James Comey Internal Memo – Explains Why He Informed Congress of Clinton Investigation…

In an internal memo obtained by Fox News, FBI director James Comey explains the reasoning why he sent the investigation notification to congress in advance of the 2016 Presidential election.

comey-2“To all:

“This morning I sent a letter to congress in connection with the Secretary Clinton email investigation. Yesterday, the investigative team briefed me on their recommendation with respect to seeking access to emails that have recently been found in an unrelated case.  Because those emails appear to be pertinent to our investigation, I agreed that we should take appropriate steps to obtain and review them”.

“Of course we don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations, but here I feel an obligation to do so given that I testified repeatedly in recent months that our investigation was completed. I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record”.

“At the same time, however, given that we do not know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, I don’t want to create a misleading impression.  In trying to strike that balance, in a brief letter, and in the middle of an election season, there is significant risk of being misunderstood, but I wanted you to hear directly from me about it.”


(Link To Source Doc)

Many people have speculated about the big-picture aspect to this release.

A solid argument can be made that FBI Director Comey is yet again helping the Clinton team by providing something that will soon evidence as a big nothing-burger.  This helps to hide the real controversies within WikiLeaks and other scandals.

Republican politicians, and lesser skilled Machiavellian types are very easily baited into mountain building by strategic placement of molehills.   Historically, no-one is more skilled at the shiny molehill placement than the Clinton family.

Once the Clinton’s can paint the FBI release is a nothingburger, then all other scandals are easily painted with the same brush.  It’s how they roll…

See TWA Flight #800 for a good historic reference.

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264 Responses to James Comey Internal Memo – Explains Why He Informed Congress of Clinton Investigation…

  1. StephenC says:

    I should know better than to disagree with Sundance’s assessment, but I think the timing is wrong for this to be a Clinton play–the FBI can’t pull back next week and say ‘turns out it was nothing’. That would only sharpen the sense of corruption.

    Could be 1) anti-clinton dems grabbing some leverage or 2) pro-trump Republicans turning up heat inside of FBI.

    If it’s number 2 above, whoa boy is this gonna be fun.

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    • tracymiddleton says:

      I agree with you Stephen, sounds like there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

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    • “the FBI can’t pull back next week and say ‘turns out it was nothing’.”

      I hope they don’t but won’t be surprised if they do. Clintons always wriggle off hooks, it’s what they do best. And we don’t know who’s really setting the hook. You trust Comey? Any Clinton crony? I don’t for a second.

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      • 1american1st says:

        I live in a big fishing area. That would be a good name for worms at the bait & tackle shop.

        Clinton Worms
        They wiggle on on the hook


    • TRiUMPh says:

      Like you, “WE should know better…” But, I also agree the ‘timing is wrong’ for this to be a Clinton play. Although, allow me to qualify this by saying, “None of us should trust anyone’s motivation for why this is happening when the Clintons are involved.

      Having said that, here is my ‘still-in-progress’ working theory: There has been an ongoing mutiny in the FBI since Comey’s July press conference allowing Hillary to simply walk away and rather than coming out publicly the agents who worked her email investigation are the ones sending the poop to Wikileaks. And, they have been saving the best ones for last. Maybe they were on Weiner/Huma’s home computer maybe not.

      Comey had two ways to go:
      1. Do nothing and pray that the Globalist Cartel (Hillary) wins the election and he stays on, even given ‘another’ nice bonus.
      2. He also knows what is in the last batch of emails, more than likely some real juicy stuff directly between Hillary and Podesta. He’s watching the REAL polls and the early voting results and that ‘all of a sudden’ there is a 50/50 or better chance that Trump can win this, even after all the voter fraud, machine fixing, Oh Yeah, and paying off the Electoral College, too boot. Comey knows what could likely happen to him on November 9th and is coming out now to CYA because the mutiny is working.

      Either way, it should be an interesting week ahead…


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    • Betty says:

      What if it is just honest Americans at the FBI who have had it with Comey and told him either you do it or we will? I so hope that is the truth of it.

