Explaining Why Republicans in Congress Need To Undercut Trump’s Budget Objectives, Wilbur Ross and NAFTA…

If you didn’t read the Part-V explainer of how we got to this point in congressional history stop and go read it.  This stuff is all connected and cannot be absorbed without a thorough understanding of motives behind the advancing agenda-writers.

Make Sure You Watch The Embed Video (below) from Wilbur Ross.

The interim Continuing Resolution (CR) is fraught with demands of the “Big Club”.  That is: Wall Street, their lobbyists, and those who have created the UniParty for over three decades.   The “Big Club” is fighting back against the insurgent presidency of Donald Trump and is using the Republican wing of the UniParty to do it.

It is Republicans, not just Democrats, in congress who are putting the most toxic spending priorities within the $1+ trillion spending bill and forcing a spending bill onto President Trump’s desk which factilitates the needs of the lobbying class and undermines parts of the structural agenda of President Trump.

The outrage should be rightly focused on the UniParty in congress, and more specifically the Republicans therein, not President Trump.

What would the ankle-biters and antagonists (gnats) have President Trump do?  Veto a bill constructed by bipartisan legislation in congress?   Shut down government?  That’s exactly the dynamic the “Big Club” has set up through their paid opposition represented by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

It is understandably frustrating to most CTH readers that the larger electorate cannot yet bring themselves to see the nature of Trump’s political opposition is not Democrats, it is the UniParty.  However, you should always remember that your knowledge is in the minority and not thoroughly understood by the larger voting electorate.

When Rush Limbaugh begins to tell his audience about the legislative construct within DC that is controlled by the UniParty apparatus, that’s a good thing.  Because that level of understanding is what will be needed in the future if the larger U.S. electorate are ever going to comprehend the challenge and opposition.  It does not matter that Limbaugh cites or recognizes our research and insight; what matters is that a larger audience begins to comprehend the scope and scale of the problem.

Within the current spending bill, both the Republicans and Democrats inject the needs of their financial class benefactors.  This is not Republicans acquiescing to spending or legislative additions they do not support; that is simply the fallacy of false choice.

Break the “battered conservative syndrome” and admit to yourselves and others that the republicans fully support the toxic items that have been placed in the spending bill.   From that position you can begin to make progress toward understanding the bigger issues.

The reality then becomes: what can President Trump leverage out of those Republicans, knowing he cannot politically thwart their intention so long as the voting electorate remain oblivious to the nature of it?

Trump needs congress, specifically the senate, and even more specifically Senator John Thune (Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee) to accept the letter of intent to renegotiate NAFTA.

For more than a month McConnell, Thune and the members of the Senate Commerce Committee (including Ted Cruz and Mike Lee) have refused to accept the letter because their financial donors and lobbyists don’t want to see NAFTA re-opened.

Perhaps President Trump can get Republicans to accept the intent letter by signing the interim spending bill.   Opening and renegotiating NAFTA will provide infinitely more benefits to middle-class workers than the spending priorities within the CR congress has constructed.

Again, the republicans and democrats in congress are leveraging their short-term CR to push the legislative priorities of K-Street.  Unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand this dynamic and therefore direct their frustration toward President Trump who is put into a position of accepting the CR or vetoing it.

Most of the voting population of the U.S. would look at a Trump veto as a rogue president trying to shut down government and the corporate media would gleefully sell this narrative.

Now Listen to Secretary Wilbur Ross today:


Additionally, the BIG CLUB fight against the administration is also playing out in corporate media as Rupert Murdoch, Mr. Wall Street, positions his media enterprise alongside the left-wing mainstream media in opposition to the economic nationalism of President Trump.

Again, this stuff is all connected.

Fortify yourself with an intellectual armory making your keen insight the tip of the spear for your friends and your family.


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439 Responses to Explaining Why Republicans in Congress Need To Undercut Trump’s Budget Objectives, Wilbur Ross and NAFTA…

  1. MaineCoon says:

    Donald Trump – Empowering Quotes

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    • A former colleague who was an incredible salesman as well as a national motivational speaker left me with the following.

      Everything in life may indeed be LUCK… however I have found that LUCK is an acronym…
      L – aboring
      U – nder
      C – orrect
      K – nowledge

      Working hard with the correct information has been proven to yield success.

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  2. Betty says:

    How could we get a money bomb going for Paul Nehlen ?


  3. Mar says:

    Does anyone know which Republicans (literally) sat down with Paul Ryan and drafted this?


    • Sentinel says:

      None, it was not written by Uniparty politicians, it was written by Big Club lobbyists and special interest committees.

      Remember, the politicians are now the salesmen, not the designers/producers of the product called legislation.

