Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Threatens to Leave NAFTA: “We Won’t Be Pushed Around”…

Oh dear, Prime Minister Rainbow Sparkle-Socks is issuing threats now.

“We aren’t going to take any old deal,” Trudeau said Friday at a town hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia. “Canada is willing to walk away from Nafta if the United States proposes a bad deal.

We won’t be pushed around.” (link)

The backdrop is important context here.  Prime Minister Twinkles has been watching Trump, Ross, Mnuchin and Lighthizer closely.  Two months ago Twinkles attempted to launch economic leverage by entering direct trade discussions with China; but there’s a problem – Twinkles actually believes Beijing is ‘playful panda’.  PM Rainbow-brite doesn’t grasp that Playful Panda is a mask.  [Wrong place for leverage.]

Trudeau is willing to open his door to Chairman Xi without realizing once inside Beijing will hold open the door for arriving goods, and shuttle out the Canadian manufacturers. Attachment to China is a one-way proposition; and China only indulged Canada from the context of using the Canadian NAFTA door, as a tariff workaround to gain entry to the U.S. market.

If Trump shuts the NAFTA door, the entire dynamic changes for China and Prince Rainbow Sparkles will discover he’s in bed with the dragon.  As Wilbur Ross would say: “how’s that trade leverage working out for you?”

Think about it.

Take your time.

Now,…. simultaneous to this really bad panda trade-planning strategy, Canada has committed to the new and improved “Comprehensive and Progressive TPP” (CPTPP) without realizing that Japanese PM Shizo Abe has played the same hand as Chairman Xi Jinping; it was too easy.

The same reason China let Trudeau talk trade is the same reason ASEAN players were willing to make concessions to get Canada in TPP. The Asian manufacturing markets are all looking for doors to the U.S. market; they don’t particularly care about Canadian “Comprehensive and Progressive” politically correct market share.

Canada jumped into deals with China and ASEAN economies as protection from U.S. NAFTA withdrawal.  However, the benefits to trade relations with Canada (for China and ASEAN economies) only exists so long as NAFTA is in place.

Without NAFTA China will shift terms to Canada; and the “Comprehensive and Progressive” TPP concessions (CPTPP) will evaporate.

So who needs NAFTA more as a result: Canada or the U.S.?

Wait, huh… wha?…

Yep.  Canada went toward China and TPP as leverage in NAFTA negotiations.  The problem is that move ultimately made Canada’s position weaker in NAFTA negotiations with Team U.S.A. because Beijing/ASEAN primarily entertain Canada as a NAFTA access route.

(Bloomberg) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made some of his most aggressive comments to date on dealing with U.S. demands to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement, adding he still thinks he can get the right deal for his country.

“We aren’t going to take any old deal,” Trudeau said Friday at a town hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia. “Canada is willing to walk away from Nafta if the United States proposes a bad deal. We won’t be pushed around.”

His comments come days after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to get tough on trade, though he didn’t single out Nafta, in his State of the Union address. The latest round of Nafta talks wrapped up in Montreal on Monday, with all sides saying there had been progress, while acknowledging significant gaps remain on some issues.

Trudeau said the 24-year-old pact has been good for both Canada and the U.S. and a reworked deal could still be reached. “Canceling it would be extremely harmful and disruptive to people in the United States,” Trudeau said.

“We are going to keep negotiating in good faith,” he added. “We are confident we are going to be able to get to the right deal for Canada, not just any deal.” (read more)

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264 Responses to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Threatens to Leave NAFTA: “We Won’t Be Pushed Around”…

  1. Thecleaner says:

    The question that must be asked then is this…if that scenario were to play out, would that represent a threat to US National security? If yes, how does this possibly benefit the US?


  2. Rynn69 says:

    You get what you vote for – a liberal without a brain. Sorry, redundant.

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  3. dufrst says:

    Again, the US has a population of 325 million. Mexico and Canada combine have a population of 160 million people. So the US has twice the combined population of these two countries.

    The US has $19 trillion in GDP. Mexico and Canada combined have a GDP of $2.5 trillion. That’s almost 9 times greater gdp that the two combined.

    Both Canada and Mexico exports to US amount to 80% of their total exports. While both of these countries combined amount to 34% of our exports.

