The Biggest Political Scandal The Media is Missing – It Should Lead To Congressional Leadership Censure…

Everyone is so caught up with their discussion of President Trump around the firing of FBI Director James Comey that they are completely overlooking the most explosive scandal in the history of congress.

This scandal, if exposed, should remove, or at least censure: Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner.

The absence of their accountability shows the depth of corruption within Washington DC.

First, understand their job – Each of the aforementioned was/is part of the congressional intelligence oversight called the “Gang of Eight“. The Go8 are exclusively responsible for overseeing all intelligence community activity as it relates to intelligence gathering and corresponding investigations.

In short these eight elected representatives are in charge of all oversight of all U.S. intelligence operations and investigations.  As elected representatives, they represent one of the most important checks within the system of government overseeing non-elected officials.

Again, we refer back to the March 20th testimony of FBI Director James Comey where he is questioned by Freshman Representative Elise M. Stefanik.

Stefanik is a young, freshman republican congresswoman from the Albany New York area.  And using a probative questioning timeline, she single-handily pulled the mask from FBI Director James Comey, and exposed the corruption within the Gang-of-Eight yet no-one seems to notice.

In the segment of the questioning below Rep. Stefanik begins by asking director Comey what are the typical protocols, broad standards and procedures for notifying the Director of National Intelligence, the White House and senior congressional leadership (aka the intelligence Gang of Eight), when the FBI has opened a counter-intelligence investigation.

The response from Comey is a generalized reply (with uncomfortable body language) that notification of counter-intel investigations are discussed with the White House, and other pertinent officials, on a calendar basis, ie. “quarterly”.

With the statement that such counter-intel notifications happen “generally quarterly”, and against the backdrop that Comey stated in July of 2016 a counter-intel investigation began, Stefanik asks:

…”when did you notify the White House, the DNI and congressional leadership”?

Everything happens in the first three minutes of that questioning.  Against the backdrop to what you know now about Director James Comey’s investigation which began in July 2016, let’s unpack the response.

Director Comey said he informed the DNI (James Clapper), White House National Security Council (Susan Rice), and the DOJ who would have been his boss acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates (head of counter intelligence operations).   He DID NOT notify congress.

Again, review that 2:49 second Q & A segment.

Director Comey is admitting to congress that for eight months he did not tell them about the counterintelligence investigation “because of the sensitivity of the matter“.

From his own testimony Director Comey admits he coordinated with: Susan Rice (White House), James Clapper (DNI) and Sally Yates (DOJ Counter-Intel).  However, Comey also admits he intentionally did not tell congressional oversight.  EVER.

The people within congress who SHOULD HAVE BEEN notified of the counterintelligence operation are the ‘Gang-of-Eight’: (Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Nunes, Schiff, Burr and Feinstein/Warner) [*note Warner replaced Feinstein in ’17].

Director Comey is openly admitting to beginning an intelligence operation/investigation in July 2016 and intentionally not notifying congress until March 2017.  In essence, he is completely operating without oversight.

However, did you hear a single member of the Gang of Eight raise objection to this stunning revelation?

Comey is admitting to keeping the Go8 in the dark.  Comey is admitting to intentionally acting without oversight.  Did a single member of the Go8 call for his removal?  Did they protest this action?  Did they demand to know why he felt empowered to violate the checks-and-balances?


Not a single member of the oversight Gang of Eight raised an eyebrow after this testimony.  Why?

What is the purpose of oversight when the people doing the oversight don’t care if a non-elected official can operate independent of oversight?

Answer those questions and you can see the depth of the swamp.

This is a much bigger issue than President Trump firing James Comey.  This reality represents the structural collapse of a primary function of government.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  Pay close attention to the names and actions by congressional leadership as they respond to Director James Comey’s firing.

Nunes and Shiff are the head of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence.  Burr and Warner are the heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Ryan and Pelosi are the heads of the House.  McConnell and Schumer are the heads of the Senate.