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  2. El Torito says:

    Since everyone is putting their theories out, I’ll add mine, which is pulled together from other theories:
    I think Comey has been trying to maintain an indefensible position. Now that it’s plausible Trump is likely to win, possibly combined with advanced notice by Wikileaks of the impending “final nail in the coffin,” Comey has two opportunities: 1) Put out this notice and partially salvage his reputation because if she loses, it’s not worth the damage to him, and 2) even more importantly, if she wins the G.E., she is receiving enough incriminating damage that she becomes POTUS and is almost immediately removed from office or is forced to step down, which is about the worst thing this country could go through. He has an opportunity to force her to step down prior to Nov 8 AND come out the National hero.

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    • Old CrewDog says:

      I don’t think anything Comey can do can repair the damage to his reputation. That ship has already sailed. Even if he proves to change course (which I doubt) and returns from the dark side to the law, the entire Bureau knows him for what he is. (A good portion of the citizenry too.) He is, simply put, never to be believed again, on ANYTHING.

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      • janc1955 says:

        I agree, but he might still try. Or … it could be he’s worried about his own potential criminality and what could happen once President Trump assigns a team to “investigate the investigation.”

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    • Betty says:

      ElTorito – I think you are dreaming:
      2) even more importantly, if she wins the G.E., she is receiving enough incriminating damage that she becomes POTUS and is almost immediately removed from office or is forced to step down, which is about the worst thing this country could go through.

      The moment Hillary takes the oath of office our Constitutional Republic is over. No one will get her our of office, let alone “immediately remove her”. Remember “Uncle George” Soros is a member of the family.

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  3. longiron2 says:

    SD is right in suggesting this is a BIG Nothing by Comey to help Clinton. Lets take the attention away from the real important thing, VOTER FRAUD and give the Deplorable s something to chew on. We can WIN this thing by diverting their attenetion. Once that is accomplished it does not matter what the Deplorable’s talk about. This is all FAKE people. Think about it!!!

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    • An excellent theory, but the ramifications are just a bit extreme to be covering a major scandal with another major scandal with even greater consequences.
      No. we will not forget the possibility likelihood of major election fraud.

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  4. cali says:

    Go back to the FBI notes as released: Involving Huma Abedin who was questioned by agents while the chief of espionage attended wrote: “Huma Abedin was known to take it upon herself to override and change security protocol and hoarding thousands of emails and classified material on her personal lap top located at her residence. When questioned while she was sending these emails from Hillary’s email account – which she was the only one authorized to access – to her personal yahoo email – she answered that she could not print them from the state department ergo sending them to her personal lap top at home and print them”! (Petraeus had nothing on Huma)

    Two days ago – FBI agents seized all electronic devices from the Abedin/Weiner residence after the investigation began into the sexting with a 15 yrs old girl and Weiner. Incl in that seizure was the ‘personal laptop’ that was used by Weiner and Abedin.
    Since the announcement was made that the deleted 33,000+ emails having received the BleachBit by Combatta/PRN will be released in batches beginning 1 Nov 16 – Comey is exposed as the liar when he told congress that not even “God can read because they are gone forever’. Combatta/PRN may has his biggest ‘oh sh$t moment yet.
    Anonymous and WikiLeaks beg to differ because they have them provided to them by insiders/whistleblowers. As per Judge Nepolitano/Fox – these insiders/whistleblowers are angry agents in mutiny about the result of the HRC email case. He clarified that all materials released to date by Assange/WikiLeaks are provided to him by these whistleblowers/agents/insiders.
    After all that – what is a Comey to do???!

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    • seventhndr says:

      I can’t help but to wonder if a tangent of this story includes her feeding classified information to a shared account for Saudi consumption, most likely with Hillary’s knowing if not blessing or arrangement.

