M.E.G.A Scheduled To Meet M.A.G.A First Week of April…

Spidey Sense Level remains elevated…

(Via Reuters)  Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will make his first state visit to Washington during the first week of April at the invitation of U.S. President Donald Trump, Egyptian state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Sunday.

The trip will be Sisi’s first U.S. state visit since being elected president in 2014 as former U.S. President Barack Obama had never extended an invitation.

Sisi was elected a year after leading the military’s ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Mohamed Mursi after mass protests. Trump invited Sisi in January but the date of the visit had not been announced.  (link)

(Previously) […] ♦ Immediately following his inauguration, President Trump spoke to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and gained his ideological and financial support for building a safe zone for Syrian’s as they rebuild.

♦ A week later, President Trump spoke at length to Egypt’s Fattah al-Sisi about their efforts.

♦ At the beginning of February – King Abdullah III of Jordan traveled to Washington to meet with Vice-President Mike Pence and discuss aide and assistance for regional security.   Previously, in November 2016, King Abdullah spoke to President-elect Trump

♦ A week later – Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC for a very warm and optimistic meeting with President Trump for talks on regional security.

♦ At the beginning of March – Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry visited Washington, met with members of Congress and held a long discussion with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,

♦ Last week (mid-March) Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with an envoy from President Trump and told him that a peace deal is possible under the new president.

♦  Soon – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is coming to Washington for an official state visit.

If my hunch is correct, this visit by President al-Sisi will be very significant and he could likely be the first formal state dinner Guest of Honor at the White House.  If not a State Dinner, a very well emphasized event, but my spidey senses tell me a State Dinner is likely.

To understand the scope of the seismic paradigm shift this would represent we must remind ourselves that President Obama never even called President el-Sisi after his election win, and never invited him to the White House.  By Obama design their paths only crossed once in New York at the U.N. assembly.   If President Trump hosts President el-Sisi at the White House it would signal a historic shift in policy and approach.

Additionally, such recognition would rightly highlight the strength of Sisi’s courage in the face of severe extremist opposition.   The significance of such an honor would resound throughout the region; it would have incredible impact.  (link)

WARNING: Epic levels of liberal globalist ‘splodey heads are imminent !!

The backdrop is THIS, and pay close attention to the logo of the 50th Anniversary

….Notice anything?

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118 Responses to M.E.G.A Scheduled To Meet M.A.G.A First Week of April…

  1. Midnight Rambler says:

    Wow! I love that emblem and God bless our President.

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  2. The Boss says:

    I’d guess it’s a matter of a short time before the US joins Egypt and other countries in declaring the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. THAT will make heads go splodey if a State Dinner doesn’t trigger them.

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  3. I remember that picture of PTrump and al-Sisi and it really struck me at the time because al-Sisi looked so animated and active in what he was saying with PTrump leaning forward and actively listening. I thought at the time, this is a genuine, open conversation and it touched me that al-Sisi would feel so safe in openly talking in this meeting.

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    • Wayne Robinson says:

      As I watched , the President of Egypt , virtually singlehanded saved Egypt from loosing their rights to a government. Morsi overplayed his hand and revealed his heart. I was aware at the time that the present President of Egypt will go down in Egypts history as significant as George Washington in our history. I love this guy but past President Oboma not nearly as much . MAGA 2020 and beyond

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    • QuestGirl says:

      I don’t understand. When did al-Sisi meet with PTrump? This article references a first-time visit to Washington. Nor do I recall PTrump taking a trip out of the country yet. How did you see this meeting you speak of?


    • eagledriver50 says:

      Too setup a meeting like that takes A WHOLE LOT of planning between intermediaries. AND this is EPIC. 50th Jerusalem coming up, Embassy moving to Jerusalem…MAGA. al-Sisi knew he was talking with the next President. Pres. Trump knew he would have to do this sooner or later and he wanted to get this off the ground and running…Outstanding Job, Mr President…

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  4. Rebel Mope says:

    The Wall?
    (Heh, just kidding.)