The group functions as the Gang-of-Eight as a result of their position in congress and on the oversight committees.   Yet it would appear they held no active interest in oversight of FBI Director James Comey’s intelligence activity.

Why is that?

Tell me again about how the UniParty doesn’t exist.

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578 Responses to The Biggest Political Scandal The Media is Missing – It Should Lead To Congressional Leadership Censure…

  1. andi lee says:

    Senate Intelligence Cmte member (R).

    (No twitter mention of investigations, comey, russians, etc.)

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  2. JMScott says:

    Hold on. In the hearing video at 2:48 Comet said the decision as to what is included in the quarterly report is made by “the head of our counterintelligence division.” Would that be “National Counterintelligence Executive William Evanina” one of the four people being interviewed for intrum FBI director?

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  3. andi lee says:

    Senate Intelligence Cmte member (R)

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    • Drain the Swamp will not occur until The Federal Reserve is closed down and ALL the congress resigns because they are Not getting paid. This can be a revolution without violence by shutting down the Fed and exposing the paid off Senators & Congress. New congress has no political parties and term limits.

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      • Mary-Anne Mason says:

        Closing down the Federal Reserve will crash the economy and cause a run on banks like the beginning of the Great Depression. We don’t have to screw ourselves to fix the problem, you know.


  4. SonFlower says:

    Rubio has lost his way. You can see it in his face, similar to the way Jake Tapper and Megyn Kelly changed.

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  5. David says:

    You can also add to the charges against the gang of 8 that they are complicit in the arming of Al-Qaeda and the subsequent cover-up, involving the deaths of US servicemen and women killed by weapons given to Al-Qaeda by the CIA.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Also waiting for someone to investigate the Corrupt Media collaborating with Crooked Hillary during the 2016 Campaign. The FakeNews pushers have been “interfering in our elections” for decades and we’re tired of it and . . . not going to take it any more.

      Drain the swamp!

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      And Ladies and Gentlemen of this Fabulous Treehouse…Now we know why Comey was pulled. HE IS THE LYNCH PIN THAT I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT. SUNDANCE , wonderful analysis on all of this…this is why you haven’t heard ANYTHING from these perps…everything else is chaff. If you look at what PDJT is doing, he is causing the Gang of Eight to start THINKING…If you think on the battlefield you will get killed. He is freezing them in place for the next chop…Pass the Popcorn and pour the Chivas…I said on another thread that Homey Comey will be given a deal and I truly believe that…His life is not worth anything except to PDJT & A.G. Sessions. I believe as the days counted that there is already and extraction interrogation taking place and evidence is being corroborated.

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      • sha44ss says:

        That’s prob why Fox News is distracting with a SHARK off the Coast of California Video>>>ONE lone Shark! Are there hearings going on Cspan or something?


  6. Suzanne says:

    Wow who is this woman and why have we not heard more about her? Nice to see there is a member of Congress with a brain.

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    • xyzlatin says:

      Unfortunately she didn’t have enough brains to continue to question him and pin him down… or maybe she did. I am suspicious of motive when people pull back.

      And she is not “young”. She is nearly 33 years old.
      “In the 114th Congress, which began on January 3, 2015, the youngest member of the United States House of Representatives is Elise Stefanik (R-New York 21), who was born on July 2, 1984 (age 32) and elected in 2014.”

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  7. Kent says:

    Just a random thought…but…could these folks possibly be blackmailable?

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    • Weeper says:

      I would venture to bet on that 😉 As a matter of my opinion only…..I would say some, highly likely. Look how they behave, answer questions. You can Tell when people are being forced to do/say something they would rather not.

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    • Nunya Bidness says:

      Not blackmailable, just complacent and passive. They didn’t react to Comey’s admission because they did not recognize it as exceptional. They are posers who allow the permanent government to dominate.

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    • shirley49 says:

      We will soon know if all of a sudden numerous scandals start coming out. Bet McCain is worried since he has completely turned into a Democrat.

