Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

Maria Bartiromo interviews Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to discuss Gary Cohn’s departure from President Trump’s National Economic Council (NEC).  {Deep Dive Here}  Secretary Mnuchin talks about the larger MAGAnomic objectives, and the transition of the administration into ‘policy phase-2’ with all attention now focused on Main Street.

Great Interview:


♦Economic Patriotism – ‘America First’:
√ Unleash energy development. Drive down energy costs. Lower cost-of-living.
√ Eliminate regulatory stranglehold. Unleash free market entrepreneurial expansion.
√ Lower corporate tax burden. Position business investment ‘best bet’ domestically.
√ Generate investment expansion. Create: jobs, jobs, jobs.
√ Generate higher labor demand. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs = Higher wages, wages, wages.
√ Lower middle-class tax burden. Combine higher wages with lower taxes. 2x benefits.
==> WE ARE HERE <==
• Structure trade deals to benefit workers/companies inside the U.S.
• Leverage access to U.S. market as incitement for domestic investment.
• Economic Growth + Domestic Manufacturing Expansion =  GDP increases.
• Increased overall tax revenues from expanding economy stabilizes debt and entitlements.

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83 Responses to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. Josh says:


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  2. CA M says:

    Phase two:: flying over the target. Meanwhile the stuck pigs are squealing. The louder they squeal, the closer we are! Popcorn is popping, ready for the Show!

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    Sad how Maria B. who I admire is being so disingenuous with her viewers! She is doing the bidding of the RINOs, CoC, MSM etc. She knows damn well that putting a tariff on Chinese steel is a complete joke. Had she listened to our President yesterday, he said that the 2% of Chinese steel being imported into our country is a joke. They send their steel everywhere. He said there are countries that don’t produce any steel yet they somehow import to us. Where the hell do you think they are getting the steel.

    This other BS about saving 600K jobs versus the 6 million that will be adversely effected that use steel and aluminum is another damn joke. Peter Navarro and our Wilburine have been on her show over the past 72 hours and they told her that a six pack of beer will go up ~.02 cents and that the cost on a car would go up ~$140.

    This is what she and the rest of the POS are scared of! The “Trump Belt” rising from the ashes!

    This is the America that Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and BHO left us after their 28 miserable years! She and the rest of the POS helped them kill our country!

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    • duchess01 says:

      As usual, excellent post, fle! God Bless You!

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    • Pat Frederick says:

      i agree with your observation on Maria’s questions…initially the cost of steel will rise, but as production resumes here, I anticipate it will soon even itself out. and no mention of the inferiority of the imported steel?

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Americans in the “Trump Belt” want their factories, their towns and their livelihood back for themselves and future generations!

      From the article linked above:

      President Donald Trump’s affirmation, last week, that he will indeed attempt to place U.S. workers and industry first and that he does, in fact, believe in trade protection for American workers and their jobs, has caused near apoplexy within New York-Washington commentariat.

      We are told that tariffs would set off a trade war we would lose; that tariffs will destroy, not protect, American jobs (150,000 would be lost!); and that tariffs will crash the current American economic boom.

      All this is nonsense. Tariffs have been advocated for years by a wide spectrum of politicians, from Chuck Schumer, to Bernie Sanders, to Paul Ryan and fellow Republicans in their “Better Way” agenda. They have been often employed. Indeed, American pharmaceuticals are protected by U.S. trade law and agreements.

      Last week, a president stood up for Pittsburgh, and for the Mon Valley, and Weirton, and Youngstown, and all the small American towns that felt the ripple effect of unfettered trade and abandonment of a primary American industry. It was Donald Trump’s finest hour.

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    • booger71 says:

      Maria maybe smart on stocks and bonds, but she is lacking knowledge about world trade. Maybe Charles should teach a course to his fellow FBN’s

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      • The Boss says:

        Evidently the “Look, Maria…” discussion took place before air time this morning, and Mnuchin wouldn’t give her the argument she was looking for. Nor would he remind her of obvious things like trans-shipping and the misleading charts Fox is putting on screen since the weekend. She was a complete whore in this interview, and she knows it.

