The Mask Is Officially Off – How Ted Cruz Is Funded By Biggest DC Insiders…

Now that the presidential race is down to the ‘brass tacks phase’, and with the glaring reality of Team Jeb Bush, Team Mitt Romney endorsement, Team Lindsey Graham endorsement, Team Carly Fiorina endorsement, and the entire DC professional political class aligning themselves with Ted Cruz, it’s a good opportunity to highlight the uncomfortable truth for those new to the awakening.

A freshman, two-year Senator/Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz was presented, by intentional Wall Street conduct, as an outsider; as “a fallacy of false dilemma“.  If you don’t know what “false choice” really means, click on the link ↑ to read the definition and see how easy it is to manipulate the electorate.

cruz McConnell

Cruz was never “an outsider“.  The intellectually honest political observer would have to detach themselves from all reasonable cognition to avoid accepting Ted Cruz:

  • Was part of George W. Bush’s administration.
  • Was part of George W Bush’s Florida recount team.
  • Was introduced to his wife Heidi (Condelezza Rice staffer) while working for Bush.
  • Has hired the entire operational arm of the Jeb Bush campaign team: Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX, Boyden Gray of Washington, DC, Charles Foster of Houston, TX, Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC, Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX, and Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. Along with Neil Bush.

Those are facts.

So too, are the facts below.

♦  This is one of those ah-ha moments when several political variables seem to reconcile simultaneously. For those who doubted the Earlier Tripwire, here’s the evidence.

There is a Super-PAC called “Stand for Truth” registered out of Lexington Kentucky headed by a guy named Eric Lycan. [Here’s the link – search box “Stand for Truth”]

sft 6

Mr. Eric Lycan was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lawyer during his re-election campaign against Matt Bevin. Lycan also has deep tentacles within the entire GOPe apparatus, including the Chamber of Commerce.

You can confirm identity from the filing paperwork and the reported contact information which is the same as THIS LINK to the Dinsmore legal group.

sft 4

Link for FEC Filing [Again search box “Stand for Truth”]

sft 5 Eric Lycan

Link to Dinsmore Group Bio

So obviously Eric Lycan is a deep insider within GOPe circles:

  • He’s represented, and/or is representing, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
  • He also represents clients to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Tom Donohue connection).
  • He’s a member of the National Republican Lawyers Board of Governors.
  • He was the Kentucky Chairman, Lawyers for Romney in 2012.

There’s no questioning his GOPe bona fides. However, here’s where things get really interesting.

Given his curriculum vitae and the direct connection to Mitch McConnell you might not expect to see this:

sft 3

It’s a pro-Ted Cruz Super-PAC. The filing above also shows they spent $42,000 to create digital advertising for Ted Cruz, and…

…..wait for it…

….. spent $192,594.00 for “RADIO ADVERTISING”.

It makes a person wonder which radio broadcasters might have picked up some of that Pro-Ted Cruz advertising money?

…and maybe that explains why THIS seemed to have struck such a nerve.

But wait, it gets better….

Eric Lycan’s “Stand for Truth” Super-PAC is not only Pro-Cruz, it is also Anti-Donald Trump. Producing and paying for airing of negative ads in Iowa against Candidate Donald Trump (examples found here):

sft 2

The filing above exhibits spending of $150,000 for negative digital ads in opposition to Donald Trump and $15,750.00 in production costs for the same.

And this is NO SMALL SUPER-PAC, they are spending $2,251,345.00 They are putting out a lot of money. More money than would come from small donors etc.

But again, big picture, why would a Mitch McConnell aligned type of DC insider, with strong connections to the U.S. CoC, be spending millions to support Ted Cruz and spend millions against Donald Trump?

These FACTS, not suppositions, FACTS, blow the “outsider Cruz” narrative a bit, no? These FACTS also seem to run exactly opposite of this Ted Cruz presentation of his relationship with Mitch McConnell, no?

Exactly the opposite seems to be going on. A DC PAC pro-Cruz and anti-Trump, has the very distinct odor of yet another Cruz-like quid-pro-quo (TPA maybe).

mcconnell ryanlindsey graham endorses Ted Cruz

trump rubio and cruz handshake

The “Never Trump” movement is dependent on the electorate  remaining oblivious to the UniParty scheme.  Once people wake up, the DC machine is done….


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530 Responses to The Mask Is Officially Off – How Ted Cruz Is Funded By Biggest DC Insiders…

  1. Alex J. Robinson says:

    Cruz’s acts have proved him to be an outsider notwithstanding the contributions. The establishment is getting behind them because all their other horses in the race except that idiot Kasick have died. They hate Trump so much they are willing to do anything including supporting Cruz.

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    • Lee says:

      There are two kinds of people in politics – those who want a good king, and those who want a good process. The American difference was that we chose the process because we valued liberty more than “results.” Democracy, it was understood, was messy, frustrating, and (to paraphrase Churchill) the worst system except all others. When the Weimar Republic proved unable to fix Germany’s problems, they ditched the process and chose the Great Leader. Same in Italy, same in Argentina with Peron. That’s why the lines are so sharply drawn – it’s not about “establishment” vs. Trump, it’s process versus the Great Leader. Those who believe in the process will unite not because they are corrupt, but because it is an existential principle that they hold to. Process or Great Leader – that’s the choice.

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      • Lee Toland says:

        What do you mean when you say process? I don’t really understand your comment. Are you advocating voting for the establishment over Trump? Why?


        • sensibleviews says:

          You assume Cruz is Establishment as if he agrees with them on policy issues – but his actions against them – He shut down government for 16 days, he amended so many of the establishment’s horrid pieces of legislation so that they lost as much effect on Americans as possible, or rendered then ineffective so they died in committee. He went to the Supreme Court to protect our religious liberties (10 Commandment Monument/Veteran’s Cross) and also fought to protect our individual 2nd Amendment rights (Heller), made it so that States Sovereignty is protected against U.N. interference in our justice system (Medellin), he has publicly supported giving Federal Lands back to the states using the power of the purse (10th Amendment), he has stated his plan to abolish the IRS… He has actually done what he’s promised.

          Whereas Trump has suggested he would order our troops to commit war crimes and that they would have to do it because he’s the president, that the Geneva Convention is “the problem”, that we pull out of NATO (meaning if WE get attacked on OUR soil, no one will be obligated to come help defend us, and we cannot defend out allies if they are attacked), that he thinks the individual States are too stupid to take care of their own land and so the Bureau of Land Management will continue to seize land from states and private citizens. The United States Federal Government already “owns” 28% of the entire landmass of the U.S. – Show me in the Constitution where the federal government is given that much power over the land. He wants to GROW government, not make it smaller. He’s praised Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, people! His stances on most of the issues are completely muddy, as he changes his positions almost daily. And I haven’t even mentioned where he’s blatantly insulted people and thinks it’s okay. Tell me how he’s going to be able legally to build a wall using his own money unless he uses eminent domain to seize even more land from private citizens and then raises taxes to pay for it. Because do you REALLY think Mexico will pay for it? If so, then I have some oceanfront property I’d like to sell you. It’s located in Nevada – and it’s CHEAP.

          Ted Cruz is CONSISTENT, and is the only real Constitutional Conservative running.


          • sensibleviews says:

            Pardon typos.


          • Linda says:

            That’s really a funny one. Constitutional conservative he’s not. He is weak on amnesty. Sided with Obama on TPP -TPA. YES HE VOTED for it. Check this guys record. He’s done nothing and won’t do anything. Too many special interest-Donets pulling his strings. He is insider all the way. Lying cheating Ted! That’s what he is.

