President Trump Previews The “Ugly” Solution to the UniParty in Washington DC…

Thought Experiment:  Imagine the 2009/2010 Tea Party uprising with an allied President Trump in the White House.  That’s where we are going...

For the past week we’ve been outlining the ROOT ISSUE within the DC swamp: ♦Why congress isn’t providing Trump policy legislation; ♦what impact that is having; and ♦what appears to be surfacing as a solution.

The truthfulness behind any larger discussion is backed-up by research: ♦The history of DC lobbyists admitting they control congress; ♦who created this broken system, and why the larger media avoids discussion of it. [Although Rush Limbaugh did partially report]

When research is on point, and when you find yourself directly over the target, naturally occurring current events become almost eerily predictable.

Within Part II (“the current impact”) we shared:

[…]  However, understandably, President Trump is not going to sit and wait for congress to evolve in their ability to turn away from existing lobbyists who are hanging around to defend their financial interests.

Sooner or later President Trump is going to do something dramatic to break the impasse within the broken legislative system.

Considering that Trump is not a politician, that “something” could get rather ugly. (link)

And therein lies the backdrop for the eerily predictable:

Sooner or later President Trump is going to have to confront the UniParty; there’s just no way around it.  And there’s no better structural confrontation point than within the nucleus budgetary policy which binds the Republicans and Democrats together, MONEY.

It is critical to remember, and urgent to note, that corporate media play a major defensive role -in partnership with the political financial class- inside this DC system.  Every effort will be made to dilute any public discussion of how special interest money is used in DC to create the UniParty legislative agenda.

There are trillions at stake.

When BIG DONOR legislation passes through congress it doesn’t matter whether it is Republicans or Democrats who originally sponsored the lobbyist’s bill, it’s still toxic.

Issue ONE – All legislative constructs coming through DC are externally created by special interests and lobbying groups.  Issue TWO – All special interest lobbying legislation is UniParty legislation.   Issue THREE – With 1 and 2 in mind, all legislation reaching President Trump’s desk is lobbyist legislation.

There is no way to break that cycle until President Trump confronts the UniParty.

President Trump and the communications team are going to have to call out members of their own party, by name, who are part of the corruptible influence game.   There’s really no way around it, eventually this is going to happen.

It appears President Trump is positioning the Fiscal Year 2018 budget battle as the geography for the biggest and most necessary political war.  This appears to be the timeline for the predictable “ugly”.


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400 Responses to President Trump Previews The “Ugly” Solution to the UniParty in Washington DC…

  1. Apfelcobbler says:

    Here’s a suggestion for speeding the wall funding:

    Accept personal donations.

    Problem solved

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  2. AJ says:

    Am I the only one that thinks a shutdown is a bad idea?

    If you do a shutdown you lose control of the agenda because the outcome is totally unpredictable. Trump only won 50% of the vote. The chaos a shutdown would cause would be so immense that Trump would be an immediate lame duck.

    A shutdown will not defeat the UniParty. It’s 535 vs 1 in DC. Trump has 0 infrastructure to replace the UniParty with.

    Stop listening to that dick Limbaugh and Hannity and think for goodness sake.

    The real solution is for the states to force an budget limiting amendment, that is the only way to defeat the UniParty.

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    • Rex says:

      You sound certain.
      Do you fear actual chaos or media manufactured chaos?
      (The Donald has done quite well against both since he took office)

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      • joanfoster says:

        Just my hunch, but I would expect media manufactured chaos which most of the ignorant American electorate would buy into. We must never under estimate the power that the MSM still has on the American people.

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        • gerkenstein says:

          You must not overestimate it either. The media is the enemy. Donald has done a great job of pointing that out and polls show people trust Trump more than the media.


    • Curry Worsham says:

      No, there’s Alf.
      BTW, a “shutdown” only creates chaos if you want it to. See Obama 2013.


    • ReloaderBLK says:

      Are you suggesting a Constitutional Convention in order to bring an Amendment? It is my understanding that this would risk losing control of a lot more than simply an agenda.

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    • Ozzie says:

      He telegraphed the shutdown, that tells us he expects not to shut down, but.
      Trump also could care less about THEIR reelection, he is not a politician. He makes his reelection by himself. They can’t stop him, but congress teeter on a razors edge. Shut down only hurts republicans not trump. I would expect trump to make a huge point also with a shut down. We don’t need government, “point”.
      Shut it down! I really wish they would.