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          “Fair and Balanced”.
          Perhaps she is being forced to be the “balance” part to appease the NWO/Globalist faction of the viewers?

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Charles is absolutely incredible. He GETS IT!

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          So does Lou Dobbs. Then Kennedy comes on for the opposition to Dobb’s position immediately afterwards.
          Please see my post above to The Boss, except Kennedy really believes that academic Libertarian free trade swill that is unworkable in the real world..

          RATINGS, my friends.Selling those advertising slots so the $$$$$$ can roll in.
          I am looking forward to the time when the opposition will have to acknowledge that PDJT is correct.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      She brought forth the “concerns” of the opposition and gave Mnuchin ample opportunity to address them directly. She pushed it a little. That doesn’t mean she believes in the opposing viewpoint. She actually did something reporters are supposed to do. Play a little hardball.

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    • Ockham's Phaser says:

      I saw Maria’s questions as an opportunity for Mnuchin to dispel some myths about these tariffs. He totally dropped the ball with his ‘talking point’ answers. I wanted to jump into the screen and answer for him.

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    • weneedmorerules says:

      The Sky Is Falling (Again). Maria, Ryan, McConnell, etc. Please stop screaming we’re all going to die. If you really believe that, then shut up and get under your desk. We’ll tell you when it is safe to come out.

      They must be paid shills. Surely they don’t really believe the earth is flat.

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      Fle= Maria and her husband and friends I am pretty certain have large holdings in foreign steel and Al companies. It is all a money issue with them and the C of C and Corporate bosses. Hey Maria, why don’t these companies pass some of the 35 % down to 21% tax rate break on to us consumers in the form of lower prices. How much money do they have to have???

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  4. positron1352 says:

    You mean a presidential administration could actually have a strategic plan? Haven’t seen that before.

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  5. NYGuy54 says:

    “…we’re going to consistently execute the President’s strategy….”

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    FAKE NEWS MEDIA knows the plan…it was on his website! The part we are learning are all the liars and schemers who are OUTRAGED or SURPRISED. Next time, read the policies and listen to the speeches. BTW, President Trump has kept every promise plus…CAN’T WAIT FOR THE WALL AND LOCK HER UP!

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    • maga2004 says:

      Publius, the NeverTrumpers are desperately holding onto their “White House in Chaos” narrative while Trump’s accomplishments just keep stacking up. Just read an article re: Bush 41 saying “I don’t know Trump, but he’s not our style” and 43 quipping “(Trump) makes my presidency look pretty good!” with a smirk on his face.

      The four prior President’s were all Judas goats, leading America to the slaughter; it just proves in contrast to Trump of how much they put their cronies ahead of America’s – and American’s – interests. Night and Day.

      The level of disgust they have toward Trump is a reflection of their perception of us everyday Americans who love our country and want Her to be respected again. I would love to tell all four of them to their faces, “No, YOU are the disgusting reprobates!”

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “43 quipping “(Trump) makes my presidency look pretty good!” with a smirk on his face.”

        That man should go back to painting. It was much better when we did not have to hear from him. As far as I recall, the only peep I heard out of him after he left office was when he was trying to defend himself against the charge that Dick Cheney was really running the show during his 8 years. He should be glad he is not locked up with Mr. Cheney for war crimes, because there are a lot of leftist ideologues out there that have made a pretty compelling case in favor of it.

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      • Sharon says:

        I am waiting for Mark Taylor prophecies of the five former Presidents! Two will be taken and three will be shaken!

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  7. Sentient says:

    Don’t forget – any money raised by the tariffs will reduce the deficit.

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    • booger71 says:

      I am not smart in such things, but if we would have had a near zero trade deficit since 2000, I doubt we would be 20 Trillion in debt.

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      • lokiscout says:

        Could be, booger, but since I have no idea what the 20 Trillion bought and knowing how the swamp can make money disappear I believe we could be just as bad off as we are today. As for the tariffs collected they go straight into the US Treasury slush fund just like the taxes we pay to the IRS. I have no doubt “they” can make it disappear with nothing to show for it just like every cent I send them.