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      • Maga says:

        Very concise, Lee!


        • LeeT says:

          Actually, it is more ambiguous than concise.

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        • chesam1 says:

          Nothing concise about it. It’s a load of bs, just like Cruz.

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        • I find it amazing all of you folks who want to tell others how to vote. We all have minds of our own. We can generally read and understand. We have issues that you might not. Our vote is our business, stop manipulating it any way you can. It is gross and makes you seem like slime or worse. We have a capital full of slime, that no longer serves the American people. The middle class has held up our country with it’s tax dollars since WW2. Today, Obama has not only worked to dissolve the middle class right out of existence, but he has created a giant suck hole with Obamacare, which only serves the poor, as the rest of us can no longer afford it. He laughingly said that the reason our budget is so high is that we use a lot of healthcare…we? So he laughingly said, I have screwed you for life, ha ha ha. So with the middle class slipping into oblivion, who is going to pay for everything now? If we don’t put someone in office who will work to restore the middle class opportunities, who is going to pay the bills? Seriously, it is time we all start looking beyond the mirror.

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          • Brian Haley says:

            The entire system is designed for the middle class to pay for it. NO pres candidate is going to change that. Not Trump and certainly not Cruz.


          • brianswordpressacct says:

            Sorry, our entire system is designed for the middle class to pay for all the programs and the biggest share of their income…since 1913. It is a system designed by the rich for the rich. NO candidate is going to change that. Not Trump and certainly not Cruz. NO ONE is going to repeal Obama Care. Its a political lie. Obama Care perpetuates the system they all are part of. So, stop believing and hoping for repeal. It will never happen. “Reform” maybe, but not repeal. Republicans have never repealed any social program, ever! Don’t expect them to start. Marco Rubio said “Washington will not change me”. He was the darling of conservatives, more hopeful than Cruz. Once in, HE alone pushed the Immigration bill. We now have a 100 mile zone around the entire border of the U.S.controlled by the I.N.S.. I encompasses whole states (FL is one). Rubio knew what was in it when he pushed it. No one is calling for its repeal. So, yeah, we can’t afford HC and we live in a police state. The mask is off Cruz. He’s bought as well. But, we are all euphoric about Donald Trump and we will undoubtedly get the screws from him once he’s in. So, for now, please let us enjoy the euphoria. We should know by now that’s all we have every four years.


      • new anon says:

        Thrice in our history, our system has devolved into an Oligarchy.

        It took Andrew Jackson to reform the process the first time.

        It took Teddy Roosevelt to reform the process the second time.

        Despite your poor attempt to paint Trump as a fascist by using invalid comparisons, the valid historical comparisons for Trump are Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt.

        Occasionally, the American process needs a president to come along and reset the process to its original state: a government dominated by the common men of the country.

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      • TexasDude says:

        When has a Trump shown he will negate your “process” analogy?

        The process, aided by brownshirts, gave Germany Hitler. Cruz has not denounced the brownshirt tactics of the left. Neither has Kasich or the GOP for the matter.

        So, is Cruz now the Great Leader because he is more than will to allow others to subvert the “process” in his favor?

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        • Adam says:

          Um Cruz has denounced the brownshirts of both the left and Trump! If you refuse to note that you are willfully ignorant.


          • TexasDude says:

            When has he denounced the protestors at Trump rallies? However, he was very quick to blame Trump for the violence.

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          • TexasDude says:

            Here’s a Cruz “denunciation” from 6 days ago …

            “When you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse,” he said


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          • TexasDude says:

            Here’s another “denunciation” in Chicago from Cruz …

            “Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said on Friday that Donald J. Trump bore responsibility for “creating an environment” that encourages violence at his events.

            Speaking to reporters at a local Republican dinner outside Chicago, where Mr. Trump had just canceled a rally amid fierce confrontations between his supporters and protesters, Mr. Cruz began by saying that the “protesters who took violence into their own hands” were responsible for the episode.

            “But in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top,” Mr. Cruz continued. “And when you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse.”


            Who the hell is willfully ignorant, ADAM!?!

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            • LaVoone says:

              Have you ever been to a Trump Rally? I have and I can tell you that before Donald Trump Speaks they tell people to not touch the agitators and start chanting Trump until the security gets there. If the protestor is just there standing with a sign no problem. However when they start disrupting the rally so no one can hear the speech, they are no longer protestors but rather agitators. Your going to quote a New York Times article that only lies about Trump. Trump does not create it, the agitators are funded by George soros and company. They intentionally go to these rallies to disrupt them based on the dishonest press that lies and drives these people with the code words that they know will get those people the most agitated. Are you referring to the breitbart news lady that claimed that his campaign manager Cory tried to hurt her. I have watched that video several times and that woman is a liar as well as her cohort who backed her up. That story has been refuted by the press itself. They are both liars. Do not come to the conservative treehouse and try to spread your false narrative here. We are well informed and have watched every rally from beginning to end. Some of us have been to rally’s and witnessed these agitators first hand. I know that I cannot convince you because you do not appear to have an open mind that just maybe you do not have all,of the facts. I tried to give Cruz a chance in the beginning but one can only take being lied to so much. I have researched him and he is just a Bush shill going back to the 2000 presidential election. I have researched all of the candidates in depth as have most of the people who regularly post on the treehouse. We have made our choice based on sound information.

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      • Nan says:

        Your analysis fails in this instance.

        Trump IS the process. He’s winning fair and square, even against all their rule manipulation. There are certainly those who see him as the Great Leader, but what the GOPe is trying to do with him right now is in violation of the process. He also stands for “the process” in his political platform, ie, the rules that everybody else has to play by. That’s one of the many reasons why he’s doing well.

        Now, if you want a “Great Leader” you don’t have to look further than the Democrats. They foisted an anti-colonialist, self-hating, unqualified community organizer upon us in 2008 in the name of him being a Great Leader, and they’re doing it again this election cycle with a war criminal and murderess who deserves to win cause she’s got ovaries or something. The GOPe is enabling them in doing so.

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      • Quatzork-43 says:

        The Process has, very obviously, failed.

        Decades of cronyism, financialism and neglect has created an unsustainable situation.

        Producers are growing fewer and poorer while the looters and moochers are not only getting more numerous but more demanding as well.
        A massive economic crisis is nearly inevitable and the state is heading toward suspending the Constitution and democratic process because the populations are starting to reject the deal.

        The position does not come from ideals, every claimed ideal has been betrayed in reality, corruption was left as the only existential principle, the unifying glue of the whole scheme.

        Yes, they are against a good king because they rightfully see it as an obstacle, the only obstacle, to their corruption and outright treachery.

        The choice have already been made decades ago.

        When the accumulated consequences of all their choices over all those decades finally foam up about their waists like rats drowing in filth, all the whores politicians and bankster pimps will look up and shout “Save us!”, “Give the System another try!”

        I’ll whisper “no.”

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      • JPeden says:

        Process, eh? All of a sudden the GOPe wants to make those Ominous Deals as well as throw away their own freaking Rule Book.

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    • TexasDude says:

      Cruz’s outsider credo only has come about since 2012 and Obamacare. Before then he was pure establishment insider. Since then he has been mixed leaning more towards insider/establishment. Will he fight? Sometimes. Will he support things like TPA and even TPP? More than sometimes. Maybe if he becomes president, his wife’s pet project with be a continuation of her work at the Council on Foreign Relations attempting to make Mexico, Canada, and the US one big massive super state.

