House Intelligence Committee Staff Begin Reviewing Political Construct of IC Joint Analysis Report…

Ever since the sketchy “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity – Joint Analysis Report” was originally released late December 2016 we identified the construct as a mostly political intelligence document which seemed to be created to justify a Russian narrative.

As time went on, and as the Clinton-Steele dossier was revealed, the 17 agency Intelligence Community Assessment (another name for the JAR) grew even weaker.  In late October 2017 former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted the Clinton-Steele dossier was part of the Joint Analysis Report.   Eventually, our research indicated the dossier and the intelligence report were likely the underlying evidence behind the FISA Title-1 application for surveillance on Carter Page and by extension the Trump campaign.

Well, our independent suspicions appears to be exactly what House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes is currently investigating.

(Via New York Post) […]  After learning Obama Justice and FBI officials relied heavily on unsubstantiated rumors in the dossier to wiretap a Trump adviser during the election, congressional leaders now suspect the dossier also informed Obama intelligence officials who compiled the ICA.

The report was released Jan. 6, 2017 — the same day intelligence officials attached a written summary of the dossier to a highly classified Russia briefing they gave Obama about the dossier, and the day after Obama held a secret White House meeting to discuss the dossier with his national-security adviser and FBI director.

Staff investigators for GOP Rep. Devin Nunes’ intelligence committee, for one, are now going over “every word” of the ICA — including classified footnotes — to see if any of the analysis was pre-cooked based on the dossier.

[…]  The Defense Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, State Department’s intelligence bureau and other agencies with relevant expertise on Russia were excluded, in violation of normal rules for drafting such assessments. And in another departure from custom, the report is missing any dissenting views or an annex with evaluations of the conclusions from outside reviewers.

US intel veterans suspect the administration “manipulated” the process to reach a “predetermined political conclusion” in order to delegitimize Trump.  (read more)

The “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity – Joint Analysis Report” (full pdf below) is pure nonsense. It outlines nothing more than vague and disingenuous typical hacking activity that is no more substantive than any other hacking report on any other foreign actor.

This report might as well be blaming Nigerian fraud phone solicitors for targeting U.S. phone numbers.  Just because your grandma didn’t actually win that Nigerian national lottery doesn’t mean the Nigerian government, or representative of the Nigerian government were targeting grandma.

This FBI report is, well, quite simply, pure nonsense, that’s why NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers refused to endorse it.

[…] “And then you hear it’s 17 agencies. Well, it’s three. And one is Brennan and one is whatever. I mean, give me a break. They’re political hacks.”

“So you look at it — I mean, you have Brennan, you have Clapper, and you have Comey. Comey is proven now to be a liar and he’s proven to be a leaker.”

“So you look at that, and you have President Putin very strongly, vehemently says he had nothing to do with that. Now, you’re not going to get into an argument. You’re going to start talking about Syria and the Ukraine.”

~ President Donald Trump

That quote was from President Trump in November 2017 and he’s entirely correct.  James Clapper (ODNI), John Brennan (CIA) and James Comey (FBI) were indeed political hacks.

The proof is in their own action:  ♦Remember CIA Director John Brennan got caught, and later apologized, for using his agency to spy on congress (SEE HERE), for political purposes.  ♦Then there’s the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who admitted to lying to congress (SEE HERE) for political purposes.  ♦Lastly, FBI Director James Comey who admitted to leaking his memo content to the New York Times for political purposes.

Their admitted behavior.

Their admitted use of their intelligence positions for political reasons.

Political hacks.

So it doesn’t really come as a shock that this FBI report is pure nonsense.  But don’t take my word for it, read it yourself.

This entire FBI report is nothing more than a generalized, albeit techno-worded, explanation for how Nigerians, Indians, or in this case Russians, attempt to gain your email passwords etc., nothing more.

However, what was alarming to consider was how far the various radical political ideologues, and the media, were willing to go to create a straw-man crisis for political benefit.  Secondly how terribly diminished the integrity of the executive office of the U.S. presidency actually became amid this level of ridiculous propaganda.

There’s no doubt the intended outcome was to create internal confusion and begin selling a narrative to undermine the incoming President-elect Trump administration.  No-one expected him to win; Trump’s victory sent a shock-wave through the DC system the professional political class were reacting to.

Trump was a threat, an existential threat to their entire livelihood, and Trump won.  Now the outgoing administration was in a state of panic; and the outlier co-dependent agents from that administration were similarly apoplectic with fear.

The outgoing administration needed to create something, some narrative, to block Trump from upending their entire political system.  They sold this ridiculous Russian Narrative to a gullible U.S. left-wing electorate, because the Obama administration -writ large- knew media would help them and millions of people who will buy into these fabrications.

Consider the December 2016 example from a Yahoo News article:

[…] The US intelligence community has concluded that a hack-and-release of Democratic Party and Clinton staff emails was designed to put Trump — a political neophyte who has praised Putin — into the Oval Office. (link)

There was, and still is, absolutely no evidence the DNC was “hacked” (WikiLeaks claims the information was an inside job of “leaking”), and even John Podesta admitted himself he was a victim of an ordinary “phishing” password change scam.

Does hacking exist, of course it does. Do hackers exist in every country connected by the internet, of course they do. Do state governments participate in hacking offense and defense, again – yes, of course they do. And yes, the FBI and U.S. intelligence community act purposefully against all participants they can catch.

But what does that reality have to do with allegations that hostile Russian hackers attempted to gain entry into the DNC or John Podesta?  Those were, and are, two entirely different issues which the Obama administration conflated simply for political and ideological purposes.

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343 Responses to House Intelligence Committee Staff Begin Reviewing Political Construct of IC Joint Analysis Report…

  1. Marygrace Powers says:

    They sold this ridiculous Russian Narrative to a gullible U.S. left-wing electorate, because the Obama administration -writ large- knew media would help them and millions of people who will buy into these fabrications.”

