President Trump, VP Pence, Secretary Tillerson and a Working Lunch With President Abbas…

We are entirely clear-eyed as to the scope of the challenge. No-one amid our association is naive to the seemingly impossible scale against the backdrop of history.  It may be that their task is impossible. Yet, if they do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if they do not try, it most certainly won’t be done…

There is absolutely no doubt of the work that has been going on for months, quietly, mostly under the radar.  National media are completely deficient for not covering the ongoing events and the diplomacy that has been taking place all year.

We have a front row seat to what President Trump has been assembling, and I would never bet against the ability of President Trump and the people now aligned in consequence.


The Diplomatic Timeline below:

♦ Immediately following his inauguration, President Trump spoke to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and gained his ideological and financial support for building a safe zone for Syrian’s as they rebuild.

♦ A week later, President Trump spoke at length to Egypt’s Fattah al-Sisi about their efforts.

♦ At the beginning of February – King Abdullah III of Jordan traveled to Washington to meet with Vice-President Mike Pence and discuss aid and assistance for regional security.   Previously, in November 2016, King Abdullah spoke to President-elect Trump

♦ A week later – Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC for a very warm and optimistic meeting with President Trump for talks on regional security.

♦ At the beginning of March – Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry visited Washington, met with members of Congress and held a long discussion with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,

♦ Mid-March Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with an envoy from President Trump and told him that a peace deal is possible under the new president.

♦  April 3rd (Monday) – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi  came to Washington for an official White House state visit and spent the day with President Trump.

♦ April 5th (Wednesday) – Jordan’s King Abdullah III came back to Washington for an official visit to the White House.

♦ May 3rd – Palestinian Authority Leader President Mahmoud Abbas visits the White House for an official visit including the entire PA delegation.

Egyptian President el-Sisi has already secured most of the Sinai border region.  The current challenge is to keep the extremist elements in check and undermine their destabilizing efforts.  A big part of that stability includes Syria, Russia and the U.S. defeating the remnants of ISIS.

Under-reported in Western media, during the fall/winter of 2014 and spring/summer of 2015 al-Sisi removed every Hamas tunnel and relocated thousands of homes to create a miles-wide buffer zone no longer useful by terrorists.

gaza border sinai

Netanyahu-and-General-el-Sisi-of-Egypt-333-x-248The scope of what Egypt did to secure the Southern and Eastern border of Israel/Gaza is quite remarkable, and they have paid a high price battling extremists every inch of the way.

Simultaneously, as his Egyptian forces were removing the most significant security threat, al-Sisi brokered a peace deal between Abbas and Netanyahu and forced the Palestinian Authority to speak with one voice.   That’s why Egypt was so furious when John Kerry insisted on poking his nose into the agreement.

After the peace deal, and after he constructed the border security zone, Fattah al-Sisi then set up the construct for a Joint Arab Intervention Force.

We have continued to express optimism for a confluence of events, people and activity that is happening quietly, and could stun the geo-political world.  The timing is right, because we view these activities through a different prism.

We review current events against the backdrop of President Obama’s mid-east failure, equitable misery.

The reality of President Obama’s expressed foreign policy of regime change -regardless of cost or consequence- has left millions of Mid-East communities in peril; far worse off today than they were nine years ago.  In an odd and accidental way, President Obama created equitable misery.

• The Egyptian people, in no way a populist entity favorable to Israel, suffered through two years of brutal dictatorship from the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi.  Their very survival only due to a successful return of cultural and economic stability at the hands of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

• The Syrian people, again holding no favorable disposition toward Israel writ large, only just now coming out of the shadows of a horrific five-year civil war and seeing sunlight for the first time in half a decade.  Breathing room.

• The Libyan people, caught amid an ongoing crisis of regional and tribal strife suffering through ongoing extremist violence that has taken them into the depths of economic and social chaos.  And before the fighting is even over, Europe is outlining demands of the North African gates.

• The Jordanian people, again a tenuous and precarious Muslim nation, who has watched the most barbaric and horrific consequences from extremist violence in their lifetimes.

The end result of almost all far-left policies when carried out to their natural conclusion is equitable misery.  At no moment in recent history has the choking consequence of a decade-long ideological war left a larger population of people so exhausted than at this very moment.

Think of the nationalist possibility.  ♦ Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt), ♦ King Abdullah III (Jordan), ♦ Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), ♦ Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority), ♦ King Salman and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia), and ♦ U.S. President Donald Trump.  Together they have a remarkable canvas.

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40 Responses to President Trump, VP Pence, Secretary Tillerson and a Working Lunch With President Abbas…

  1. It’s a beautiful sight watching him locking down a coalition.

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    • Too bad the PA isn’t in it. After listening to Abbas’ remarks at the press conf w/Pres. Trump, it is clear there will be no agreement. I had such high hopes, but it is not to be. I suspect we’ll arrive at a situation similar to NKor. Intermittent hostilities, never enough to break out in full war.

