FBI Agent Peter Strozk Anti-Trump Messages Released To Media – However, The Key Question is Not Content…

The text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strozk and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, have been released to both Fox News and CBS.  SEE HERE and SEE HERE.

The messages reflect a strong bias against President Trump. However, the bigger story is not the anti-Trump bias within the text communication, the BIGGER story is why the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General (OIG), began even looking at Agent Peter Strozk’s communication in the first place.

Remember, the original mandate by the Inspector General’s office was initiated to review and discover any politicization of the FBI and/or DOJ officials.

After news broke of Strzok’s removal from investigative duty within the FBI counterintelligence unit, what the OIG responding statement said was for 11 months the Dept of Justice OIG office has been investigating the politicization within the DOJ and FBI and deciding if the actions, or lack of action, was driven by the political ideology of the participants therein:

(pdf Link)

In essence the IG began looking for any investigative issues that might show how political bias might have resulted in manipulated or changed investigative outcomes.  Potentially those outlined issues are brutally unethical, and most likely unlawful.  [Read the initiating IG office outline above because I’m going to reference it later] Emphasis:

“The January 2017 statement issued by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) announcing its review of allegations regarding various actions of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in advance of the 2016 election stated that the OIG review would, among other things, consider whether certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations and that we also would include issues that might arise during the course of the review.

The OIG has been reviewing allegations involving communications between certain individuals, and will report its findings regarding those allegations promptly upon completion of the review of them.”

It was within this IG investigation that SOMETHING pointed the investigative agents in the direction of FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  What that something was and is remains an unknown variable; however, the outcome of the subsequent inquiry led to Agent Strzok being removed mid-summer from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

There was some precipitating event that led the IG to investigate the communication of FBI Agent Strzok.  That precipitating event or behavior is where the real story lies, and not in the downstream collection –and current release– of biased text messages between Strzok and his mistress FBI Attorney Lisa Page who worked for Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Against the backdrop of current activity, and knowing there is a newly established special joint task force within the DOJ and FBI to identify leaks, we can reasonably speculate Agent Strzok was caught while the IG was investigating politicization, and the DOJ/FBI  leak task force was hunting intelligence “leakers“.

As Judicial Committee Representative Jim Jordan rightly outlined, Agent Strzok would not likely be removed because he had biased text messages with his mistress.  So long as that bias did not interfere with his work duty, there is no issue; and Strzok was not in a position of supervision over Lisa Page so they could encounter like rabbits to their black-hats desire.  However, if FBI Agent Strzok was a “leaker” to the media, or worse, well, that’s an entirely different kettle-o-fish.

Getting caught as a leaker is likely the reason Strzok was removed and reassigned to the HR post; not the bias.  The bias, writ large, is essentially a snipe hunt; it makes good media clicks, it feeds a good headline, but ultimately it’s a nothingburger.  The reports on this angle are flak and countermeasures.

However, Agent Strzok leaking information to the media; his changing the outcome of an FBI investigation into a political ally, Hillary Clinton; and his investigative involvement in the Trump Russia Conspiracy, via the Steele Dossier and FISA warrant, well, that’s the real issue evident here.

AUGUST 2017 – […] A former FBI agent who worked with Strzok on and off over several years in the bureau’s counterintelligence division said that Strzok’s move to HR means he has now been separated from counterintelligence work altogether.

[…]  Strzok’s departure also came one week after The Washington Post reported that Mueller had obtained a search warrant to raid the home of President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. The Post report cited “people familiar with the search,” prompting questions about whether anyone on Mueller’s team had leaked the existence of the search warrant to the Post. (link)

Which leads us to the next headline story that dovetails into this ideological weaponization by FBI/DOJ/DC officials leaking to the media.