    Something’s gotta give with the liberal media’s non-stop creating/colluding schemes that
    are insidiously hidden from the public. Without the liberal media pounding the ‘fake news’
    24/7/365 the fake Russian narrative would never have had traction. Liberal media needs
    to be held accountable.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      It is VERY IMPORTANT for people to realize HOW MUCH Putin’s sad little Troll Farm was a gift not to Trump, but to HILLARY and her cohort of IC ABUSERS.

      This leveraging of international sneakery is pure Soviet communism, which raises certain questions (COUGH, COUGH) about motive. But the point is that unless one looks at the big picture, one can’t see where the REAL COLLUSION was. And you likely won’t find a single word between Hillary and Putin, other than a wink.

      Putin’s little troll farms were designed not to be EFFECTIVE, but AMBIGUOUS and MISLEADING. It is that design which tells us they were an IC product, and had IC purpose. Look BIG to see that purpose.


      How much money is that worth? How much INFLUENCE?


      I’ll say this much. Cheryl Sandberg and Marc Zuckerberg know not the final numbers, which are fluffy and avoidable, but the ORDER OF MAGNITUDE against Trump. Skillful questioning about SPECIFIC NUMBERS WHICH REVEAL THE TRUTH can be ordered out by skilled lawyers working with IT which understands what to look for. Don’t ask her for the big truth that can be covered up in “I don’t know”. Ask about simple reportable numbers that PROVE what Hillary got out of a false narrative, and then make the facebookies evade before a jury about what those numbers mean.

      Facebook is really good at distracting to small potatoes, when they know that the BIG PICTURE says something stark and unavoidable. An entire drama was created to give the terrible candidate Hillary Clinton something to run on. WITH RUSSIAN HELP.

      Putin is smart. He “bromanced” with Trump on the surface, where Trump likes to play, and colluded with Hillary down deep, where SHE likes to play. BOTH served to help Hillary. But Trump knew what he was doing, too. Five levels of complication beyond that, Trump saw a WIN.

      V. S. G. Deal with it, techie slicksters.

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    • Tegan says:

      Mary grace…I agree and would love to know how this can be done. CNN has gone beyond any presence of objective, balanced and factual journalism and somehow needs to be held accountable. But, how?


  2. Ziiggii says:

    “how can the IC claim that Russia interrogated the DNC server..”

    Because they “trust” Crowdstrike….



  3. COS Patriot says:

    Everyone is waiting for the IG report as if it will solve everything. I’m not so sure. If serious crimes like sedition were being committed, wouldn’t Sessions already be alerted of this? And if so, wouldn’t the criminals already be indicted by a now? Why would he be waiting on the IG report? In the meantime, Mueller and the seditious gang marches on undeterred.

    I don’t care what anyone says here. I still don’t trust Sessions. None of the faithful here have yet explained why Huma Weiner still hasn’t been arrested. It’s an easy slam for Sessions and would send message to the whole gang. Yet he does NOTHING. Where’s the 4D chess in that??

    I’ve got a serious craving for crow right now. I better get some soon. This is getting ridiculous.

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  4. Mutton says:

    Now consider the real political problem for PDJT. The nonsense that is the Russian”interference” joke is not anywhere but CTH being called for what it is. The corporate media and marxist blogosphere will win if this is not KNOWN by Joe sixpack and Josephine soccer mom to be rubbish, rubbish that reveals the true nature of the political bureaucracy… Brennan and Clapper and Comey.
    Mueller’s job is to run a continuing crisis around PDJT until the next Presidential election.
    If not Russia something else, the pretext is irrelevant.

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    • Craig D says:

      I agree with mutton on – Trump loses if Joe Six-pack and Josephine the soccer mom don’t hear about this Russia Gate/FISA warrent fiasco. To make the news Sessions needs to indict someone big (ties to Obama). Otherwise game is over for Trump. Last hope is the IG Report.

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      • Craig D says:

        Also, further to the above. Trump most likely will not win a second term. Trump’s legacy will be that Niki Haley will be a top contender for President (eventually).


        • dawg says:

          I respectfully disagree with most of that:

          1. The public at large already believes the Trump-Russia investigation is a witch hunt AND the Obama admin spied on Trump. They don’t know all the specifics, but those two larger points they believe.

          2. Trump approval rating currently at 50% and higher than Obama at the same time, and has been for a few weeks now. In a free and fair election, Trump wins 2020 because he simply thinks like the majority of Americans, whether they like him or not. The x-factor is how much, and how effectively the Dems cheat with voter fraud. Of course, thats a big x-factor.


        • Mutton says:

          “Niki Haley will be a top contender for President (eventually).”

          Let’s hope not. Nikki’s a Never Trumper, ‘ol buddy. She’s doing no harm in foreign affairs an excellent spot for her. .


      • Rhoda R says:

        Sessions needs that indictment to be on solid and indisputable grounds. Remember the media will spin to downplay ANY evidence that goes out there so it has to be sever enough to overcome that barrier.


    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Rush speaks to Joe sixpack—–millions, who talk to each other. Q–like him or not, speaks to millions of millenials———Fox and friends, Hannity, Dobbs speak to millions of middle ages and older folks————ALL have been covering this material, to one degree or another—-for months ! More and more of them know. Hence over 50% think the Russia stuff is a hoax and Hillary is corrupt. IN SPITE of the relentless efforts of CNN et al.

      So it is not just CTH giving out this info.


  5. COS Patriot says:

    Can someone from the Sessions faithful explain to me why Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is still fighting tooth-and-nail everyday for the release of docs through the FOIA? Why hasn’t Sessions demanded his subordinates meet his requests ASAP? Who’s in charge here?

