will let them get away with it.

        But Trump knows to wait until the time is right. Not taking action right now does not mean he can’t see what is going on in the DOJ.

        Lois Lerner. That is when the hand was tipped.

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        • cyn3wulf says:

          “Deals are funny. Tell me about it in five years…” Trump is dangerous because he plays both the short game and the long game equally well. Timing is everything.


      • dallasdan says:

        Thank you! Inspiring.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Thanks for sharing.


    • Trump ought to say: You can do what you want; but one month before the mid-term election, I’m going to order all this stuff to be made public.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        No warnings. Do it. Let them hang themselves.

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      • loisplane says:

        Based on this article, he should do it now because apparently releasing documents takes a really, really long time.


      • I doubt he’ll even say that to them, he’ll just do it and they’ll be in shock that he made it all public. That’s his style.


      • Max Tadpol says:

        Even if POTUS releases his EO to declassify everything, the swamp can still delay, destroy evidence, spin etc.

        And without the FBI, who goes in and seizes records for release? US Marshalls? Secret Service? Assuming one law enforcement entity does confiscate the records, who reviews and schedules release?

        My head is spinning. Forgive me, but it feels like pitchfork time.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I’m thankful to read someone else is in agreement with what I’ve been thinking. I knew Wray was a problem when he was confirmed enthusiastically so quickly.

      Sessions to me appears to be another swamp guardian whether intentionally or through sheer ineffectiveness. I’d guess the former at this point. If he knew he was inover his head and had any integrity he’d have resigned by now.

      I feel strongly the only way forward to resolve this and restore justice in America as well as to protect Trump and his family, Trump must start declassifying absolutely everything. No redactions. And not only about this – other big issues that people are interested in as well (JFK, JFKjr, 9/11 etc) Bc the masses need go k ow what out govt have been capable of in the past to have any hope of them grasping the enormous scope of crime and corruption we are seeing right now.

      That said, at some point as patriots we are going to have to begin considering worst case scenarios if we want to save our country. This isn’t hyperbole. I think we are close to losing it altogether.

      What kind of people and patriots will we be moving forward? 🙏🏻

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      • I agree. DJT is the person we have needed to get this started. It is going to be up to all of us to make sure it continues. He is what, 71 years old now? He can’t be here forever so all of us who love our country will have to be involved in whatever way we can. I do hope he has “apprenticed” someone to carry on for him in the future.


    • dallas Dan- absolutely BRILLIANT comment. When I read this piece by Sundance, I too felt that he was finally giving up on Sessions however reluctantly.

      Personally- I do not have any hope that any of the Swamp Devils can be trusted to be objective when it comes to fighting and dismantling the Deep State. It has been their home for too many years, Sessions being a prime example having served in the Senate for over 20 years.
      The only reason I held out any hope in this regard because (a) President Trump has not removed Sessions and (b) Sundance has up till now, more or less defended him.
      Now all bets are off as far as Mr. Attorney General. Time to name it and claim it for what it is. Trump rewarded him for his loyalty during the campaign and Sessions responded by stabbing our POTUS in the back. *** SESSIONS WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A WAR TIME CONSIGLIERE.


      • svenwg says:

        If you go back and read what SD has written carefully, you will notice that he does not emphatically place the blame on Sessions and Wray, but The institutions they lead. My reading of what was written is that SD was saying that the embeds of the unelected employees of these institutions is what is slow walking the production of the documents requested by congress.

        Unfortunately neither AG Sessions nor Director Wray can themselves find these documents and hand them over to congress and there is very little they can do, legally, to force their staff to do their jobs more efficiently. That is the reason that President Trump needs to sign an EO repealing the EO that allowed Federal employees to be unionised.

        Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

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        • Lou Foxwell says:

          This will bring the bureaucracy in line with the rest of government. It is vital that government employees be eminently fire-able. We elect a president to lead the executive branch of the government, not be its vassal. If he cannot fire he cannot lead.


      • Chilidog says:

        Sessions tenure was problematic from the start. His recusal was entirely motivated by self preservation. He got caught unnecessarily lying about meeting the Russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing. So he recuses himself, instead of resigning, to put out the fire. It’s hard to see where all the support for Sessions comes from when his first act as ag was self serving and has deeply hurt the country.

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    • David Dowat says:

      Where can I send my resume?