Donald Trump Jr. has now written a letter of complaint to the House Rep. K. Michael Conaway, a Texas Republican who is heading the House Intelligence inquiry into Russian election interference.  Don Jr’s outline specifically focuses on the erroneous leak to CNN about the content of a received email; and requests an investigation into how the leak took place:

The Washington Times reports:

[…] Republicans suspect that the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat, leaked the erroneous “scoop” to CNN. They say his staff regularly leaks, with CNN being a favorite, with a spin that is not accurate.

Mr. Schiff, who is a big fan of the discredited Trump dossier, appeared on TV afterward. Mr. Futerfas said he misrepresented his client’s testimony.

[…] Mr. Futerfas’s implication is that the leakers let the story catch fire on social media and other venues before correcting it.

“Ranking Member Schiff and his staff do not leak classified or confidential information, and any disclosure of non-public information by the congressional committees undertaking investigations is singularly unhelpful,” Mr. Schiff said in a statement. “It is imperative that all investigations into Russia’s covert political interference campaign operate with appropriate discretion and refrain from publicizing information for short-sighted political gain.”  (read more)

Having some idea of how these DC investigative practices work, it is highly doubtful that Don Jr’s attorney self-initiated that complaint on his client’s behest.  There is a strong possibility the investigative unit, the new leak task-force, and/or the IG office, needs that initiating complaint in order to continue targeting the potential subjects of the leaks.

Given the recent activity surrounding the House Intelligence Committee, there is a better than good likelihood Minority Chairman Adam Schiff is one of the targets; and if the pattern exhibited within the Strzok investigation is followed, Schiff’s communications might also be monitored within the net as it is cast.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s former boss was Bill Priestap, FBI Asst. Director in charge of Counterintelligence.  [The same Bill Priestap James Comey stated was the person who decided not to tell congressional oversight of the investigation]  Bill Priestap’s boss was FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe was also Lisa Page’s boss. Directly above McCabe in the chain-of-command was FBI Director James Comey.

Notice how things are seeming to gain speed within the daily/weekly discovery cycles?

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570 Responses to FBI Agent Peter Strozk Anti-Trump Messages Released To Media – However, The Key Question is Not Content…

  1. Binkser1 says:

    Justice really seems to be dead in this country. All of this stuff is just blatant, in your face, F-you American people, stuff. They don’t care about the choice that was made by the American people. The more and more I read about the complete and total corruption of our government, the more and more I realize that this, unfortunately, will not be solved with elections (the Left cheats anyway), etc. I think it will take other means to take this country back from these corrupt SOB’s. And unfortunately, I don’t think we have enough people left in this country that will have the stomach to take it back. Just my opinion, hope I am WRONG, but I honestly cannot see any other way. President Trump is almost literally doing this all on his own. I don’t know how he has accomplished even 5% of what he has done, but no one is helping him. And we can have all the tax breaks, fix healthcare, etc. but without justice it will be all for naught. These vermin will continue to betray our country because they know there are no consequences. I honestly think having these people brought to justice is the only way to save this country….and lots and lots of prayer that God will intervene and stop this pure evil we are witnessing. Again, just my opinion, please don’t flog me. =)

    Liked by 11 people

    • after that complete BS today that was lamely masqueraded as some kind of attempt at “getting answers to questions the american people want to know”….i don’t think its possible for me to be any more cynical or distrusting of the US gov’t right now. with the 24/7 nonstop attacks attempting to nullify, delegitimize and imo outright overthrow a duly elected POTUS by not only the entirety of the US media apparatus but also significant #s of the US house and senate, members of the SCOTUS along with numerous federal agents and agencies…and those are just the enemies that are inside the country…the scope of what we’re up against is for all practical purposes incomprehensible.

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    • Julie says:

      I couldn’t agree more on what you wrote.

      President Trump has done so much with little help from anyone and in my view is a hero. I think he will go down as one of the greatest Presidents. Can you imagine if people in the Senate and the House stood with him how much good he could really do in America.

