2016 Will Be Remembered as The Year “Media Polling” Corruption Was Exposed…

In a year when there were hundreds seismic shifts amid the tectonic plates within the body politic, one of the most important was the revelation that Media Polling is just as brutally biased as the media entities who present the polling results.

With election 2016 behind us, and before 2017 arrives, the truth behind the intentionally constructed deception must not simply fade back into the shadows.  Never again should the American voter trust the polling presented by corporate media.  Everything about it is a financed and manufactured fraud.


For many people the November 8th election was the culmination of many years of difficult effort.  This intensely challenging endeavor to awaken the national body politic was begun by ordinary members of the electorate, who assembled amid the rise of the various local Tea Party groups, long before Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

In 2008 we were labeled “bitter clingers“; in 2009 we were deemed “extremists“; in 2010 “racists“; in 2011 “whack-o-birds“; in 2012 “hobbits” and “crazies“; in 2013 “right-wing nuts“; in 2014 “slope heads in flyover country“; in 2015 we were “nativists“; and in 2016 our labeling culminated as -amid other things- “a basket of deplorables”.

Trump UnitedHowever, through all of the name calling and ridicule we remained what we always were, simply “Americans”.  Americans, who joined hands and stood resolute against the furnace of overwhelming opposition.

The goal was miles and miles away, and often we could only move an inch at a time.   2016 was a movement of success against overwhelming odds.

Exactly 132:1 odds, in just the last 18 months, to be precise.

Before we begin the arduous process of holding our political representatives accountable for the mandate we require, there is a very important detail which must be forever stitched into the binding of our republic to ensure it is never again forgotten.

THE MEDIA POLLSTERS DIDN’T GET IT WRONG – Their pollsters did not work from the wrong data set, or begin their analysis with the wrong assumptions.  The media pollsters, consultants and professional political class did not work from incorrect baselines…..


The professional media polling agents knew exactly what the truth was.

They lied and manipulated their data in a concerted effort to intentionally falsify reality.

There must be no doubt, EVER, in the mind of any political observer as to what took place within the expressed and broadcasted polling which fueled over two years of broadcast news, and drove massive anxiety amid the consuming audience – The media, all of the corporate media, intentionally lied.

They knew the truth. The same analytical tools available to us, and to those who were ridiculed for truth-telling, were available to them and many more. They did not get it wrong; they didn’t make mistakes. They chose to lie to the American electorate.

So lets name the most notorious liars so their names and organizations can forever be dispatched from the land where credibility is of value:

  • Fox News, pollster Daron Shaw, Shaw Research and associates and the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch. – Example HERE
  • NBC News, pollster Mark Murray, Hart Research and Associates. Example
  • Monmouth University, pollster Patrick Murray. – Example HERE
  • CBS News and New York Times writ large. – Example HERE
  • ABC News and The Washington Post. – Example HERE
  • CNN News Network and ORC Polling. – Example HERE
  • Rasmussen and Reuters Polling Operations. – Example HERE
  • Bloomberg Polling – Example HERE

mark murraypatrick murray 1daron-shaw-3

These individuals along with every single corporate national media polling outlet, which in turn contributed to -and skewed- the larger aggregate of the Real Clear Politics average of polls, were complicit in their intent to deceive the American electorate in an ideological scheme to manipulate the psyche of the American voter…

…and yet they have the nerve now to broadcast endless hours of pearl-clutching opinion on a supposed, manufactured and false “Russian influence” over the same election.  Think about that jaw-dropping hypocrisy for a moment.

There is not a single shred of credibility that should remain with any of the above mentioned polling entities or the corporate media outlets who espoused them.

They did not make mistakes; they did not operate from the wrong assumptions. These organizations, as part of the larger corporate objectives from those who fund their endeavors, lied.

Allowing them to say they made mistakes is only dooming the American voter to a  continued cycle of battered electorate syndrome.  These entities are our abusers. They have been gaslighting the American voter for years, and they have been able to remain unchecked because no-one ever called them to task before this year.

Throughout the last two years we, along with others, have identified and exposed this corrupt business endeavor while simultaneously being ridiculed and marginalized at each undertaking. There should be no quarter provided and no amount of forgiveness ever offered.