      Sigh. Better than nothing, I guess.


  2. Question Everything says:

    Many a men have tried and failed but none of them were Donald John Trump.
    I have no idea if he will succeed though history says he will not but if he does it will be amazing to witness. Only time will tell.

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  3. M33 says:

    Should we start placing bets on when Trump gets his first Peace Prize?
    Or how many?


    • Doug says:

      peace prizes arent given for people that save lives its given to people who order drone strikes on civilians or stop global cooling,warming whatever is the cause du jour.

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    • nontroll says:

      President Trump could wipe out ISIS, remove Iran’s nuclear capability, kill the nuclear program in NORK, sign a peace deal between Israel and the Palis, restore order to Syria, Lybia and Iraq and the world establishment would complain he didn’t do it fast enough.

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    • teekay says:

      A safer wager is they award BHO a second prize for creating the conditions for peace while simultaneously denying his role in the events leading to those conditions.

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  4. Luke from NJ says:

    It is truly an amazing possibility. The hand of God is certainly on our President’s shoulder. Of course even if it happens by the Grace of God that peace is achieved, all of the never Trump morons will say he wasn’t tough enough on Palestinians, and liberals will say he is an antisemite.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    It’s a Herculean task they are taking on.
    No cans are being kicked down the road.

    GROWNUPS AT WORK…should be the sign over the White House now.

    Such an exciting time to be alive, to see this historical undertaking.
    It is truly humbling to watch.

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  6. “National media are completely deficient for not covering the ongoing events and the diplomacy that has been taking place all year.”

    While irritated with the slime swamp media as always, somethimes I’m beginning to think the under reporting in some cases is inherently valuable. Slime swamp seems to always ruin everything; every thing, every time they open their mouths or put their sanctimonious mugs on tv. Keeping it under the radar and away from them (wall being installed yesterday😊😊😊) and maybe just maybe we can get things done without it being ruined.

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  7. bulwarker says:

    If anyone can help find a workable solution in the ME its Trump and Co.

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  8. And in this corner we have the master negociator. Able to leap over pressitutes and go to the people.
    And in this corner we have the deep state and uniparty. Able to lie without blinking an eye, smiling all the while.
    And the Emcee for the evening is Sundance from the CTH.
    Hold on to your hats folks, this is going to be
    nail biter.

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  9. Disgusted says:

    He will make this happen. I don’t imagine him EVER attempting to accomplish this unless he knew in his heart he would be able to succeed. Just like running for office, he knew it would be his. He always knows how much work will be necessary, and that he can do it.~O/T: Why is reice in such an important spot at this table, and why would Jared be there for any reason? I can’t imagine including anyone in this meeting who has nothing important to add. I don’t think I know enough about either one of their roles in this administration.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Jared is an Orthodox observant Jew. Observes Shabatt. PTrump has known Bibi for a long, long time, but so has Jared long before he married into the Trump family.

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      “and why would Jared be there for any reason? “

      The same reason Ivanka went to meet with that cold fish Merkel. To build relationships. Financial Professional Training 101, it is never the product, it is about the relationship, do they like you and do they trust you. FWIW, Jared seems quieter than his wife, however he may open up in private. Also they are PDJT’s gut feel feedback people, much like Nancy Reagan could sense who was and who wasn’t good for President Reagan. Just my 2 cents.


      • deanbrh says:

        Early-on, after Trump gave that great speech to the Jewish organization, he said, “if anyone can broker peace in the Middle East, it’s Jared Kushner.” No one asked him to explain WHY he said that, but he did. It was before inauguration and, I think, before very many people even knew who Jared was.


  10. Evelyn says:

    Repeating my comment from earlier here:

    Our wonderful President, his cabinet and ministers can only execute on God’s plan. He may succeed in brokering a “deal” but it will not be sustainable. A core principle of Islam (which means submission to the false moon god allah) commands its followers to return all land that was ever under Islamic control in back to the control of Islam, which Israel was for over 400 years during the Ottoman empire, from 1517 through 1917. Thus, every devout Muslim is required by his faith to wipe Israel off the map. I am sure that President Trump is fully aware of this.

    This will not end well for the Palestinians, Jordanians and other nations that border on Israel. For details, see Psalm 83.

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  11. William Ford says:

    Obama’s middle east policy has caused so much death, destruction, and suffering that maybe these groups are more open to a lasting peace settlement. Maybe.

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  12. citizen817 says:

    No need to worry about the press here. They are only interested in the shiny objects, the downstream social issues. The issues that their owners tell them to cover.

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    • getfitnow says:

      “No need to worry about the press here.”
      I also consider what T-Rex said early on. Not verbatim but something like ‘I was hired as a diplomat not to give interviews. When we have something to say, we will tell you.”

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  13. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Two things to remember:

    First, President Abbas is basically a man without a country. Hamas has more to say about Palestine than he does.