      As for the corruption going on it is appalling and it is hard to have hope. The Obama administration did whatever they wanted with no consequences. Just pure evil. The thing that has bothered me the most is DOJ Sessions. I thought he was decent and would help this country but he is in on it too so NO accountability will ever take place.

      Now, all we can do is pray which I do daily for our great President and that all evil will be revealed. I grieve for our great country.

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  2. Sporty says:

    When is the Big Ugly Coming?


    • Bill says:

      When is the Big Ugly Coming?
      As soon as the swamp gas level reaches the flash point.

      Notice the lighter is lit ready to start a spectacular fire of swamp gas.

      Patience is needed here, the mess is way larger than we are able to understand at this time.

      Keep the popcorn ready to pop when the house of cards burns down.

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  3. “they could encounter like rabbits to their black-hats desire.”

    ROFLMAO – best line ever, Sundance!

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  4. Fascinating read. Counterintelligence was particularly the right place for Strzok.

    In this sense Strzok’s line of thinking that the messages wouldn’t be discovered between “certain individuals” does indeed run counter to intelligence.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    What was Something?

    Running through the past couple three yrs of @JusticeOIG, one finds the usual civil rights/prison/SJW investigations.

    And then things changed.
    1 Feb 2017

    IG Storch is the whistleblower liason for the OIG.
    21 Mar 2017

    16 June 2017 – note inclusion of DHS OIG and OSC OIG

    Which brings us full circle, to The Weasel. Note the date
    2 Aug 2016

    Your guess is as good as mine. It could be something as simple as a whistleblower, or a failed polygraph test, which FBI guys etc are required to take every so often.
    But…The Weasel…


    • jeans2nd says:

      Next Comey thriller – The Weasel Strikes Back? The Weaseling Mouse That Saved the Republic? FBI Saves the Day? All Quiet Now on the Homefront? Eye FBI Spy Guy?


    • jeans2nd says:

      Comey also has a pattern.

      Comey is a whiney little boy who always goes crying to Mommy.
      “But Mommy, he made me…”
      And yet, Comey wants to be seen as the Great White Knight, the Hero saving the damsel in distress.

      Prob is, Comey has no idea how to do it, nor the strength to do it on his own, so Comey runs to a mentor.

      A New Yorker article from April 2017 describes how Comey, distressed over Lynch’s manipulation of the Clinton email investigation (“matter”), runs to a 76 yo mentor for advice, mentor who passes soon after. Comey needs another patsy.

      After Comey’s firing, Comey turns to his college pal to ghost-write the leaked notes to the NY Times. Comey turns to Mueller to cleanup the FBI-DOJ mess. Last summer Comey whined to Congress while being grilled during a hearing.

      Comey def has a pattern. A Weasel, a tattle-tale, with an always-unrequited self-love for the spotlight and fame. Perhaps OIG Horowitz is the guy to finally give Comey his due.
      I, for one, do really hope Comey finally gets his due., no matter who delivers it – secretly hoping AG Jeff is the guy, though.


  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Peter Strozk has soulless eyes. Those are shark eyes. I hear the Jaws theme in my head every time I look at his picture.

    Such a mean looking little creature.


  7. Strayhorse says:

    In other words a number of powerful people within the FBI and the DOJ have WEAPONIZED the FBI & DOJ against American citizens AND those same members of the FBI and DOJ have been conspiring with the Obama/Bush/Clinton Cartels to unseat a duly elected President of the United States? When does a Special Counsel get to be initiated to pursue possible treason and sedition charges with grand jury review?


  8. Julie says:

    In my opinion it is so corrupt it is beyond fixing. I am usually a very positive person too. We need a miracle.


  9. J.R. says:

    Nothing is going to happen. The tentacles of the swamp/media complex are too great. This will die a quiet death and everyone will forget. Think I’m full of it? Where’s Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani aid and the laptop? These things have a way of slowly fading into the sunset as new distractions are intentionally created.