The entire construct of their operational business model is corrupt from top to bottom.

♦STEP #1 – A biased/ideological media pays biased/ideological pollsters for biased/ideological polling.

♦STEP #2 –  The biased result is used for media stories and manufactured narratives.

It is all crap.  This moment in election history should forever separate their influence from our national political discussion. PERIOD.



All of it.

Intentionally so.

Break the cycle.

Never, ever, validate “corporate media polling” again.  Ever.


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352 Responses to 2016 Will Be Remembered as The Year “Media Polling” Corruption Was Exposed…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    For old time sake! Thought I roll this out

    FL (Early Voting Ended on 11/6)
    Trump = 46.65%
    HRC = 46.58%
    Margin = 0.07 – Trump (New Axiom Poll on 11/3) docs.google.com/document/d/1Xq…

    NC Axiom Poll (Early Voting Ended On 11/5)
    Trump = 48.4%
    HRC = 44.5%
    Margin = 3.9 – Trump (New Axiom Poll on 11/3) docs.google.com/document/d/19I…

    Hamilton County, OH
    Trump = 46.7%
    HRC = 42.4%
    Margin = 4.3 – Trump (New Axiom Poll from 11/3) @realDonaldTrump docs.google.com/document/d/18F…

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  2. andi lee says:

    The truth will be found somewhere in racketeering, collusion, conspiring to collude and election fraud. (Why no charges brought about is truly dumbfounding. HELLO! FEC Officers! Do your dang job. No accountability is rediculous) And, Donald still won, God willing it so.

    HRC-Dems knew they won. (That’s the tell) Now, view their shock, their stunning disbelief. The den of iniquity left bare and howling at the moon, possessed.

    If you look at HRC twitterfeed after election night, you’ll see HRC quoting scripture; face-time with Jesus? Still winning! It is written. Amen!

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  3. Watcher says:

    There had to coordination between the polls and msm.
    Podesta or Brock (media matters). Who do you guys think?

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    • Sherlock says:

      I think there was no meaningful separation whatsoever between the MSM, the Clinton campaign, and the Clinton PACS including Correct the Record and the dozen or so related PACs. Direct ties and funding overlap between various polling outfits and Clinton’s campaign were covered on this site. But, there is so much now for the incoming administration to do that I doubt there will be a serious investigation into the lawbreaking I believe occurred via that coordination.

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      • coco1050 says:

        The Donald won by a landslide– if you could find all the illegal voting and fraud.

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        • Sherlock says:

          People keep saying that.


          • dbobway says:

            I live in NC!

            Voter fraud with illegals is huge in this state.

            Hillary didn’t get the bump Obama got here.

            I truly believe illegal voting is in the 5 millions!

            It needs to stop, now!

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            • Sherlock says:

              I have no idea what the number might be–no one does. 200,000? 1 million? 3 million? You say 5M. I’ve seen every one of those figures, and people just guess. That’s the problem–we need proof. Perhaps the Trump administration will actually look into the matter–certainly the last three administrations haven’t.

              But speaking of NC–you had a Rep. Governor, a Rep. Sec. of State, and a republican legislature in NC for the past several years. What did they do to investigate what you say was rampant voter fraud in your state? What did they do to remedy it assuming it is as bad as you think?

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              • dbobway says:

                They are full blown GOPe. They did pass an ID law. The court ruled against it in October. I am told that the states are responsible for their own investigating of voter fraud.

                The Electoral College was their for the that reason too.

                Thank God


    • repsort says:

      SD- “and yet they have the nerve now to broadcast endless hours of pearl-clutching opinion on a supposed, manufactured and false “Russian influence” over the same election.  Think about that jaw-dropping hypocrisy for a moment.”

      So I heard Silver went so far as to work up exactly how many points the “Russian influence” was worth in all these states that Trump won. HAHAH. Talk about a guy that has reason to buy into this bogus story, right? It’s like the saying about how it’s hard to get a man to understand something when his income relies on not understanding… Same thing here.. This BS story threw these drowning liars a life jacket and they are now clinging to it! Think about this though.. Where would we be heading if EVERYONE believed their BS??? WAR.