      Next two weeks are going to be nuts! Cannot wait to vote! #IamTheMonster

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      • cali says:

        Huma was questioned in the presence of the ‘chief of espionage’ where she lied her a$$ off. She was only one enabled by Hillary to use HRC email accts and as such she herself mailed all classified material from Hillary’s server to her own yahoo email account. Befuddled – after being caught hoarding over 12,000+ – many with attachments and classified/top secret – she claimed for printing purposes although she has been hoarding them throughout the time she works for HRC.
        I guess she thought her secrets were safe on her lap top although “Wienerle” used it to pleasure himself with a 15 yrs old girl who’s father filed charges against Weiner.
        I have often said – when the onion is completely unpeeling – there will be espionage laid out for all to see.
        Going back to when it all began – it was Huma emailing classified/top secret emails from Hillary’s account to this same account while attracting national security agents ergo FBI investigation.

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    • Elwood says:

      The story about Weiner and the 15yo broke on or about September 22 this year. FBI would have had possession of Weiner’s computer over a month. They KNOW what they have.

      Comey has done what appears to be the absolute minimum required to forestall rebellion of his rank and file.

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  5. Rodney Plonker says:

    I wonder if Preet Bharara leading the Weiner case has anything to do with this. Is Bharara a political rarity – a straight shooter? If he is, Obama should have moved him out by offering him Lynch’s job.



    • Bull Durham says:

      Bharara is flawed. He’s had some very sketchy prosecutions of Wall Street scandals.
      He is ambitious. All prosecutors are. He’s coming lately to looking into this. You can be certain the Southern District Fed Prosecution office has reams of stuff on Goldman Sachs, Bill and Hillary, Schumer, Obama and Loretta. And probably pallets full of stuff on Saudi family, Qatar, money laundering of Dems for elections and bribes.

      Giuliani knows. Thus, Trump knows. And Christie knows (that’s what is so sad with the bridge scandal. He screwed himself. He would have had such a great impact if he was clean.)


  6. AghastInFL says:

    I don’t see Comey making such a move for Clinton & Co. the only possibility IMO is something coming implicates the POTUS and it must be blocked and/or discredited by any means available.
    Just one more opinion amongst thousands….

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    • cali says:

      It is the 33,000″ emails deleted and claimed by HRC that were abt ‘yoga and Chelsea’s wedding’. Comey stated to the committee that they were destroyed by PRN using BlechBit. As we all know – Combatta – acting on orders of HRC/Mills – sought assistance on Reddit. Combatta was sloppy and did not permanently delete these 33,000+ emails and left then haning out there after he transferred them to an account he set up as his personal account and to be dealt with later.
      Anonymous – the hacker group – contacted the FBI by email to inform them that they are in possession of these emails and will release them in batches beginning 1 Nov 16.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Of the 33,000 Hillary emails, is it logical that the 10,000 Huma emails are from that batch?
        Certainly many could be Huma’s sent or received or cc’d or bcc’d. Or not. But probably, some are also what Hillary destroyed. If so, then the FBI has hot evidence.

        Huma must be as stupid as Hillary not to have gotten rid of the laptop.


        • cali says:

          Most classified etc were from Huma in ‘FROM’ field and also her name in the TO’ field – she was transferring HRC emails to her private yahoo email account on the residential lap top. Huma has estimated 12,000+ emails on her personal lap top.


  7. Guybee says:

    Occam Razor – too many people know too much and it can’t be hidden anymore. Let the chips fall where they may.

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  8. It’s a nothingburger. It’s a distraction from wikileaks. Keep focused. We see and read the wikileaks. We can only speculate on the other BS from Comey.Unless Comey has recovered video showing Hillary in the act of committing murder and eating the body parts while the SS looks on, and he can show intent of murder, then it’s just negligence and nothing to see. I don’t trust anything coming from Comey or the FBI. McAuliffe has already shown the FBI can be bought. Wonder how much of that half a million campaign bribe was ever spent on an actual campaign? All left over money is the candidate’s to use any way they wish. That’s why the bribe was laundered through a campaign. DO NOT TRUST THESE BASTARDS!