  10. V says:

    Re pg 3 of the letter.
    Somewhere in the 557 comments here someone has probably already mentioned it, but anyway, Wikileaks has no connection to Guccifer 2.0. WL does not reveal its sources. It was the Guccifer 2.0 persona who claimed to be WL’s source.

    This atty Futerfas for Don, Jr. should get his facts straight and not contribute to the Crowdstrike/Guccifer2.0 lie.

    The Podesta Emails were released by WIkileaks as of Oct 7, 2016.

    This Sept 14, 2016 release is not even from Wikileaks, so how could there have been an email from them? Another planted dirty trick on Don, Jr. like the FusionGPS planted meeting with the female Russian lawyer?

    Futerfas should read and study http://g-2.space/ – Guccifer 2.0: Game Over


  11. V says:

    So this Sept 14, 2016 2:03 pm email from “Michael Erickson” should be traced and see who really sent it.


  12. V says:

    God, this makes my blood boil.
    And Futerfas should be vetted. Lawyers as operatives or incompetent. Get somebody who does their research better and is up to date with what’s going on.


  13. V says:

    That’s for Futerfas, who allowed his client, Donald Trump, Jr., to sit through a whole day of grilling when he could have blown the whole Crowdstrike/Guccifer 2.0 dirty tricks operation out of the water.


  14. V says:


    Bella Magnani‏ @BellaMagnani Dec 8, 2017 7:17 AM

    Replying to @JulianAssange @wikileaks

    As usual, Congress and @CNN conflate the output of #Guccifer2 and the http://DCLeaks.com site with #WikiLeaks’ #DNCLeaks & #PodestaEmails. No wonder the Congressional ‘#RussiaGate’ investigations are a joke. http://g-2.space/sixmonths/


  15. V says:

    Erickson email [with my notes in between].

    “From: Michael Erickson [me98@yahoo.com]
    Sent 9/14/2016 2:03:48 PM
    To: Donald J. Trump ……; Donald Trump, Jr. …..
    CC: Redacted
    Subject: Trump: Another Wikileaks DNC Upload [FALSE – not an upload]

    [My note: Ha, while retyping this, got into the head of the person who typed this. It’s in old typewriter script like the fake CBSgate memos. Very funny, it is said forgers/fakers always leave a signature:]

    Dear Mr. Trump,
    Wikileaks has uploaded another (huge 678mb) archive of files from DNC.
    It is too big for me to send you by e-mail attachments, but you can download it yourselves at:

    [My note: not clear if that’s an exclamation sign after the #. It’s not an “l” or a one.]

    Decryption key: !ZSPbUeU……..0HU

    [My note: Decryption key in Erickson email does not appear in WL’s two tweets at 2:44 PM – 13 Sep 2016 and 3:27 PM, maybe it does in another tweet, haven’t checked all WL tweets.]

    The Collin Powell info is on DCLeaks.com [strange spacing between words]

    I hope this information help you. [Does Erickson pretend to not speak Engl?] [strange spacing between words]

    Michael J. Erickson
    President, Aviation Management Inc., LLC (AMI)
    President, Drone Co-Habitation Services, LLC ( DCS)”


  16. V says:

    Flying pigs co-habiting ripe for research


  17. Patrick Spencer says:

    Is it any wonder now that corruption all the way to White House under Obama is paramount?
    Hillary Clinton got off with a slap on the hand, yet now they go all guns against Trump. We have the wrong man ( Mueller ), doing this witch hunt, whose co-harts are neck deep in this cesspool of corruption with him.
    We as Americans stand by and allow our government to do things that we would be in prison over.
    Enough already. Close the Russian hunt, fire Mueller and the rest of the thugs that are conspiring to overthrow Trump and let’s get on with the business of the nation.
    Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi needs to retire with 25% of their pay. My God what has this county come to. I am deeply ashamed of Congress and it’s leaders. Decades of corruption has to come to a halt.


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