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      • arete55 says:

        The collective “Purveyors of Deceit” will not go away until the money dries up that fuels their allegiances. At best, until that wishful time becomes reality, they need to be neutered as effectively as can be done.

        Trump, it appears through the recent comments by Sean Spicer, intends to do just that. Keep them in a fog of distance, and immediately negate their playbook of lies/distortions as they further attempt to undermine his Presidency from the opening gate. Manufactured stories of Trump causing pain and havoc upon created victims will be thecontinuous narrative.

        All must be immediately deflected and then ignored…as Trump and Putin have already shown by triumphing over Obama’s petulant efforts to destabilize the transitional relationship between the two powers.

        As to us, The People, we will still give the discredited MSM power by watching them continue to lie and deceive. A great part of “Draining the Swamp” will occur by redirecting the news narratives (and following) to the actual credible providers of “News Facts” and commentary by non-corporate, independent voices.

        The Trump Doctrine…..You are owned that that which finances you


      • Sherlock says:

        Silver is ridiculous. He was almost 100% certain that Clinton would win! Now he claims to be able to go back in time and tell us why she lost? If the data exists to allow him to do this(of course it doesn’t) why didn’t he see it coming? Why couldn’t he predict her loss initially? Is his position that not only did the Russians influence public opinion, but were so clever that people didn’t KNOW they were influenced, and said they would vote for Clinton, thus confounding Silver’s polling? This is just nonsense.

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  4. mike says:

    Yes they lied and were pulling for Clinton and got caught. That is what this Russia stuff is really about. It’s a snow job so everyone forgets and McCain and Graham are gladly helping their media/DNC pals. Plus it undermines the President-Elect. These people rarely do something for one reason alone.

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  5. georgiafl says:

    Not just media ‘polling’ – but mainstream media in general has been exposed – its foreign ownership, globalist/leftist bias, collusion with political parties and politicians in both the primaries and general election, fabricated narratives and outright lies.

    Trump mastered social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and created his own website (that worked flawlessly) in order to go around the lying politically partisan mainstream media and get his message and the truth about his positions and policies to the American people.

    Trump’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram total following is 39,503,411 as of 6am today, 12/31/16 – increasing over one million in the last 10 days.

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  6. kenmar1965 says:

    One bit of good news is that Trump will now have the full force of the Federal government to research, validate, and call out these media lies.

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  7. Lulu says:

    What was weird was election night they held off calling Georgia forever and he won by over 10 points and was way ahead all night. I believe they were holding out GA for a potential steal in Atlanta and the network decision desks were in collusion with the DNC.

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    “There should be no quarter provided and no amount of forgiveness ever offered.”

    “One should forgive one’s enemies, but not before they are hanged.” Heinrich Heine
    Have rope, will travel.

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  9. JoeS says:

    My favorite Trump line ever, the first words he spoke on after being elected: “Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business!”

    -President Elect Donald J. Trump!

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  10. ZZZ says:

    I am sure it will be blamed on Russia.


  11. The media does what we used to call “push polling”. They create a desired result then develop the poling to support that result. Businesses do it to create a desire for their products or to increase their perceived value. A current example of push polling are obamas sky high polling numbers. These are fake but no media dare to challenge the desired result. His numbers are probably in the 30s.

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  12. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Thank you Sundance. I have been saying this to everyone I talk to since the election. The pollsters were not wrong. They lied. Pure and simple. They lied. I went into this election season not believing polls. Getting solid confirmation that the pollsters were lying was just an added boost.

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    • COLibertyBelle says:

      And it is disgusting to watch Larry Saboto on Fox fall on his sword over how far “off the mark” he was and how “embarrassed” he is…what a load of hogwash.


  13. David Dickson says:

    I would like to see the fine print on the Obama approval polls…must be around D+85 bias on that one!

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  14. Patriot1 says:

    The narrative that the media puts out there doesn’t fool any of us. The light of truth has been fully shown.

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  15. I’ve known about biased polling for many years – one reason why I always recommend disregarding polls, especially those months and weeks ahead of an election.

    “The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day”.