      This is ridiculous, if this was Trump or anyone from his team, they would have been presumed guilty, jailed already, all rights denied and thrown into solitary confinement. This is a two tiered justice system right now. If it cannot be cleansed, we’re toast.

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  3. mrbarger says:

    Here are the minimal documents the public needs to see NOW:

    1. The Electronic Communication
    2. The FISA applications
    3. The Flynn 302s

    Where are they?

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    • Bubby says:

      I agree but my guess is like all the above posters it was a lot of paper in volume but not significance and none of the incriminating illegal items 1-3 you mention or any related documents! The old legal defense of bury the prosecution in large quantities of meaningless paper documents is at work. We’ll see what that yapping chihuahua dog Gowdy does this week.

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  4. Pyrran says:

    Put them in jail.
    Hey FBI, release the documents and we’ll release your employees.
    Seems like a simple plan. Enough words, time for action.
    The only thing they respect is brute force, so be it.

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  5. rsmith1776 says:

    Thank you so much Sundance, for this timely and thoughtful entry. It was never, to me at least, about showing who’s smarter etc. [when it comes to the thorny issues, it is Sundance who has BY FAR the highest batting average of anybody here AND elsewhere]. Thank you for authoritatively solving a lingering cognitive dissonance among us.

    We all entertained a measure of hope and, perhaps, wishful thinking.

    As regards commentators, I have to admit that, among the Sessions-“bashers”-bashers, Albert Magnus has shown a lot of class, apologizing in due time, behaving like a man whose mother taught him good manners and a sense of dignity and responsibility.

    Kudos to him.

    We are all in MAGA together, but I have to admit that calling dissenters horrible names and being obsessed with others “eating crow” (what a tired cliché) did not seem to me a smart, or even decent attitude.

    Groupthink is a sin, it is not patriotism.

    Faith has to be correlated with critical thinking, not jihadist conformity.

    Right now though we don’t need anybody to eat any silly crow. What we need to do is absorb [what Sundance told us], adapt, regroup, and move forward to more MAGA.

    Lucky for The United States, The President by himself is worth three Cabinets put together.

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    • ann hendrickson simpson says:

      rSmith1776, Well said.

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    • Rsmith- EXCELLENT POST. Thanks.

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    • Apollo says:

      Where are “collette” and some of the other more vehement/rude Sessions boosters? I would like to be sure those folks are able to read this post, hopefully so that those of us who are a little more skeptical that the DOJ is doing anything much of effect against the Scheme Team, don’t get insulted and name-called in the comments anymore.

      This could be a big step for civility. We’re all on the same team folks!


  6. lakelurelife says:

    “The letter says FBI is also working to address a request about “proposed, recommended or actual” surveillance on the Clinton Foundation. Tyson said the department was responding in a separate, classified letter, and that the request had proven “difficult to address.” She said the department hoped to talk to lawmakers further about it.”
    1). Why would they need to respond to a request about the Clinton Foundation in a classified letter??
    2). The part about hoping to talk to the lawmakers further about it, to me anyway, says “we hope to talk them out of pursuing it further.”

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  7. President Trump is WINNING everywhere he’s attacking.
    • He’s building an UNSURPASSED record.
    • That’s creating UNSTOPPABLE support.

    He’ll launch the FBI-DOJ Turnaround at a place and time of his choosing.

    He’s got three YUGE Agendas first:
    • Global Trade Threats: NAFTA, EU and China
    • Global Military Threats: ISIS, North Korea and Iran
    • Domestic Political Threats: Judge Approvals, Border Security and Mid-Term Elections

    He’ll launch the Deep State Takedown … and FBI-DOJ Turnaround either just before or just after the Mid-Term Elections, subject to “circumstances” of his MAKING.

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    • In short, President Trump’s strategic priorities are now shaping up:
      • 2017: Gain Control with a Killer Cabinet that surrounds the Challenges
      • 2018: Generate Unstoppable Economic Momentum to CRUSH the Mid-Term Elections
      • 2019: Restructure Government to Restore Integrity and Create Accountability
      • 2020: End potential Crises over Debt, Social Security, Cybersecurity and China
      • Term 2: Engage the World to follow our Lead On Economies, Trade and Governance

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        BlackKnightRides, exactly right. First things first. And each one of those firsts increases P Tump’s supporters, from all sectors and from other countries. I remain stunningly happy at the winning.

        With my doubts contained within, I still await a major move from FBI-DOJ-AG when the stench is so unbearable that only hardened marxists — the entire Dem Party and One Worlder elites — have anything good to say about the current justice system.

