Eight More Days Remain In Current MSM Narrative Cycle….

The real battle, is the battle for your mind…

The peak U.S. media false polling cycle is thankfully in the rear-view mirror.  Over the next eight days corporate media entities will begin scaling back the promoted pro-Clinton polling advantages they have falsely inserted into the presidential election narrative.  By Friday October 28th, their manipulative cycle will have concluded.

Ask yourselfIf Hillary Clinton was actually winning by the margins presented, then why is President Obama in Miami Florida, M.I.A.M.I, campaigning on her behalf?


You already know the answer.  Everything the media has been putting forth for the past two weeks is simply a ruse.  A well designed and well orchestrated ruse; indeed a corporate ruse, but a ruse nonetheless.

In predictable Alinsky fashion, today President Obama heads to Miami and Michelle Obama head-fakes to Arizona for a media speech delivered under the guise of a campaign speech.  Meanwhile, without any campaign events today, Pickles heads back to bed …to recover from the 90 minute debate that she needed 5 days of non-campaigning rest to prepare for.

Go figure.

Unlike most of the media polling Rasmussen shows a tight race with Donald Trump ahead of Pickles by 3 points (43/40 SEE HERE).

Early voting has begun in North Carolina, and the lines on day one of early voting are long.

The early-voting period in North Carolina covers 17 days and lasts until Nov. 5th.

[…] The NAACP on campus is encouraging students at Johnson C. Smith to vote Thursday. They’re even shuttling them from campus to the voting location every 15 minutes.

The get out the vote effort by the NAACP is taking place at campuses all over North Carolina. They said they want to push back against what they call systemic voter suppression efforts aimed at African-Americans and other communities.

Several of the students on campus will be voting for the first time and told Channel 9 that they’re not concerned about lines, but excited to have their voices heard.  (read more)

However, things might not just be what they have traditionally, and historically, appeared to represent:

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249 Responses to Eight More Days Remain In Current MSM Narrative Cycle….

  1. Eric L says:

    Hillary Clinton is per se ineligible for a security clearance which comes with the presidency. The intelligence community knows this by now. They won’t allow themselves to be compromised. They are behind at least some of these leaks, and I would bet they won’t allow an election to be stolen. For all the talk about Russia, Obama and Hillary have probably figured out by now the people in the various shadowy corners of government intelligence aren’t going to allow them to win by cheating. That’s why Obama is hitting the trail, and others. There isn’t time enough for them to find out who the true patriots are and suppress the information. Some in the corporate media have probably figured it out as well, which is they they’re desperately trying to sabotage Trump.

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  2. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    ” I knew Pickles. Pickles was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Pickles….”

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. gary ellis says:

    I have a feeling the media is not going to tighten the polls this cycle. Theyve already lost all credibility and have nothing to lose by keeping them artificially high for Clinton. When theyre found to be way off on election day the excuse will be Trump was such an unconventional candidate it was impossible to poll the race.

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  5. andi lee says:

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  6. Mezzz says:

    I don’t think the media/polling companies are concerned with getting their polls back to reality, prior to the election, for their reputations this year. This is an all hands on deck war for them. They can always claim this election was a complete anomaly if they are egregiously inaccurate. It doesn’t appear these people are attempting to keep their masks on at this point.

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  7. satmfs says:

    Well, it looks like the Clinton smear machine are planning to earn their money this last 8 days.

    NeverTrumpers crying their eyes out to anyone with a mic and/or camera, z-list celebs drooling insults at Trump to anyone with a mic and/or camera and two more “Trump (fill in the blank)ed me in front of bunches of people but no one saw it” plants. That’s just today.

    I guess they never learned less is more.

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    • paris23 says:

      I see unprecedented desperation. Looked at that way, it is kind of amusing. Watching Bill Kristol nearly cry on television (actually, I only read about it) gave me tremendous satisfaction. If he honestly believed Hitlery is going to win would he be so distraught? I think this means things are looking good for us.

      And these celebs. I sometimes feel like swearing, so I am not saint, but their profanity-laced diatribes against Trump, who merely wants to help the poor and middle-classes, are forever tainting them before the public. i don’t see how they can recover their reputations. Madonna takes the cake… offering to give b. jobs for votes for Clinton. What a freak show they all are!

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  8. Pam says:

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  9. Mr_Henry says:

    I had to give a co-worker a pep talk today. He was feeling the election is a lost cause but was still planning to vote for Trump. I stepped through some of the polls with him and showed him the manipulation. Hopefully, he will spread the word. I hope this narrative ends soon.

    On an anecdotal note, a young engineer in my group who hails from Michigan is fired up for Trump. I don’t believe he has voted before but is excited to do it this year. His parents are public school teachers and normally vote Democrat. They are discretely planning to vote Trump this year. I hope there are thousands if not millions of people like them.

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    • Joe says:

      How do you think he won the primary:) The monster vote is there, only question is will it just put the Donald over the top, or will it be a landslide?

