A Warning, A Reminder – The Final 24 Hours…

The real battle, is the battle for your mind…

We have presented several warnings –10 days out– and –5 days out.  With increasingly urgency we’ve been trying to warn everyone what can/will happen when a particular inflection point is reached. There are trillions of dollars at stake. Trillions.

As the reality of their looming structural defeat becomes increasingly clear all of the vested financial interests will throw everything they can into the system, against you and against Donald Trump, in an effort to save themselves. We are seeing this play out now.

Every internet platform and network will be utilized, manipulated, controlled by oppositional forces (massive multi-billion corporate entities and financial conglomerates) who have a vested self-interest (financial and ideological) in the outcome of the U.S. election. No effort will be too extreme, and nothing is out-of-bounds.

…. We must anticipate widespread communication failures. It’s unfortunate, yet predictable…

media bias 2media-bias-4

When the existential threat called Donald Trump says: “the system is rigged”, he is not simply talking about political constructs – he’s also describing every institution from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, to Madison Avenue and Park Row, to Wall Street and K-Street, to every single institutional construct inside and outside of DC that gains benefit from the cancerous lesion that infects politics.

The scope of the corruption is massive.

The scope of the “rigged system” is almost beyond definition.


trump eagle 10

Toward that end there is nothing they will not do to retain their power. Every social media platform that brings sunlight represents an existential threat to them. Every voice that shares reality must be shut down, controlled and removed. There is nothing they will not do to retain themselves.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

We’ve seen it play out with censorship on Facebook, shadow-banning on Twitter and internet disruptions during the WikiLeaks press conference. However, that’s small potatoes considering the scope of what they are capable of. Shutting down YouTube to block visibility of Trump Rallies, and the voice therein, is no different.

Any structural action that can be taken to overwhelm and hide visible truth will be deployed.

Convenient “mistakes” are simply platform obfuscation, excuses, to hide the real purposes and intents behind specific and predictable action.

On October 20th we warned everyone to watch out for the October 28th date because we knew how dangerously significant it would be when the truth of actual early voting ran into the months-long construct of media polling lies:



October 28th James Comey released a letter to congress.

The only way liars can retain a ruse is to remove truth and bury it under a fog of irrelevant material.

This is also the point where you must remember history, remember Solidarity, remind yourselves how the objective use of fear is utilized as a weapon – reference “operation fear” during the last days of Brexit. The battle is for your mind; the battle is to stop you from recognizing reality and bury logic with emotion.

The agents who control the rigged systems are beyond “gaslighting” now; they have entered a phase were constructing and/or maintaining the false premise no longer works because contradictory empirical reality is visible.

Within this phase all truth-tellers must have their voices blocked. Be aware of this. Present company included.

It is not a coincidence that Twitter is shut down during perhaps the most devastating WiliLeaks release to date. Team Trump, the majority, has the largest social media presence on the internet – THAT COMMUNICATION REPRESENTS A RISK.

This inflection threshold requires every voting American to understand they are engaged in an insurgency; and at a particular point -when the levers of opposition unite- it becomes more difficult, perhaps impossible, to communicate.

But with an insurgency you already know what to do. Further discussion is not needed.

Whether you are capable of meeting with your team or not, the alliance objectives are clear.

Each member already knows what’s needed. Do not get distracted….

go vote


Be Strong….

Be Trump Strong….



Wolverines ! 


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639 Responses to A Warning, A Reminder – The Final 24 Hours…

  1. justfactsplz says:

    It’s finally here, the big day we have worked ad persevered for. For those of us voting today let’s take our cold anger to cast our vote and MAGA! May God Almighty watch over this election.

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  2. I’m in central-ish VA and for the past five years I’ve worked for our HOA in a gated community either at the reception desk or behind it as back-up. Every year we get maybe 10-20 calls asking where the polling place is. We actually have three which surprises most callers. This year we started getting calls about a month ago. We also got lots of walk-ins asking for absentee ballots. We’ve never carried them, but our local Republican Women’s Group made sure we were supplied for those wanting them.
    Last week, and ESPECIALLY today (Monday) the phones were ringing off the hook with the same question… “Where do I vote?” I’m relating this story because I started chatting people up a bit and discovered that these folks either have never voted or haven’t voted in many, many years. I’d guess mostly older people, but there have been young and many middle-aged, too.

    I really don’t think their motivation is to vote for Hillary. I’ve been talking with the hidden Monster Vote! Six and a half more hours before I cast my vote for President Trump! As a bonus, I also get to vote for Dave Bratt, too.

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  3. Mr. Morris says:

    At the Hillary Clinton rally last night Michelle Obama (I”ve never been proud of America) proclaimed herself a champion of America. Hillary also made a similar point. The internal polling for Hillary must show people believe she does not put the interests of Americans first.


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