        Due to medical procedure, I haven’t been able to comment,. I want to reiterate my caution to not label “liberal” what is actually marist — an invitation to brainwashing – a kneejerk reaction that traitors like McCain were practiced at.

        And most marxist moves are planned out and paid for. No spontaneous popular movements. They are losing and losing badly. We are not in a civil war, as some of our commenters suggest. We are winning back our country from a previous 8 years of marxist war against Americans. We have the strength. They are losing.

        MAGA and thanks to Sundance and faithful Treepers for keeping me sane through pain.

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    • MVW says:

      Deep State is just a symptom of World Puppet Masters. IMO. Federal Reserve is part of that. Until that is undone, the hydra will just grow more heads. The Muzzie invasion of Europe, US open borders, are symptoms of it as is the ‘Big Dream’ of World Socialism. What a mess.

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    • Marica says:

      Black Knight! Exactly right. Our POTUS WINS. PERIOD. Whether WITH his DOJ or WITHOUT…WE WIN! …and I have 3 firm beliefs —
      1. God is in Control
      2. President TRUMP is guided by our Lord
      3. Patriots Believe in 1 & 2…

      THE END.

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    • Black Knight= as usual, a great post.

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  8. Fools Gold says:

    It appears to me we’re almost where we started. A few heads rolling (crumbs) just don’t do it for me. Ask for schitt ( real documents) and you get in a year redacted. Yours and my country has gone to hell in a hand basket and I’m more than sick of it..::

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  9. JX says:

    Why are *any* documents concerning this investigation classified?

    From the letter to Goodlatte and Gowdy:

    • documents concerning any FISA coverage relating to the Clinton Foundation is “proving difficult to address”
    • the FBI is seeking to further engage with the Committee to better understand the information sought

    This is laughable.

    The DOJ & FBI are corrupt to the core.

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    • Foxy says:

      Pathetically transparent dodge…. can you rephrase and resubmit your question? TBH its worse than corruption. Its the arrogance of omnipotence…. they’re not worried in the slightest…. this is a sniggering “go f yourself”.

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  10. Toastlink says:

    Concerning SD’s comment on Lausch’s apparent lack of invlovement in the process of processing documents for release to Congress, it appears that this announcement by Sessions months ago may have been all show and no substance.

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  11. Don Weber says:

    Good catch on that sketchy excuse. Completely bogus.

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  12. Anon says:

    It’s very possible the NSA has the list of all the emails that went through that server. It could be more than the “60,000” publicly stated.

    It’s also possible they didn’t keep data from that long ago, or only kept some derivative subset of email headers, and likely in any case they want to keep their information retention policy secret. (Revealing we only look at X and Y encourages people to hide in Z).

    This could give honest investigators another place to find deleted emails – in the inboxes and archives of recipients. The 4th amendment, if my memory serves me correctly, doesn’t apply to third parties. Gov’t might be able to subpoena these records without a warrant.

    Surely a serious investigator would have done that to the “social graph of corruption” the surviving published Hillary emails already revealed. Was that question asked? “Did you subpoena Sidney Blumenthal’s inbox for emails Hillary potentially deleted?”

    But really, an honest investigator knows those emails are on a CD at the Clinton mansion in NY, and if they wanted them, they could easily get a warrant and conduct a search of the premises, like they did for Manafort. (Still waiting for that Podesta indictment btw).

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  13. George says:

    Probably the truth is that even if all of the documents were produced for congress we would never be allowed to see the worst of it. Congress would protect the deep state cabal in the end. It is going to come down to PT declassifying and making them public for us to ever see them all.

    Even at that, I am sure Mueller, RR et al have been as busy as termites destroying the really bad parts. Praying for the nation. Praying for PT and his family. I fear the next time a demoncat is in the White House. The deep state will then pull out all the stops to make sure nothing like the Trump movement can ever happen again. That might be where the buck stops.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      That might be where the buck stops and a civil begins!

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      OK, let’s get real specific about what we may need ADAP:

      I. Immediately
      1. FISA applications and supporting docs. Isn’t this YYUUGE?
      2. All Page-Strzok texts.
      3. Flynn 302 and supporting docs.

      II Next Phase
      4. 500,000 – 600,000 remaining docs.
      5. Awan and Huma laptops.

      This is ridiculous. The FBI and DOJ are deeply corrupt.