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      • Ralph says:

        Sadly, according to this article, anyone who has ever voted Republican is a sex slave to Mitch McConnell. As a matter of fact, if you work with anyone who has every been involved in Republican politics you are Mitch’s sex slave. Going to the conclusion, the only people who are pure enough for Trumpanzees are Progressives. Idiots. Too bad you can’t simply avoid the BS . It makes you look, unnecessarily, like real idiots.


        • TexasDude says:

          Actually, wrong, Ralph. Cruz us saying he is an outsider, a righter if GOPe wrongs. However, the truth is he is an insider through and through.

          Trump is the only outsider R or D in this, period!

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    • pawatcher says:

      Cruz is bought and paid for and he has delivered TEA patriots to the GOPe globalists to be indentured with him.
      Cruz started TPP with G.W. Bush and delivered TPA for his ilk- one world order globalists. Next will come T-TIP and FTAAP to complete their agenda and remove Our sovereignty for good of all the world. Cruz is and always has been a GOPe globalist.

      Trump 2016

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      • Ralph says:

        Sadly, according to this article, anyone who has ever voted Republican is a sex slave to Mitch McConnell. As a matter of fact, if you work with anyone who has every been involved in Republican politics you are Mitch’s sex slave. Going to the conclusion, the only people who are pure enough for Trumoanzees are Progressives. Idiots.


        • benY says:

          I see you are one of the stepford Cruzaders. Instead of babbling about “Trumpanzees” I suggest you do the research, the facts of which there are dozens of articles right here, and then refute those fqats with actual facts, instead of mindless babble.

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        • TexasDude says:

          Can’t even get a fresh reply to someone else?


    • Stephen says:

      The date of the support payments on behalf of Cruz is listed as 12/9/15. This is long before any primary and well before horses started dying. In other words, the GOPe had Cruz in their stable of ponies from the beginning.

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      • Tparty says:

        I made that point with Sundance and now he has revealed the TRUTH for all to see. Cruz was used as a sheep herder for the ‘conservative’ grass roots movement (saying one thing) while secretly setting himself up a the anti-establishment hero. The TPA could not have passed without Teds support (doing another) much like Rubio supported the gang of 8 and suddenly also becoming a ‘contender’.

        Does anyone really think a tiff, one that was completly internal in the Bush/donor camp, over a $10,000 check from H. W. Bush to Ted Cruz, and then ‘leaked’, was anything other than a psyop? That was the moment Ted was ‘selected’, however they forgot to calculate the Trump effect.

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    • Helen says:

      Look at the dates. All of the candidates were in the race in January.


    • mimi says:

      Ted Cruz when will he show the sealed records in Canada. It looks like he is another Obama!

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    • Morry says:

      His acts have proved no such thing, no matter how many times you assert that they have, without offering any evidence but your suppositions and guesses.

      His wife worked for the CFR for 5 years and was involved in the CFR’s long term project to create a “new world order” that eliminates our national sovereignty.

      Cruz is POSING as the “maverick” conservative. Before Rand Paul dropped out of the race (because he saw that the Repub “insiders” or leadership was treating him the same way they treated his father and that his own party leadership was actively sabotaging his campaign), before he closed down his campaign, Paul was taking in large contributions like his Dad did and making rapid progress with his on-the-ground efforts. During that period, Cruz — with huge funding from the VERY START of his campaign, from sources who were pretty muoch all establishment — to LITERALLY steal Rand Paul’s thunder.

      Rand Paul filibustered. Next thing you know, Cruz does it, with a lot more press coverage. Paul defines himself as teh “Liberty” candidate, whose #1,2, and 3 priorities are Liberty for all from government excess and gov’t control over our lives. Next thing you know, Cruz starts referring to himself the same way, but louder to drown Paul out, using establshment funded microphones whenever available. Rand Paul mentions that one of his first acts as Pres, if not THE first, will be to rescind every one of Obama’s executive orders, and go even further back than that, Almost immediateoly this identical campaign promise was freshiy glued onto Cruz’s list. These are just a few examples. For a very lengthy period you could bet that every time Paul made a speech further explaining his straightforward, honest agenda to regain the freedoms we’ve lost, every time he did that and some aspect of his speech got a very favorable receoption, practically within minutes you’d hear Cruz coming out with passion as a leader who was going to do . .. exactly what Paul had just promised.

      We now see during this campaign the kind of INCREDIBLY low-life lies and below the belt dirty tricks being pulled by the Cruz campaign, AND you have all the evidence above.

      BUT . . . too many Americans remain WILLFULLY uninformed, because they want a leader, not a statesman. They want a celebrity, and make their voting decisions on the basis of things that are irreolevant, like their gut feel for a candidate, and then they lock into him regardless of the facts. Sound familiar?

      I REALLY liked Cruz. Then I investigated and discovered I was falling for the role playing of an imposter and the words of a champion debater who knew what I wanted to hear, and said it NOT because he really believed it, but in order to manipulate me into voting for him. Cruz is playing a role in order to get elected. If he’s president, we’re finished.

      All the above does not even cover the fact that Cruz is not only ineligible Constitutionalloy for the Presidency, but HE IS ALMOST C ERTAINLY NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE OFFICE OF SENATOR, WHICH HE OCCUPIES AS FRAUDULENLY AS OBAMA OCCUPIES THE PRESIDENCY. It is a virtual certainty that he NEVER became a naturalized US citizen;. He was born in Canada with only 1 parent (his mom) a US citizen, and both his parents had applications pending for Canadian citizenship in 1974 when they returned to the US. Ted was age 4 and because of his birth in Canada, he was a citizen by Canadian Law. In later years he claimed dual citizenship, US and Canadian but that appears to be TOTALLY FALSE. His ONLY citizenship from birth until a couple years ago when he renounced it, was Canadian. He does NOT HAVE and NEVER DID have dual citizenship. HERE’S WHy:

      1 He was 4 yrs old when he came here in 1974, and at tHAt time CANADA DID NOT PERMIT DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Since he didn’trenounce it and still had it ’til very recently, that means he lived here as a child from age 4 to age 7 as a Canadian citizen.
      2. In 1977, Canada’s law was changed and dual citizenship was permitted. So IF his parents had wanted that for their son, they would have taken the appropriate steps to make him naturalized as a US citizen. Did they? Or did they just figure everyone would assume a child living here was a ctizen and avoid the bother? YOU DECIDE, based on teh fact that NO RECORDS can be found of Ted Cruz’s naturalization as a citizen, AND, when asked for his naturalization papers, the ones he should have if he’d been naturalized, or could get copies of if he’d lost them, HE REFUSES TO PROVIDE THEM.

      This means, if he was never naturalized, that he is actually, believe it or not, an illegal alien, just as many people believe is true about Obama. It means that when Cruz gave up his canadian citizenship, that left him in the position of a “man without a country” with citizenship NOWHERE, and thus inelegible for virtually ANY elective Federal office!!
      Even if he did get naturalized and has some kind of valid excuse for not wanting to offer the proof (which is unimaginable to me, unless there’s someing else in that proof which would be extremely unfavorable to him), ie even if he is a US citizen now, which seems very unlikely, THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO WAY he couold possibloy be a “natural BORN” citizen as the Constitution requires of any contender for the Presidency.

      How can he swear to protect and defend teh Constitution as his oath of office, if he has violated the Constitution to acquire that office? The Supreme Law of the USA prohibits Ted Cruz from occupying the office of President, and there can be NO question about that. Even just what he admits himself — a PART of the above — would be more than sufficient to disqualify him for the Presidency.