    These two countries combined should not be in anyway be on equal footing with the US in any negotiations. These two countries have absolutely no leverage and will have to agree to the terms that we are demanding to correct the imbalances or lose the free access to our market.

    Trump wants to more manufacturing to happen in the NAFTA region. He wants the US to get more of the industrial share of that manufacturing than before. He wants the back doors into NAFTA closed and for the NAFTA to actually negotiate as a block and not have Mexico or Canada cut deals with other countries leveraging our market (we lose out on the industrial investments). Sounds reasonable to me and long overdue!

    If they can’t agree then we need to get out of NAFTA and negotiate bilateral deals with both Canada and Mexico. Canada seems to think this is a game and a matter of exacting political pressure rather than looking at the numbers as I’ve outline before. Trump doesn’t play games and doesn’t bow to pressure. MAGA!!

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    • Sol says:

      Well written and common sense. Maybe that’s asking too much of T.


    • Terry E. West says:

      Not to mention the industrial and manufacturing espionage that I’m sure occurs with all of the “collaboration” going on.

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    • wrd9 says:

      To leftists, Canada and Mexico are no different than POC, they all deserve special treatment and advantages because RACISM. The US is supposed to be the Sugar Daddy for every single country except we don’t get any action in return.


  4. fleporeblog says:

    This guy is a real POS! If he thinks his words for one second had any effect on our President or his killers, he is in for a rude awakening! 2018 is going to be the year of trade negotiations and tariffs. The Chinese are about to get their clock cleaned when it comes to steel and aluminum. Within the next month or so, our President is going to drop the hammer 🔨 on them. NAFTA and China 🇨🇳 are literally costing us 3% to 4% GDP. You want to start getting into the 5%, 6%, 7% or even 8%, you have to kill NAFTA and China 🇨🇳!

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    • rf121 says:

      But there seems to be an issue if PT can pull us out without Congressional swamp approval. As NAFTA was ratified by Congress to get in, it is assumed they have to agree to get out. They won’t because it is the swamp.

      The best move is if the Canucks withdraw first. Then that should simplify the matter.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Thankfully the MORONS thought HRC was going to win so the President is the ultimate authority! All that is needed is an EO stating our intentions to withdrawal which commences the six month countdown. There is absolutely nothing the Senate or the House can do to stop it

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        • rf121 says:

          I was reading several blogs on this. The issue of withdrawal is foggy at best. PT can activate the six month notice but a lot of the trade agreement is reinforced through legislation. So new legislation would have to be passed to recind the prior stuff that was passed.

          Also, you know some libby group will sue to a lefty judge that will put everything on hold.

          Like everything else. Not easy.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I wrote the following when the 4th Quarter and Annual GDP was released:

      From the thread linked above:

      Realistically, a goal of 3% for the 2018 year is what we should all aim for. The idea of 4% or 5% is not realistic at this time. The reason being our need for imports. We saw Chrysler announce they are closing a factory in Mexico and expanding their
      factory in Michigan. Campbell Soup is closing their factory in Toronto, Canada and bringing their entire operation back to the US.

      Samsung and LG are opening new factories in SC and TN this year. Mazda and Toyota are expanding their production in the US with their factory in Alabama.

      If the Mexicans and Canadians don’t agree to our terms with NAFTA, we need to get the hell out of there immediately. This will cause many new announcements of companies coming BACK to the US. Putting these tariffs on solar panels and washing machines may effect the price by $50 but it allows Whirlpool and other US companies an opportunity to compete.

      Our President will be announcing massive tariffs on steel and aluminum within the next 90 days. Once again it will cost US consumers some additional money but it will bring our steel and aluminum companies back to life.

      Everything I described and much more that will occur that I didn’t mention will truly have AMERICA BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Cutting our need on imports has a multiplier effect. Our GDP by 2019 and 2020 will be closing in if not at 4% Annual

      By the time our President walks away in January 20, 2025, 5%+ GDP will become the new normal because factories will once again be up and booming like they did before NAFTA and China’s introduction into the WTO.

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      • rf121 says:

        Also, it takes time for the manufacturing base to ramp up. They have to build infrastructure etc. 2018 will be a slow increase. 2019 should see the big gains. The Fed however will keep raising rates which may dampen things a bit. Overall, onward and upward. Stocks getting hammered Monday by the way. Profit taking time. No panic.

        Thanks Flep for the economic optimism reports.