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    • dallasdan says:

      Unfortunately, the President’s major triumphs in judicial appointments and the Tax Cut legislation are presently the only ones that can’t be erased by the next Dem president as easily as the President destroyed Obama’s misdeeds. I think the successful resistance to the MAGA legislative agenda is the most concerning long-term domestic issue.

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  14. Raven says:

    Say what?
    This is a guide. It’s about procedures to be followed by the FBI. It doesn’t contain any intel.
    Why would this guide ever be redacted with respect to oversight?

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    • beach lover says:

      Or have to be read in a secure reading room? Another example of making this so difficult for anyone to try to get information. Im glad they are publishing these letters. Everyone can see how the FBI/DOJ is gumming up the works any way they can. Sessions has to be aware of it. Enough


    • Not necessarily true that a government ‘guide’ would not contain classified information…especially if it reveals special techniques or procedures that, if exposed, would render them ineffective.

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  15. Howzie says:

    In the middle of the night. We withdraw. They wake an nobody there. They are stuck with themselves and their mess. Meanwhile back at the ranch…….They are self destructing.

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  16. TomA says:

    DOJ/FBI leadership will not release the smoking gun documents unless or until Congress begins formal impeachment proceedings against Sessions/Rosenstein. This issue will be decided by Paul Ryan. If he blinks or concedes the battleground, then he will have permanently uncut the Constitutional authority of the legislative branch. That will be his personal legacy and a great tragedy for our nation.

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  17. ann hendrickson simpson says:

    Enact The Transparency doctrine. Pulls the rug out under those r.t ba….ds for good. 👁

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  18. Ventura Highway says:

    Maybe PDT is holding his own óctober surprise

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  19. phoenixRising says:

    THREAD – click on tweet

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    • Doppler says:

      Gee, we don’t have the capacity to search top secret emails for specific terms. So we had to build a specific search tool for this particular request. These things take time. (translation: how else can we avoid looking at and producing all the damning evidence we thought we was buried safely there.)

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  20. Echo says:

    Rosie runs the DoJ.
    He is the acting AG and effectively the AG.
    Rosie is a Trump hater.
    Please stop pretending Rosie is a Trump appointee with the implication of loyalty to PDJT and the Constitution.
    He is anti Trump and seeks only to protect the Deep State’s control of the DoJ.
    Mueller is Rosie’s personal best friend, I believe.
    President Trump better start showing he understands these things because he’s acting as if he doesn’t..

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  21. Pyrthroes says:

    Kudos to Sundance/CTH. We had high hopes last year, when Trump appointed Wray successor to the disgraced and fired Comey. But Comey and Wray were apparently raised in the same outhouse.

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  22. Mortgages for the Masees says:

    How many criminal cases, based on evidence provided by the FBI, are going to be appealed, and/or thrown out?

    A whole new can of worms gets opened if they are caught changing 302s and manufacturing evidence, I suspect they are trying to compartmentalize the damning evidence, and dirty agents, so they won’t jeopardize years of criminal cases, most of which are legitimate.


    • Pat Frederick says:

      i think any case that had been investigated by an agent proven to have altered 302’s should be open for review. They can compartmentalize the damage to those agents alone and not the entire FBI, but if they want to rebuild trust in the FBI, they have to acknowledge the possibility of tainted investigations.

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    • Bean Counter says:

      Great point that is being missed by a lot of people. The collateral damage as a result of the effort to take out Trump may end up being more damaging than the original crime.


  23. SW Richmond says:

    “…built and deployed a tool…”

    The wrote a script, or imported an existing one, to do word searches. This takes about ten minutes, no more. Don’t be fooled by this, this is tech foot-dragging ” ooo it’s technical and it’s hard, and we know you don’t know anything about it, it takes a really long time.”

    Total bullshit. Absolute total institutional lying-ass bushit.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      They had to build a search tool that would not render the proper results.
      That kind of script takes a might longer.

      You are thinking technical, Richmond. These ppl are not technical. They are evil.
      Which is why it is so difficult for us to follow their logic. Or lack of, one should say.

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  24. I’m still being optimistic over the end game. I’m hoping that Sessions and maybe Wray are smart enough to realize that they will get one shot at making a real attempt to fix this. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the court of law, it’s about court of public opinion. We all need to educate the American public about the mess that’s been made.