      Wake up folks. Cruz is a slick customer. He is everything YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT in a politician, exactly the kind of politician you claim to hate and want us to get rid of. Now you know why this nation’s doomed. The voters can be fooled all of the time. Just chirp the mantras the voters want to hear and they’ll swallow it whole., Too lazy to check facts, and too lazy to think for themselves. Just listen to the talking heads who themselves are so easy to dupe, especially be a prize-winning debating scholar from Harvard. Cruz is truly a slick liar, and is able to fool many., You hear him say just the right things, just the right way, but as one very perceptive observer has adivised — when Cruz passionately concludes a little patriotic passage and the crowd roars, WATCH CRUZ’S EYES, NOT HIS SMILE. They are often roving around the audience as if checking how well and how thoroughly his words have acheived the effect he seeks. And because you can fool a LOT of the people MOST of the time if you try, and especially if you’re good at it and have a way with words, he usually sees what he expected to see.

      I know several people who were gung ho for Cruz, like I was, but who now reject him categorically because he is not merely NOT a patriot’s friend, but he is actually a patriot’s politifcal enemy. Cruz is the type of politician we need to get rid of. Unfortunately, he’s got a bit more on the ball than the average poiitician, and he’s able to convince many that he is what he pretends to be.


    • Linda says:

      He is no outsider!


  2. archer52 says:

    At the risk of being censored again. The key to all of this is who came to whom, first.

    Back when Cruz first announced his intentions- BEFORE Trump- to GWB he was rebuffed by the establishment. George told Cruz that he could not support Cruz- who had went against him on several high profile cases- because the “establishment” WAS GWB and his friends.

    So the establishment went after Cruz. And was successful in demonizing him as someone who can’t cut deals, who is hard to get along with, who was a bomb thrower. Sundance knows this to be true.

    Then along came Trump. Out of left field, “The Donald” shows up, seeing the same outsider angle Cruz had identified, and he simply ran in and took it from Cruz by being louder, stronger, more aggressive. Good for Trump. Bad for Cruz.

    That changed the game for good. Now the establishment can’t decide what to do. They went after Trump, who then told them he could get along with anyone- that it was Cruz who could not. (Yes, we can go to the video tape if you want.) But the Uniparty doesn’t trust Trump. He won’t burn place down, but he will put a big old Gold “T” on it and run it. So that’s just as bad.

    Given the choice, the Uniparty is willing to cut deals. Now remember, Cruz hasn’t moved. The Senate leaders still demand he apologize before THEY “forgive” HIM! So far, no apology.

    What Cruz knows,that “The Donald” has done yet is a normal campaign has to have money and infrastructure. Donald runs on 2 billion dollars of free advertising. Cruz doesn’t have that so he has to create it. Thus, the infrastructure being assembled.

    Cruz is in a battle where he is stuck with one set of tools, and Trump is using another. Where Cruz wins in that is the general- which is where he’s looking. Trump wins the primaries- most of them- by sheer personality and the anger of the voters Cruz had hoped would have been with him. He will fail in the general if he doesn’t have a good ground game against democrat machine (think PA, Virginia, Maryland, etc.).

    This is a game. This is like being mad at a football team for hiring a big offensive line from the Patriots, so you can run your guy through the holes and win for the Jets.

    Ugly for sure, but not the big deal you’d think. As long as YOUR team wins.

    The question of clarity of ethics comes down to this; Are they coming to Cruz, hat in hand? Or is Cruz apologizing. I’m thinking the former.

    The question for the Trumpites is this; When Trump accepts the backing of the establishment GOP against HRC, is HE the traitor? Or is he the winner because they bent to his will.


    • TexasDude says:

      There is no evidence to assert Cruz will win the general while Trump cannot. On the contrary, there is evidence that it is the other way around, Trump wins handedly the general due to bringing in new people. Cruz? Not so much.

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      • Adam says:

        On the contrary, as we saw with Romney, Trump gains a few independents and progressives, to lose a lot of conservatives. One cannot win without a base. There have been plenty of head to head polls to prove the case.


    • Jenny R. says:

      This argument hinges on the premise that Cruz could actually win — aside from my personal dislike of the man, even one of his supporters should be able to connect the dots and see where Hillary’s team will have a huge amount of oppo to dump on him, should he gain the nomination. It will be devastating. It will destroy the GOP (not rebuild, not remake, destroy).
      Will Trump cut deals? I’m sure he will; that’s what politicians (and businessmen) do. At least with him there is a chance at getting a better deal for more Americans (I think that’s what his supporters see; they are not asking for more than that no matter what they are being slimed with by the media they are not asking for much here), and this may be due to Trump’s ego — he appears to actually want to do something good and have a name of renown…this is not a bad thing, through history great leaders have had this quality (do you think George Washington was without a large ego?); with Cruz that will not be there — he has never shown any love for Americans (high sounding odes to the Constitution or his “Christian” sermons irregardless, that is not the same as expressing a genuine love for the people) — so Trump supporters and those who have bolted to Trump have seen this. Ted Cruz is only for Ted Cruz — it is the simple difference between a man with great ego (Trump) and a narcissist (Cruz).

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      • 7delta says:

        (do you think George Washington was without a large ego?)

        Jenny, as someone who is a history buff and reads old original documents like most people read the newspaper, I agree with this statement. Washington was very concerned about his legacy and was careful about what he said and did.

        What matters is what validates someone internally. Washington was validated by choosing to be honorable, so that he was worthy of the honor bestowed on him, which he was fully aware would be, just like it would be for all the founders. History was going to remember them and he wanted them to be remembered well.

        I also agree that a big ego isn’t necessarily a negative characteristic, if it’s used honorably, nor does it exclude having humility. Washington was quite humble and gracious too, but tough in his staying true to his principles when necessary.

        I have problems with Cruz in the character and honor department. I don’t always like the way Trump says things, but he is who he is. Is he honorable and principled? Reports from people who know have known him for many years say he is. That and my inner radar is all I have to go on, just like I do about all other candidates. That’s all almost everyone has to go on. We know how politicians operate too. People can be fooled, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all we can to discover what’s hidden and to do our best to be accurately informed. And, above all, pray for discernment.

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    • What you are missing is that Cruz is a re-invented anti-establishment Christian Conservative who was the consummate insider all along. Those of us who recognize the real puppet masters, knew from the getgo that Cruz was a phony, just by the relationship with Goldman Sachs and his wife’s relationship with the globalist psychos in the Council of Foreign Relations. The calling of McConnell as a liar and the filibuster to shut down the government was pure theater to give him anti-establishment cred. That Cruz is for the most America destroying trade deals that Obama and the Corporatist elite have proposed speaks volumes that he if of, for, and by the 1%.

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      • katsaus says:

        The filibuster to shutdown the government was actually brilliant strategy by the puppet masters of republican establishment which control Cruz because it guaranteed that the ordinary republicans would be scared of their own shadow in the future regarding government shutdows and would give everything obama and the republican establishment wanted on a silver platter after Cruz’s filibuster failure.
        This has happened and republicans have been a total failure despite being in control of senate and congress and have given obama everything he wanted.

        Cruz filibuster to shutdown government was the planned failure by the establishment to crush internal dissent and make sure betrayals like Ryan’s omnibus budget disaster (funding everything obama wants) would go through in the future.

        Another reason for the Cruz filibuster to Shutdown the government was to concentrate all republican energy to fighting a guaranteed to lose fight against obamacare so that Rubio’s gang of eight betrayal and mass amnesty for everybody including criminals, rapists and gang members would slip through because of the distraction created by cruz filibuster to shutdown government and the aftermath.