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    • paris23 says:

      Yesterday on Infowars, during their pre-debate coverage, an independent pollster was interviewed who has been putting together real polls, without the sample distortion of the media polls. He finds that Trump is now running 55% to Clinton’s 27%. He said Trump has gained 5 points in the last week or two and Clinton has dropped a point. That is very encouraging. He ran his last poll not long before his appearance on Infowars. I’m hoping they turn that into an article so we can spread it around.


      • lingane says:

        another proof than Alex Jones and infowar are ridiculous. I prefer ennemies than false friends. WHO with a normal brain CAN BELIVE in a 55/27 ? Seriously…


  10. andi lee says:

    Arizona Election Commishioner confirms election fraud in March 2016. Bernie was cheated, again.

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  11. Txfella says:

    Obama with a bused-in crowd in Miami. Yeah, they have internal polling. We are the brkonen-glass voters. MAGA!

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  12. andi lee says:

    Federal GVMT interfering in States’ Rights.

    (Wasn’t Alex Padilla in Wikileaks/Podesta emails? I think, I remember his name/email addy).

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  13. Pam says:

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  14. Mike says:

    “VOTE TRUMP @trump2021
    when i voted today in north Carolina 2 mile long line took 2 hours every black person there was voting for trump and their democrats
    12:31 PM – 20 Oct 2016”

    I’ll make the “bold” statement and declare that people aren’t lining up to vote for Hateful Hillary.

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  15. andi lee says:

    Something’s happening…related?

    “On October 20, 2016, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Robert Capers unsealed a 13-count federal indictment for fraud and bribery against Edward Mangano, his wife Linda, and Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto.[2]”


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  16. Chris Skinner says:

    Why on earth does anyone need 17 extra days to vote? Seems like more time for fraud.

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  17. paris23 says:

    How is it possible to do exit polling with such a system (in NC)? I hope the people counting the votes are not democrats. I was going to say “can be trusted”, but “not democrats” says the same thing and with greater precision. (I was a democrat most of my life, until about 4 or so years ago, and couldn’t be more disgusted.)

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  18. elize says:

    We voted today in NC and usually do vote early. I’ve never seen it this busy. I’m in a small town so there weren’t insane lines but in the past it was rare to even see another voter while there.

    On Tuesday we drove up North (VA) into the “city,” for a doctors appt. I saw only one Bumper sticker = Trump. And the lack of any yard signs and bumper stickers along the way surprised me. I’ve only seen one yard sign and it was a Hillary sign.

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    • TexasRanger says:

      No Trump Yard Signs.??? It’s probably because Hillary’s campaign have paid people to steal them all.! There’s plenty of evidence that this fits in with how Hillary Clinton’s running her campaign.!

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    • Elize, people are afraid to put signs in front of their homes and bumper stickers on their vehicles. Homes have been vandalized and vehicles destroyed. I live in a very nice neighborhood where I would assume most are voting for Trump so I have a sign in my front yard. But I don’t have bumper stickers on my SUV or car for fear of retaliation. My friends have said the same thing, so don’t worry about it.

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      • Wayne Robinson says:

        Im in california where the nuts come from i have Trumps yard sign out and bumper sticker not one person has bothered me about it , in a destructive way . Someone put a bernie sticker over my Trump sticker. I removed bernie moved it over and down flipping it upside down , left it that way for a week then threw it in trash. A women( by the beautiful pen) left a note on my truck it read ” dear Trump supporter , global warming is real” . I drove into Carson city Nevada and back looking for bumper stickers. Besides my Trump sticker i saw one other for Trump and zero/0 clinton stickers . I easily passed over a couple thousand vehicles. I have never known a time when there is such an apsence of political stickers . Its very strange. That was about two and a halph weeks ago. But im putting out another trump yard sign today and anoher trump sticker on my truck . It may be that people will yet put out Trump signs. Im looking forward to seeing if Trump supporters will be wearing red to vote. I will be wearing red . Will you guys be wearing red?

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    • ‘come on – wednesday i drove PA to fishing outta oregon inlet, NC outter banks. delmarva peninsula to chesapeake bay bridge, VA beach to the island.
      the whole road wa heavily signed – saw a LOT of really big TRUMP signs. figured they were farmers using tractors to put themup.
      got back here to chester county and the number of trump signs had doubled in three days. DJT office just opened office locally, so now people can get signs more easily. local was nailing a 4′ x 8’ trump/pence MAGA sign to the framework he’d just built.
      can’t wait for the eighth – i’m keeping my paper ballot receipt for sure.


    • elize says:

      I’m going to lump my response to all into one reply. Our county has less than 30,000 voting age people and an ethnic mix of roughly 50/50. We’re a quiet to ourselves area with miles and miles of mostly large farmland. I don’t put any stickers on my vehicle and wouldn’t put out yard signs because I’m not interested in giving anyone a reason to be a PITA. But yes I was a little surprised I didn’t see more signage. Once we hit the VA line we were by the hospital/medical area so I was watching directions at that point.

      The paper printed an article saying roughly 1,000 early voted the first day out and based on the pic they did have a line. Big deal for our area and imho an indication that turnout will be huge and as I told a family member they’re not showing up for Hillary like they did for Obama.


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