A Warning, A Reminder, The Final Five Days – The Desperate Clinton “Throw Out Anything Phase”…

We have increasingly been trying to warn everyone what will happen when a particular inflection point is reached. There are trillions of dollars at stake. Trillions.

As the reality of their looming structural defeat becomes increasingly clear all of these vested interests will throw everything they can into the system, and against Donald Trump, in an effort to save themselves.  You are seeing this play out now.

Every internet platform and network will be utilized, manipulated, controlled by oppositional forces (massive multi-billion corporate entities and financial conglomerates) who have a vested self-interest (financial and ideological) in the outcome of the U.S. election.  No effort will be too extreme, and nothing is out-of-bounds.

media bias 2media-bias-4

When the existential threat called Donald Trump says: “the system is rigged”, he is not simply talking about political constructs – he’s also describing every institution from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, to Madison Avenue and Park Row, to Wall Street and K-Street, to every single institutional construct inside and outside of DC that gains benefit from the cancerous lesion that infects politics.

The scope of the corruption is massive.

The scope of the “rigged system” is almost beyond definition.

trump eagle 10

Toward that end there is nothing they will not do to retain their power. Every social media platform that brings sunlight represents an existential threat to them. Every voice that shares reality must be shut down, controlled and removed. There is nothing they will not do to retain themselves.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

You’ve seen it play out with censorship on Facebook and shadowbanning on Twitter. However, that’s small potatoes considering the scope of what they are capable of. Shutting down YouTube to block visibility of Trump Rallies, and the voice therein, is no different. Any action that can be taken to overwhelm the truth telling will be deployed.

Convenient “mistakes” are simply obfuscation to hide the real purposes and intents. We told you to watch out for this date, October 28th, because we knew how dangerously significant it would be when the truth of actual early voting ran into the months-long construct of media polling lies.

The only way the liars can retain the ruse is to remove visible truth. This is where you must remind yourselves how the objective use of fear is utilized as a weapon. The battle is for your mind; the battle is to stop you from recognizing reality.

The agents who control the rigged systems are beyond “gaslighting” now; they have entered a phase were constructing and/or maintaining the false premise no longer works because contradictory empirical reality is visible.

Within this phase all truth-tellers must have their voices blocked. Be aware of this. Present company included.

This inflection point needs every voting American to understand they are engaged in an insurgency; and at a particular point -when the levers of opposition unite- it becomes more difficult to communicate.

But with an insurgency you already know what to do. Further discussion is not needed.

Whether you are capable of meeting with your team or not, the alliance objectives are clear.

Each member already knows what’s needed.  Do not get distracted….

go voteRepublican voter turnout projected 2

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523 Responses to A Warning, A Reminder, The Final Five Days – The Desperate Clinton “Throw Out Anything Phase”…

  1. Howie says:

    democrats in utter stark panic about AA vote. Meltdown.

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  2. IMO says:

    MicroSpookyLeaks™ on Twitter: “Fox FBI “Actively And Aggressively” Probing Clinton Foundation Corruption, “A Lot” Of Evidence https://t.co/wx1GobyUDt

    Stupid Bret bait breaking news with caption “Watch Your Six” is he warning Hilldog what’s coming

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  3. teajr says:

    Done did, both my Wife and I. The Military Vote is going for Trump! We got this!

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  4. The Recent Republican says:

    Forget Wikileaks. We, the American people, are about to bring the hammer down. We are the lions in the U.S. pride. Hear us roar.

    Meanwhile, I was working out at the gym, and the flat screen TV’s were tuned to Wolf Blitzer on CNN — it was nothing but non-stop negative stories on Trump (the black church burning, which was so obviously done by Democrat goons it’s not even funny; the KKK endorsing him — wonder if Clinton will have to disavow all the Communist groups supporting her; Obama stammering and stuttering like an idiot about how Trump threatens our nation). They haven’t been pretending to be impartial for a year or more. But now it’s off the charts.

    However, a Democratic business leader is calling for an investigation of CNN over the Donna Brazile “let’s feed Hillary all the debate questions to take out Bernie” mess:


    I want these criminals to go down. So badly.

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    • Howie says:

      The only viewers they have left have already voted for Hillary. It is too late for them.

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    • The worst of it is that there are lo info voters – regardless of their “intelligence” – who will believe this and vote Clinton. I’ve had these talking points repeated back to me by many in NY. There are times I am speechless that someone who is supposedly so smart believes this crud. Amazing.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Brain-washing, propaganda, opinion-shaping, misinformation, lies, non-stop!!!!

      I would have thrown a dumb bell at the TVs and said Oopsie!