        At the same time the establisment was building street cred for Cruz as an outsider with the Filibuster to shutdown government and Cruz’s token opposition against Rubio’s amnesty in gang of eight bill.
        Cruz opposition was token and even the amendments cruz claimed were poison pills would actually have given amnesty but just without citizenship and if the Cruz amendment had been approved the Gang of eight amnesty would have gone through.

        Rubio and Cruz are different sides of the same coin, co-opting Teaparty from the inside to be in the control of the puppet masters running republican elite.
        The plan was that if establishment-Jeb didn’t win the others were cruz and rubio and establishment-kasich so everything was supposed to be controlled

        Cruz is a phony and elitistists elitist through and through controlled by Goldman Sachs and CFR and all the puppet masters controlling establishment republicans.


    • DaTruthHertz says:

      Here’s a little inside baseball from someone who actually knows the truth: the GOPe dislikes Cruz NOT because he’s an outsider, but because he’s an INSIDER who decided the best way to advance himself was to bite the hand that fed him. Let’s just say I am very close to someone in the GOPe machine and I’ll leave it at that.

      When Ted worked for Bush, he was angling for a bigger position than he got. He actually wanted to be the AG. He thought he had more pull than he actually did, more juice because of some of his Texas connections. His marriage to Heidi was supposed to solidify his position because she was actually held in higher regard than Ted within the Texas/GOPe sphere. He was seen by the insiders as over ambitious, an opinion that was only ENFORCED by his reach to be named AG.

      So Ted decided since he knew the ins and outs of the GOPe (insofar as the GOP and Bushes were one and the same), and since he couldn’t advance any further within that sphere, that he would run against them. He ran for Senate against a GOPe favorite and won. He hoped this would show the GOPe that he was a serious contender and that they would welcome him back into the fold. It backfired, mostly because of Ted’s outsider rhetoric.

      Now Ted chose to run for POTUS, which on its surface was a slap in the face to Jeb Bush and the GOPe. In truth, it was an olive branch by Ted to the GOPe. Why? Because he was there to split the conservative vote in order to help Jeb win. He was never supposed to be in this position, but if it got down to him and Jeb, the fact that Ted isn’t natural born was going to come out, forcing him to drop out, leaving Jeb and his millions in donor money as the last man standing. Why do you think Jeb always spoke about winning without the base and losing the primaries to win the nomination? It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

      Trump was the wildcard they didn’t expect. Ted was sent to cozy up to him with a non-aggression pact, but Trump was no dummy. He kept the Canadian Ted thing in his back pocket to use when needed.

      I could go on but bottom line, the GOPe is warming to Ted because he’s is not actually an enemy, but a prodigal son who tried to earn his way back into the fold by helping Bush.

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      • 7delta says:

        Interesting. You and your friend, DaTruthHertz, may be absolutely correct, but I would put a slightly different twist on the scenario and say Cruz was probably always the establishment’s chosen one. Why? Because the “real” movers and shakers behind the scene knew it would be too big of a hill for Jeb to climb–he’s unlikable, dour and voters were unlikely to go for another Bush, especially after putting up with a series of unlikable and unelectable candidates–but he worked well as the establishment fall guy. The splitters would eventually drop by the wayside for Cruz, who pre-established his “street cred” while in the Senate. As Cruz gained momentum, it would give the voters the illusion of beating the establishment candidate and getting what they want, while the “real” movers and shakers were really getting what they wanted all along: someone they controlled and could count on to keep gains in place and move their agenda forward. Jeb was always a red herring.

        This is the strategy that’s been used for decades and decades. Create the problem, nurture it (tweak, create negative v. positive narratives, legislate more and more) until it’s untenable–think healthcare, immigration, etc.–then swoop in with the remedy, which was what they wanted all along–single-payer healthcare, open borders, etc.–but couldn’t say so openly. With candidates, it’s a more short term aspect of the strategy, but a necessary one to keep the strategy in play.

        Trump may have thrown a monkey wrench into that and caused some changes, but the strategy, IMO, of presenting Cruz as an outsiders is still on track.

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        • Delta you are spot ON

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          • 7delta says:

            Thanks, eyeswideopen. Let me add one more aspect of my theory.

            the fact that Ted isn’t natural born was going to come out, forcing him to drop out, leaving Jeb and his millions in donor money as the last man standing.

            I think the natural born issue is a feature of Cruz’s, not a bug.

            Between 2000 and 2008, Congress introduced 9 bills to amend the Art. 2 presidential, natural born qualification. There were new incarnations of the bill each time, but it never got out of Congressional committees. We have to remember that most of Congress isn’t “special”. They just think they are. In reality, they aren’t privy to all the wheeling and dealing that goes on above them. They simply do as they’re told in order to secure funding for re-election campaigns, for committee appointments and for the other perks that come from being a team player. Still, the amendment bills didn’t fly. They weren’t included in the strategy, because there was no way to clue them in and not blow the whole deal. Too many people wouldn’t play along, if they knew the true purpose of amending the Constitution. They had to be led.

            It became easier to not have any sort of national discussion about the original meaning, since they couldn’t get regular members of Congress onboard to lead the charge, so somebody somewhere decided to simply change the definition, pressure party members from above to go along, get TV media on board with pressure from their hierarchy, get other media people and ideological legal “experts” to support their cause, then ridicule anyone who questioned their newly expanded definition.

            We’re told now that natural born has always included people born abroad to U.S. citizens serving in military (McCain), which has circumstantial exceptions, born within U.S. jurisdiction to one parent, which didn’t exist at the time the Constitution was ratified (Obama), born abroad to non-military one U.S. citizen parent (Cruz) and born within U.S. jurisdiction to no U.S. citizen parents (Rubio, Jindal and possibly Haley.) It would be easier to ask who doesn’t qualify now, since now all birth scenarios are included, save a naturalized adult. Following their current logic, I can project a case for including that lone survivor of redefinition. Of course, there is no precedent to support their new reinterpretation, but that could be included in the ridicule tactic. There is no cogent legal or historical argument for their case. Ridicule and half-truths are all they have…and the mouthpieces willing to sell their souls and this country, meaning you and me, for personal and political gain.

            Cruz furthers the goal of eroding borders, the Constitutional Rule of Law and loyalties to anyone or anything, but the top dogs who, at this point, reward them handsomely. Like Sundance has said, there are billions and billions of dollars at stake. Plus, there are a bunch of psychopaths willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it, control it and to crown themselves kings of the world. Cruz is a perfect agenda fit. Even if he loses, he furthers the agenda, just like Obama, Rubio, Jindal, et al., simply by running without being disqualified. However, they don’t plan to lose with Cruz, which is why they’re pulling out all the stops.

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        • Ivehadit says:

          Yes, and I always thought it was odd for GWB to single out Cruz,,,how he disliked Cruz a few months ago, I think it was. I was suspicious of that at the time as to why he would go out of his way to say that…

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          • 7delta says:

            Especially considering the ties to the Bush’s Sundance has uncovered and the fact that both 41 an 43 Bush’s have refused to comment on current politics prior to 43 making that comment.

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          • margarite1 says:

            I think that W said that when he was in the WH and Cruz worked for him. Apparently none of those who had to work with him could stand him. I read Cruz sent a lot of emails throughout the night and others started suspecting he set up the emails to be sent when any normal person would be sleeping in order to make himself look like such a hard worker. The joke was something like this:

            Why do you instantly dislike Ted Cruz? Answer: Because it saves times.