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  6. Bobby Alley says:

    Trump is no dummy and he is Session’s boss. He was very angry with Sessions early on. Trump knows if indictments of big names don’t happen his presidency is toast no matter what he does economically and Sessions knows it means his legacy would be of a very corrupt lawman. Most likely they are timing this to get maximum impact on 2018 midterms.

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    • Timing? And what if Mueller strikes 1st? With some believable stuff?
      Then? If I was Trump… I would lite a fire under sessions butt…. real quick.
      He can’t fire the guy at this point… who would he replace him with?
      and a conformation process is the last thing Trump needs right now

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      • NC PATRIOT says:

        Timing is everything–patience is a virtue. VSSG PDJT knows what needs to be done. He will launch the MOAB when the time is right.


    • Mutton says:

      So what’s your theory on Sessions refusing to order FBI / DoJ compliance with Congressional demands ? What possible 4D chess is there in hiding documents that are favourable to PDJT? (ie. if they were not favourable we know they would have been released quickly).

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      • fanbeav says:

        Doesn’t the IG have access to all documents? If so, maybe they don’t want to share these docs with politicians. Other than Nunez and Grassley, I don’t trust any of these committees!

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        • Mutton says:

          Right. So vested interest, self protecting, bureaucratic decisions trump the elected representative’s Congressional Committee’s right to know.
          Thanks for clearing that up.


          • Maquis says:

            No. Protecting the investigation, not someone’s ass.

            But you knew that.


            • Mutton says:

              What investigation? The FBI can’t be trusted to investigate themselves. Presumably the IG has the information other wise if will be forever held by bureaucrats who are involved. Remember how Nunes’s Report was going to destroy national security? Sure you do.

              The Congressional Committee has 3 members cleared to view anything at all.
              But you knew that.


        • Summer says:

          You mean, they don’t share the info with the Congress because of the SENSITIVITY OF THE MATTER, and that’s the proper way to go? Now, where did I here that before?


    • Thomas_Pain-1961 says:

      In the normal world people who commit crimes are arrested and tried in relatively short order. The infamous make-up wearing traitor Comey, who has publicly admitted to felonies, walks free, coaching young teen girls, months after Comey’s admissions. The lack of arrests forces me to deal with my white hot rage over it.

      When I was in the Navy we had to dispose of our classified documents at the burn room which was infrequently open and when the burn room was open you could wait in a long line for several hours. We had one sailor on our ship who was having nothing to do with the previously mentioned inconvenience. He put his discarded classified material in a bag of common garbage and went to the fantail to chuck it off into the drink. This sailor was met on the fantail by a master of arms who was searching the garbage bags and discovered the classified material. This is because most U.S. Navy ships were followed by SOVIET trawlers who would pick up the garbage to analyze it.

      This sailor was arrested immediately and put in the brig. The sailor in chains and his entourage were the first people to get off the ship when we ported in Pearl. We never saw him again and we later learned he won free room and board in eastern Kansas for SEVEN YEARS. The sailor was tried, convicted, and incarcerated in a period of two months.

      I get sick in my stomach thinking that strzok and page are free still as well as their fellow treasonous compatriots in the fbi, getting paid by us all the while. I tell myself that Trump, Sessions, and Horwitz are not dealing with a lazy sailor, a drug dealer, a bank executive, or a video pirate. Trump, Sessions, and Horwitz are dealing with a traitorous network of such unprecedented scope that the normal timeline for indictments or arrests do not apply here and that Trump, Sessions, and Horwitz have to deal with this matter much differently than normal. This assumption on my part is all that gets me through this period of seeming inaction and buoys my hope for justice.

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      • Tegan says:

        Thomas Paine…you need to send that story to POTUS.


      • fanbeav says:

        Very sad story for that sailor. Unfortunately Congress makes the laws and just like term limits (which they will never vote for), they appear to be creating laws that are allowing politicians/cabinet members to have a different set of laws so the corruption can continue. Up and until our DOJ is not a political arm of the government, nothing will change.


      • Maquis says:

        Such is my own view. President Trump is dealing with corruption and scandal of absolutely epic proportions, the largest and worst in all American History. The scope of these crimes is unimaginable. The most dangerous Conspiracy ever, to all Americans.

        It is taking great work and patience to unravel it and build airtight cases. We know what we know, but we know not what Trump knows. Any who suspect he doesn’t, doesn’t know Trump.

        The man who answers the call to stand in tbe gap does not expect an easy time. Trump is suffering innumerable slings and arrows on our behalf, on behalf of Civilization and Humanity itself. I have no intention of adding to those numbers.

        Especially not into his back.


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    • mimbler says:

      That would be corruption. I don’t believe Trump would condone the DOJ being used as a political weapon.
      That’s the problem with most of the theories of why nothing appears to be being done.
      And Trump is still complaining about Sessions, not just early on.


  7. MVW says:

    We are fighting a war and are on defense. Globalism, anti-America/American, propaganda, multi agent strikes (terrorist organizations like Antifa, rogue government actors, weaponized government agencies (IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, – not DOD? ), weaponized media, infiltration of charities, use of the UN, weaponized Islam – 1400yrs of always has been but not as virulent, weaponized school curriculum, weaponized churches – communist Pope, adulterated science – magazines, institutions, on and on).

    ‘It’ takes organization, it takes huge, huge money ($trillion/yr?), it has been ongoing for many, many decades. Transcends state boundaries.

    So far, all I see is reaction, is defense.

    We can’t go on offense if we don’t know ‘who.’ We can’t win unless we know ‘who’.

    There is a ‘who.’ I don’t think this is a government, I think it is a NGO.

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    • MVW says:

      Globalism is an agenda, a tactic, a means. I think money, and the means is government power and ability to control destruction (huge money in shorting, vulture Soros make huge money this way). Terrorism is a means.

