President Trump Remarks and Press Conference Following G7 Meetings in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada…

Earlier today President Trump and members of the administration delivered remarks following the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Canada.  President Trump is heading to Singapore for a historic meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Prior to departing Canada, President Trump took questions from the media on a wide variety of issues including trade:  “Economic Security is National Security” !

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220 Responses to President Trump Remarks and Press Conference Following G7 Meetings in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada…

  1. GB Bari says:

    Great article.
    Awesome President.
    Masterful press conference.
    Outstanding comments.

    There are precious few reasons to be anywhere else on the internet but CTH.

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  2. AH_C says:

    Like a boss.

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  3. vmi80 says:

    To the extent that the youth of today (the future of our country) make themselves aware of what our VSGPDJT has done, is doing, will do, to MAGA, they will recognize and appreciate the model of success, responsibility, respect, veracity, loyalty, perseverance, indeed Love (the Gift of God/Adonai, manifest is Yeshua/Jesus).


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  4. vmi80 says:

    These are Historic Times (thought they would never come). But what others meant for Evil, God has turned to Good!!

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  5. Carrie2 says:

    Everett, I think you meant a Leader of a NEW Free World because so much of our world are not freeing their people.


  6. Jan says:

    Almost 9 or 10 yrs. ago, we witnessed a president kissing the hands of leaders in the Middle East. Our “president” destabilized the Middle East, so that people would flee to Europe and the US while he set in place “judges” who are realistically activists who went to law school. Pres. Trump is reversing the years that OVomit was in office. But THIS PRESIDENT understands trade, economics, national & economic security and, unlike the Dimms, knows where his support is from….You and me and hopefully your kids and grandkids. DO NOT STAY at home this fall. Vote for the candidates who support Trump unless they’re Dimms. Dimms & GOPe may say they’re for the president but they will vote democrat. We are on a journey for the fight of our lives. There is only one who has our backs and we’ve gotta’ have his! You rock Pres. Trump!!

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  7. That picture of PDJT sitting with his arms folded while the rest of the ‘leaders’ leaned in to him says it all. If he had said ‘you’re fired’, it would have been appropriate.


  8. Mickturn says:

    President Trump is Kicking Arse and Taking Names, this is far better than Obey bending over all of us so the world could have their way with us!


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