    This is the most amazing time to be an American. For once in my lifetime (I’m in my 60s) we can actually read the IG report. Think about that for a second. America is still arguing over the JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK shootings, because the elites decided that we the people were too dumb to understand. This is game changing for our country.

    How fatal would it be to the cause if they pick someone to lead the battle against the deep state and it turns out 90 to 180 days from now that the people you picked get indicted. We will never get a second chance. Huber better deliver.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. covfefe999 says:

    I believe we are witnessing political taqiyya. We have people in high positions who pledged to uphold the law and behave with integrity. They were lying.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. jeans2nd says:

    The DOJ/NSA question was asked, and answered, in regards to the Strzock/Page missing txt msgs, during the House Judiciary/Oversight-Reform/IG hearing.

    The answer was no. The IG was the one who finally went to DOD (read NSA) to perform that search.

    Behavior does not often change, particularly within such a small group of hive-minded ppl.
    It would be safe to assume that the particular search queried by Rep Rothfus was not performed for the MYE coverup. Beg pardon, investigation.

    Which leaves the statement posited by Rep Meadows, i.e., how is Rep Meadows so certain that the documents already produced do not encompass all relevant docs?

    Occum’s Razor. As the search tool had to be built, the search tool did not exist prior. Therefore no search was performed. Not legally, anyway.
    Which leads us back to the illegal searches performed prior to the upstream searches being shut down, necessitating the FISA in the first place

    One way or another, they are caught. imo

    Now, what are defensive briefing materials, as opposed to offensive briefing materials? That one is beyond my knowledgebase.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. JX says:

    65,000 is an insignificant number of emails for a computer to search. It certainly does not require the development of specialized software.

    DOJ wants to “assist in focusing” the request. In other words, limit the number of documents to something less than the 65,000 responsive documents.

    The DOJ is acting as defense attorneys for the Clinton Foundation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Perot Conservative says:

      I’m concluding we need to bring in an outside group. We have tech people everywhere!

      Bring in NSA or Utah IT or Military specialists, ir bring in outside contractors with clearance, lick out deep state, send them to an offsite cubicle, and bring in some professionals.

      WHERE are the 20-30 FBI employees who want to be subpoenaed?!?!


  28. JX says:

    Looks like Rosenstein has once again failed to deliver the subpoenaed documents.


  29. Sound An Alarm says:

    But where is the unredacted FISA warrant that started the Trump/Russia collusion investigation?
    Was the unverified/salacious Clinton/Fusion GPS/Steele/Russian dossier used to get the FISA warrant?
    The whole Trump/Russia collusion investigation authorization hangs on finding this out and exposing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Concerned says:

      Short of breaking into the FBI, with some US Marshals, and a warrant of their own that information will remain hidden, if not destroyed already, or my favorite, lost.


      • Roberto says:

        Nothing is ever lost–or destroyed–in the world of electronic communications. It’s like trying to drain your bathtub with your hands. There is always a trail. Any IT-security guy can tell you this. Besides, most of these criminals are self-evident idiots. Just like with Hillary, I highly doubt they constructed a secure method of communication.

        Or maybe we should just ask the Russians or Chinese, they might already have these documents!

        Have faith, all of it will eventually come to the fore.


  30. and Congress continues to do nothing…continues to let themselves be played for fools…pathetic.


  31. Republicans have unfortunately become WIMPS…….Weak – Incompetent – Malingering – People who are unable to govern. It is almost as if they are afraid to be in charge for fear of becoming accountable. SAD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Concerned says:

      I see this a little differently, a good many of the House and Senate members are willing to take money for their votes.

      Example: The some of the Democrats want Open Borders in order to obtain uneducated willing voters for the Democratic Party, thereby holding on to Power. Some of the Republicans want Open Borders in order to keep the labor cost low for the businesses their campaign contributes own.

      I do not know the actual number of House and Senate members on the take, but based on what I can see the number must be high. It’s possible that some are wimps but it’s far more likely that Congress is chasing the dollar.

      If Hillary and family, can be an example for anything, it comes in the form of selling government influence or Power.


  32. Concerned says:

    I would recommend that a special department/building be constructed for the career administrative officials in a place like Alaska, no phones, no were to go. Anytime they are found obstructing anything, they will receive a oneway transfer. They will be employed by the government until they quit.

    “It appears to us, the current DOJ/FBI leadership is still attempting to protect the institutions by covering up the conduct of Lynch/Yates and Comey/McCabe. The career administrative officials, under and surrounding the leadership offices, are controlling the actual documents and evidence.”