      It is not the ‘who.’


  8. ForGodandCountry says:

    Sundance wrote:

    “They ̶s̶o̶l̶d̶ fed this ̶r̶i̶d̶i̶c̶u̶l̶o̶u̶s̶ duplicitous Russian Narrative to a ̶g̶u̶l̶l̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ willfully complicit U.S. left-wing electorate, because the Obama administration -writ large- knew media would help them and millions of ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶ ̶ ̶̶̶w̶̶̶i̶̶̶l̶̶̶l̶̶̶ ̶̶̶ ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶b̶̶̶̶̶̶̶u̶̶̶̶̶̶̶y̶̶̶̶̶̶̶ ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶i̶̶̶̶̶̶̶n̶̶̶̶̶̶̶t̶̶̶̶̶̶̶o̶̶̶̶̶̶̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ Obama sycophants would endlessly regurgitate these fabrications.”

    Fixed it for ya. 😉

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  9. Paintinjan says:

    Does anyone else wake up every Friday, wondering what the news dump of the week will be?

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  10. littlebird160 says:

    Nobody is paying any attention to this now, except those who are informed on the subject. The media is intentionally burying it with the current tragic sock-puppet theater being consumed by the easily distracted masses. I’m afraid This topic will be relegated to a much lower level of relevance as the supporters of POTUS and the 2nd Amendment are forced, yet again, to defend themselves from the current media-incited, Soros funded assault on their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

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  11. Bobthebuilder says:

    Clearly, there is frustration among many people. We want the rule of law restored.
    The problem, as I see it, is that the DOJ IG Report will inform the world but must be made public as its independent work. To maintain a sufficient degree of independence, the Sessions DOJ must not take command and exert any influence until after the IG report is released.

    Otherwise, the conspirators and their media allies will forever argue in the public realm that the IG’s work was orchestrated by the current (Trump) DOJ leadership. Don’t get me wrong, the conspirators and their media allies will still attempt such but will have “no leg to stand on.

    Another problem is that once the first conspirators are charged, the game changes entirely. The “smaller fish” become the story, which may get too far ahead and obfiscate the real story… the criminal behavior at the highest levels…Clinton and Obama.

    At the end of the day, pray to the Lord for patience. All of this will be made public soon, and the USA will face a new day.

    Remember, the darkest part of the day is right before the sun rises!

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    • Bob Kalle says:

      Thank You, and for all who doubt, Trump has this and only because God has this. Don’t rely on people, rely on God to get the job done. When I foundr, I go back to the real Man in charge, God. Read Romans 13:1-10

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      • NC PATRIOT says:

        Yes, Bob. Important to insert God here—-because we get so caught up in minute details we forget what is most important. It is my personal belief, and I prayed mightily over this, that God raised up P45 for such a time as this.

        ——the flawed, rich, New Yorker who loves his country and has enough tenacity to STAND in the face of all the push back he would get. He said simply, early on, “Pray for me”.
        It is time we.continue doing that. There is an old saying in AA. “Let go and let GOD”


    • Maquis says:

      A voice of reason and understanding. This is a difficult task. The battle is engaged. We can snipe, or we can pray and support and dig for answers ourselves to help the investigations along, as does Sundance, and encourage our Brothers and Sisters to do the same


    • LS says:

      Excellent point…


  12. RAC says:

    Apologies if this has been covered already and I’ve missed it.
    No where have I seen anyone question the necessity or offer an explanation why the IC agencies need to employ outside IT contractors.
    Are qualified IT professionals in such short supply that the govmt., can’t get enough, surely they could even borrow some from the armed forces.
    It just seems a bit suspect that outside rented workers with connections to the Hag are so close to the hub of it all.

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    • Maquis says:

      I haven’t questioned the necessity because I do not believe it’s a necessity, or ever was. It is an utterly illegitimate abuse of Citizens’ rights and privacy and is indefensible. I am hoping that we will have an investigation into the scope and length of this practice and end it forever.

      I do agree. I would very much appreciate having a conversation on this matter. It has been bugging me too.


  13. Mutton says:

    Mueller isn’t doing his job.
    It’ll be coffee and biscuits with Soros if he doesn’t lift his game.
    Drudge is claiming PDJT is 50% in the opinion polls….. is the narrative faltering?

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  14. There is a very good chance, and strong, strong, evidence to support it – that the Guccifer 2 personna who supposedly hacked the DNC servers was made up by someone at CrowdStrike (who was also the company that inspected them after the hack and the only organization allowed to, forbidding any gov’t org to inspect) and that the supposed hack was actually either a cover-up for a leak (some suspect Seth Rich) or an intentional Potemkin village. I am shocked not more people are on to this. The people who are proposing this are solid IT people and despite strong attempts to crush their perspective, they have. of been able to, and their hypothesis makes incredible sense.

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  15. uptothere says:

    I realize there has to be a structured methodolgy to all these ongoing commitee investgations, but, it appears that we seem caught up in analysis paralysis. That is, these things keep going without any indictments or resolution. Each finding leads to another month of analysis and fact finding. DOJ seems caught up in the same whirlpool. JMO.


  16. ForGodandCountry says:

    Btw Sundance,

    Really appreciating how carefully you are managing our attention and focus. I knew, at some point, the CIA and DNI had to come into all this. I can see how we had to focus on the DOJ and FBI (FISAgate) first before shifting and broadening our perspectives to include both Brennan and Clapper, who you have only mentioned briefly in passing up to now.

    “CIA Director John Brennan got caught, and later apologized, for using his agency to spy on congress.”

    Can there be any doubt that the Obama cabal was spying….not just on Republicans….but upon members of the democrat party as well?

