Joe Biden Talks With Turkey’s Recep Erdogan as Mitch McConnell Tees Up Authorization for Military Force Against ISIS…

There’s no way these media reports are accidental or not directly connected.  And none of this looks the least bit good against the larger dynamic of the Syrian crisis and President Stompy Feet’s prior position on ISIS.

BidenObama Erdogan - Turkey

Yesterday, well, actually Friday, the release of the information was yesterday, Vice-President Joe Biden met in Turkey with President Recep Erdogan.  They met for several hours as reported in The Hill and the topic was an escalated U.S./Turkish military footprint against ISIS :

Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday said the U.S. and regional ally Turkey are prepared to seek a military solution in Syria to try to solve the nation’s five-year-long civil war.

Speaking after a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Istanbul, Biden stressed that a political solution to the problem would still be preferable.

“But we are prepared if that’s not possible to having a military solution to this operation and taking out Daesh,” he said, according to AFP, using another name for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

A U.S. official emphasized the vice president’s comments do not signal a change in U.S. policy toward Syria, adding that Biden was referring to continued efforts against terrorists alongside a political solution to the civil war.

Remarking on the chances of achieving a political solution in Syria, Biden said: “We are neither optimistic nor pessimistic. We are determined.”

Biden said he discussed with Davutoglu how both nations could further support Sunni Arab forces who are trying to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

He also denounced the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a communist group that is banned in Turkey, as a “terror group, plain and simple.”

He said ISIS “is not the only existential threat to the people of Turkey. The PKK is equally a threat, and we are aware of that.

“It is a terror group, plain and simple, and what they continue to do is absolutely outrageous,” he added.

Biden later held talks for more than two-and-a-half hours with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  (read more)

Right about here is where you should remind yourself that Vice-President Biden told an open audience that Recep Erdogan was specifically responsible for the rise of ISIS, and that Turkey had actually armed ISIS and aided them.

The date was October of 2014 and Joe was completely “off the range“, I mean he was way outside the official White House wire and telling the entire world how President Recep Erdogan was duplicitous in the rise of ISIS.   (There’s Video Here)

Of course anyone who was well researched and up to speed knew it was all true.  But boy howdy did the White House and MSM need to go quick to the teletype to get control of that little slip; NATO supporting ISIS?… ya don’t say.

So we can only imagine what would be going on amid the White House strategy crew, where they would allow Biden to go back to Turkey and talk shop with the same guy he accidentally outed as a co-conspirator to the fiasco that is current day Syria.

And then this pops up:

McCain McConnell

(National Journal) Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell offered mem­bers a snow-week­end sur­prise late Wed­nes­day night: Quietly tee­ing up a po­ten­tial de­bate on the leg­al un­der­pin­ning for the fight against IS­IS.

After months of wor­ry­ing that such a res­ol­u­tion—known as an au­thor­iz­a­tion for the use of mil­it­ary force—would tie the next pres­id­ent’s hands, Mc­Con­nell’s move to fast-track the meas­ure sur­prised even his top deputy, Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Whip John Cornyn, who was un­aware that Mc­Con­nell had set up the au­thor­iz­a­tion.

“He did?” Cornyn asked Na­tion­al Journ­al on Thursday morn­ing.

The AUMF put for­ward by Mc­Con­nell would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy. Nor would it touch on the is­sue of what to do with the 2001 AUMF, which the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion has used to at­tack IS­IS des­pite that au­thor­iz­a­tion’s in­struc­tions to use force against those who planned the 9/11 ter­ror­ist at­tacks.  (read more)

Summary:  ♦ Europe is coming to grips with the reality they no longer have any possibility of controlling the radical Islamists who have entered the EU from Syria and North Africa.  ♦ Simultaneously the price of oil has dropped to $30/barrel costing the OPEC nations, Iran and Russia billions upon billions which they need to fund their current military engagements  ♦ Simultaneously Vice-President Joe Biden heads to Turkey ♦ Simultaneously Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is setting up a new open-ended Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

Add it all up, and it sure looks like we’re about to go “boots on the ground” again !


biden obama selfie


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264 Responses to Joe Biden Talks With Turkey’s Recep Erdogan as Mitch McConnell Tees Up Authorization for Military Force Against ISIS…

  1. flawesttexas says:

    GOPe taking a break from “Calling Donald Trump non-Conservative” to go work with Obama and Democrats on getting America involved in another Globalist quagmire.

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  2. Sutzinger says:

    What happened to ‘no boots on the ground’?

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  3. El Torito says:

    I have 3 points of view:
    1: “Biden said he discussed with Davutoglu how both nations could further support Sunni Arab forces who are trying to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.” My opinion is that Obama has always had a hard on for Putin winning this point.
    2) “He also denounced the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a communist group that is banned in Turkey, as a “terror group, plain and simple.”” Kurds are the only forces that have accomplished any level of success against ISIS on the ground. Turkey has been anti Kurd all along. I am pro- Kurd and want to see them become an independent nation.
    3) I think Biden’s face is being put on this because Obama has destroyed every ounce of his credibility internationally. I don’t read anything else into it. He may be a potential plan B due to the present overwhelming reality of Hilary’s campaign disintegration, but I have my doubts about that. I believe Obama has promised Hilary a full pardon if she runs on a platform of continuing his policies. It protects him as well – if she is indicted it can only tarnish his legacy at best. And if she somehow won, she pardons Obama. Now where I think Obama has a problem is if Hilary loses the nomination to Bernie. That throws a wrench into all these convenient ideas. Suppose Bernie wins the nomination, and Hilary FBI recommends indicting Hilary? Then what does Obama do?
    Riddle me that, Sundance 😉

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    • There is no way Obama pardons Hillary with out her winning… it exposes him to nearly everything to which she is currently exposed. The past policy has been that the incoming pardons the outgoing, Hillary went and got herself caught in her own little mess of which she was warned, advised against, apparently to keep Obama in the dark regarding Blumenthal and the Clinton Foundation, Obama is inevitably pissed about the amount of money the Clintons have taken in. .

