China Announces Their Official Threats Against President Trump’s Economic Security Policy…

Well, many of us were waiting for this – and we have discovered exactly what most CTH readers anticipated, China is a paper tiger.

Last night China finally delivered the official communist government position outlining their perceived leverage over the U.S. and President Trump’s economic diplomacy and economic security platform.

China has always used The Global Times to communicate their official communist state positions.  Last night China delivered their warning; oh, you’re gonna love this:

“US needs correct logic in dealing with North Korea”.

[…] The US asks China for help when it cannot solve its problems with North Korea. Some US elites even want to urge China to claim full responsibility for the issue or they will threaten to retaliate. Under this logic, isn’t it reasonable for North Korea to attack its southern neighbor when it is under military threat from the US?

Moreover, those US elites may not have considered the leverage China has over the US. What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products? (link for more)

Now, it is critical to emphasize this is the official outlook of the Chinese Communist regime and what they perceive as their leverage over the United States.  This is the official outlook of the party apparatus behind Xi Jinping.

So let’s look at their position in sequence.

[…]   isn’t it reasonable for North Korea to attack its southern neighbor when it is under military threat from the US?

There’s always been a little bit of a disagreement within the U.S. as to whether China is the actual policy team behind the North Korean aggression.  Whether they intended it or not, the paragraph that ends with that quote actually solidifies the case that yes, China does control the activity of North Korea; and yes, China is looking to leverage attacks against it’s neighbors as a deterrent.

President Trump has played this out perfectly because there’s a big difference between taking economic action against your neighbor and taking military action.  The international community will isolate any conduct based on the latter.

Again, communist China doesn’t ever seem to fully grasp the difference between Economic War and actual Military War because they have a disconnected outlook – SEE HERE– They view conflict, all forms, as a natural part of their expansion.

[…] Moreover, those US elites may not have considered the leverage China has over the US. What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products?

Threat #1 – Leverage over us based on iPhones?  Seriously you cannot make this stuff up.

Perhaps China has, as many suspected, embeded a technological kill switch as part of their stealing innovation from Apple.  Or perhaps they are just threatening not to allow Apple to make iPhones in China any more.  Regardless, the consequences to the U.S. are nothing more than a possible annoyance for snowflake millennials who might have to switch to the Android platform.

Oh, smack me Big Panda.  Smack me so good.

However, take note Apple and other U.S. manufacturing corporations… it might not be so safe with all those investments in China.  China is essentially threatening nationalization of your capital.  Oh, yeah, let’s hope they actually do that.  That’s going to be horrible business optics, and will only drive global investment back into the U.S.

Hurt me Panda. Hurt me true… You’ve got me right where you want me.

Threat #2 – What if China restricts … the number of Chinese students to the US?  Oh noes, Big grunchy panda threatening to keep their students at home and leave more opportunities for American students in American colleges.  Oh, the horror.

Yes, universities do get to make more money from the rates charged foreign students for tuition.  As much as five-times more.  But the bottom line is keeping foreign students out of U.S. colleges only opens up space for more American kids and the potential for lower student costs as a result of collegiate competition for Americans.

Oh, Big Panda, you so bad. That one hurt me long time.

Threat #3 – What if China imports fewer US agricultural products?   Oh dear. Rut roh.  As we have outlined Big-AG is essentially a system of multinational corporations charging Americans more for domestic foodstuffs by exporting U.S. grain, wheat, citrus, poultry, beef and pork.   –FULL EXPLANATION HERE – If you take away a portion of the export part of the domestic production equation the net supply-demand result is lower prices for Americans, for American farm products, at the grocery store.

Oh, Big Panda please don’t make me pay less for my groceries.  Oh noes.

Yes folks, this is the economic leverage many of us have been talking about for decades as this shift in globalism has taken place.  The U.S. Market is the largest market on the planet. Specifically because of bad policy, we are the CUSTOMERS in most of these trade equations.  It is OUR MARKET, OUR BUSINESS the Chinese need access to. Not necessarily vice-versa, yet.

China is more dependent on access to us, their customers, than we are to them.  There’s virtually nothing we cannot produce ourselves.  We can feed ourselves and manufacture ourselves and we have all the raw materials -and abundant energy resources- to do just that.

So let’s summarize the view of leverage the Chinese government claims:

[…] What if China restricts the usage of iPhones and the number of Chinese students to the US, or imports fewer US agricultural products?

Here’s our economic punishment:

♦Less Apple products (iPhones)
♦Lower college tuition for American students.
♦Lower prices at your grocery store.

Oh, hurt me Big Panda.

Hurt me so good.

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347 Responses to China Announces Their Official Threats Against President Trump’s Economic Security Policy…

  1. georgiafl says:

    The Chinese, like the Saudis (and most Islamic, Eastern, Asian countries) are slaving or extremely cheap wage countries for workers. Their economies flourish by the use of free or cheap slave labor.

    They are also thieving countries as far as stealing intellectual, marketable and classified information.

    In other words, we may have deals with them, but we cannot trust them or let our guard down.

    Nowadays, with the invasion/migration, not many countries can be trusted – Europe has been changed by Islamists and socialism – only the Eastern Block Countries now have much in common with US values, faith and practice.

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  2. millwright says:

    We now have the “public comment” from the Chinese regarding their position and intentions. But their’s is an old and crafty culture wise in the ways of men and motivations. Now we’re left to wonder what their “covert” position ( and perhaps the one they’ll act to support ) is on the current North Korean regime . It strikes me the U.S. and the current Chinese government ( domestic politics aside ) have “common cause” in a non-military solution to the current impasse. Asian cultures traditionally take much longer term view of events, and a politically unified Korea might be perceived ( inside China ) as an economic asset as well as a buffer against Japan. ( There has been centuries of trade across the Yellow Sea . )

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  3. Jimmy Jack says:

    You forgot – no fear of deadly chemicals in our food supply chain or our pet foods.