    You like to look at fact patterns. Here’s one:

    One of the most remarkable aspects of congressional democrats during the Obama administration was their almost lockstep voting in Congress. And here, nothing was more revealing and surprising than the Obamacare vote. Dozens of democrats House members had to have their arms twisted to get to a “yes” on that vote….because they knew it would cost them their seats in Congress….and that is exactly what happened in the not-so-shocking 2010 mid-term.

    I posit that Obama admin. spying occurred well before 2015, going all the way back to the beginnings of his admin. The O-care vote shows why. I believe Leon Panetta (CIA Dir. February 13, 2009 – June 30, 2011) is involved in all this. More…Petraeus was set up after being brought on board to give the Obama admin. the petina of credibility to the public in advance of the 2012 election. Funny how Patraeus was forced out almost TO-THE-DAY of the vote, and Brennan was appointed in March 2013.

    Also, please don’t forget something about Brennan….he refused to be sworn into office on a Bible, and instead held his right hand over the Constitution. This completely negates the purpose of the oath—-> that even if one should break it and no man finds out, the oath taker has sworn to God and will be held to account by the Almighty. (This is why, regardless of belief, IMHO anyone MUST swear on the bible, his holy Word….they are swearing to God, whether or not they believe in him. The Consitution, though we revere what is written upon it, is at it’s most basic simply a piece of paper).


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    • Maquis says:

      We presume that Obama was doing this from almost Day One. Remember Maxine Waters outed this early on about Obama’s creation of a database with everything about everyone, that the Dems could not be beaten due to it. “It’s very powerful.” she said.

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  17. David says:

    The Joint Analysis Report (JAR) titled “GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity” was authored by the FBI and DHS and issued on December 29, 2016. It was used to justify sanctions against Russia which were announced the same day.

    Its scope is not limited to the DNC event but is very broad to include “a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities, such as think tanks, universities, and corporations around the world.” This report doesn’t mention the Democratic National Committee or the DNC by name at all. Or, the DCCC. Or, WikiLeaks. Or, DCLeaks. Or, John Podesta emails. It doesn’t even mention the Democrat or Republican parties – they are referred to individually as “a U.S. political party.” Someone could easily read the report and not have the slightest clue which political party suffered what attacks. The report is so vague it is possible to believe everything in the report is 100% accurate and still believe the DNC “hack” was really a DNC leak — an inside job. Nowhere does it say the DNC emails were given to anybody to be made public.

    The Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) titled “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections” was authored by the CIA, FBI, and NSA and was issued January 6, 2017. No proof is offered for its assertions but it reads like its source was (in part) the dossier. Of the 25 pages in this report, only 5 focus on the 2016 election. The rest is filler – mostly about the RT network (formerly Russia Today). Per the NYP article, this is the report that is being scrutinized by HPSCI.


  18. Southern Son says:

    I LoveIt! when Communist are Apoplectic
    and Panicking over Sunshine.

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  19. Jim in TN says:

    Here is a thought on how the IC report can be connected to the Dossier without them having the Dossier in hand. (Not saying they did not have it. Not saying this is what happened, just an alternative route that was possible.)

    In British Hagiography’s on Steele, they make sure to let us know how anti Putin he was and how we was working with GCHQ. Some even said he gave them the Dossier too.

    So did Steele give the Dossier to GCHQ?
    If so, did GCHQ add their own touches and send it on to the CIA?

    We hear lots about how other intelligence agencies have provided information. I even think I heard this very thing happened, though I do not remember where I heard it.

    In this way, one anti-Putin and anti-Trump zealot, with funding from Hillary, could provide the same phony information to the FBI and the CIA to help in his crusade to take down Trump.

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    • David R. Graham says:

      Early on in this saga that routing was mentioned, I forget when or where, but I remember reading it. Entirely plausible. Could even be engineered by Brennan+ to take that routing, making it look like 5-Eyes legit.


  20. David R. Graham says:

    The report is such nonsense I wonder if it was meant to shield something even more nefarious. Why did they leave stuff in the White House SCIF where Team Trump could find it and Nunes could be shown it?

    I remember The Fraud saying he was going to stay in D.C. partly so he could “cook stuff up.” I thought, Oh Boy, nine years of it and more to come. And so it did.

    To the agents downrange, it is career-threatening. But to The Fraud, it’s just creating hate and discontent for the fun of it. Strange the agents did not see that, or did not take the warning if they did.


  21. Summer says:

    Lots of very good, informative comments.

    The only info I want at this point, though, is when ANYONE involved in the coup is going to be indicted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maquis says:

      Many of us would like to know when the impatience train is going to slow down. We all feel it. But we don’t see the need to throw more coal in the boiler.


      • Summer says:

        Who are “we”? I speak for myself and so should you.
        I don’t trust my “government”, period. I will not give them the benefit of the doubt because they ALWAYS lied to me in the past. Until I see people actually go to jail for their known, well-documented crimes, and not just retired with full benefit and given immunity, I will maintain my skepticism.

        With every passing day without Justice delivered my impatience AND my contempt for Sessions and Rosenstein grow tenfold.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Maquis says:

          I will speak as I see fit, and on occasion I will express what I know is the larger group concensus, especially when most, who are equally hungry for justice, are simply more self-disciplined.

          I might offer suggestions here and there, but I don’t typically practice should-ing on others.



  22. Pelicansview says:

    As I have said before, every day that passes with no prosecution or indictments from the white hats increases the chances that team Mueller will cobble together some charge against our president. It is what Mueller was sent there to do. It is his life’s mission.

    Today, Richard Gates (Trump Campaign Aide) pleaded guilty to process charges that could net him 5-years. He will cooperate (even fabricate) to reduce that sentencing outcome. We recently heard Clapper and Schiff, both Mueller consiglieres, hint of possible financial discrepancies between PDJT and his campaign. These are fully vested players currently assisting the small group that remain under Mueller’s sphere of influence. Remember, it only takes two people testifying against POTUS to bring a conspiracy charge that would fully cripple PDJT’s ability to function. Manafort just got hammered with more charges. Gates is being hammered right now.

