Oh My Gosh – About That Bloomberg Presidential Poll…

humor-in-nature8This coming Sunday Fareed Zakaria (CNN) will broadcast an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin; that might actually be worth paying attention to… this Bloomberg Poll, well, not-so-much.

The poll is not even worth using the bandwidth to create the pdf (you can see it here), because just like all Bloomberg polls, they are 100% pure agenda driven nonsense.

To give you evidence in that regard the last Bloomberg poll, the same Bloomberg poll, taken three months ago showed Clinton 54 / Trump 36.

bloomberg poll June

Go figure.

You’ll note the CTH has never posted a Bloomberg Poll, because the pollsters who work for Bloomberg are 100% ideologues and don’t try to hide their agenda.  Even left-leaning PPP pollsters make fun of Bloomberg Polls.

[ *Note* Super Tuesday Bloomberg Polls had Trump losing in the primary races. LOL ]

In general, liberals are on their heels.  San Jose freaked them out.  Then comes the Orlando Terrorist attack which has essentially outed their entire ideological outlook as insufferably disconnected.

Specifically, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are in real trouble – which is evident from how they are lashing out trying to regain footing.

Americans, common sense Americans, the majority of America is uniting behind the common sense practical approaches of candidate Donald Trump.

Trump is resonating because Trump is America First.

President Obama is apoplectic because Trump has essentially pulled back the ideological curtain and shown Obama’s priorities, as outlined in his failed policies, to be Muslim sensibilities first, American security and sensibilities less-than…

Clinton is tied to Obama.  When Clinton loses, Obama loses.  When Clinton and Obama lose, goofball liberalism loses.  One of the Clinton/Obama special interest groups, the LGBT community, was just given a bucket of ice water upon their ideological head.

Awakenings are happening.

Candidate Donald Trump’s special interest group is America.

trump stand together

trump momentum

Yup, the pendulum is swinging back.

Bloomberg is simply trying to avoid the impact.

Nothing more.

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168 Responses to Oh My Gosh – About That Bloomberg Presidential Poll…

  1. Figured the poll was bogus, but it still troubles me that so many folks in this country support Hillary Clinton. To me, she should be charged and convicted for scores of offenses against the American people, but so many seem to think this vile woman can walk on water. We’re going to need a big win to stop this tyranny because the Dem’s will literally lie, cheat, and steal this election if we don’t.


  2. TwoLaine says:

    Yes, awakenings, they are a happenin’!


  3. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Sundance, what would we do without you? When I saw the Blooperberg poll on Mornong Joe Blow this morning, I immediately knew it was agenda-driven, thanks to sd. If ever the left needed an agenda-driven poll, its right about now. Trump/America 2016!!!

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  4. Racewellwon says:

    Long live the Republic under President Trump !


  5. So many polls out now saying Americans don’t approve how Trump handled the Orlando shooting, etc. etc. Always thinking that they are rigged, I just wish there was a way to let people know if they are still in the dark about these ridiculous polls. Thanks for the posts!


  6. k.hardy100@yahoo.com says:

    By the time it was released on MJ the damage is already done to the low information voters, all of the current polls show Trump slipping and I’m not sure why.


  7. skies says:

    New Reuters Poll: Trump surges in first poll taken after Orlando, disproving NBC

    But the NBC poll was taken before Sunday’s shooting. The Reuter’s daily tracking poll shows Trump rebounding after he began vowing to fight radical Islamic terrorists and attacking what he called the Obama administration’s weak efforts on the issue.

    Trump also doubled down on his call to ban all Muslim immigration until radical Islamic terrorism is under control.

    That poll showed Clinton leading Trump by almost 13 points on Sunday, but has been cut to 8.5 points on Tuesday.

    Clinton’s numbers dropped from 40 percent Sunday to 39.1 percent Tuesday, while Trump’s rose from 28.4 percent to 30.9 percent.



  8. Crystal says:

    IMO, this is the Dem Party using push polls to give the impression Trump is losing so that when they commit massive voter fraud to steal another presidential election, no one would be suspicious of the outcome.

    The other day, there was an article on BB that David Plouffe was whining about how Trump wasn’t playing by “traditional” campaign rules. That signaled to me that they don’t have a playbook on him and are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Right now, it’s the “he’s crazy and unfit for office” meme. If Hildebeast is so far ahead, why was he complaining?


  9. Well I feel better.

    Shame on Mark Levin for citing this poll.


  10. B Woodward says:

    Sundance, you missed the red flag when you said it was nothing more than Bloomberg trying to avoid reality. There was also a recent CBS News poll: Clinton 39% – Trump 32% – Johnson 11%. .This is all about propaganda to continue a fake reality in which the Democrats are leading. Why? So the vulgarians won’t be justified in rioting when the election is stolen in November–just like 4 years ago when 0bama stole the election from Romney. (0bama reportedly won 8 of 9 swing states with a total of 810,000 more votes than Romney. But look at the voter fraud in those states.).Stealing the election is the only way the establishment can win. The Democrats will continue their election fraud like 4 years ago:

    141% of registered voters in St. Lucie County FL voted for the Democratic candidate
    In Georgia, some voting districts had a 300% voter turn out
    Voting machines switched votes from Romney to Obama
    Military ballots were not sent out or not counted
    Massive fraud in absentee ballots and voters who were ineligible to vote under federal law

    I hope Mr. Trump has a plan to prevent his election from being stolen.

    “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” ― Joseph Stalin


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