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  4. Ned says:

    Thank you for a great analysis with humor sprinkled in.
    YOU made my day – oh loved the panda too!
    They are incredible animals!


    • carrierh says:

      Ned,d and interestingly they ignore you when you visit them or their little ones. All they care about is lounging and eating. Not too interesting to watch, except the 2 yr. olds are just like little kids rumbling/tumbling about, but still ignore you.


  5. aredtailblog says:

    I’m fine with American grown produce.

    Do it, China. Do your big scary retribution.

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  6. If it’s clear that the Kim regime is just a puppet government of the Chinese, that makes me wonder if the WaPoo article claiming the “IC” believes Kim has “developed” miniaturized nukes was actually the Chinese covertly handing over the technology and even some working specimens to Kim.

    It was not so long ago that everyone was saying the Norks had not yet miniaturized their nukes and was still some years from that capability. Now they suddenly have them. So in my view, it’s all either fake news yet again (and this is WaPoo and anonymous anti-Trump IC, not exactly trustworthy sources) or the Chinese are handing over the tech.

    Could be that Trump fears the latter and is leveling threats accordingly, and really will use the military option if there are any further missile tests, or evidence that miniaturized nukes and re-entry vehicles are in Kim’s hands.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OWK says:

      I got $1.00 says we can take over control of any rocket/missile launched from n.k. and deliver it straight back to to launch pad it originated from…my $0.02 cents…OTOH, P. Trump is seriously wagging china’s tail and holding them responsible…for everything! And yeah, I could be wrong…


  7. TwoLaine says:

    Weak. What a joke.

    Hey Big Panda, keep your anchor baby mama’s in China as well. Please hurt us bad that way too.

    If you are a Chinese citizen and pregnant, sorry, you are not allowed in the U.S.A.

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  8. Benson II says:

    Great article and the humor was such fun to. Still smiling.

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  9. Duke Jinx says:

    On the Left coast in the morning… Turn back their 30 or so cargo ships, And by the afternoon they will be on their knees.


  10. jbrickley says:

    If anyone thinks Apple is quaking in their boots at this threat think again. Apple no doubt has plans and they have hundreds of billions in cash. They can move their manufacturing anywhere and the USA would top the list of options. Especially if Trump continues the incentives that we all know are coming. Plus the unstable nature of Asia if things escalate with China. However, it won’t employ the same number of Americans because Chinese labor is cheaper than automation. So there will simply be a lot more automation in a US factory. Knowing that robots require maintenance and installation and software, etc. all provided by humans. No need for slave labor where a single worker on an 18 hour shift does nothing but install the same screw in the same place on thousands of iPhones being shoved down the human assembly line. The true cost of an iPhone is about 1/3rd what Apple charges and it drops more all the time. The charge what the market can bare and they can take a hit on the profit margins if necessary.

    Most all other smartphones are made in China so if push comes to shove, Samsung, etc. may not be allowed to sell their products in the USA if they are embargoed. Believe it, Samsung would move production out of China as well as many others. That is the power of the USA market.

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  11. shod pell says:

    Why is it that no one has made any comments about the speed that North Korea has made in their missile program? How long did it take the rest of the world from being able to successfully launch a missile to placing a payload on one and successfully launching to miniaturizing that payload? Ten, twenty years? Why have we not heard any thing about who is helping this fat little psyco with their missiles program? Who is helping or, more than likely, selling them missiles? Who ever it is, is probably also rattling their cage and encouraging all the rhetoric the little fat man is throwing around. Why are we so in the dark about this? Perhaps the North Koreans are being played so we watch the show instead of what the deep state is doing to Donald Trump and the American people with their coup from the inside. Why has Trump not directed the heads of all departments to terminate all people that were hired during the Obama administration? He certainly has enough reasons to not trust any one from that time period to have them terminated under national security if for no other reasons. Why is Trump not taking advantage of the Senate going on Vacation and loading up his administration with the people he needs in the positions that he needs them in right now. After he makes the appointment, just like those that Obama appointed legally it will take the crooked Senate the next three years to get rid of them if they ever can?


  12. SouthCentralPA says:

    It seems as though they’re threatening the CofC types, not Trump’s base. Memo to ChiComs, the CofC is already on your side. If we can hurt you and them at the same time, don’t throw us in the “br’er patch”, oh please, anything but that. 🙂


  13. kp3ace says:

    I’m sorry! I just had to laugh. “Oh, smack me Big Panda. Smack me so good.” I haven’t laughed like that in a while. Thanks, Sundance! I needed that!


  14. jeans2nd says:

    Some interesting editorials in that Global Times paper.

    Sanctions won’t reverse NK nuclear program
    “North Korea also takes advantage of the lack of discipline among countries imposing the sanctions. The sanctions are weakened by illegal economic activities, and infighting among the big powers.”

    US attempt to mix trade, political goals will accomplish neither
    (this one is particularly laughable)

    Made-in-India products likely to catch up with Chinese goods in the next 10 years
    “India, with a high economic growth rate and young labor force, has grown increasingly attractive to overseas investors in the manufacturing sector…Many Chinese companies such as telecom equipment maker Huawei have announced plans to establish manufacturing facilities in India.”

    “the horizon will recede indefinitely into the future if India metes out unfair treatment to foreign-based investors and relies simply on domestic enterprises to turn itself into a global manufacturing hub.”

    One might be tempted to feel sorry for China, if the schadenfreude were not so enjoyable.
    now off to the Evil Bin w/me again


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