Timely WikiLeaks Email Highlights Deception Within “Media Polling”…

Remember, the biggest battle is for your mind…

♦  Earlier today ABC/WaPo announced a new “media daily tracking poll“; a collaboration with Langer Research and Associates, a progressively minded strategic partner.

wikileaks-duckFortitously, on the same day, WikiLeaks reveals an internal communication within the Clinton camp that also discusses “media polling” and provides an extensive attachment to an archived Atlas Project political polling research memo.

[We have formatted into a pdf for your review]

The combination of the two events provides an excellent opportunity to show and discuss how ‘media polling’ is constructed to sell an approved (and intentional) storyline; a narrative.

Before getting to the Atlas Project memo it is important to step back and review the commentary within the WikiLeaks email:



Pay attention to the underlined aspect: “maximize what we get out of our media polling“.

It is important to understand what this is not.  This is not some stunning revelation that ultimately proves that all polling is crap.   Indeed, as we have repeatedly shared over the past several years, not all polling is BS.  It’s the media delivered polling that’s crap.

….Not all polls are “media polls”, but all “media polls” are crap.

Where “crap” can be described as polling done in an effort to sell a specific narrative.

Media polling, by it’s nature and construct, is designed to provide the media entity with a tool to sell the same ideological bias that is inherent within their other print, broadcast and journalistic endeavors.

Contractors (pollsters) who sell media polling are producing a product for their customer, the media entity.  If the contractor does not provide the type of product the customer wants, the customer will simply go elsewhere with their money for another contractor.  It’s a very simple business transaction.  However, within this transactional conflict-of-interest is where you find the reasoning for the inherent data bias.

For more than a few years we have outlined some of the worst (least trustworthy) pollsters in that regard.  Those who openly sell a specific style of product (their ridiculous polls), for a specific customer.  On some occasions, we have also outlined the internal media personality who sells the narrative as delivered by their contractor.

The worst of the worst media polls include:

  • ABC / Washington Post  (Gary Langer Pollster)
  • CBS / New York Times
  • NBC / Wall Street Journal  (Mark Murray, NBC) Hart Research and Associates.
  • Fox News (Daron Shaw)  Shaw Research Associates
  • Monmouth University (Patrick Murray, Pollster)
  • PPP Polling – [but, unlike the above, they admit their ideological bias]

However, we also warned people when we revealed the NBC connection to Hart Research & Associates and to Priorities Action USA (Clinton Super PAC), as an example of the way media polls are constructed, they would shift their payment mechanisms and go dark to avoid the sunlight.  Pages #157, 190, 210 of the October FEC filing (<-pdf) show how much one NBC pollster has been paid since September.   It’s a staggering amount of money.

[Just an fyi, page 192 shows Clinton paid Buzzfeed $500,000 for a month of “ads” too]

The key takeaway from the WikiLeaks email is an understanding there’s a complete disconnect between research polling (usually internal), and “media polling” which is designed to sell a narrative.


Maximizing what a political campaign gets out of “our media polling” (key word “our“), is saying to maximize the usefulness of the narrative, the “media narrative”.  It’s not “the media polling“, it’s “our media polling” because they pay for it.

This is why we have continued to pull back these covers and expose the inherent bias in delivery.  There is ZERO value in media polling.  It’s all crap, specifically designed to sell a story as constructed by the political ideology of the corporate media entity board room.

Also, remember it’s not just “big media” doing this.  Do you really think Nate Silver works for nothing?  Who are the investors in Nate Silver, and what do they intend to get out of that relationship?  No-one (directly attached to the delivery of the product) is clean in this political media/corporate polling business.

Which brings us to:  “[…] the inaugural ABC News 2016 election tracking poll” released today.


Gee Wally, why do you think ABC would be starting a new daily tracking poll this year? Hmmm, lemme think Opie, mayhaps perchance if I contemplate long enough I will find a way to reconcile that new engagement….

Could it possibly be because a careful narrative needs careful control.  Could it be because like-minded travelers are concerned the non-media polling outfits might just possibly show a fundamentally divergent reality,… and therefore in order to retain the objective corporate ABC/WaPo needs to construct a day-by-day ruse to sell and hold on to their  preferred script.

….DUH !