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  5. rashamon says:

    I may have to read up on my history, but SIsi in his position for Egypt plays a crucial role in steadying the discourse in the ME. President Trump seems to recognize that nothing the U.S. does can accomplish the stability and future for that sector of the world — Northern Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean countries, and those in Asia depending on those avenues — than a stable, sensitive leader in Egypt.

    Culture matters. Egypt is quite sophisticated when foreign entities don’t interrupt. Why can we not let each state rise to its best before letting the world bankers raid the sovereigns for their riches?

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

    IMHO, I would not doubt that President Trump will be much more comfortable with the Egyptian President than he was with Merkel. He can sense a snake(Merkel) a mile away. Trump and the Egyptian President will be smiling, a lot.

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    • I have no doubt in my mind that not only does President Trump see a snake but he also sees Merkel who is clutching it to her bosom! She has ruined Europe with her fascination and attraction for islamic snakes. She wants to clutch them all to her bosom.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      People like Pres Trump KNOW who they can trust…Actions speak louder than words!!!


    • redsequin4 says:

      Merkel destroyed Europe with her open borders “economic migrant policy” but it wasn’t a mistake, it was purposeful. Did the globalists want to increase their serf population, not caring if it destroyed the last semblance of European culture? Did they want more low wage workers? Well they got a big surprise when the future work force of refugees/economic migrants clamored to make it to the richest welfare states, like Germany and Sweden. Now the enemy is not at the gates they’ve already stormed the gates and are in the city. Merkel is a disgrace but hey she lives like a queen so who cares about ordinary Germans or the rest of Europe. Let them eat falafel.

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  7. georgiafl says:

    Revelation 5:5 – King James Version (KJV)

    “And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

    That Lion is Jesus.

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  8. seabrznsun says:

    Let’s combine economic forces and build safe zones for refugees flowing everywhere while we’re at it, whatever “it” turns out to be.

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  9. Southern Son says:

    A Lion and The Wall!
    More like God’s Hand working his will.

    Satan Sucks!!

    Press ON!

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  10. sunnydaze says:

    This will be a LOT more fun and meaningful than the meeting with Loser Merkel.

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  11. Wend says:

    It would be so great if al-Sisi would be the first to be honored at a State Dinner. He is a great leader and seems like a nice man. Walk Like an Egyptian!

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  12. floridahoosier93 says:

    Bibi and Sisi are two foreign leaders I would love to meet in person. Very excited for Trump to build a working relationship with Sisi. Good things gonna happen. 🙂

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  13. sundance says:

    FYI, June 4th, 2009 was the date President Obama kicked off the Islamist Spring uprising in the middle east with his Cairo University speech in Egypt….

    June 4th 2009. President Obama’s first foreign trip.

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    • deh3k says:

      8 long years.

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    • catmom says:

      I was in Egypt in November 2009. Mubarak was still in power. Egyptians were very optimistic about Obama then. I knew they were wrong. The tension and growing anti-American sentiment was palpable. I was fortunate to visit before the Arab Spring. I am praying for Egypt and a new day for the Middle East with President Trump’s leadership. Obama must be seething.

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      • I also am praying for stability for the Middle East. I was still on the Obama Kool-aid in 2009. I didn’t see the cancer until after the Arab Spring started, and Obama started backing all the wrong horses. The point of no return, for me, was when he joined in the bombing of Ghadafi. I knew then that my president was at best a fool, at worst evil. I dearly hope for a new compound alliance, as Sundance predicts.

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    • rashamon says:

      June r, 2009. May that date go down in Infamy.


    • WSB says:

      I’ll never forget seeing that. I studied in Egypt in 1982/83 after Sadat had been murdered and Mubarak came to power.

      Although Egypt was NEVER a Muslim country throughout history, Hijrah ensued for many years, and here we are. It is very sad. And that day was like a knife through my heart.

      That el-Sisi, a student of America, was able to act as a George Washington to his country and now has a friend in the US again, I am thrilled!