  8. missilemom says:

    I really enjoy Maria’s interviews; but she doth protest here a bit much. There is “passion” and there are RINO talking points. Love the calm resolve of the Trump team with Ross leading and Mnuchin
    following along nicely.

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  9. Kyrissaean says:

    dems are bribed to flood US with illegals/cripple diverse jobs with crazy bureaucracy cost.note tech giants outsource never demand other countries be like California?foreign gov install puppet=Cali DA=easy toss illegals/hard to deport. only keep the good/worth while,but continue pro open border or criminal ones needs to be deported without hesitation


  10. Publius2016 says:

    Mnuchin reminds me of Hamilton! So smart and believes in industry (hard labor, mining, agriculture, creativity, originally, art, music, and of course UNIPARTY favorite value added)

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  11. Pilot44236 says:

    All good but they need to focus on the value of the dollar. Ideally, a return to a gold-backed dollar but allowing it to float at these levels will drive inflation much higher and soak up the benefits of the tax cuts.

    Much of the economic success during the Clinton years was directly attributable to the value of the dollar relative to gold. Greenspan was using a quazi gold/dollar link that kept inflation low and the value of the dollar strong thus increasing domestic consumer purchasing power.

    We don’t currently have a Fed Chair or Treasury Secretary that think this way so it will be on President Trump to make this a priority.


    • jmclever says:

      Much of the economic success of the Clinton years was inherited by policies that were implemented by Reagan but which the Congress pushed implementation down the road. POTUS Trump saw how they screwed Reagan and that is why his tax cuts took effect immediately. All effects are credited to the administration that worked to implement them and not some usurper down the road.

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  12. jnearen says:

    Given their amazing success to date, I wouldn’t bet against this crack economic team. I realize that it’s all politics and kabuki theater. These talking heads know nothing other than market speculation and have never lived (or had any training) in a mainstream economy.


  13. Higher wages, wages, wages:
    • America becomes the Automation Nation.
    • Automation displaces high-cost repetitive-task labor.
    • Automation ELIMINATES the Chinese low labor-cost advantage.

    • Automation next displaces production-run changeover labor.
    • Automation also adds flexibility to vary product features on the same production run.
    • Automation ENABLES short production runs.
    • American Companies ELIMINATE INVENTORY needed between production runs.
    • Foreign Imports require HIGH INVENTORY to cover long runs and ocean freight transit times.

    American Manufacturing DISPLACES CHINESE IMPORTS!


  14. chojun says:

    I think it’s amusing and interesting how Globalists in the Republican party (GOPe/UniParty) laud the benefits of free trade/free markets but then completely and conveniently ignore that the domestic market, via regulation, is not able to operate as a free market.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the domestic market, via regulation, is not able to operate as a free market.”

      That point is frequently overlooked by the proponents of “protectionism” (to use the “free traders” word).
      Some years ago I was riding with my brother, listening to a Mark Levin radio rebroadcast on a Sunday morning when some critical caller mentioned “unfettered capitalism”.
      I don’t recall all the details, but the point is we never had “unfettered capitalism” in this country – with all the taxes, rules, regulations, etc.

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    With our tax, regulatory, iron, coking coal and energy advantages, why not become a GREAT STEEL EXPORTER to every Bilateral Trade Partner, displacing China?
    • Exports of Steel and Steel-input Products/Parts to those Partners helps achieve Balance for Reciprocal Trade.
    • Steel Exports could be negotiated along with Defense and Energy Exports as part of the Bilateral Deals.
    • Mutual Defense pacts would also become part of these Deals.

    OTOH, these countries could take their chances to compete on their own with China or invite Chinese Infiltration of their Economies, Debt-Funding and Governments.


  16. Pam says:


  17. Disgusted says:

    Not eva gonna listen to anything posted about Maria, ever again! Not certainly on television which I never turn on after cutting off comcast forever! I am a big fan of Mnuchin, will listen to HIM! She was annoying and playing her part, right?

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  18. sundance says:

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  19. Todd says:

    I agree with President Trump

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  20. thedoc00 says:

    The other point that needs to be countered with data and questions is the “job loss” claim put forward by the anti-Tariff folks.

    The number of jobs lost is claimed to be any where between 150,000 to 6 Million.
    What jobs are impacted?
    How many may actually be at risk?