No, Hillary Clinton is NOT ahead by 12 points. And sorry, NO, Hillary Clinton is not winning male voters by 3 points now (a difference of 24 points from Rasmussen and Reuters).  Go sell crazy someplace else.

ZeroHedge has a good deconstruction here.

As promised, here’s the Atlas Research Polling Memo:


Last night in Cleveland Ohio

duck season rabbit season


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265 Responses to Timely WikiLeaks Email Highlights Deception Within “Media Polling”…

  1. oldschool64 says:

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  2. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    It just occurred to me… A lot of people are wondering what the motivations were behind some of these actions. And people are sifting through documents like we are doing a forensic analysis on deceased people. There are a lot of intact email addresses among some key people in the tranche of releases. If the media is not inclined, who is to stop other people from respectfully asking probing questions about what was going on? Just thinking out loud…

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  3. angryduc says:

    This was posted in the comments of a tweet pointing the finger at Hillary for Seth Rich.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Possibly the leaks were forthcoming from Seth Rich, not USSR. The Clot Pickle is a murderess! LOCK HER UP!

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    • TheLast Democrat says:

      Can someone who gets this entire story sketch out what it means? I see that Seth might be saying that the exit polling needs to be done with a specific result in mind because the exit polling needs to match the vote result, and since the vote result is known to be fake, the exit polling needs to match the actual vote or else it will be obvious that the actual vote was rigged.

      But I cannot tell who was saying this to whom, and what the rest of the info in the post is about.

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      • angryduc says:

        I don’t know I expect they are intentionally slow playing this drip drip until right before the election so they can’t change the facts or run media gas lighting it. I think they have a smoking gun implicating Hillary but we will just have to wait and see. The pattern they are following is to build interest as people learn the facts then educate with proof. Media is freaked. Imagine if they were exposed as participating in the psyop? We already know they are all in.

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        • Dan says:

          The drip-drip is a bad idea, or at least late. All the Wikileaks stuff should have been out weeks ago. Certainly any smoking gun. Who would sit on such a thing?

          Hundreds of thousands if not millions have already voted. This idea of something being released in the final days that ends a candidate assumes people are paying attention anymore. Everyone expects last minute bombings and discounts them, probably no matter what they are.

          An example of proper timing was the tape a couple weeks ago, before the 2nd debate, followed immediately by the women accuser pile-on. Exquisite timing.

          Can only count on relentless day-after-day effort by everyone in the campaign at this point.

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          • angryduc says:

            To explain it differently, if you drop a BOMB but only a handful of people take notice then it becomes a dud. The drip builds interest and has so steadily which has finally even forced the msm to in part cover the leaks.

            We live in a news cycle world. The newsbomb must be dropped near the end to reach the largest group who are watching. That is just my theory though. Too much info too fast overwhelms the reader.

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            • itsy_bitsy says:

              I agree! When it’s all put out there at once, within a week it disappears and is not mentioned again! We have seen this happen over and over. The press feels no need to follow through, being in the tank, totally, with the perpetrators!

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            • abstain says:

              The drip drip method didn’t work for the Planned Parenthood videos. That information was appalling. Why didn’t that work? I thought at the very least government funding would be taken away.

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              • TheseTruths says:

                We have spineless milquetoasts who are afraid of their shadows and their donors. That’s why the PP info went nowhere. It might be different with a strong leader like Trump,


            • frangelica1 says:

              I agree because I have been doing massive reposting of articles on Facebook and Twitter and I am starting to see my friends do the same, such that a lot more people are starting to post info about the crooked Democrats and the Uni-party. We will continue to get more people and increased posting to reach more people right up to the election. We have the regular people’s interest now and are continuing to build the army to get the info out there!

              I am pretty proud of some people I know now becoming more vocal in support of Donald Trump when before I did not know where they stood! Keep sharing the news so we can keep building Trump’s army!

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          • unseen1 says:

            ok wikileaks and the tape were dropped on the same time. In your mind the tape was well timed but the wikileaks were not. They both had the same timing. You comment makes no sense.

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    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      My belief is that Seth Rich is one of several leaks and that Assange is keeping quiet to protect the rest.

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      • Dan says:

        Its not the time to be quiet about such a thing. Use it or lose it. Didn’t “Anonymous” make a big splash 1.5 weeks ago saying unambiguously they were going to be releasing a tape of Bill Clinton raping a 13-year old? Guess not.