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      • cozette says:

        Yep. Shutdowns can be a winner. When Gingrich was in charge of the House and working on reform he used the government shut down twice to push Clinton into concessions. Trump is already laying the foundation for that. Plus he is making us aware that the 60 vote requirement to pass a bill in the Senate is bogus. There is no such requirement in the Constitution. They changed the rule to get Gorsuch confirmed and can do the same for all bills. The Democrats will change the rules as soon as they regain power and now this rule gives them, even though a minority, to block everything.

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        • Jeff C-C says:

          Newt Gingrich, as in Trump’s advisor? No wonder we don’t here much from. I bet he is having fun, behind the scenes.


        • shallbe4 says:

          Shutdowns are not winners if your Trump. The media will eat him up alive. However, Trump will do what’s right in another way — that we can count on.


          • buzzybee says:

            A bunch of MSM goats eating a lion? That I’d have to see. But I’ve also noticed that our POTUS is not sitting up there all by himself. There seems to be a few wolverines about as well. And the lion and the wolverines know what they’re up against. They knew it going in.

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          • Jersey Mark says:

            When has the media ever “eaten him up alive”? Less than 20% of the people believe the media and recently more people trust Trump to tell the truth than the media by a good margin.

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          • gerkenstein says:

            The MSM eats him up every day with no impact. Go away.


          • Aguila2011 says:

            Not likely Shallbe or Wasbe. Trump has beaten them at every turn. Yes, they have gotten their licks in, but they are losing and are growing more and more desperate as they keep throwing anything and everything against the wall hoping “something” will stick. That is the essence of fake news.


        • Truthfilter says:

          I remember the Gingrich shut-downs. No big deal. The media will try to manufacture chaos but a lot of people will see that their lives aren’t affected by it. Only federal bureaucrats and employees are affected but even for them, it’s a paid vacation. They are always compensated for every long and terrible day they were forced to stay home from work. Cry me a barrel full.

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      • Buzzybee says:

        Yep. I agree, Ozzie. A shut down won’t hurt us Trump supporters one bit. Always good to catch a breath of air. (FRESH air)


      • Mondanock says:

        Apologies for the length, but I am seething at the GOPe…

        Conventional wisdom says the GOP is always blamed for a govt shut… Republicans fear it because of this – Dems don’t, because the media arm of their party always, as expected, finds a way to tar Republicans no matter who is actually at fault.

        If it was me, I would telegraphic the he!! out of my intention to shut it down unless house/senate gets busy and send bills to my desk that enact my campaign agenda in full…..

        If the GOP calls his bluff and fails to cooperate, I would veto the next budget bill, and then proceed to stare at them without making a sound (picture Lawrence Fishburn’s facial expressions while taking Neo through his first fight simulation).

        The media will catapult into hysterics, blaming GOP house/senate members for shutting down the govt. When Ryan’s and McConnel’s herds of cats insist they intervene somehow with the President to save their miserable skins in time to successfully secure re-election, no doubt they would pay me a visit in the Oval Office insisting I abandon this tactic because they are getting killed in the polls.

        My response? So? I’m not running in 2018. I have no incentive to cave… FOR MONTHS. MAYBE LONGER. On the other hand, 535 plus 33 of you need this to go away…. Or come 2018, you will have been so thoroughly vilified in the press that many of you will be successfully primaried or lose in the general.

        And when the press attempts to wrap that blame around me, my response would be simply this: “I was sent to DC to implement a number of very specific policy objectives. This budget has next to zero of my campaign initiatives. I cannot betray my supporters by signing a bill that does nothing that I promised I would do. When House/Senate send me a bill that allows me to keep the promises I made to my supporters, I’ll sign it. Anything less is a betrayal.”

        Guys, a threatened Sept shut is aimed at Republicans – and unless McConnell and Ryan figure this out, and do it real soon, by seeing to it that EVERY Republican on the hill goes lockstep and delivers what the President insists upon before the Sept deadline (and avoid the govt shut nightmare it would otherwise be for them), they will most assuredly come round and give Trump the votes after the shut begins, for the most important of all reasons: securing their path to re-election. Having all that money to spend means nothing if they lose their seats.

        Either way, Trump is seen as a man of principle, a man of his word, a keeper of promises, and a keeper of the faith with his supporters.

        Having broken a massive hole in that dam that contains the swamp, he wins re-election in an historic Reaganesque landslide that includes Minnesota.

        Remember – you heard it here first.

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    • john graham says:

      yeah…because what we are doing is working soooo well????


    • V.Lombardi says:

      There’s no evidence the previous shutdowns hurt the republicans. There is no such thing as a shutdown, it is about 5% of the government. Therefore, your argument is entirely invalid. They can’t get rid of Ryan, but you expect a convention???


