Media Polling Fully Exposed – About That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point Poll….

The Real Battle, is The Battle For Your Mind

Researchers and political analysts frequent CTH because we bring you hard, factual, and fully cited research enabling you to make up your own mind about the headlines.

What you are about to read (and see) below is a fully cited example of something we have discussed frequently, but withheld until today, so the oppositional forces cannot change strategies in their attempts to manipulate your mind.

It is now time to lay all media polling naked for you to grasp. Everything below is fully cited so you can fact-check it for yourself. However, we present this with a disclaimer: the entities exposed will industriously work to change their approach from this day forth.


You have probably seen the latest example of the media claiming a released presidential poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal as an example of Hillary Clinton expanding to an 11 point lead in the weekend following the “controversial” leaked tape of Donald Trump.

The claim is complete and utter nonsense. Here’s the proof.

We begin with a google search showing hundreds of media citations referencing the NBC/WSJ Poll:


And here’s the NBC link to the poll, and the NBC Link to the pdf of the poll, and the NBC Poll itself in a scribed pdf:

Transparently the poll is manipulated with: a) a small sample (500); and b) the following ideological make-up:


♦ Republican and Republican leaners 36%
♦ Democrat and Democrat leaners 43%
♦ Independents 12%

By itself that ideological snapshot is silly. Nationally the party registration is roughly 27% (R), 32% (D), and 40% (I) – SEE HERE – However, the polling sample is the least of the issues for this deconstruction.

Arguing about the construct or methodology of the poll is typically what most people do when they are refuting a media poll. That aspect alone is not the big story.

Look at the polling organization:


Do you see: Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies?

Hart Research Associates is headed up by Peter D Hart (founder), and Geoff Garin (President) – SEE HERE

Now look at what role Geoff Garin, Hart Research Associate President, is currently occupying (link here):


OK, so Mr. Geoff Garin, the President of Hart Research and Associates”, is currently working as “a strategic adviser for Priorities USA in support of Hillary Clinton’s election.  Gee, I wonder why the media never tells us that part?

See the issue?

Wait, we’re not even close to finished.  It gets better.

Let’s take a look at the recent financial connection between, Geoff Garin, Hart Research Associates and Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Super-PAC.

For that information we turn to FEC filings -HERE-.  What do they indicate?


On Page #118 of the September 2016 (most recent) filing we find a payment for $178,500 (screen grab above)

On Page #92 of the same September 2016 (most recent) filing, we find another payment for $42,000 (screen grab below)


$220,500.00 in the month of September alone paid by Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Super-PAC to Hart Research Associates.

♦ The President of Hart Research Associates, Geoff Garin, is working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

♦ NBC (S Burke) and The WSJ (Murdoch) contact Geoff Garin (Hart Research Associates) for the post-debate poll data they will use on the day following the debate.

♦ Hart Research Associates provides a small national poll sample (500) result, with skewed party internals, showing Hillary Clinton +11 points.

Do you see now how “media polling” works, and why we advise to ignore it?


The real battle is for your mind...


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1,093 Responses to Media Polling Fully Exposed – About That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point Poll….

  1. Thank you for your hard work. I’ve been waiting for this article.


  2. Buffalolips says:

    Two observations about polls: 1. What polls really are is an attempt to measure how successful recent propaganda has been. Nothing more. 2. I was contacted by telephone Monday afternoon, October 10th and asked if I would be willing to respond to a political survey. I said yes, sure, why not? The first question was: “How old are you?” I responded “73”. They hung up.


  3. Robb Jay says:

    Wasn’t Jimmy Swaggart an Evangelical?


  4. Mr. Schwimmer says:

    Trump has an Ace in the Hole. Watch out about October 17th or 18th.


  5. Junebug says:

    Sharyl Atkkisson also reported another example of how this poll was rigged:
    “Another factor introducing possible bias in polls, according to our expert, is the types of questions asked and they way they are asked. For example, respondents in the WSJ-NBC News poll were queried about Trump’s “vulgar” comments. But it appears they were not asked about any negative Clinton developments, such as Wikileaks emails showing that, in paid speeches, she privately told Wall Street types that she has a “private” position on issues and a different “public position,” and used the phrase “open borders.””


  6. Muckraker says:

    Psy-ops to discourage voter participation are in full swing. Make sure to take a neighbor or friend to the polls to re-inforce the monster vote.

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    • It is more sinister than that….skewed polling adds ‘plausibly’ to vote rigging….

      “High Alert: the Election Can Still Be Stolen” by Jon Rappoport

      at his most excellent….NoMoreFakeNews website….

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      • Glenn Stehle says:

        “….skewed polling adds ‘plausibly’ to vote rigging….”

        That’s sure how it works here in Mexico, where stealing elections is a daily affair.

        Welcome to the third world!