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    • Please says:

      I’d guess they are on the uniparty payroll. They know what is going on. They are glad for us to think they are dumb…they are NOT. They play dumb when it works best. They act outraged when it works best. They are quiet when it works best. They lie when it works best.

      If they step out of line,then, yes, the uniparty has plenty on them all, and will not protect them from exposure and prosecution.

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  8. Truly Sundance, I commented in much the same manner this morning. Why didn’t anyone on that committee, after freshman Congresswoman Stefanik’s staggering questions and Comey’s obfuscations and stunning confessions, follow up on the massive, gaping hole she blew open? She is a newbie… but what the hell is wrong with the rest of them?

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  9. andi lee says:

    Trey Gowdy’s questioning points out Comey refusal to obey the law or investigate the lawlessness of MSM who either, breaks the law by reporting leaked classified information, or by reporting, deliberately, fake news, misinformation by anonymous informants.

    Prime example ⤴ why Comey was terminated. Prime example why it’s time to terminate the FISA Court. No oversight. Abuse of power. Often & frequently.

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  10. C. Lowell says:

    Watch your back Elise!

    Would hate to have something happen to you in the DC swamp…

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  11. C. Lowell says:

    Also, nobody in the Go8 raised an eyebrow,

    Because Comey was in place to protect the Uniparty, of which the Go8 are charter members…

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  12. Tony Dow says:

    The real reason Trump fired Comey is so that Ivanka could get his job.

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    • andi lee says:

      Tony Dow. Being sarcastic again?
      Designate it. ➡ /sarc

      p.s. you have evidence, other than opinion, to back your claim, bring it. We crowdsource fact here to learn. Be kind. Be informative. Welcome!


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      • (I chuckled involuntarily. Really didn’t think he could be serious with that name. It’s the name of the actor who played Wally on “Leave it to Beaver”. Inside joke for geezers, I guess. Wally was the stand-in for all clueless teenagers.)

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  13. Anne says:

    Obstruction of justice by Hillary:

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  14. andi lee says:

    Senate Intelligence Cmte member (R).

    “No evidence of Trump campaign – Russia collusion. Clear evidence of russian election interference”. Plus, so much more! ***FBI-CIA unmasked Flynn?*** (March 2017)

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  15. Thurstan says:

    Trump had no collusion with Russia and all agree. Every country interferes in other countries’ affairs. This has been so forever. Of course, blaming Russia is a viable, albeit stupid, excuse for Hillary’s loss and DNC incompetence (i.e. Failure to guard their information). There obviously needs to be more reason to keep hammering on Russia. IMO uniparty pushes this Russia bad narrative as an attempt to vilify Russia so as to maintain current Obama/uniparty stance against Russia. I suspect there are those who do not want normalized relations with Russia which might go against uniparty objectives.

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    • Linda says:

      Of course not. Putin is a nationalist who has on numerous occasions spoken out against the New World Order and refused to go along with their plans. So of course they want an absolutely insane war with him.

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    • kp3ace says:

      Successful meddling in the 2018 and 2020 elections? Similar to the election of 2000?
      “Impregnated chads “? Blame the Russians?

      Other reasons?

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  16. andi lee says:

    Senate Intelligence Cmte member (R).

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  17. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Elise Stefanik has a future if she’s willing to be unpopular with the MSM

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    • cwf60 says:

      Has she been heard from, since her questioning of Comey? I am sure she has been scared into silence.

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        • mike says:

          Hey Stef, Trump fired Comey as soon as it was possible in the normal structure of adminstration. The Demorats and Rinos have obstructed and delayed confirmations by 3-4 months. Trump is no dummy and he s not going to just pop Comey with the Executive pen.

          Trump did it the way it’s supposed to be done, hierarchically. Comey didn’t aid or figure out US best interests in 3+ months of the new administration. Even with new bosses, Comey kept playing politics for the old administration and the repudiated pols.