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    • Guyver1 says:

      They will.
      The fools do not understand, the train will not just stop at the White House on Nov. 8th.
      The swamp will be drained everywhere, at every level.
      The fools at CNN have no idea of what is about to hit.
      Cold anger.

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  5. Glenn Stehle says:

    Ah ha!
    This explains a lot about why Obama took a 180, decided to side with Clinton, and threw the FBI under the bus today. Can anybody think of any reason Obama would side with Clinton and not the FBI, other than Obama is dirty too?

    FBI Sources Tell Fox News An “Indictment Is Likely” In Clinton Foundation Case

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  6. tuskyou says:

    I already voted for Trump. In and out in about 20 minutes when early voting began here in Illinois. I’m working the polls on election day and was instructed to vote early since there’s no guarantee I’d be assigned to my usual voting location. First time I’ve voted early.

    Voting for Trump felt like no other vote I’ve ever cast. Hard to describe, like a sacrament. My hand was shaking and I triple checked everything. For me it felt very serious which of course it is. I have to admit though I envy the Trumpers who will stand in line next Tuesday commiserating and having fun. Maybe I’m projecting but I imagine a rally like atmosphere while people are in line. November 9th can’t get here soon enough. We’ll have the biggest Trump rally.
    MAGA 🇺🇸

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  7. kpm58 says:

    “There is nothing they will not do….”
    Can the movement continue without Trump?


    • alliwantissometruth says:

      kpm, while Trump will win, the answer to your question is yes, as long as the transformation of our country into a third world demographic is halted

      What’s transpired during this election is an absolute awakening. The American people (well, the majority at least) have finally opened their eyes & acknowledged what has been going on

      It took decades too long, but Trump has not only inspired future patriots, but has shown we the people that our convictions & our beliefs are righteous & noble, & there’s no reason to be swayed & intimidated by those who seek to destroy our way of life

      Trump is, hopefully, the beginning of a new dawn of American pride & exceptionalism, where the people once again take control of their own destiny & slap down this globalist tyranny

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    • KitKat says:

      If he wins,it will be an unfoldment of divine Providence. God is not going to lead Trump to victory without protecting him on all sides and letting him fufill the task to which he has been appointed.

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  8. dbobway says:

    I just posted a selfie voting with my Dad,84, retired Air Force, on facebook.

    My first political post on facebook!

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  9. southernmom19 says:

    We’ve heard mention of the Huma emails connecting the Clintons to the Lolita Express. While we don’t have full confirmation, the man in this interview corroborates the rumor. He also states that Republicans are involved, specifically some Gang of Eight members (Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Rubio). It’s a long video, the Gang of Eight is mentioned at 18:15. Don’t harass any leftists until it’s confirmed. Accuracy is our strong suit.

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    • west1890 says:

      If it is proven true, that H has made trips to Pedo Island and participated in the activities there, and that R’s have also done the same and are now being blackmailed with that info, it will, without doubt take the government down.If the FBI and NYPD have the proof and can get over the DOJ roadblocks, it has to happen before election day. This isn’t the America I grew up in. God help us……………….

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      • Guyver1 says:

        He is helping us.
        That is the whole point.

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      • facebkwallflower says:

        Are there any connections to the Port of Los Angeles and Clintons or her cronies? It is owned or at least run by the Chinese and am under the impression the biggest contraband coming through their is humans, as in human trafficking.

        Follow the money. Follow the connections.

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    • bpk1300 says:

      I read part of the Franklin report and I was sickened after a few pages and had to stop reading. I consider Hildabeast to be evil and this would be so so sick if true.


      • corimari2013 says:

        A soul given over to greed and self-glorification, given over to evil ways to achieve their goals, is a soul open to any and all dark, ugly sins.
        There are no limits for this sin-sick soul–the depravity sinks to the lowest depths.

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  10. Honest Abbey says:

    Obama used his fake southern twang while stumping for Hillary today in North Carolina. He makes me sick, but I did get a chuckle out of the way he pronounces her name…….he says Hillary Clit-in, which happens to be the same way his wife pronounces it. Intentional or impediment?

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    • joanfoster says:

      He probably also says “have a goot one”, and Narc Calina.

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    • ufferndan says:

      So disgusting, bad enough that the Kenyan was ever elected; the fact he still holds office is a sad commentary on Congress.. Lowest point in history, only one way left to go, onward and upwards. We will #MAGA.


    • Sherlock says:

      Southern accent–South Chicago? Sough Hawaii? South Kenya? Doubt he’s ever set foot in the southern US other than on a few campaign stops.


  11. gandiji says:

    “Present company included.”