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            • 7delta says:

              I’ve read he hasn’t been well liked by many people. I’ve also heard others with close connections say he’s really disliked in the Senate because of the reasons DaTruthHertz mentioned above. I can see it.

              Mostly, I was just kind of brainstorming why things are the way the are and other possible scenarios since manipulating public opinion, law and policy to herd people to where the PTB want us to go happens all the time. Whatever or whoever is the intended outcome, something doesn’t connect quite right about the Bush’s, Cruz and all the other splitters, but the connection is undeniable. Nothing is ever as it seems, that’s for sure. Cruz certainly isn’t, but I’m not the only person to notice that Jeb is a flaming dud of the wash, rinse and repeat variety we’ve seen consistently from the GOPe. He’s not a good candidate. He can’t sell it. It won’t surprise me if he’s the offering we get at the convention, but it wouldn’t surprise me either if he’s not.

              Ted may not work out as well as they thought…however it was that they thought he would and for the reasons mentioned by DaTruthHertz above in his comments. He doesn’t play well either over the long haul. Well, if all else fails, the Bush’s did “adopt” the Clintons as family, so daughter Hillary may be just fine with them. These people give me a headache.

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          • mariner says:

            This was noteworthy, because how many times has W publicly claimed he disliked anybody? Isn’t he known for saying only nice things, even about people he has good reason to loathe?

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        • Sum Ting Wong says:

          I’m hearing you loud and clear. Hillary and Ted were actually given campaign contributions by the Federal Reserve, that not-so-federal, private, foreign corporation. She got $12 Million. He got $2 Million. Like all corporations, they know how tohedge their bets. I don’t think Ted turned sown the dough which would make him beholdedn to them if he won. That’s how it’s played. Corporate Fascism at its best!

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        • Cruz s TWICE INELIGIBLE.
          Everyone knows it: which means not only the GOPe
          but the DemonRats too.

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      • joebal says:

        agree with this, we actually talked about this here about a week ago, Cruz is telling a half-truth about being an “outsider’, yes he’s an outsider, but not because he want’s to be, but because they just don’t like him very much. they see the game he’s playing, oppose the establishment after the fact and when it really doesn’t affect the outcome.

        in politics there’s being a two-faced weasel then there’s being one of OUR two faced weasels..

        the splitter strategy was implemented on the case that someone like a Rand Paul might come out of the weeds with enough popular tea party momentum to put on a real challenge, it was never envisioned that a REAL DONALD TRUMP would actually be the alpha in the pack. no doubt the belief was that the msm would destroy him WELL BEFORE it ever came to this, as we now know was also part of “the plan” with the backroom Murdoch meeting and the MSM talk show heads like limbaugh.

        so two things have happened to foil the actual plan as originally conceived, first it was Donald (I dont need your money) Trump and not a lesser Paul, and then Cruz picked up more momentum than was calculated and undercut the perrys, santorums, and of course Little Jebbie. so now they deal with ted raphael as a “rabbit” to help keep the pace and bring the conservative sheeple back in line, while he will get his AG post and step aside for the ryan or romeny + kasich ticket.

        all on the up and up since we know they can pull teddy canadian birth card out of their sleeve.

        it’s an interesting match of 3-D chess, but the pieces are now set on the board.

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      • margarite1 says:

        Wondering who Ted was going to split the conservative vote with?

        For me what you describe explains Ted’s convoluted positions and explanations. His actions and words just haven’t made a ton of logical sense to me but with his whole intent being to play this deception game it suddenly fits. He’s too ambitious for his own good and now he has the stench of lies.

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      • The Watcher says:

        That’s nothing, I have inside contacts with The Illuminati and they are ecstatic having their man Donald Trump headed to the White House.


    • Nan says:

      I don’t give a damn if this election season has been unfair to Cruz. I care that this election season has been unfair to US, the VOTERS. If Cruz can’t rise above the demonization of the MSM as a candidate, we sure as heck don’t need him as president.

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    • chesam1 says:

      Cruz would NEVER win the general. Trump is the only one with the crossovers that are needed. And I think the GOP knows damn well Cruz wouldn’t win but they don’t care. Killary would then get in and they’d be just as happy. Things would be business as usual and the agenda would stay the same. Not so with Trump at the helm. I believe Trump truly loves this Country and wants the American People to not only do well, but thrive. I’m sticking with Trump all the way to the White House. Kill us or cure us, at this point I just want it resolved.

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      • katsaus says:

        Cruz would never win in the general because of too out there religionism and whacko vibe.
        Rubio would not have won in the general either because of his abortion zealotry of not giving abortion to even raped women.

        This election was to be victory lap for Hillary and against her the puppet masters in control of both parties establishment would have wanted a weak general election candidate like cruz, rubio or no-energy Jeb whose goal was to lose and if possible depress republican vote in general in other races so that democrat control in the senate or even congress would be returned so the amnesty could have been rammed through with the help of another autopsy of why republicans lost recommending amnesty as a cure like last time after Romney (if republicans stayed in control of Senate and congress) or then the amnesty could have been rammed through with democrats in control.

        This plan would have worked without Trump running and winning so far.

        Sanders is probably in the pocket of establishment too or then he just has all the opinions puppet masters would like to see in a president.

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    • benY says:

      What I think you completely miss is the Kakuki and slight of hand that the establishment has been playing for years. The BS of his “poison pill”, TPA, TPP. is the ultimate chameleon for the establishment. His ridiculous defense of “I didn’t know”, “they fooled me” simply states the obvious……… that if true he is not smart enough to be elected.

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  3. redlegleader68 says:

    Sundance, just posted this over on on this lovely Palm Sunday Morning! Comments should be enlightening, so say the least!

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  4. Gail Combs says:

    Dawn, show him what a Canadian neighbor, Elisa Sluijs has said.

    ” And as a neighbor to Elanor I know more that I am sure Cruz does not want told but the Consulate in Calgary Alberta has no problem in stating she could not and did not record his birth with them as she was not American at the time of his birth. She could not have been for as many years as she lived in Canada with out visas being issued, All records previously stated are public records you however must send in a written request to obtain copies, Unlike the Us this is all public record for a fee.

    I lived next door to Elanor Elizabeth Wilson for many years I was present when she went to Canada Immigration in 1968 and denounced her US Citizenship and surrendered her US Passport. she at that time was given Canadian Citizenship she went directly from there to the Canada Manpower Office and obtained a Canadian Social Insurance number, she then went to Alberta Health and obtained Alberta Health care, she also registered to Vote in the Canadian elections and did so as a Canadian citizen no Americans can vote in Canadian elections, nor can they hold Alberta Health coverage nor reside in Canada that long with out being deported for over staying her visa, she was American at the time of his birth I know I was there, I know too she went to the American Consulate in Calgary she was told she had given up her citizenship and her children had no status in the United States.

    She used her birth certificate to reenter the US under false pretenses as a US citizen in 1974 and did not let on she had denounced her citizenship I expect. But I can prove by consulate records, voters records, Alberta health care records, Immigration of Canada records, Social Insurance records{basically the same as social security in the states} that she was no longer American at the time of his birth but Canadian and had not reapplied to get her citizenship back either.

    Cruz whole claim to American Citizenship is false he is not American, and even by the American Immigration Laws he gave up being American when he turned 22 and had not denounced his Canadian status before then. by the Laws of immigration you must choose by the 21st birthday there is no holding duel citizenship in the US beyond 21 years of age. notarized copies of all these records are now filed with the Court of Queens bench in safe keeping so that no one can make them disappear as well as having been turned over to American Authorities whom we did not trust to investigate this matter as well, so we also sent to England copies of these notarized documents so they can not be destroyed or gotten rid of…..”

