House Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena for Peter Strzok Testimony – Wednesday, June 27, 10:00am

The House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Bob Goodlatte, has issued a subpoena for FBI Agent Peter Strzok to appear for testimony on Wednesday, June 27 at 10:00am.

According to most reports FBI agent Strzok was removed from official responsibilities last Friday and escorted out of the building.  Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated Mr. Strzok’s security clearance had been revoked.

“Mr. Strzok as I understand has lost his security clearance,” Sessions stated during a radio interview on “The Howie Carr Show.”

Shortly before the public release of FBI Agent Strzok’s position his attorney published an Op-Ed stating that his client was not guilty of any wrongdoing; and previously stated his client was willing to testify voluntarily before congress without pleading the fifth.

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264 Responses to House Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena for Peter Strzok Testimony – Wednesday, June 27, 10:00am

  1. Guffman says:

    My guess… Strzok will claim all these texts were taken out of context,… that he and Page had a unique sense of humour. Eg.. “We will stop him”… ‘that was just a joking statement… I didn’t really mean we will stop him, that’s ridiculous!’

    To me, that’s the only real defense he can try to muster. Lame, but that’s what I see him pulling.

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    • Kenji says:

      That excuse has already been claimed by Agent #1 thru #22 in the IG Report. Repeatedly.

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    • Kris says:

      I agree, he really has no other defense. The real question is will they believe him? I assume this questioning will not be for the American people to hear?


    • snellvillebob says:

      Yep, he will claim he was just trying to get laid.


    • MGBSE says:

      …well…now that we know about Henry Kerner – McCain’s “fixer”…the first question Strzok should have to answer is: how many times did you speak with Kerner and what did Kerner tell you to say.


  2. rumpole2 says:

    Every time Strzok says words to the effect of “I don’t recall/remember “…. DRINK!

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  3. texastrumper says:

    Not going to lie. I skipped through 189 comments to say that my feeling is this is all kabuki theater.We have a corrupt FBI and DOJ, you cannot trust a soul right now to do the right moral thing. I have been following this for months and Sundance is awesome to say the very least. But our government is so corrupt I just don.t feel justice will ever be served without the American people taking this into our own hands. I am done with playing with these fools. Between illegal immigration. the border, we will lose this war until we are willing to man up. I am angry and on the ledge again. Somebody talk me off because I am fed the hell up.

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Texas I am in the same place you are. What a joke this hearing will be and not to mention a waste of time and energy. It is sad that grown men can’t be patriots and choose to be lying losers feeding off the public. I am keeping the faith only because President Trump is in office. If something drastic doesn’t happen soon to reset the climate we are in—-as soon as he leaves, it will be business as usual again. We need a formal address to the nation with cold facts and the corruption spelled out. Let the chips fall. There has to be a reset though. Keep the faith for now and look to God for peace. Pray for President Trump for he is in a dangerous spot.

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    • Jase says:

      On the ledge is exactly where the left want you to be. They want you to throw a punch, pull out a gun. Don’t play the game. Be proud, be strong, but be calm. Wear a Trump T————-shirt or a MAGA and when some loony lefty screams abuse at you smile, wave and tell them to have a nice day. Oh, and start rounding up friends, neighbours, anybody you can to vote in November. Organise a voting party, hire a bus and offer anybody who wants to vote a ride.
      This is how you win.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “Wear a Trump T————-shirt or a MAGA and when some loony lefty screams abuse at you smile, wave and tell them to have a nice day.”

        I have five from volunteering during the campaign and YES, it drives them absolutely bonkers when you don’t “react in the flesh” and return niceties instead of lashing back.

        Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

        Pbs 15:18 A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.
        Pbs 28:25 He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat.
        Pbs 29:22 An angry man stirreth up strife, and a furious man aboundeth in transgression.

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        • Kenji says:

          Rom. 12-20: On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”

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      • Steve says:

        Behave like Sarah Sanders did at the Red Hen. With dignity and restraint.


    • WSB says:

      They are all trying to derail the criminal investigation, IMHO.

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    • g.w says:

      Step down from the ledge. There are so many ups and downs in this process, it would be a shame to jump while in the latest down-turn just as it was about to rise up again.

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    • Laurie says:

      Ever since this awakening started with me (the day I saw Trump coming down the escalator and then the published Clinton/Podesta “Pizza” emails) my life has done a complete 180. Once I was aware of the evil doings of Hillary and her gang- with respect to the children in particular…. I mean it goes so deep with me that I have made life altering decisions based on my beliefs. “Those that know, cannot sleep. Those that know, cannot find peace. Those that know, will not rest until justice is done”. Every time I feel like quitting or giving up – (yes it’s gotten that bad)… I remember about the innocent children, I take a deep breathe, I distance myself from it for a day or so, then I am right back here again fighting to oncover and expose as much as I possibly can with my tiny twitter account and anything else I have. I sometimes just watch the YT video entitled “This is the speech that got Trump elected” again, and that always gets me going! I remember why I’m doing this, why I’m so loyal to this cause, I do whatever it takes to get inspired again to tell the truth and tell it as loud and often as possible! WWG1WGA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
      Hang in there texastrumper ‼️Fight with me! 💪🏼

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    • dawndoe says:

      Texas Trumper, I get you, I feel this way a lot, but I have to just stop watching or reading for awhile and trust that God is in control. We mustn’t give in to our fears. We’ve got to get past the mid-terms. In the meantime, Pray, pray, pray. And encourage those around you to be sure to vote. This is not the time for us to resort to taking things into our own hands, if you mean by force. I’m praying there is a huge RED wave and that we will gain more seats in both houses and that the new ones coming in will be totally MAGA. It is completely possible, especially with GOD. So, please take a deep breath and walk away for awhile if you need to. I’m praying God will comfort you and give you the peace you need. We must remain calm and peaceful. We never want to do anything harmful to ourselves or others, else we become what we despise. Let us know how you’re doing.