    We should remember that and include Sundance in our prayers.

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  12. MfM says:

    Stevie Wonder is having a concert for Hillary in Philly Nov. 5. It’s the only way she can get a crowd.


  13. free73735 says:

    Received my ballot on the 22nd, voted on the 28th. Had to research local issues and candidates before I could turn it in. We vote by mail in WA. I used a drop box, not trusting mail here. We use to be the main mail drop. During the time the Post Offices were “talking bankruptcy” USPS changed the routing for the mail. The main mail drop is in another city. Now when we mail a letter, It literally goes to the other city, then back to us. Just remember, fear, is false evidence appearing real! Trump has this election won!

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  14. Serena says:

    My Hillary “friends” on Facebook are blasting out reports from Huffpo that Trump is going to cut Social Security. This is always a Dem ploy to trick older people to vote Dem. They always trot this tired old lie out in every election. They use it to scare them in believing that the big bad old Republicans are going to cut their S.S. and Medicare. They are basing this on an article from last May:



  15. Howie says:

    They are done. The cops are going to save us.

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  16. Jay Ship says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I’m so sick of this election garbage!!!! I can’t escape it, and even though I don’t participate because politicians are the worst kind of people & I never truly saw the point to vote….
    Anyways…. So, the Clinton & Trump both have purchased negative advertising commercials against each other for tonight’s Game 7 of the MLB World Series.
    Clinton has purchased 4-Spots (Commercials) with “1” being a “60-second spot” which is the equivalent to “2-Commercials”. The other “3-Spots” were floating time Spots. (Meaning that they can be used at anytime the network sees fit.)
    Trump had purchased “3-Spots”. With “1-Spot” being time slotted & the other “2-Spot” were floating advertising spots as well.
    So…. I’m thinking this is another farce! I state this because it is now the 7th inning and I have seen 7-Clinton Commercials, (wait make it “9” while writing this comment.) and Zero Trump advertisements as well.
    It was supposed to be 4 to 3 in commercial advertising spots in favor of Clinton for this World Series game 7 with negative adds. So far I’ve seen 7 of these advertisements from Clinton, and not a single one from Trump.
    I ask all y’all: “What’s up with this!” (Is this another media rigged tool that I’ve heard so much about on every channel for the past several months too?)
    Mind you that I’m a person that has never voted in my life, and never really saw the point.


    • TheseTruths says:

      What I saw was not at all what you describe. I wasn’t paying close attention the entire time, but I know there were not 7 commercials for Clinton, and I saw 2 for Trump.

      The media could not “rig” commercial spots that campaigns have paid for without a lot of negative publicity and reparations.


  17. p'odwats says:

    Desperate times call for despicable actions if you’re a Democrat. Caught this one on NBC’s website. Disgusting and you can bet the ranch the Dems have their fingerprints all over this BS!



  18. Do not get distracted…..GO VOTE! Yep….. And Nov. 9th, This is going to be one happy Web community…. I’m damned proud to be a small part of it…..


  19. cancun/girl says:

    We are hostages in our own country! Get out and vote before it is too late! Should Clinton win we will be saying goodbye to Our Country as we have know it long before The Clintons! Criminals will be residing in Our White House. God Help Us!!


  20. Another Scott says:

    After he wins the election it is not going to stop. The establishment / media will still work tirelessly to try to take President Trump down. Be prepared.

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  21. UKExpat says:

    American voters were STUPID enough to vote for the LYING USURPER OBOZO not once but TWICE , Just sayin’.

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  22. MfM says:

    Just this morning I’ve had two stories on my FB feed showing how horrible Trump supporters are.

    The church that burned with vote trump on the side and the two police who where killed.


  23. It has been an honor fighting alongside you fellow centipedes and russian hackers over the internet this last year and a half. GOD SPEED! GOD BLESS! MAGA!!


  24. Grace says:

    This morning on KTLA Los Angeles morning news Gloria Allred’s attorney daughter, Lisa Blume, claims to have a client that was molested by Trump at age 13 during a party held by Jeffry Epstein, the convicted child sex trafficker, owner of the Lolita Express and Orgy Island! Talk about deflection!!! The Clinton’s are going DOWN!!!


  25. UKExpat says:

    Seems that the Clintoons, and by association OBOZO and his whole REGIME too, are far more DIRTY and far bigger LIARS than we even imagined. They thus have no choice but to keep fighting because they are DOOMED either way.


  26. Democrats Liberals Are the Worse Backing The Trash Hikkkllary Rodham Clinton Is GARBAGE!!!
    The United States Of AMERICA Does not want that TRASH In OUR WHITE HOUSE !!!!!


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