      Neither leader is perfect, but they both have the heart to lead to peace.

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  14. The lion, the wall and gold!

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  15. Kelly says:

    The Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

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  16. catmom says:

    It is such a joy to watch history unfold before our eyes.

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  17. CheshireCat says:

    Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will make his first state visit to Washington during the first week of April at the invitation of U.S. President Donald Trump, Egyptian state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Sunday.”

    President al-Sisi will Have a far happier look on his face than he would have if President Trump had not told Mattis – NO! – on appointing as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy a big Morsi and Muslim Botherhood supporter.

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    • The Boss says:

      WTF was Mattis thinking???

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      • It’s as though Mattis confused his role for Defense with Tillerson’s role for State.

        Serious questions:

        Does Mattis have the proven capabilities to TRANSFORM and MANAGE the Defense Bureaucracy?

        What was the Mattis vision for what DOD needed to stop, start and change?

        Would Mattis have been better-appointed as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to focus on warfighting?

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      • USMCLt says:

        I fear that Mattis is not the man I thought he was. Another Baby Boomer general officer with no combat experience during his formative years as a junior officer…He got it all from books rather than field experience. Of course, that’s not his fault. I just thought he was cut from different cloth than the rest. Maybe I was wrong.

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        • Maquis says:

          His MB Sympathizer pick makes me sick, right in the pit of my gut. This is so not the time for mypoic military management and leadership. I have lost most of my respect for the man.

          My Lord, we are squaring up against a Mad Nuclear Power, with China apparently building up forces on their border? Of course, if so, it’s less likely to pressure Kim than it is for blocking refugees.

          We need to be ready to do massive airdrops of food for refugees, with Spooky’s up high to take out military forces stealing the food for themselves.


        • shadowcole says:

          I am wondering why Col Alan West was not chosen to serve in the administration somewhere. I believe him to be a true patriot. Is there minimum qualifications for Defense Sec that West wouldn’t meet? or some other position in our defense dept?

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  18. justfactsplz says:

    Finally al-Sisi will get the respect he deserves from the White House. Watching him with President Trump back in September I could tell they will get along just fine. All of these meetings with Israel, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, and Egypt along with the statement by Palestine important historic alliances are being forged. I am hopeful about the outcome.

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  19. Minnie says:

    To quote Duchess ❤

    Thank you Jesus for prayers answered and blessings received

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  20. MVW says:

    I still don’t understand why Mattis wanted Patterson, surely with all the leaks, Patterson would be the last person Trump administration would want in that position. The very last.

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    • we300 says:

      With all due respect, I think it’s folly to assume that the men and women in the current administration will be nothing but perfect. Mistakes will be made. And corrected as in this case. I see no value in saying off with his head each time a bump in the road occurs. The important thing here is that the lapse in judgement was corrected. This was a one time thing for Sec. Mathis. And until a pattern emerges of poor judgement on his part, let’s not assume he needs to be ejected from the administration.

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  21. RJ says:

    Barry Hussein Soetero Obama, Valerie Jarrett , Papa Doc Soros, Sleazy McCain, the Hag of Chautauqua, Lydia Graham, and Horse Face Kerry, and other enablers who destabilized the Mideast, should all be locked up. They should be issued picks and shovels and be made to dig ditches as punishment for their hateful crimes.

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  22. missmarple2 says:

    My sister and I were in London in June for the Queen’s Jubilee when the new came of Mibarak’s life sentence.

    The concierge at our hotel was from Egypt. He asked me what I thought, and I said I wasn’t really familiar with Egyptian politics, but I had always thought Mubarak was an ally.

    He looked at me sadly, and asked, “How can anyone trust the United States again?”

    I can still see him in my mind’s eye. I was so ashamed.

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    • WSB says:

      Mubarak was Anwar Sadat’s appointed Vice President. When Sadat was assassinated there was such an upheaval in Egypt, it was truly a crisis. I will never forget the horrible, sad news. Mubarak had the world on his choulders.