        • Floyd R Turbo says:

          In the BREXIT referendum the “Remain” camp was TEN (10) points ahead (55-45) in one poll on the day before the actual count.
          The “Out” camp was so sure that they were going to lose that their leader (Nigel Farage) had already given his concession speech before the counting had really gotten started.
          And then they WON by FOUR points…
          But that isn’t the most important thing – a few days after the referendum the disgruntled “remain” people were trying to get a “re-vote”. A poll was done to see how many people wanted a re-vote – the result was that MORE than 60% of those polled DID NOT want a re-vote.
          In other words the people who were OK with BREXIT out-polled the people who DIDN’T want to leave by 20 POINTS !! – not just FOUR..
          The skewed poll had reduced the number of people favoring BREXIT by 16 points – if it was n’t for the overwhelming desire for BREXIT the skewed poll would have made all the difference.
          Never believe a liberal – to them lying is just another technique for manipulating the rubes.

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  7. Lewis says:

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25


  8. Trumped says:

    Too bad most of Trumps surrogates cant wrap their head around it yet or aren’t privy to the information. They always look bad on this topic. Just say that they are democrat + 8 for example.

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  9. Lewis says:

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

    Click to access THETRADINGGAME.pdf

    When you read the report your understand why Goldman Sachs gives Hillary Clinton $200,000 a speech.

    All so see how U.S. Truckers got sold out because of NAFTA go to (the Dallas Morning news January 9 2015 truckers) Maybe voters should pass out page 105,106,23,24,


  10. Dick Binder says:

    I’m hoping you are accurate . I don’t think this country can survive a Hillary presidency!!

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  11. cmblake6 says:

    The pollsters always try to swing the elections through propaganda. “Tell a lie enough and it becomes the truth” sorta thing.


  12. Tom T says:

    If you look at the Atlantic Hillary +11 you will also see in the fine print that the Atlantic didnt pay fot it ir do it. It was paid for by Open Soceity AKA Soros, and the Ford Foundation AKA tean Clinton. And iy was done by PRRI a quick search of PRRI and Open Soceity quickly shows the PRRI is just a Soros front with Open Soceity picking up the tab for lots of their “work”.


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  14. Lois says:

    I hope Trump wins! We need to clean the White House and throw the bums out, the racist bums I might add. The Obamas are so corrupt and evil, everyday they show it by their words and actions. So many people have been killed by terrorist attacks here, Europe, the Middle East, all because of the devils Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their quest for power and money, never doing their jobs, greed, power have been the only thing on their minds. If there is a God, Donald Trump will become the President. We shall see if God forgives America for the murder of the unborn that are in the millions. I don’t think he will, therefore, we will have the devil in the White House again. No human being has the right to decide who will live and who will die, the mother included and that is why America very soon will no longer exist if the devil is elected to the White House again. This is our punishment, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are our punishment. Let us see if God forgives us for throwing millions of human bodies in the trash. if he does forgive us, and I can’t see how he can, then Donald Trump will become President. Let us see if God will give us one more chance to be civilized as we are supposed to be in a civilized country that we once were when we had compassion and protected all of human life, born and unborn.


    • I notice that NO ONE is DENYING the accuracy of the Podesta emails. Truth is truth no matter what the source of the information. If they thought they could get away with saying the emails were FAKE–they would have said so by now. I don’t care if LUCIFER HIMSELF posted those emails–they are the TRUTH and AMERICA has the right ti see them and KNOW what the proven LIAR Hillary Clinton says behind our backs–so we can better evaluate what she says to our faces.

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  15. All good comments! Believe what you know in your heart is true. I am tired of being manipulated by corrupt politicians.Trump may be vulgar at times but he has not been corrupted by the system. Only a few more days to wake up people. Thanks to Obama, there are enough empty spots at both Gitmo and other prisons to make room for their new guests. Trump to the rescue!

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  16. Julie says:

    I don’t like either candidate. However, I will vote for Trump because Hillary is so corrupt. Besides the fact that she is a perpetual liar, she is not suitable for leading our country. If the media wasn’t, biased, and completely one-sided, we all would be able to see how evil she really is. We, as a nation, need to get back to where we believe in the sanctity of life, for the millions of unborn children, to the service men and women who selflessly sacrifice their lives, to the elderly who are believed to have nothing left to offer society. Getting back to the root of our constitution, and enforcing the principles our nation was founded on should be foremost in our decision making. Every life has worth, potential and a right to live. Supporting our men and women in blue, and having no racial inequality is paramount. All humanity bleeds red. Let’s end the hatred and violence that is so prevalent in this great nation. God, whichever one you believe in and serve, needs to be invited back into our culture like He was when our forefathers sat down and penned our Declaration of Independence. Trump has difficulty controlling his mouth, but he has the best interest of the USA in his mind. Let’s live in the present and forget the past mistakes a younger man made. No one is perfect. “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.”

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  17. Trump WILL Win by a landslide in fact if each reading this educates three others.
    It’s most definitely worth an hour of our time in order to secure the very future of our country!


  18. Stephen Main says:

    Polls are rigged and can not be trusted. I look at the thousands upon thousands of people that attend Trump rallies and compare them to the very small few hundred people that attend Hillary rallies. Clearly Trump is way ahead.

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  19. Kenneth J. Hicks says:

    As a statiscian I resent implication that polling/data must be suspect because of political leanings. We take our work seriously. The results are all that matters. This article was on the right track when it attacked methodology. When it diverged into personal it likewise became personal. Rather than fact check the article, perhaps fact check it’s own leanings. It runs both ways.