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        • Deb says:

          It wasn’t a “big splash,” because Anonymous had teased big things and then failed to deliver before. Most people no longer take their claims and comments seriously.

          Assange does still have credibility. He does things for a reason, and it’s our job to get out the vote. We can’t rely on Wikileaks to win this thing for us.

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        • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

          When I say “keep quiet” I mean about the source of the leaks. Not the leaks themselves.


  4. Trumpsboyz says:

    2 more votes for Trump, me and my wife just early voted in Durham NC, straight R- tickets
    Saw not exit polling, but is was busy for a Sunday evening.

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    • ginaswo says:

      woohoo!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! #MAGA

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    • fightthepols says:

      Please tell all of your friends and neighbor who will vote Trump to go vote early in North Carolina. The NCGOP has to spend their resources to track down voters and get them to vote or turn in their absentee ballot. I just spent an hour calling those voters. The NCGOP can direct those resources to other areas like ads or election day get out the vote efforts. Republicans like to vote on election day because they think it is special and patriotic, but as long as we have 2 1/2 weeks of early voting, it is better for Republicans to vote early, of course only if you are decided on Trump. The Democrats have been out in full force in North Carolina early voting ever since Kaine showed up in Charlotte on Wednesday and told all the Democrats to get out and VOTE EARLY!!

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    • Pam says:

      Awesome! I’m on the coast. Our location is closed today. I’m planning to vote this Wednesday.

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  5. wyntre says:

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  6. 20-Gauge says:

    fyi: new CTR/shill tactic — spreading faked/doctored emails (w/out verified link)

    An “alert” post just went up on r/The_Donald.

    Don’t believe/source from anything that doesn’t have an EMAILID# and/or link to the original included. Fake stuff is being tweeted.

    Might explain why CTR has gone so quiet in terms of posting in comments sections, etc. They’ve switched to spreading disinformation.

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  7. Glenn Stehle says:


    Connecting the dots…. What wicked webs we weave.

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  8. jupitercomm says:

    Somebody tell Bill Mitchell

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  9. PatriotKate says:


    I am going to post this each day so that as many people as possible can see this.

    IMPORTANT: A FREE App has been created to track the polls as well as to monitor the Exit Polling in the upcoming election. This needs to go viral to get as many people as possible signed up for this. Right now, there are Android Apps available and they are rolling out the remaining Apps for other devices as well as computer.

    EXPLANATION: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/2016/10/october-3-2016-white-hats-report-53.html

    WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP: http://www.pollmole.vote/downloads/

    Interview with the creator of this software:

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  10. Yeoman says:

    Hillary commented that she is now working to help get down ticket candidates elected to “help her administration.” I think she knows she’s lost and is trying to stop a Trump administration.

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  11. Texasranger says:

    How Clinton Rigs the Polls

    Fake Polls – Poll Rigging….

    An insider gives us our first peek under the tent of Poll Control Central.

    He tells of nation-wide collusion with the Clinton machine and poll-buying.

    “It’s a big social club. The pollsters all work together.”

    Who do you think pays for the polls? People who want results.

    “You’re buying media. It’s like ads or . . . I don’t know. Like newspaper stories?

    You pay 30k for a poll of Florida, it says what you want.”

    Poll Control Central gets its marching orders directly from the White House.

    Still Report #1096 Video Aug-2016:

    Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Rigged Polls.

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  12. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through “Oversamples”


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  13. Howie says:

    And light years ahead of WikiLeaks and all the others….DDD Desk has called it dead on for months.
    DDD REPORTS…light years ahead of M or any crooked poll. DDD don’t need no crooked poll.

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  14. WhyNot132 says:

    Hi. I am a professional statistician and I signed in to bring attention to a point that probably hasn’t been picked up yet. I am talking about “oversampling.” Do you understand what it is?