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    • “Jerusalem of Gold.” I cry every time I hear that song! It was presented to the Israeli public just a short time before the Six Day War started. It became an instant classic, kind of like Amazing Grace.

      If you spoke Hebrew, you knew all the words after the first time you heard it. This song was not “composed,” it was discovered.


  23. Fe says:

    Lion of Judah, Trump/gold, and the Wall

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  24. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I hope Egypt can help us with Turkey. Turkey has become a Fascist government and no longer a democracy. It is now threatening it’s fellow NATO members. It should be thrown out of NATO and overthrown. It is obvious the coup was in line with what happen when the Egypt’s military threw out the Muslim Brotherhood administration.

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  25. Jerusalem, the City of God

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  26. O please send Obama and Hillary to Egypt, they still have a warrant for their arrest there!!

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  27. AndrewJackson says:

    So does anyone have a good response to the Buzzfeed/Huffpo meme that Trump is spending a bundle on golf and Mar a lago trips? I don’t really care about this, but I would like to be prepared for my annoying coworkers that keep bringing it up.

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    • missmarple2 says:

      My response would be that they will stay at the White House on weekends with Melania and Barrron when the Secret Service gets their act together.

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    • Wend says:

      Tell them you have work to do.

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    • WSB says:

      President Trump is holding his real meetings at Mara-Lago and his Virginia golf club because the White House Intel security has been compromised.

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    • Aqua says:

      True points on the security. Another response: President Obama also traveled every weekend, only he wasn’t working, while it is clear President Trump is. Not to mention all of Obama’s campaign travel which went unreported by the MSM- he would combine it with some weak excuse to avoid having to pay for the trip from campaign dollars. In Philly, the traffic report was how one knew….the motorcade from the airport would cause commuters some havoc.

      Feel free to that Biden often flew home once, if not twice a week (not the train, like Biden liked to portray). I saw that on Judicial Watch’s coverage of all the excessive travel vacations Obama took).

      And at least up to two weeks ago, full time gov staff still guarding Obama’s Chicago home, although he has been back perhaps once in the last 9 years. Guarding=a complete roadblock of the street and neighborhood. Neighbors are finally complaining.

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    • Lburg says:

      The approximate total cost of all Obama vacations was $90 Million dollars. That’s announced “vacation time” and does not include “flying to Africa for the Guuuurl’s” time – time off clothed as “diplomatic business” or fund raisers followed by 4 days of R&R.

      Tell them to get back to you when President Trump edges close to that figure.

      I’m sure your friends are calling his Florida forays “vacations”. Remind them that he is still working while in Florida and he’ll let us know when he’s really on vacation.

      Also suggest that they hold their collective breath waiting for the vacation announcement.

      (As long as your friends have become fiscally conservative you might also want to research the cost for the gazillion ladies in waiting that Michelle Obama surrounded herself with and compare/contrast that with the proposed First Lady budget.)

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    • smiley says:

      tell them : He built that.

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      • However, he didn’t build Mar a Lago – the original building(s) were built by and for Marjorie Meriwether Post, heiress to the huge publishing fortune which included Time and Life magazines and many more.

        Pres. Trump bought it at a bargain rate after it hadn’t been used for a while.


    • litenmaus says:

      AJ, here’s a few examples of government spending that you might want to put out there….

      Obama’s recreational travel costs over his 8 years in office comes to over 96 Million….(judicial watch)

      in 2014 The Government spent…..
      18 million to renovate one airport…that serves one high end ski resort…Sun Valley, ID

      or let’s get down to frivolous spending….
      171,000 to study how monkeys gamble
      856,000 to study how mountain lions do on a treadmill
      387,000 to study massages on Swedish bunnies (yes, it’s a fact)
      331,000 to study when women might stab a voodoo doll (yes, it’s a fact)

      How dare Trump desire to spend time in his own home? Don’t ya know, we elected him to be a slave and he must remain chained to the White House ’cause…..oh yeah, wasted money.