    Suffice to say, when you see a poll like this, first look if it’s registered voters or likely voters. The latter more reliable. Then check the margin of error. Those approaching 5% are more suspect. Then go into methodology with the actual questions, how they were worded.

    Personally attacking the integrity of individuals based on association makes this piece more suspect than the poll.


    • Amy Carpenter says:

      Kenneth J. Hicks – How can a person not suspect the integrity of polls based on association? When a person will do anything to become President and associates with George Soros, who will spend millions to see Hillary elected, and he has any hand in financing the polling or the company doing the polling, how can a reasonable person trust the poll? You may be an honest pollster, but I don’t doubt Hillary would finance polling companies to slant results. She takes money from any country that thinks they can gain something from her. She destroys emails after they’re subpoenaed. I wouldn’t put anything past her. Slanting polls her way, however it can be done, would be a small offense compared to her others. When you add this to the majority of media outlets’ bias, how can you trust in polls and the way they’re reported.

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    • Rob says:

      Whatever Kenneth, we know you are also a paid minion of the DNC that must show up to every anti-Clinton articles comments and try to defend all things Hiliary… loser


    • lokiscout says:

      I am a retired Aerospace Design Engineer (BSEE 1975). You and I both know there are several areas this data can be skewed. The sample population as pointed out is one. The sample size of 500 as pointed out carries a high margin of error approaching 5% which we both agree is suspect. The hot button which few polling organizations publish and I didn’t see it quoted for this one is the turnout model. Is it 208, 2012, 2014 or as most cite a “proprietary” model they have ginned up for this (assumed by most) crazy election? And while we are at it the validation of the model(s) used. That turnout model is the key in my professional opinion. I recognize your credibility here as a professional statistician outweighs mine as an engineer where statistics was only one tool in the kit and used less frequently probably than yourself.

      In this instance and preponderance of potential external influence cited in text I must harken back to the sophomoric bromide: “Figures don’t lie but Liars figure.”

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  20. Glenn Stehle says:

    Make sure and not miss last night’s CBS Evening News.

    SCOTT PELLEY: Turns out Hillary Clinton got some Saint Louis mo. The first poll taken after the Saint Louis debate gives her a nine point lead heading into the final four weeks of the campaign….

    No candidate has ever come back from this far behind this late.

    If we look at the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll Pelley is citing, however, the poll was actually for the period October 8, 9 & 10. So it reflects only one day of post-debate polling out of a total of three days, two of the three days being pre-debate.

    But even more odd was that the poll was a continuation of the October 8 & 9 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that is the subject of this post. Here’s the history of the poll results over time. Notice the large fall in Clinton’s lead in the poll when the third day is added to the results.


    • Alice Worrall says:

      I am a YouGov panelist (for 4 years now) and I was recently polled on the election. The results were supposed to be announced on CBS’s Sunday Morning show on Oct. 16. I missed that show so I don’t know the results of that poll and usually YouGov posts the results of their polls. I couldn’t find the results. That poll was sponsored by CBS.


  21. Georgi says:

    Obviously this whole system is rigged. At this rate, I believe the actual election is going to be rigged, manipulated and totally cheated with. Our only hope at this rate is God and his intervention. We are so screwed.


  22. Ted says:

    Trump is going to win , with Jesus Christ help, we all need to pray .


  23. Jimmy Jack says:

    To support Sundance – the latest Pedestal hack showing up on reddit/4chan shows internal polling indicates a TRUMP LANDSLIDE


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  25. John Caton says:

    i think Trump will win. I’ve never seen so much anger from the American people. We are not stupid as the left wing communist news media really thinks. I predict Trump will win by how much who knows?



  26. R.Bhatia says:

    It is strange and unfortunate that the presidential debates in US have gone so low in level that, major time in these debates is being consumed in accusing each other.
     Such possible personal attacks/allegations should have been better taken care of before nominating the presidential candidates, and should not have been allowed in the final debates.  

    US President has great impact not only on US but on the whole World. 

    We look forward to witness the remaining debates/speeches, to know the views/ plans of  the presidential candidates, offering solutions to the burning problems of US and of the World, based on which only, they shall be able to prove their worth as prospective President of USA.


  27. Donald Nuzum says:

    it’s gonna take two weeks to get the stench out of the White House.


  28. Trumped says:

    Hannity again will air OKeefe tonight!


  29. Leah Asbury says:

    Libs don’t lie, they spin. That’s how they sleep at night.
    Your right, this election ‘can’ still be stolen.


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  31. Ryan says:

    I will go a step further and point out those same polls are used during the primary season, helping to push Trump over Cruz for a reason..


  32. Manumalo says:

    Hillary is a very Danger Person she’s dishonest ,We know all along the Poll were not correct .Hillary should never become a President, Open Border Open Trade we are facing the American will be in Trouble and our Country Will no longer free drugs next door neighbor AND HILLARY CLINTON HILLARY IS MORE BAD NEWS ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLES.

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  33. If Hillary wins, it will be a lie that mainstream media will endlessly exploit for at least a year….


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