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    • shadowcole says:

      I haven’t seen much mainstream media news on wikileaks except Fox so I don’t agree with this notion that this is somehow a distraction. I think it is more Comey CYA like others have said because he knows and the FBI knows something really big is coming from wikileaks.

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  9. freddy says:

    This is like Rush or Levin bashing Trump for months then suddenly telling you how great Trump is. CYA big time nothing more.. Comey went rogue he won’t be redeemed… The FBI needs a purge and this email issue sent to as far away from them and Loretta Lynch as possible. Loretta is a lowly dog to be so bought and sold…….Comey went to the dark side……… His deputy took the silver from Hillary…. Not indicting Hillary or sending it to a grand jury was not a mistake it was corruption at it’s highest point. Our country is lawless and adrift….. Revolution is in the air…… Vigilance and eyes wide open as the Marxist muslims in the administration have a bigger picture and agenda they are working on….. Obama is dangerous.. The GOP have made him popular and his whole crew are radicals that could pull a coup or some other event like Turkey how Erdigon declared marshall law and shut down media….. Be very careful………..

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    • I know Levin stepped off the neverTrump train. But after all his Hate on Trump AND us Trump supporters does Levin have the nerve to play supporter now? I can’t listen to or read that miserable SOB so I wouldn’t know. Unbelievable if so.

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  10. ZZZ says:

    one comment – since when do any of these people care about informing the American people?

    maybe when they sense COLD ANGER taking action…

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  11. Respectfully disagree with your belief that the Comey news is a set up to rope a dope all of us rubes to think there is something there and then it will eventually turn into a nothing burger.
    If there were months left to this campaign and not days, perhaps I would buy that assumption. I doubt a further investigation will be wrapped up in just 8 days.
    No, if we are to believe that Comey is re-starting the investigation is it is possible that they now believe that a Trump win is very possible. If Trump wins and his DOJ investigates what went on with Comey, then it is Comey’s ass that will end up in a sling along with Hillary’s.
    So if they anticipate Trump wins, it’s better to start an investigation now and conduct it all through to December and conclude it around then. Hillary would be found guilty of her crime BUT could be pardoned by Obama and Comey’s hands are clean.
    Also, the reason I believe he’s trying to help her and avoid prosecution–other than protecting his own ass– is because he is tied to the Clinton Foundation and his brother is a tax attorney also tied to the foundation as he is the person doing their taxes.

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  12. ZZZ says:

    the Dems are asking, “Why Now?”

    uh, bit it’s OK for THEM To unleash all h*ll against Trump NOW…and all of that is false, this is fact…are they really that stupid?

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  13. 4bleu says:

    He should look at that isolated homeless woman laying on the pavement holding her ground in the middle of a lawless baying crowd for a role model on stubbornly upholding the law.

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  14. hellandahandbasket says:

    The motives are concealed – and for me – it’s apparent this is not what it appears to be.
    I still smell a rat, especially the rat persistent in telling all of us he is the rat-catcher.
    But which is the unified “thought” desired by all of this?
    I believe the “desired thought”, the bottom line is: Exonerate President Obama.
    The current election and the guilty verdict for The Clinton War Machine be-damned …it is irrelevant – saving the Presidency IS relevant, but completely obscured.

    Hegelian Dialectic
    (1) Problem (manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired);
    (2) Reaction (of public outcry whereby the public demands a);
    (3) Solution (which as been predetermined from the beginning):

    It’s interesting, it’s cryptic, it’s blatantly obvious, it’s unknown, it’s confusing, it’s SNAFU!

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  15. Sherlock says:

    Tidbits from FOX:
    Huma not on HRC’s plane today–she’s always on the plane.
    Comey notified Lynch, not WH, when letter sent.
    From other outlets: DOJ refuses to make statement, but former DOJ spokesman under Holder on rampage, ripping Comey. Left in panic/anger mode everywhere.