          The belated confirmation of Comey’s new boss, the Asst AG started the ball rolling, an then AG Session’s concurrence.

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          • deanbrh says:

            Everybody can rightfully be “concerned” that the firing was not in a humane face-to-face with Trump. I am concerned, too. But I think Trump chose the time in order to secure Comey’s computer, which is probably linked with Comey’s many hand-held devices and c an’t be just “turned off”, because it is wi-fi. I think Trump had a well-secured plan to save everything needed for future adjudication, if needed. I would be shocked, and very disappointed, if Trump actually just serendipitly did it without thinking through the timing.


        • cwf60 says:

          I wonder who encouraged her to question the timing of Comey’s firing.

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  18. andi lee says:

    Senate Intelligence Cmte member (R).
    Senate Armed Services Cmte member.

    (Yesterday, NSA Rogers testimony, SASC. re: russian intel. 👇)

    Relative, Comey; indirect fire:

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  19. andi lee says:

    Senate Intelligence Cmte member (R).

    Rightly, so! 👍

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  20. andi lee says:

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      WOW! Nunes has just found the cajones to speak up about Comey’s lies now that Comey’s gone?? He, and all the rest, were so intimidated!

      Our “Intelligence” Committees all act as if they get to the bottom of things, conduct oversight, blah blah blah. Truth is they can’t find their butts with both hands, mainly because other swamp dwelling parasites are firmly attached there. I have no faith left in these self-serving talkers. They, along with the msm, are only interested in elaborate charades, never plain facts.

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  21. ledygrey says:

    It SHOULD lead to Congressional Leadership Censure, but will it? Who will lead the charge?

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  22. zephyrbreeze says:

    Any investigation that doesn’t involve the words “grand jury” is not a serious investigation.

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  23. KBR says:

    That last name is a Republican, Senator Richard Burr from NC.

    MSM has been praising his statement regarding Comey.

    To see that statement go to his twitter.

    He is making many short tweets about it, but his full statement is there too in a block.

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    • Marian says:

      Burr is not going to run again after this term.


      • KBR says:

        He says so now. What’s to stop him having a change of mind?

        Anyway, he is not up for that until 2022. Unless he is convicted of a crime, dies or quits, we are stuck with him 5and 1/2 more years.

        However, I want to know how is a Senator appointed to a committee, and can the Senate take him out of a committee? (Not that they would now with too much uniparty, but perhaps if we ever get many Trumpublicans in Senate?…)


      • dbobway says:

        NC has the 2 worst Republican uni-party Senators in the country.
        Thom Tillis is easily as bad as Burr.
        I couldn’t vote for either of them, and them winning was barely better than the Dems they beat.


  24. KBR says:

    The entire Republican Party and all its members should be outraged.

    Comey’s not telling Gang of 8 means he did not inform anyone except Democrats.

    Now I know about uniparty. But as long as the uniparty game is being played that there are Reps and Dems, we need to contact every Rep representative and senator and

    Demand to know why they are not at all upset by this clearly PARTISAN action by Comey?

    Also write Republican Party Chair and demand to know the same thing. They ask for money, but won’t even stand up against Comey’s failure to report to Republicans?

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  25. mightyconservative says:

    “Yet it would appear they held no active interest in oversight of FBI Director James Comey’s intelligence activity.”
    I don’t think intelligence, in this case, means what you think it means. When all else fails, run for Comgress, it requires no job skills.


  26. lettruthspeak says:

    Sundance or anyone, why is Wapo saying that the deputy attorney general threatened to resign for making it look like he was the one that wanted Comey fired. That, in fact, it was Trump. I know it’s Wapo, and their goal is to always make Trump look terrible. Is this just more of the same?