      • Steve says:

        November will really show how much sanity still prevails in the US. In a sane world, normal people should be watching the antics of the fascists of the Left and rushing off to vote for Trump candidates. If they don’t, then we have to accept that normal is dead and that the crazies are in the majority. I believe firmly in the first scenario. Most Americans are still sane and recognise that the Left are demonic and are trying to destroy a legitimate POTUS who is working wonders for his nation.

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    • I 100% agree Texas. It will take awhile to fix this cluster. It is very difficult and just when I think, awe sh** what is he doing…it all works out and he is right and the msm is enraged. We are at a fever pitch because the corrupt are so threatened. Hard to watch for sure, keep the faith!


    • Kris says:

      We all are!!! “justice will ever be served without the American people taking this into our own hands”. I would say that is what November 6th is for but since the politicians on both sides cheat like crazy to win, not sure if it will make any difference! Pretty sad!

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      • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

        1)Pray for President Trumps security team.
        2 )Pray for those efforts to thwart voter fraud.
        3) Pray for fortitude.
        Thank God for all the WINNING..everyday

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  4. ATheoK says:

    “his attorney published an Op-Ed stating that his client was not guilty of any wrongdoing;”


    Did he get a copy of McCabe’s, Comey’s, HRC’s and many other’s published innocence claims?

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    • Julia Adams says:

      Legally, his attorney is factually correct in what he states because his client has not be charged with a crime, yet. Right? And, if Strzok ever is charged, (which he should be) he is presumed innocent until he is proven guilty in a court of law. Until then, this is a PR stunt.

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  5. CopperTop says:

    Libertyunyielding…chuck ross…(is he problematic?…no idea…don’t follow him)…

    had a nice little summary about some less talked about State Department peeps who are dirty with the dossier. Each time i see this kind of stuff I hear McCabe ‘Without the Dossier there would be no FISA in October’. This timeline has the dossier in ambassador Dibble’s hands May 2016…
    “Nuland, who was the Obama State Department’s top Russia expert, received excerpts of Steele’s dossier in mid-July 2016, about two months before the salacious document would reportedly make its way to the FBI team investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

    Dibble, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in London, was reportedly one of the first U.S. officials to receive information about a May 2016 conversation that Papadopoulos, the Trump adviser, had with Alexander Downer, the Australian High Commissioner to the U.K.”

    That’s a glaring statement of the date this began. Never saw his statement in this light until now.

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  6. nimrodman says:

    I just wanna know if the gal with the tanned legs and white dress is gonna be there again
    … hey, I’m just sayin’

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  7. nimrodman says:

    And when do we get to hear from Pientka?


  8. jengancworld says:

    Now it all depends on what kind of questions he is asked ,and if anybody really goes after him with follow-ups ,Etc.


  9. American says:

    Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
    Had a wife but couldn’t keep her;
    He put her in a pumpkin shell
    And there he kept her very well.

    Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
    Had another and didn’t love her;
    Peter learned to read and spell,
    And then he loved her very well.

    Before this is all over, even it if takes another two years to complete, Peter is toast. Stick a fork in him.

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  10. Julia Adams says:

    Why is this happening this way? Why is Peter Strzok’s Attorney writing Op Ed’s and allowing his client to testify without reservation or concern and pledging not to take the 5th?

    What if Strzok confessed and spilled the beans on everything and everyone in exchange for a reduced sentence or worse yet, immunity?


  11. TwoLaine says:

    CLOSED testimony. MORE secrets in secret chambers. GGGGRRRRRR.

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    • jello333 says:

      Yep. On the subpoena there are two boxes that can be checked, stating what kind of testimony it’ll be… “hearing” or “deposition”. The “deposition” box is checked, meaning this will be behind closed doors. 😦

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  12. Does Congress use its investigative committees, subpoenas, and IG reports to cover up for the swamp?

    Imran Awan to get six months in jail for operating a spy ring in Congress for 14 years

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  13. We were all saddened to learn of Agent Strzok’s untimely demise Tuesday, June 26, one day before he was to testify in the investigation against Clinton and Obama’s criminal activities. Although he was murdered with his own weapon after signs of a struggle, his death has been ruled a suicide, and there is absolutely no relation to the murder of FBI Agent David Raynor earlier this year exactly one day before he was to testify before a federal grand jury about Clinton and Obama criminal activity. Move along…..nothing to see here.


  14. Bulldog84 says:

    What a worthless exercise. He will be there to make a speech, after which he will promptly claim everything else is classified. His memory of the three weeks after the Weiner laptop was discovered will be conveniently lost.

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  15. Chewbarkah says:

    Mr. Strzok: When you wrote that you didn’t want to work on the SC investigation, because “there was no there, there”, what did you mean?


    • 4sure says:

      “I meant there was no there, there.” And he keeps repeating that to every question they use to to try to get an answer to there.

      And finally he says, “Look, you dumb shit, don’t you know what “there” means? Geesh.”


  16. gueppebarre says:

    Lemme guess – closed door session?


  17. letty bromenschenkel says:

    chasing our own tails (tales)?
    17 months and nothing has changed, in fact, it is worse.
    the liberal terrorists have taken absolute control.
    Their media controls every lie they pump out because
    conservatives simply refuse to stand up and take control.
    sad conservatives keep feeding the criminal media by watching and trembling. ZERO
    courage to turn them off.
    a spinning top is what we are left with.


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