    There are many ways to lie in polling. As far as I understand, what they are doing is (professionally speaking) very smart. This is probably the best way to make the poll result appear legitimate while getting any result you want.
    Here’s the idea. Suppose you have to pick 100 people randomly out of 10,000. You separate 10,000 into 10 more or less homogeneous buckets, “by markets, regions, etc…” You know which buckets are more preferable to your candidate and then when you do “public” “honest” polling you bias your random sample into the buckets that you picked in advance.
    I am not in polling business, but I am practically sure that this is the mechanism that is going on. This way even Sundance, who has been doing great job finding holes in polls will not be able to see anything while the poll will be completely fake.
    This is fraud, pure and simple.. I think this one of the most significant wiki emails. Hope that somebody will be able to bring it to the big media. It is worth adding to your post, Sundance!

    p.S. Logged in to post it – sorry if I post it twice or if this has been discussed already.

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    • TheLast Democrat says:

      WhyNot – you are a professional statistician and you do not know what oversampling is?

      For anyone else who is interested: here is what “oversampling” is.

      To get a reliable, valid sample of a population, you need a certain number of people.
      Sometimes, you want your results to report not just the overall view or impression, but the view or impression from one or more subgroups. Like voting preference for males, and for females, also.

      When one subgroup is not as populous, a simple random sample will not include enough of that subgroup to be a reliable sample. African Americans are 18% or so of the US population. So, if you were to sample 1,000 Americans, and you happened to get 18% AA, you would have only 200 AA participants. That 200 may not be enough to give a reliable sample. MAybe you really need 400. So, you oversample AA – you get your 400.

      Here is the trick: when you go to say what your survey says, you cannot simply add in the view of the 400 AA; that would bias the overall result. So, the results of the oversample have to be adjusted back as if it were only 200.

      So, for example, you sample 400 AA and they say Hiraly 80%, Trunk 20%, you go and apply those portions to the 200; to the portion of the 1,000 they represent.

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      • WhyNot132 says:

        Thanks. TheLastDemocrat, not sure what you are saying, maybe the same thing. that I was saying in my post. Unfortunately it printed in some weird form so it was hard to read.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          OK – I see that.

          One problems may be this: they can oversample (D) or (R) all they want, as long as they perform the corresponding adjustment that must accompany an oversample. Many a survey notes that an oversample was done, and was adjusted back by SUDAAN.

          Wikipedia page on “oversampling” is insufficient; it describes more of a matter of repeated sampling from a single sample in order to get a more stable confidence interval than what I described.


        • maiingankwe says:

          Why not,
          You did well, I was able to read and understand it just fine. Thank you for posting.


  15. Trumped says:

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    • Kintbury says:

      Pat Cadell is one of the only honest brokers out there. He was a Jimmy Carter man and has been a Democrat Pollster for decades. I guess he has finally had enough. I always liked him even though he was a Democrat he always seemed honorable to me.

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  16. Geri Smith says:

    Excellent article. Here’s more on bull polls:
    Latest ABC News Presidential Poll Oversampled Democrats by 9%
    Eight More Days Remain In Current MSM Narrative Cycle….
    Busted! Arizona Republic Rigs Polls to give Clinton +5
    MEDIA CORRUPTION: Hillary Up 5 Points in AZ Poll That Interviewed Nearly TWICE as Many Democrats as Republicans
    Anti-Gaslighting: Raw and Current State Vote Data Not Remotely Close To Media Polling…
    Busted! Hillary’s Fake +11 Poll Lead Just Exposed By Anonymous
    Internal Polls Revealed: Mainstream Media Failing

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  17. appadoo9 says:

    I remember when I thought my news source was cnn…….

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  18. Howie says:

    Key word…timely.

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  19. geoffb5 says:

    ABC Tracking poll.

    All 50 – 38 – 5 – 2% +12 Clinton
    No degree 45 – 42 – 5 – 3 +3 Clinton
    College graduates 57 – 32 – 6 – 2 +25 Clinton

    What these numbers say is they are polling close to equal numbers of “No degree” and “College degree” in this poll.

    Nationwide the numbers are 68% No degree and 32% College degree. 20% have a 4 year degree and 12% have a graduate degree.

    Exact numbers are:

    Less than HS 11.69%; HS 29.74%; Some-College 16.68% 2yr Degree 9.93% 4yrDegree 20.19% Grad. Degree 11.77%

    Since Trump’s support is higher among those with High School only or some college and Hillary is greater among those with Grad. Degrees this is one method to skew the polls. I know that turnout has in the past been somewhat lower among HS only but not enough to make a better than 2 to 1 demographic advantage go away.