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      • setup2100 says:

        The Big Club which BIG Media is part of and write all legislation. The DEMS and UNIPARTY carry it out with the backing of the print media, talk shows and the NEWS alphabet plus CNN & FOX. Been this way for years but just exposed. Ever see a politician say they wrote a BILL? No, they introduced a BILL or co sponsor a BILL. That is the game and the MEDIA control the DEMS and pay them will positive PRESS and campaign contributions. Most PUBBIES are just as bad if not worse.


    • trumptea says:

      It wasn’t written by any of the Republicans in Congress it was written by the lawyers that represent the interests of the K Street firms.


    • trumptea says:

      It wasn’t written by any of the Republicans in Congress it was written by the lawyers that represent the interests of the K Street firms.


  4. Padre says:

    Oh good, naming names!

    Trump would also be in the position of vetoing a CR..he agreed to in the first place

    Ryan is pretty much..useless..his statement on twitter…laughable unicorns and rainbows..and what is being overlooked, Babylon on the Potoamc?

    Still wants war with Russia, “ie Russian Aggression vs Allies”

    which ones? Once again..they never say


  5. waicool says:

    i like the part about the Trump administration assembling specific legislation(s) to counter the uni-lobby at every turn; provide our legislators a path out of the proverbial box they’re all stuck in; and lead us out of this morass.


  6. Andy Texan says:

    Your insight that legislation is written for Congress by lobbyists (who have purchased congress to push their globalist policies) is one of the great journalistic discoveries in recent times. Congratulations. You are the indispensable political journalist working today. Now we know why these guys will spend so many millions to get elected for a $175k paycheck.

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  7. SpanglishKC says:



    I think our Secretary of Commerce rathers enjoys the media limelight… but in an endearing way

    Many cabinet officials enjoyed the limelight in past administrations… However they came across as POSERS or ELITISTS.

    I find Wilbur Wolverine Ross as very genuine, extremely bright, self composed and diplomatically suffers no fools. He clearly supports his Excellency’s America First agenda and shows deference to President Trump.

    Sec Ross is no spring chicken “fo sho,” and he is using his remaining years to PAY IT FORWARD and help put this country on the right path and clearly enjoys “doing good.”

    Thank you for your service to America Secretary Ross. God bless you.

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  8. I’m sorry sundance, but Our President Trump doesn’t have to veto the CR, he just doesn’t have to sign it. I hope he doesn’t sign it. In 10 days it will become law. At least he wouldn’t have touched it.


  9. vincent cuomo says:

    Trump should veto the budget and shut down the government; anything Pelosi and Schumer want is not what the american people want; Trump we will stand behind not Ryan and the Rino’s


    • Bob Thoms says:

      I used to think this, but no longer.


    • V.Lombardi says:

      This is a major concession for Trump. Why would I think it will be any different in September? Ryan will produce another secret budget, get democratic support, and back Trump into a corner. This site is setting people up to continually accept failure and expect success next time. That’s the same thing we have seen for several years. Sometime in this country there is a need for heroes to step up and take a risk. Trump can take a risk in public opinion with a veto, especially early in the term. Republicans need to undercut Trump? For what, contributions?


      • SpanglishKC says:

        Like the HFC “heroes?” Bwahahahahahaha

        Your’e funny.

        Guess this site isn’t for you? Bye


      • Sherlock says:

        My view is that between now and Sept. the President must make his case to America, lay it out. Explain how the country is being actively undermined by congress, and explain why he cannot agree to sign a budget that assist in our destruction, and the destruction of the movement he heads. Prepare people for a budget veto, and a so-called “shutdown” between now and then, and prepare them to, in an ORGANIZED fashion, turn their wrath on those in congress who are active opponents of change, and active opponents of MAGA. A veto now would seem to come “out of the blue” and the knee jerk reaction would be to blame Trump. Much better to fight this fight closer to the midterms. Just my view, of course.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          Interesting twist. Veto near the mid-terms would be a real cooker for sure! Something has to be done to dislodge the establishment! You might be on to something and I like where your thinking!


  10. Rich Manville says:

    I voted for President Trump because he supported what I and most Americans want and believe in. Your group does not and I will do everything I can to undermine and defeat your agenda/s. You represent everything that is wrong with this country and the reason we are in the dismal shape it is in right now. Because of you power and position you are at this time probably the biggest problem the country has at this time.


  11. SharkFL says:

    Today I truly feel like a battered conservative. This fraud republican party and snake ryan are likely piling additional insulting legislative items just to attack President Trump and drive a wedge against the people. Evil snake ryan does this even though he knows it is bad for his neighbors in Wisconsin, bad for the American people and bad for Main Street. Is ryan worse than obama? is cancer worse than a piano falling on you?

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