    Second, why do we have a one nation policy with China and Taiwan but a two nation policy with Israel and Palestine. Taiwan is clearly a independent sovereign nation, but Palestine will always be a failed nation.

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    • FWIW – I just found out last night that the radical Jewish left does NOT like the idea of a “two-state solution.” I didn’t find out why, but this may be a somewhat new wrinkle in this mess. We all know the RJL doesn’t like Bibi one single bit.
      Another note – like the rest of the radical Left, the RJL doesn’t know or say what they DO want. They just criticise and hate everything and everybody except their chosen few.


  14. fangdog says:

    Too much focus is on the National media when it comes negativeness. Trump is rapidly becoming a World figure far bigger than our Nation’s discredited media. The media gets smaller and smaller by the day and they cannot stop their descent into less significance.

    The world’s people are seeing Trump more and more as hope. For that matter, so are more and more Americans despite the media’s constant effort for disparaging. Notice how juvenile and ridiculous the media seems. There is no longer trust or respect. Two very important character issues the media has squandered.

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  15. Method2Madness says:

    It is all the Creator’s work, and these men are some of His generals. The Muslim prophecy predicts a military peace treaty between Arab Muslims and “Romans” (Trump Team + Israel), and that they will together fight and defeat a common enemy hiding behind Islam (Anti-Christ in Iran and his proxies: Muslim Brotherhood (the prophecy calls them “imams who lead astray / straight to Hell”), ISIS, etc.). After the victory, disputes will erupt between Muslims and Christians about what Jesus teaches, but then Jesus Christ will return to kill the Anti-Christ and settle the disputes.

    Informed Muslims are acting upon this prophecy, and waiting for the return of Christ. He is the Savior of the Muslims, too. Informed Muslims don’t seek a kingdom except that of Jesus.


    • diddle40 says:

      Were that so, they would be confessing Christ as the Son Of God, now. They do not. They elevate their prophet, a sinful man, above Christ to whom G-D along gave glory.

      They relegate Jesus to the same level as their prophet. That is blasphemy.

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  16. JBrickley says:

    It staggers the mind that it’s been just over 100 days and look how the entire world is changing rapidly. Not just domestically in the USA but the new foreign policy is clearly being advanced on multiple fronts with purpose and a definite plan. It’s a game of 3D Star Trek chess being played out before our eyes. Those chosen by Trump to lead have been making quiet progress in leaps and bounds. It’s very quiet because the media is not reporting and the cabinet is not talking about the plan(s). Meanwhile, tremendous progress is being made.

    For those of us who thought America wasn’t America anymore are wiping the tears away as we see these changes unfold. So proud of DJT and the entire new leadership and their accomplishments. Imagine two years from now, the Trump Train keeps rolling along.


  17. thesavvyinvester says:

    Sundance and Treepers,Did any of you see this?:

    A like story is also over on Business Insider about 4 days ago. So if the S-300 can be taken out by the F-35, no wonder Puti-Putin is in a bad mood. You know all those Iran friendly proxies that are anti-Israel ( Nork, Syria, etc ) that rely on this system> They are screwed, their air defenses can be taken out. My pet theory is all PDJT’s attacks and his less than optimal relationship with Russia is to isolate Iran, they are funding all the anti-Israeli factions in the M.E

    The 59 Tomahawks? hmm… Maybe they lead to this:

    Sundance is right, Peace is coming to the M.E. or at least the possibility of it. The dominant media doesn’t see it or doesn’t want everyone to see it. The left will melt down if President Trump pulls this off!!!

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  18. George F Dixon says:

    “President” Abbas’ term of office ended in 2010.
    There was no election in 2010 and there has been no election since:

    “Abbas was elected on 9 January 2005 to serve as President of the Palestinian National Authority until 9 January 2009, but extended his term until the next election in 2010”


  19. diddle40 says:

    It makes me feel ill seeing and hearing about this. Sorry folks, but the land of Israel was given to the 12 tribes of Israel by the Almighty to Abraham in perpetuity.

    Leaving that aside, WW1 saw Palestine being liberated from islamic occupation entirely as a result of their own – the islamic ottoman empire’s – poor decisions. They joined Germany in WW1 to land grab from other nations. They were not co-erced, or bribed, or harrassed into this. They chose to do it. Had they won, no land would have been given back.

    The successful defenders, after millions of innocents had been killed, pushed both the German and Ottomans back to where they came from and redistributed their old empires. Quite rightly.

    Palestine – neglected, sparsley populated and mainly desert, was once again given to Jewish people (part of Israel). Currently Israel is legal and sovereign and any attack on it is illegal. It’s legality is traceable in still available historical documents starting wirh the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and ending up in Article 80 of the UN charter.

    Israel is 1/6 of 1% of the ME. Please read that again. 1/6 of 1% of the ME. This ‘peace process’ is aimed at taking a bite out of that!!!

    It is unjustifiable and wrong.


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