    The strategy is not complicated. Mueller will continue to drive the ball down the middle of the field until he is stopped; until the political costs become way too high. That would take a robust counter offensive being brought to bear against the black hats and their puppeteers at the highest levels. However, once ANY criminal charge has been leveled by Mueller against the President, no matter how bogus, anything subsequent will be viewed as mere political posturing designed to protect the President. At that point, I am afraid, the game is ended.

    Mr. Nunes, the fourth quarter approaches. Time is of the essence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TEMP STORAGE says:

      I am in agreement, the only people going to jail, so far, have been coming from the efforts of black hats. Mueller, and his team need to be crippled or removed before a fabricated indictment like the Russian Dossier is created.

      The history of war has shown us, it’s much harder to defend, than attack. If Devin Nunes and his supporters expects to protect his President then they had better get allot more aggressive, than anything the Democrats had ever seen.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Nunes is doing everything he can. It’s Sessions’ play.


    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Gates was barely and only remotely associated with the campaign, as with Carter Page and Popodopilous. Manafort’s charges stem from things that happened years before he briefly was hired to guide P45 through the delegates at the convention. Manafort will fight and will not roll on the President. IMO


    • I concur that time is of the essence. Mueller will at the least indict PDJT in the court of public opinion which may cost him reelection. I am adamant that Rosenstein may be the key player who is working against the President. He should be neutralized to eliminate the threat – real or not. Whatever the outcome is, I hope the President can/will wreak misery, condemnation and vengeance against the no good rat bastard Republicans who have failed to utter a word in his defense. They are lower than whale crap and that’s found at the bottom of the ocean. MAGA. Thank-you; I feel better.


    • Mutton says:

      “However, once ANY criminal charge has been leveled by Mueller against the President, no matter how bogus, anything subsequent will be viewed as mere political posturing designed to protect the President. At that point, I am afraid, the game is ended.”

      Yep, the deep thinkers and their 4D chess are missing the woods because of all the trees.
      Mueller needs to be retired. With any luck a Republican legislature won’t appoint another one….but with Sessions et al we can’t be sure.


  23. BaronAsh says:

    Re: “Trump was a threat, an existential threat to their entire livelihood…”

    It’s more than livelihood. Incoming officials, esp. like Flynn, would have the ability to root around and expose their many criminal activities. So it’s more like survival than livelihood per se.


    • Maquis says:

      Not even survival, really, in these squeamish times, no one is likely to be put down, despite their eminent qualifications. More like they are striving to ensure continued criminal prosperity. Even if Clinton, the elders both, go to the pokey, they want their well-cortupted daughtet to carry on the “good” work.



  24. TEMP STORAGE says:

    Sundances comments bring home a number of questions:

    Remember CIA Director John Brennan got caught, and later apologized, for using his agency to spy on congress, for political purposes,

    Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who admitted to lying to congress for political purposes,

    Lastly, FBI Director James Comey who admitted to leaking his memo content to the New York Times for political purposes.

    How can Mueller indict people like Manafort, Gates and ignore far worse criminals like John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey. Criminals so assured of their protection that they can freely admit their guilt.

    What has happen to the rule of law?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Just curious. If one of the three DC FISA judges was now a witness in an investigation, wouldn’t they be required to recuse themselves from any cases involving those being investigated? Like Flynn’s first judge, one of the three FISA judges who may have been misled?


    • TEMP STORAGE says:

      Since the process under-which the FISA Court operates is hidden from the American People. I am not sure that we will ever know the answer to your question.

      However, the logical expectation or should I say hope is that all three of the FISA Court Judges would be recused.


      • NC PATRIOT says:

        SC Justice Roberts is in charge of the FISA court. He likely makes the decisions to “recuse” FISA judges. Already one has been recused. I have to think he is watching this.


    • Maquis says:

      “Misled” might be too charatible a characterization.


  26. G-Man says:

    I’d like to see Sundance add the Rat-Faced Iranian’s mug added to the list.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. ForGodandCountry says:

    I have a few honest questions for impatient people wanting to see action taken against Mueller, Comey et al. RIGHT DAMN NOW.

    Given the evidence we know PDJT and the “white hats” have in hand (thanks to Sundance)…this same evidence that is the basis for wanting to see immediate action taken against the “black hats” (and we all do, btw)…

    What makes you believe PDJT & Co. are not masters of political timing and/or are not controlling that timing precisely how they (not you) think best? What is your objective, unemotional evidence??

    If you disagree with the underlying premise of this question re: timing (ie. they are masters of it who know what’s best), I’d like to know why. Again…..What is your objective, unemotional evidence??

    Please try to be dispassionate and objective. Feelings are irrelevant to the question.

    Oh, and before I forget….here’s a follow up question…

    Given the very great importance of the upcoming Nov. election….which PDJT just emphasized during his speech at CPAC today…..

    What would have a greater impact on low-info voters….indictments and perp-walks now…or a month or two before the vote (which would inevitably cause these same low-info (LoFo) voters to ask “what’s going on?” while POTUS and others explain during the speeches LoFos will watch then but don’t watch today)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • uptothere says:

      I understand your logic. I think that waiting until Sept or so to finally unload may be a sound plan, but the ship of state can only continue absorbing torpedoes for so long until it finally goes down. I would like to see a sub or two go down first, if for nothing else than to get the Libs to back off, even momentarily.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Deplore Able says:

      The other complication that requires time is getting the evidence needed for convictions declassified. Nunes took the first step in that process with the Memo. There is more that needs to be done. We need the FISA Warrant Applications declassified. We need to see the names that are blacked out in the FISA abuse opinion from back in April 2017.