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    • geoffb5 says:

      From the pdf. This is in the Wisconsin section but the trend looks to be nationwide in the past 8 years.

      Democratic candidates are posting large %age gains among the college-educated, while losing significant raw numbers among those without a college degree. Consider research on how we can reverse the trend.

      I think that for this election and recent ones the strategy was to suppress the vote turnout among those without a college degree and to GOTV those with a college degree. Trump is causing a problem with this strategy.

      In both 2008 and 2012 there were efforts by the Democrats and their MSM to channel the Republican primaries into a candidate which could help suppress the non-college degree vote. Palin almost upset that applecart but she was beaten down by the MSM and those GOPe consultants McCain hired. Romney/Ryan fit the plan and Jeb, and most others, would have also.

      Trump is outside the political mold but they are using the same attacks as they would one of the GOPe guys. I don’t believe they are working. However with so much dis/mis-information flying around neither IFR nor VFR are trustworthy and like “Tommy” this one is being played by “sense of smell.”

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    • geoffb5 says:

      One more. Take this Tweet.

      Now look at the education makeup in State polls like, Monmouth NC poll 10-24-16 52% no college degree, 48% college degree,

      Actual population is 68% no degree, 32% with degree.

      Christopher Newport U of Virginia poll 10-21. No degree 39%, College degree 60% with 25% having Grad degrees.

      AZ Republic poll 10-19. No degree 42.6% College degree 57.4 %

      And so on.


  20. Finalage says:

    It’s not about the national polls, it’s about the state polls and EVs. Trump needs 270. He gets there if he wins all of the Romney states plus FL, NV, IA, NV, and CO. PA is a bonus if Trump secures FL. Otherwise PA is a backup if FL is lost, in which case Trump will need all the previous states mentioned plus either NH plus ME 2nd district or NM or WI or VA or MI. Tougher road to hoe without FL.

    Right now, Trump looks really strong in OH and IA, two big time bellweather states. I also think he looks good in NV. I believe there’s much gas lighting around GA and AZ and I believe the Trump campaign is not taking that bait.

    I think Trump’s strategy should be for the big 3, FL, CO, and PA. FL is the centerpiece state. He wins FL, he just needs to add CO or any state with over 5 electoral votes and he wins!

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    • Finalage says:

      Let me add this too. The Clinton campaign is playing defense and mainly to deny Trump FL and PA.

      There is no possibility for Trump if he loses both PA and FL. So the Hillary campaign is willing to lose NC, IA, NV, CO, VA, OH, NM, ME 2nd district, and NH so long as they deny Trump FL and PA (unless by a miracle Trump loses those two but adds MI and WI or NJ).

      If you live in FL and PA, please GOTV!!!


      • Finalage says:

        Last point!!!!

        I’ve seen crazy posts around lately (probably trolls) that have been saying don’t vote GOP down ballot. That would be insane for one simple reason. There is a real scenario in which this election could be tied in the Electoral College. If the GOP retains control, they will be making the decision as to who will be the next POTUS (unfortunately that will give them tremendous leverage on Trump) instead of the Dems. So vote GOP too!!

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        • justfactsplz says:

          This needs to be in all caps. Yes!

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        • spren says:

          If the scenario you describe (tied in EC) then the vote by the House takes place in December before the effects of current congressional races take effect. GOP still has the House and would get to vote in December.


          • Finalage says:

            They will be under tremendous pressure if they lost the House and remember there is no love lost between GOP, Paul Ryan and Trump. If they have lost the majority and attribute it to Trump, a good portion of those ousted will vote Hillary.


  21. It should be a fairly close election. Barring unforeseeable events in the next couple weeks, here are some possible outcomes/predictions:

    Clinton 281, Trump 257 (under this scenario, Trump impressively flips FL, OH, IA, and NV and wins an electoral vote in Maine. Trump keeps NC red. Clinton flips Arizona and keeps all other 2012 states blue and wins the election.

    Trump 277, Clinton 261 (Trump flips FL, OH, PA, IA, and NV and wins an electoral vote in Maine. Clinton flips Arizona).

    In summary, I fear Arizona may go blue in 2016. Please get out the vote for Trump in the state of Arizona. Take nothing for granted. You know Flake and McCain are doing everything in their power to help Clinton win.