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    • Sentient says:

      Always siding with the Sunnis against Assad. There is no moderate Sunni opposition to Assad. Assad was as good as it was going to get for Syria, but we got a wild hair to depose him after the Arab Spring. Hopefully it’s not too late for Russia to reinforce Assad and for the Christians, Druze, Shia and Alawites to enjoy relative peace.

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      • starfcker says:

        Obama only gets paid one of two ways, TPP, or pipelines through Syria. He still might have been OK setting the table for those things, but Trump has put a real urgency to the situation. Hard stuff in an election year, much harder when the guy who looks like the winner isn’t on board. They have totally forgotten who they work for.

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  4. RVAguy says:

    Is U.S. support for Turkey waining after U.S. fails to send Marines holding umbrellas to flank Erdogan during the meeting?


  5. ZurichMike says:

    I guess he’s no longer mourning.

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  6. shipley130 says:

    Obama thinks he can hide it all.


  7. There is a lot more involved than what’s on the surface, including the desire for a pipeline from Qatar to Turkey. And guess who would not sign onto that pipeline deal, which was supposed to go through Syria? Yep, Assad. So while the oust Assad campaign was put on public hold for a very brief while, at least in the eyes of American media consumers, trust me, that goal is still there.

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    • Sentient says:

      Yup. The US wants Western Europe to have an alternative source of gas than Russia because we’re still acting like it’s 1979 with the Cold War still in full effect. Russia wants Assad to nix the pipeline across Syria so that Russia has maximum leverage against Europe. Russia probably wouldn’t feel so threatened if we hadn’t spent 20 years working to enlarge NATO right up to Russia’s borders. So now we have a mutual defense pact (NATO) with Estonia which is 25% ethnic Russians. We agitated for the overthrow of the elected leader of Ukraine which precipitated the elections in Crimea that brought about Crimea rejoining Russia. We need an entirely need approach – one not aimed at an eventual war with Russia.

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    • annieoakley says:

      This is not good. And it is a little too secret to suit me.


      • tgmccoy says:

        Seems to draw in Russia. We had better let sleeping Bears lie. I hope we are going
        after ISIS full tilt, and I have some info from a source that I cannot divulge but there is
        some sort of major buildup going on, However is it enough? I have a bad feeling about this.
        I’ve had this feeling that it may be to put Joe Biden in place as Hilliary get fitted for
        an Orange pantsuit…


  8. R-C says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but…the thought of lunch-bucket Joe overseas, negotiating, is the single most terrifying thing I’ve read lately.

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  9. Bull Durham says:

    Campaign Report: No air left in the balloons for Cruz and Rubio. The rescue squad from the RINO and Principled Conservative emergency HQ bringing helium is too late. Those balloons won’t fly.

    No we will see which weasel tries for VP.

    The only thing left is the “ground game” theory of miracles.
    The reality seems to be that the ground will be lined with Trump boots.

    If I was for Cruz or Rubio, I’d be suicidal. There is no hope left for any voter who wants them. Why go to the caucus to be defeated? Baby, it’s cold outside. They have to feel they are voting for a cadaver. No ethanol. Canadian citizen. Not natural born. Gang of 8. Amnesty. Goldman Sachs. How do they caucus with that stuff on their candidates’ heads?

    No, the ground game theory of triumph is like the National Review litmus test of principles. Fiction not reality.

    The Movement has swept aside the Clowns. But enjoy the moment.

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  10. mazziflol says:

    Of course the JadeHelm guys are all tickled over some portions of the AUMF,

    Simply put, the AUMF “would not restrict the president’s use of ground troops, nor have any limits related to time or geography,”

    Got them thinking this is the door for Martial Law and populating the FEMA camps here stateside.

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  11. Clc says:

    Joseph votel head of special ops command will soon be head of central command. Looks like Obama wants a special ops/cia/blackwater type operation in Syria.sp ops guys are already there. I wonder what regular army guys think of all this. Seymour Hirsch had reported that Dempsey/pentagon had provided regular Syrian army intelligence on isis as Obama’s CIA was providing them weapons and training. Obama can’t be trusted.

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  12. Will says:

    All 57 states, Haw!


  13. Jett Black says:

    Shades of ’63-’64; Kennedy-Johnson; and Viet Nam. <0 is setting Biden up to benefit from the old war time administration bump and the scumbags are callous enough to get us into a war we don’t need to be in to do it. Of course getting out best military personnel killed is exactly what <0 and demonrats want.

    This time, though, the electorate is more cynical and/or less strategic in it’s thinking, so here’s hoping it doesn’t work, our soldiers don’t go to Turkey or Syria under any aspect of this admin, and Trump gets the lot prosecuted by his shiny new working doj.

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  14. Brett says:

    We go into Syria, we end up in war wth Russia. Not good.

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  15. President FDR said it best “There Are No Accidents in Politics “

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  16. TC says:

    Anyone else noticed the suspicious timing of Biden getting in the news lately? For 7 years the guy hasn’t done jack sh*t, and now they are getting his name back in the news. Coincidence? He’s going to be the establishment candidate to replace Hillary.


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