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  16. oldiadguy says:

    If I recall correctly, Comey made a sworn statement to Congress that the Clinton Email Server investigation had been closed. Since the investigation has been reopened, Comey was obligated to amend his statement to Congress. Comey was simply following the law.

    The question is what prompted the reopening of the case. That question has a lot of possible answers, all bad for Hillary.

    Take Care

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    • VegasGuy says:

      ” Comey was simply following the law.”

      I agree. His letter indicated that his testimony & conclusions were on record & now new data has been uncovered that could change his determination.

      Certainly not something he could keep under wraps until after the GE. His underlings could leak this if he refused to come forward so he was put in an ethical as well as a legal bind.

      He simply stated that there might” be something that *might cause him to modify his prior statements. But he alluded to the fact that his investigators were the ones digging….not him personally. What they discover will determine how he proceeds.

      He simply has put Congress on notice that there is something that still needs to be examined & legally, he had to proceed with a re-opening of the investigation to protect both his own testimony & his statements.

      IMO, there were no “heads up” to anyone. Doing that would have implied collusion to some degree.

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  17. VegasGuy says:

    What IF it turns out that this computer is the one that “disappeared” in transit? Remember, the one that was supposedly “mailed” to the FBI but never received?

    That would be an absolute bombshell…..Not out of the realm of possibility IMO.

    And that would be cause for the investigation to be re-opened. Comey isn’t the type to risk the wrath of basically everybody by dropping this 11 days out from the GE. There has to be something extraordinary in what was discovered.

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  18. Bull Durham says:

    Trump has said this is bigger than Watergate.

    Does he know this is definitely touching Lynch and Obama?

    Bigger than Watergate is not just about Hillary, the way Trump talks. It could be Clinton Foundation and Bill corruption and the WH and DOJ corruption. Not just Hillary.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Of course it touches Obama, Holder, Lynch as well as the Clintons.

      Comprehensive list (continually updated – feel free to post in comments if you know of anything that should be added) of Obama’s usurpations of power and general lawlessness: http://tinyurl.com/HistoricFirsts

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    • BobW462 says:

      Trump probably knows enough to at least gauge the potential scope and reach of this and the inevitable “new discoveries” still to come. And, surely, there are others both in and out of the official “loop” that also know.

      It’s unlikely that this whole kabuki is solely intended to somehow assist with getting HRC elected (fraud distraction, or otherwise). IMO, that theory doesn’t hold any water, as such distraction could be effectively achieved without so much direct and potentially mortal exposure.

      There are a lot of “balls-deep” conspirators who now know that big trouble is coming. The façade is crumbling and long-dependable countermeasures are exhausted.

      The scramble to save asses is currently transitioning from a “one-for-all, all-for-one” team effort, to an “every man for himself” individual effort.

      How long until the first one flips?? Who will it be??

      Time will tell…

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  19. Watcher says:

    Teneo, the wikileaked Doug Band memo. Fortune 500 corporations don’t like there names associated with corruption and criminals in print or internet. Sunlight on roaches.
    They pressure zero to pressure Comey to reopen investigation to take them out of the spotlight.
    It will dominate msm and maybe huma the victim will get her wrists slapped after all she will be out of a job.
    Huma worked for Teneo when she was at the state department, was the go between at state for cig donors, and she keeps her Saudi friends.
    She probably passed on a lot of info and zero knows Muslims.

    Carlos is just window dressing ( no pun int). How many times before did huma let him off.


    • Frankly Ben says:

      Yes, which is why Trump must win. Once he hires about 10,000 investigators and prosecutors we will see eight years of the most corrupt administration in history catch innumerable bad actors from just about every federal agency.

      For those who dismissed the issue of Obama’s identity theft – this is the consequence, and getting the Clintons as well is the ultimate two-for- oners ever!