  3. Curry Worsham says:

    Senator McConnell, what is your reaction?

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  4. gfgustav says:

    Thank you, SD. Great insights. Trump may be doing his usual thing: Embrace the extreme position. Then he can move away from it and what previously appeared to be outrageous now looks “reasonable” by way of contrast. Impossible to say how this will play out.

    I like this notion of timelines you keep mentioning. Trump appears to be setting this up for the next election cycle.

    According de Mesquita (The Dictator’s Handbook) and his “Selectorate (sic) Theory,” dictators, presidents, and all politicians, place those around them in one of three groups. They are:

    1. The Interchangeables (registered voters, but they don’t matter much)
    2. The Influentials (those who really choose the leader, in this case, those who actually vote)
    3. The Essentials (those whose support translates into victory … the lobbyists, special interests, etc. The money people, who are able to steer the influentials via attack ads, etc.)

    The only way the politician will do the “will of the people” is if the people who actually vote decouple themselves from the influence of the essentials. That is, they must deny the money people the ability to sway their vote. Ergo, the actual voters must act independently of the essentials (the money people) to render them interchangeable and non-essential, such that the actual voters become the essentials. Not easy.

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    • mobiuswolf says:

      Nor likely… sigh.
      accurate assessment


    • Aguila2011 says:

      That is why, as difficult as it is to deny financial support to my President, I will not contribute to the RNC. However, this is a two-fer in the sense that 1. the RNC is denied my funds, and 2. it keeps a fire lit under Trump to press the attack because independent action like falling contributions tells him he needs to go for the kill.


  5. Southern Son says:

    A Quarter of a Trillion Dollars, for Puerto Rico.
    Yet, when I got a letter from Rail Road Retirement Board about my Sickness Benefits, it stated that because of Mandated “Sequestration” of 2013, my Benefit’s would be cut by 6.9%!
    I reckin’ that slingshot I have kept since boyhood, is gonna come in handy as I make my journey to Washington, for the Next American Revolution.
    No one will hear me harvest supper for camp each night.
    I can save my ammo, for when it’s needed.
    I reckin’ this sounds real silly, or naive to most everyone.
    Understand, that I aint stupid enough to Walk all the way. But you won’t be allowed to Drive into District of Corruption either.
    They are Determined to leave us no choice.
    They believe People like myself are Bluffin’.
    I don’t Bluff. I don’t play games.
    We cannot afford to downplay what is transpiring.
    It shouldn’t be this way. But it is Human Nature I suppose, when some people get Power, it makes them drunk.
    And what is irrational, and unjust to Us, must just seem like common sense to them.
    Except that it aint!
    America was founded on God Given Rights, and the Rule of Law.
    The Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
    And I believe, No,”I BELIEVE”, it’s going to Require the Blood of Tyrants and Patriots to settle this.
    They ain’t listenin’ to Us.
    They won’t answer calls or e-mails.
    Folks, you will get the same response from them, if you write your grievances on a piece of paper, then fold it into a paper airplane,
    And go outside and chunk it.
    Wait for a response.
    THIS!, is what we are already doin’!
    Waitin’ on a return paper airplane.
    I am no leader of men.
    But when I set my mind to somethin’, I generally just do it.
    It may be foolish.
    But I hope and Pray, that when I hear the call in my mind, I will find others that heard the call too.

    Press On!

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    • v4ni11ista says:

      I had a little POTUS, the prettiest ever seen.
      He washed out the RINOs and swept the House clean.
      He went to the Hill to fetch some new laws
      And set up the RINOs to replace them like a Boss.
      He fed them some rope, enough for to hang.
      If all that isn’t true at least we’re losing some drug gangs.

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    • Kroesus says:

      where do you see that for PR?….. the CR up for passage appropriates $300M for Medicare for them but that is a far cry from $250B


      • Southern Son says:

        You are correct!
        It Is Only $300 Million.
        I appreciate you calling me on that.
        Sequestration Continueing after Four Years, with Record Tax Receipts, had me more than a little upset.
        Not $250Billion, just $300 Million.
        And the Good thing is, it will never come back.
        Flushed away.
        Not to help Veterans.
        Not for Border Security.
        Not for American Infrastructure.
        Not for American Citizens Medicare.
        Not for Any Thing, in Any State.
        I feel alot better…



        • Southern Son says:

          Kroesus, you may never have heard the joke, about Never tell Obama what comes after Trillion.
          I may have hit B instead of M.
          Trivial Detail in the District of Corruption.