    Arizona and Pennsylvania will be crucial states. However, please note that under the first scenario, even if Trump wins Arizona, he still comes up short 270 to 268.

    I think we’ll be up late on November 8th. Trump has a chance but as we’ve known all along, the Keystone state will have to pull through big time for Trump to win the election.


    • TheTorch says:

      Good grief.

      What on earth is the basis of you thinking Arizona will flip blue ?

      That is patently ridiculous.

      What data points to that anywhere?

      There is one crazy fake poll which over sampled democrats by about +34.

      Other than that – all other indicators are solid red.

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    • navysquid says:

      I live here in AZ and there is soooo much gaslighting going on that I would not pay attention to polls saying Hillary is going to win. Same with Utah. AZ will stay Red. An informal poll at my work and there were 12 voting Trump and 1 person voting Hillary. I see AZ going to Trump by a 56% to 44% range…

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  22. WhyNot132 says:

    Hi. I am a professional statistician and I signed in to bring attention to a point that probably hasn’t been picked up yet. I am talking about “oversampling.” Do you understand what it is?

    There are many ways to lie in polling. As far as I understand, what they are doing is (professionally speaking) very smart. This is probably the best way to make the poll result appear legitimate while getting any result you want.

    Here’s the idea. Suppose you have to pick 100 people randomly out of 10,000. You separate 10,000 into 10 of more or less homogeneous buckets, “by markets, regions, etc…” You know which buckets are more preferable to your candidate and then when you do “public” “honest” polling of 100 people you bias your random sample into the buckets that you picked in advance.

    I am not in polling business, but I am practically sure that this is the mechanism that is going on. This way even Sundance, who has been doing great job finding holes in polls will not be able to see anything.

    This is fraud, pure and simple. I think this is one of the most significant wiki emails. Hope somebody will be able to bring it to the media.

    Not taking credit, other people probably said the same thing already, just wanted to bring attention to this. My previous post had the same thing but was printed in a weird way so I am posting it again – sorry!

    Sundance, maybe you should add this issue to your post…

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  23. jfhdsiu says:

    Brainwashing is only effective on the weak of mind. Stronger minds recognize it for what it is pretty much right away and aren’t swayed. How many posters have TOLD everyone else that the polls are rigged as well as everything else government. Ever see the movie “Running Man”? “It’s all about the ratings BEN”!!!!!! And it’s mostly fabricated…. That’s our government………

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  24. Thank you for reporting this! I’ve been pushing this for a few days to try and get it out to the big names out there. There is no doubt now that the polls are oversampling demographics friendly to Dems. The intention is to HIDE THE UPCOMING MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD!

    Trump cannot accept any outcome other than one where all votes are counted and verified as 100% legitimate.

    Also, remember during Bush V Gore they called Florida early for Gore, that had the effect of depressing the turnout in the remainder of the state that had not closed their polls yet, making the outcome that much closer. That’s what they are trying to do with early voting and oversampled polls. Hat tip to https://twitter.com/danrolle for that reminder. That liberal is full of integrity after investigating how Sanders was ripped off in Florida and is now a deplorable. Here’s the Periscope where talks about Florida in 2000, it’s at about 10:15 of the video.

    LIVE on #Periscope: My Nevada voting experience and electioneering. https://t.co/ezuFOB5bwF— dan rolle (@danrolle) October 23, 2016


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  25. Deplorable in The Bronx says:

    Isn’t it suspicious that the DC Chief of Police got a lucrative position as director of security for the NFL after determining the Seth Rich homicide was a supposed robbery yet no property removed….more quid pro quo

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    • ALEX says:

      Honestly it’s a disgrace the way these big city police chiefs are cycled all over the country and other professions. It’s rewarding failure.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      …and the NFL will not denounce whats his name.

      BTW: the kids have now been through this with me twice – this weekend, we went out to a scouts event, and at the same public school, some suburban private league was playing football – I think middle schoolers – well, apparently, the suburban moms like it to be all hyped up – announcers introducing the players and actually calling the game.

      So, as we walk to our deal, I can distantly hear the National Anthem, about two thirds through – I note this to the kids, and we all stop, I take off my hat, and we listen respectfully to the end. After which, of course, I provide the final two words – “Play ball!”