    • VegasGuy says:

      And Hillary will say she was “shocked, shocked I tell you, that such a “trusted” aide could have colluded to hide Gov’t. documents to this degree……I had no idea…”

      That’s why Hillary is so secretive…You just can’t trust anyone, even those close to you..Why, Huma was like a daughter to her…..LOL

      And the wheels of the bus go thump, thump thump….

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  20. Sherlock says:

    Sean Spicer discusses Huma’s exit memo of 2013, signed under penalty of perjury, in which she states she has relinquished all government emails in her possession and taken steps to safeguard all government info. Yes, what safer place to park them than Carlos Danger’s laptop.

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  21. Sherlock says:

    Big news: Lynch tried to get Comey not to send the letter. Comey sent it anyway!

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  22. Mr. T says:

    If anyone gets ‘immunity’ from prosecution, it will be Weiner himself. He’s no ally of Clinton, especially after Huma has been totally loyal to HRC at the cost of destroying her marriage to wankerboy. It’s very obvious that Weiner is starved for attention.


  23. Abster says:

    I’ve never seen so many professional liars in my life. It’s a full time job. Unfortunately, once you start lying, the story continues to change and you are usually caught. I did want to ask why Podesta seemed to encourage the FBI to look into these emails. Looks to me like there would be a lot of “no comments” circulating. Hope we are not too wrapped up in this, while something much bigger is taking place elsewhere. Trust no one!

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    • Sherlock says:

      It’s because they know Comey can’t release the stuff–some will be classified, some pertains to other suspects, some to Weiner investigation, etc. So Podesta and the Crooked One have decided to act like they want the stuff out there, because they know it will NOT be released.

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  24. shadowcole says:

    I think Trump knows a lot of what is going on behind the scenes with this email mess and the FBI which is why Trump made a big deal out of it. I don’t think he would announced it and took it where he did if he thought it was a nothingburger. Just saying…

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  25. GREENMIRROR says:

    I think Mahmood Abedin is starting to worry about being stoned to death if ever she would return to Iran. Not like we are really going to hang those for treason.

    Operation Zero Footprint!

    Ground that plane! Those two women are flight risks!


  26. CC says:

    If we are to believe that this is all one big nothing burger, then that would mean that Assange and Wikileaks don’t have anything of significance either. I disagree. I believe that Wikileaks has the entire catalog of Clinton’s emails from her private server and that some of those emails are damning and will result in criminal charges being filed again HRC.
    And I also believe that Obama now gave Comey the go ahead to throw Clinton under the bus to try and preserve his “legacy” or what will be left of it in exchange for a pardon for himself (Comey).
    Remember that KimDotCom tweeted out to numerous people, including DJT how and where the 33,000 emails could be found earlier this week. So we’re to believe the Feds didn’t know about the data storage in Utah by the NSA? Wrong. Also, the optics for the highest law enforcement agency in the country being usurped by Wikileaks and a computer guy in New Zealand are devastating. As far as Comey goes, he knows he’s done, regardless of the outcome of the election. He’s been cornered. Clinton gets elected, the FBI will be mutiny on the bounty, as those inside the FBI who opposed Comey’s initial actions will blame him directly for allowing her to skate in the first place.
    If Trump gets elected, he’s likely facing criminal charges himself (Comey). So now, Comey’s best bet is to throw down with Obama as only Obama could grant him some sort of immunity/pardon. And there is no way in Hades that Obama is going to let HRC bring him down or tarnish his legacy. No effing way. Not Obama. And Obama knows he stands a better chance of preserving his legacy with Trump than with HRC. HRC has proven she won’t stay “bought”. Just ask Putin.

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    • Mr. T says:

      I’m surprised that you seem to think that Obama’s legacy would be better preserved with Trump than Clinton. Trump has made it very clear from the start of his campaign, that one of his goals is to undue the Obama legacy, starting with the illegal executive orders, then proceeding to void Obamacare. Trump will flush out all the Obama appointees and loyalists as well, and shut down many of the agencies that Obama started, in addition to closing others in existence before Obama took office, including the horrible and useless Department of Education. The list is long but I think that you get it.


