About That Pro-Clinton (Arizona Polling) Narrative…

Here’s another great example of ridiculously manipulated media polling, courtesy of the State of Arizona, the Arizona Republic and Real Clear Politics.

This latest construct of alternate reality is a great example because it shows how easy it is to dispatch the credibility of often mentioned Real Clear Politics (RCP) “polling averages“.

Beginning with Real Clear Politics selling the narrative:


Now look at how the Arizona Republic release today manipulates the RCP:


And check out what The Arizona Republic had to do in order to get their Hillary Clinton narrative in the headlines:


Yes, that’s correct.  As unbelievable as it might sound, they used a D+34 Sample.

  • Republicans represented 24% of those polled.
  • Democrats represented 58% of those polled.
  • Independents represented 19% of those polled.

In order to get the poll to show Hillary Clinton with a 5 point lead, they needed to survey more than twice as many Democrats as Republicans. (Poll Data Here)  This is so far over-the-top, it goes to show how far the media are willing to go in their efforts to retain the ruse.

That’s also how one media outlet can intentionally facilitate the entire MSM narrative.


The Arizona Republic is part of the USA Today (Gannett Company).  The media entity has donated heavily to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and endorsed her.

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305 Responses to About That Pro-Clinton (Arizona Polling) Narrative…

  1. Obamanator says:

    HRC lied about commmunicating with Pagliano to Judicial Watch under oath


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    • Derek says:

      … technically she just used lawyer speak for “I don’t know/Remeber” when she said “she doesn’t recall”. Weasel words for weasel people

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    • Oscar Oddpicker says:

      Sundance, regarding the AZ Republic polls. Are the “weights” added/adjusted to the PID of poll respondents cited by the pollster legitimate? My liberal friends dispute my claim as to an unfair poll by AZ Republic. They claim that weights” are added to the Party Identification (PID) in the Raw #s to match the Party affiliation in the state/region that they’re polling. In other words, the pollster adjusts/weights the answers in the poll to match the percentage of party affiliation of those polled in the state they’re polling. Please explain. Thanks.


      • jnc says:

        Your friends appear to be right. I did a calcularion with te weights indicated in the post and I got 51% for Hillary and 26% for Trump.


        • Oscar Oddpicker says:

          I don’t understand your response. How does one verify that the “weights” were accurately and correctly applied based on the PID of each respondent in the poll sample versus the actual PID percentages of registered voters in the state where the poll was conducted?
          The AZ Republic Poll over-sampled Democrat registered voters?. How does one confirm that the weights were properly applied? Someone who knows stats/polling please help.

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  2. She went full Clintard. You never go full Clintard.

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  3. 912er says:

    Fox News was eager to report that bogus lead for Hillary in Arizona.


    • Kintbury says:

      Pretty much decided by unanimous vote in our house that if Chris Wallace is not above board in this debate, the t.v. cable is being cut. We can listen to the radio and use the internet but we are totally sick of the media. Unless I can pick the channels I want which will be HGTV, Hallmark, Fox Business, and local PBS channels for the English shows, we will not watch anything. I seldom watch anything during the day that isn’t news and I can go back to listening to Rush and Hannity if I must. I hope I won’t be alone. We have to teach these treasonous bastards a lesson.

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  4. Dr. Emmitt L. Brown says:

    This is why I tell people the RCP average is crap. So many people think it’s gospel.


    • Jennie says:

      Dr. Brown…big fan here…smile. RCP used to be fairly reliable but seems to me if one takes all the lousy polls, averages the lousy polls then one will get a lousy result. And the polling these days is quite faulty.


  5. Trump Team for Arizona Communications Director Coalter Baker: “With polls showing support for Hillary in the basement across the country with Millennial voters, her campaign is sending Bernie Sanders to many states, including yesterday in Arizona —all designed to manufacture an illusion of enthusiasm for her candidacy. Unfortunately for Bernie, he’s having to prop up his former rival after reports surfaced recently that Hillary talked down to these same young voters for “living in their parents’ basement” and being stuck in a “job that doesn’t pay a lot.” No matter how many times Bernie goes to bat for Hillary with Millennials, he’s striking out every time — we’re tired of career Washington politicians represent the corrupt and failed policies of the past, and we will vote for change in November.” — 520-352-9510 cbaker@donaldtrump.com

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  6. jameswlee2014 says:

    Well, THIS certainly comes as a surprise.


  7. 1american1st says:

    What the hell did they expect when they conduct a poll that’s +34 Dems.

    Fox News had a Monmouth University poll today that said Hillary was leading. They polled 726 likely voters. What a joke! Trump has thousands of supporters at every rally. I think Trump is going to win by a landslide!


  8. Steve says:

    Daybreak polll is the one to watch which has consistantly showed trump winning and gaining.


    • inquirer2point0 says:

      Yes but it is the LA Times though — and recently Trump’s been slightly behind or tied in the poll so I’m even taking it with a hefty grain of salt.

      Really at this point it’s about turnout more than anything else — Trump’s winning coalition of voters has been identified and now it’s just about keeping us motivated enough to show up at the party!

      I’m in.

      Trump/Pence/America First 2016 or BUST.


  9. Tparty says:

    Don’t like these polls? Download and vote in the Peoples poll. Why wait until November 8th or allow corrupt media polls influence the electorate.



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