    • mimbler says:

      And they aren’t even bothering with the usual “confidential sources stated” . They just say “reportedly” with zero reference as to who reported it to them. Totally fake news,


  27. DeWalt says:

    What kills me about all this, is, why do these lawyers all act as if the illegal actions dating way back into the last administration (and some further) are forgotten as if there is no record of anything. Is there some unknown statue of limitations that we the people are not aware of that governs politicians.
    It seems in D.C. when investigating you start at what happened yesterday and work back to some imaginary date line and stop. With this method the causes of an event can never be shown. Sessions should create a division that goes as far back as the time that anyone in the current arena is or has become a player, find the dirt and how it connects. Put said dirt in the proper pile. Then sweep it up.
    With Comey, as with the Clinton’s, this should go back to at least HCSB (the cartels bank) and the Clinton’s to Mensa. Only then would you get clear pictures on everyone. With Comeys past connections it should have been clear that he should never have been in his position.

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  28. RG says:

    Can we get just one or two prominent news organizations to report this important information. They are like a Chatty Cathy doll and stuck in repeat mode about Russians and the polite way to fire someone LOL


  29. Mr. Morris says:

    Steven Colbert’s show was a conduit for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Apparently his script’s were suggested and approved by her Presidential campaign.
    The Golden Shower’s fake dossier against Donald Trump was funded initially by anti- Trump Republican donors and later by Hillary Clinton donors. Former FBI Director James Comey has failed to answer whether the FBI paid Christopher Steele and Fusion for the Dossier. The House and Senate investigating committees have not issued subpoenas to those involved in this effort to undermine the 2016 Presidential election.
    The swamp is deep and involves many prominent people. Drain it please!

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  30. Eddie says:

    I suggest tweeting everyone one of the GO8 members and asking this very question. I just did. They need to know that we are on to them.


  31. jeb71 says:

    Wow, my head is exploding and as an elderly newbie to all of this remarkable knowledge, I’m completely overwhelmed! Before it was just my gut telling me that this is so big that it could never be stopped but your insight has given me courage that maybe, even the little people, with your guidance, can actually help. I emphasize, with your help, because I have no clue where to begin. Being from NH, that has all 4 of its Congressional members as entrenched democrats, all in lock-step with their leaders, I feel totally left out as a registered Independent who is a staunch conservative. I sign lots of petitions but get their typical little form letters in response. I’m no way near capable of fighting them 1 on 1. Again thanks, now I need to hook up to all the links here-in.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kp3ace says:

      jeb71, I used to sign those petitions as well. Then I started researching them before I would sign them. That helped me a lot. That’s why I’m glad I found this site.
      I was an ignorant Democrat awhile back. Now I’m unaffiliated. I read Sundance’s great stories, then I’ll do some of the research.


    • deanbrh says:

      Jeb 71, Welcome. Many of us here are novices who want to help, are “elderly newbies”, who went through life believing no sense paying attention to politics because it was all rigged anyhow. Now we have a chance to help. The most obvious way is by hitting the Donate button over on the right because this Treehouse is the ONLY place we get TRUTH and it takes a big staff (I assume) to keep all the info coming even before it hits the TV Networks. This really is a Refuge, a University, a Community of the BEST and the Brightest and we don’t have to stay within a Twitter 144 character limit, praise SUNDANCE!


  32. William Ford says:

    What is left un-said: 3 of the 4 GOP members of Gang of 8 are #NeverTrump who deep down would love to see him gone. Only Rep Nunes has shown any interest in the truth and defending President Trump from false allegations.


  33. William Ford says:

    Why is Gang of 8 not at all interested in the bigger scandal — that Obama administration used the IC against domestic political opponents, a major abuse of power. Yet Ryan, McConnell, Burr, Nunes all silent about this.


  34. Steven Hitt says:

    These asshats are the front people for The Deep State. They should be the first step in draining the swamp and cleaning out the muck.


  35. S.Dillon says: will be of help with info also. Bring back here to discuss. We need to spread the truth wherever we can. Google & Facebook are trying to shut the truth-telling websites down.


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