      To keep PDJT above the fray, they want to go through the legislative branch to accomplish the declassification. You don’t want the left and the MSM claiming that PDJT is an out of control executive bent on declassifying material in order to damage his political opponents.

      PDJT is the victim here. The Black Hats tried to deprive him of his duly elected office. PDJT needs to proceed carefully, respecting the other branches of government and the separation of powers.

      The American people are also the victims. The Black Hats spied on American citizens in blatant disregard of their constitutional rights, then afterwards tried to cover the tracks of “Fearless Leader” by claiming he insisted that everything be done “by the book.” The White Hats have to truly do everything “by the books.”

      The plan is in place. The next step is the report of IG Horowitz.

      The timing of the 27 leak investigations will be interesting. The targets of a number of those investigations are members of Congress and their staffers. Would you like Adam Schiff indicted tomorrow? Or would you rather wait until after he wins his primary and secures his name on the November ballot? If Schiff is indicted after his name is on the ballot, what will the dems do? Have Schiff resign and mount a write in campaign?


      • mimbler says:

        That would be corruption of the justice system. We don’t hold back charges for political advantage.

        Most of these 3d chess motivations require lawlessness by the people we elected. I’m not buying it.


    • Summer says:

      Here we go again: “they” know best. “They” are masters of timing. Who are they?
      What white hats? I don’t know any white hats in the Justice Department. Do you? Give me the names, please.

      And no, PDJT can’t manipulate any “timing” because he can’t interfere with the investigation. Surely you don’t suggest that Trump invites Rosenstein and whoever is allegedly investigating the coup and they together decide to coordinate their actions in order to influence upcoming elections?

      “Given the evidence we know,” a lot of people should have been prosecuted long time ago, starting with Hillary Clinton and her henchmen. Didn’t take long to indict Flynn, Manafort and Gates, did it. “Political timing” is an extremely lame excuse for inaction anyway.

      My impression is President Trump wants is to be impatient and demand action because the DoJ is not to be trusted. “Ask Sessions!”
      I will trust the Nigerian Prince with my money before I trust anyone in the DoJ. They are just dragging their feet and obstructing justice.

      Liked by 1 person

    • mimbler says:

      I don’t care what would have an impact on the voters. Manipulating the justice department for political gain would be what obama would do, not Trump.

      Are you really saying you think Trump would be timing criminal prosecutions for political gain?

      Liked by 1 person

    • jeans2nd says:

      How about no one on Team Trump is being political about anything, and are waiting to have all the evidence in order to have a bullet-proof case? A case that is truly above board, honest, and by-the-book? The book meaning The Good Book.

      Liked by 2 people

  28. WVNed says:

    A coup is not a crime. It is an act of war. The perpetrators should be neutralized now.


  29. Mark McQueen says:

    What’s the point of all this defeatism at this stage? I think it’s a bit early yet.


    • Maquis says:

      I have no choice, given the many times their tantrums were answered already, that their aim is to foster frustration and demoralization.

      If it’s not their aim, well, most adults would recognize that their militant negativity is apt to foster, frustration and demoralization.


      Liked by 3 people

  30. f.fernandez says:

    I’ve always questioned that report and the fact only Crowdstrike was allowed to view hacked server.

    When does tge FBI let some contractor dictate the terms of an investigation, much less one where a national election was involed?

    The answer is when that contractor works with them to push the Russian hacking narrative. Crowdstrike was one of the contractors given access to 702 raw data illegally.

    Liked by 3 people

    • All Too Much says:

      Why the FBI caved on that never made sense, when it happened.
      After studying what Sundance has shown us, I think the answer to the question has a solid foundation on which to base a solid argument, or theory, for an answer. More than one. Eventually, as more is revealed, we will know the answer.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Nessie509 says:

    Trump is Mueller’s target. Make no mistake. Vote every time you can against all Democrats because Trump’s presidential term depends on us. To me the most troubling count in Gates guilty plea is conspiracy against the United States. This could entangle Trump if he knew, or reasonably should have known that Mannafort and Gate’s previous work for Russia was against the interest of the Ukraine and her ally the USA. Groan if you want, but a famous blogger has written repeatedly, “there are trillions at stake”. Take it to the bank. The objective is a to oust Trump.


  32. TwoLaine says:

    FNC just got a clue. 🙂 Apparently Martha from The Story is looking into this and thinks we all fell for the 17 agencies bull crap! This should be interesting.


  33. All Too Much says:

    Susan Rice’s lawyer’s letter explaining the Rice email written weeks after the White House meeting. “First opportunity she hd to” write it.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Bill says:

    President Trump’s the DOJ is corrupt! Listen to what the DOJ, today’s DOJ is doing in an effort to derail the Uranium One investigation. You have Rosinstein threatening a congressional committee and Session’s allowing the following to happen, under his watch.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Bill says:

    Report after report, day after day we keep seeing the DOJ or the FBI or both performing or allowing to be performed one corrupt action after another. It does make you wonder how the President or for that matter anyone else is going to fix this corrupt mess.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. jeans2nd says:

    No one will read this, but, here goes anyway.

    25 Oct 2016 (youtube date), John Brennan was one of several people, including James Clapper and John Podesta, interviewed by PBS for the PBS special “The Putin Files.”

    Most of it is fairly boring, run-of-the-mill Muh Russia stuff, including James Clapper’s interview (will re-listen Clapper tomorrow, just for s&g).
    John Brennan’s interview is different.

    The first half hour of Brennan’s interview is the standard psycho analytic nonsense (done by a psycho) re: Putin. Brennan also details how this was a counterintel op all along, initiated by Brennan and the CIA. There was at least one FBI guy embedded in the CIA who was in from the start.