    I know my boy friend in high school 1967, US mother Canadian father born in Canada, was agonizing over which citizenship he would hold and which he would give up. We had many many discussions about it in 1967. He decided Canadian.

    That is why the whole Cruz, “I didn’t know'” excuse stinks. Texas requires a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to get your drivers licence. And Yes my Canadian boy friend did have a driver’s licence. For that matter I had a foreign drivers license when I lived in Europe.

    Cruz kept his Canadian citizenship until AFTER he ran for Senate and someone pointed it out.

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    • trumplove says:

      Ted should unseal his records. Truth is he was an illegal when he came to America. He can blame his Mother for that.

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    • Kathy says:

      Why are the American people not told this!? Is he so sleezy and such a liar that no truth is in him!? And Christians(so they say) support him. Are Texans so engrossed in their sports , they just do not care and allow an unqualified person to be the senator that represents them ? Even the carpetbaggers of old were more qualified than he is. Do the laws of this nation not apply to Texans? If so, no votes from that state should be allowed in the US presidential race .

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      • Harland says:

        The only requirement to be a Senator from Texas is to be a resident of the state for a year. The birth thing only applies to the US President. Henry Kissinger, born in Germany, was Secretary of State. Nice of you to slur Texans though, that was really a classy and educated move to choose.


      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        Shall we go ahead and disenfranchise Illinois too? After all they gave us bho.


      • Incisor says:

        You give the people of Texas too much credit. They are no more educated than the rest of the buffoons that elected Owebama twice.
        Most Americans, if asked, couldn’t tell you much about anything with regard to how this country is supposed to be run.
        But they can tell you who’s winning “Dancing with the Stars” or “The Voice”. Pretty pathetic when you come right down to it.


    • Toronto Tonto says:

      I wonder if this “neighbor” is a preponderance of information collected by private investigators to use against Cruz at the right moment. On that note, Cruz was in court earlier this month defending his eligibility, and his attorney was HILLARY’s open borders and amnesty advocate lobbyist Grant Lally, who ran against Steve Israel in 2014. Cruz keeps strange company these days.

      But his lawyer’s defense of why Cruz should not have to show his records and discuss whether he can run? “The primary is a beauty pageant” and it’s all about the delegates, etc.

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    • chesam1 says:

      And this is exactly the information that the Dems will sit on until such time that they challenge Cruz with it. C’mon people, do we really want to go through this again? Vote for a true American Trump.

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    • JPeden says:

      “she was American at the time of his birth”? Typo?

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      • Scott437 says:

        JPeden wrote: “she was American at the time of his birth”? Typo?”

        Yes, I noticed that too. It must be a typo, because earlier in the same paragraph she says:

        “I lived next door to Elanor Elizabeth Wilson for many years I was present when she went to Canada Immigration in 1968 and denounced her US Citizenship and surrendered her US Passport.”

        And Raphael Edward Cruz was born 12-22-70.



    • Of course Cruz “kept his Canadian citizenship until AFTER he ran for Senate”,
      given that he never had any other.


    • This makes sense why there is no N-400 was filed for INS records. Cruz and his mother were “false claimers” at the border…makes them both “illegal aliens”. Wonder what a FOIA would uncover? How did Cruz obtain a security clearance and what information did he use to obtain that clearance? Good post….got me thinking on how I can get more info.


  5. Laura says:

    I am still hoping Mr. Donald Trump wins the nomination ! We the people do NOT trust the establishment. There are puppet masters behind every dummy ! #Obama #Clinton we are tired of our government running us into the ground and selling out our country! If Donald Trump can refrain from playing childish games and acts like a man, he has this in the bag! We have a very corrupt government that needs to be dismantled! Groups such as #BlackLivesMatter #KKK need to be delt with. We are suppose to be a united country ! Our government wants a democracy in every country but our own! Our government who is suppose to work for the people can no longer be trusted! The overflow of immigrants is only causing more problems. “Gun control and Climate Changr” are a joke. Our government is brainwashing our people! I am done with our current government! They are about greed and politics only! Who is going to help us? We are only fighting ourselves! There will be a war within our own country when our voice is ignored! A promise from the people to the government!

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  6. Butch says:

    Excellent post Gail Combs !

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  7. LM says:

    Cruz is NOT an “outsider”

    He is deceitful, supporting both amnesty (Glenn Beck and the border visit, statements that are pro amnesty–2013–
    And TPP, TPA (for it before he was against it…

    He and his cohorts have repeatedly lied about Donald Trump, even going to far as to doctor tweets and release them to falsify Mr. Trump’s history and positions.

    Please source the following if you need documentation:
    He and his campaign are heavily associated with Bush, Beck, Romney, and Goldman Sachs.

    Conserevative talk is very supportive of Cruz….almost unanimously so. None of his statements are ever looked into as well as none of his questionable acts or associations.

    Perhaps because:
    Mitt Romney owns Bain Capital, which owns Clear Channel which employs almost all Conservative Talk Show hosts. In fact, Romney employed his Morman friend Beck and his other friend Rush with 100 million dollar contracts….please look this up. Interesting that Romney bought conservative media in 2007 just prior to his presidential run. Rush got the 100 million in 2009…Beck in 2012 (June) just in time for great support before the election.

    About Romney:
    Romney’s dad (an immigrant from Mexico) was part of GHW Bush’s cabinet and the first Chair of Bush’s Points of Light charity. Mitt Romney has served on the board of Points of Light.
    Mitt Romney is pro Agenda 21, a UN project that gives the UN control of wilderness land across the globe and has been imlicated in the Bundy situation. I haven’t looked into this extensively, but I hope someone will.

    Mitt Romney’s firm has partnered with Goldman Sachs on business deals. In addition to his wife’s relationship with Goldman Sachs, Cruz has at least 2 people on his campaign staff from Goldman Sachs-Chad Sweet, Campaign Chair, and Willie Langston donor and National Finance Chair.

    In addition, many members of his staff are associates of the Bushes, including Audten Furse, who was Director of Policy for Bush 41.

    These people have bought and paid for their influence.

    I have to leave so I cannot go into more detail but I hope this helps people looking for the truth.

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  8. ctdar says:

    Earlier with Maria “money honey” Bartiroma Carson said something spot on regarding Trump vs Cruz; only Trump is pulling the support by moderates and independents by substantial numbers so logically he has the best chance to win the general election.
    Pesky thing that logic has to do vs what others real intentions by the TOP “republicans”

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  9. Kelly says:

    Cruz is the Establishment. He have in after the government shutdown. Do some research. He is also on Obama Care. He is a dominionist.

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  10. judyw says:

    Wonder what Andrew Breitbart’s opinon of Beck was?

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  11. Dick Bachert says:

    13 minute video reveals that Trump “GETS IT.”
    This is why the oligarchs are suffering embarrassing bouts of public diurnal enuresis.
    There will be MANY MORE attempts on Trump and his family. I just pray they FAIL and the criminals responsible face justice (but I’m not holding my breath).
    I haven’t been an Alex Jones fan as his stuff tends toward the sensational. That said, hearing that there REALLY IS a plan in place to take over the world can be rather sensational to folks who hear it for the first time and/or suffer severe guilt for knowing it — and have done nothing to resist while knowing that their children and grandchildren will be denied the birthright THEY inherited!
    Now — thanks to Trump — that that plan is becoming clear to millions of folks, Jones is becoming more mainstream every day.
    Here is one of his more “interesting” videos:


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    • Bahb says:

      I was blown away, listening to Alex Jones yesterday for the first time. But his headline smacked of faux-drama and his intro is sooooooo long and without substance, I felt conflicted, like is what he says REALLY truth, and if it is, oh wow are we ever in TROUBLE! Does he have creds with Sundance and you who have been in The Treehouse for a long time? Should i care what he says?