      One of my kids asked if you have to do that. I said yes. I also added that, out of respect, you do it if you ever end up somewhere like the Olympics with another country’s anthem playing – respecting and observing the best in our nations, rather than taking pot-shots at problems, which all earthly nations have.

      NFL will not whip players into shape because they are dependent on African-American players, and cannot face the backlash they might get.

      My wife and I keep laughing with every news story that says NFL viewership down, for unknown reasons EXCEPT they KNOW it is not due to taking the knee.

      Forget them. –Anyway, I prefer college much more.

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  26. Virginia is trending Trump. Well know by next weekend.

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  27. NJF says:

    We seem to be scattered all over the threads.

    Not sure where to post.

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  28. David says:

    BREAKING: Trump takes the lead in APA polling aggregation. Last week ended with Clinton up +0.3. As of 10/23, Trump is up in the polling average +1.1. Enthusiasm favors Trump +5.7. APA only averages the most historically accurate polls:


    Early returns still looking very good in Florida, Ohio, and possibly Nevada. Could the tide be turning? One caveat though: NC seems to be looking similar to ’12 meaning a Trump win, but a squeaker.

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  29. rsanchez1990 says:

    Wikileaks statement on Assange

    Some highlights:

    “Wikileaks has a perfect, decade long record for publishing only true documents. It has many thousands of sources but does not engage in collaboration with states.” – Wikileaks is not working with Russia!

    “Mr. Assange has not endorsed any candidate” – He likes the message of the Green Party but does not endorse it.

    “Mr. Assange has asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.” – Present tense implies he is still alive and well.

    Also, Wikileaks director Gavin MacFayden (Julian Assange is editor-in-chief, not director) was found dead yesterday. Cause of death not determined, but it does look suspicious:


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  30. Skies says:

    Anonymous did a poll of one thousand people PER STATE and they said TRUMP wins by a LANDSLIDE – Oct 21, 2016:

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  31. It’s always great to be able to read an intelligent and well written analysis of the day’s events. Thanks Treepers and keep up the great work.


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  32. Nunya Bidness says:

    Consider whether the rigged polling is designed to minimize shock and surprise at a (rigged) Hillary win. People will assume that the win is legit because the polls predicted it. Pushback will be characterized as unhinged, traitorous, “not who we are”, ” on the wrong side of history”.

    I am not sanguine about the election. My family is not enthusiastic about either candidate and do not see Hillary as corrupt, just nasty. Trump is seen as impulsive and unpredictable and sleazy. My stepson says his vote doesn’t matter, and my wife wants to write in Cruz!

    Media narratives are irresistable, powerful. Unless you are paying attention to the story about the media, which is not in the media, you can easily fall for the standard pro Hillary line.

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    • The only way GMO food, filthy water, junk food, media narratives are irresistible is if you have a steady diet of them.

      Those that don’t it is not only NOT irresistible, it’s inedible and wholly REPUGNANT and causes immediate upset. People who love truth and hate lies simply cannot listen to the MSM anymore than they could eat the GMO crap.

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      • …or can use CIGARETTES as the analogy. Those that don’t smoke do NOT find them irresistible and actually cause one to get sick. Only those who smoke find cigarettes irresistible. If the MSM doesn’t make you sick then you are addicted to it.


  33. The Mailman's Son says:


  34. New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through “Oversamples”
    by Tyler Durden, Zerohedge.com
    Oct 23, 2016 11:50 PM


    “Now, for all of you out there who still aren’t convinced that the polls are “adjusted”, we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to “manufacture” the desired data. The email starts out with a request for recommendations on “oversamples for polling” in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

    I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.

    The email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with the following poll-rigging recommendations. In Arizona, over sampling of Hispanics and Native Americans is highly recommended:

    Research, microtargeting & polling projects
    -  Over-sample Hispanics
    -  Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets)

    – Over-sample the Native American population

    FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-23/new-podesta-email-exposes-dem-playbook-rigging-polls-through-oversamples


  35. Sherlock says:

    Excellent post, Sundance. It is crucial that people read the pdf that was attached to the email. That gives depth and meaning to the highlighted portion of the email. There is simply no squirming out of the obvious agenda set forth therein.


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