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        • kroesus says:

          it is not just the primary manufacturers that need to build out their production….secondary suppliers and the rest of the supply chain feeding their end products also needs to be relocated and built out….typical manufacturing job has an economic multiplier of 8 to 10 times and most of this is in the support and service industries they spawn in the locales they are located

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        • MAJA says:

          Earlier today the dow futures reading was -700. It’s now -134. It’ll be interesting to see which direction the market goes at the open.


        • jmclever says:

          Janet Yellen will soon be replaced.


  5. Justin of Canada handling of protesters is a 180 how President Trump handled them. Sparkle toes gets all pissy while President Trump made jokes and laughed at them.

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    • rf121 says:

      Watched enough to verify that he is a pussy. No offense to the ladies on the board here intended.

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      • All I know is that sweet boy act is just an act. Justin of Canada has a very short fuse when things don’t go his way and the reason why he’s threatening to leave NAFTA. President Trump is a fair trade negotiator so sparkle toes is just acting like a spoiled brat.

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    • Lack is not all says:

      How did he get to be a Prime Minister? He is so weak.

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    • Jimi William says:

      Saw a ball cap hat today in Canada; “Lets make Trudeau and Drama Teacher Again!”… I so want one. For those that don’t know, his previous job before becoming PM, was as a part time drama teacher. Thats right, his first full time job was -Prime Minister of Canada-, kind of remind you of Obama ?

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Oh my gosh that town hall is a total trainwreck! Sorry Canadians but this guy is 1000x worse than Obama. If he didn’t have a built-in administration thanks to daddy, he’d be totally lost. What are his credentials again? Literature and education degrees. Never led anything. Never ran a business. It’s bad when your wikipedia resume includes “Master of Cermonies” at an event. lol

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  6. Turranos says:

    God please bless Canada, please bless them with a strong good leader soon, like unto PDJT. Please bless this new leader to “Make Canada Great Again”.

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    • Margaret says:

      AMEN, and I pray we will get a better leader. Justin’s popularity is going down as people realize he’s over his head. Voters fell for the dynasty trick and good looks but he’s just an empty suit. His father Pierre Elliot was a far better politician, although smarmy, just like Bill Clinton. Women used to line up to kiss his father’s poster – I’m really not kidding. God help us. PLEASE. We need help.

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  7. EbonyRapror says:

    What an embarrassment. Wouldn’t you love to see he and Chelsea in a battle of progenous (nit)wits.

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    • boogywstew says:

      How about a steel cage match between Trudeau and Chelsea Manning? My money’s on Manning and whatever left over testosterone it has will overpower the Maple Candy Sweetheart!


  8. LibertyONE says:

    MEMO to the Canandia PM: OUR Pres. Trump WILL play that oldie song for ya by the James Gang….WALK AWAY…you f’in turd, who the hell cares!

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  9. positron1352 says:

    Don’t understand what possessed Canadian to show pink socks to a bunch of red meat eating guys. Go ahead and back out of NAFTA. Challenges of that nature don’t work with Trump. Not a smart move on the surface.

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  10. Keln says:

    “We shan’t discuss with the lions how we may come to an agreement where we might be allowed to live! I’d rather take the option of being devoured!” – the jackals and the apes.

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  11. Landslide says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. 😏

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  12. CanaCon says:

    Obama’s election machine failed to derail Netanyahu but succeeded in saddling us with a dangerous moron for a PM. I have a strong suspicion that machine is now working with the Libs in Ontario for the upcoming June elections.

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  13. omyword says:

    Pound sand rsinbow socks head. 500% tariff on all canuck imports! Sick of this crap, WAY over done with it!

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  14. BigJake says:

    A Victoria’s Secret ad popped up right below the picture of “Justin of Canada” and his girlysocks. Lol!


  15. Lucille says:

    The entirety of the Canadian media will put the blame on President Trump when the Canadian economy tanks even further rather than on P.M. Duckie Socks. The U. S. wants all countries to do well. However, when you’re dealing with an inept leader such as Trudeau who thinks it’s a great idea to import thousands of “immigrants” to live off the hard work and taxes of citizens, you know he hasn’t a clue about what works and what’s a stupid idea.

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  16. Mark says:

    Canadian here. So humiliating to have this twit for a PM. So envious of our American friends right now!
    By the way, interesting story: years ago when Trudeau was preparing for his future as Prime Minister he worked as a substitute drama teacher. My cousin was in his class and said he was a moron too.