      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        For me, Alex is a mixed bag. I know for a fact that some of the things he and Roger Stone says are inaccurate at best. They are not malicious though. I’ve just learned to dig into into Alex’s claims. Funny thing is I much prefer Jones over Savage. Apart from his support of Trump I cannot bear more than about 20 seconds of Savage.

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  12. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    TED CRUZ BUSH the 3rd

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  13. Tparty says:


    Terrific job of connecting to he dots! It always pays to follow the money trail …. especially those that connect the red team and the blue team.

    If we follow the breadcrumbs they lead to amazing revelations. We have to be aware of distubances in the matrix when each crumb is revealed.


  14. KenH says:

    Sorry, someone with deep ties to Goldman Sachs like televangelist Ted will never convince me that he is an outsider. Goldman wants TPA and TPP and so does Teddy. Goldman wants massive increases in H1B visas and Teddy’s alternative to the “gang of eight” bill would have exponentially increased current visas from 140k to over 1 million and granted illegal aliens legal status. Ted’s position on immigration is simply a pose to win him the nomination and I guarantee if he were to become el presidente we would get at most a few quarter measures but no wall, no deportations and the status quo would remain largely unchanged.

    Cruz is itching to get us into another Middle Eastern war or with Russia so his coterie of donors, special interests and religious fanatics can put their money where their mouths are and go volunteer for military service where they will hopefully die overseas.


  15. jfhdsiu says:

    Ted Cruz was, is and always will be a “professional” career politician. He sure suckered a lot of people. Even people that I previously thought of as being more, (rather than less), intelligent. They are wiping the egg off of their faces even as I type this. Cruz IS one of the “professional” career politicians and ISN’T one of “We, The People” in his heart….. Trump IS………….

    Liked by 1 person

  16. rockey2016 says:

    This is not right ,for cruz to be running for president ,GOP needs to all go to jail ,Stop them all ,,,,,we need Donald Trump put in nowso we can save our country now ,,,,,we have to make peace now want Russia’s president now we have to make peace with him now but he does not send his missiles over to us I just watch this video that shows everything that’s been coming true and know within the next two weeks 10 months but Obama will be the last president of our country because we won’t have a country anymore because Russia is the one that’s going to Nuke us so we need to get Obama out of the White House now has made so many enemies of people in the world we need to impeach him now get him out of our country and we need to endorse Donald Trump now and we need to make peace with Russia we need to join the Allies together and we will stop I have to go but we have to be peace with Russia I pray for all of us I pray God spares Beth but the king from the north is Russia and the south is Obama and we need to get rid of our King because he’s an evil King and we don’t need him somehow everyone please start praying and asking God to please save our world let everyone learn how to pray again and believe in God and ask for help and forgiveness and thank you Jesus for dying for us scares the hell out of me and believe me I do pray to God to please spare us and save our country


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  18. Larry Turned says:

    Raphael ”Hale-Bopp” Cruz for prez (the free sneakers are to die for).


  19. Oldskool says:

    Fascinating reading all the posts and quotes about Cruz’s citizenship status which got me wondering why Mr. Trump would be holding back information he is supposed to have to successfully dispute Cruz’s eligibility claim. Every delegate Cruz gets going forward is one Trump won’t have, so why let it continue. The real concern is the vote counting fraud that has occurred and will only get worse. What happens if Cruz were declared ineligible tomorrow as far as the delegates he has accumulated, does anyone know if there is a rule pertaining to that? If they revert to the RNC to do with what they want, let’s guess where they go.


  20. archer52 says:

    And then there is this;

    Is this the same as Cruz?

    “…Donald Trump will meet Monday with nearly two dozen top Republicans for the first time in an off-the-record session in hopes of building party unity.

    “Mr. Trump is continuing his outreach to Washington and there has been an overwhelming positive response,” Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told The Washington Post on Saturday.

    The session will be held before the Republican front-runner speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, Lewandowski said. He would not say who would be attending.”…

    Who is in that meeting?


  21. jameswlee2014 says:

    Relax with a little Carol King:

    “And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
    Though we really did try to make it
    Something inside has died and I can’t hide
    And I just can’t fake it”

    Sorry fellas, you got soft, you got lazy, and now you’re getting your butts kicked, It’s too late.


  22. They don’t hate Trump. They hate what he will do…stop the government corruption, which means stop the gravy train from New World Order Globalists. They all get richer while We ThePeople get shafted by the sleazy slithering lying snake politicians! We have one choice to save our Constitution, our sovereignty and freedom…. Vote Trump.


  23. ABOUT, who did the Y2 poll: 3 guys run it, x-State GOP Chairman Dave Hansen, who ran Hatch’s campaign and endorses Ted C., Kelly D. Patterson, Professor of Political Science, Brigham Young, affiliation unknown, and finally a third phD from Columbia (unknown creds). Y2 is being gobbled up by the media and presented as unbiased. Why?
    y2 Samples: –Strongly conservative 57% –Year born: 45-54 20% 55-64 23% 65+ 31%
    excerpt taken from:
    I am new to the UT scene. Is it normal in UT to exclusively push-poll “strong conservatives” when most of the opposition vote is considered ‘newby’ or moderate?


  24. Fred foost says:

    Ted Cruz is a scumbag phony

    Liked by 1 person

  25. ace henson says:

    I have friends that went to a party in center, TX. in January and met Cruz, They said that he made them feel dirty and that he talked like he would do anything for anybody to get to be President.


  26. Kay C. Rouse says:

    The only candidate who is truly FOR “We The People” left in the race now that Dr. Ben Carson is off the campaign trail is Donald J. Trump. At first I couldn’t understand Dr. Ben’s endorsement of Trump, but each day it becomes more clear. Win, Donald! WIN!


  27. So, what is the establishment so concerned that they would so openly corrupt the process? What are they hiding?


  28. Greg says:

    Cruz must depend on the donor class and can’t get any Democrat votes and very few Independents.


  29. Michael Herzberg says:

    Fact: Cruz voted for T.P.A. with Obama and the establishment. More evidence Cruz is not an outsider.


  30. Pingback: The Mask Is Officially Off – How Ted Cruz Is Funded By Biggest DC Insiders… | The Last Refuge | therasberrypalace

  31. Ted Sorce says:



  32. Ed Grafke says:

    The Connivery is so strident it’s a
    Ball of Water Moccasins all breeding
    writhing and biting anything that
    Preservation of 8 Year Rule
    “Tax Dollar Mountain” now in serious
    Jeopardy with Donald Trump.
    Armed Shooting War will erupt if they
    Harm or Deny TRUMP NATION!


  33. Glenda says:

    Better open few more closets of your choice of candidate Cruz! Was very evasive on extra marital affairs, I hope you lose every penny of your investment when Trump wins


  34. Linda says:

    Cruz is a Estab puppet Don’t believe a word of any of the bull shit Trump is our answer ❤


  35. drkate says:

    As Lame Cherry has documented for nearly a year now, Cruz’s role was to destroy the conservative label!


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