  33. Nightstand says:

    Gee why not just put them in Federal prison, they are already built? Oh , that’s right , they first must be arrested and no one is going to do that because we have deep state Jeff sessions and Rosenstein. No help there. Jeff drink your warm milk and take your nap.


  34. TexasSnowman says:

    Can anyone offer an explanation as to why PDJT has not simply ordered the DOJ and FBI to provide EVERTHING that has been requested by Congress. I know this would not necessarily eliminate the stalling, but I’m perplexed why he has not made this order and stated comply with the congressional request or ‘your fired’. I listen to the talking heads and everyone blames DOJ/FBI and rightfully so, but why doesn’t the President exercise his authority over the DOJ? He criticizes them, but seems to me he could step in and make some things happen and he does not.


    • Concerned says:

      The only thing I could come up with is the possibility that Mueller’s Team would charge him with obstruction.

      However, the obstruction of PDJT seems to have an unexpected benefit, since the DOJ and FBI rats are acting like they are protected and entitled. Protected by Mueller and entitled by those in the Congress who approved the Special Prosecutor.

      All of those people involved in appointing the Special Prosecutor must be targeted at midterms.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      I guess one reason could be to not jeopardize other criminal investigations, like the Clinton Foundation.

      But given the ass covering they do, over and over, I don’t trust anything.

      1. Subpeana the 20-30 FBI agents ASAP.

      2. Bring in IT techies, and access what is need ed.


  35. CM-TX says:

    Tom Fitton interview on Fox (Fri/Sat PM- *will check)…

    Mentions a Judicial Watch FOIA request for FISA Court transcripts. They received a response stating there was “NONE”.

    I’ve long suspected the so-called “Court” (FISC), is anything but. Rather it’s simply the rubber-stamping of by appointed judges, or some underling. The actual approval process is nothing more than some courier running a fool’s errand, or at most a brief office/lunch chat.
    While the first FISA-warrant attempt to spy on Candidate Trump was denied – it’s only because someone happened to catch his name on list of subjects/or a top page. That person/official wasn’t willing to attach the judge’s name to a highly suspicious, if not unlawful agenda being legitimized by warrant. So they found another way.

    Note: Prior to FISC… It was alleged several places that originally, a more traditional warrant was sought in Federal Court. It was denied. Not sure if this was ever fully discounted.


    • Concerned says:

      Something that must be apparent to the leadership of the current DOJ and FBI!

      The interesting point for me is the sign-off process. It seems the setting AG, and FBI director sign each approved FISA-warrant and its extension. In terms of the campaign, this means that Lynch and Comey signed the warrants. Now, since I consider the signing of a legal document important. And, since Lynch and Comey with foreknowledge submitted false information to the FISA judges at least four times, must be guilty of multiple felonies.

      Why are Lynch and Comey walking around free now?


  36. Concerned says:

    Perhaps because the security organizations (i.e., CIA, FBI, etc) are desperate to keep the FISA process going. And, that prosecuting Lynch and Comey publicly would reveal what a farce this process really is.


  37. jogreggre says:

    My BS meter just went into the reddest zone. Previous documents that were initially withheld and then released, previous redactions that were since un-redacted, have proven to have nothing to do with national security, means, methods, and all the other excuses/rationalizations/lies, but rather were intended to hide illegality, an absence of ethics, politicization and corruption. This is an enormous federal bureaucracy which is contorting like the Washington Post reporters who wrote about the thug, Michael Brown (if you missed their initial apologia for the Ferguson 18 year old who died, read it, it will make you dizzy). The great outrage is that this particular bureaucracy’s purpose is to investigate and enforce the nation’s laws. And to do so in a just, and consistent manner.


  38. CM-TX says:

    SD- You were correct…
    Re: “U.S. Attorney John Lausch, the *supposed* Sessions appointed facilitator of congressional requests…”

    Just reposting confirmation here (From 7/2 PDT):

    | … So why, in last week’s Jordan/Rosenstein testimony, does RR take credit for it? (Re. excuses for redactions & delays)

    JJ: “Your the boss, Mr Rosenstein.”

    RR: “That’s correct! And my job is to make sure we respond to your concerns. We have, sir. NOW I’VE APPOINTED MR LAUSCH, who’s managing that production. …”

    (Unfortunately, one of the rare times RR was being honest! Maybe we should listen.) |


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