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New York Times Continues Trying to Quantify The Looming 2016 Election Possibility of The Monster Vote…

There are two important ratios to remember 65/35 and 55/45. Throughout the past year those who have followed political opinion will note the consistent and reoccurring appearance of these two sets of statistical ratios. ♦ First, a variant of the … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From cartoonist A.F. Branco at comicallyincorrec.com.

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Outline of Donald Trump’s Family Child/Elder Care Proposal…

Today in Aston Pennsylvania candidate Donald Trump outlined an innovative plan to bring federal tax policies in line with the needs of today’s families.  The plan is not for the wealthy, but rather specifically targeted to provide the biggest benefit … Continue reading

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CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries Maintaining Clinton’s “Deplorable” Narrative….

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson and tries, rather pathetically, to continue maintaining Clinton’s “deplorable” narrative. The transparency of agenda-driving is getting silly at this point.

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Donald and Ivanka Trump Rally, Aston Pennsylvania – 7:30pm Live Stream…

Candidate Donald Trump is joined with his daughter Ivanka Trump in Aston Pennsylvania this evening holding an event at the Aston Community Center.  The event is not open to the public; however, you can watch the live stream here beginning … Continue reading

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Rep. Jim Jordan Discussing Timeline and Platte River Network: “covering up some shady shit”…

Platte River Network was the group hired by Hillary Clinton and her team to manage the personal server hosting the private communications of Clinton’s staff and key officials. In today’s congressional hearing Representative Jim Jordan walks through the timeline and … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton: “Power Through”…

Truth in Headlines – Attribution

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Video – Black Panther Attempts Murder of Three Police Officers in Arizona…

When you see the video it’s unreal that two of the police officers are still alive.  A driver in Phoenix Arizona drove full-speed directly into three police officers at a gas station.  Two are in critical condition, and no ID … Continue reading

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Transcript of Donald Trump Speech in Iowa – Making Transparency Great Again…

Intro speaker at Trump rally in Iowa tells crowd: “You are one good looking basket of deplorables.” (link) [ Transcript ]  Thank you. It is so great to be back in Iowa. Spending time in your state has been one … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Rally, Des Moines Iowa – Live Stream 1:00pm EDT…

Candidate Donald Trump is holding a campaign rally today in Des Moines, Iowa.  The venue is Seven Flags Event Center, and live stream coverage is scheduled for 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm EDT: Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream

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