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    • AndrewJackson says:

      Thanks guys. Those are good responses. Its hard being the 1 of 5 conservatives out of an office of over 100 (I work in Chicago).

      Liked by 2 people

    • we300 says:

      Ya. He’s not taking a salary and doing the job for free.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      When the Trumps top the $900 MILLION dollar vacay tab charged to the American taxpayer that the Obamas ran up; then I’ll get concerned about the Trumps.

      Reporting is done quarterly; but I suspect only Airforce1 expenses and Secret Service expenses will pretty much be our only costs. Trump already owns Mar-a-lago.

      Once, the taxpayers even paid not only for Obie and Mooch to fly SEPARATELY; but, taxpayers paid for a separately trip for one of the dogs to Hawaii!


  28. streetparade says:

    I hope Pres. Trump names the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization during Pres. al-Sisi’s visit. 

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  29. Janie May says:

    My Arab friends tell me that Egypt IS the de facto leader of that part of the world. “As goes Egypt, so goes the rest of the Arab world.”

    What al-Sisi has undertaken & accomplished in Egypt has been extremely dangerous and heroic – a catalyst event. I pray often.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Maquis says:

      It is so amazing, in the midst of that cruel “Victorious Jihadi” Societal “cleansing/purging” nightmare, God raised a Hero, a true Champion of the people, and saved Eygpt. What an Epic turn of Fortune for the Egyptian People.

      Then, in the midst of our being forced into the midst of an impending fulll-on Cultural Marxist Dictatorship in all but name, our Country’s very existence in question, our cohesion as a people being willfully dissolved in the Caustic Culture of Lawlessness and Moral Retardation of dozens of inferior and corrupt societies made to pour into our Nation, and again, God chose a Hero, raised a genuine Champion of the People, and launches the most audacious recovery, doing in Sixty Days what others could not accomplish in as many years. Again, Epic. Awe, and Love, and the Full Support of over half the “Electorate.”

      These two men will be fast friends. We must pray for them both. I hope Sundance’s Spidey Sense tingles are right on the money, as usual, and the Hero of Egypt will be most highly honored by the Hero of the United States. SD is so right, what a signal to the Arab world and the Middle East that would be.

      And our guest will not be forced to pick his way, unescorted, through piles of garbage, out the backdoor of the White House. Zero is the master of low-class insults and slights. President Trump greets every Foreign Dignitary at the monent they arrive just as they exit their car, with a warm hearfelt handshake and a hand on the back. High Class, genuine goodwill. Reminds me of President Reagan’s enthusiastic bounding out to meet Gorbachev in Moscow.

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    • Very true, Janie May. I did a little googling and learned this:
      GDP Population
      Egypt $330 Billion 93.0 million
      Israel $312 Billion 8.2 million
      Syria $ 77 Billion 18.5 million
      Jordan $ 39 Billion 7.7 million

      As you can see, Egypt definitely is the Big Dog, or Lion, in the region.


  30. Atticus says:

    DJT, Bibi, all-Sisi,and Abdullah.
    Sanity may yet reign in the Middle-East.

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  31. My first post but wanted to reference a good book of personal stories of the 6 day war appropriately named- The Lion’s Gate: On the Front Lines of the Six Day War. “https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FX7LVQM/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1”

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  32. Sunshine says:

    About the LION in the LOGO – There is also this:


  33. LARS says:

    El sisi should receive Nobel Prize for ejecting muzzie bro hood from Egypt.

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  34. john lorenz says:

    Of course Oliar and Cankles didn’t invite President El Sisi here. They supported their buds the virulently anti-American Muslim Brotherhood as was their anti-American custom

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  35. redsequin4 says:

    You know what I love? Not having to hear BO say ISIL, which disparages Israel. Only his liberal lackeys will occasionally say it. I can’t believe how anti-Israel Obama was, I’ve never seen anything like it. Netanyahu despises him.

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