      • CC says:

        Obama knows he’s going to be implicated in those emails. Do you for one second believe that if HRC is elected and indicted, that she isn’t going to try and bring down Obama with her? She HATES Obama and if she’s going down, so is he (in her mind). Remember, the Clintons know where all the bodies are buried in DC, so to speak. She’s proven she has no qualms about stabbing someone in the back. (See Putin and her dealings with him on the sale of uranium). So are we to believe that Obama doesn’t know how she operates or what she will do? If what Wikileaks says is true, and there are damning emails that will lead to the indictment and prosecution of HRC, you better believe Obama is gonna do what is necessary to preserve himself and his legacy. He know what she’s capable of and Trump is a better bet in his book. Trump fired the shot across the bow when he stated that this is gonna be bigger than Watergate. Meaning this is gonna include the POTUS. So HRC is the expendable one in this scenario.
        Ask yourself this. Who do you think Comey gets his direct orders from? One answer. Obama. Comey doesn’t wipe his rear unless he’s told to by POTUS. Period.

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  27. hellandahandbasket says:

    Still think we’re purposefully pulled away from Obama and the Presidency which all along, has been protected from scrutiny – and we’re stupidly going along for the ride with the FBI, and at times, the DOJ telling us “IT’S HILLARY CLINTON”. I have a hard time following along with the motivations and evidence this administration willingly hands to us. The narrative is given, we take it, and don’t look deeper. Sorry, but I think we’re all being played, and the only reason this is such a cluster-pluck is because of WikiLeaks. Otherwise, no harm, no foul – Obama leaves office as the first successful black president of the US. Ticker-Tape parade, portrait on the wall, history is marked. Disturb that remarkable point in history, and there will be an army to prevent any conversation otherwise. .leaving everything to swarm around HRC…?
    Obama proving himself to not being the sharpest-tool-in-the-shed, and others surrounding him, but probably had no idea what a bunch of incompetent fools all of The Clinton War Machine are. They’re messing-up history – this cannot happen.
    Sure wish I knew what was really going on (as does everyone wish), but again – I just cannot swallow what THEY are force-feeding us, and for some miraculous reason – all evidence of corruption and deceit drops-off and ends with the Clinton’s, never really touching Obama – all he’s been implicated in, is that he knew HRC was using an illegal/private server, that’s it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I believe EvilTwatHillary and SlickWilly to be the most corrupt, dishonest and evil people to have ever held any level of influence and power in the USofA – but I can’t believe this FBI is shedding bright-light. Is the FBI making sure HRC falls on her sword?
    (Just my opinion/thoughts …of course I have no idea what’s reality/fact/truth)

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  28. Sherlock says:

    HRC just on TV screeching about Comey, acting positively LIVID that he had the temerity to actually locate some of the evidence she so assiduously deleted and scrubbed. Now demanding to know exactly what evidence he has managed to find. The absolute arrogance and dishonesty of this witch is staggering.

    Put up or shut up, Hillary! Bring Huma forward and let her tell us what she was hiding on Carlos Danger’s computer. Give Us Huma!!


  29. lbmomblog says:

    was reading some of David Axlerod’s tweets, he is trying hard to keep things looking like they aren’t.

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  30. EarlPHolt3rd says:

    So much for Comey’s “squeaky-clean” reputation, which the Corrupt Leftist Media repeated endlessly during the FIRST and PHONY FBI investigation. The problem is, once you lay down with the Clintons or Obamas or Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder, it is impossible to get back your reputation…

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  31. Juan G Herrera says:

    And as usual , nothing will happend , the big machine if the White House and the state department will step up and stop the mount slide of evidence and said ” not a thing if evidence , just miss information ” and she will be free of any charge, shame , shame, shame, that this it’s happening in this country , but with Obama and his team , nothing will stop to put her in the dark house


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