    Rush Limbaugh has been digging into the “internals” of polling to show how the numbers are jiggered to produce a desired result which is then used to kick off a news cycle – but the really egregious thing that happened this year is that in the very end they didn’t “correct themselves” to “get it right” in the end. They rode the lie all the way in.

    It appears that skewing the Real Clear Politics polling average was a tactic.

    The fact is, on a national popular vote level the election WAS close, and in many of the swing states (including those that weren’t supposed to be) the margin was close.

    But even Trump’s internal polling showed that.

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  16. Michael says:

    I completely agree with this article. That said, I’m a bit thankful they did lie. Consider that if the Trump numbers where closer to Clinton’s her money people might have panicked
    and thrown a couple of billion more at the her campaign and Trump might have lost.
    I suspect the Dems are aware of this and will be more honest in future as it would be
    in their best interests.

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    • It’s a tough call – the pollsters were lying, but was it because they KNEW they were lying, or because they simply couldn’t believe what the numbers were telling them and adjusted the sample weighting to produce the desired result?

      “THAT ISN’T NORTH! This compass must be broken!”

      I mean, imagine if the raw data showed something patently ridiculous – like Clinton, the bestest ever candidate to run for the Presidency – was possibly going to lose parts of the “Blue Wall” such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Ridiculous! This sample must be an outlier!

      (I’ll just correct that … don’t want to look silly with a preposterous prediction like THAT!)

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    • Charles says:

      You are buying into the idea that money wins presidential elections ! Donald Trump disproved that idea . He spent Millions less then Hillary Rotten Clinton and still won . Lets hope it is a trend that carries though to future presidential elections


  17. heldnmut says:

    And with these lies they still flavor the election results with the hint of illegitimacy to Trump’s election. Damn them – lying weasels!


  18. Pam says:

    IMO, this was one of the biggest stories of 2016. If for no other reason because the MSM was lying over and over and over again. They did it to try and suppress voter turnout but it didn’t work. 😉


  19. pageoturner says:

    How much of the polling – and Clinton’s incredulity of having lost – was based on the built-in fraud vote the dems have perfected over the years? Trump’s forgotten man vote was – just barely – enough to overcome the dem manufactured vote in key battleground states.

    I hope the most important 2017 story is the investigation and publication of how much of the democrat vote in election after election is based on fraud.

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    • Charles says:

      The state of California allows illegals to have state drivers licenses and along with the drivers license come voter cards . Votes from California should not be counted in any National election . It is said that over three Million illegal voted in the 2016 presidential election with most going to the DNC candidate . There is also a video of the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama telling illegals they would not be prosecuted if they voted in the 2016 presidential election .


  20. Don Ware says:

    All this lying and fake news and they still lost. But now it’s the Russians fault. Cheating didn’t bother the dims when they were doing it, now they need someone other than themselves to blame.


  21. urbanpatriot says:

    I was tracking Longroom, and there was never any doubt that Trump was going to win, they even called every battle ground state correctly.

    I guess that’s what you get when you just use the data.

    In fact, their projection the day before the Election was that Trump had a 95%+ chance of winning.

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  22. Ghostrider says:

    To Sundance:
    Although you have had numerous and insightful posts this past year, I think this one is your best work. I really liked it and always enjoy reading the unvarnished truth you expose. Thank you and have a Happy New Year from SW Florida!

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  23. Another Scott says:

    The Democrats still control the media and news organizations, the most powerful institution of all. There’s no election to vote out the people in charge. The Democrats are absolute dictators there. Its the last institution they own and they will use it to hammer Trump continuously.


  24. Chris says:

    And your website did the brave hard work of informing the public about this fraud.
    Your service to our democracy cannot be under estimated.
    Well done sir.


  25. LM says:

    I remember Obama saying Pres. E. Trump could not challenge the election results unless the polls going into the election showed him many points ahead and the results did not reflect that.

    I think that the dishonest polls were, in part, a backup plan by the dishonest media and their dishonest leftist controllers to steal the election…..both by justifying the voter fraud and the recounts if that did not work.



  26. peace says:

    At what point then, did Hillary and team realize they were going to lose the election? Did they all believe the pollsters???


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