    • vidlbis says:

      Spoken from the heart.

      Truth meter just pegged out.

      Like x10


    • Aguila2011 says:

      I like your think’in Son! I’ll stand with you. We’ve all heard about million man marches and such. Well, we need us a ten million man march on the Capitol. Notice I didn’t say the WH. No, it has to be on the Capitol because that is where the heart of the problem lays.


  6. fred says:

    I think Trump is being rolled by Ryan…….Plain and simple. If Trump does not feel some pain in his rear I would be surprized because they got him pretty good this time…………Next time will never come and all Trumps agenda is easily blocked withRyan as traitor. So stop the music …drop the healthcare and get rid of the cancer Paul Ryan or continue to watch Schumer basking in victory praising Ryan and McConnel. I’m pleased to read Trump had little input in this debacle. There will be no repeal of Obamacare face the kabuki and if there was the next piece of legislation would be tainted by Ryan and not good for the people in any way….They don’t get some of us have illnesses and it’s time sensitive and some of us live where those MS13 folks run the night… For some of us these issues are real as Ryan blocks every one………


    • shallbe4 says:

      With anyone else I would go along with what you say but Trump will take care of business without a media hissy fit. There isn’t a day when Trump doesn’t surprise me.

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    • V.Lombardi says:

      There is a large amount of stupidity, corruption and denial in this situation. If someone does not understand it yet, that Ryan’s removal is critical for progress, they never will. There are a large number of substantive reasons to remove Ryan. I no longer waste my time justifying it to people incapable of listening. Ryan lost 70 – 80 republican votes in his earlier fiasco but they do not want you to know that. I wonder if Pablo Ryan is a ghost write for this site, I never see criticism of him.


    • Aguila2011 says:

      Fred, poor sweet dear Fred. Paul and Mitch might be “blocking” Trump from accomplishing his goals, for now, but Paul is certainly not rolling him. This is not a three hour game and the one with the most “scores” wins. This is a longer term game with immensely greater stakes. Trump is the chess master compared to these clowns and they have met their match. After running the game for so long, they are busy regrouping trying to figure out how they might beat him at their game. Stall tactics is all it is. Bless your soul Fred but I fear you are out of your league also.


  7. cocomama says:

    I wonder if Trump will begin to shine the light on corrupt Republicans when they are in Washington or when they are in recess.


  8. Jim in TN says:

    The message Democrats put out is that a threat of shutdown caused Trump to cave and delivered them total victory, denying Trump any of his agenda, and throwing in all sorts of additional goodies for Democrats. Not true!

    But, it had seeds of truth. It was a compromise, giving both sides some of what they want. And, it was negotiated under the threat of shutdown, which had been set up so that they were going to try to make Trump look incompetent if it happened.

    The intended subtext was, ‘We will roll Trump in every negotiation where we can threaten shutting down government. Just CR’s and debt ceiling limits for the next 4-8 years. No Trump budget and no Trump agenda.’

    Embracing a possible future shutdown disarms his opponents. Very much a ‘go ahead and make my day’ Dirty Harry type response.

    Like with North Korea, where the petty tyrant is always using threats of war to get his way, the Democrats are always using the threat of shutdown to get their way. But neither one really wants what they threaten.

    Showing that their threats don’t get to you and won’t work anymore is necessary to stop them from doing it.

    Why the Republicans let that message, and those lies sit out there unchallenged for so long is a different issue. There were press conferences on this CR, yet the lies were not countered, and the claims of Republican victories looked lame.

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  9. mobiuswolf says:

    A few firing squads would tune things up a bit.
    LMAO SHUTDOWN! Oh no. Whatever will we do without some bureaucrat being paid to harass and rob us.
    Shut it down, burn the buildings and salt the earth. We can start over with the states.

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  10. ej says:

    TRUMP has nothing to lose. He already proved he can get elected with ZERO help from the GOPe. And if he is not re-elected in 2020, he goes back to being a billionaire. Insert funny Trump meme here.

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  11. C-Low says:

    This is what I voted for. This is the fight that will or will not put our nation back on a track for longterm survival. It is long past time.

    The majority of amercians are still good hard working people but our political parties are diseased.

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  12. deanbrh says:

    Right now, August 19, 2017, I am so bummed that MANY of the writers who Commented on this thread are no longer commenting now. Why? Where did they go and why did they go? What happened in the last 90 days that made them think commenting here wasn’t worth their time? We need ALL of them! Did they change their avatars to be safe, and they are still here under different avatars?


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