    Then you have the crowd comparing historic attempts at tariffs vs the one just proposed by the president. Again, some smart economic historian needs to rebut these with some contextual facts and/or at least challenge the claimants to explain the parallels. Historically there are allot of contextual differences plus the fact the tariffs tried by Bush were put in place by an administration lacking in conviction of cause.

    Finally, the President is going to have to figure out how manage the final line of defense the globalists cemented in place over the last 8+ years during the fake financial crisis. Thanks to Obama’s economic and monetary policies, traditional savings accounts and bonds were totally wrecked as safe savings instruments. That forced everybody with any desire to save for the future into savings products based on the equities market dominated by the globalist financiers the bailout cash fortified into pace. The Globalists Bankers on Wall Street are in a strong enough position to essentially conduct greenmail to Turn Trumps base against him. Truth be told, if Clinton had one, people with any kind of savings instruments based on the markets would have done OK, I did the math…the questions people had to ask themselves when we voted for Trump was and remains what type of future would our children and America have as well as do we care enough to vote for that future? I voted for Trump and remain committed, sadly we have a political class fully bought and paid for by the wall Street Financiers.

    The most fascinating part about the news today is that every one of the news outlets are showing the Republicans being 100% against Trump and are using ONLY Republican Political interviews. Not a single Democrat has said a word and the media is NOT asking the Democrats to comment or choose.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “some smart economic historian”

      There are some out there; however, the only place you probably would have a chance to see one is over on One America News.

      “The most fascinating part about the news today is that every one of the news outlets are showing the Republicans being 100% against Trump and are using ONLY Republican Political interviews. Not a single Democrat has said a word and the media is NOT asking the Democrats to comment or choose”

      A coordinated anti-Trump effort in an attempt to incite a backlash against his policies.
      They know what is at stake -Trillions of $$$. Our President knows his plan will work.

      I would not be surprised if there might be some globalist/banker tinkering to make things look bad and go downhill in the short term in an attempt to drive public opinion and his base against him. Remember, he gave all the major domestic manufacturing CEO’s a heads up on his plan.


  21. Bonitabaycane says:

    Maria is tough, but fair and allows guests to answer her questions. I would like those speaking for our President to clearly communicate the duplicitous steel dumping/steel laundering the Chinese are doing through other nations.


  22. webgirlpdx says:

    40 minutes until the closing bell……Dow down 60 pts and Nasdaq up 27.
    I guess Wall Street has moved on already from the news their homie leaving the WH.


  23. Apply tourniquet to stop the bleeding…..Add plasma…..gain economic stregnth , moral fortitude and individual freedom , and PRESTO, AGA


  24. quintrillion says:

    We need high quality, Strong American Made Steel for all the new infrastructure projects.

    We do not need bridges failing after a few years because of inferior steel produced in China,

    I would rather have US made quality that lasts rather than cheap junk that ends up in the trash.

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  25. Bendix says:

    Under President Trump’s plan, the elite won’t be quite so high and mighty over the rest of it.
    They have quite enjoyed their unearned status.
    That’s what they won’t admit, even to themselves.


  26. cjzak says:

    Wondering from the information on the tariffs. It has been reported that Mexico and Canada are conduits for Chinese steel coming into the US. If they are going to be exempted, how does that solve the problem of Chinese steel coming here? Because of NAFTA renegotiations?


  27. I sort of agree that Maria is just being a journalist and giving Mnuchin a chance to provide info, but on the other hand, she sounded desperate and frightened. So I don’t know, but Mnuchin is so calm and assured, it’s hard not to believe in him.


    • highdezertgator says:

      She has a producer screaming in her earpiece and the producer has one of the Murdochs screaming in his ear and the Murdochs have a K-street lobbyist screaming in his ear!


  28. 21leelee says:

    It amazes me how calm, low blood pressure, non plussed, how chill, almost like surfer dudes Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross are. Journalists and heads of industry might be sweating blood and gulping, with lots of gestures and facial exaggeration, but Mnuchin and Ross roll along, so cool. It is quite reassuring.


  29. annieoakley says:



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