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  17. john Bowler says:

    But we NEED Canada to continue to take our exports! Particularly illegal refugees and disgruntled progressives. Thanks for the Open Borders, “twinkle toes”.

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  18. Dave says:

    Note to Prime Minister Trudeau: if you leave NAFTA then you HAVE been pushed around.

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  19. robins111 says:

    There isn’t a coherent thought or idea in the entire liberal caucus. They spend their time scurrying around Ottawa to all the dentist offices in the city, plagerizing the statements from motivational posters and then attempt to turn them into policy ideas.

    This stupidity is what happens when you have an entire media/bureaucratic construct, with no opposition deciding what is appropriate to feed the citizens and what’s allowed to be said.

    The Canadian Liberals have taken identity politics to levels that would shock most self aware people and have for my entire 62 years. They play regions against regions, french against english, Indians against everybody, and created kangaroo courts to punish anyone who speaks out about it.

    The latest effort in identity politics is opening the door to ‘refugees’ and the accompanying crime they bring, then denouncing or criminally charging anyone who challenges this nonsense.

    This is in tandem with a level of corruption that would make Hillary blush..

    The best thing that could happen to Canada is if the US pulled from NAFTA, then refused the enter into any bi-lateral agreements. The country would likely split into 3 parts, with 2 immediately doing a face plant, as they cannot survive without subsidies from the productive parts of the existing nation.

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  20. jmclever says:

    I wonder who is whispering in Trudeau’s ear? The reason that Progressive politicians are generally young is bc they are easily manipulated by the party leaders. Trudeau only does/says what he’s told. Same as any of these other Progressive types.


  21. Blacksmith8 says:

    buh bye sparkle socks boy


  22. Jack says:

    “Buh bye, Felicia” 😀


  23. Trump2020 says:

    You guys better elect your own Trump or kiss your beautiful country goodbye.

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  24. evermench says:

    As a Canadian I have to hang my head in shame because of this clown almost daily. Watching leftists drool over his ridiculous and suicidal policies enrages me. They have no idea he is destroying this country when it is absolutely obvious.

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  25. bluegirl says:

    I knew Canada was in big trouble the minute PM Trudeau paid millions to that terrorist.

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  26. jeans2nd says:

    What a guy! Taunt the other guy into withdrawing first so the other guy will be blamed, while looking Manly. What a Manly Man, how Utterly Macho.
    there was a song written ’bout just that, called Macho Man or somethin’ by some funny lookin’ group w/a funny soundin’ name an Indian and a cowboy and a bunch of other guys…or somethin’
    Poor Canada

    Anyway, just to make certain The Plan works, Prince Rainbow SparklesSox sent Princess Rainbow Sparkles to stalk SOS T-Rex. First stop was to tag-team T-Rex w/the Mexican Foreign Minister, all three of whom held a Remarks w/Press Q & A 2 Feb 2018. Audio is rough 41 min 56 sec
    remarks w/State Dept translation here
    cue stalker w/light switch…

    Of course NAFTA was one of the questions. Princess Rainbow Sparkles said how empowering women must be included in any NAFTA agreement.
    You just gotta love SOS T-Rex. T-Rex’s answer was, paraphrased, “Look lady, we handled that last year with the 2016 MOU, go clean yer own house.”
    i am wymyn hear me rawr…me too…

    Poor Princess Rainbow Sparkles. Silenced again.
    Did you know Princess Rainbow Sparkles’ previous job was as a Fake News Propagandist aka journalist? True.
    Think Princess Rainbow Sparkles has noticed SOS T-Rex has a Real Journalist at the State Dept as spokesman? Heather Nauert handles Hostile American AND Foreign Press.
    Bitcoin on Nauert. Game on.
    Oh Canada…

    Oh yes – first question was for the Mexican Press, who asked his question (four! questions!) about DACA. The Mexican Press was Jorge Ramos from Grupo Imagen. That name sounds somewhat familiar…


  27. oljw00 says:

    Canada’s First Dude has ALREADY lost the negotiation. He’s just too stupid to realize it yet.


  28. budbromley says:

    Briar Rabbit said, “Please Briar Fox, don’t throw me in the briar patch.”


  29. jakee308 says:

    Don’t call his bluff!


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