    At 33:38 Brennan starts describing the details from June-July 2016 on, and runs for about 15 minutes.

    “(we were) also touching base with our foreign counterparts, some of those European services that had up close and direct experience with some of the Russian activities”

    The interviewer says that this must have been a moment that was different in some way than what they had seen before.

    “This was not just the usual stuff that we had seen before, that it was a much more agressive, much more intense, and much more worrisome (word “worrisome” stressed here) effort…that the Russians were up to, uh, things that we had not seen before (last phrase stressed here), and we didn’t know what they were going to try to do…”.

    “…We had seen over the course of years what they had done in Europe, to include financial payments, and uh, intimidation efforts, even blackmail of, uh, political parties and political officals…”

    39:43 re: keeping counterintel ops “tight” within a small group –
    “Sometimes it involves U.S. persons, who have been recruited by the Russians, and you wanna make sure that you protect that information, for the privacy of individuals who may be suspected but not actually guilty.”

    In July 2016 Brennan’s counterintelligence operation was in full swing. Time to brief Obama.
    “Once it was apparent to me that we were encountering something that was unlike what we had seen before…”
    Brennen goes on to detail how Brennan reached out to the White House and had a mtg w/Obama, Rice, and a few others.

    “…(I) wanted to make sure the President understood the foundations (the word “foundations” stressed here) of our understanding, and also make sure the President understood how we would be able to collect further on this, what the limitations were, as well as the sensitivity of it.”

    “I spoke to the White House, to get on the President’s calender (Brennan earlier had said he spoke with Obama, Rice, and “one or two others” at that meeting),…I also spoke to right away Jim Clapper. Jim was not available to come down to the White House with me at the time, when I met with the President, but I wanted to make sure that Jim fully knew what we had come to understand, and what I was going to brief the President about. Right after I briefed the President, I spoke with Jim Comey…and had a conversation shortly thereafter with Mike Rogers…”

    Somewhere earlier Brennan distinctly says “they” had “a guy in there,” which was understood to mean in the Trunp campaign, but cannot find that now.

    Also, Brennan tells Obama how they can keep the counterintel op going. The words are taken to mean the details behind how they intend to use the FISC to obtain the Carter Page FISA order. Will listen for time/words tomorrow, forgot to include it here.

    Brennan uses the phrase “the sensitivity of” the operation many times. Flashback to Comey-Elise Stefanik March 2017 “Because of the sensitivity of the matter?” sensitivity.matter.brennan.lynch.

    Watch Brennan’s eyes and body movements here, especially the eyes and mouth. Smiles are at inappropriate times. The eyes show a rehearsed story. There is no going back in memory to recall details, rather, Brennan is searching for the correct words, and smiles when a particularly leading word or phrase is chosen, as in a wink-wink-nudge-nudge-ya-know-whaddi-mean? smile.

    Hindsight offers greater meaning to Brennan’s words.
    There is much more, but one quickly wearies of listening to this bozo. Perhaps tomorrow.

    There is your tiimeline, who knew what when, and who-what-where-when-how everything happened.

    Everything concerning Muh Russia, including the Mueller indictments, has been based on the ICA, except for the Carter Page original FISA order.
    But, is not the ICA and the original Page FISA order based on the CIA and FBI’s collective “experience,” reputation, and the Clinton Dossier?

    On a clinical note, these Muh Russia people are mentally ill. Seriously, not kidding here. Who thinks like this?

    On a brighter note, there is a Senator on the Senate Intel Cmte who has been on Pres Trump’s side since the beginning, is a friend of CIA Dir Mike Pompeo, and also knew Sec Tillerson before Sec Tillerson joined the Trump cabinet – Sen Jim Risch.
    Prob a typical swamp creature, but, does he smoke cigars?
    13 Jan 2017 mp3 and transcript 5 min 31 sec

    Liked by 1 person

    • jeans2nd says:

      Reading All Too Much’s comment 8:46 p.m. – Brennan’s words at 39:43 refutes Rices words re: Flynn. No one was going to brief anyone on Team Trump about an ongoing counterintel op. Dummies. One always is caught eventually. Always.

      Liked by 1 person

      • V says:

        “jeans2nd says: February 23, 2018 at 10:08 pm
        No one will read this, but, here goes anyway.”

        Jean, every bit counts 🙂

        There’s a telepathic spiritual camaraderie amongst all of us all over the world who are looking, reading, posting, researching, analyzing, etc. that is very powerful. Like deadly laser beams into the evil, accelerating its extinction.

        Feel the magic in the air 🙂


        • V says:

          The “carriers” of evil are at their most vulnerable. They are stuck between weak AI and degenerating biological forms. What little “fake spirit” they had to begin with is trying to become all AI, but it can’t make the jump from its bio form. And between the cup and the lip many a slip, a mundane idiom for a mediocre phenomenon. That’s what evil was, although it caused horrendous atrocities – an anomaly in all of Existence. They’ve been brought into a tangible world from which they cannot escape, cannot reincarnate into any other form. Extinction is their fate.

          No mercy, no compassion for them. They are not of us.


    • thinkthinkthink says:

      I read it and I appreciated it Jeans2nd. These details are the kind of material I expect Sundance will weave into his novel as we go along. 🙂


    • Maquis says:

      Thanks Jean. This is one of those many times I sincerely appreciate someone “taking one for the team.” I think Brennan is one of the most evil looking weasels I have ever seen. Really don’t wanna watch…

      Bet he looks better in orange though.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Craig from Scotland says:


      Excellent and informative comment.
      In my unqualified view you are right…..over the target.

      Please keep in mind the UK counterpart to CIA is MI6.
      NOT GCHQ [Government Communications Headquarters] as some have erroneously reported.


      Liked by 1 person

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